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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  May 31, 2014 4:00am-5:01am EDT

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so, it's a buyers market. and all you team owners are, in clover. that will do it. safe weekend. lou: good evening, everybody. veterans affairs secretary-general eric shinseki is out. the general resigned his post just over a month after allegations first surfaced that 40 veterans died while waiting for medical appointments in phoenix. an allegation that led to a watchdog report that found systemic problems at va health care facilities across the nation. president obama announced the general's departure at the white house. >> a few minutes ago secretary inseki offered me his own resignation. with considerable regret i accepted. lou: the president went on to say that politics played a role
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in his decision. >> we occupy a not just a, an environment that calls for management fixes, we avenue also got to deal with congress and you guys and i think rick's judgment that he could not carry out the next stages of reform, without being a distraction himself. lou: those calls for shinseki to resign had snowballed this week. both republicans and a steady stream of democrats have been calling for his head. but on capitol hill house speaker john boehner today signaled shinseki's resignation would not put an end to the firestorm. >> general shinseki has dedicated to his life to our country and we thank him for his service. his resignation though does, does not absolve the president
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of his responsibility to step in and make things right for our veterans. business as usual can not continue. lou: shinseki did not go quietly. before resigning he apologized to veterans and the nation for what he called a breach of integrity at the va. he also removed senior leadership from the phoenix va hospital, suspended bonus for senior va leaders. we'll take all of that up here tonight. we'll be talking with retired four-star army general jack keane. also a $2 billion windfall for l.a. clipperswner donald sterling and his wife. all that money for making racist comments and being forced to sell his team. tonight in my commentary i will examine the question of whether that's too high of a price for the clippers, in my commentary and we'll talk to "wall street journal" reporter lee hawkins about it as well. what happened to sell in may?
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markets closing the month at record heights. billionaire media magnate steve forbes whether we should be listening to all those bearish calls on the market. my first guest tonight says secretary eric shinseki's resignation is a good first step towards fixing the va civil. i'm joined now by retired four-star army general, former army vice chief of staff, general jack keane, also fox news military analyst. general, good to have you with us. your reaction first to, to the general's resignation. >> well i think it is absolutely the right thing we said a couple weeks ago, lou, when we first discussed it on the air with you are our viewers, shinseki at some point if he recognized this is a major problem and cuts across his agency, that he would do the right thing and step down and that's clearly what's happened here. it is an indication that we need major reform inside of the va. we have multiple hospitals, that
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means administrators are cook the books. you've got to believe that the regional heads, that these hospital presidents report to, must be in on this as well. i mean, i don't know how, if you're a leader and you visit a va hospital there are two questions you would ask the vets who are patients in the hospital. one, how's the quality of the care here? and this is a one-on-one you should be having. you don't need staff around to get these kind of answers. then, two, how long did you have to wait for the care? are you satisfied with the amount of time you were able to get an appointment? these issues would have come back loud and clear, we've got a major problem. it is just tragic that a va doctor, you know, had to, had to come forward at some expense to himself to provide all of this information when it is all sitting in residence inside the va. lou: and general shinseki talking about a breach of integrity, because people were lying to him. his, if you will direct reports,
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what is your reaction to that statement and to its validity? obviously it's true but the fact that it occurred and was kept away from daylight? >> well, yeah. certainly something like that had to be going on for this, for this kind of behavior to be lasting as long as it is, almost, it is part of the culture of the va. that's why this needs to be reformed. but i, i go back to a statement that had been made earlier. that, when bush was transitioning to obama, and the transition team for the va had uncovered this as an issue, that should have been right on everybody's front burner who was coming into the va to include general shinseki and his team to get after this thing five years ago. so it's, it's sad it has come to this. lou: let's turn to the president's speech at west point, if we may.
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roundly criticized by the national liberal media establishment. "the new york times," "the washington post," you name it, the president would have saved himself some embarassment had he never showed up at west point and said not a word. your reaction to the speech. >> well, i was stunned by the speech. you know, frankly it seemed quite superficial and, surprisingly unsophisticated for a foreign policy speech describing your vision. i mean the idea that much of the speech was trying to draw a line between interventionist, particularly military interventionists and isolationists and somehow the prudent path was in between that and of course it is but i don't know anybody who is of military interventionist who wants to go to war and into places he was
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citing. no one wants boots on the gund in syria. no one wants boots on the ground in crimea and ukraine and some of the other issues we're dealing with. frankly i thought the president provided us a false choice inning try to describe what his foreign policy was. i was pretty disappointed by it and not surprising that the reaction that it got from the media as well. lou: at west point, he is after all the commander-in-chief, speaking to the future leadership of the united states army. it just seemed a very difficult both tone and exposition as to the current readiness of the nation and our fighting forces, the challenges we faced, all but ignored other than references to places as you say no one's talking about fighting. he may not recall but the president was rebuffed by the united states congress on syria
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quite direct fully and forcefully. >> yes, absolutely but one would have thought, we have an assertive and aggressive china rising who is challenging us in the western pacific. obviously putin has redesign of some kind of a russian empire. radical islam is clearly on the rise in the middle east and africa and while he tried to address the radical islam issue he clearly did not go into any kind of depth that gave you confidence he was going to deal with the issue and these other issues he just relatively ignored them. so i was surprised by what was not in it as well as disappointed by some of the things he chose to contrast in the speech. lou: general jack keane, thanks for being with us as always. >> good talking to you, lou. lou: general shinseki not the only one of the president's close staff to leave today. the president also announced white house press secretary
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jay carney is stepping down. he will be replaced or has been replaced by deputy josh earnest. carney stays on till mid-june of the president says he will continue to rely upon him as an outside advisor. hillary clinton devote ad 34-page chapter of her upcoming booking, hard choices, to the benghazi terrorist attacks. the chapter serves as obvious rebuttal or at least effort to deflect the ongoing congressional investigations into the obama administration's response. a whitewash if you will of the attacks and the causes of those attacks. clinton wrote, i will not be a part of a political slugfest on the backs of dead americans. it is just plain wrong, and unworthy of our great country. those who insist on politicizing the tragedy will have to do so without me.
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of course that righteous indignation not visible last january when she said this. >> the fact is, we had four dead americans. >> i understand. >> was it part ofa protest or because of guys out for a walk one night decided they would go kill some americans, what difference at this point does it make? lou: in her book, clinton goes on to defend, blaming an anti-islam video. she wrote, quote, there were scores of attackers that night, almost certainly with differing motives. it is inaccurate to state that every single one of them was influenced by this hateful video. it is equally inaccurate, she writes, to state that none of them were. both assertions defy not only the evidence but logic as well. well, what does defy logic is why nine days after the attack the president of the united
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states on our secretary of state released this public service announcement in pakistan, denouncing the video when they already knew that the attack had been a calculated, pre-planned action by al qaeda-linked terrorists. >> let me state very clearly, and i hope it is obvious, that the united states government had absolutely nothing to do with this video. we absolutely reject its content and message. lou: and to top of all off, clinton hired former national security council spokesman tommy vietor to help coordinate her response to the book and the benghazi scandal. if you're not familiar with vietor, here is a refresher. >> did you also change attacks to demonstrations in the talking
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points? >> maybe, i don't really remember. >> you don't remember? >> dude this, is like two years ago. we're still talking about the most mundane -- >> everybody is talking about. lou: we'll be talking with "new york times" best-selling author ed klein, who is always breaking news about the clintons later here in the broadcast. the navy today announced it rejected an advocacy group's request to have the defense department appoint a chaplain for atheists. the military association of atheists and free thinkers had been pushing for an atheist chaplain arguing that current chaplains are not doing enough to embrace non-believers. think about that. the navy apparently did think about it a great deal. successful any. -- suck festfully. we're coming right back. it's a human catastrophe in the making on the southern
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border. 60,000 children being dumped on to u.s. border. manhattan institute's heather mcdonald what in the world is this administration thinking, this administration thinking, next.
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the performance review. this administration thinking, nethat corporate trial by fire when every slacker gets his due. and yet, there's someone around the office who hasn't had a
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performance review in a while. someone whose poor performance is slowing down the entire organization. i'm looking at you phone company dsl. check your speed. see how fast your internet can be. switch now and add voice and tv for $34.90. comcast business built for business. lou: the city council of sacramento, california, has approved controversial new rules that require taxi drivers in their city to dress appropriely, show they can make change, and speak english. some critics are upset that those rules require drivers to take tests on basic english skills. among the multiple choice questions in that test, name another word for taxi? the choices are car, cab, bus,
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or amusement. a new york police officer this week awarded more than $1.3 million. he successfully sued the village of freeport alleging he was passed over for a promotion because he is white. lieutenant christopher barela, claimed the then mayor overlooked him to become chief of police so he could name an hispanic candidate who had lesser qualifications and a lower test score. his attorneys argued there was overwhelming evidence of reverse discrimination and the jury agreed. democratic congressman louisiana gutierrez issued a deadline for immigration reform the. gutierrez warned that president obama will take executive action if republicans don't act by the 4th of july! joining us manhattan institute senior fellow, city journal contributing editor, heather macdonald. great to have you with us. >> thank you, lou.
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lou: luis gutierrez emboldened and becoming aggressive and setting deadlines and making ultimatums. quite a point we received, isn't it? >> taking the message from the streets, which we've had for now about a decade of non-stop protests, claiming as a sign in milwaukee this week said, when the immigration authorities tried to do a sweep of gang illegal aliens, imagine no borders. the assumption is we should live in a world where people get to come illegally across-the-boarders with no penalties and, now, that is becoming part of official discourse. lou: i think we have to acknowledge though, the president obama has just about taken us to that point. now, we learned that about 60,000 children, illegal immigrants, are to this year be dumped at our so you were border with mexico. already creating a huge burden. the prospect that that number
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will double. and ecuador diplomat saying recently the reason it is occurring is because president obama has made it clear that amnesty will follow, no matter what. >> right. well this is the historical record on every amnesty, both after the fact and before the fact. it brings more people in. not surprisingly, because you're sending the message that illegal crossing carries no penalties and it will allow to you stay in the country. so this is precisely what we should expect to be happening. we also have seen, i mean the interior enforcement is absolutely decimated. it was very interesting when the secretary of dhs testified -- lou: jeh johnson. >> jeh johnson this week, he ducked the question completely whether he supports one of i think the most significant bellwethers of immigration enforcement, secure communities, which merely alerts dhs when there is an illegal alien criminal booked into jail.
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he is not willing to back that program. lou: the four bills passed out by the house judiciary committee, i have endorsed them as, as the reform of immigration that is required. it is incrow meant, sensible, predicated upon security at our borders as well as internal security. and moving forward, it is rejected out of hand by president obama, the activist groups because it is too rational. and that in of itself is beyond comprehension. >> right. there is no right for the president to take executive action on a matter that lies within the domain of congress. the sense of entitlement is absolutely curious, well, if you don't pass immigration reform bill i want, this summer i will do it on my own. that he has no constitutional basis to do that. lou: we have just watched a third of the european parliament be turned upside down and, quote, unquote, right-wing parties, those who are resisting
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illegal immigration, who are resisting the european union, sometimes conveniently called the euro skeptics, that gives them, far too little credit of course. >> right. lou: we don't even see that reported in this country. >> right. lou: we're not seeing analysis of why europe, which is supposed to be the great paradigm of for what this administration and the left is trying to create here, which is, a social, statist, entity, why, why do you suppose there are, they are not talking about what is happening in europe? >> because ideas matter and they don't want their to be a challenge to the reining ideology of multiculturalism here which is that we should be completely indifferent to the type of skills that people bring into this country and whether they're willing to a simulate. and, the, the official term for that is diversity but i think that is way too anna dine a
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phrase for what is happening here. lou: the truth is, it doesn't represent the view of those who are coming to this country illegally at all. they are far more, i believe, tolerant of the culture that they are trying to join than the activists who are trying to use them as idealogical tools. heather mcdonald, great to be with you. >> thank you, lou. lou: look forward to see youing soon. >> a pleasure. lou: thanks. time for a look at our online poll results if obama revealed the name of cia station chief accidentally as a national liberal media claimed without even a single question, or intentionally? 24% said of you agreed, accidentally. 76% said intentionally. be sure to vote in our poll tonight. the question, was president obama again leading from behind as he pushed va
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secretary shinseki out finally today? cast your vote at we're coming right back. the nba appears to successfully forced donald sterling out of the league. potentially loser selling for billions of dollars. who is the real winner here? sterling, ballmer, the state of california, the nba? my commentary next?
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lou: coming up here in moments, we have a lot of my favorite people on the show tonight. hillary clinton still blaming an amateur anti-muslim video for the benghazi terrorist attacks. "the new york times" best-selling author of the amateur, ed klein will assess that description. and forbes media ceo tells that's why the sallie mae and go away wall street mantra isn't really ring true. well, a few thoughts now on the pending sale of the los angeles clippers to steve balmer. a story that has been widely
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reported in sports and entertainment media is a huge win for the nba and for those who are part of this. a great way to force the water. he had agreed to pay for it te right to that clippers are that the second-highest sale price for any north american sale franchise. only the l.a. dodgers told for more, and that was barely 100 million more and so what has ballmer really bought? despite eight short run of recent success from the clippers have been a historically awful franchise under sterling. during his 33 year tenure coming he posted only five winning seasons, which made the playoffs exactly zero championships.
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posting the lowest winning percentage among every team in the nba, the nfl, nhl, major league baseball, the team hasn't had a place since moving out of the los angeles sports arena back in 1994. sterling rented space at the arrowhead pond from the anaheim mighty ducks 1994 until 1999 until finally signed a long-term lease to be best described as the ugly stepchild to the l.a. lakers at the staples center. that since the year 2000. the clippers have finished in the bottom half of the league for the last 30 seasons. and is valued by forbes magazine just in january of this year at
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$575 million. ballmer is paying about three times that. has purchased both come with a caveat. despite his previous failed efforts to seattle, washington. his apparently preferred destination. so who is the real winner here? ironically appears to be donald sterling, the man who lost his team because of racist remarks, bad behavior and he now has 2 billion reasons to be happy. he bought this in 1989. even after you deduct the approximate $500 million in capital gains and california state taxes, but the sale will create. stirling still stands true make
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a lousy 20% profits after matting it all out. and because his soon-to-be ex-wife had him judged monthly incompetent, she has full control of the team and has managed to get just about three times what many thought the club was worth, which means donald gets all of the money that was expected in the first place and effectively cuts the overall cost that was a very expensive divorce. >> coming up next, beneath hillary clinton, she says, the best-selling author ed klein on excerpts of her new book, hard choices coming up
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lou: joining me now is the author of "the new york times" bestseller, "the amateur" and the author of the book that will be published on the 23rd of june, blood feud. okay, let's start with a chapter on ben godsey. >> okay, ben godsey under attac. >> i think it was at least stevenson was once asked what does an editor do. and he says the editor separates the wheat from the chaff and what they print is the chaff. lou: of course there are the editors as well. hillary clinton defending the ben
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response. >> is this at all a credible strategy on their part. >> the video was an important part of this whole thing that we have been talking about the last two years, it is amazing that she would still talk like that. lou: many people would think that they are unaware that intelligence agencies within a matter of a day that is what the cause of the attack lies. >> and my reporting she was in the state department and her attack was briefed on the cia director by the national security council head by the
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deputy ambassador in libya and goodness knows how many other people or knew from the beginning that this was a terrorist attack. >> going into the issue of where the heck was the commander-in-chief, where was president obama? she addressed the issue by saying that there have been regrettable amounts of misinformation and flat out to sea. by some politics and the media. so nobody in the administration was being deceitful. but she doesn't answer the question, of course. >> there is one very revealing line in this long-winded chapter and she writes that i will not be part of a political slugfest and those who insist on politicizing the tragedy will have to do so without me. so as i read that, i should be wrong.
4:37 am
so it sounds as though she is going to refuse to testify the house select committee. >> there is also another possibility, it means that she will not get into the arena and run for president of the united states because when she steps in that arena, she will not have that choice. >> that is true, but she just hired this guy. >> i don't understand why she would be so enamored of his guilt. >> she was the very person who was out front defending this fairy tale about the video for the national security council and now she ties it to this. >> making it very clear that the president is in part of this at the time. doing no one any administration
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favors. >> thank you for being here. >> a reminder to vote on our online poll. do you believe eric shinseki should be pushed out of office, finally happened today. send your response to us at lou dobbs news or tweet us. and words of the evening coming from the scripps national spelling bee. last night's spelling bee ended in a tie for the first time in more than a half-century after two boys exhausted all of the words in the final round. a 14-year-old and a 13-year-old from fort worth, texas, declared cochampions after they spelled these were. and now, especially of altercation delivered by two
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actors. this includes fiction, criticism and those are words of the evening. we congratulate the new cochampions. coming up next, a record-breaking day on wall street and the last day of trading for the month of may. steve forbes on the possibility of the dow jones 17,000, and what happened to go away in may 2 stay withlou: another breg
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day on wall street. the dow jones gaining 18 points, the and s&p up four points. both had all new time highs. volume on the big boys on transport is low.
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the best performing sector and energy is the worst. the nasdaq closed up 3%, $103 a barrel continuing to trade in a narrow range. settling in $1246. the yield on the tenure is up to 2.6%. that tickles me somehow. consumer spending dropped in for the first time in a year down the 10th of a percent in april. confidence also moving lower. in reminder to listen to our financial reports, coast-to-coast on the salem radio network, all today's business market and business news. herewith the markets on economy, the chairman steve forbes. his new book is out on tuesday.
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the destruction threatens the global economy. as you're watching and listening to us, you may go to amazon and click on pre-order. the very impressive cover. and it is a delight to have you here. and most philosophies are working these days in this particular market. >> the market is already reflecting that in the u.s. is going to ounce back from the corner here. things are starting to wind down and regulars are getting off the
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windpipe. getting off and landing has gone up. it is going to translate into greater growth. the better than what we have had before. the one we saw jobs out of 300,000. you know, it sounds crazy for me to be talking about this level when we talk about jobless claims. but it feels a little better than we have a president who either awakens to the possibility or a replacement for him. >> that is the thing. where we have congressional elections, republicans will actually win this election, even if they try to lose it, they will not. as a result when the republicans
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control controlled the senate that means the ability to issue executive orders and get the funding for them is going to go down. and that will be a big change. no new taxes, that is the nice thing. the energy boom despite the epa waging war, that is going to go ahead. and so you can just imagine that they are removed some of this, like the tax code or having a stable dollar again and we would be off to the races. lou: how about strong and positive leadership. what is that? >> i have to look that up. leadership. lou: it's going to be quite a november. everything is hanging in the bounds. we are always delighted to have your. >> good to be with you. lou: the book is available for pre-order, "blood feud", you can
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find it on book shelves at barnes & noble and everywhere else come tuesday. pre-order the book right now. >> thank you. lou: steve forbes, the book is money. and a special programming note. be sure to tune in for making money with charles payne this next monday. "lou dobbs tonight" xpm. and then making money with charles payne and up next, the nba record occurs sale price brady gets
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complicated. that is why we alw$
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lou: now our quotation of the evening. tonight we honor jay carney who announced that he is leaving his job next month. his legacy, he always had legacies, the way he handled the white house press corps and shaping the president's message. last year yahoo did an analysis of his most common analysis to questions and here they are, number three. he liked to say you already know the answer to inquiring correspondence. the number two he would say i would refer you to someone else, anyone else, please. and his top response to the
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white house press corps intent on answers, he would reply i don't have the answer and that is his his legacy that will be to find by having to put up with this and if not willingly, patiently. a time for a few of your comments. my rare new book, order war on sale. order it now. lisa sent us a message and said i believe it could accidental and on the homeland security immigration report, lindsay said i had to remind when you said how many folks are being
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released. and don't look now, but it looks like jay carney could not longer backup the administrations lies. we love hearing from you. send us an e-mail, follow us on twitter, go to our facebook page. and fox has confirmed that a billion dollars lawsuit has been filed for the lifetime ban of donald sterling and it has nothing to do with the proposed sale of the clippers to steve ballmer. joining us now is lee hawkins. it is great to have you here. >> it's good to be here. lou: so we reported this comment
4:54 am
ended up being three times the original amount. >> they have identified this from . still believe the lawsuit against the sale and the nba for the fiduciary duty and antitrust and all those other factors as well. lou: interestingly this billion dollar lawsuit hasn't done a thinto do at that. >> it's a separate case. lou: you do not suppose that he and his wife are talking strategy together. >> that could always be the case, with the 2 billion-dollar price tag, when you look at that, that's more than three times the valuation.
4:55 am
lou: it is more than lebron james makes? >> yes, lot more. that one you think about it, what is the value to steve ballmer? he gets access into the 30 most powerful businessmen in the world. that's what happens with an nba team, you invest in a team. lou: he wasn't exactly running the rotary club in des moines, i was. [laughter] >> will look at what it did for mark cuban. he bought the dallas mavericks. and the crown jewels of all this portfolio, it's a halo investment for these guys. lou: the nba not making any money on this deal. it is sort of a shame to see that many kids go by. >> indirectly they are because they are getting rid of
4:56 am
something that is a potential ways on the league and could potentially even to the brand equity of the other teams. a lot of the players are talking about boycotting. what if this was to shut it down that is a big concern. i'm saying that he deserves a crisis manager of the year award, adam silver. lou: he may have a little competition on that. because the question becomes how much of this was a railroad of donald sterling how many people are using this ignorance to their financial advantage. the nba came out, as you said, strong. his wife made it to 2 billion when it had a previous valuation of 575. >> i think a lot of people are
4:57 am
going to get awards, but at the end of the day the nba comes out in this situation where they do not have the idea of optimism not have the idea of optimism and
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