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tv   Stossel  FOX Business  May 2, 2014 12:00am-1:01am EDT

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beast. that is -- that is weird. anyway, see you ♪ ♪ know. >> i am banning mr. sterling for life. >> the ceo, brendan eich, has been forced to resign. vilified for his work. what is okay to say? the airwaves are filled with fluster and defeat. >> the hash tag cancel koger is trending.
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>> college students cheered. >> in some places your words can get you killed. is it okay to tell a man to "man up"? or tell a woman that she is bossy? that is our show tonight. ♪ ♪ >> now it is time for john stossel. >> obviously the offensive speech story this week was the owner of the los angeles clippers, things like don't show the public pictures of people with you with black people like magic johnson. there was quick reaction from the head of the nba. >> there is absolutely no place for ignorance, and intolerance.
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>> i am banning mr. sterling for life. >> within days he is banned by the nba. and yet, it's a little confusing. because what got him into trouble. things that he thought were private conversations were what do you do regarding race? he said he may not live in my apartment building. the government sued them for housing discrimination, adding that he refused to rent to black people in beverly hills. none of that much made news. this private conversation got him banned from basketball. so what is up with that? so let's ask kmele foster. cohost of "the independents."
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>> the nba's an interesting organization to take up as retribution on him for something they said. it is a league that has notoriously had players who have been punched in the face, choked coaches in the arena, threatening to kill them. >> a seven-game suspension for beating your wife, he was half games for the season for punching a fan in the face. but saying racist things to your girlfriend, not your spouse, in private, in the privacy of your home is the highest crime. >> in fairness to my think they are free to do whatever they would like. they are a private organization and they have their contractual obligations to the coaches and players are in so as long as it's within those parameters, they can fire him. but i think it's strange and disconcerting in the way that people are responding to this.
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>> we seem to almost be concerned with retribution here and with keeping score on this. and that has something to do with this dysfunctional conversation we have been having in the country for a number of years. we have a dicey history on the subject. >> but somehow that was under the radar screen. >> yes, even the cases that were settled out of court, we don't actually know what happened in that case. but he does seem like a character that may have done some of these things. but the question becomes what is the most egregious thing that you can do. and what do we do with people who say things that we dislike? do we seek to condemn them or and them entirely or get them out of the public sphere? and i don't know and i'm not
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certain about is a good precedent for us to set. there are people who are actively seeking to go after the bosses of the orlando magic because they are outspoken conservatives who have given money to groups who oppose gay marriage. is that what is next machen who else has on popular votes that are not? i don't support the drug war. am i saying things that are now he is politically unpopular? >> everyone on tv. during the nba commissioners press conference, one reporter asked, would you look into the personal views of other nba owners. and the commissioner dodged the question. but does make it does make you wonder if. >> it is really % but does make it does make you wonder if. >> it is really disconcerting. iraqi assets in all seriousness and doesn't seem to understand the tone or at least a pretext of that question. there's something really scary about a world in which they might be dispatched to find out whether or not you are
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appropriately civil and have a right to work hold a position in this country. >> the thought police to the word police. kmele foster's tv show debated a similar topic, who can say the n-word. and she said that on tv. >> it is something that has a lot of contemporary context and i think it's something important. the fact that i can say and that it and that all of you are so comfortable saying it. >> it's not surprising. but there is something that is maybe a little bit distressing about the double standards. so we will turn to the sterling situation quickly. larry johnson is a guy that played basketball for the charlotte hornets for years. he said that we should seek to have our own league band and we should have all teams.
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so why isn't that absurd? wise and that something that is upsetting everyone? but racial tribalism should always be viewed exactly at least in the same way. >> let's move from racism to homophobia, which would be an accusation against this eeo of mesilla, the company that makes the firefox web browser. six years ago he made a 1000-dollar political contribution to support a measure that defined marriage as between a man and a woman. when liberal groups found out about it, they demanded that all untrendy fire the new ceo and he was forced to resign. even some liberals then said that that went too far. andrew sullivan said that he was disgusted by what he calls gay-rights fanaticism. and even one of america's most intolerant individuals at this. >> i think there is a gay mafia.
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if you correct them, you do get whacked. i really do. >> so there is this social prancer censorship, is a good? yes, says austin peterson. but this, says now. awesome, you first. why is this good? >> it's not necessarily that he had that down. but it should show liberals the power of the marketplace. the problem is that so often liberals want to resort to a government solution to stamp out what they call homophobia or injury. and everyone is saying that he was fired, but he was not. he voluntarily resigned because he became a liability to his institution. i think you have the right of free association if they choose not to associate with theirs the ill. and he is a liability to the fiscal bottom line. it should show them that you don't need to use that to a enforced holiday.
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we live in a civil society, this is the way we should enforce civil society rather than to come in and they. >> it's less a matter of market and that of mob rule. and these days people are a lot more of in favor of that. and after all, barack obama was in favor and so maybe he ought to resign over this. without fearing that they are going to lose their jobs and have their careers ended. mackey was not saying i'm
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against it, he was saying that i want to make sure this is something that is supported. saying that our culture of openness encourages staff and community to share and we didn't move fast enough to engage with the controversy that started, we are sorry, we must do better. >> he put out these statements saying i can only ask for your support and in the meantime, if they were allowed to of all on this issue, this is one thing that we could feel indifferent about. saying okay, go find yourself another job. you're saying that it's okay and
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it's wrong if he says something homophobic, but if he does something homophobic so just try to restrict the political rights of the minority, then he should be protected for that. and i know you have to draw the line somewhere. >> if you believe in gay rights, then i think they you have the right to your free-speech. but you don't have the right to a job. he doesn't have the right to be the new ceo of mesilla. so he should not be protected from the consequences. it important to understand that there are consequences in the marketplace can punish this. >> and i think a lot of people are going to have a sense of backlash. and more and more people believe that. but the response is going to be you apologize for it and say let's be an open-minded kind of company and the responses get out of here and there's going to be a clash.
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enough with this, why don't you people get back in the closet. >> what about them being fired or let go by msnbc after he called a photographer in name that was very offensive? >> mozilla has a fantastic relationship with google. but msnbc have to worry about their bottom line as well. and this includes the companies protecting their bottom line. if my employees were going out and making homophobic statements and that was affecting my bottom line, i should be able to fire someone. but i should be able to fire someone if i feel like they're affecting my bottom line. john: coming up, more things that make americans say that you may not say this or that. and i will argue that some hate speech is a good thing.
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comcast business built for business. john: someone clued anti-jesus banner over canada. they were possibly going to be charged with hate speech. but most understand that the person who did this have the right to do it. americans get their free speech
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includes religion. however, if the comments are about islam, there's much more fearing and censorship. this gentleman has experience experienced some of that, he's been critical of what he's called islamists in the united states. what do you mean by islamist? two i mean basically like our founding fathers thought. muslims believe that islam should be part of the state law in the 56 countries of the organization of the this, labeling them in this way just because we want to have diversity in because we disagree with them and we get called bigots. i've gotten death threats from al qaeda and syria and the local organization nationally, they are basically nonviolent but they tried to do this name thing, which is olea sentelle is to be to be quiet and go to the back of the mosque. even though my family has built over four mosques in the u.s.
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and i love my fate, i get labeled as a bigot. >> you have written about this in your book, the battle for the soul of islam. but let me push back a little bit. you narrated a documentary that the new york city police officers showed their officers. >> it's an entire movement and the idea is hatred for this way of life. >> we all know about terrorism, this is the war they don't know about. >> the accusation is that almost was hit or way of life enact. >> absolutely not. we are saying that islam is paid
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or way of life. but many of them say america is anti-islam and they have escaped to come here to be free and we need to have this debate within the house of islam. but they don't let us have that debate. they expect that inside the country by making muslims like me shut up. and they want to do it from back diving. >> it's not just the money, it's the fear of death that takes this gentleman working for an it. she had the gall to ask for a mohammed day on her facebook page. you may have noticed that she is not in the paper this week are and there is no more molly. but she is alive and well, thankfully, but on the insistence of security and she is going goes.
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moving and changing her name. and so is this just accepted? >> we cannot cower down. we cannot allow this that is going to spread across this awakening if we don't help those take sides. and we don't want to offend the islamist because they will kill us. >> thank you. >> coming up, is the word fiesta offensive to you?
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walkout, some americans are
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>> of all the places in america. the university is supposed to be the hotbed of discussion. test your ideas, listen to see whose argument is best. and we learn from that open debate. but now students at many campuses are talking about some words and ideas that are just beyond who do not deserve to be heard. also now students are told do not even use phrases like "that's so gay" or "man up." it is supposed to be offensive to gays and women. so speech codes meant to protect people give the power of censorship to whomever is most
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easily and quickly offended, and that gives everyone this perverse incentive to become more sensitive. some people will get offended quickly. catherine writes about this. she is a reporter for website campus reform. >> students are terrified. it it's not just the typical things that you think all, that is offensive. are supposed to say men, women, and people that don't conform. instead of saying, hey, guys, let's could compete. you're supposed to say hey, men and women. >> some are very serious. and it it's not actually saying that you are all guys read.
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>> are planning a fiesta at dartmouth. >> one student said this was not giving the representation of it. >> and let's raise money for a heart patient. >> yes, it was a charity. >> and it's something that you t on this and they said to replace that with carbon of learning disabilities and say
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person with a mental health condition. but they are not interchangeable. >> they have this campaign. >> i want to tell these kids come you're not actually saying this to be more like a man, it's an idiom. they need this awareness campaign. >> were going to have people saying that i heard that test is as easy as pie. she's a baker, you're dismissing her work. >> those are just campaigns. that summer kicked off campus or saying the wrong thing. >> exactly. you cannot criticize. and it's totally destroying the
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so you can learn. >> we picked the worst examples. but everyone is saying that there is this huge focus because we need to be careful. >> a journalism students and was kicked off campus for asking hockey coaches about his school's coach. he said what you say doesn't have to be positive, that is fine. he was ordered to vacate his doorman accused of harassment and threats and destination against the coach. >> yes, he was going to have it understand it was impossible. i think that will be happening all over the place. if you can't say this or man
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off, i'm terrified that i might as that something without even knowing it. >> again, he wasn't actually saying this. we are going to have to go through all of the idioms and totally destroy them and make them twice as long just to make sure that not even one person is offended her in. >> thank you, catherine. keep watching out for this. coming up, someone who likes to [ male announcer ] legalzoom has helped start over 1 million businesses. if you have a buness idea, we have a personalized legal solution that's right for you. with easy step-by-step guidance, we're here to help you turn your dream into a reali.
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john: when i grow up, everyone call black people colored people or negroes, but i'm told that offensive now. so i use the term black. i am confused. america's biggest civil rights organization is still called the
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naacp and that stands for colored people. you can donate donate with united negro college fund. so in 1988 jesse jackson said blacks should be called african-americans, most people immediately obeyed. seven syllables? on tv we don't have time for now. should i be called a german-american because my grandparents came from germany? but most timidly say african-american, they are afraid they may offend if they don't. but this gentleman says he likes offending people.
12:36 am
>> when you say this makes steam come out of people's ears, saying that is kind of crazy. >> i don't see anything fun about what donald sterling. >> for the record he said i don't care if you sleep with him, just don't advertise it. that's like a broadway mobile thing i don't care if you sleep with the dancers, don't publicize it. and so he is doing something, and he's being a jerk are going to try to censor that you do more harm than good.
12:37 am
and the biggest problem is that -- john: it makes me look bad if my girlfriend is seen with those people? >> yes. and that is the dilemma that you put yourself in when you create a censorship or its i'm playing devil's advocate thing maybe he meant it looks like you are with my basketball player. i don't know, the beauty of the is it we don't have to get into these semantics. >> polity in admits to having used this word. announcing that they would not renew her contract. and that is her prerogative in this enterprise. a lot of this occurs because it looks like there standing in the solidarity of these statements. we create this whole black cloud
12:38 am
of stigma one we live in a culture like this. but the way people thattalk, it has become a different universe from the public discourse and that's not a good thing. >> you ought to have some freedom privately going on t on. >> why don't they talk this way? and coulter, she didn't own a tv. so she didn't know that there was a definite language. it's almost like academia. they have another third at language and and just talked in public the way she talked in private and i think the majority of it. >> rush limbaugh said that cinderblock was a [bleep]. >> you never called her that, but he implied that there was a possibility of this. but because of the crowd of stigma.
12:39 am
>> they had to do that and it has nothing to do with reality. >> so you have written that asians are so good with computers, if you make them mad come you better be prepared for a tsunami of retaliation. so if you say anything controversial regarding asians, you should buy more ram for your computer because it might explode. >> this is a stereotype, but it's based on some truth. human rights commission said anything can be hate speech that hurt someone even of its true. jefferson said that there is no truth existing which i fear, and my family left those two countries because of that kind of stigma. we moved here for freedom and now america is following this stupid trend of censorship.
12:40 am
the owner of the washington redskins, with the indians victims group, they found a charity found the original americans foundation. >> and what about the change on dingdong foundation for whatever. >> but they demand that they be fired. >> people are calling for their show to be canceled. and it is trending this morning. >> it went viral. he kept his job and if he was right when he would because? >> what is he said he can would like i've, to bring them to the game. he would be called a wimp. >> he made in on what a joke, but he's actually not in racist
12:41 am
ignorance. and you can judge this bioway they react to ridicule. and is therefore barbaric. it's always been that we can handle it and now we are looking back into the and going back to puritan america remap not quite yet, but we are in some ways moving in this direction. coming up, by rude hateful people like gavin and i should be glad we live in america. because if we lived elsewhere, nasty things might happen to us area that is coming up
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john: if you are annoyed by political correctness that discourages you from saying what you really think, take heart. it could be worse. you could live in canada. one gentleman lives there and he hosts a political talk show and he wrote a book called shakedown. so what is your point? >>ell, yes, in canada we have all sorts of insertion of laws
12:46 am
and who could be against that. >> and you used to publish a magazine that reprinted the cartoon because riots in various parts of the world discuss where we draw the line. so what happened two. >> yes, we published a magazine article showing what all of the fuss was about. and this is what the riots were about. i was objected to complain filed with the alberta human rights commission name that i asked those a person to hate and contempt by virtue of this. and i was a news publisher for 900 days, they investigated and
12:47 am
interrogated me and put 15 different bureaucrats on the case. in the end the case was dropped. but not before i heard massive legal fees. and there's no defense of truth or fair comment. but they are sort of hunter killer is. >> they have a. >> the one guy that got away actually appealed and won. >> is a regulator is coming for you, they have so many people. we have something called the standards council on tv. we have our version in civil courts that it's tilted towards
12:48 am
the plaintiffs. they're about five ways that the government total loss against the speech. but they are very selective about it. but you can say things much rougher. >> so if you are a liberal woman, do you have more leeway? >> well, a little bit. but i think it's like a game of poker. a straight white male like me, if you are a woman it's like a pair of that. but that is easily trumped. but the royal flush is if you are an immigrant moslem. that seems to trump everything and i'm not just being cheeky. there are radical moslems who preach extremely like this calling for death to homosexuals and these people are never prosecuted under these hate
12:49 am
speeches. never in the history of canada has a muslim person been prosecuted for this speech under the human rights commission. but a guy like me shows this just to tell a new story. so it depends on who you are. you can a thing like this. >> a couple weeks ago as one individual said, two men tried to convince students that abortion and homosexuality violate god's law. they were then arrested. >> when the second man was arrested thomas duden steered. >> i think it was a good move on the university's behalf. it was kind of hating certain groups of people, which is not okay in canada.
12:50 am
>> so we are really accepting of everyone, but not of a certain speech. >> what is terrifying to me as a canadian is that we have so much censorship because we don't have a robust first amendment like you do in the united states. worse than not having a strong prosecution, we don't have the same culture of defending free speech even for people we disagree with. and that is what is terrifying for me. student saying that were very open-minded except for the people that we disagree with her and we don't have that great american tradition on the left and the right of free speech. and i think that we have to give credit to groups like the aclu that went to defend even neo-nazis and racists. they have been a bipartisan thing. and you have 50 deformations
12:51 am
nudes and complaints and lawsuits against you. thank you or taking it. coming up next, america is becoming more like canada. there is a new command you shall not0k@çxw?
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john: the goal is noble, thou shall not hurt others with words. so this invites everyone to be a victim. and that is guaranteed that there will be lots of victims in the censorship will never stop. and government can take our freedom. >> go get him. but free speech doesn't mean
12:56 am
people might be trampled, i can't legally and a violent or lie about people or defend them. there are limits. but the politically correct always want more limits. which makes me wonder what today's lawyers approve the first amendment? i don't think so. >> would have you believe this? >> they graduate hundreds of future lawyers here. they discuss the importance of the first amendment. >> otherwise you never have a society where these ideas can class was each other. >> now students can indoctrination on discrimination. so many are quick to also say that the amendment should not apply to things like hate speech. and some people also wanted an
12:57 am
exception for flagburning. >> we need to regulate it. >> some one another exception. >> if you look at the gravity versus the intrinsic value, what is gained, this is how it is. >> the student wanted a ban on political speech. >> that is the only speech. they will own the airwaves. >> you're comfortable for locking people up so the bill of rights josé and depictions of hunting and who knows what else they might have added. >> i think we may have gone too far. >> yes, they have.
12:58 am
>> and it means that this book, kindly inquisitive or it the author, jonathan rauch, he is gay. but he opposes hate speech laws say that people have been free to say nasty things. if your mind does that not long ago america was so hostile to them the this was a public service announcement. >> one never knows what this gentleman is about. what he didn't know is that ralph was sick. but not miserable like smallpox but a sickness of the mind. you see, he was a homosexual and
12:59 am
one never knows what a homosexual is about. they may appear normal. >> that ran when i was in college. just one years ago he reminds us that the americans were forbidden to work for government to attain security clearances. beaten and killed and arrested by police and fired from their jobs. change in just two decades because there was open debate. in the best way to convince people to become less bigoted is to allow all sides to speak openly. and nly the force of our argument. in an inner society where free
1:00 am
exchanges the rule, that wasn't not. >> laws against hate speech and sexism sound reasonable, but they do more harm than good. that is our show, see you next that is our show, see you next we [dave gentry] hello i'm dave gentry! welcome to small stocks and big money. [intro music] [intro music] [intro music] [dave gentry] for all of our new viewers, its nice to meet you and for those of you who are already members of the redchip nation, thank you for being part of the fastest growing community of small cap investors in the world. whether you're watching in seattle, new york, las vegas, rome or somewhere in croatia or austria, portugal, norway; welcome to the nation.


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