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tv   Cavuto on Business  FOX Business  May 25, 2014 8:30am-9:01am EDT

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>> jonas, what is your prediction? >> well, i can't use a tablet, doesn't have enough power, but the surface pro -- >> bull or bear? >> have a great weekend. neil is next. it's all about tps food workers or unions just pulling a fast one on. good to have you. i am neil cavuto. it's time to kick mcdonald's buns out of the headquarters. charles payne, unions goating them into this and what do they want out of this? >> there is a whole lot of contracts out there, a whole lot of different unions whose contracts automatically adjust
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with the hike in minimum wage. they will automatically get a raise themselves and they will be able to go through the newly enriched employees that say, you owe us one, too. they want to swell the ranks as well, and you think of the ramifications of this, and everybody knows if you do this, something crazy, north of 10 bucks, there will be job losses. so the teenage kid making minimum wage, and the average house makes $70 a year, and take out one person from that equation, they are making less of the median income. >> ben, if it's not going to be $15, which the unions are pushing, and they secretly know they are not going to get that, and it gets them back to $10.10.
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>> i am a fan of mcdonald's. it's as good as -- >> it must be freshly cooked. >> it has to be freshly cooked, exactly right. exactly right. it has to be freshly cooked. if they are not freshly cooked, then i don't mind paying 50% more for my big mac and cheeseburger. i do not want the unions pushing everybody around. i want people to make their own decisions. when people make their own decisions, if the small franchiser makes his own decision, if a union workers makes their own decisions, that's fine, and i don't want the union bosses pushing people around. >> i do mind paying 50% more for a cheeseburger, but they can only ougautomate so much. i feel for average americans who want value when they go and eat
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out. >> well, they are getting it. labor is one of the expenses that goes into the product. >> i don't mean to indulge, you pay minimum wage, they will -- what makes you think it's just a little more? >> well, it's a fair point, neil. >> i make plenty of them. you will not double the price of a big mac. i don't know if it's going to go up 5% or 7% or 20%. sure, it will go up, and maybe that's the fair price. any leadership of any organization that advocates for its members and benefits from their success, there's nothing wrong with that. that's how it works with the company, too. >> yeah, i don't think a lot of those workers know if i am going to make 15 bucks an hour, these
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guys may take something off the top. >> the workers are being victim the workers, at one point they will have to wake up and realize they are being manipulated by the unions. families on welfare particular, they live off mcdonald's, and they are feeding their families off mcdonald's, and -- >> what are you making that face for? >> mcdonald's is a dirty business. it spews -- it produces poison for the american people. >> oh, no. >> show his face. i am only kidding. what the unions are missing, this is not going after ge, you are going after small businesses. these mcdonald's are franchises. if you raise the minimum wage, it's going to le to layoffs --
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>> you have done more harm to those franchises with your characterization of mcdonald's. >> i did not believe what he said. >> it's the menu. >> no, no, no. >> it's disgusting food. >> what do you make of his ridiculous argument? >> he knows it's true. you know it's true. do you eat mcdonald's? >> i will have a bunch of relatives over. >> in all seriousness, the minimum wage goes well beyond mcdonald's, and everybody will be affected by this if it comes to pass, and what will the fallout be? let's assume it's at a minimum, and the president's call, $10.10. >> labor costs, it's something like 40% of the total cost as a mcdonald's, if you raise them by 50% you are raising costs so
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that you are going to get, say, a $6 or whatever big mac, and the big mac is going to cost $7.25, but to call mcdonald's a dirty business, it's outrageous. they serve incredibly good food. i get sick when i eat at the high-end places in manhattan. >> i get sick when i am at the table -- >> i couldn't care if you want to kill yourself, that stuff is bad for you. >> in all seriousness, the argument for this, and i have had a lot of activists coming on, and they argue we will be happy to pay, americans will be happy to pay a little more, and i am looking at what happens to mcdonald's, and walmart warned consumers were drenching a
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little, with wages being what they are, and minimum hourly wages being what they are, then this cannot be a good look for things to come. >> we see that every week in the jobless data, and when it comes to average wages in the country, that's true. don't for get, what we have been seeing with commodity costs, yes, a lot of us like our beef and burgers, charlie excluded. >> i like a good steak, but you don't get it at mcdonald's. >> cheryl was making a brilliant point. >> the fact that commodity costs are rising, you will see costs go up again. families will suffer. >> the interesting debate here is these are the types of jobs that are being created in
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obamanomics. we have not had good-paying jobs -- >> are you for or against hiking the -- >> i am against it. >> well, appears different subject. >> what do you make of this? >> i do like the idea that it's being put out as a moral argument, and that's why you get good favorable polls, and the moral argument is that it's that you are hurting people, fewer people can get an entry level job and start their way into the work system, and we hurt americans -- >> you said something the other day, and i don't know if you feel this way or are regretting how callous the remark sounded -- >> unbelievable. >> we don't owe anybody anything, something like that. >> corporate american doesn't. a woman comes in and she has two kids, and it's not mcdonald's'
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obligation to adjust the salary to her two kids. >> that's a valid point. got you. >> we have -- >> isn't the bigger point is we have very stagnant wages on the low end? isn't that a legitimate concern? >> well, nothing is going to be fixed by this. >> i think charles is making a good point. we get to decide as a country, as a policy, how we are going to help people that need help. we can have a higher minimum wage or more social welfare programs. >> once they are in the door, things are cooking, and then we can debate about increasing how much they are getting paid in the jobs. but shouldn't we get them in the door before we have protesters going out the door demanding still more money while they are presumably going back to work after the protest? >> i think that this conversation is a good example, and there are many variables
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involved, and -- >> we know that. >> but the one variable you never mentioned -- >> it's how to design an economy. >> you always say what we owe them. you never say what people owe themselves. >> charles, supposed there are no other jobs. >> very good. >> we have people that -- >> that is very good! >> this is why charles is going to get his show, he echos this callous pick up your boot straps -- >> i am going to kaept liberal bloggers busy. >> meanwhile, is the health care mess at the va a preview of coming attractions from obamacare. the ford gang is all over it and debating it. debating it. but up
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channel. during the break i was ignoring charlie. just wanted you to be aware of that. >> you do that during the show. and that's hard to do. >> exactly. why do i endure this. a middle finger delivery, not to just charlie, but telling america and the rest of the west to take a hike. the reason why charles payne says maybe we have to return the favor. >> it's kind of hard between those two, they have almost $2
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trillion debt, and their populations are smarter than they used to be. it's a growing trend and it's getting worse and worse. probably the most impressive deal that tells america that maybe we are not too influential anymore, france still selling russia assault ships, and that's crazy stuff. >> i didn't know france had assault ships -- >> yeah, i was shocked. >> what do you make of that? >> france is very good at making weapons. they are not that good at using them, but they are good at making them. we are still a much bigger trading partner with china than russia, and we will have plenty of natural gas if we could get the insraoeurpb mentalist out of the hair, but the whole time
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obama has been in office, we have to get a republican president, we absolutely have to. >> one of the things that i thought in this in the $2 trillion debt thing, there is a reason why right now why the chinese have this position with us. we buy their stuff. >> yeah, and they finance us. >> why are we always on the defense? >> they believe in our economy. it's part of the obama foreign policy. what ben said scares me about the alliance. nixon, to rerse that is dangerous. >> well, that's what is going on in the ukraine, it's a big thing i think. >> you are totally exaggerating this, charlie. >> oh, yeah. >> it's not a military alliance, and when it becomes a military alliance, then we can say --
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>> economic alliances are more important than the military alliances, by the way. >> you are a master of changing the conversation. >> and he is a food snob. >> yeah, i thought i was bad. but i will tell you, the chinese and russians don't care about what the americans think. the bigger plan for the chinese is a 20-year plan to overtake us economically. this is a piece of that puzzle. they are not worried about the u.s. >> yeah, and they are moving so quickly even they are embarrassed by it. >> we always think their economy is phoney, but when they have an economic data point, our stock market shows it, of course. >> ben stein, whatever we make of the deals, we are seeing more of them, and i don't know what that says about the world and us, but it seems to imply the world is happily moving on despite us or in spite of us.
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what is going on? >> power, mr. obama has created a vacuum of power coming out of the united states, and he de us into a impotent bystander, and we have got to rebuild our defenses, and we have to pull ourselves together as a country economically, and above all, educationally. >> not bad. when we come back, flyers getting too close for comfort not on the plane, in the air. wait until you hear uncle sam's wait until you hear uncle sam's plan to make the skies a little [ laughter ] smoke? nah, i'm good.
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next time you think about me beating the holiday traffic on the road by taking to the skies, think about this. on may 9th, two jets both taking off came within a few hundred feet of crashing into each other. the latest report of a near collision in recent weeks and this is with fewer planes in the air. ben stein, what's going on here. are you worried? >> i'm worried to death. some people that i know pretty well get to fly on private jets. i don't. i fly on commercial planes so i worry about it a lot. >> i don't believe that. >> i fly on commercial jets and commercial planes and i am
8:53 am
worried about it and worried about the general level of incompetence of the airlines. >> please. >> it's getting worse. the food getting worse and worse. >> you are far safer on a commercial jet than on a private jet. the numbers show that out and the cup half full here is that these are near collisions and not collisions. the safety record is excellent. >> i don't want to get near a collision. when they call near misses a lot of times, well, fine. but it was a near collision. >> i'm not happy about it but i'm saying better than a collision. >> who knows better than our former flight attendant on the dangers in the skies. >> and i'm getting on a plane after the show today and i'm going to be going right through george bush in houston and i'm fine with that. to adam's point. you are going to die from a bee sting before you die on a plane and there's no reason to not feel safe in a plane, ben, than you should feel in your car right now. i would mush rather get on a
8:54 am
plane than drive. >> you got on to the plane and ran -- >> i'll tell you, not to freak people out but it does happen more than you realize. a lot of these near misses don't get reported. the faa does have a plan. they do want to upgrade the system. i think it's about time. better radar and better technology. >> but i get much better food in my car. i get much better food in my car. >> he stops by mcdonald's. >> i almost got nearly run over walking across the street but i think that was on purpose. someone was coming after me. >> that was me. someone recognized you. >> but i think the reality is its a safe way of travel. >> you don't have any more of these incidents. >> people try to run me over more and more. >> but all the drones. that was a big issue because we have a near miss in new york. there's more of this stuff happening. i don't know if everyone is up to speed to deal with it. >> also let's face it, maybe you can say it's irrational but when
8:55 am
there was a crash it puts something in all of us. everyone has been on a plane that had that sudden bump and you're like what if. >> well, sometimes you lose an engine, you deal with it. the other one works, you're fine. >> what? >> i'm just saying. >> you were a flight attendant when that happened? >> yes. if you have two engines on a 737, for example, you could just fly just fine on one engine. >> but do you tell the passengers. >> yes, you tell the passengers. and you land. >> outside of that, how was the show. thank you very much. thank you very much. up next, we have more workers
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why go it alone with your stock picks for retierrement wh you can go with our pros. >> the natural gas miracle will continue for 20 more years. >> natural emergency play. what do you think of it? >> i love energy but i prefer seeing someone do a basket of energy or oil or gas stocks. >> what are you doing? >> van guard. this is a basket of value stocks. you should hold this for a very long stock. >> ben, what are you doing these days? >> what am i doing these days? mostly eating at mcdonald's but i like the splv which is
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emphasizing low volatility stocks. it's done very well. i like it a lot. >> you were mentioning flying a commercial jet. i bumped into you ben that said you were the nicest gentleman and kindest guy on the planet. i admire that. >> you're kind to say that >> more after this. the nightmare care at the va. is this a preview of what obamacare will bring to the u.s.? >> going to work no matter how big anybody's heart is, no matter how much they care, here is a microcosm of what obamacare is going to be if it's fully implemented. >> so is that just hyperbole or is that our future? hi everybody, welcome to forbes on fox. let's go in focus with steve forbes. so rich was rush on to something. >>


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