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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  May 20, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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we're taking your phone calls live on the after show, it's going to be good. . lou: good evening, breaking news tonight. polls have just closeed in states of georgia and kentucky. we await results of two republican senate primary races, the elections across 6 states highlighting battle between establishment republicans and tea party favorites. we begin in kentucky, senate minority leader mitch mcconnell hopes to fend off tea party challengeeer matt babet. and 7 republicans vying for a chance to fill senate seat industry kateed by retired republican saxby chambliss in
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georgia. perdue led in the preelect pol polls. far back from the pack, most recent poll are house tea party caucus members, paul brown, and phil begin agree. other top races tonight, moderate republican monica wehbe, faces off against oregon state tea party favorite jason conger. the winner gets to run against vulnerable democratic senator jeff merckly in november. wehbe went into election day with the lead. congressional races in pennsylvania and idaho have sitting u.s. congres congressmag off against lesser known partisateaparty candidates. we'll begets results live for
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you as they happen, we'll bring them to you throughout this ho hour. with 167 days remaining in the the midterm, democrats reportedly are becoming frustrated with president obama. for a lack of involv involvemena lack of strategy for the midterm elections. for more i am joined by ed rollins, and we're going to be joined hir here by juan william, and i want to turn you to first, most important race as we have highlighted start with georgia replacing saxby cha chambliss. >> all probability, perdue is a business man, the front-runner. he has spend a substantial amount of money. my sense is whoever comes out of
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it, it will run off, all probability if perdue or king ston they will be the win. lou: we have results from kentucky. there as expected. senator mitch mcconnell has prevailed against the tea party candidate. matt bev in -- bevin , and juan, i understand that you have just joind us, your thoughts to mcconnell, never a doubt, was there? >> early othere was a doubt. you know, it will be interesting to heared on on this, bevens was tea party candidate, mcconnell did smart things brought in staff, and campaign managers who were tea party folks to make it clear he is with that element in the party.
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bevens speaking at a cockfighting rally, and supportining dog fights and that made some place takes. lou: as juan actionsly hear from ed. >> moc mcconnell has been thehea long time, you know he had problem back home because people back home think he made too many deals in washington, but the republican party, and rand paul, other senate, is he is a good campaigner, a good campaign te team. i expect him to not only win today but win in november. lou: por more fore formidable. >> a tough guy.
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lou: that race in kentucky. grimes winning as expected. with no surprises, we have to do bookkeeping here, juan. let's get to the real issues that is where will tea party be with general elect. it looks like they tea party is a nonevent in this midterm. >> the establishmenment and the entitys that support the establishment, decided this is an election we will take candidates or incumbants that can win and throw our support there. i don't think that tea party will very much of a show, we need them in the fall, i hope they are not driven away. lou: juan, your thoughts? tea party not being much of a factor at all. it is early. these primaries to give us a suggestion was what will happen
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in midterms, will the tea party show up in your judgment? >> oh, yeah, you look at poll numbers. you can see who is engaged in terms of midterm elections most likely to turn out. time and again, you can come down to tea party folks, you or track, looking back. only tea party person i would say so far that has come up a winner has been this fellow sasse in nebraska. they are trying to do some kind of you know, rapprochement at the moment, but sasse started out as the tea party candidate. lou: making a lot of noise, an establishment guy. coming out of the bush wonk policy apparatus. he is the president of midland university. this is a -- not your average typical tea party -- >> he is a good nebraska
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conservative. which is what they like to election my sense is he will have an easy time. >> there snow questio -- there n he wins in november, but he was not the leading candidate going into it, he had to separate him is elf from the field. but he one tea party candidate that stands out, the rift, especially thom tillis in north carolina not a tea party guy. i think that lou's summary is tea party in pretreat. it is -- in retreat it is because not only has chamber of comeer money been spent but you see leadership from folks in washington saying, clearly, boehner, mcconnell and others, we gave up the chance do have the majority in 12 because we had such weak candidates that did not appeal to middle of the road voters. >> i think you could analyze
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that a lot of ways blameing it on tea party, and 2 or 3 candidates, that was a good amount of rationalization in this autopsy report by the rnc on the presidential election. senate within their reach. but also not tpwhr their grasp. >> there are certain candidates that were not viable in the states. primaries are a good thing, not a bad thing, at the end of the day, most people in tea party want us to have a majority and move forward. lou: it is amazing a number of people, juan, your views to immigration reform. john boehner keeps pushing it. people talk about the tea party reaction. but it is not tea party reaction iit is conservative, and moderae republicans saying, are out of
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your mind? where are -- where are they headd. >> right now they are still on track, boehner pushing to get something done in this june-july time frame before the recess, we talk about tea party opposition. you heard last week tom donohue of tame khrer sa chamber say, iy don't get's hind immigration don't -- >> this is the business community, but mainstream republicans, still have real questions about immigration. certainly something rushed through at-this-point in time. lou: okay edthank you. and juan thank you. >> you're welcome. lou: senate minority leader miscmitch mcconnell wins kentucy primary, race for republican primary in georgia still too close to call. a run off is considered to be likely there. growing calls for president
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obama to end his public silence on the sra*on the -- va scandal, allegations about workers has now expanded to 19 states, according to obama white house, deputy chief of stab rob neighbors will travel through a phoenix va tomorrow. >> the president himself has said little. today the va announces it is investigating why one of their medical centers in gainsville, florida, kept the list of patients needing follow-up appointment on paper instead of the computer system. critics only getting louder, talk radio host rush limbaugh equateing the va to a quote death panel, being done on it purpose. lou: new mexico ranchers condemning what they say is
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president obama's biggest land grab, white house announceing that president des ebb nateing -- designating oregon mountains and southern peaks in southern new mexico as a national monument that en comp pauses about 500,000 acres, that move angers local ranchers are who upset about grazeing rights and local law en forces am said that new land restrict will create a safe haven for the drug cartels, and a drug corridor for drug and human smuggling into the united states we'll talk with one of new mexico sheriffs who is affected and opposes it, sheriff taurtodd garrison will join us tomorrow. >> search search blast -- search searcsarahpalin blasting democrg that anyone who questions hillary clinton let's health, is
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engageing a sexist war on women. suggestions it must be hip littlhypocritical it was only 6s ago they went after her. pushing rumors she was not the biggebith mother to her son witn syndrome, and wrote with is a as em -- sarcasm. we're comes right back. >> echo lyle forcing a -- e.coli forcing a recall of 2 million pounds of beef. the experts on growing threats of our food and water supplies. all stations come over to mission a for a final go. this is for real this time. step seven point tw
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lou: general motors announcing it is recalling thering another. million vehicles here, that raises number to more than 15 million worldwide. now po put that 15 million number in context, it is the same of all general motors sales in united states from 2008 through last year. 6 years. >> today's recall covers possible faulty seat belts, transmissions, airbags and fire issues. gm also said that it is doubling charge it expect to take in second quarter to about 400 million dollars, mostly for recall related repairs. >> 2 million pounds of beef recalled after 11 people were infected with echol economy col-
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e.coli virus in 10 states. here is talk about the impact on our food supply, what we can expect about prices, which have been rising. we're joined by mindy brashears director of international food industry in texas tech. if you will put in to some sort of context, what is happening to the food supply. because it seems whether it is let tuesday, prices going -- lettuce prices going higher, the drought or other produce or a beef recall like this one or it is a virus attacking the pig
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population. we seem to be under national food supply seems to be under assault. >> yes, mr. dobbs thank you for allowing me on your program. i am appreciat appreciative. but, yes, you are right. we do have some things that we're facing in the u.s. food supply. as you mentioned we're facing 1.8 million pound recall of ground beef this week, thats after tphourpbsesthat --was annn firm, that in and of itself does not necessarily have an impact on our cost prices. that is a small amount, one recall is not going to make a difference. if you combine it with other factor such as the pedv virus in pork, and drought conditions in the cattle that does have an
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impact on the food supply, and has cause the the price to increase over the last several months. lou: turning to the pork virus, that is killed to this points estimate about 10%, is that correct, of the poker population? >> yes, in keep in mind this is a virus that is not what we call zoo nautic, does not have an impact on human health but it has a detrimental impact on the animal and piglets specificly it has decreased the number of swine in the u.s., yes. lou: this virus. has never been seen in these numbers in this country before. does anybody yet understand why it is being so present in the pig population? >> at-this-point, the usda and
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national pork board are both investigating that they are confirming cases, doing epidemiological studies. investigating means by which the virus in spread. you are correct there are more cases than in the past. they are investor gailing that trying to find the source and cause of this particular spread of that virus at the moment. lou: you mentioned connection between the drought and beef prices, which are rising. arizona state university reports showing that drought in california will affect a million acres of agricultural land. california producing nearly 50% of our fruits for example, lettuce pricing rise as much as dollars%, avocado prices 28% they are huge increases. we'll havthey will have a huge n
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the american family budget. >> yes, you are correct. currently, we're fortunate in u.s. that we spend a small amount on our disposable income on our food. but, that is going to change this summer. but fortunately we have a very diverse food supply. you know specifically back to the beef itself, people who are accustomed to stake steaks may e lower cost cuts or ground beef, we're insulated a little bit in the u.s. because we do have a diverse food supply. but the cost of food will increase as a result of the tkro drought, and decrease cattle herds, we know that our cattle herd is at lowest aim since it has been since 1940s. lou: incredible. and do we have any sense as to when the pork virus epidemic
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will be under control? >> well, both the pork and beef are really going to be dependent on factors of identifying -- well the pork on identifying sources and controling it. lou: i'm sorry -- we're in a real trouble time, any sense of what it will be controlled? >> hopefully within the next few months. lou: all right. thank you very much. dr. mindy brashears, texas tech university, red raiders i believe. >>s. yes, we are. >> thank you. >> time for a look at our on-line poll results, we ask if you believe that republican party is focusing on men and women of middle class ahead of midterm elections, 22% said yes, and reese witherspoo reese -- rt rnc might take that 8% of you said no. vote on our poll tonight, drought is growing, livestock
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disease worsening, food prices rising, do we believe we can adequately protect our food supply and distribution. cast your vote on, wore cominwe're coming right ba. lou: fast-food workers want to double their salary. double their salary. eoeen've
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lou: the minimum wage looks like the white house wants to make it a big issue. to debate the issue and look at economic and political impact we're joined by our two gifts with different perspectives. jamey richardson, vice president of white castle. erica payne, founder of agenda project, thank you. let me just start with a simple proposition. looking at this you know poll most recent poll. we have express employment report that 38% of private employers will layoff workers if
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congress passes the minimum wage hike. erica, can we afford to lose that number of jobs. >> well if you look at congressional budget officers report it estimated lose about 500,000 jobs but 16 million people will get a raise, when i cheese betweei-- have to go on 6 million. lou: that pretty cold. >> our government is supposed to do most good for the most people. and 16 million people could be better off, and you know, we lose half a million jobs that is terrible. you know, i am sympathetic to these people. >> you don't sound sympathetic. >> i am also sympathetic to people who work full time and condition support themselves. lou: jamey, you are at, end of erierika triage. what is the impact in real numbers to white castle? >> we're a family-owned business
10:28 pm
with 400 restaurants but we looked at numbers our financial people tell us if we raise minimum wage by 106% it would not be bad it would be catastrophic, we would close 200 restaurants, this is a huge increase, our most important investment is our people, we would like to provide more opportunity for the people create more jobs, you mentioned about rising food cost, two most important investment we maker increasing in cost, we want to be able to continue to offer more jobs for our people in the neighborhood. >> i want to compliment white castle, they have a strong record with their employees, they pay them substantially higher than mi minimum wage already, and they give them health benefits and things like, that your financial people may be confuseing just raising fast-food wages to $15 an hour across the board.
10:29 pm
>> here is what happens though -- unfortunately, these of us in restaurant industry we create more tune in the morning than federal government can create in 15 years we give people a chance for a first job, they then earn a wage, thereure 21 million people who are unemployed, quit looking for work or who cannot get full time work we have to give them an opportunity. >> you are right, but is it right for someone to work 50 hours a week and live below poverty level and be on government assistance, that is not a good deal for the taxpayer, why are 50% of fast-food workers -- >> i think most people would agree with you, they would like everyone to make a living wage. the fact is that the dispute comes in what can be afforded by businesses particularly small,
10:30 pm
as we look at a raise that is here anticipateed to double the existing minimum wage. federal wage. i mean this is -- if i may. there has to be a middle ground here. and i'm not certain by the way you reach that middle ground through government action, i am sure that is probably not the way to do it but, is there a way jame they white castle could raise at the margin its minimum wages? in which erika, the left could understand why these should be incremental and marginal stips toward a goal. >> lou we know it of never meant to be a living wage, this i is a starting wage, less than 5% --some erika. lou: let him finish. >> less than 5% of fast-food workers are minimum wage, of those 5% 7% 70% in there are 20s
10:31 pm
and teens this is a starting path to learn responsibility, thousand schedule, and make a difference in neighborhoods and communities, that leads too better things, we need to give people more employment. lou: erika. >> just to play devil a advocate. lou: we don't have time. i flied you to advocate for yourself. >> so this is what i say, there is a proposal on table for $10.10 ran hour, i am supportive on that. >> if you go 40% over cliff, as 10.10 would do you are still killing, and creation of jobs and opportunities. the person who makes 12 an -- >> we thank you both. erika pain thank you.
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lou: my commentary on russia's rather entertaining leadership, and well, comparison to say obama obama administration. and president himself. we're coming right back. when folks think about what they get from alaska, they think salmon and energy. but the energy bp produces up here creates something else as well: jobs all over america. engineering and innovation jobs. advanced safety systems & technology. shipping and manufacturing. across the united states, bp supports more than a quarter million jobs. when we set up operation in one part of the country, people in other parts go to work. that's not a coincidence. it's one more part of our commitment to america.
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lou: breaking news, senator mitch mcconnell holding off a challenge by tea party candidate matt bevin on clench republican nomination for senate in kentucky, he will faisal son -- face ale son grimes. >> in georgia. the primary race is much too close to call. we've been expecting some time now that this would be a run off. we're following the returns here we bring them to you momentarily. >> let's turn to now,
10:36 pm
leadership, whole ukraine crisis has given russian leadership a world stage upon which to dem demonstrate their geo political determination and leadership dexterity. russian prime minister mark basselesaid hewas disappointed y president obama is handling the crisis in ukraine. showing that russians have been paying attention to mr. obama's rhetoric and resort to world disappointment. the russian prime minister then turned to crimea, and sounded as if he was leading the peace corps not an invasion. and said quote, i'm very sorry that what we achieve then the
10:37 pm
results we got read in crimea, are now reduceed to zero. they do all of that with straight faces. you have to give them some credit, russia's deputy prime minister last month had a great rejoineder who united states, slapped more sanctions against the russian space industry, he said, nasa at tphauft astronautd target about buying a ride on sosoyuz rockets and get to international spacetation using a trampoline. in february when everyone authority that whoever was responsible for that sochi snow make malfunction at opening of the olympics would turn up disappeared. the russian surprise the world and poked fun at themselves at closing ceremony. some of our politicians might
10:38 pm
top take a lesson. or perhaps two from the russians, i thought i would never say that about a since of humor. because the russians, to this points, they just keep outwiting, out smarting and out maneuvering humorless american leadership. it is just not funny. we're coming right back. >> the tha nba claiming that dod sterling has damaged its brand with his racist remarks, top attorneys lis wiehl and mercedes col win on whata already a nasty fight next. we're moving our company to new york state.
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10:42 pm
close higher, telecom worst performing sector. crude oil settled above $102 a barrel. gold up a fraction, yele on 10 year -- yield on the 10 year dropping to wh to 2.51%, gm shas falling 3.5% on that 2.4 million vehicle recall today, caterpillar, reporting a 13% drop in sales over last quarter, home depot shares up 2%. boosting outlook despite an earnings miss and concern about the housing market. number of underwater homeowners falling to 10 million in the first quarter according on a report. listen to my financial report 3 times a day, coast to coast on the salem radio network. >> conservative author film maker, de souza pleading guilty
10:43 pm
today to making a $20,000 illegal campaign contribution, this is 4 months after being charged with using straw donors to give funds to republican wendy long's 2012 u.s. senate campaign in new york. de souza said, i knew that causing a pa campaign contributn to be made in the name of another is wrong, something the law for forbids, a i's gre my c, de souza faces 10 to 15 months in prison. >> joining us now, leading attorneys lis wiehl, mercedes -- fox news legal analysts, i have to begin with de souza. and apologize to eric holder, i thought that was political harassment. you could have knocked me over
10:44 pm
with a feather. >>e more interesting. lou: than what i say? >> that is not what we meant. mercedes take this over. >> it is interesting, he was represented by a fantastic criminal defense attorney, he said take the plea we'll argue, you will not have a jail sentence, they will say, please not give him jail time. >> sentenceing ramification, are pretty much lower than that. they could get to no jail time, i agree with mercedes. lou: sterling, and clippers, and the nba, charging against he is a foul fellow. racist sob. there is nothing new
10:45 pm
in this direct in which is this headed. but a lot more court time. >> nba because he has come forward, said i'm lawyered up now. with an antitrust lawyer. >> we did not expect anything differently. will this go on forever? it will, there is so much money, charges are there, that does not mean something to someone like sterling, all lawyers, they will use that money. >> but, he violated nba constitution, it is broad, that constitution. >> a big constitution. >> you will bring up due process. >> owned property. lou: that darn u.s. constituti constitution. this is where you confuse me. she was the prosecutor, and. >> i'm the corporate lawyer. >> but i think of a big constitution versus a little one that makes me nervous. >> i think that the little one
10:46 pm
this it breach of contract. lou: there are no little ones in this deal. this is about big money. pushing a lot of chips across the board, and one can imagine without too much strain, that there were all sorts of conditions present at work here. >> talking contract law. >> look at that. lou: idea that this type, this audio. >> this is the thing. it is still come in a courtroom. lou: i have no problem. i want this in court, i want everyone in court, i want this resolved. i have never seen anything quite like this. a rush to judgment, a billion dollar at play. there is you know sweat flying off the brows of the attorneys, as they try too figure out how to get their cut of this deal. >> that is why sterling is going going to spend 8 figures to try to
10:47 pm
defeat it. >> probably 8 years. lou: that would be less than $1 1 a hundred, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> great. thank you, lou. >> vote in our on-line poll tonight, the drought is growing, livestock disease is worsening, food prices are rising. do you believe we can protect our food supply and distribution, vote at up next, new thriller, the lincoln myth. the installment -- the 9th installment in cotton malone series, putting 16th president in command of a bombshell secret. it is a bombshell. a lot of times that language is used but "new york times" best seller author steve barry delivers.
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big time. big time. stay with us.
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lou: time for the word of the evening, a quote of the evening, our word adjective describeing sweetly flowing, describes president reagan's mellifluous resrhetoric. now, a few of your comments if your e-mail, tweet or facebook post is read here, you will receive a copy of my new book, border war. cowritten with jim born.
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samuel said -- we have no leader, blame mainstream media enableers. and obama is mad as hell. we know how his anger solveed irs, benghazi, "fast and furious." jim in california, writes, grant all veterans same health care status as congressmen and. i think you have some good ideas there. we love hearing from you, send your e-mails to us, follow us on twitter. go to our facebook page, links to everything at >> the lincoln myth is the ninth book in best selling cotton
10:53 pm
malone series, joining me now is author of same, staoeu steve be, congratulation on this book, it is terrific. >> thank you. lou: forgive me, i often describe thriller as popcorn for the mind, your book offers so much historical context. as dow through out your cotton malone series, i think people would be interested to know, this quote from abraham lincoln, that sets off the thriller, you can read with me. quote just hit me. -- these are the words of
10:54 pm
abraham lincoln, january 12, 1848, his never seen that quote anywhere. it is -- sets a foundation for this thriller, just brilliant. what -- how did you find that quote? >> i came across it. i am a amateur storyian, a head 400 books on one subject. you begin to see -- you come across things like that, i saw these missions of lincoln, he is the south state d, he sd wha eyad righto it, yrs lateres opposit
10:55 pm
fliped around, there a lot about lincoln that way, that is where title came from, the lincoln mission, the thriller of this lincoln's inconsistencys, that would surprise you about him. lou: the relationship that exists between cotton malone, then the mor mormon church. it is such a remarkable study as well, on mormoaronism and its influence on america. >> in january 1863, be a rah ram lincoln made -- rain ra abrahamn made a deal with brin bring am .
10:56 pm
so i put this thrillinging it dealing with the mormon church, and lincoln. the kuo of whether a state can leave the union. answer to that question will surprise you in the novel. lou: and it did. and does. throughout, it is a terrific. read. you mentioned 4 mu 400 books, hw much research did you spend in this. >> about your00 researc 400 resi don't rean't read i read good chunks of them. lou: this is a terrific result of that. >> thank you. lou: that history we appreciate you sharing it with us, steve berry, the lincoln mission on sale now, on-line, bookstores
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everywhere. coming up tomorrow, radio talk show host john gibson, monica crowley, and a border sheriff who is fed up with obama who is fed up with obama administration land grabs. can you start tomorrow? yes sir. alright. let's share the news tomorrow. today we failrly busy. tomorrow we're booked solid. we close on the house tomorrow. i want one of these opened up. because tomorow we go live... it's a day full of promise. and often, that day arrives by train.
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