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tv   Cavuto  FOX Business  May 5, 2014 8:00pm-9:01pm EDT

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so maybe we need to approaoach things dferently, if we want to be ready for a longer retirement. ♪ no more taxes. neil: one of the most famous turnabouts in modern emergency history -- merge history, two years late whroer he violateed that pledge, all hell came loose, he lost an elect, and republicans lost a lot of seats, that was then this is now, for that about-face. well he has a jfk profile and courage award. maddi does not understand why, their argument is that took guts
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and briefly you said that took neither. >> this is a washington award, rather than looking at merits of, whether decision was right, what they are talking about republican who bucked party lines, bucked his voters, and said this is a mark of a good leader, president bush was a phenomenal lead or a lot of areas but this decision of very bad, he went to the table with democrats, aed for a deal on spending and taxes, taxpayers carried brunt of that decision, all those tax hikes were real, and came into effect, none of spending restraint materializeed. neil: what bothers me about the committee's definition of bravery, that there are other areas to give that award to president bush senior.
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but this is not his most shineing moment, to say she was stphaoubgers by democrats on a deal that would call for twice as many spending cuts as tax hikes but that is me. >> you hear everyone in washington today talking about a grand bargain, when president obama stands up and said that it is republican's fall fo fault fr not able to reach a deal, he reasons that republicans are unwilling to take it on the nose, and vote for there are tax hike, they now what happens when you break your firm pledge not to increase the size of government, that is when you are kicked out of office. neil: family is family, i hope my daughter, and my gran grandchildren would feel the same way, but i thought it was
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too for for a certain bush granddaughter. >> my grandfather did not want to raise taxs in 1990 but or constitutional system of governance said that congress also gets a say. besides thas that he felt he owe american people action and results. neil: congress violateed its say, day did not do what it said it would do. >> you know the president himself has said he thinks that this decision of a mistake. whether or not congress lived up to their side of the bargain is not if question, the president is one who supported the deal, said he would never raise taxes. >> right, bringing our all-star panel. rick, what do you think? >> i think you can't miss the points on this, he was being rewarded, i think correctly so, for knowing that this was going to mean political trauma. he did what he thought -- >> no, no, you are reinventing
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history, he did something both sides would put skin in the ga game. whatever your are saying about, he thought they would be much just the same hit in the plate. >> he still knew what was coming. i talked to people that worked for him, they knew it would be a problem, i don't think they thought they would lose the election. neil: he had an 80% approval rating. >> how would you love to see politicians in existence today, who are willing to do what they think is right today on either side? neil: why is the definition of bravery hikes taxes not cutting them. >> or going against party line all of a isn't thata -- that is brave, lauren bush, his granddaughter, who claims he could not be there because there was broccoli on the menu, i
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thought that was funny. she said compromise is a dirty word in washington, it was then, it still is, the company will continue to spiral downward. neil: compromise is dirty. >> yes. >> they don't. >> i agree with tracy, write that down. neil: gary, my worry is that in -- i don't think that jfk himself would qualify for the award that is given in otherwise own honor. i am wonder figure he spins in his grave hearing what qualifies as bravery on the legislative front these days. >> what is brave to libal side is raising taxes, if george bush lowered taxes he would get the ras perry award -- raspberry
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award that is a stick in the high, they use this to win presidently, they run ad after ad against it, all of a sudden it is the brave thing to do. >> a stick in whose eye, he did not reject the award. neil: he did not. >> he did not show up because of the broccoli. neil: i think there are higher honors for acts of briefry in which to give an award there is not it. >> 23 rick wants a -- if rick wants a president who breaks his promise not to raise taxes he has one, probe has told us time again, it took him 16 days in his presidency to break that prom stkpwreus right nopromise. >> right now, this day in age it would take brave to lower taxes, because right now if you lower taxes are you an extremeist, and you don't care about the elderly and the poor.
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you are grain th against the wo. neil: are you going to win the number old nobel prize. >> all right, coming up, forget irs and nsa, focus on epa, so many asinine acronyms, so little time. peace of mind is important when you're running a successful business. so we provide it services you can rely on. with centurylink as your trusted it partner, you'll experience reliable uptime for the network and services you depend on. multi-layered security solutions keep your information safe, and secure. and responsive dedicated support meets your needs, and eases your mind. centurylink. your link to what's next.
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neil: all right, you can add the epa to latest acronym scandals overreach, depends on who you talk to. an inspector general trying to look into epa's priorities, whether it got too aggressive, lose money. well, money disappeared. accountibility disappeared. then it got really nasty, casey, what is going on here? >> well, we're probably going to be able to add epa to the list of growing scandals before lisa jackson left the epa, he got in trouble for spending e-mail throughs her personal e-mail
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account, but now a bigger scandal. someone from inside of inspector general office said when i try to investigate what is going on in epa, doing regular oversight, i was intimidated, an official poundeed his hand close to her shift, and pointing a finger at her. she filed a com complaint. neil: is the guy who allegedly responded the way he presumably did, going to testify as well? >> i don't believe he is. he might be called to testify when she testifys this week because they want to know what happened, and why he useed that force. and words against her when she was doing her job as a special agent inside of the inspector general office. neil: they just want to know what the heck was going on. this is not first time this has happened. it fuels argument they are their own fiefdoms.
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>> they get away with it, you mentioned irs, every agency it seems has backdoor policies going on, if is mafia-like. neil: epa is a different beast, it is now, president is saying, you congress do not see the severity climate change, i do. i will take a host of executive actions to make sure we're on top of this, this is more power in giveing this agency that controversial practices responding to internal audits more control, i don't know if that is good? >> well, it starts from the top you grant them full power without accountability. they will do whatever they want. the green movement is huge. i believe it has to do with power, and taxes, it goes as far as u.n. and imf with global taxes, where she stops i don't know, what epa does on a daily bases is mandate regulations,
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hurting, and it is never going to stop until change of administration. neil: the economyiv theic -- exs this president is taking of his own accord, you as a very smart lawyer are they a stretch. >> there have been a couple that iragree are border line, i chicked out big ones they are legal. neil: question that. >> i want to say something about this case, still america, nobody did anything until we find out they did something. neil: right. but does it surprise you this is latest such allegation. >> you have that many employees as we do in federal government, people will do stupid things. >> then there is the problem. that citizen problem right -- that is the problem. >> neil, your points this is obama's new thing of the moment, he changes his topic of the day
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way more than my son changes clothes, because, it is all because of leftist environmentalists are way disappointed with him. neil: i trust your son running the epa. >> i do too. they are so disappointed with him, she has no choice but to step up and down something he has been a disappointment. neil: to mr. upblger' unger's ps nothing has been proven though. they justified 1234. >> it comes back to a lack of accountibility, have you allegations of almost assault or abuse but, we have evidence to show out $500,000 in unauthorizeed bonus. neil: we do not know they were unauthorizeed they were bonuses. >> no there were $500,000 that
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were unauthorizeed. >> how do you say there is a lack of awon countibility -- acountability because congress will hold - -- >> we've seen this happen before. before. neil: answering the charges? >> he is going to be. >> congress -- >> really. just like the irs omissioner. she was subpoenaed. neil: she did not say. >> now sh she is retiring with r full pension. >> plead the fifth. neil: a good kaj country because of it. >> that is right. >> no one should talk. you have a knowstutional right a constitutional right to keep people in the dark, and don't you forget it. >> when we come back. your tar should meet requirements. after this.
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neil: i heard of checking up on you, but this is ridiculous, president's transportation bill gives federal regulationors more power than you might imagine, one is expecting cars. it is big brother overreach. and then the government is within its reach. >> when you go to fast-food restaurant, have you people that come in to make sure it is consistent with health regulations. neil: do we have a way of
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checking mileage requirements. >> they could do it by paper, you want people -- >> up to now we have been able to police miles per gallon we have been getting what changed. government assumeing worse they are not being honest. >> they have the right to do that, we may not like it but they have the right, fda . neil: all right, kelly, bottom line according to heather they have the right. >> i think it overreaching they take a lot of other information they are going on allegedly to car lots to check if auto manufactured did what they were supposed to do, go to the manufactureers during that time, they come to your house? when other information are they compileing. neil: this is weird, i am now now pitted gain car salesmen versus u.s. government, that is a draw to me, but in this case you want to side with the car salesman
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because the government is now looking in to business of what you are buying? >> essentially you are correct. but also the fact now they come to your house, go to car salesmen, they are compileing data the regulations have no enforcement mechanism, they will issue tickets, they are not crimes they just want our information. >> the same as any other regulation, they can do it. neil: you just let i it keep happening. >> i do i just can't help myself. neil: they ought to have a law against this. for car counting, so he is not welcome butly welcome in other casinos, heather i'm wondering, if you see him in another casino, whether you top sit down and play black jack with someone who can play cards. >> i don't know if i want to play against him, in every other state in u.s., counting cards is legal in nevada they have the
8:22 pm
right to kick you out if they don't, in new jersey they don't. neil: he has won $800,000 in the past. >> if he is smart enough to do it, he should admit it, he wants to run for office some day, if you can beat the house why not 92 house always has as vantage but la is wrong with this. >> -- has advantage, what wrong. >> if it is just in his head that is fine, he could be breaking laws. neil: i am surpriseed this stuff is in his head. you say, not a big deal? >> me, you know, good for him ifly can beat the house. haoelgtder iheather is right, cn refuse the right to service, like any other bar or restaurant, for him -- >> you know, ridiculous, i make it up on a before a, all of the -- buffett, all of the prime rib
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neil: you know one thing this new mayor of new york city, versus old mayor of new york, sometimes they are on to same causes that seem to be a waste of time, he wants to go back to the big soda thing. and this make taking a whip to horse and buggy rides, he wants to stop those to give mr. ed a break. i don't care where you stand on horse and buggy thing or big gulp soda thing, if you walk around manhattan there are pot holes the size of the grand canyon, and crime is picking up again in times square, i would
8:27 pm
imagine these particular issues move to the top, and mr. ed moves a few spaces town, back to our panel. >> who cares about crime and pot holes, let's worry about the 16 ounce soda, a lot of fast-food restaurants, you have a refill with cup, you just go back to get a second one. so, for me this makes no sense, why ask he wasting time on this? it is meaningless to the cause, he is the mayor, he got elected. neil: and last mayor did the same thing, when it gets a lot of media attention, you are well-known for it. >> you know what would get media attention if you put him on a ten-speed, ride down 48 street, and see if he does not come out of it without a bloody nose, and the f -train derailed yesterday,
8:28 pm
do you know why? we should focus on that. neil: wilbur. >> i get the my job to defend him, too bad. >> you can't. neil: your job is not that, we said this about the last mayor. >> i agree with you, the soda thing, why do they get it in their heads that moviegoers condition figure out you can get --- can't figure out you get two cups it is stupid, and the hours thing is driving me -- hours horse thing is driving me crazy. if you put the right shoes on them, they don't run them, that asphalt does not hurt them stphaor stphaor a.neil: are the? >> absolutely not. i would like to live in those stables. tracy is right about the pot holes, he should get on a bike, ride down those streets. neil: there must be something to it.
8:29 pm
because, it at least affords you an opportunity not to tackle the real issues, these must poll well. i am wondering why we allow it. >> i would think we talked about this before, we avoid big issues. this is an easy one. this hits home, we're saving all of the fat kids because we're not serving them soda. >> it does not will do that well, -- pol poll that well, i k it had to do a lot with his sink will possiblsinking popularity. it wil not poll well for this m. >> nothing will poll well for this mayor. >> wedge issues don't work localy. >> the poll -- locally for him, he should pay attention to what is happening here. >> one time. >> average normal long cool voter, give him a list of drive
8:30 pm
things that are important to them, this is not even on the list. i don't get it. neil: gary, you would do what? your job? >> yeah, how about crime, education, homelessness. things that do matter to every city out there. neil: all right, here is the proof we focusing on a lot of wrong things right now. we nearly missed an asteroid that was wizzing by. not that far from us. this was side of a bus. now a lot of people say, neil relax, it would have done about half of damage of the hiroshima atomic bomb, oh, i was worried. you had me concern. you are idiots, after this.
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neil: have you been focusing on this moon of june ter they have been -- jun june jupiter they hn focusing on? they are focused out gazillion miles out, along comes an asteroid close to earth and nearly destroys life as we know it, well maybe not, but no one say this. since it was only about half damage of horro hiroshima bomb n 1945, what are we whineing about, this stuff, seems to happen a lot. 8 of rowds, comet -- asteroids, comets, we get hundreds of these our thousands in our neck of the woods. we missinged this one, what else are we missing?
8:35 pm
>> we kind of saw it coming, a panel of 3 retired astronauts laid fourth a study that tells us we had since 2000, 26 multmultikiloton type from eart, the earth is mostly unpopulateed. >> it happened but we have not seen it. how is it, whether you look at one that hit russia, a couple years back, or a year back, it does happen with frequency, yet, we do make note of the number of incidents that occurred but we're not good at gauging those that are coming. >> that is right. trees are falling in the forest all of the time, nobody cares because no today is there to hear them.
8:36 pm
neil: the story of my life. >> there are billions of pieces of debris out there from the construction of the universe that are floating, we see most of them as meteor showers and falling stars, and making wishes, some are really threats, this thing, was huge, bigger than a bus, it was 900 feet in diameter doing about 27,000 miles an hour. neil: they said it would burn up in atmosphere, in best case scenario, but they know how many are coming they don't want to worry us? >> we don't look up any more. everyone looks down at their apparatus, no one wants to know what i is in the sky. neil: not me, i'm like rain man. >> where is that telescope hanging out your kids win bo, doe, we used to look -- window,
8:37 pm
we used to look up. neil: what is hubble doing? >> i don't know. >> we don't place enough emphasis. >> can i say, i respect your concern about asteroids, but here is a craze thought, maybe we should worry about what is destroying earth that we know about. neil: here we go with the climate change. >> stop it. >> stop it. neil: come on, guys, one of these things makes it through, you will have climate change all right. you don't have to worry about that. gary, where is this going. i worry about the things we're told not to worry about. that the scientists, are on top of this. and me thinks they are not revealing much because they know that frequency is such, that we're just defying odds, they would rather nat tell us. >> first -- not tell us. >> that word kilaton just stairs
8:38 pm
me. this bad boy was 2 million miles from the earth, we're as a spec of dust, maybe this is we're not getting hit so bad. i don't think that there is anything we could do if we get hit, this was three football fields, if it hit my house, i am incinerateed. incinerateed. neil: it was the bus. not even those linked up buses. captain, we have to maybe look around our own neighborhood, a little bit better and more sharply than we do. >> and we are, nasa international community has tied together amateur astronomers and professionals, and they are colateing their data, putting that information to do it next question is, really, from a personal thing, a moral issue, if you knew one was coming, if you knew it was not possible to miss it would you want to know?
8:39 pm
neil: that is what i think is goingon, have a nice day. i would like to know if i could put off a mortgage payment. all right. thank you, both, very much all of you, when we come back, are mr. unger told us he is not beting on the clippers, what about this guy? former microsoft ceo, cofounder of the company owns team, why not this guy? he gets into it i say have at it. we've never sold a house before. (agent) i'll walk you guys through every step. there are a lot of buyers for a house like yours. (husband) that's good to know.
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woe ! neil: one of my favorite moments with former head of microsoft
8:43 pm
steve baumer, he is word millions, he could easily afford the los angeles clippers. that is what billionaires do. gary. what do you make of that? whether it will be that type of guy? who ends up picking up the clippers, putting this sorted soap opera to bed? >> i have two words, magic johnson, for me i would rather see him do it, he knows basketball much better. neil: how about with baumer ? >> sure, he has the big bucks, not just magic johnson's money, he has partners, i gather baumer would be a partner but running things, i give him a 5 out of tin as far as -- 5 out of 10 as far as microsoft. >> even after that stock still
8:44 pm
flat lining, they are looking for money, if vatican city offered to buy the clippers right now i think they would take it. neil: that would be funny the pope, go, go. what do you think? >> gary is having a very good day today, he got it right, you look at what makes you a successful sports franchise, common denominator is local ownership, sterling lives in l.a. but he has never been of the community, never. i lived there a long time, he owns a lot of property but he was never a guy of the community. >> madge 60 right choice -- magic is the right choice, there will be other l.a. guys that is okay. neil: you want someone with the half billion. >> baumer has been jones to bring a team to seattle. >> i think high is in is ohio - he i is in a rest home now after
8:45 pm
watching that. >> i admire that. we could do a lot of worse than people are jazzed. >> you know -- >> you never loosened your tie? >> i did not wear a tie then, i was a creative then, you are the way you dress. neil: really? >> yes. neil: okay. all right, now, in case did you not hear, told their ceo to step down, new credit card that use chips. this guy's departure was soon are than thought. >> i am quoting charles payne, he said they are a long way from tarjay, it is going to take a lot to get sex appeal back, the whole thing in canada went awful, the data breach -- >> a lot of people suffer the same fate. >> this was poor, fa poor execution, it was the i-t
8:46 pm
department's fault not this guy. neil: the chief takes hit. >> canada was really awful execution, all right fine, he is walking away with $9.2 million. neil: out the door. gary? >> i think that target has bigger problem, last quarter sales down 5%, they have plan flat, retail industry right now about as catch as evere -- competitive as ofesh been, it is only going to worsen, if target does not do better tal be a dead spostock for a long time. neil: if you are looking at the need for a lot of these companys to get the smart cards or those chips that make them virtually hack-proof. target is doing all that a lot of others are not. >> you are right you say pin it on the ceo, that the way is works then they go away, people are not stupid, new ceo does not mean have you a state of the art
8:47 pm
computer sim. neil: the cfo that is temporarily taking over. >> they have to come up with a world-class you know -- >> as a chick on panel, on-line experience. neil: that is demeaning. >> only girl on the panel. on-line experience iser to e. >> it takes a year to getting any from them. neil: on-line experience. go to the store. >> there is my points. >> really, what about you? i don't see you shopping in orlando mall. >> go i with my wife to the mall,er two or threer 2 or thre. >> that is what they do in florida they walk. neil: i love you. >> i buy my clothes on-line. neil: whatever i do is my business. >> i buy everything on-line. >> clothe? >> everything.
8:48 pm
>> i can't buy clothes on line, i don't trust it. >> you are name-dropping? >> do i get something. neil: we're done. final bis blitz topic. we reported on this in oregon problem, in whole exchange getting set up now fbi wants to know what is going on, gary, what is going on here? >> fbi is a federal criminal investigateive body, something bad isin going on or they would not be investigating, all we know something shut down, something novembe may be going . >> a lot of money going on oracle, they were hired to implement this. it seems they lot a lot of cash, the state did not. so, funky stuff. neil: a lot of people who thought thigh had policies turns out they did not, and a lot of people who -- you know a lot of
8:49 pm
people you hear i didn't pay for it -- they went through the motions. >> separates function of the system, i spoke with people up there, there is a lot of nervous people high up. neil: a lot of your liberal friends? >> i don't know what they are, i just know they are worried. neil: is there anybody else in oregon. >> something weird happened. neil: what are you saying? >> you talk about abuse of taxpayer dollars. >> i don't like to make those accusations. neil: where there is smoke there is fire there is a lot of missing money. >> we don't than is missing. neil: amazing any time there are concerns of democratic irregularities you are slow to charge, but first sign of republican trouble. >> no, no, you heard me say the same thing. neil: i have not. >> yes you have. >> i have not. >> i do not believe in accusing people, i don't care what you
8:50 pm
are. neil: i know -- i'm kidding you know you know, that launch of some of the exchanges, a mishmash. now whether there is something calculateed or criminal or illegal going on. i will wait and be patient, not surpriseed when it is discovered there. is. what is there to glean from this? what happened in oregon with missing funds i am sure is happening in a lot of other states. >> they had years to prepare, i think there is probably some chicanery going on, there will be a bull market of lawyers, last thing i want is a phone cuil from the fbi -- a phone call from the fbi, i think they mean business, something is going on. neil: but it would not be first time, launch of this is bumpy.
8:51 pm
is this really like surprise that keepss on surprising? >> i think we'll hear more, maryland had problem u-conn con -- in connecticut it started smooth, it came to a halt. neil: democratic friendly states, what -- who is president more specifically been blaming? republicans who balked at setting up these. >> i don't think that president has been blaming republicans, he has been taking the heat. neil: i don't know, did he say we would have 5 million more people signed up if not for these balking republicans? >> he said because republicans would not institute. neil: 5 million fewer we'll are without this coverage as a result of their actions not these crooks who are potentially stealing that money. >> be careful about the crooks. s. i would not say either are
8:52 pm
crooks. neil: you just implied as well. >> i do not. i do not say oregon's governor, we do not know, we know that fbi is looking into it. >> we'll find out. >> gary makes a best points, if tak tak is involve -- if the fbi is involveed it has to be bad. neil: that does it. >> a ton of federal money went to state that is what you have to keep an eye on. on. neil: all right, i think out when good economic news comes out, now you (mother vo) when i was pregnant
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report these symptoms to your doctor. tell your doctorbout all medical conditions and medications. serious side effects could include increased sk of prostate cancer, worsening prostate symptoms, decreased sperm count, ankle, feet or body swelling, enlarged or painful breasts, problems breathing while sleeping and blood clots in the legs. common side effects include skin redness or irritation where applied, increased red blood cell count, common side effects include skin redness headache, diarrhea, vomiting, and increase in psa. ask your doctor about axiron. neil: what is the deal? the jobs report beating more questions than answers and more case of delayed hiring reaction to bad weather turned good. chris on facebook rights this administration is ignoring reality being forced into part-time employment is a disgrace. it is a major manipulation of the numbers search they not a true picture of what america has become.
8:56 pm
so many are struggling. and as usual they are cooking the numbers. and the segments of our society whose unemployment percentages are in the teens. even those numbers have come down, my friends. 800,000 jumping out of the workforce. what you are reporting is accurate, but it is what it is. how many people have to drop out until the unemployment number is 0%? carolyn. i noticed you were out the day we had this unemployment news. you cannot even bring yourself on to relay the good news because you refuse to say anything good about obama. you are on to me. my day was not planned, that sudden disruption was something over which i had no control, employment number or no. nice going, hypocrite. no, pedro, but you're suspecting that is not a surprise.
8:57 pm
all i could say was your subs are always better than you are. almost anyone's e-mails are better than yours are. cavuto, what is the deal with you being alive? bomb block. you refuse to call these awful numbers what they are. why don't you just say they are inflated by the numbers dropping out of the workforce. so let's see, i am too soft, too severe, i can't win. i do point that out, but i also point out when parties are running, they run on the headline number. in this case the unemployment rate going down. when it was compared to what it was. republicans are now going to do just the opposite coming up with a lot of asterix to that number. it is what politicians do.
8:58 pm
i am telling you and i one republicans acknowledge the fact it is going down because you can footnote it all you want, it may not look good for you. i think you are no more math expert than i am a tv expert and giving your tv insights, what the kind of name is that anyway? alan, what is the difference between democrats pushing their numbers and republicans pushing theirs? none, they both do it and pounds on what looks good for them. i think you are clueless clown who got lucky, what say you? i think you are clueless ass, what say you? neil, the only jobs report i will be interested in, you reporting is the one that includes you in the unemployment number. keep waiting, keep waiting.
8:59 pm
you are just the best, thank you for all the great info. will you brighten our days and keep us well-informed. i do my best. judy, i love your show, we want you to times per day, honesty and integrity. the modesty thing is something i really feel i've delivered on. you go, neil, see what is happening in our country. another tweet, what an italian stallion. and rights neil, got the vomit bag once i heard your voice. got the syringe once i saw your tweet. where do you people come from? keep the e-mails coming. we are about the numbers, the good ones that come in, in the end it is what decides what politician will survive or ago, so you can interpret it any which way you want. i am not read, i am not blue,
9:00 pm
but i am dream. some of your e-mails turn me green. if you don't start writing me nicely, i will not acknowledge you and all of you o'reilly fans who like to write nasty kennedy: have you been bullied? had someone made you feel low and small where you didn't want to keep going to school and work, it sucks, but it is life. in one california town they are trying to erat kate bullying from a city. you could make the case that getting bullied now and again, builds character, it forces you to figure out who you are, stand up for yourself, it does not end when school is over, washington, d.c. is full of bullies, part is too many people buying into a two-party system for 2 long, at white house correspondent dinner half s


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