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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  April 24, 2014 11:00am-1:01pm EDT

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maria: a big week of economic data next week. it is time for "varney & company." thank you for being with us on "opening bell." "varney & company" starts now. stuart: thank you very much, indeed. big iphone sales. is the stock split. why don't you tax the rich some more. grover norquist says do not even think about it. the pipeline delay was a stupid move. e cigarettes. they will be regulated. remember diamond dallas page. the wrestler. he is big he is making big
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money. this is "varney & company" and we are about to begin. ♪ stuart: apple sold 44 million iphones in three weeks. look at that. those very strong numbers. a big beat, as they say. caterpillar did better than expected. look at the big board. we are down a little at the moment. industrial company. is that good enough?
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charles: an enormous campaign to crush the market. a lot of pros. if i am a hedge fund manager, why would i follow the overall consensus. stuart: he is talking everything down. charles: they are all talking at down.
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down 17,000. i think people should look at the right numbers and tune out the rhetoric. stuart: i want to get to facebook. it is all about mobile. no calls. a billion active mobile users. nicole: mobile ad revenue jumped 30%. the number of active users -- we should also talk about apps. the advertisers are loving them.
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there you go. stuart: thank you very much. the fda, they are proposing new rules that they say will make e cigarettes. they must place warning labels on their everyday products. i got one here. this is an e cigarette. i could legally light up right here inside the studio. regulation, in the future, could put an end to that.
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charles: one thing that i am noticing, a lot of these industries somehow get legislatures. i will tell you, some of these contain traces of nicotine. i am allergic. when people smoke it around me, i know. listen, i just worry about regulation designed to question industry. designed to stop its growth. stuart: what would crush the industry is if they would tax e cigarettes the way they tax tobacco. it would also hurt the business if they regulated where you could use them.
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no bars. no public places. no offices. that is a killer for the industry. charles: the labeling, the industry should appreciate that. i think it will mitigate lawsuits down the road. come on. people move cigarettes were bad for you. stuart: in respect of you, i will not. just remember. stuart: what about the joy you have over there. [laughter] charles: do not like anything up. stuart: this is a nicotine delivery system. it would go straight to my head. i do not think i could do the show. well they regulate this thing? i do not think so.
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they have to figure out a way of taxing these things to make up for the revenue they are losing on regular cigarettes. thank you, charles. let's get to the keystone pipeline. the president will deny the permit for the pipeline. although no final decision has been made, to high level sources in the obama administration told me they took a minute to delay the pipeline. stupid moves. >> this makes it look entirely political. people will say that the
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president did this out of politics. i think it is also hurtful to the democrats up for election this year. you had vulnerable democrats who are saying i am in favor of the keystone pipeline. they do not seem to have enough sway with the president. this is all about politics. the enthusiasm of environmental left wing voters. this is just completely created with politics. the president will look like -- not a leader, but a guy who with his finger, puts it up in the air and weight until the moment he thinks is right for him to take political action.
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stuart: harry reid tries to pick gop candidates. the byline actually says it all. republicans need to respond to the falsehoods. you think that the republicans should just go after him. take him on. select no. i do not want to take harry reid on. for example, in arkansas, the harry reid super pack ran an ad was ran handsomely. he worked for a managing consulting firm that did some advising of a government agency that the federal housing authority, on their services to people who were trying to build apartment buildings, when including advice to them for construction projects.
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this turned out not to be true. in alaska, they are attacking the harry reid super pack. they see this as an opportunity. he had a house in washington. he was stationed at the white house. he was the former alaska energy and natural resources commissioner. it is silly to make those kinds of attacks. do not get involved and bothering harry reid. stuart: time is money.
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thirty seconds. two headlines. yankees pitcher michael pineda ejected from last nights game for using a foreign substance. it was a pine tar on the side of his neck. they can help a pitcher get extra grip on the ball, i am told. it is illegal and major leagues. the yankees ended up losing to the red sox five-one. you can actually see the pine tar on his neck. charles: a week ago, he had something in his hands. stuart: president obama spending time with a humanoid robot. the president, did that the robots were a little scary. they were too lifelike. no word on whether or not they
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shot around at hoops. not bad. simply put. the debut of obamacare was a disaster. the people who rolled out the law got raises. only in washington. we have it for you next. ♪
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stuart: the dow industrials have turned around. the dow is up 18 points. 16,520. where is the price of gold? 1288. of $4 today. new customers and part of obamacare. nice boost for aetna. that is a solid game. the rise disappoints. screw up you get a raise. if you are working for the federal government.
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employees got $7 million worth of phrases in the year 2013. that was the year of the introduction of obamacare. monica crowley surely has something to say about that. >> yes, i do. >> coming on the heels of what i heard yesterday with the irs. the irs is now under multiple investigations. they are also the target of a doj investigation. not to mention that you have multiple people in the irs at high levels that do not pay their taxes. they presided over the disastrous role of obamacare. they are getting raises with your money. stuart: i guarantee that these are unionized people. you are in the pool to get the bonus. number two, government workers.
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you cannot deny anything to a government worker. no way. government is not run like a business that is designed to run in the most streamlined and efficient way because of the profit motive. their only motive is to get reelected or if you are in a bureaucracy to move up the pure erotic chain. charles: taking tax dollars for granted. they have a political party to support. their award government workers. you have a leftist bias in the bureaucracy. there is nothing you can do about it government is all about
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more. stuart: a ravenous beast with our money. you cannot top that. i like that. stay tuned, everybody. nick allen is with us. he is the dean of brooklyn law school. he is here talking about the cost of college. you have cut 15% off the tuition cost. is that correct? two years instead of three years. >> that is correct. we are a nonprofit. we want to make law school
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political. that is what we are trying to do. bringing down the cost to provide higher-quality education. we are trying something different. some law schools, not you, some law schools are putting up tuition and telling the lawyers to get out there and get a government job. the government will forgive that loan somewhere down the road. 1.3 million students. they will have their loans forgiven. >> a flood of red ink that is drowning families. $150 billion worth of loans. they have cosigners and their families. this is affecting everybody. this is a conversation going on across the country.
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we are not the first and we will not be the last. it is good business. it is the right thing to do. stuart: you have to cut cost elsewhere? we brought down our cost. we have done that in a number of ways. even when you go on a diet, you have to eat. we have a new entrepreneurial program. we are cutting cost. stuart: did you have to do this? >> our enrollment actually increase last year. we must be doing something right. the reason people are coming is not because we are throwing scholarships at them. stuart: you said you cut tuition 15%. bat is now.
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are you going to do any further cuts? this is your opening gambit. >> life is full of risk. stuart: did you get a lot of opposition? >> no. the student response has been phenomenal. stuart: it has come to this. the cost of a higher education has gotten so high that institutions like yours have been pushed into doing something about it. finally we have come to this. law schools have been pricing themselves out of business. they will figure out a way to get this right in different ways. our cost reduction is part of an overall reaction.
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we are trying to push the dial. one law school cannot do this alone. if we have a tax start, how much are you worth? would you sell for $100 million? on facebook and twitter, you responded to this. we will bring you your reaction next. what do you say, doctor? what do you think? ♪ all stations come over to mission a for a final go.
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this is for real this time. step seven point two one two. verify and lock. command is locked.
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of tv's hottest shows. good news. like hannibal... chicago fire.... ...and bates motel. the day after they air. xfinity on demand. all the latest episodes. all included with your service. it's like hi-fiving your eyeballs. xfinity...the future of awesome. stuart: we often say it. technology is king. i asked two questions. one, how much are you worth? would you sell for $100 million? i asked dr. keith ablow yesterday whether or not that would be rude and insensitive. he said there is nothing wrong with my questions. am i overly intrusive and insensitive to other people?
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>> what is to be embarrassed about? stuart: well, we asked our viewers. here is your opportunity. john asks, how much is stuart worth? what is his annual salary? would he sign a 10 year contract for $100 million. another one of our viewers at this. i do not think it adds value to the interviews. there were, however, some people on my side. keep asking stuart. i always want to know how people get ahead in the world. by the way, would you take $5 million to give up your show. monica.
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i asked the questions here. back me up here. do you think i am rude and intrusive? >> everyone who wants the show know you are an elegant and classy man. if you are asking particularly what is your company worth, what is your net worth, it is public knowledge. i have no problem with that. if you are asking people what their personal wealth is -- stuart: i do ask the question. it is up to them to say it is none of their business. i think, you know, in a polite society we know not to talk about politics. we talked a lot about politics on this show. it is a financial show. the questions are in a realm of
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appropriate. it is up to the guest. stuart: i think i push a little hard. charles: the woman here earlier in the week was a little rattled. they answer to 100 million. hell yeah. even though they do not want to admit it. all of them would sell at that very second. stuart: they all deny it. i am in it for the good of the company. yeah, right. $100 million for msnbc. no. no, i would not do it. check netflix.
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will they get charged for all the bandwidth used? we love to talk about amazon. we always call it the everything company. we hear from them after the bell tonight. they are up $9. we have professional wrestling. we have this man. wait for it. diamond dallas page. he is on the show. he's made a ton of money. he is on after this. ♪ would you, my friend are a master of diversification.
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use promo code onguard. order now and get this document shredder to keep sensitive documents out of the wrong hands. a $29 value free. ♪ ♪ stuart: right out of the break. charles is here to make money with charles horton. charles: dr horton. stuart: you have to put it right. charles: the number was phenomenal. a lot of that is lack of homes. prices have gone up.
11:35 am
the homes that these people sell, every area that they were able to sell, they were able to get stronger prices. caterpillar's earnings were driven by construction and mass country. $28, maybe 30. i definitely think it is a buy. my target is $28-$30 this calendar year. stuart: dr horton. not doctor. another sport star turned real entrepreneur. he left wrestling to begin his own workout program. >> part of the wwe network. stuart: your name is? >> diamond dallas page. stuart: the hand action. that was you.
11:36 am
>> now you are pushing your thumb and index fingers together. stuart: hold on. how long ago did you leave rustling? >> i have been retired about nine years. stuart: you made serious money with yoga tapes. that is your business. >> it ain't your mama's yoga, stuart. stuart: i do not think my mother, at 98, doesn't yoga. you just crossed $10 million. that is a pretty good growth record. >> it comes from friends and family. stuart: wait a second. you came out of rustling. >> i am a guy who would not be caught dead doing yoga the first
11:37 am
40 years of my life. my career took off when i was 40. wrestling owned cable networks. and then bang. i put my back out so badly i actually ruptured my l 4 and 05. they told me my career was over. at that time, i was introduced to yoga. i signed a multimillion dollar three year deal. i would try anything. stuart: he cannot of rustling. what is fashionable? yoga. i will do a taped. i will make some money. >> i mixed yoga with rehab, with old-school calisthenics. i created a workout that is taking cardio. it will dramatically increase your flexibility.
11:38 am
it has minimal joint impact. i would bet you that your 98-year-old mother could do this. stuart: you could make all of that money on a tape? >> it is a dvd series. under $100. stuart: i get the whole ball of wax. >> we have the greatest support team on the planet. people who come there looking to be inspired.
11:39 am
this team that i have, we are all a family. stuart: what about wrestlers steroid use? many years ago, a lot of these guys -- a bot that these guys are now dying. they test for steroids.
11:40 am
i am proud of the program. stuart: i am out of time. you are a great salesman. >> i am passionate about what i do. stuart: it was a pleasure. we would love to have you again. >> i will break a $100 million record. stuart: and how many years? >> within five. stuart: do you think it will be fashionable for that long? >> all the others being your
11:41 am
body up to be good. mine heals your body. stuart: i just laid it on you. appreciate it. the "new york times" waging class warfare. this is all about wealth redistribution of course. grover norquist on that next. ♪ can you start tomorrow?
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yes sir. alright. let's share the news tomorrow. today we failrly busy. tomorrow we're booked solid. we close on the house tomorrow. i want one of these opened up. because tomorow we go live... it's a day full of promise. and often, that day arrives by train.
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big day today? even bigger one tomorrow. when csx trains move forward, so does the rest of the economy. csx. how tomorrow moves. ♪ >> amazon launching a new service today. customers can buy laundry detergent back and fit in a 4 cubic foot box and have it shipped right to them for a flat shipping fee. it can hold about 25 pounds worth of goods. the profit is up 4.8% in the first quarter. shares have been up about 20%. taco bell announcing it is launching an upscale chain of mexican restaurants.
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the first location set to open in california this summer. ♪ the up all-nhts. and the ones who turn ideas into action. we've made our passions our life's work. we strive for the moments where we can s, "i did it!" ♪ we are entrepreneurs who started it all... with a signature. legalzoom has helped start over 1 million businesses, turning dreamers into business owners. and we're here to help start yours.
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stuart: curious about a stock? today, you asked about it.
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>> people on this because of me. it has gotten hammered big time. this is another one i have to address. the chinese government started a crack down of pornography on the internet. 3300 different websites have been shut down. it has affected all of them. i honestly believe this has been a huge overreaction with the stock in general. this will probably be a loss. i think it should definitely go north of 60. this is an oversold stock. it has been down big time. stuart: you are an honest man. the "new york times" reports that america's middle class is
11:47 am
no longer the world's richest. the times wants to raise taxes to even it all out. we are joined by americans for tax reform president grover norquist i know you think raising taxes is a bad idea. explain it to us. why would it not make sense to raise taxes on this group and give it to this group that is suffering. tell me why that does not work. >> well, because, of course, you change all the incentives that people face. their corporate income tax is 14%. 40% of what american businesses make in profits is taxed and taken away by the government. in canada, it is 15%. the european average is 25%.
11:48 am
my goodness, it hurts economic growth. we have been trying to tell that to the "new york times" for some time. for five years, obama told us that he would create jobs with the stimulus package. that did not happen. they do not want to explain what they did with all of that money. they do not want to talk about what they did with the money that was supposed to add poverty. you can make everyone in the country poorer if you simply make gates for them the lowest level. stuart: you want to expand america's middle class.
11:49 am
give me the tax policy that would do that. >> look at what canada is doing. let's get the corporate rate down. we need to expand free trade. we have not been doing that in the united states. we need to have individual taxes down, not up. nobody in the world has these laws. we tax the capital and investments. of course it hurts the middle class. it is moving to other countries. stuart: is it about growth? i am not saying everything changes. america's middle class would be held right this growth.
11:50 am
surely, that should be the goal of policy and it is not. >> the left does not have anything that is capable of growth. stuart: i think that this is a theme we will hear a lot about. next case. bring your gun to a bar, a restaurant, even a church. in georgia, that is now perfectly legal. next. ♪ tdd# 1-800-345-2550 searching for trade ideas that spark youruriosity tdd# 1-800-345-2550 can take you in many directions. tdd# 1-800-345-2550 you read this. watch that.
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stuart: the governor of georgia signed a historic guns right bill yesterday. it allows gunowners to carry firearms in public places. including bars, schools and even churches. all rise, judge andrew napolitano is here. it gets me worried.
11:55 am
doesn't that get you a little worried? >> yes. it is troublesome. what is equally troublesome is the opposite. knowing that no one there can stop them. they intend to use that weapon either on the owner of the far bar or someone else in the bar. the choice between are we afraid in the bar what we carry our guns, are we afraid only when the bad guy carries our gun. now, the far question is interesting. i am glad you raised it. this statute must be subject to the wishes of the landowner. shortly, this statute could not force him to admit people with guns. surely the owner of the bar
11:56 am
could say no guns in here. the property right of the owner. but, what about smoking tobacco? the bar owner does not have the right to say, on in. >> an interesting question. that is because the right to smoke tobacco is not considered a fundamental liberty protected by the constitution the way to write and keep and bear arms. i do not smoke. i find it rappelling. i think the bar owner should decide. that is just me. the bar owner cannot reject the government health mandate. they cannot say i will wash my glasses and i will let people
11:57 am
smoke. he can reject the individual wish. stuart: okay. stuart: would you like to see the laws all across the country? >> i think that the constitution would like to see it. it is nearly impossible to get the right to carry a gun anywhere unless you are off-duty law enforcement. that issue will go to the supreme court i will not say everything has to be about georgia. georgia is far closer to the wish of the framers. stuart: judge andrew napolitano in d.c. today. apple stock to the moon.
11:58 am
will they soon blow it away with new products? plus, you have given up your privacy if you have it on social media. our two in two minutes. ♪ why relocating manufacturingpany to upstate new york? i tell people it's for the climate. the conditions in new york state are great for business. new york is ranked #2 in the nation for new private sector job creation. and now it's even better because they've introduced startup new york - dozens of tax-free zones where businesses pay no taxes for ten years. you'll get a warm welcome in the new new york. see if your business qualifies at
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stuart: something different for you. the way to keep your pet secret from prying eyes. it is an apps and this one is a winner. the founder of jetblue is here, not happy about the airline's unionization. stossel on what facebook knows about you. his dad was a guard talking about corporate -- do you know that name? football star, his restaurant chain calls and $60 million a year and he is here. i will bring you my take on a
12:01 pm
pet duck, a huge lawsuit and how america really needs the english rule. i told you we were different. >> is there enough evidence from which a bankruptcy court can conclude the bankruptcy needs to be reopened, so that's the failure of the prior gm to have corrected this issue can be visited upon the current gm or can the people who were injured by these defective ignition switches do they have a remedy where the vendor was. stuart: sounds complicated. judge andrew napolitano addressing the possibility that the gm bankruptcy, the bailout could be reopened. look at gm stock back to the $30 per share range. general motors is facing 50
12:02 pm
separate lawsuits related to the ignition switch problem. liz macdonald is on the story. i want you to give me the odds that the bankruptcy will be reopened, the bailout reopened to find out what the government knew at the time of the bailout about the safety problems. liz: the victims yesterday in bankruptcy court, fraud committed here, and not just 13 deaths but concealment of the defects by new p.m. not old gm. they are telling the judge get rid of bankruptcy shielded, invoking protection against liability. the u.s. taxpayer paid tens of billions of dollars to bailout gm. stuart: why is it a long shot? somebody uses the word fraud during the bankruptcy proceedings and calls for it to be reopened why is a long shot they will be opened?
12:03 pm
liz: intent to deceive. literally has statements from gm executive workers saying we committed fraud. we now have evidence the government should have picked up beyond 13, center for auto safety, 303 related to gm and they should have been on top but they didn't. 303 deaths another study said 143 deaths related to air bag failure so the government should have been on top of that. did gm cover it up? that is what some people think should be directed toward. now we have kenneth feinberg coming up with a victims' fund the. that is what gm is going to move toward in the next 45 days. stuart: thanks very much. look at facebook, profits nearly tripled but with this company is all about making money for mobile and how many people are accessing mobile, accessing facebook via mobile. you got the story for us.
12:04 pm
>> more than one billion people are accessing mobile actively on a monthly basis. so many people. facebook really impressing us. they figured out the mobile and revenue and like you said profits in the quarter tripled. they include revenue 72% over the past year. 60% of ad revenue coming and got the equation, the average american's on mobile devices. stuart: the key to the whole ball of wax. how many people access facebook by mobil and go to 1 billion people. i will stay on track. led apple, strong profits, great sales, big buybacks, add it all up and saw goes up $42. i want you to look into the future for us.
12:05 pm
everybody is asking what about apple's product pipeline? can you tell us for sure what you know is coming down the pike? >> i am hearing a lot about the watch and 90 just got out of the market, they just laid out the field and staff and apple's ceo tim cook is on the board of nike. nike had a warning of what was coming which was a beautiful watch that will do quantified stuff, it will watch how many steps you do. facebook you just talked about, they got moves which is an apps that does the same thing on mobile phones. that is a really interesting -- stuart: i have to ask for your judgment. the apple watch, if that is indeed the next product to come out from apple you think is that big a deal? you really think they watch? i am thinking of something you wear on your wrist, you think that would be a breakthrough product?
12:06 pm
>> i really do. i was at a big music festival and i was looking at how many people have things on their wrist. most people do and if the watch give something fashionable, if it changes, as you get closer to somebody or shows your favorite sports teams when you walk into a sports stadium it can do this because of a new thing called bluetooth smart begins, people want one of these and even if it is 5% of the market, how many iphone users? 400 million people? that is tens of millions of watches. stuart: the watch is the big product. watch for apple top traded product, not a tv like a piece of glass. stuart: you you sticking google glass was fantastic, but you got one of your own. i don't think you are using it anymore.
12:07 pm
>> not as much. it is a frustrating products because they haven't fix the flaws in it. i can post a photo to instagram and i could keep going for an hour how many flaws this has. stuart: you are off of glass. w. mine is at home updating because they came up with another update. i am getting more skeptical if they don't fix the flaws but there is a big global conference coming in a month or two and that will be the real touch point. stuart: thank you very much indeed. let's get to nicole petallides. zynga, the phantom pigs people. >> talking about farm ville and the like. this is a volatile stock. right now it is down 3.7%. in the after hours yesterday it was lower by 4%, then higher by 4%. we are going to have a little changing of the guard here.
12:08 pm
pinkus, the founder of zynga will hold his role as chairman of the board of directors. the other gentleman who they hired from microsoft x box division came on board in july, he will be taking over the operational roles pinkus used to do. initially there was a nice pop in the stock on this one. you do see pinkus relinquishing his division and the analysts raised their target. stuart: they will always be the phantom pigs people to me. that is the way it is. check the big board's, we're 18 points, we turned positive and hour ago. a record watch for the dow, an all-time closing high. charles says the rest of the world's is on fire. look at caterpillar, a global company, they have done very
12:09 pm
well what they're doing outside the united states, the stock is up 2%, 1:05. we're looking at the nasdaq, snapped a 6 day winning streak today. look at it today up 25 points. jetblue pilots overwhelmingly agree to unionize. they were one of the last major airlines to have non-union pilots. joining us is the founder of jetblue. welcome back, good to see you. i can't believe you are happy about this unionization. >> i am down in brazil, started a great airline down there and yesterday we started -- is one of these things that the pilots, there were some issue, worried about if they merge with another airline how would their seniority be, there were other issues than pay. life goes on. stuart: you can't like it.
12:10 pm
you found it to. it is x huge success. you can't be happy about this. >> delta is a great airline. everyone else is a union. one of the facts of life. involved in management since 2007, it has been a long time. i think it is a great company still and the people are great and i talked to a lot of pilots and they had certain frustrations but life goes on. they voted one day and concluded the next. won't change a lot. stuart: sounds like you very much in the camp that says it happened, move on. >> exactly. stuart: when you want to get rid of this story. i know you started azuel brazilian airlines and you are expanding. you will be carrying a lot of people from brazil to the united states and back again. you are twisting the sunni expansion of brazil's
12:11 pm
middle-class. tell me about it. >> we started in brazil, there were 15 million domestic passengers in brazil, 200 million people, 50 million travelers. in the u.s. we have 300 million, 750 million travelers so it was really repress. because of high fares and lack of service so now there are 100 million people flying in brazil. that will go to 150 in the next five years. same thing with international traffic. fares have been high, service has not been great. we serve today 105 cities in brazil. our next closest competitor serve 51. that is one of the reasons we grew the market. now we will start -- in fort lauderdale, there is a lot of things we are doing. stuart: i am a soccer fan. 5 fly from new york to rio for example, catch a match or two and fly back and fly coach how
12:12 pm
much will you charge me for the round-trip? >> under $1,000. depends on the day. could be $600 round-trip, could be 1,000. depends on where you go. stuart: that is not bad. the best commercial offering you had in the last three minutes. thanks for joining us. we appreciate your time. >> by the end of the year you will be able to do it. stuart: i want the americans to win. forget -- after the break a real private, i mean really private texting apps. is being released. and would. we have the co-founder. we are talking real secrecy here.
12:13 pm
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12:16 pm
waits until the moment he thinks is propitious for him to take political action. stuart: that was karl rove in the last hour of "varney and company" talking about the keystone pipeline. the news of the day, the administration told rolling stone magazine the president will deny the permit for that pipeline. what else have you got? >> more polluting to transport oil by train or tanker or truck. the other thing not being discussed in this debate are the fatalities, train accidents and oil explodes that happen in north dakota or quebec. oil delivered by u.s. trains is what turkey consumed last year. that amount they are delivering is up 40 times what was in 2008. we're talking victims' families that were basically hurt by oil accidents and to evacuate their towns in north dakota when a fireball emitted off of it. stuart: karl rove says delaying
12:17 pm
the pipeline until after the election is a dumb political move, a stupid move politically. that is what he said. you are saying moving that oil by rail car or truck is actually more dangerous than putting down a pipeline. and that has not been factored into the political equation laid out by the president. liz: thank you for capturing that and making clear that i said it. that is what i am saying. you already said if you get rid of the pipeline the oil will come to market anyway, refineries on the southern coast of the united states anyway. stuart: if it doesn't come here it will go to china. they will use that oil would you like it or not. it is called the snap chat for businesses by allowing users to send messages that can only be read when the words are tapped on the screen. the apps is called confide. joining us is john blood. describe for our viewers what it
12:18 pm
is. someone sends me a text message. i have got your apps. up pops the text message on the screen. i can only see it and read it, part of the message anyone time. someone leaning over my shoulder can't read the whole message. how do you deal with the screen grab. >> did a great job explaining. one more take at it. an important point is end an end encrypted. it goes across servers encrypted, couldn't read it if we wanted to which we don't. and a key on the recipient's phone. once that he is identified the one that takes place you get the message, and it is 20 to 25 characters at a time and what that does in addition to preventing someone from over the
12:19 pm
shoulder prevents screen shots and screen shot the problem with screen shots, makes an impermanent message permanent. stuart: so i won over it 20 characters and got press return, and -- >> once you close or reply it is gone, deleted from servers and wiped clean from the phone, no forwarding, no nothing. stuart: so if i inadvertently leave my little phone some place in public, the text message which i receive from somebody, very personal intimate message cannot be read by anybody else because i wanted and got rid of it. >> it is gone. stuart: when is it free? >> absolutely free. stuart: the sender and the recipient have to attack about the apps? >> if the recipient does not have the apps what happens is it sends an e-mail or text messages that says stuart varney sent you a confidential message, click here to read it which leads to download where you can read the
12:20 pm
message. from a business perspective it has an incredible what we call fire wall coefficient, one person who gets the apps leads to several people down the road getting the apps without us having to pay for marketing. stuart: when it is a free apps. i could make you money. got to have somewhere. >> raise 2 million the capital 20 days after relaunched, gives you a sense of excitement. stuart: using this. >> next couple years we are not focused on modernization but we think premium service is the best way to monetize. we have additional features and functionality for a fee. stuart: you are establishing yourself, getting a reputation through programs like this. wonderful. >> we are launching android so we lunch 100 days ago and started the company on apple, launching android today which we are incredibly excited about, 50% market share, 80% globally. despite the fact we didn't have
12:21 pm
android we are used in 110 countries. liz: can they still read those e-mails and texts? they are not doing that. >> it is encrypted with nothing to do with google and we had to code four android to ensure the encryption was the same level. stuart: not even the nsa can look at the message as it goes from there to here. they can't get in the middle and read it. it is totally incorrect and gone. you have competitors. both end encryption, other people could do that. >> overtime it will become more -- stuart: a few of you in the marketplace. >> what stands out is we are targeting business people and professionals. it is text based rather than photo based. we have encryption in the privacy and screen shot protection. that is important. stuart: i have a reputation for asking tricky questions. >> i am ready. stuart: would you sell your stake in this company whatever the state is? would you sell right now to me
12:22 pm
for $100 million? >> no chance. this is going to be a massive massive business. stuart: would you sell today for $1 billion? >> we can talk about it later. everybody has of rice. 2 billion users doing social mobile messaging sending 75 trillion messages, what's app sold for $19 billion. this is a huge market. stuart: when you got your eye on the prize, looking at $10 billion, i know you are. >> will focus that want to light our consumers a long way. stuart: i just give you a fantastic commercial. a piece of the action here. >> we will talk about after the show. stuart: the name again is confide, a free, totally secret texting apps. thanks for being with us. we appreciate it. up next the woman attacked by a
12:23 pm
pet duck. sous for $275,000. my take on that after this. ♪ can you start tomorrow? yes sir. alright. let's share the news tomorrow. today we failrly busy. tomorrow we're booked solid. we close on the house tomorrow. i want one of these opened up. because tomorow we go live... it's a day full of promise. and often, that day arrives by train. big day today?
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stuart: you can sue anyone for anything at any time and frequently lawsuits are used as a club to beat somebody up and maybe extract some money. lawyers always win. i bring you the case of a pet duck and a suit for $275,000. here is my take. we deal with serious subject on this program and you might think a pet duck lawsuit is frivolous and so it is but it shows up a real problem with the legal system. first the facts. woman visits her mother. during the visit she is attacked and chased by a neighbor's pet duck. she runs away but falls and breaks her wrist. she is suing for pain, suffering, resulting problems with her daily life and medical bills both now in the future.
12:28 pm
total, $275,000. couple more facts, the lawsuit was filed at the very last minute just before the two year statute of limitations ran out. it was a surprise legal attack. the neighbor by the way had the pet duck put down, killed, right after the incident. i can just imagine the lawyers who filed the suit rubbing their hands at the thought of this 30% take less-expensive and just imagine the litigants rubbing her hands at the thought of making a few unexpected bucks and i can just imagine the contempt this brings for the legal system that allows lawyers to run amok. does this demonstrate the need for the english rule? that is where loser pays'. most of the world has the english rule precisely to avoid this kind of lawyering. if the english rule were in effect here suits like this would never be filed. the court system which we have to pay for would not be so
12:29 pm
clogged. the law would get a little more respect. do not hold your breath. there will be no loser pays rule while the left is in power in america. why? because lawyers are one of the largest contributors to democrats and especially president obama. why do you think there's no tort reform in obamacare? they bought him off. the duck is dead. it's a owner has to defend herself with a lawyer years after the so-called attack and respect for the rule of law goes down the drain. that is my take. i've always had to keep my eye on her...
12:30 pm
12:31 pm
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12:33 pm
stuart: i haven't heard about the so-called famous graffiti artist until last week, production staff says he is a very big deal in the art world. this series of his pieces at auction in london. aren't we talking about millions of dollars here? >> millions of dollars for graffiti artists. this week in london, seven pieces, expected to fetch $250,000 each to $1.7 million each. buyer beware when this option does start because they haven't acknowledge any of the pieces. stuart: some of the stuff i am looking at in the picture doesn't look like graffiti.
12:34 pm
it looks like -- >> he does a lot of stenciling of sorts. i was walking home one day. there's a group of people around a fire hydrant and there was a piece of art, that is how i learned he is in huge demand, popular, all sorts of different types of art, but he is not recognizing, saying it is his so why are you paying all that money for something you don't know is legitimate? he paints on buildings, on walls and oftentimes the building owner gets mad and paint over it or people come in and rip out that part of the wall and it raises a lot of concerns and that makes it more desirable to have this art because it is so controversial. stuart: whatever you say. makes it more desirable because it is so controversial. that looks like a skull picture, the one with the guys around what looks like a telephone box or something. stuart: >> you are not into it. stuart: absolutely not. next case, the dow is up 18
12:35 pm
points. are we sharing too much information? is our privacy at risk? should we care? stossel asked about that. watch the results. john: would you ever give a face book or the internet for your privacy? >> no. i value it too much. >> that is like going off the planet. stuart: here is the host of john stossel, his name is john and he says you shouldn't be ashamed of putting things on facebook. you can't quit. >> i find it very useful. i can understand people like bill reilly who rail against it. if i am ashamed i don't put that -- stuart: let's tell the audience of the truth. during the commercial break you were telling me about instances of where someone was on facebook and target inferred that this woman was pregnant and started sending her all kinds of coupons for stuff.
12:36 pm
her father saw this. that seems to me a little predictive and intrusiveness. >> york and fleeting two things from a broader store. social media is creating new privacy invading things. hanging around checking out baby stuff, buying related stuff, then they sent her coupons, facebook supposedly knows when you will break up with your girlfriend before your friends do and maybe before you do based on big date on your patterns. talking to other people, certain words you use. i don't know how they'd do it but information they are gleaning is enormous. stuart: they infer that a couple is breaking up because of the language they use on facebook and you have no problem with that whatsoever? john: i think we can't stop it. are you upset these companies, if you have advertise a supported program like angry birds there tracking where you
12:37 pm
are and people are upset about this. are you upset by business? knowing this of and selling it? >> people have been stocked on facebook. if you have a face book page and don't track it someone could pose an embarrassing vote you from your high school days they don't want up there. you have to stay on top of that. john: i still say big deal. all they can do is say things. government can put you in jail or take your money. government gets these forces. stuart: it always comes back to that. you hate government but don't mind -- john: is the truth. there is a couple and some poor young woman it is inferred by facebook the couple is going to break up. she goes to the guy and says what is this? you are going to break up with me? this is outrageous. what are you up to? you are ok with this? >> it creates a dialogue. the main point is i am told facebook has this information.
12:38 pm
they are not giving it out. it might leak at some point but they are getting more info all the time. stuart: in the case of a pregnant young lady of leaked to her father for 7's sake. >> sent coupons to her house. and coupons for aspirin to the father. stuart: what is the point of your show tonight? >> internet privacy, where the lines are and what is good and what is truly evil. and i started facebook. stuart: i am going to watch. do you have a piece of the action? worth $170 billion. john: i started it and there was no internet yet. so it didn't really take off. stuart: would you sell your position as the founder of facebook for $100 million to me right now? john: yes. liz: he is the first. stuart: the only one who will say that. i might actually watch tonight. time again? john: 9:00 eastern time.
12:39 pm
stuart: i answer. thank you very much. apple proving it is still the king of tech. most valuable company in the world. that it is. the real halftime report on that next. friday night, buddy. you are gonna need a wingman. and my cash back keeps the party going. but my airline miles take it worldwide. [ male announcer ] it shouldn't be this hard. with, it's easy to search hundreds of cards and apply online. and apply online.
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12:41 pm
>> what's app launching its service across the country today. in honor of the law, giving out unlimited free ride for the next two weeks, drivers still get paid for the cost of those free rides. the fda is proposing new rules for the cigarettes. and no free samples, warning labels will be required, ingredients must be twisted, registered with the fda, local governments can still in close harsher regulations here. the hotel chain for the season is unveiling its luxury private jet. sounds pretty nice. the gourmet chef on board. the ticket will cost you $100,000. if you want to charter the whole plane for ten days that will set you back $2 million annually get
12:42 pm
a ticket if you are staying at full seasons resort.
12:43 pm
stuart: this is the real halftime report from chicago, tres knippa from the exchange. nicole petallides, michael robinson in san francisco. liz and lauren both here in new york. it is bling 17-1. i think that is the reason the stock split and the stock is up
12:44 pm
so much. >> good point. the average investor in america is price sensitive. the value of the company stays the same but you can afford to buy more shares and that is something individual investors will find very appealing. stuart: you said it will reach $1,000 a share. it won't after the split but in the equivalence value, go to a thousand? >> i do. the fact is i might have been too conservative. it is 7 for 1 stock split. that is a massive stock split, 7 to 1. google was 2:1 by comparison. stuart: more big names we are watching, caterpillar's strong profits. we use this as an economic indicator of global economic indicator. does that mean the global economy because of caterpillar's performance is doing well? >> another indication might be the fact that global crude supplies are as low as they have
12:45 pm
been in 2005. that certainly would be an indicator. you brought me on the show today so you could pile on this apple's board. remember what i was in studio, my worst trade getting into my apple stock, now is piling on. enough already. stuart: i am the guy didn't buy apple when my daughters told me to buy apple. i am piling on myself. let's get to facebook, the big dog in the mobil ad space. is that bad news for yahoo! and twitter? liz: yes because facebook feed at the video games are one way to advertise. they figured out a way not to ruin the user experience. i am not sure twitter has figured that out. its loss of $15 billion in market cap since it hit its peak in late december twitter is having trouble here. stuart: michael, i you buying facebook? the 60s? >> i bought some this morning. i hope to buy more in the near future.
12:46 pm
this is a stock that will don't touch $200. stuart: checking out some big numbers. >> i got to have something to make up for my apple. stuart: well said. up next, obamacare helping the stock price of etna? >> they are gaining more focus with at the overall, they had better than expected first quarter surge in profit at least in part because of the insurance exchanges created under president obama. they did raise their premium plans, they did raise the cost in order to cover the cost there losing for taxes and fees that go along with it. but they are seeing their ship on the rise and that is good news for etna. they beat the forecast. stuart: netflix down. do you think they will get charged with the bandwidth used by their subscribers? they use a lot of it. >> these net neutrality rules are chaotic and controversial but in this third attempt the
12:47 pm
fcc is making it could mean as netflix launches the fast lane to its content on broadband types like comcast, time warner, they have to pay for it so stock is down today. a lot of implications for a lot of people. stuart: that is it for the halftime report. thank you one and all. much more on netflix and net neutrality coming up with the adorable and. you say these new rules will hurt the little guy. dierdre: it is possible. you were just having that conversation with our colleagues, more than likely, netflix, others might just have to pay more to get you that service you want faster, larger question is for innovation. not all the start ofs can get the same power, the same speed. a lot of people say if these net neutrality rules are called into question it will hurt the little guy. consumers and small businesses. stuart: we will see you then.
12:48 pm
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what's your policy? stuart: we like success stories and we have got one for you. our next guest is a former nfl player who started his own chain of restaurants, former dallas cowboy douglas kerr will talk about making money after football. you have a lot of money after football. >> little bit. stuart: start at the beginning. whole history. your dad was a god at buckingham halas. one of the redcoat guys. >> with the big black hat. one of the guards in the 50s. stuart: he emigrated to the states. >> philadelphia. stuart: you were born in america. >> myself and my brother were born in america. stuart: when you get into the football business. you are a lineman.
12:53 pm
>> offensive guard. keeps all the players off all those guys. stuart: you are not huge. >> i was about 300 pounds when i was young. i was pretty big. stuart: when you get into the line in business with the cowboys, five seasons? >> six season in dallas, one in denver and came out of university of florida in 1985. bent the broncos for one season. stuart: then you are out of football, 1994 you have $500,000 of your own money. you put the whole shebang at risk in a restaurant chain. are you nuts? >> i was nuts. i was going to blame it on concussions. i just believe in the american way and the risk was insurance of working hard of being in it and worked very hard at the restaurant business. it was a success. stuart: it is a wing house. that is to say you sell a lot of wings. >> consent whiches, fish.
12:54 pm
stuart: you went into the wind business because chicken is a cheap ingredient. >> went in with a partner and he knew a little bit about the chicken wing business. i brought him out shortly after going about four months. i had to learn the whole chicken wing business. i learned from the ground up, cooking, service, bartending, all of this, managing, learning about finance. stuart: last year, you have gross revenue for your warehouse chain of $62 million. how many have you got? >> 24. we're corporate, not franchise, solely owned by the corporation. "imus in the morning" when you own the lot. you own the entire chain. >> i am the owner of the entire chain. i am the chicken wings king. stuart: don't say that. >> i am the king of chicken
12:55 pm
wings. stuart: are you worth $100 million? >> i don't know if it is quite a hundred but it is up there when you put your real-estate and holdings in it. it is a good check. stuart: that is a success record. slowly working hard at your business and learning your business. and whatever you do, you have to have a passion. a lot of guys come out, lend their name to different things. i didn't lend my name because playing as an nfl lineman my name wasn't that big so i had to work it and learn it and have a passion for it. and have a passion for this business because i was in football a total of eight years. i was in the wing the business for 2720 years of hard work to get to that 65 million. wasn't day one. stuart: tutors sued du saying you are a look-alike for hooters. >> yes they did. stuart: and then you did what?
12:56 pm
>> countersued and we won. stuart: did you take a million? >> 1 million in trade. then the insurance wanted that many too so i went the legal system is very quick when i was in the court room. stuart: we have a guy on the show quite frequently and does bark rescue. he is a tough guy. in knows how to fire people, get things going the way you wants to get it going. are you a tough guy? >> yes. i would sound very demanding, very assertive, high authority, have to be. stuart: where are you going in the future? >> i always believe in keeping my options open. i like to keep continual, successful and keep expanding the brand and whatever happens is god's will. stuart: would you sell for $400 million? >> i would have to look at it
12:57 pm
and bring my counting people in and look at it very hard. stuart: but you would. >> yes i would. it is a hard business. a lot of moving parts. stuart: thanks for joining us. we love success. >> i'm a big fan of your show. stuart: now he tells me. >> if you are in business you are with fox. stuart: what a guy. we love you. more varney after this.
12:58 pm
why relocating manufacturingpany to upstate new york? i tell people it's for the climate. the conditions in new york state are great for business. new york is ranked #2 in the nation for new private sector job creation. and now it's even better because they've introduced startup new york - dozens of tax-free zones
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where businesses pay no taxes for ten years. you'll get a warm welcome in the new new york. see if your business qualifies at stuart: and your name is? >> diamond dallas page. most people know me as ddp. i incorporate into my workout. reaching back in the diamond cutter. hook it up, brother. stuart: that was a pro wrestler
1:00 pm
selling a yoga dvd. now, here is deirdre bolton. deirdre: think you so much. i am still interested in the pro wrestler going yoga. this is "risk and reward." we take you beyond investing in just stocks and bonds. regulators may reverse their position if you use comcast, time warner cable or verizon. the potential changes affect you. basically, the rules for everything. big media to start ups. we will cover it all. ♪ facebook beats earnings and revenue targets the social neor


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