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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  March 29, 2014 4:00am-5:01am EDT

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their free time. and they did pay for this. have a great weekend. goodbye. ♪ ♪ lou: good evening, everyone. president obama meeting for two hours with the saudi king. a long fliggt in a very short meeting. the president saying that he will not accept a bad deal over the nuclear program and that is the great fear. the king among them saying that that is exactly what the president will do. making a clear that if they develop a nuclear with weapon the saudi arabian king already has a plan in place to do the same and they will not wait.
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confirming that they could confirm saudi arabia already had nuclear weapons on order from pakistan. and saudi arabia had invested in the pakistani program. and he has been wrong about his perspective. and a cancel dinner raising speculation that the president's meeting did not go well. pointing out that the president schedule has been handling that meeting in the white house saying that he was never on the official schedule and that doesn't explain why the state department sent this out earlier in the day.
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and the message reads the president obama meets with saudi arabia for a meeting. and russian president vladimir putin makes a phone call to talk about a diplomatic resolution to the crisis in ukraine. and secretary of state john kerry served that will meet to talk about the next steps. and russian troops are taking up the eastern border of the ukraine and the russians are establishing supply lines on that border. joining us now, general, good to have you. what do you make of securing their positions about the number
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of troops along the border and now they are concealed as well. >> russian army, as he said and alluded to is only about 800,000 down from the 400 million at the cold war. in 10% of that is on the frontline. and that means there's probably another hundred thousand doing logistical support. and so flat ribbon has considered his entire army to call the ukrainian front. this is serious business and they are concealing about the
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others. and this is not just maneuvering in their western border. this is a clear him and i guess that to the ukrainians. and i think that is absolutely right. you can't make judgments about foreign policy based on the foreign ministry. this is all about vladimir putin. if you wake up on it doesn't go well all it takes is a phone call and its 2.5 hours away and this is very serious business.
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and we don't have to be connected. but in this case they have it better than the ukrainians still may have to be very straightforward about tis. they are heirs to the soviet army in what they are capable of. as in technology and strategic weapons. >> it's all about this, potential theater of war next door. you can bet that the well is on
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the side of the soviet soldiers. and we can stand up for the ukrainians and it's just not going to happen. the relationship of the saudi arabians can be much worse, couldn't? throughout the middle east, it is heightened as it has not been in a very long time. >> the united states includes oil production and it's not just about this but a religious cultural divide between the saudis and iranians.
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so if they want to build a nuke, they can do it. certainly in the mind of the people that i talk to that they will be close behind. if you think that this was high during the cold war, wait until it is the shia versus sunni and it will be a real tinderbox in the years to come. lou: i have to say that i wonder if we have this because they have made it clear that they are not going to wait. it will be a matter of those weapons with a weaponize chinook and i can't think of a much more dangerous situation. and what we have happening in the middle east. and this seems to be in the
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iranians know that and the syrians know that in the russians know that. i think the rest of the world believes that when they confront the united states they can take this and been any evidence leads to the contrary. >> thank you. >> we also know it you think would this country's top priorities in saudi arabia. this administration has put itself on exactly the opposite
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part of the saudi government. the search area has moved again, nearly three weeks after the search effort. showing that the aircraft could now be the judgment of will asian officials are not have flown so far south. the new search area is almost 700 miles to the nortteast closer to the australian coast. five of the 10 aircraft in the new search area reported objects of different colors in the waters below and this is at least the six different object of sightings. they may or may not be related
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to flight 370. for the week, the dow posted gains in the s&p lost a fraction. the nasdaq fell nearly 3% on the week. crude oil rose 9 cents. and pull down 50 cents closing out about $1294 an ounce. the yield and talk about trading in a narrow range, personal income and spending and the value of the building had declined because of comcast sliding prices. stay with us, we will be right
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back. >> here is of a deadly outbreak of the bulla virus we have moree pandemic and the outbreak of measles in this
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lou: obamacare expressly prohibits health care benefits in some ways, but that may be exactly what is happening. imagine that. breitbart reporting that obamacare navigators recently hosted enrollment there in barnesville, texas. in transition.
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and we are being educated. fears of the ebola virus since the beginning of the outbreak and we started getting into this. he has written several books on this. the latest obamacare and professor of medicine at nyu wingo medical center. one of the most frightening diseases in the world. >> has come another frightening reality. it is the good news for us here.
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and the only kind that we have seen in the united states which is really deadly. >> we are talking about a 90% mortality rate. it spreads from animals, dead bodies, and you're not allowed to drink boxed soup right now. soon i would hope that every possible effort is being made. his green coat because reports initially last week and it turned out not to be the case. and that is a wake-up call that i would hope to all of our
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public health officials. because there is such a casual attitude about this. people don't even want to talk about the way in which we have so much tuberculosis and it had been all but eradicated. in this has changed the whole idea. and it's killing 90% of people and that can happen. and that is having with tuberculosis. lou: measles. as the outbreak continuing? >> the mmr vaccine standout measles in the united states.
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>> where are they? >> well, what are they doing? i don't understand at every level. in government and the country doesn't seem to be functioning for the public good here. >> i had been in an enormous senate nears a big preventive medicine expert and very concerned about the things you're talking about now. and that's who's running the show there now. lou: so what are they doing in public health agencies and organizations across this
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country? and these as monday. that is not working at this point. and it's not significant but i don't want people to make that up. >> let's turn to another thing. on how long we should be.
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supporting that 168 children in this country now have autism. so is it for real? is this a matter of diagnosing and we have seen more instances of the disease itself. and they confirmed that confirm that this may be that we are getting better at picking it up. getting into special ed schools,
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treated differently, and then found out not to have a problem. and that is my concern. having said that, it's a multi-factorial problem and it involves the environment and genetics and maybe what women are taking and we spend so much time. spirit we are telling you that i still don't know. >> the brain dysfunction with another person with obsessive behavior. we don't know what's causing. >> if we don't understand the best minds in our countries are doctors. and if you guys don't know what's causing it, if you guys don't know what's causing it,
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someone needs to find out and we put a serious effort into it. and that means full scale and full on. those that are supporting all sorts of organizations. but we have to put some power into this. something is happening that we don't understand. >> there are two final points. in the imaging studies here, we ar doing what you are saying. an intervening really does help. >> excellent. we usually do. lou: thank you. a 14-year-old -- and this is a incredible story. they have come up with a plan
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hundreds of millions of dollars. and the investigative minds because we spend so much money on printer ink that if the government were to change the default typeface on government documents from times new roman, we would save $136 million at the federal level. hundreds of millions of dollars more at the state level and i'm telling you. the president and the content. two different stories up. a short word that's a tall order. up your game. up the ante. and if you stumble, you get back up. up isn't easy, and we ought to know. we're in the business of up.
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everyday delta flies a quarter of million people while investing billions improving everything from booking to baggage claim. we're raising the bar on flying and tomorrow we will up it yet again.
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>> the president can't catch a break or won't create one. and they kill of two meetings following the president conversation with coprinces at the vatican. claiming the bulk of the conversation focused on income inequality and world peace. the vatican said the two men discuss the rights to religious
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freedom. joining us now is the president, phil donahue, who is good at sorting things out. >> thank you. lou: it is amazing to see this and it's income inequality or was it about right and the teachers of the church statement the enumerated this, we know that there's hype on both sides. so i'm sure i can speak and mostly about it. there wasn't much of a conversation between the pope and the president that it was the secretary of state.
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and you are not a catholic organization of running to the administration if you serve non-catholic area in the religious exemptions are part of that. that is being deceitful. and that's the truth and. lou: many draft a sensible conscience clause and all of our health care policies are grounded not only in sound science and clear ethics pray that the statement of a man who i think would be more wrong and
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warmly welcome and in agreement they violated this and to study what happened. the priority that it deserves to override it.
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the least we talk about the contraceptive mandate come i always refer to it as the abortion inducing mandate. the only are thinking about shutting down the least productive processes the national news media gobbled it up. it's not about reproductive rights at all but about stopping reproduction. >> and caplet institutions what you must do. i believe in separation of church and state, but i don't like it when religions get too busy. and here we have the federal government telling catholic
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organizations what they have to support in the health care policy and it is pernicious. lou: the vatican's chief justice , they are aggressively more hostile to civilization. >> i think that he is speaking to the city in saying that be careful. lou: and he doesn't have religious liberty in the world. and it has some catching up to do with us. thank you so much. >> we're coming right back. stay with us.
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judith miller and crystal
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i ke prilosec otc each morni for my frequent heartburn. zero heartburn. becat wohoo! [ male announcer ] prilosec otc is the number one doctor recommended frequent heartburn medicine for 8 straight years. one pill each morning. 24 hours. zero heartburn. lou: joining us now is the "a-team." crystal rice, gray tabby with us. pulled surprise winning journalist judith miller, and another winner, columnist for the "new york post", michael goodwin. both fox news contributors. for that reason, i'm turning to you first. >> wow. i thought any the pulitzer prize. [laughter] lou: i want to turn to the president's trip to europe in the meetings today and it looks
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like overall a very disappointing week for the president and the country. what do you think? >> yes, it's curious that the president times his visit to europe to escape what is going on with obamacare. i guess we will talk about later. i think that what is really sad is what we see going on here. just a little bit. but that they are trying to tout and we will talk about later. but it is sad that our image on the world stage is in shambles and the president travels all over the country and doesn't do anything but talk. the saudi arabians don't you working on our side for their side very having given them any assurances with respect to iran and now we are in a situation where they're saying, maybe we need to get our own nuclear weapon. so i'll give this trip probably 80 grave of a d.
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>> whether it is the security summit, meeting with the pope, you name it. >> i think sometimes that the things that vladimir putin heard coming out of the summit was that that he called and said let's talk diplomatically about the crimea. that's the first time that he said that. so perhaps he's beginning to work and we also have the saudis making a statement saying that even though there were tactical differences between us we are on the same page strategic way. >> you are a pulitzer prize-winning journalist. that doesn't sound is a little bit foggy and cold to you? >> also because we cancel the dinner. that's never a good sign.
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>> he flew 2000 miles. mark the president wants to live in the 21st century. you think that latter group is living in the 19. but when you look at the saudi arabian situation, he is enlarging the russians fear. the blocs. his is the historic box of infle and power blocs. his is growing and you look at our relationships with them and it is declining. so we are losing and shedding part of this. and i think it's a bad trend for the western you look at europe and the president had his visit there and it seems that what i can tell is that he got nothing out of it but he was not able to persuade the europeans to do
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more and therefore the president himself is not willing to do more. so it seems to me he's playing it. lou: the house intelligence committee. he's going to become a radio talkshow host, which i think is a highly honorable thing. but i have to say that he's given the republican party only three weeks to come up with another candidate. is there something going on here in the early hours messing about mr. rogers withdrawal? >> it's kind of like in the final hour now republicans have to scramble and we are trying to maintain control of the house and went over the senate. finding who's going to be the successor.
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so i don't know, there's probably something more going on. maybe you them knowledge that it doesn't want to have her it so you got me on that. >> i don't know, but i want to know more. mike rogers was shaping up as the most orton national security guy in the house will leave him in the lurch. lou: he's also someone who went through a lot of criticism. going into business with people part of the scope of the going into business with people who are part of the scope of the investigation of benghazi. some people said he's been a little timid and investigating benghazi in particular. >> well, head of the house intelligence committee, he's an important player which has dragged on ultimately but also
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he hasn't served them as well as letting go this far. trixie would like him to shut it down? >> i think he needs to step it up. i think the house leadership has not been forceful enough in pushing both of those issues forward. >> but a nice way to say they have been dragging their feet. >> yes. >> i thought so. >> to you so much. it is here. thank you both. coming up next, general motors announcing another vehicle recall and they aren't telling anyone why. i love this country. the markets posting gains on the final trading day of the week. john lonski and his long-term forecast at the end of the quarter which is monday.
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lou: general motors announcing today its recall over faulty emissions. dozens of crashes, 824,000 cars added to the 1.6 million recall last month. gm is also ordering a halt to some chevy crew's deliveries. but they won't say why. and turning to the federal government which they close a investigation into tesla buyers last month, the government says they didn't find what it calls -- and i love his expression, a defect trend. the good you can have a defect but not a trend or whatever it is. whatever it is, it's up 2.5% on the outcome of this. and stocks ending the week mixed
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report. expecting equities rise by 5% this year. joining us is the chief economist for moody's. john lonski. great to see you and the market is posting a decent performance today. don't you think? >> yes, it is preferable to no growth at all and i think i will be the case for this year. it's not going to be gangbusters for the u.s. economy but we will make progress. we are going to lower the autumn when it rained and as a result profits are going to grow by about 5% and so does the market value of this. >> that is reassuring to everyone who has the equity. the question also becomes if we are looking at the prospect resurgence in housing. because frankly housing suddenly looks much weaker than i think most people were thinking just a few months ago. so what is the impact on the overall economy? >> the outlook we have had an
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index of pending sales of existing homes declined in each of the nine months and is indexed he could not during the polar vortex but back in july last summer. and it was in a tech in spending and income for the consumer. >> what you are looking at, the real consumer spending growth and income growth, about 2% year-over-year. during previous recoveries, especially mature recoveries like we have today, those
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metrics are part of it. lou: you're making me feel this wicked. and inflation is going to remain part of this. the annual rate of the price index inflation, that is the fed's favorite indicator approved by less than 1% in their target is 2% and this is telling me that there's only a limited upset for the treasury bond yield greatly consider what's going on to the housing market, we have to have a return of a 30 year mortgage yields. >> is anyone going to be calling for a return of this? >> on in europe. but i think that's been happening. >> i wish that they would send us that as well. >> and i think eventually the
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treasury note auctions have gone well in the market will eventually discover perhaps the hard way that the underlying u.s. economy simply isn't strong enough to shoulder. lou: okay. >> housing is insufficient, wearing over the adequacy of future
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lou: obama's young invincible spirit is to punish china brings, they are the young invisibles. frank from new jersey writing that since obamacare is a tax on the supreme court, how about we use the honor system for income tax. and save all that money on that corrupt bureaucracy. perry truman, ronald reagan. where are you when we need you. we love hearing from you, send us an e-mail at we have links to everything. free copies of my new book up evil to the authors of all the comments we read here each night. and the president returning home
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tomorrow. mr. obama skipped a planned dinner with king abdullah. the white house said it was a logistical issue. the middle east peace talks, and the jaws of american forces of iraq and afghanistan and the ever increasing levels of u.s. oil production now amounting to 10% of the world production. so was after what was a week of european focus and often folly and argely disappointing meetings whether at the nuclear security summit or the european
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union or the president's meeting with pope francis. at the vatican, even that got complicated. so the president did manage a phone call with vladimir putin. he urged the russian president to pull back its forces from the ukrainian border. in his diplomacy is now increasingly important. because the ukrainian crisis has revealed how fully prepared the west is for any confrontation with russia. in a tactical engagement, here are some of the important numbers to consider and to examine as we look back over the last 20 years. europe has drawn on its military to radically since the end of the cold war. uk troops during the cold war, the current level with reserves
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is 125,000. french troops 500,000, now 107,000. and german troops during the cold war 340,000 days and they are down to 70,000. american troops down to 67,000 and not a lot of our troops and it is down from 400,000 of our troops in europe. but russia has about 850,000 active duty troops with as many as 2.5 million and reserve and 10% of the active-duty troops are now positioned along the ukraine's border. we will soon know how the conversation went and mistral putin has long journey ahead of him. and it is obvious now that he has a lot of difficult work and we hope we'll all be diplomatic work ahead of him.
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we thank you for being with us. have a great week. coming up monday, gavin michalis and the former pentagon official kt mcfarland among our gue up. a short word that's a tall order. up your game. up the ante. and if you stumble, you get back up. up isn't easy, and we ought to know. we're in the business of up. everyday delta flies a quarter of million people while investing billions improving everything from booking to baggage claim. we're raising the bar on flying and tomorrow we will up it yet again.
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gerri: hello, everybody, i'm gerri willis. right now on "the willis report," a warning to travelers as crime ring is busted at airport. >> you think that people would work here get screened, background checks and everything. so you think that they're good people. gerri: new information how to protect yourself. also a bank makes a big m a tees prosecution. whose side are you on? we'll crack open the case. they have been likened to termites eating away at your retirement. time to tamp out those pesky chiefs thieves. we're watching out for you on "the willis report."


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