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tv   Cavuto  FOX Business  May 8, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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neil: you know, when they have a big rush to spend billions to deal with climate change. i should remind you, we already to the opportunit tune of $77 b, true. i am neil cavuto. dirty secret on cleaning up our planet and heating up, is that we're already trying to address it to the tune of 77 billion dollars from 2008 through last year. that how much we commited to various programs to fight climbal change. now we hear that we tens of billions or hundreds of billions
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more. and if we don't lead it the whole rest of the world will be destroyed because of it. senior fellow chris horn or that and we have our fox biz allstars here. chris to you, because, i thought this debate about whether we should commit more money to this, left out a person part we already have, a lot of money, what have we seen for it? >> we've seen admissions of failure, they cross their arms, say isn't it time we began investing in these things, then they call them new technology. winds was commercializeed in 1887. solar in 1891, now they cross their arms, jimmy carter increaseed their subsidies, say time we begin investing in these
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losers, it is not about the climate, it is about as president said in 4 big speeches, it is about finally making renewibles profitable, that is not a legitimate government purpose, he said he will do it by bankrupting the things that work. that is what he is doing in the name of climate salvationism. >> we should . out among the 77 billion we spend over years we have almost 50 million to a chinese company to build wind farms, so many like this, but to hear harry lea harry reid tell e dirty awful koch brothers stoping them at every impasse. >> these billionaire oil tycoons are certainly experts to a tri
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beaut to climat change, they are one the main causes of this. neil: leaves aside their i flew en and power. even they don't have 80 billion to push something. so who is zooming whom? >> this is -- you may have noticed it is a campaign year, he had a senate majority, he tried to agenda it of rejected in democratic process, now a mega-donor, dangleing a million if he goes full moon bat on this stuff, that is not the argument i would make if i were harry reid, but this believe in super powers is consistent with his belief and windmills and solar panels are new and you can run aan economy on them. neil: whatever your views on climate change. today in new york it is raining
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it wasn't yesterday, go changing. my points, i have to be real 100% sure, close that before i commit money to greed they want to us, that it will have a desireed effect and everyone will be in this with me, much of the rift of the world -- rest of the world is not. >> we have had so many scares and failures, ice is melting in an antiata, meanwhile we have more ice than before, so many people out of work no one is really thinking about this right now, this is so far down the list. neil: that is last among the most pressing issue. >> washington post came out where a poll 27% of people thik we should address this this year, 49% said next year, and 29% said it is not an issue at all,. neil: if you see what is going on, john lacy, anything that
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making us less dependent on foreign oil or abroad is bad for us. i could make that mean more fossil fuel that we have and technology and energies that are talked about, what is wrong is an in all strategy? and not one that favors one over the other. >> that is what we should have, a lot of left leaning environmentalists they don't want anything on to do with fossil fuels, fossil fuels saved whales with drake drove that oil wel i in -- well in titusville years ago, look that elan phufpbg witmuskhas done with hi, he has done o on on his own, as
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far as harry reid, democrats people who want to change what is going on, all they have done is block keystone pipeline and gone over cold companys that is politics, leading up to election. >> it is fore are for votes, leftist environmental group has been so disappointed with that administration, coming out gangbuster saying they would fixing climate change and healthcare, they made a mess of both. harry reid has people he has to answer to, he has to somehow fix the world between now and then. neil: what is disturbing, i want to remind people, we have not been chumps on this issue, if you argue a lot of money has to be spent to address a problem, we have not been kheupbgsy sinct has been wasted, we have spent a
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lot of money. we're spending it and problem perists after nearly $80 billion, what does it take to move the needle. >> maybe 125 more years of fail our. >> '78, wall street has a headline saying car carter increaseeed subsidy for solar because it could benefit us by 2000 this a failure, promises have all been wrong, harry reid does not driver a wind power car, i am sure. this is not about replacing oil. by the way, they are directing it to wind and solar from 1800s, every billion they send is a billion that does not go to finding pixie dust or flubber. >> you are a very snide man, but your points are well taken have
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thank you very much. i don't know if you have been part of an internship program in a company. i have benefited from a variety of they are cooling off fast, a lot of companies saying between lot of companies saying between lawsuit, skpefrg else, wh and
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when folks think about what they get from alaska, lot of companies saying between lawsuit, skpefrg else, wh and they think salmon and energy. but the energy bp produces up here creates something else as well: jobs all over america. engineering and innovation jobs. advanced safety systems & technology. shipping and manufacturing. across the united states, bp supports more than a quarter million jobs. when we set up operation in one part of the country, people in other parts go to work.
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that's not a coincidence. it's one more part of our commitment to america. stick with innovation. stick with power. stick with technology. get the flexcare platinum
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from philips sonicare and save now. philips sonicare neil: this is what happens when every now and then an intern sues a company, saying they are sort of slave labor. the company then says, screw them, the heck with them, we don't need them, we see 8% cutting internship programs or wiping them all out. just not worth it. to kate rodgers, and jonathan layfield and tracy burns, not a surprise. >> not at all, the people who sue ruin it for the rest of us, they may have a legitimate gripe, but you know you are not getting paid. in some cases you are getting college credit. for example if you intern at
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vogue, you think that is not hard work, it is hard work, it is worth it, you have to get coffee and haul garment dogs i bags it is worth it. neil: you always had to make sure you get college credit. otherwise of it slave labor. in most cases it was. but now that they are sued, it is common sense for companies say do we really -- let the court settle this. >> well you braty, rich kids that are suing. you are ruining it for my kids, internship will be long gone by the time they get out there. this is an experience, people should stkpwruft wan just want e building, these kids are going to become less prepared, we have a unprepared bunch of kids who are unemployed, what are they going do with themselves. neil: wwe had an internship
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program. kids collectively sued that is why -- what do you make of this layfield? >> i agree with tracy. this is wonderful for interns, a life experience, they learn something about, do they want to go into this sector for their career? employers, not that great, by time you train them they are already leaving, it costs quite a bit. they do more for public service. neil: people think companies seize on this for cheap labor it takes a long time, they are doing it because of public good, it may shock some that are offended by that. >> i do not regret any internships i took, none of them were glamorous, i wound up spending money to intern, i would never go back. neil: why? >> it got me here, i am with you, it is worth it. neil: that is the problem. >> i didn't intern at fox.
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neil: but, yo you know that gret differentiate oior with kids wih same background, this sets you apart, if this is taken away then what? >> then who knows. i think that john makes a great points about companies. i had a fabulous internship with ern st* anerinearnand young, thi was not qualified but they out the me how to do this. neil: wait what are you saying? what do you moon they sat with. >> no. neil: where is this going, all companies are waiting to see how that settles before they dry to get a internship program going, paying or otherwise. i think boater part is -- better
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part to skip it. >> down side risk is huge, they are not getting much this is a public service, a bit of a recruiting tool, but down side risk of some type of a litigation, you get sued people look at this and company evil fi them, saying -- and vilify them, saying what are you doing having unpaid interns, political risk is not worth it. >> sheryl sanberg's posted a nonpaid internship, such an outcry, she had to change it and make it a paid. neil: do kids get credited for it? >> either way. >> you are interning for shesan. >> you should get her coffee and massage her feet while you are at it imwith you, tracy. neil: for millions are who lining up for the cavuto show internship program, we will be e-mailing you requirements there
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are many, dell i runs are -- deli runs are part of it. what if i told you, there is an air carrier that can cut the price of your international travel by a third, like that. but they are not letting them in. the big guys here are not letting them in nothing because they use slave labor or interns, because they maybe found a smarter way. this guy kind of knows what is going on here, he experienceed it himself, jetblue founder david -- next. we've never sold a house before.
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neil: all right, called
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norwegian air, a lot of big they take unfair advantage of labor and the like but it could have something to do with this. a typical new york to london package would be flight on more i don't thinnorwegian air. less than u.s., they are on average $500 less round trip than any other guys, so, that bringing us to jetblue airways founder, ceo david neeleman are they being forced out the union guys the other big boys are afraid of the competition? >> who likes competition. really. you could have a monopoly. everyone would choose to have it. neil: you think they are doing
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their best to keep them out because they would be bad? >> i think, airlines have a thing called -- if i am an american carrier flying to europe, i can but i can't fly europe to other places, you can fly from your home country to next, issue that you know these american airlines and the other unions have, more norwegian is d in the far east, named norwegian they based their new contract certificate in ireland. neil: so they have rights to anywhere. so, but airline, we actually pay your people more. have is no slave labor, we found a better sense to make this model work, like southwest on a
11:22 pm
grand scale is it true? >> they are efficient, they fly brand-new planes, they said we condition buy more boeing aircraft. i guess americans can't have jobs for that if we don't get these routes, they buy american airplanes, a are efficient, they cram a lot of people in the planes but a lot don't care, they just want to see europe for a lower price. >> which is the draw of your plan to see brazil at a good price, next year you will get that access for u.s. and all points forward, why is it so tough to do this? they are making money now, they made 3.5 billion. so they are in a stronger position than they were? >> more week weake more -- the y is stronger, when fuel went from
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$20 a barrel, where it was when we started jetblue tos there are $140 a barrel, it crushed industry, everyone filed for bankruptcy, and all mergeed, got rid of pension costs, and debt, american airlines, when they came out of bankruptcy, they went to company with no value their share praise, now 12 billion, just by saying, you know unsecured shareholders, you are now our shareholders, they restructureed and cleaned themselves up, and they started charging fees for everything. neil: but a hellish experience for the flying public. >> it is, but fuel is enormously expenseive. neil: then how is norwegian air cutting it? >> they lost a lot.
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neil: these are lost leader fares they are talking about? >> it took us a few years to make a profit. we have 138 planes today, 900 flights a day, we'll start flying to u.s. there is an economy, a feeding aspect, beautiful for us from brazil to united states, about 20 times as many brazilians that come to u.s. than american that go to brazil, u.s. requires have you a visa to go to brazil, which is crazy. they come here spend $200 million a day, we require visas, then brazilians say we'll have visas too, now hard for americans to go down there. neil: with olim olympics and all that. >> i hope we get rid of visas. neil: are they ready for olympics. >> let's start with the world cup. they will get it done.
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neil: straoelt -- wha what is g? >> people are fed up, they want change, twitter and this stuff, and facebook, a lot of people congate, arab spring all that, they get together, nobody of the hurt, one person was killed got hit by a car wandering into a street but no one was hurt. neil: do you think they are ready? >> they are ready. neil: without a hitch. >> they will keep is sep separated. i hope brazil wins, since i am a brazilian citizen too. neil: you have both. >> america i is in a tough pool, and brazil is great for business. neil: thank you david neeleman, more on so-called g.o.p. war on women. wait until you find out what qualifies as a war after this. friday night, buddy.
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you are gonna need a wingman. and my cash back keeps the party going. but my airline miles take it worldwide.
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[ male announcer ] it shouldn't be this hard. with, it's easy to search hundreds of cards and apply online. >> are republicans really going to block giving 15 million american women and many others a raise. >> we will not have one vote, that provide women equal pay. >> republican laws restrict access to voting. >> they prefer to go on, long with women being paid less than men. neil: am i missing something? how did this debate over the minimum wage turn into a concerted attack on women. a war on women? here to help meous claudia, and jewely and sherri? >> it is a an election year. neil: let me write that down.
11:30 pm
>> we have equal pay act, it is against the law to discriminate against women. they make it sound like that. well, it is the law, you know president could set a good example. we know that the obama white house does not pay women the same as men. i'm not saying it does not happen, i do think that women hit a glass ceiling they go out and start businesses, so guess what women create,ed own more businesses in fortune 500. you will have -- >> that transcends whole gender thing. you are a small the business owner it is about providing opportunity to benefit men and women. >> we don't need government getting in the way of women creating jobs, i am a coowner of a small, last thing we need is government to regulate us more. neil: among your workers, men
11:31 pm
women paid equally? >> absolutely it is paided on the job, we do not have any women operating a press right now, but when i was working we did she was fabulous, and got paid based on merit not a government intervention to how we should pay people. i think women deserve to be based on merit not a government regulation. neil: how did this get mixed up in the debate. >> if you look at actual metrics, obamacare, that republicans rail against, but one as second that popular that democrats have been pushing is fact that discrimination against women charged for more services than men, that is no longer the case. a lilly ledbetter act. republicans voted again, that tying to minimum wage.
11:32 pm
more woman are affected by min minimum wage. neil: a small component. now then, are you saying that republicans would look people in the eye say, i think you are worth less than a man. >> i don't think they would look me in the eye. they would not look me in the eye no more than look you in the eye. neil: it is against the law. >> thanks to lilly ledbetter. republicans did not vote for it they would not look me in the eye, but their votes under score. >> no, i don't agrow, with government gets involved, you force people to do things that is not good for their business in 1931, davis-bacon act designed to keep av one african-american nonunion black owned businesses from getting a construct contract they wanted to keep those for the whites black businesses were shut out, black businesses were able to
11:33 pm
compete, and save the government. neil: present day. >> they forced prevailing wage that is what do who you force a men all wage, you kill jobs, and eliminate someone's ability to create the jobs. neil: solution is to hear some of these, democrats say you have to lift minimum wage, then war on women will cease to be a war on women. >> lute sh absolutely not. >> we have not even have a minimum wage, at-this-point the market should determine what the wage is. you don't need government to come in, especially obama obamacare could nothing has been more singley tkefy devastating to sml businesses than obamacare. obamacare. >> i get this. >> wait. >> neil: could i ask you this.ld. neil: do you think this is just
11:34 pm
taking a side issue, making a big issue to get people's attention away from health care. democratic strategist don't top use the word recovery. that is a loaded term is this a load of you know what? >> no, two things are going on, yes there is an election. and benghazi all of a sudden out front and center. could it be because hill clinton may be the next president. >> no. >> no, benghazi is legitimate. is accentuateed there is a election, and part because of the case. right now they demonstrate that -- >> they are against women? they are -- >> if i. >> no.
11:35 pm
if i say that women, in particular single women are helped -- >> let's say 2 million are women. >> we don't have many people, they don't have cancer. why do we fund cancer research. neil: taking from mary to give to -- >> ladies, i can't make sense of this. i am clue less guy. we mentioned obamacare, healthcare law, extended to those who have nothing to do with it. if you are very sick, if you have a serious condition, there is an out for a lot of companies to put you on one of these exchanges, if you have medical issues, your company could have an issue with you. doesn't mean you still condition doesn't mean you still condition worcan'twork for 4you start tom?
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neil: if you are sick, you might want to listen, if you have serious health care issues you might want to really listen up, one of potential fallout of obamacare companies could jed jettison you to any one of these exchanges. you are a higher risk factor. there is a math argument. but there seems to be a heartless factor, how real is this? and what is the fallout. >> it is going to happen, compancompanies are smart, corpe america is smarter than government it is just a fact. they will find loopholes.
11:40 pm
termnally ill patients can cost loads and loads of money, it heartless but they have shareholders to answer to. neil: will say see their health care cost do not go up. >> they may see it option for companies they may make it look like your choice to go on the exchange they can clinching shrink their hospital and doctor provider network and jack up the copayment. you may be able to get cheaper coverage on the exchange. neil: like a tony soprano meeting? a nice idea if you left your policy? >> i'm not sure, some say it may not be a definite. neil: or even legal? >> it is a gray area. we're very much in preliminary stages. neil: you could jettison them now, ask questions later? >> absolutely, you can't shift your high cost employees to medicare off your employer plan
11:41 pm
but the aforable care -- this was not thought through that is well-known. you can do that, a lot of big companies are self-insured, to them a huge advantage to take someone with a medical condition, and put them on government healthcare, because they lower their cost. neil: but would figure -- with bigger companies one thing but smaller companies that is another thing. >> small company is getting screwed in this plan. with everything from administrative cost to implementing of it, the small businesses that are taking the brunt of this whole affordable care act that no one read. neil: that is going to make it worse, that goes beyond obamacare even company that have nothing to do with it they jettison their risky workers because of it. it. >> remember that analysts predict double digit premium increases on exchange, if you
11:42 pm
have more people on it that averse risk death spiral, premiums go up with too many old and unhealthy people. >> those old unhealthy bugers, they ruin serve time. neil: why do you look at me when you say that? >> whether donald rumsfeld tells me, i can't figure out my taxes, and tells world, good luck, i had s.w.a.t. team of accountants, i could not tell accountants, i could not tell you if it is accurat when folks think about what they get from alaska, they think salmon and energy. but the energy bp produces up here creates something else as well: jobs all over america. engineering and innovation jobs. advanced safety systems & technology. shipping and manufacturing. across the united states, bp supports more than a quarter million jobs. when we set up operation in one part of the country, people in other parts go to work.
11:43 pm
that's not a coincidence. it's one more part of our commitment to america.
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>> i work hard, i try to be accurate in my taxes, when i finish, it is a big stack, i know i don't know if is is
11:46 pm
accurate. neil: you have accountants. >> and i ask them to eplain it to me. >> jim: what do they -- >> what do they tell you, we think it is accurate. >> this is inexcuse inin u.s. of america in 2014 that american people are not capable of understands their taxes, i am not and nor is my wife. neil: i am thinking to myself, self, one of most powerful men on the planet. if he cannot figure out his taxes, and the s.w.a.t. team of account ans cannot figure them out, what does that say about the president's tax code. >> this makes my head want to pop off, we have policymakers who don't know difference between a credit and a deduction, writing policy on taxes and then go to irs, and say figure out how to implement
11:47 pm
this. it is a book of favors, it should be junctioned -- junked it should be started over, no one as the spine to do that in washington. >washington. neil: even no two account ans can agree. >> there are so many loopholes. >> it is scary but i file donalds pain, i cannot do my taxes. neil: have you someone do it. >>, i do. i am too scared to mess up, the problem is that irs hangs over your head like the grim ripper coming at you. neil: layfield? >> i agree with tracy, 70,000 plus pages of political favors and loopholes, only ones that pay rates you are supposeed to play are people without money and influence.
11:48 pm
this has been decade in the making. neil: ignorance is no defense. if you done know a certain rule or measure -- you are burned? >> yeah, that is worst part, you could pay someone to to your return, if you sign it. neil: your responsibility. all right, switching gears, you have seen that cable bills are rising, but, almost 200 channels most americans, watch from 10 to 17 of them. fox business is on this must watch list. but i tell you, you have to worry. >> that back 5 years ago with 60 channels we were just watching same 17, i am part of the problem, i love my netflix, a watch on on my ipad. >> i think thinking for threat 96 and -- netflix and all other offers that is music it their ears.
11:49 pm
>> if it were not my job, i would drop my cable bill, i am only one that watches it in my house even my son -- >> i have 3 kids. they tell me my hair is out of place then change the channel. neil: change it. >> yes. >> imwith everyone, i love house of cards, i boat netflix just -- bought net glick just for that, if was a cable distributor i would be worried. neil: but, cable companies might created their own funeral, made it so costly. >> they are. neil: a lot say we don't need this. >> you see ne netflix like housf cards that is a win away hit. the other providers might take a tap at it. neil: what is interesting note just young people are doing that, we used to have a ridge i
11:50 pm
schedulerigidschedule, now you s stuff, see it when you want, and what youment. >> i remember in college, i could not wait to watch cheers, but now you can watch it on saturday. neil: i loveed bonanza myself. >> i loved bond anza -- bond anza, you can buy certain shows right now for $1.99 on i-tunes, that is where people are going. neil: spokes at home, cut anything you want, but don't' to cut your link to moi . despite who my guests said, when we come back, we learn why a certain someone, is calling me, me, the king of finance, please,
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(agent) i'll walk you guys through every step. there are a lot of buyers for a house like yours. (husband) that's good to know. >> "what's the deal, neil?" neil: and what is the deal with the war on drugs? some say enough, stop wasting our money. and sean rides that i agree with ron paul. who cares what he says? why was it not reported when he senate? maybe because he saying that it isn't really big news. and george seraphs as saying that it is. and robert rights and i want my tax money back. it has been a complete waste and accomplish nothing.
11:55 pm
and this is a war that we lost years ago and i agree. rob says yes to the war on drugs is a complete waste of time and is arguably doing more harm than good. and then focus on my halo. debbie saenz hurt tweet and says heck, yes. and i believe that i see a we bit of the devil in his eyes. and charlie writes my husband used to blow you off, now it's a 8:00 p.m., turn on neil cavuto. let's just call it divine intervention. and bill says don't they already tell you that you are the pope at fox? i haven't heard that one, but i liked it. and this is all the time come as you know. because i am right all the time.
11:56 pm
and rich rich on facebook says i demand it and never look back. and i made sure that you got it and that you never regret it. and brenda says that i love neil cavuto so much more than getting preached to you by bill o'reilly. keep it up. well, the same applies to vince. you are like watching paint dry. and you are like listening to nails on a talk were. and this segment is one of your favorites. now with some quick questions and i have collected from viewers who just need some fast answers. willie says i'm five years from retirement. what is your advice? well, if you're five years away from retirement, you should be playing it very safe and keeping your money very safe. and the risk is for longer-term horizons and not yours. and you can babble all you want. and mary says, who is your
11:57 pm
favorite president? well, i would say lincoln. and clinton seaside heights, new jersey. the term is calorically challenge. anthony egremont says who is your favorite actor? right now come i would say victoria said if he were to die tomorrow, who would replace you tomorrow night remap well, they would likely just show reruns forever and you will never know. it would be like a broadcast weekend at bernie's. and how long have you been with your white? thirty years. she's a very lucky woman. and is it true that when you were in high school on across turn you down to the prom? it just seems crazy and i can't imagine it. and, believe it. lots of girls turned me down until my mom finally traded out. and do you smoke? well, no. and do you like monster movies? yes. on the same if so, what is your
11:58 pm
favorite scary movie? >> the exercise. and have you ever gotten into a fistfight? if so, prove it. lou: well, yes, prove it. and in new york city, i think the answers are hot. well, i think you're right. and it another viewer says if you're so smart mobile you doing on cable? and if you are so smart, what are you doing writing someone who is. and alan and melinda in kansas, you are a joy to our world and a chuckle to our home and what can we do to you remap forward your e-mail to my boss. and what is the difference between you and a potted plant? >> i don't know. and you have written me before. you make no sense and the of the time.
11:59 pm
okay, so if i had a million dollars, would that be enough for me to retire? welcome it it depends on where you want to live and how long you plan to live. generally you should plan on meeting half of what you're eating out. and so let's figure it is 50 grand per year and you say that you have a good 20 or so it. okay, here it is right there. all of this is a bit much for alicia who says there's just no way, my husband and i are going to swing retirement. can we move in with you? well, now. and another writes that life is unfair. i have three cool patterns to my name. i don't have a -- you know what -- to do -- you know what -- ben.
12:00 am
and do you feel guilty? well, coming from you, not at all. you sound like a loser that should be watching another . >> is the american dream dead? >> ie as. >> is the american dream dead? >> is the american dream dead? >> dead? >> only one out of four still believe in the american dream. why is that? lemonade for sale. there are so many rules it is impossible for me to sell lemonade legally. >> despite the obstacles people keep creating silly things like a bar with market prices. a new food? >> $2 million of sales and grand ideas.


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