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tv   Cavuto  FOX Business  March 30, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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♪ neil: time to kiss another saudi prince. welcome, everyone, i am neil cavuto. and you bet president obama will be paying his respects to saudi arabia. those princes arcane, but we certainly do need their oil. the part where we turn our back on a trusted u.s. ally and they constantly switch sides after they were toppled. the saudi sometimes received.
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what's to say that the white house quickly penned this last-minute stop rogue little damage control. as we have a long history of presidents kissing but. it is all about swallowing dignity to keep the oil flowing. so wouldn't you love not to have to deal in deal with this nonsense. to suck up to all of the skyscraper that is the thing, we can't be choosers. and we already have all the energy pieces until the princes to go to hades. anything that we are getting from saudi arabia or all of opec. but between keeping the keystone pipeline shutdown and natural gas supplies out of reach, is it
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any wonder that we are kissing those guys hands? i don't know too many big lottery winners of the come back to work the next day bolesta told abbas that you can take this job and shove it. and i don't open access would use those words, but john sununu knows the sentiment. he says we have it within our grasp to free ourselves from all these other situations. so thanks to cracking, we rule the shapira. >> is, we are going to be energy independent. will have to wait until the next administration. but i will tell you that i don't agree with your rant. i think the only place i got real applauses probably in the wrong or perhaps in moscow.
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the saudi's are important if you are in real estate, usa location, location, location. there are three places in the world are problems for the u.s. russia and iran and china. and certainly russia's expansionist tendencies are evident in the ukraine and we need the europeans to help us put pressure on russia. so you're not going to have a happier up unless the saudis and the rest of the middle east make energy available to europe. it doesn't have to come here. but it does certainly have to work out. neil: do you say that there will not those other guys? >> i think they have to expand. what it comes to is even real and benjamin netanyahu is happier with a position on iran or a particularly because of their location and they are without of obama. and they have been very clever
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in working aggressively to get a strong position in china which had been working hard and the best friend we have in putting pressure on china today. and we may not be thrilled but we still have a very important ally. neil: i'm not dismissing him. what i am dismissing his accounting this as much for their energy as anything else. and i am saying that if we were completely energy independent, as you say, we might get there someday and we are not there now. we wouldn't have to be playing this today. artemis is that we need them very much as well.
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in half a decade or decade. it's not just the u.s. but depends on us but the rest of the world and not complicated world, it is not bad to have a new friend, but you still have those resources. >> if we could kind of spider the russians and say that we can have natural gas here. right now there was in regulation and this is where the energy independence gets back to being a strategic military issue. and what do you think if we would have full control over this energy and sheer. >> more control you have come the better off we are.
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this administration has office country at least half a decade in terms of getting to that point. they have enough energy to keep this continent really independent. in all i'm trying to say is that no matter how much but ability you have we are running out of friends. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. neil: maybe there is a reason that hash tag rita is wrong. harry reid is saying that obamacare never lied about it. and we are turning the lights out on times square to make a point and i would be the earth point and i would be the earth day gunderman group is a go.
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want to go to that? some people are paying that this is a very good idea. what do you think we might just curious. tell me your thoughts and in just a few minutes we will share those thoughts. meanwhile, they are turning the lights out in times square for an hour tomorrow night. what could possibly go wrong with that? anyway, it's all about making a statement on the environment and this didn't strike me as being among the more pressing. tukey rogers, who is trying to get to the bottom of this. >> i spoke to consumers on the street about this 10-cent fee that is being proposed here in new york city. a couple of different sizes as we mentioned, washington dc has had an effect since 201,010
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cents for every bag, paper or reusable bag. chicago is also renewing the push in dallas is doing the same thing. they just pass this and i went on on the street to hear what people have to say and here's what they said. >> would you be willing to pay an extra tax for plastic bag rather than bringing your own you reusable bag? >> no, i'd rather not. it wouldn't be fair long without the other things actuall going on. if i had to pay the extra, i would read. >> it encourages you to take your own back with your. >> i think it's a bit ridiculous. >> we already have a messed up economy. >> is that last woman to side, we always forget to bring these reusable bags anyway. so a lot of people will wind up paying the fee.
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>> some of them do have little handles on them. >> that is true. so all depends on how you frame it for consumers. you check in on on top of them is in coupons and trying to save they come and they get really angry. >> we have billy melcher here. hearing all of this, can't wait to jump in. >> i think it's a bad idea. it's really inconvenient for consumers area in unexpected ways as well. there's a 10-cent tax in new york. >> where does that money go? two may be mayor of bill de blasio can buy more with it. >> fmi think it's inconvenient for starters. second of all come i lived in hong kong when they had a very the more we when i was there and ended up just being a nightmare. you get to the grocery store counter and they'd be packing things in.
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>> i think all of these things can be a part of it. you know me, not a brighter. but arthur bigger issues to worry about when this comes at a time when they're going to turn out the lights for an hour in times square tomorrow night? i'm just saying it's probably not the world as idea. but i think that there are some other things that we could be pursuing. >> this reminded me of one bloomberg wanted to tax sizes of soda drinks. your city is saying that we udr. your city is saying that we used 5.2 plastic bags a year in new york. at the national center for policy announcements is that when you put this together it can be different. so you look at some of the cities and municipalities in
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california and it doesn't bring in a lot of revenue. so you have to really wonder what the point is. the cash side isn't there. the only decide where the money would go, i'm just wondering what all the plastic water bottles or soda bottles or what about all that stuff. >> i think you can pick it. but i think you have to use more than 100 times for it to actually make a difference. >> so you have to bring their own bags. >> just moneybox everything on a good hotel discounts, of the people who is guilty of wanting to use this. or are you i do think the way the world is going, why not thinking these rings true.
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>> that's right, one on looking at the unintended consequences. consist of foodborne illness i'd because we have is leaking energy is. >> billions of water bottles. okay, you two are way to correct that. thank you, ladies. deroy murdock cadillac commercial? this one rub me the wrong way. in other countries think that we are not. whatever, we went up there. and we've been up there we got bored. >> actually think he is sometimes angrier. we will
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but the energy bp produces up here creates something else as well: jobs all over america. thousands of people here in alaska are working to safely produce more energy. but that's just the start. to produce more from existing wells, we need advanced technology. that means hi-tech jobs in california and colorado. the oil moves through one of the world's largest pipelines. maintaining it means manufacturing jobs in the midwest. then we transport it with 4 state-of-the-art, double-hull tankers. some of the safest, most advanced ships in the world: built in san diego with a $1 billion investment. across the united states, bp supports more than a quarter million jobs. and no energy company invests more in the u.s. than bp. when we set up operation in one part of the country, people in other parts go to work. that's not a coincidence. it's one more part of our commitment to america.
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neil: do you remember when i was railing about that had a lack added? the kind of overprotective rich. take a look. >> other countries stop at a café. they take the month of august off. when are you like that? when we like that? because we re crazy driven hard worker and believers. so here is ford. >> other countries work and they buy locally owned food area and locally. why are we like that? because we are crazy entrepreneurs trying to make the world better.
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neil: we had extreme problems here. i guess fords are for people with other situations. enter charles payne he said this. >> yes, you know, i weighed them both and i will tell you. >> i know what you're saying. yes, i do. but when you start of a commercial you tell me how we should be like the rest of the world, i mean, this is what they do. sometimes you take a refrigerator door and wrestle with it. is that the people you're talking about? those are the ones that were supposed to be emulating? what bothers me is the conscious
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capitalism thing. we are getting a more and more. tebaldi mexican grill talked about avocados disappearing. if you had not heard about the avocado crisis? mcnown, i had not. and when we start talking about somehow having a capitalist system and have other things, i know the real deal is taking corporate america and their income statement and making it part of the domain. so i do think ironically that they have one thing in common. the process worked very hard and i think that that is the underpinning. >> but they are reversed.
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they will be like what the 1% is. and i'm not doing that either business way. but i am saying that it makes the 1% look like the greedy slb's do they think they are. and i think the vast middle ground is most of america in a just, it is most of america. the idea that you're not doing the right thing musser doing the right thing my way. you know, driving an electric car. following a cue from the rest of the world. the caricature of the rich 1% by. at least we are working harder than the rest of the world, we always have been part of our work ethic that we use to embrace in this country and we should actually appreciate. >> we're talking about nasa and some of the things that came out of this.
6:23 pm
>> we are done, you can have that. [laughter] >> you know, it's got to be. >> she is a real businessperson. but they took a woman and then they took a male actor, and he definitely gets paid more. but there is a real struggle in this country. a real tug-of-war with with where we are going to be. >> why would ford want to respond this way for what we have clearly sort of reversing. >> i don't know, maybe they have fewer luxury cars for sale. maybe we have more electric vehicles are trying to sell. >> she's talking like there is
6:24 pm
no way that she could wear that the elitist would acknowledge buying anything in this way. >> ford has two classes of stock. why, you are a shareholder. you know, it's not even the real democratic company to be quite frank. it's just interesting. i think people are trying to see the bigger narrative is that we are such a divided nation. >> really pushing and lighting up the rooms here. >> they are saying that we can go up to 99% or by tracking the 1%. >> i think we can bring it all together and i hope that happens. >> that is a long game. all right, thank you very much.
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in the meantime, it hasn't been a great week for harry reid area. >> this was blocked by some republicans and the sanctions have not taken place. people are not educated on how to use the inlace. people are not educated on how to use the internet. >> that's just the start of it. it has a lot of you commenting. it has a lot of you commenting. we will have that [ male announcer ] hands were made for playing. legs, for crossing. feet...splashing. better things than the joint pain and swelling of moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis. if you're trying to ma, now may be time to ask about xeljanz. xeljz (tofacitinib) is a small pill, not an injection or infusion, for adults with moderate to severe ra for whom methotrexate did not work well. xeljanz can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. seris, sometimes fatal infections and cancers have happened in patients taking xeljanz.
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>> half time and this week i think harry reid has been going full threatle. there's been a lot of news out of the senate majority leader but this one stood out. take a look. >> there are some people who are not like my grandchildren who can handle everything so easily on the internet. and these people need a little extra time, people are not educated on how to use the
6:29 pm
internet. >> get off my lawn and how do you turn this off? are you kidding me? that's an insult to older and younger folks alike. jim martin and young america foundation very good on all things tech, all generations should be offended. after i heard that, i said you cannot be serious and dutching this one in our laps, that weda know how to work a site that you screscrewed up. what do you think? >> this is a whole week of can you not be serious moments. i mean, is this a joke? honestly. senator harry reid says that on the floor as though, you know, it's our fault that we can't get on the website and there are difficulties. young america's foundation is showing young people between 18 and 24, 52% of them will not recommend going on healthcare dove because ty
6:30 pm
don't want to share information on a website which is exactly what that is. that's a big problem here, is when you're trying to enroll in healthcare and looking at your different options, you don't want to be providing your personal healthcare information on there to the federal government. look at what we've exposed in the past year as far as scandals go. young people are concerned about that. >> it's not that they're not technically savvy but they won't be a part of this. >> they don't want to be on there. it's just another excuse. >> james witness what's yourjam. >> this is the most laughable excuse of all. he can't have it both ways. the young people, our grandchildren, i have 15, they know how to get on the internet and ashley said, they don't want this. for seniors, bottom line is, they don't want it. it's not they can't get on the internet. there are more jeans on facebook than are signing up for obamacare. it's that simple.
6:31 pm
>> this facebook thing is big, big, big. >> here is what i'm thinking and now to harry reid, you know, i say sometimes you have to man up and say, look, this is on me, the president, on our party, but when i heard him talking about how he is shocked and how they said nasty things about republicans. listen to this and i want your reaction. >> i have never come to my recollect election or said a word about the examples given regarding obamacare and health. that's not good. >> i just wanted to hear, we have this thing called a digital tape. look at this. >> republicans may need tall pales to convince people that obamacare is bad for them. republicans are stuck in the
6:32 pm
past, fighting the same old battles they fight and complaining about obamacare. >> nothing there, ashley. kind of ruins the old cent. >> we, cry me a river, harry reid. i had a lot of issues with him recently especially the conservatives's fault that cremia is taken over by russia. when in fact whenever ver, whenr played hardball with russia. it is a joke. the fact the conservatives are being hailebeingbeing being bla. >> james, it comes back to look, if you know, if you know we have this thing in broadcasting called tape or what do we call it, something you can go back and hear it again. so we have this and we can play it. then he's either got to be see night or not know it or hope we
6:33 pm
don't go back to the ukraine and >> seniors did not want this bill back in 2009, they were opposed to obamacare, 2010 when it passed they still were. they better start listening. nancy blowcy least the speakership in 2010 and in 2014 senator read will be the minority leader. there are six or seven democrats who voted for obamacare four years ago now putting you different pieces of legislation, called over your -- [laughter] >> we have sanders. >> look, i have a question, i have a recommendation for senator reid. he should go to web 109, that'se internet for dummies. everything you wanted to know
6:34 pm
abouthe estimate but were afraid to act. >> or ask the young people that aren't enrowing, too. >> the bottom line, as you pointed out from your own perspectives, people got up on this site and what they saw, they didn't like. not whether the site was problematic. so thank you both very, very much. >> absolutely. >> and meanwhile, to all of you kids out there, get off my lawn! now i'm not saying she has no class, but miley cyrus, a college class? where was this when i was? school? but the new wrecking ball crash course is proof we are way off course. course. my dad has aor afib.brillation, he has the most common kind...'s not caused by a heart valve problem. dad, it says your afib puts you at 5 times greater risk of a stroke. that's why i take my warfarin every day. but it looks like maybe we should ask your doctor about pradaxa. in a clinical trial, pradaxa® (dabigatran etexilate mesylate)...
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>> you know, 11 million people living in the shadows,s i believe they're all ready american citizen. these people are just waiting, waiting for a chance to be able to contribute fully and by that
6:38 pm
standard, 11 million undocumented aliens are already americans in my view. >> there you have it. we said it before, the die cast. joe biden tipping his hat on the white house's plan to give the illegals a free pass or not push them out? we're remembering his boss saying the same thing. remember, you have a family where some people are citizens are legally here and others that are not documented, the immigration people will never get that information. you're grinning. jacob tweets the following, democrats wants an easy pass to get easy votes and the vice president shows he doesn't know the law or constitution and republicans will quite likely help them. you know you're right about that. david want what do you think about this? >> most politicians hide the truth. these people just have forgotte where they have put it. they have forgotten where they put it because at the same time that he said, joe biden is
6:39 pm
saying that these people are already u.s. citizens, they're deporting 400, over 400,000 illegal immigrants every year. they want it both ways. on the one hand they want to please future voters, the immigs who will vote for them and on the other hand florida they're trying to deport 400,000. it's like every issue deal. it's like, benghazi -- >> the does that represent a serious handle to get on this or you hear them say they don't put the muscle behind? >> in fact, 410,000 illegal immigrants were deported this year and this administration is actually to deporting more illegal immigrants than the bush administration did. >> that's both ways. on the one hand, yes, you guys are citizens and on the other hand, i'll send you back to mexico or wherever. >> so when you here biden say
6:40 pm
that and hear the president say don't worry about your legal relatives here, no agency will snitch to the other, do you buy that? >> of course, not. i don't buy that any more than i buy there are no extensions of a smidgen of scandal in the irs stuff. this administration lies. i will say it. i know o'riley won't say it but i think these are out and out lie. there. >> you don't think it's ignorance, not knowing? >> no. it is a willful lie. >> issue two, this one i think we could get into here. give my credit for this wrecking ball. while you're at it, give her three credits, because she is now a class, skidmoore college. it's now a course on miley cyrus. do you believe that? our twitter followers can't believe that. william writes, exactly what degree plan does this course fulfill? aren't you just dying to see the
6:41 pm
syllabus? very good point. tim is tweeting, the students who enroll in this course, will they wonder where they're un-ployable upon graduation? [laughter] >> incredible. >> you wonder about the class coming up britney spears or lindsay lohan. >> live britney spears alone. >> it's in the that different from boston college, 60,000 -- in ability with think we can put up on the scream, the tuition fees are $45,700, room fees and all others add up to a total of $60,000 a year. >> what if she came back with dad, i'm taking this course? >> i would say, forget it about it. i'm sending you to community school and you're pa you're pay. i'm willing to spend money so my daughter can make the kind of
6:42 pm
money she needs to make but not for this. >> miley cyrus is making a lot of money. >> one out of the 20 million teenagers who manages to succeed at this business. of course you look at the way she succeeds and wandsered if you want your daughter to succeed that way. but the fact this is this is not a role model for anybody and for 60,000 a year, i want my kid to get more out of college than that. >> david, always a pleasure. spoken as a wonderful dad, as a fellow dad. i want to see the videos, the picture, i want everything that these kids will have and in my office prono. microsoft investors are doing a dance because their new leader doesn't move like the old one, what? >> developers, developers, developers, developers,
6:43 pm
up. a short word that's a tall order. up your game. up the ante. and if you stumble, you get back up. up isn't easy, and we ought to know. we're in the business of up. everyday delta flies a quarter of million people while investing billions improving everything from booking to baggage claim. we're raising the bar on flying and tomorrow we will up it yet again.
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>> in tonight's blitz, it's you microsoft agency knight and shining armor. this guy, not just the way he dresses but the microsoft ceo is apparently the favor they think they need, for apple and and you droiandroid. maybe a predecessor wasn't what they needed. steve bomber dismissed the iphone. we all make mistakes. listen to this. >> what was your first reaction? >> that is the most expensive phone in the world and doesn't appeal to business customers because it doesn't have a keyboard. >> in the sense of mr. bomber, when roger approached me and
6:47 pm
said neil i'll do a news channel, you're out of your mind. it will never work. so let's cut some slack here. so the blitzers, wayne rogers, and it is too late for microsoft to play catch-up or is in the way to go about it? what do you think? >> i think a little bit of both. i think it's an acknowledgementt that in the tablet space the ipad won. microsoft has their competing product, the surface, which no matter what they've tried, changing the technology, reducing the price, it's been pretty much a failure and on the plus side -- >> am i the only person in the country who likes that? i guess i am. >> anwayne what do you say? this is not that hail mary pass. >> i think there are people i
6:48 pm
know who try the circus love it but they're late to the market. i don't know whether it's a question of timing or attitude to say that are they saying, look, we'll abandon or proprietary product and support whatever there is out there, whatever comes up, whether from microsoft or somebody else. that's what we'll do. i don't understand if they're late to the market, constantly late to the market, you can correct that. i don't understand, are they just saying as a policy, we're giving up? >> i don't know. jimmy looked for the details of getting the office products on my apple device. so i look at word and excel and you can download them for free but there's a catch, you have to sign up for what, ralph, 65-dollar a year program and that's the hook. then you figure, wait, this is the most expensive application in the history of man. that's why i wonder whether it
6:49 pm
back diagnosis fires. what do you think? >> i think it absolutely backfires. microsoft is selling rocket fuel to other people who have built better rockets. they need to get going. they're late to the game. yesterday, the nasdaq felt like mosess coming down from the mountain and they finally get it. >> but is it too late to get it? that's the rap against them. all i know is office is a catch cow for them and right now it continues to be. >> time will have to tell, but the realityn their grounds is they need to understand that is their core dna, be ubiquitous but the days of microsoft being it's own, that's gone. you need to expands your scalable business model. they failed miserably on getting microsoft office available through the ipad and it was clearly the major complaint of every business traveler, having
6:50 pm
to carry the ipad for entertainment, the lap top for the business and why it is that it took microsoft to figure out so long the customer is always right gets me. >> by the way, i love both, i'm a shareholder in both companies so no matter what you say, it will offend me. [laughter] >> garry, here is what got me about the tech press when i heard them commenting on the new microsoft blog, that at least he dresses the part. i was looking at what he was wearing and i guess that's the new hip thing with these kids today. but why is being a fuddy-duddy out in the i didn't understand that. when you think your dad is not cool and you grow up and yeah, he's very cool. i don't like that whole, it's all the appearance stuff. >> well, what about how do you fe about steve jobs who always worrwore the same black turtle ?
6:51 pm
>> i don't ever remember him in a suit. i just don't know, we get so caught up in is it cool and all of that stuff. not that that doesn't matter. i'm both good looking and brilliant. [laughter] >> you bring up a good point, neil, you wonder in journalists, particularly the financial journalists are caught up in the glitz and the show and how the coolness factorrer, like the president, by the way and if they're looking beyond that and for the real uninstance and bottom line osubstance andbotto. >> that's what worries me. >> i don't think it matters what the guy looks like or whether he wears a dress or a pair of pants. it's immaterial to me. >> whatever you do on weekends is your business. [laughter] >> hold on here, a second. let me show you something. [laughter] >> it doesn't change anything, right? i mean, i'm still the same guy,
6:52 pm
so i'm saying that all of this hases thas to do with microsoftl abandon their own job or whether they'll do what erybody else wants to do or what what wants to do or what what everybody else i gunderman group. gunderman group is growing. getting in a groove. growth is gratifying. goal is to grow. gotta get greater growth. growth? growth. i just talked to ups.
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[ woman ] got me to 70 years old. i'm going have to rethink this thing. it's hard to imagin how much we'll need for a retirement that could last 3years or mor so maybe we need to approach things dferently, if we want to be ready for a longer retirement. ♪ neil: more than a few of you asked me about a certain majority leader and harry reid's latest excuse for obamacare problems. and when it comes to navigating this health care website, we are apparently idiots. this is what the last individuals have said, we are not as smart as grandchildren? really? and bill says that i'm betting that his grandchildren are dumber than he has committee apple doesn't fall far from the tree. and what is your problem?
6:56 pm
and judging from years of comments committee has had these problems for some time. and this individual sure knows how to use a computer. every time harry reid comes on my screen, the delete button is pressed. in other rights that is he kidding us? don't throw us into the same fire. i may be old, but he's not. enron in new mexico, what is the deal with senator reid? just another lame excuse of the failure of obamacare or whatever you call it. and norman in dallas is what is the deal with you even getting the coverage. u know that he is just bellowing away. that might be your opinion, the fact of the matter is he is a senate leader. and he reminds me of the scarecrow in the wizard of oz.
6:57 pm
and isn't that the same guy who said that we can keep our doctor in the same guy who claims that we would all be grateful for this health care stuff. and he doesn't know you guys have videos. that's a tough choice. and he clarifies that he is and when they don't come in their lives are not in line. he is a take over responsibility for anything politician and so try that.
6:58 pm
here's hoping that paul in toronto, we think that our mayors have tripped, but at least they are imitating. the nicest thing that i can take about that is that they can afford to pack on a few pounds. and there's a lawyer already suing boeing without evidence or debris as to whether it of this. i don't know what is worse, you for having her on her white. and to think i gave up, i was is not good. and i am an attorney especially those chasing attorneys and medical malpractice attorneys. meanwhile, switching years.
6:59 pm
so here's the secret sauce. you go and follow us and like a. they save it lease on tv you have an uncanny knack for making things together. and if i should get a haircut is one light kim jong-un. and that hairdo doesn't look good on anyone. and you look handsome and no matter how you style your hair. and your graphics department has way too much fun and way too much time on their hands. if you think that is they come
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you should see what they do in their free time. and they did pay for this. have a . kennedy: robots. we've always been intrigued by r2-d2 and the jetsons as a futuristic concept of electronic friends who can read our minds and clean our homes. as siri becomes reality. people are becoming prickly or our digital pals. people realize they can do more than anticipate our needs. what happens when we realize they're smarter than us and we're in the way? robotic surgeries, driverless cars and automated economy, robots aren't coming, they're here! are you ready to assimilate into the singularity. "rise of the machines," welcome to it. this is "the independents."


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