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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  March 26, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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or will they service as butlers and housekeepers? check it out friday at 9 hid might, 9 midnight, good nightrtant to me. we walk the walk. ♪ ♪ lou: good evening, everybody. the white house announcing a delay on obamacare. the open will not leave extended past march 31 and this is the 37th major delay of the unilateral administrative action. each of those actions and delays represent a significant change in the law passed by congress and signed by the president in 2010. the obama administration have promised repeatedly since the previous delay that on february february 10 that there would be no more delays.
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it was only two weeks ago that the centers for medicare and medicaid services declared that they did not have the authority to order such an extension and then secretary kathleen sibelius testified before two separate committees that the march 31 deadline uld not be changed. listen to these outright declarations that are as of today no longer operative. >> we have no plans to extend the open woman. it ends on march 31. in fact, we don't actually have the statutory authority to extend the enrollment time in 2014. >> are you going to delay the open woman beyond march 31? >> moment will not be delayed. the enrollment deadline will end march 31. >> there is secretary sebelius understanding unsuccessfully why
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it contradicts her own words to congress. here she is today in full spin mode after a local news anchor pressed her on how this delay can be construed as anything but another delay. >> is this an extension or dela? if none of the above. it's a very logical way to make sure that people get through the system. what we did in december we are doing again. if you are in line and trying to get through the system and the volume is higher than expected, we want to make sure that you can actually complete the process and by health insurance. lou: the secretary was direct and forthright and the administration is doing exactly what they did in december. it is delaying a deadline to sign up for obamacare coverage by an additional two weeks.
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what can any citizen expect of a government whose officials refused to speak honestly about something so obvious as the word delay. we will be taking all of this up with the congressman and physician michael burgess here in a few moments. in the pilot of the boeing 777 is believed now to be solely responsible for the flight going hundreds of miles off course. the investigator says there is no evidence of mechanical failure or hijacking of anyone aboard the aircraft. new imaging of satellite shows a debris field, 122 objects floating in the indian ocean that may be connected to the doomed flight. the images were taken on sunday, about 1600 miles from the coast of perth, australia.
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stocks closed and the dow jones down 99-point and the s&p 500 lost 13. the nasdaq is down 61 points. and it lost $8 settling at $1303 an ounce. settling above $100 per barrel. u.s. crude production, by the way, surpassing 10% of the world's total output in the fourth quarter. down to 2.0% driving up more than 2% in february. and nissan recalling more than a million vehicles over faulty software they could deactivate the front passenger airbag. much more ahead here tonight. you don't want to miss my conversation with the cohost of the five and his new book. tell us what you think is no
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the one the president's 37 delay an extension in the march 31 deadline for the roman not of much interest to the uninsured in this country. the uninsured apparently don't care about the president signature health care law
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according to the latest kaiser poll. that shows six and 10 uninsured americans are completely unaware of the now delayed enrollment deadline to begin with. while half of them plan to remain uninsured no matter what you do at the deadline. my next guest says the latest delay proves once again that obamacare simply does not work. joining us now is michael burgess, a member of the house energy commerce committee doctor, congressman, it's so great to have you here. thirty-seven unilateral actions controvert them with the department of health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius told to secretaries two weeks ago. >> thank you having me on. this delay is not all that surprising. that really it underscores just how desperately bad real numbers
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must actually be. next week on april 1, the administration or the secretary will come out and say that okay, we did a great job, we almost met our goals. we have good numbers. but they are not sharing real numbers with us. lou: the real numbers. what we care about in romans which are still sidedly short of their goals. we don't know how many of them are actually in romans that are paid for that are absolutely not sign-ups, if you will. >> that is correct. those numbers i am convinced that they know those numbers and will they share them with us next week. it will say oh, we are still compiling. the data is rotten we want to give you accurate numbers. still, they will come forward with press conferences thing
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that we have met our goal and we have signed up and we said 7 million and now we have 6 million or whatever number they pull out of the earth. the problem as the other question that you alluded to. how many people were previously uninsured? was someone like myself who previously had a different catastrophic policy. i had to work my way through and it took me 3.5 months to get through. it was a nightmare. i don't believe it and trampling anyone who gave up. lou: we don't see any improvement here. hole after hole shows the people simply don't like obamacare is a law and a health care insurance plan. when you talk about the kaiser poll saying that the heck with it. that is the view of the uninsured. they are saying that they don't moment and they don't need it
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and meanwhile the administration is rationalizing is senator reid did, the lack of this is condescendingly but those people don't understand how the internet works or it. >> me stop and think about it it's an overstatement. and surely that segment of the population knows how the internet works. they do their shopping online. for anyone who has actually tried to navigate , i went back to it today just see for myself if it was really as bad as i remembered it. according to them i am still in limbo. fortunately the good folks at blue cross has kindly taken my check and i see it on. but as far as is concerned, i am still out there in never never land and i certainly sympathize with anyone
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who has tried to do this. it is a nightmare. but i also know that people my candidates will be a part of this, they will give up after one or two tries. lou: the number they are using is 25%. they need 40% make the model work. i don't believe either of the numbers. that is just me. congressman, we appreciate you being with us. thank you so much. the president is in brussels today promising to defend nato member nations and claiming that the crisis in crimea has not brought the united states and russia back to the brink of a cold war. >> this is not another cold war that we are entering into. unlike the soviet union, russia regional bloc of nations or global ideology.
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the united states and nato did not seek any conflict with russia. in fact, for more than six years we have come together in nato not queen mother lancet to keep the nations free. lou: the american public not buying the president's newly crafted world vision. in the latest ox news poll, 52% said the united states is weaker and less powerful than six years ago. joining us now is strategic analyst colonel ralph teeters. one of them that i would like to begin with, that is that russia is a regional power and can you imagine what motivated that statement? >> i certainly can. historical ignorance. obama never paid any attention to history.
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instead not to germany was only a regional power and japan was not a global power, it was a regional power and this guy has no rational frame of reference for the things that he says. he has speechwriters who clearly don't know history or the terms that they are throwing around in the speech he gave today in brussels was one of the most unfocused speeches i have ever heard and it wasn't even well delivered. lou: one of the astonishing things in the speech was trying to convince europeans apparently that they are important people. as if your pet a self-esteem problem and in that regard i found it astonishing. at the same time he talked about
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ukraine and russia not being in the united states and engaged in the cold war here. he completely blithely ignored the budapest memorandum that obligates russia not to invade the ukraine but the united states to also respect sovereignty and one could argue successfully that it was obligating us to have acted prematurely when we knew that they would make such a move. to take some action whether military or otherwise. >> this president, as you know very well, is very good at ignoring anything that makes them uncomfortable. i matter how true or how vital it might be. i thought that he was really lecturing europeans and the specie that he gave before the king and queen and before he
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assembled them should have been focused on crimea, nato, were we going to do. but instead he jumped out to lecture europeans on gay rights. he lectured them on immigration. he goes back to the ukraine and talks about how his grandfather had to serve the imperial british as a cook. it was an absolute mess and stupid and offensive and i will tell you that vladimir putin is not shaking in his shoes tonight. by the way, it was also wrong. because he said that black raccoon doesn't have a global ideology anymore. how about nationally? he is part of nationalism which is making a comeback from india to parts of latin america.
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china usually votes with them but not always because they are worried about their own issues. again, the speechwriters don't even check the facts. he gave the speech though he is a tired performer and oh, yes, have to talk to these europeans again. it's a sad day for america when the president makes such a shambles of great opportunity and we need to be standing up to him. and by the way, we are obviously not going to use military force in the ukraine. he doesn't have to keep saying it because it sends a message of pathetic and cowardly weakness. saying oh, don't worry. the nato eastern numbers -- i can't even say the word on tv. lou: let me say this about the fact that this government and all of the european leaders as
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well, certain members of nato. they had the opportunity to act decisively and to the russian government about intervening in the ukraine. people forget that back on february's next, the kremlin said they may be forced to intervene because of what they described as u.s. motivated demonstrations and unrest in tm. but the reality is that none of those authorities paid attention to you, that it's soon as these games are ended lattimer koon will invade the ukraine. you are right. and we don't even hear the discussion at what intelligence was available to the administration why they are showing cassady rather than action. >> i can tell you that we have very good intelligence on us. i can't tell you it made it to the president. because the gate keepers don't
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want them here anything that is uncomfortable. but i don't want to blame the intelligence committee because i know for fact they were doing their jobs. lou: that is good to know. >> but obama, he's an ostrich that sticks his head in the sand and something makes them uncomfortable. i don't have crystal ball a crystal ball telling you what's going to happen. it was a no-brainer for anyone who knows elementary human nature. now we are in thisss and lattimer koon continues to keep us off balance and we are always playing catch up and reacting and the incompetence is immeasurable. lou: the european leadership seems to be absolutely no better than any respect. thank you for being with us. it's good to have you. lou: as we discussed on the president says we are not on the verge of a new cold war. tell us whether you agree. are we on the verge of a cold war with russia enact fennessy
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tweet. the secret service rocked by a third scandal in as many years. three secret service agents preparing for the president's visit to the netherlands were sent home after one of them drink so much that he passed out in a hotel hallway. the other two were deemed complicit because they did nothing to assist the fallen agent or inform their leaders. we are coming right back. >> s&p capital heeding mr. obama's running of casual indifference to russia and its ambitions. coming up
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lou: the dividend and buyback plans from 5 banks have been rejected as part of the stress
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test. reviseed plans, fed approveing capital plans for remaining, president obama's comments on russia sent stoke rice -- stock prices lower on the day. sam stoval is here, chief equity strategist with s&p capital. today volatility chalked up to president's remark in europe, a disquiet, and volatility as you said. what is going to here? >> i used acronyms to help me, chum. in sense that the concerns about economic cite, china, concerned about ukraine, one of those momentum stocks, home building, biotech companies like net blix, we're in the end of the quarter, portfolio managers engageing in
10:26 pm
window dressing to make sure they have good stock on their list, dump those on question. lou: and the m ? there momentum -- lou: fascinateing, you think this we'll see then any improvement in attitude in the market? come the first of april. >> well, no fooling, but i think that as we head into april, investors of talk about fact that second quarter, of the midterm election year is the worst of the 16 quarter presidential cycles. lou: excellent. just when visitors wantd to hear, averages they are not don much talking peanuts from the first of the year. where is there so much anxiety
10:27 pm
percolateing right now? >> a lot of people did not believe that market would do that well, now we're heading into year 6. 60% of those bull markets celebrate their 6th birthday, if you thought 21% of good, average is 26%. in the 6 year bu but i think tht people are wondering -- >> too good to be true? >> too well, too good to be true, but that is what keeps bull markets alive. we need some volatility. like what we might get in second quarter. i think to keep investors honest, and not too excited about equities. lou: your council to visitors right now? >> it would be focus on good earnings growth, probably seeing s&p up about 7% on the coming year. because of earning growth. but don't get carried away by the momentum. lou: all right, sam stoval, great to have you here. >> my pleasure. lou: and a reminder listen to my
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lou: washington state officials have found 10 more body in the debris of that massive landslide, raising the number of people killd to 24, authorities are working with a list of 176 people who remain unaccounted for. >> shocking surveillance video captures moment a commuteer train derailed in chicago monday morning. more than 30 people were injured. the train operator admitted she fell asleep at the controls. >> and amateur video captureing the rescue of a construct worker in houston, he was traped on i fifth floor ledge of an apartment complex, he dropped himself to a lower floor before firefighter think could get their ladder close enough to save the man, they did so just seconds before the building's walls began to collapse.
10:33 pm
joining us how, the a-team, fox news contributor monica crowley, and radio host tom sullivan, and in washington radio talk show host chris plant, thank you for being here, 37 delays, chris. is it time to worry about whether obamacare will work? >> no, this will never die. the hydro, with a thousand dollars heads does not -- with a thousand heads, does not matter how many times the president violates and changes the law, amazing times in washington, probably each time the president changed this law, it was illegal, they promised just a week ago, kathleen sebelius and others, they were absolutely not going to move this deadline, now they move it, a squishy new end date, they are going on the honor system, my favorite part,
10:34 pm
going forward does not matter whether you did or done try to sign up, you tell government whatever you want they will believe it. lou: i love condescending remarks sensetary harry reid, the reason, those people, his words, don't know the internet, they don't know how to use it they can't take any ownership of he helped draft one of the worst pieces of legislation in american history, incompetently trying to execute and implement it. these people do not take responsibility, they blame the people -- >> the fact that this is not working is your fault lou, because you cannot figure out the internet. this is theater of the absurd. this is an unworkable thing from the beginning. to me, you never really see the president or kathleen sebelius or kno anybody who has been
10:35 pm
involveed break a sweat, that leads me to believe they don't really care about the actual implementation. this was an ide idealogical rule from the begins. >> going back, an economics professor at harvard, part of the original team, he wrote a letter, it was leaked out, saying, you don't have the right people, nobody has experience, they don't know how to do this, they don't know how to do he is the correct. >> web to washington -- welcome to washington, they are full of people who never worked the more it was not wor working the morey likeed. i think it is blowing up in their faces, but they don't break a sweat, monica ask is
10:36 pm
right, it did you not bother them. lou: those who are uninsureed are sleeping well, because the very people who' to sue them, we can't be clear on the motivation of this administration, those who are are uninsureed 6 in 10 do not know open roll am open enrollment deadline, they say they are not going to insure themselves anyway. >> they are either not away, but they don't care. >> they don't care. >> they don't want it, this whole thing of sold to us trying to get as many uninsureed insureed. but then cbo came out with a report saying after obamacare even if it worked you would have 30 million uninsureed. >> contrary to harry reid, these people are not stupid, you say, if i fall, get down the stairs and get hurt, i can pick up the
10:37 pm
phone, say i need insurance, sign me up, the insurance companies are probably going crazy, but they will be reimburseed by the taxpayer nobody cares. >> it throws the insurance company into a state of anarchy, they do not know who is paying them or what the month will look like. lou: they may not be pied. >> right, the people in issue witwashington,that president dot know why that is a problem for, they have yo never run anythingt their mouths. lou: i like that in europe, our president, was behaveing a little bit about like foreign policies like oa obamacare, igne the parts you don't like, pay attention to what deadlines you winner, and create ex semptions and waiver, today a waiv waiverr united states, united kingdom, and nato by not even mentioning. not mentions the budapest
10:38 pm
memorandum, respect for ukrainian sovereignty and their sereterritory. >> signed on to by president bill clinton, and ignoreed by not only this administration buture esteemeed news media, which can't even find a copy of this. i miss living in a country with a news media, we need is a republican administration, because, we have government accountability, i believe in government account built i, let's have republicans in power hold them account ale this system is not working. >> the russia country, it is a small little regional power. lou: yeah. >> it has0 nukes, they have more nukes than we do. >> you have to give obama credit to check tent, he -- this extent, he is conis consistent.
10:39 pm
lou: he and putin would get along you would think. >> obama thought they were going to get along famously, hence that ideaic resit button from a stupid tv commercial, that said over charge on it, they botched that, and. and sergei lavrov, sees the opportunity to stick to to hillary clinton, it says over charge, he mocked her on cama, from the beginning of obama administration, hillary clinton has the worst saerg of state secretary of state we had, things have gotten so much worse under this administration. administration. >> speaking of sue 5 -- supine t press, this is hillary clinton's relationship with russia, this is her reset, where is she? where are they asking her the tough questions.
10:40 pm
lou: get the last word. >> you are not going to ask hillary any tough questions. she is the core nateed queen. >> i love the idea we ex ceased to profp sig we will not ask president obama any. lou: thank you. up next. he claims he is not cool. we know better, his brand new book by the same name, a strong indictment of leftest elites and how they judge you, those hip ster lefties. greg gutfeld here next. it's a growing trend in business:
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lou: our next guest said hip ster elites are de dictateing wt is cool in this country, that
10:44 pm
leads to moral bankruptcy that makes evil attractive and decency boring, saying time to fight back against a culture of fakes, eliteists and creeps who want our souls, joining me greg gutfeld, greg, congratulation on the book. new book "not cool: the hip ster elite and their war on you". i have reached a certain stage of my career, or life, where being cool is not as important to me as it once was. but not to say it is not important to me. somewhat, define for us cool. and how it is used against us. >> cool is one of those terms like organic. with no value, something that is good can be organic, like i don't know sprouts but something bad like an earthquake.
10:45 pm
you can't hug an earthquake. but everything from the earth is good. so organic is value-free. cool is also value-free, allows you to a ascribe a phony stature to somebody bad, destroying a hotel room, a roc star there isa made, probably from there are country supporting a family that has to clean that hotel room but for some reason destroying that hotel room is cool, cool exists inspect of good and evil, that allows to us do almost any kind of destructive behalf, to ourselveser to our loved ones. lou: and how cool is greg gutfeld? you are successful on your show, read eye. -- red eye. and the five. your books are bestsellers. how cool can you get? >> i am the least cool person on
10:46 pm
the planet. that is why the book is called not cool, can has my face, every decision i made, after i decideed i did not care, part of reason why cool exists they prey on our own low-self esteem, once i realizeed that did not matter, my life changed. i claim to fox news in media, academic complex, the least cool place on the world, in the world, most successful media enterprise, hated and despised by hip hips sters, that came before, tradition. decenty, family life, rebeenous stcture. that is bad, it is all about subversion in every category of
10:47 pm
life whether they have an alternative for it, to be cool means to tear things down and leave, in every movie a guy walking away from an explodinged abouting and always -- oaks pwhroeling builds iexplodingbuiw motion, that is kind of why, i rejected, i believe in subverts the subvert ergo after the people who believe the rebels, they are not rebels, they are predictible and edgey as marbles. lou: they are just as conventional as they can be. >> they are terrified of being different ocollege campus, most perfect follower in the rebel. they will do whatever it takes to be cool. they will get the same hair cut, nose rings, the asian tattoo on spring break. that does not mean what they think it means.
10:48 pm
then, they look foolish when they are 40. lou: foolish. >> you don't' to look fool itch when you arfoolishwhen you are . lou: the book is not cool. as you can tell, author is all result rah cool no matter what he say, not cool on sale on-line in bookstores now. if you want to be cool, or not cool, i love thee. not cool is valuable. you find out just how valuable. when you ring is up. greg gut fell. feld. >> thank you, always fun with lou dobbs 92 talking about cool. >> [ laughter ] >> thank you, greg. >> he thinks this bus is pretty cool.
10:49 pm
he is using it to start his not cool bus tour, with stops in san antonio, college station, and fort worth, texas, for more. could on "not cool" and greg's upcoming book tour go to g >> and up next, why president obama's foreign policy is just like obamacare, your thoughts my commenttrary coming right up. commenttrary coming right up. stay with us. here's a word you should keep in mind "unbiased". some brokerage firms are but way too many aren't. commenttrary coming right up. stay with us. why? because selling thfunds makes them more money. which makes you wonder. isn't at a conflict? search "proprietary mutual funds". yikes!! then go to e*trade. we've got over 8,000 mutual funds and not one of them has our name on it. we're in the business of finding the right investments for u. e*ade. less for us, more for you.
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lou: time for a few of your comments, dave in orlando, e-mailing us now that olimb
10:53 pm
olympics are over, and they don't need it any more, perhaps we can buy the ring of steel and put it along our southern border. chuck in el paso, if obama is so concerned about a war inn head in manhattan -- a warhead in manhattan, why isn't he secureing our borders? all 4. >> and paul's nobel prize makes about as much sense as president obama's. keep your comments coming, follow to us twitter. free copy of my new book "upheaval" given to everyone who has their comment read on air. >> in europe, this week, well meeting with world leaders, other heads of state our president, seems at times to be
10:54 pm
a victim of his nature. demonstrating his desire to command rather than persuade, to lecture even his in a nato peers rather than talk with them. today president obama carried a surprising message to european leaders, mr. obama seemed to be trying to convince europeans that there is a worthy -- theirs is a worthy cause, that european values matter to the world. and should be defended by, well, europeans. mr. obama also warned that european leaders they must spend more on defense to deter vladimir putin's expansionist agenda. going forward every nato member state must step up, and carry its share of the burden. by showing political wealth -- in our collective defense.
10:55 pm
lou: he could not be more right. but why now? and why lecture? why not simply persuade? and why not have done so years ago? >> in act ward turn today president said that united states quote will never waiver in standing up for its nato allies, and pointing out as well, that ukraine is not a member of nato in case anyone was confuseed. by the president's light nato nations including united states were not incompetent or passive in the confrontation with russia, there was not adequate documentcation or piper work -- paperwork, such as a treaty that would have created real action to part of nato nations, by president failed to mention what
10:56 pm
he knows bu budapest mem rand db memorandum of 1984, committing themselves to respect ukraine a territoryial integrityy and sovereignty, they are the okay u.k., russia, and d states. while russia violates guarantees of the grime, as it invadeed ukraine, mr. obama khoets to ignorchose toignore what i thind call a obligation to ukraine on the part of united kingdom, all of europe, and i believe united states. president obama today said we're not embarking on a new coil war, i hop he is right -- a new cold war, i hope he is right, i say tell that to ukraineians and all of europe. >> and that is it for us, thank
10:57 pm
you for being with us, pulitzer prize winner george will, joining us tomorrow, be with us, joining us tomorrow, be with us, good night from new dentures are very different to real teeth. they're about 10 times softer and may ve surface pores where bacteria can multiply. polident kills 99.99% of odor causing bacteria and helps dissolve stains. that's why i recommend polident. [ male announcer ] cleaner, fresher, brighter every day.
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>> and we have a liftoff. neil: here is all you need to know about how sad this country has become. we are hitching rides with the russians into space. that rocket the latest example. the only way we can get there. american astronaut paid for the privilege. steve swanson did not pay that himself, of course, we did as we always do. space bigger is cannot be choosers. i am neil cavuto and talk about a fall from grace. every time i see these images i just get sick. the compan country that conquere thumbing rides to get into space. and for what we are paying, we better not be complaining.


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