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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  March 29, 2014 8:00pm-9:01pm EDT

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future is going to be very interesting. from matt welch and kmele foster, i am kennedy and we bid . good evening, everybody. the white house announcing yet another delay to obamacare. the open enrollment period will be extended past march 31st. this is the 37th major delay, or so-called unilateral administrative action, and each of those actions and delays represents a significant change in the law passed by congress and signed by the president in 2010. the obama administration had promised repeatedly since the previous delay that on february 10th that there would be no more
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delays. it was only two weeks ago that the centers for medicare and medicaid services declared they didn't have the authority to order such an extension. and then secretary is sebelius testified before two separate committees that the march 31st deadline would not be changed. listen to these outright declarations that as of today are, well, no longer operative. >> we have no plans to extend the open enrollment period. open enrollment ends on march 31st. in fact, we don't actually have the statutory authority to extend the open enrollment period in 2014. >> are you going to delay the open enrollment period past march 31st? >> no, sir. >> the open enrollment deadline that was set to end march 31st will end march 31st. >> well, there's the secretary
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unsuccessfully today explaining the decision that contradicts her own words to congress. here she is today in full spin mode after a local news anchor pressed her on how this delay could be construed as anything but another delay. >> is this an extension, is this a delay, is this another problem? >> it's none of the above. it's actually a very logical way to make sure people get through the system. what we did in december we're doing again, which is to say if you're in line on march 31st at midnight, if you're trying to get through the system and the volume is higher than expected, we want to make sure you actually can complete the process and buy health insurance. >> the president's 37th delay and an extension in the march 31st deadline for enrollment certainly not to much interest to the uninsured in this country. the uninsured apparently don't
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care about the president's health care law according to kaiser poll. that shows 6 million americans are unaware of the deadline to begin with, while half of them plan to remain uninsured no matter what you do with the deadline. my next guest proves with the next delay obamacare does not work. michael burgess, doctor and congressman. 37 delays on this plan, contradicting exactly what the secretary sebelius told us. >> right. this delay not all that surprising, but really it underscores just how desperately
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bad the real numbers must be. next week on april 1st, i fully expect the administration or secretary sebelius to come out and say, hey, we did a great job. we almost met our goal, we've got good numbers. but they're not sharing the real numbers with us. >> the real numbers. are -- one of the things that is frustrating, i think, to all of us is that while we hear about enrollments, which are still sizeable sizeably short of their goals, we don't know what ones are paid for and simply sign-ups, if you will. >> correct. and those numbers, i'm absolutely convinced they know those numbers, but will they share those with us next week? of course not. they'll say, we're still compiling, the data is raw, we want to give you accurate numbers when we give you numbers. but still, they'll come forward
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with press conferences and he d heralds and banners saying, we met our goals, we have 7 instead of 6. the problem is who has paid, have the payments been posted, and how many people were previously uninsured? or someone like myself who previously had a different insurance policy, a catastrophic policy. i got kicked off and then i had to work my way through it took me three and a half months to get through and it was a nightmare. i don't blame anyone who gave up. >> we don't see, frankly, any improvement here. poll after poll shows that people just simply don't like obamacare as a law, as a health care insurance plan. and when you talk about the uninsured, the kaiser poll saying basically, to heck with it. that's the view of the uninsured. they're saying they don't want it, don't need it, and meanwhile, the administration is
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rationalizing, as senator reid did today, the lack of sign-ups by saying condescendingly, those people just don't understand how the internet works. outrageous. >> when you stop and think about it, that's an enormously funny statement because al gore invented the internet three decades ago. of course, they do! they get the news from interstate net, th-- the interny do their shopping on line. for anyone who has tried to navigate, i went back to see if it really was as bad as i remembered it. according to them, i'm still in limbo. fortunately, the people at blue cross have kindly taken my check and cashed it, and i see it on line, but as far as is concerned, i'm still out there in never-neverland. i certainly sympathize with people who have tried to do
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this, it is a nightmare. but i also know people my kids' age, they'll make one or two passes at it and they're giving up. those are the very people they said they had to sign up. i don't think they're going to get them. >> the number they're using is 25%. they need 40% to make the model work. i don't believe, frankly, either of the numbers, but that's just me. congressman, we appreciate you being with us. thank you very much. michael burgess. >> thank you. president obama says we're not entering another cold war with russia. at the same time, he's calling we asked people a question, how much money do you think you'll need when you retire? then we gave each person a ribbon to show how many years that amount might last.
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the president is in brussels today. they're promising to defend nato member nations and claiming that the crisis in crimea has not brought the united states and russia back to the brink of a cold war. >> this is not another cold war that we're entering into. after all, unlike the soviet union, russia leads no block of nations, no global idealogy. the united states and nato do not seek any conflict with russia. in fact, for more than 60 years, we have come together in nato not to claim other lands but to keep nations free. >> the american public not buying the president's apparent newly crafted world vision. in the latest fox news poll, 52% say the united states is weaker and less powerful than six years ago. joining us now, fox news
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strategic analyst colonel ralph peters. ralph, it's great to have you with us. the president in europe has made a number of astonishing statements, but one of them i'd like to begin with. and that is that russia is a regional power. can you imagine what motivated that statement? >> i certainly can. utter historical ignorance. obama never paid any attention to history. and russia's only a regional fo power? nazi germany was only a regional power and gave us the holocaust. this guy has no natural frame of reference for anything he says. he's got speech writers who clearly don't know history, don't even know the terms they're throwing around. and by the wary, the speech he
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gave today in brussels was one of the most unfocused speeches i've ever heard. it wasn't even well delivered, which is unusual for obama. he can at least read a script pretty well. >> one of the things in that speech was trying to convince europeans, apparently, that they're important people, as if europe had a self-esteem problem. in that regard, i found it, as i say, astonishing, and at the same time he talked about the ukraine and russia not being -- and the united states not being engaged in a cold war here. he completely blythely ignored the 1994 budapest memorandum that obligates russia not to invade ukraine, it obligates the united kingdom and the united states to territory sovereignty, and it also obligates us to have
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acted peremptorily when we knew russia would make such a move to take action or otherwise. >> this president, as you know, lou, is very good at ignoring anything that makes him uncomfortable, no matter how true or vital it might be. the speech today is worth really looking at. i felt he was lecturing the europeans. the speech today he gave in brussels before the king and queen, before the assembled parliamentarians, it should have been tightly focused on russia, putin, ukraine, crimea, nato, what are we going to do? instead it jumped all over the place. he started off in ukraine, he lectured europeans on gay rights, he lectures them on immigration, he goes back to ukraine. then he's talking about his grandfather had to serve the imperial british as a docook. it was an absolute mess, it was
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stupid, it was offensive, and i tell you, vladimir putin is not shaking in his shoes tonight. and it was also wrong because he said putin doesn't have a global idealogy anymore. oh, really? how about nationalism that tore apart the last two centuries around much of the world, and certainly in europe. putin and nationalism is making a comeback from india to parts of latin america. putin does have a nation block around him, iran, syria, venezuela. china usually votes with him. not on crimea because they're worried about their own issues, but again, this president, his speech writers don't even check the facts. he gave the speech as if he's tired, pro forma, and oh, yeah, i have to talk to those europeans again and i'd really rather be playing golf in hawaii. it's a sad day in america when the president makes a shambles of a great opportunity.
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we need to be standing up to putin. lou, i have to add this, too. we're obviously not going to use military force in ukraine. got it. he doesn't have to keep saying it because it sends a message of pathetically cowardly weaknesses. putin, don't worry, we don't want to fight here. the nato northeastern members must be -- i can't even say the word on tv. >> let me say this about the fact that this government and all of the european leaders as well, those certain members of nato, had the opportunity to act decisively and commensurately to the expressions of the russian government about intervening in ukraine. because people forget, back on february 6, the kremlin said they may be forced to intervene because of u.s. -- what they described as u.s.-motivated demonstrations and unrest in kiev. but the reality is that none of those authorities paid attention
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to you during the olympics and what you said on this broadcast, that as soon as these games are ended, putin will invade ukraine. you were exactly right. and we don't even hear a discussion of what intelligence was available to this administration and why it chose passivity rather than action. i'm not talking about military action, but action. >> i can tell you that we had very good intelligence on this. i can't tell you it made it to the president because his gatekeepers don't let the king hear anything that's uncomfortable. but i don't want to blame the intelligence community because i know for a fact they were doing their job. >> that is good to know. >> obama doesn't -- he's an ostrich. he sticks his head in the sand when something makes him uncomfortable. i didn't have a crystal ball predicting what was going to happen. it was a no-brainer for anybody who knows the russians, who knows putin and who knows elementary human nature. and now we're in this mess.
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and by the way, putin continues to keep us off balance. we're always playing catch-up, reacting. the incompetence is immeasurable. >> and boundless because the european leadership seems to be no better in any respect. ralph peters, thanks for being with us. >> thank you, lou. >> as we discussed, the president says we're not on the verge of a new cold war. tell us whether you agree? are we on the verge of a cold war with russia? tweet us at loudobbsnews hash tag cold war ldt. the service rocked by a third scandal in as many years. this time three secret service agents preparing for the president's visit to the netherlands were sent home after one of them drank so much that he passed out in a hotel hallway. the other two were deemed complicit because they did nothing to assist the fallen
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the vatican's chief justice leveling scathing criticism against president obama ahead of his upcoming visit. cardinal raymond leo burke said the president's policies have become, quote, progressively more hostile toward christian civilization. president obama will be at the vatican thursday meeting pope francis for the first time. my next guest slamming the president for a turn and burn strategy, as he calls it, turning his attention to other things while hoping no one notices the fire hurting our credibility. governor huckabee, great to have you with us. let's start with this turn and burn strategy. obviously it's not working too well. the president is upside down in
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his polling numbers for the seventh consecutive month. >> you know, lou, some people, everything they touch turns to gold. right now everything this president touches turns to dust. i mean, this is a president who has been wrong about virtually every major foreign policy move, wrong about syria, wrong about libya, wrong about benghazi, wrong about russia, wrong about egypt. i can't name one country on the entire planet where we have a better relationship with that country than we did when he took office despite all the promises. and the fact is, every time we get another crisis, his first reaction is to make a speech, and then he completely turns from what he even said. i think nobody is listening anymore. this is a president whose speeches have become little more than background noise. >> do you remember when folks called this man a great orator, maybe the best speaker maker in
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the early days who had ever taken the white house? it was sort of an amazing statement even back then. but now your evaluation of his oratorical and rhetorical ability. >> well, lou, if you make great speeches, you have to do great things to back it up. and great speeches without great actions just become noise. and that's what i think has happened to this president. when he campaigned back in 2008, he made great speeches, but let's remember what those great speeches were about. it was about bringing america back together. it was about ending the harsh partisanship that had so divided our country. it was about lifting people up. it was about making america a place where people -- remember these words -- hope and change. well, now about the only thing people really are hoping for is that we get some change and that after we pay obamacare we have some change in our pockets left over. this is a very depressed nation, his poll numbers reflect it. the fact is he has not changed
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his strategy. he's still making speeches but they're harsh, they're partisan, they're accusatory, he never accepts responsibility, he's always moving on to something else, and i think that's why he's become virtually irrelevant at this point of his presidency. forget the partisanship. i admit i'm republican. i add mi'm probably not going t be for a lot of his policies. this is for america and that saddens me. >> this president, it seems to me, has completely validated the term lame duck. he's done so very early. he's t the only person with a worst six-year polling set of numbers was george w. bush since world war ii. but he's not going to be on the ballot, as they say, in november. and the republicans are making a lot of noises about obamacare, but obamacare, it seems, if this
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president is largely irrelevant doesn't carry quite the scathing indictment of the democratic party that it might otherwise if he were more irrelevant, and frankly, more engaged. >> well, in a way you say he's not on the ballot, and his name is not going to be on the ballot, but he's on the ballot. every policy that he's pushed, whether it's obamacare, whether it's a radicalization of american culture, and i think what this chief counsel to the vatican said, you alluded to it in the introduction, is exactly right. this is an administration that has not become indifferent to religion, it's become hostile. when this administration always sides with the most secularist voices popular to tell military chaplains put your bibles away and hide them. don't say anything about god or jesus because somebody might not understand it. you can't keep doing that kind of thing and have any credibility left as a president who is in touch with what i call
8:27 pm
the roots of america. >> and strongly and powerfully the roots of america, but at the same time, governor, i have to say to you, that comment from an official of the vatican about our president is, to me, highly offensive, and i don't think should be put up with by any of us. i mean, my quarrels with his policies -- if i may -- if i may -- i may have my quarrels with his policies, but i don't want the vatican, i don't want putin, i don't want any other head of state running their mouth off about our president. period. let's settle it at the polls. >> the church has a moral authority, lou, they have a moral authority to speak out on issues that touch the religious lick eith liberty of this country. the bishop who said that, bishop burke, is an american. >> i don't care if he's an american, he's speaking for the vatican. >> good for him.
8:28 pm
i take the position i'm glad the church, whether it's the chief counsel or the pope himself, would speak out on moral issues. what are they going to talk about? they're not going to talk about the ncaa bracket, so i want them to talk about the immorality of every issue. >> before they go to the ncaa brackets, i'd like them to talk about -- >> listen to -- >> go ahead. >> lou, to barack obama, the ncaa bracket is a religious issue. it's the one thing that he is committed to. it's the one thing he's focused on. and i'm convinced that this president and his administrat n administration, as the official said, progressively turned increasingly against people of faith. that's why we have the hobby lobby case that's going to be argued tomorrow at the supreme court, it's why this justice department wouldn't defend doma even though it's the law of the land. remember how we talked about obamacare is the law of the land? this administration ignores so many things that are the law of
8:29 pm
the land if they just don't happen to agree with it. >> well, governor, it's good to have you here. >> thanks. >> i'm going to leave you with a last word on that. golly, i really do want to argue this, but we'll do that another time. >> we'll do it again. >> you got a deal. >> thanks a lot, lou. >> be sure to tune in to huckabee on the fox newschannel saturday and sunday nights at 8:00 p.m. eastern. a 16-year-old daredevil was apparently able to get past the tightest security in the world, at one world trade center last weekend. but we learned the reason why. it's because the building doesn't have security cameras installed yet. you heard me right. they haven't installed security cameras. port authority officials bought a whole $4,000 worth of cameras, but they're still in a back office because the management of the port authority didn't want to pay the extra cost installation. now, there's an exception to
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president obama preparing legislation that would end the national security agency's sweeping collection and storage of phone records. the administration's move comes as new figures show about 5.1 million people hold security clearances, up from 4.9 million the previous year. that's more than the population of norway, to put that in some context. i don't know how helpful it is, but there it is. first lady michelle obama invoking the civil rights movement during her speech at a high school in china today. the first lady said, quote, there were actually laws in america that allowed discrimination against black people like me who are a
8:34 pm
minority in the united states, but over time, ordinary citizens decided that those laws were unfair. so they held peaceful protests and marches. they called on government officials to change those laws, and they voted to elect new officials who shared their views. interestingly, white house officials said reporters would not be allowed to the first lady's trip because she would not be discussing political issues such as human rights abuses in china. a "new york times" reporter issued his own indictment of the obama administration saying it is, quote, the greatest enemy of press freedom that we have encountered in at least a generation. the u.s. supreme court today heard arguments that challenges obamacare's contraception mandate. a co-founder of hobby lobby, one of the companies at the center of the fight, spoke outside the high court. >> the choice the government has forced on us is unfair and not in keeping with the history of
8:35 pm
our great nation founded on religious freedom. we believe that americans don't lose their religious freedom when they open a family business. >> joining us now, leading attorneys lease wheel. great to have you both here. your reaction to the court? very skeptical? >> i think they're going to look at this as the supreme court and other supreme courts have done: very narrowly. can we define a family-grown or private organization as covered under this religious freedom act? if they can very narrowly, then it will go forward. but don't look for a big sweeping decision here. you agree? >> i agree. but the thing is, there is so much confusion as to whether the corporation can even be a person, but there is law across the nation. there are actually jury instructions that say to jurors, you have to treat corporations like persons. they are persons for purposes of the laws. so that's going to be an
8:36 pm
interesting obstacle. >> but at the same time, the law right now has an exemption, obamacare has an exemption for religious non-profits. so if there is some way -- if they are to be treated as persons, there has to be equality, does there not, amongst these so-called -- it's an artifice, it's a construct. we call them persons, but would non-profits have to have the same footing as profits? >> yes, but even if you get there, what the administration is going to argue and has been arguing that even if you qualify them as persons, the owners themselves, the company, they're not actually providing the c contraceptives, the iuds -- >> but someone has to be honest here even in law, right? >> exactly, the corporations can only act for these individuals, so that's where the lines are blurred, whether the corporation has an artificial entity or it's
8:37 pm
really a person under the law. it can't act on its own, it can only act as individuals. that's what the corporation is saying, if we allow this, if we don't have freedom of religion, we'll basically be endorsing abortions. that's why they're completely up in arms. >> it's almost incomprehensible to think that obamacare is even still standing as a law. because in every element, it is a disaster. and i'm saying that not idealogically -- there is a problem with every element of this law. today federal judges in the d.c. circuit court of appeals split on weather obamacare permits subsidies in states with federal-run health insurance exchanges. if they can't give subsidies, they're out of business. >> cannexactly. if you have the states versus federal law here, this is classic what's going on here. you have 14 states that have
8:38 pm
state obligations and federal as well. if the states are already providing, can the feds? is that going to work? that's what these judges are completely split about. >> i want to turn to one thing just to wrap up here. a federal judge ruled last week that arizona and kansas can require residents to prove that they are u.s. citizens, as we reported here, in order to register to vote. that's a victory for states' rights, it's a victory for the states that have moved toward voter i.d. necessary to register. is it going to stand? is this a new direction we're headed right now after so many challenges from the justice department? >> it should be able to stand. the states are saying there is a state interest here. it's not that we're trying to violate privacy rights, we have a compelling state interest which allows for privacy to bend in favor of the states. that's why they would do it. >> except you see court after court saying, no, and that's why it won't last. >> texas has been upheld, has it
8:39 pm
not? >> but many have not. >> it seems to me, if the integrity of the electoral process is not preeminent not only as a state's right but as a value for the nation, what in the world is, especially when the empirical evidence suggests there is an increase in registration and voting? >> i think the empirical interest is going to happen geographically. there are some states where the interest is so great -- >> that's the legal question. >> so some state like arizona. >> are we going to have voter i.d. or not? >> in some states. >> there are no red states, there are no blue states, there's only the united states under law. reese wheel and mercedes colwin, thank you both. >> great to be here. releasing video of their terrifying jump.
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my next guest predicted the protes protests, demonstrations and revolt a year before the so-called arab spring. he now warns a second revolution is on the way. but our country is disengaging from the very people we should be supporting in the middle east. joining me now, fox news and middle east terror analyst,
8:44 pm
walid phares. good morning, walid. i have to tell you, the idea that this administration not only missed the signs of the approach of what we call arab spring but handled it so poorly as you document. how did they miss the onset of the arab spring. >> you know, lou, this is a question only historians can answer. global scientists, analysts cannot. how can we miss an explosion of the size of the arab spring during the fall of 2010? there was almost nothing in the foreign policy estimate. not only did we miss the idea of an arab spring, we did not understand there were two sources with youth, women, minorities and the other one was the islamists. and we thought the islamists were the arab spring, so across north africa, egypt and tanisha,
8:45 pm
it cost us three years for what egypt is trying to correct and the u.s. is trying to correct. >> what was the president thinking aligning himself with u.s. prestige and power with the very people with whom we've been at war since 2001? >> most likely the economic advisers weren't very clear about it and the expertise the demonstration takes its information from has convinced him that the muslim brotherhood, the other islamists are the progressive of the region. imagine, we've ignored women, we've ignored minorities, we've ignored youth. all of these we ignored. we allied ourselves with the very forces that are bringing the region backward in time. the egyptians understood that and that's why they rose against the muslim brotherhood. so did the tunesia ns.
8:46 pm
>> is there a syria in view here? >> everything in national politics is about time and place. between march of 2011 and the time that we withdrew from iraq, the end of 2011, in early january, we had an opportunity. iran was not in syria yet, al qaeda was not in syria, hizbollah was not in syria. it was civil society, we did not act. by the time we wanted to act, it was too late. we withdrew from iraq and iran is now connected to the ahsad regime. >> you said there was a second chance for the president and this administration because a second evolution is on the way. where and how soon? >> there is a second chance for the administration because it's happening with us or without us. the brotherhoods march. what we understand is we need to reverse every policy we've done in the middle east. no single one is good in the middle east.
8:47 pm
>> not a single one? >> not a single one. we need to cancel the interim agreement with iran because the iranians are fooling us. we need to change our policy with regard to egypt as well, lou. >> and in each of these instances, the president has reached out to the iranians, told that he was being foolish and naive. in syria he was told that he was not acting intelligently from all corners. he persisted ahsad must go, m mubari must go. what the result is is debris across the middle east and no resolution anywhere, it seems. >> the must go part can be understood. what comes in replacement was the big mistake. that gadhafi goes and mubari goes, yes. but muslim brotherhood and the
8:48 pm
jihadists, in syria, we have gone to the point of telling musaraf to leave. that's why the russians moved to crimea and maybe china will do the same, so the middle east is a very important point. >> the president today, as you know, referred to russia as a regional power. european, asian power, middle eastern power? he has ships that are in this hemisphere. he has expansionist ideas, obviously, here, putin. and what will be the impact on iran? what will be the impact in syria of constant prodding by this president of vladimir putin m, e making it personal? >> when they have people that
8:49 pm
can cover the planet earth, it is a threat. actually, what he said was very interesting. he said, i'm not worried about russia, i would be worried about a nuclear device in manhattan. so what happened to al qaeda going into decline? it's either that or the russians, not both. >> on the run, he said this. we appreciate you being here. appreciate a great book and you being here. congratulations. the book is "the lost spring." it is on sale as of today on line and in bookstores everywhere. up next, i'll tell you why president obama's foreign policy is just like obamacare. your thoughts, my commentary coming r up. a short word that's a tall order. up your game. up the ante. and if you stumble, you get back up. up isn't easy, and we ought to know. we're in the business of up. everyday delta flies a quarter of million people
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time for a few of your comments. dave in orlando e-mailed us saying, now that the olympics are over and they don't need it anymore, perhaps we can buy the ring of steel from putin and put it along our southern border. it may ease our relations with russia by helping their not so great economy and keep a few illegal immigrants out of our country. chuck in el paso writes, if obama is so concerned about a warhead in manhattan, then why isn't he securing our borders? all four of them. and peter ford tweeted me to say, paul krugman's nobel prize makes about as much sense as president obama's. keep your comments coming. e-mail me at, follow me on twitter or go to
8:54 pm at loudobbsnews. meeting with world leaders and other heads of state, our president seems at times to be a victim of his nature, demonstrating his desire to command rather than to persuade, to lecture even as nato peers rather than talk with them as leaders and counsel he should seek rather than assist upon. today president obama carried a somewhat surprising message to european leaders. mr. obama seemed to be trying to convince europeans that there is a worthy cause, that european values matter to the world and should be defended by, well, europeans. mr. obama also warned the european leaders that they must spend more on defense in order to deter vladimir putin's
8:55 pm
expansionist agenda. >> going forward, every nato member state must step up and carry its share of the burden. by showing the political will to invest in our collective defense. >> he couldn't be more right, of course, but why now and why lecture? why not simply persuade. and why not have done so years ago. in an awkward turn today, the president went on to say the united states, quote, will never waiver in standing up for its nato allies. while pointing out as well that ukraine is not a member of nato, apparently in case anyone was confused by the passivity of europe and the united states as putin's troops took over crimea. by the president's light, the nato nations were not incompetent or passive in the confrontation with russia, there
8:56 pm
as i remember simply wasn't adequate documentation or paper such as a treaty that would participate real action on the part of the nato nations. but the president, however, failed to mention what he surely knows, that the budapest memorandum of 1994 that served as the protocol for ukraine's surrender of its nuclear weapons. the signatories of that memorandum committed themselves to respect ukraine's territorial integrity and sovereignty. the signatories are the united kingdom, russia and the united states. and while russia violated the guarantees of the agreement as it invaded ukraine, mr. obama chose to ignore what i think many would call an insistent obligation to ukraine on the part of the united kingdom, all of europe, and i believe the united states. president obamaoday said we're not embarking on a new cold war. i hope he's right. but i also say tell that to
8:57 pm
ukranians and all of europe who see that neither side of this confrontation has so far demonstrated any intention of honoring their (announcer) scottrade knows our clients trade and invest their own way. with scottrade's smart text, i can quickly understand my charts, and spend more time trading. their quick trade bar lets my account follow me online so i can react in real-time. plus, my local scottrade office is there to help. because they know i don't trade like everybody. i trade like me. i'm with scottrade. (announcer) ranked highest in investor satisfaction with self-directed services by j.d. power and associates.
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what you will is everywhere and worst of all. they are in the government here they are the biggest danger since team sports. and not just the police. 10 million government bureaucrats get these as well. >> they banned drugs that might save your life. and they make kids cry by telling them that you don't have a choice in your education. john: government may


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