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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  August 13, 2014 11:00am-1:01pm EDT

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you, dow jones industrial average up 52 points, the nasdaq very strong, 32 points and the russell also higher by 7 points, retail under pressure on weaker than expected retail numbers and ec staking its guidance down. time for "varney and company". stuart: this is not your father's economy. this is not your father's gop. there is a political shift happening now in america and the shifting nature of the economy too and we are following it. today we bring you the case of car sharing apps, the likes of uber demonstrate political and economic shift. look what the republicans are doing. in an effort to get the youth vote the gop is openly and vigorously supporting uber in its battle with unions and regulators. they have seen the rise of the sharing economy and jumped on board. goodbye, it is apps and uber
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now, the ridesharing companies look like a breath of fresh young air. competing aggressively stacking the enormous value, expanding constantly and have indulged in juvenile dirty tricks campaign. is a new look to the economy, republicans are embracing and "varney and company" is about to begin. let's go to rich edson who joins us from d.c.. i want you to tell me more about what the republican is doing to throw its support behind uber. >> they are staking a claim offering a petition in support of businesses like that, increasing lobbying presence in the sea, republicans champion curbing regulations and stifle innovative businesses like uber and food trucks and local governments and democrats are
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beholden to big labor and expensive regulatory regimes. this is mostly a local issue for now and some democrats of a jump on the issue. those in colorado supported uber with a new law but this is gop welcome invasion. robert they have to talk about all these destructive technologies they are creating jobs. if they want to capture the youth vote what is the youth
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vote's problem? nobody has jobs coming out of college so they ought to be talking not just about uber but the image, the gop will never be as cool as the democratic party. come on. that is why they call them conservatives. stuart: i disagree. rand paul can be cool. he is all for getting the government off my back, individual liberty and freedom. >> scary foreign policy. stuart: i got that but you can the gop gets behind a new technology, new sharing. >> you don't need to be cool to win the u.s. vote. you can talk to college graduate and say you want the job, we will support a lot of destructive technologies, fracking, sharing, healthcare, support all of it because we want you to work when we graduate. stuart: three minutes into this program and you discuss the central premise of the show. >> why do you have me back on? stuart: because you are popular with the audience.
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great to have you. look at this. this is japan. their economy shrinking at an annual 6.8% rate. that is some shrinkage. it is the results of a tax increase. japanese consumers stopped buying when the tax increase hit. you have any economy with massive debt, printing money like crazy and raising taxes and heading again into recession territory. maybe there's a lesson there. check the big board, we are going up today, we open slightly higher, we are 66 points higher. i have a question. what are those russian trucks carrying? vladimir putin says he doesn't want the red cross to distribute and open those trucks and distribute the supplies, humanitarian supplies but lennar students as they are carrying that ukraine says you cross the border is invasion. geopolitics are factor on wall street. rockets not having much effect because the dow is up 70 points at 16631.
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look at the s&p 500. that is up a bit more, 10 point gain, then we have macy's which has cut its sales forecast for stores that were open at least a year. dungee goes nearly 5% lower. we had a weak retail sales report this morning as well. gold up a bit more but still in that narrow range above $1,300 an ounce. keep a close eye on the 10 year treasury, we always do. $2.41 is the yield. i find that a shock that it is so low. you know the game candy crush? maybe you do. the company that runs it is down and down big today. adam shapiro at the new-york stock exchange. before you lunch, is this the end of those hand-held games? have they peaked? >> anyone who rides the new york city subways will tell you there will never be an end to those games. and settle avoiding people,
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they're doing those games but candy crush is losing its luster and when king digital ipo selling the first 16% they are down 30% and hit a new low, $13.65. the problem is candy crush. is a one hit wonder? what they have done is a report their earnings, shifting to other games but not fast enough for investors, 40% of total revenue,
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city subway and agrees with me 85, 86. you are back on the show. let's get serious. look at this. remember monday's deadline when the irs had to explain to judge what happened to los lerner's lost e-mails. the techies at the irs said they did everything possible to recover the files from a broken hard drive but the records were fruitless. some of those e-mails will never be found, as they say. the president of true the vote. that is one of the groups targeted by the irs. welcome to the program. this is the most extraordinary
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cover-up i have ever seen. i am making a big time judgment with that and also going to say i don't think we will never get to the bottom of it. >> i don't disagree. i have hope that the inspector general's report will shed some new light but it is important to remember if there is more to this story and the e-mails. lois lerner was not the only one involved in this. just her e-mails alone tell only part of the story. we need to expand it and get serious about it. stuart: what we are trying to get, what you are trying to get at is was there a connection between the officials at the irs going after groups like yours and the white house and/or the reelection committee for president obama? you want to establish that relationship. so far you can't do it. i you telling me you can do it? is there any way you can do it?
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>> we have documents that suggest there were linkages that have not been fully explored case in point. i have a memo written by robert ballard, general counsel to president obama written in 2012, a 6 page memo that began and ended with the threat representing to the campaign, that was going on at the time we were being scrutinized. stuart: president's council. >> has been turned over to congress. i respect you have to peel back layers slowly but this is more than academic. this has deeply affected me personally, my organization, thousands of others, millions across this country. stuart: you are going to tell me how this affected you personally. >> prior to filing for non-profit status i had never been scrutinized in any way by any government agency.
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after filing that application, the floodgates opened and we had a succession of fbi inquiries, irs inquiries, bureau of alcohol, tobacco and firearms suddenly taking a very detailed interest in my personal affairs and there is no other way to explain how for my entire adult life there was no interest and nothing change the set filing the non-profit application and it is a new ball game. stuart: is the ball now and judicial watch's court, they are a legal organization going after information, are you relying on them now to get to the bottom of this? >> we sued the irs a year ago, and a similar ruling to what judicial watch got yesterday that there was not going to be an opportunity to being an independent forensic scientists to look at what is going on with the e-mails.
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i hold fast to the idea that our lawsuit will be able to get to the bottom of this expanded discovery that is crucial and must go beyond lois lerner. it is fascinating that we filed that lawsuits over a year ago, all the documents should have been frozen in time from that point forward and never once did anyone come forward and say the things that were happening during this time, they are not available. wasn't until we began to show across agency collusion between congressmen and the irs and suddenly the iron curtain slammed shut and not just lois lerner's server crashed but many. stuart: realistically if you do get -- if he gets a the bottom of it, if you get to the truce, realistically, when might that happen? not the next couple months before the election. >> we always have a prayer but i
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will say is this. whatever it takes however long it takes, sometimes we have too short attention spans. this is something we have got to keep our eye on because with this administration has done in mechanizing the government against private citizens in respect of of your political preference it should send a chill across the country. stuart: you fired up our viewers, thanks very much indeed, thank you for being here. guarantee you are going to be hearing this is a result of climate change. wild weather tearing through much of the country. it is climate change. isn't it obvious? look at detours, four to six inches of rain drenched the city, roads flooded, rescue workers pulled people from stranded cars, detroit's mayor says it is the heaviest rain in 86 years. please look at this from the weekend. nebraska, wall of water, 9 feet high, rushes into a hospital cafeteria. no injuries. the water did not reach any
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patient areas but that video tells the story. that is a hospital cafeteria. the fight over the sharing economy is getting heated. first was lift saying uber sabotaging car orders. today at uber says lift. one lift investor says it is time to sellout to uber. it is war. ♪ ♪
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stuart: just before commercial break i was about to say the dow had gone up 1 and points, missed the opportunity. we're 102. that is a rally. time is money and this is the when they apple edition. fitch, the ratings company, says apple's iphone could lose as much as 20% of its market share. why is fitch looking at apple? i don't know. why will lose market share? countries like china and india are producing less advanced than cheaper devices pricing out the
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expense of iphone. two new ipad models coming announced in october. they will reportedly have anti reflective screens that will help you see what is going on in direct sunlight. last one, workforce diversity at apple, a 50% white, 15% asian, 70% male. the ceo tim cook says not satisfied. he will focus on, quote, advancing diversity moving ahead, mary kissel is -- >> it recalls chief justice john roberts at statement if you want to stop discriminating by race stop discriminating by race. who cares what the makeup is of that company? what should be important to apple shareholders is they're hiring the right people for the job. regardless of that, i am so sick of hearing this diversity claptrap. it is just garbage. tired of people to do the job.
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stuart: investors were worried about profit margin. look at it now. that is the name of the company. the analysts say the sell-off was overdone. what a difference a day makes, back up 8%. let's get back to the uber versus lift story. a heated war of words to be kashering apps. and thousands of fake rides to mess hours up. uber responded with this statement, quote, claims against uber are baseless, simply untrue. the drivers and employees including one of its founders have canceled 12,900 troops on uber and uber took a step
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further and accused lift investors' of begging uber to buy it and they said -- i could keep going on and on, one of the largest shareholders recently warned lift would go nuclear if we do not acquire them. lift denies their investment but the fact is uber is much bigger valued at $18 billion. lift is valued at $700 million. denise wrote the book what great brands do. aptly titled with this particular story. which of these brands is great? >> both of them have market opportunity but i put my money behind uber. it is bigger and more established for a longer period of time and the leaders of visionary leader and has the shops to make that brand a great one. stuart: i think this fight, falls booking and all the rest, is juvenile and it is juvenile
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but -- >> the exact word i would use. stuart: does it hurt the brand? i don't think it does. it stimulates conversation about what is going on between the two and what is going on with the nature of the sharing economy. >> i do think ultimately it hurts the companies in the sense that its crews, barber racially and disturbs them from doing their business it really puts a bad taste in people's now, what you would expect politicians to do to each other, not technology apps companies. they need to get away from that and go back to creating a services and opportunities for customers they will pay for that they value. stuart: mary kissel is in quite a new and she is here. >> i respectfully disagree. isn't it fantastic that we are seeing two innovative companies
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duking it out creating competition, getting their names out here? is there an upside to this fight? >> competition is a great thing and the company's need each other and also need each other to work together to fight all the regulators and resistance we are getting from established taxi companies and things like that but at some point it gets to be distracting and customers want to know what is in it for me and name calling and disrupting the service are things that detract from what is good for the customer. stuart: i want your comment on the big picture. we make a lot on this program about the sharing economy. is it as big a deal as i am making because it seems to me this is a new element in our society, this very important. am i going overboard? >> i don't think so. i don't know the exact numbers but from a cultural movement you are seeing people are very
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interested in not only leveraging the power of the community but taking on the big guys and established players that don't provide the value they are looking for in doing it their own way so we will see more of these sharing services in lots of areas of our lives. stuart: when a car service apps goes from zero to $18 billion in value in a matter of months you have got a story and it tells you something. thanks again, you will come again soon i hope. >> i hope so too. stuart: amazon getting into mobile payments, plug a credit card reader into a smart phone and it can pay for anything, baby sitter, landscaper, garage sale. the technology has been around a long time but amazon is getting into it. it is a big deal.
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ah, got it. these wifi hotspots we get with our xfinity internet service are all over the place. hey you can stop looking. i found one. see?
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what do you think a wifi hotspot smells like? i'm thinking roast beef. want to get lunch? get the fastest wifi hotspots and more coverage on the go than any other provider. xfinity, the future of awesome. >> going for gold with a new partner, we will give it our
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all, hope you will keep watching because apparently are a good luck charm. stuart: you want the rest? when are you in tomorrow? we have a two our show. how about next month? >> i am being totally honest. stuart: i hope she was. that was kerri walsh jennings, she watches "varney and company". i love that interview. it is on our face book page if you want to check out. she really is welcome back any time on this program. did you know there is a slowdown in the farm economy? ira farmer. i didn't know there was a slowdown. deer's profits are down and so is the stock, 1%, deer is at 85 as of right now. look at the share price of amazon, that company, look at that, you $11 higher. today is rolling out a new device that is going to make a whole lot easier for small businesses to accept credit cards. $10 gadget turns your smart
11:28 am
phone into a mobile cash register and jo lin kent will make me understand it. >> hopefully it is a simple concept. you have seen it before. it is a little device you plug into your smart phone or your tablet and if i were selling babysitting services to you or if i reselling my blackberry to you, you would give me your card, credit or debit, slide it and i would receive the payment directly. it is very simple, most interesting about amazon is undercutting prices in a major way, how price per swipe, percentage feet. stuart: price per swipe amazon's price paris white is lower and got a full screen how much it charges paris white. >> right now it is going to be on sale for those who sign up before october 31st. if you look it square, 2.75% and show you pay pal here 2.7% and amazon coming in at a permanent rate of 2.5%, doing what they
11:29 am
have done with kindle, amazon fire and the fire phone. stuart: hold on a second. i am a parent and you are the babysitter. i have my smart phone and the amazon device plugs into it. try to think how this works. it is the other way around. the other way around. okay. >> i will let you work for went to let it into my device and you pay me so you give me your card. stuart: give me my credit card and use like a new device, the money goes to your amazon account. >> through the amazon apps i would receive the money in the number of ways. stuart: it goes into an amazon account and huge dip into the amazon account. >> you are hitting on something important. amazon is essentially collecting tens of small business data on how people are spending and receiving money and very lies the wisdom of what this does.
11:30 am
amazon's ecosystem is massive. they rolled out amazon payments and they know how you might pay your utility bill and if you are buying on amazon and what you are watching on amazon tribes and maybe you are calling on your fire phone so there's a huge ecosystem at amazon is getting into more micro banking. you are worried about the nsa. >> amazon knows more about you than the u.s. government. stuart: i like the idea of being able to use a credit card anywhere anytime, very simply, slight and away you go. >> this is interesting because square, the company that helped found twitter are released troubling right now. this is a company that originally had this very much -- they pioneered it several years ago. i remember getting one in san francisco and no one knew what they were but now is becoming standard. paypal has one, amazon coming in saying we see this works now, now we are really going in there.
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stuart: i am going to charge you to appear on the show. >> you might charge me. stuart: that was very good. you made me understand and i am deeply appreciative. >> anytime. stuart: an obesity awareness as. the dow is up over 100 points. has gone viral. millions of viewers on youtube putting pressure on parents to start their children eating right, maybe rightfully so. one study says 40% of children born between 2000 and 2011 will develop diabetes. dr. response to this after the break. look at this. >> the only thing that doesn't make you in style. you make a g.
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♪ stuart: more than 300,000 obamacare enrollees could see their coverage disappear. mary kissel is still here. they cannot claim them.
11:36 am
>> i suggest all of your viewers go and look at the website. the federal exchanges, 2.6 million problems could not be fixed. this is public information. 44% of those problems were citizenship. almost one third of them were with income. why would you submit your income incorrectly? >> potentially, you are lying about your income. >> the white house is starting a digital swat team. several years after the law was passed and then the rollout failed that maybe they need to bring somebody in to fix it from the private sector. stuart: i just cannot wait.
11:37 am
a new anti-obesity add reminds us that obesity does not happen overnight. look at this. >> you need to make a change. stuart: well, the moral of the story is quite clear because it has gone viral. we are joined now by a doctor. thank you to the program.
11:38 am
obesity is a bad thing and obviously, you need to have your children eat the right stuff and bring them into the world properly. i have a problem with the definition of obesity. doctors have kind of pulled it down. >> there is a problem with the definition. we do not care, necessarily, about appearance. we do not have a real measure, a test. stuart: can you define who is obese? >> it is not totally accurate. if someone is more muscular, their height to weight ratio may be off.
11:39 am
if you stand on a scale, it is the same thing. it does not really tell you about personal fitness. those are the best measures that we have right now. stuart: constantly bothered by the advice. i do not object to that video going viral. >> i like the video. it is not waiving the person that is obese. it brings in a lot of different factors. we reward people with food. if we want to tell someone they are loved, like on their birthday, we get a big cake. if we want to reward someone for doing a good job --
11:40 am
stuart: you cannot reverse the human condition. >> i agree. we have to look at that a little more. there are other things, too. video games by themselves do not make somebody obese. the thing is, there is more research coming out. a few spending a lot of time sitting, it is not that you are not burning enough calories, your muscles are not being used as they were intended to. stuart: doctor debbie, that was a plus.
11:41 am
what is your specialty? >> team management. there are all of these different issues. stuart: you can work obesity and to pain? that is a serious subject. i am not making light of it. president obama and hillary clinton. they are going to meet today. monica crowley is here on that next. next hour. this app. it is called yo. yo. it is wildly popular. is this the first sign of an app bubble? we have the cofounder. california getting zero so conveniently republican.
11:42 am
teslas factory. neil cash kari will join us on that subject. at noon, governor mike huckabee. if republicans want to win, they will have to change. we will explain. ♪ [ male announcer ] ours was the first modern airliner, revolutionary by every standard.
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♪ >> i am adam shapiro live on the floor of the new york stock exchange where we are enjoying a rally today. the dow jones industrial average is up 98 points. some of the winners today include intel, united healthcare, united technology, boeing and merck. fiscal and walmart are in the red. a new annual low today. one of the big investors in the world happened to be blackstone. they sold the majority of their shares. disney, on the other hand, another theme park, they are doing very well. coming up, hillary clinton and
11:45 am
barack obama meeting at martha's vineyard. ♪ thanks to startup ny, businesses can operate tax free for 10 years. no property tax. no business tax. and no sales tax. which means more growth for your business, and more jobs. it's not just business as usual. see how new york can help your business grow, at 58 seconds on the clock, what am i thinking about?
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foreign markets. asian debt that recognizes the shift in the global economy. you know, the kind that capitalizes on diversity across the credit spectrum and gets exposure to frontier and emerging markets. if you convert 4-quarter p/e of the s&p 500, its yield is doing a lot better... if you've had to become your own investment expert, maybe it's time for bny mellon, a different kind of wealth manager ...and black swans are unpredictable. stuart: head of their high profile, hillary clinton standing back from the criticism from president obama. that did not stop the obama tax machine. do not do stupid stuff.
11:47 am
governor, take this forward a little bit. >> we know the history of this relationship. this goes all the way back to 07. they have never forgiven each other. you have to alpha males. what you are seeing now, though, and evolution of the deal. an initial on faded deal. it is over labored. sort of turning over all of the technology to campaign
11:48 am
infrastructure. now it is broken down. barack obama said -- it really did help. clintons assumed that obama look at this with political terms. this is just the beginning. the clintons putting a shot out there. if you do not support hillary for 2016, the criticism will be ramped up. it will be more forthcoming. stuart: the clinton camp to the obama camp. you get on board with hillary's campaign. you get on board with that or else.
11:49 am
>> or else, you will have more of this. they are just getting started. they are very formidable forces here. you have these two powerful forces. stuart: obama is not without some power in this relationship. they would do anything to avoid that. >> absolutely. by going out and criticizing obama, attacking him on syria, she will come out next. she will start playing these cards. the danger for her if she could provoke somebody on the left to challenge her and start defending obama.
11:50 am
there have been rumors that that has already been happening sort of behind the scenes. the problem for hillary is she believes she has the luxury of and uncontested primary. she is already running the general election campaign. i think and i suspect she will not have an uncontested primary. remember, a young man from chicago that nobody knew called barack obama. senator, why don't you run. >> there are some others. people that were on the extreme
11:51 am
left. you should write a book. thank you very much, indeed. stuart: the love shirley h business. one of the best hotels in new york city. we will take you to it. we will show you what you get. ♪ so i can reach ally bank 24/7, but there are no branches? 24/7 it's just i'm a little reluctant to try new things. what's wrong with trying new things? feel that in your muscles? yeah... i do... try a new way to bank, where no branches equals great rates.
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stuart: by any measure, new york city's hotel business is booming. cheryl casone is out there. here is your assignment. hold on. i want you to show me a room, a standard room in a luxury hotel
11:56 am
that will charge me $500 a night >> this is a particular room here. let's show you some pictures. the park studio suite. it goes between 1045 and 1245 per night. that is a video that we shot earlier. the average room rate here is $900. about $390 million to buy. remember, this is the story. this is now the newest luxury hotel. we have not seen something like
11:57 am
this built in new york city since 2003. why does hyatt want to have this kind of property? i don't know if you saw this earlier. these are led lights from italy. it is called the jewel box. you, stuart, can bring in 450 of your closest friends into this room. stuart: okay. yes, indeed, it is booming. it is only temporary. come on. enticing tesla to build a factory there. the app that the "wall street journal" says could become more popular than twitter and all it does is send your friends a one-word message. yo. the second hour begins in two
11:58 am
minutes. ♪
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12:00 pm
stuart: in california, it is all symbolism. it is everything. here is my take on tesla. it is very green. tesla wants to build a fact three. this is where california chimes in. the golden state will waive all kinds of regulations. everyone else must suffer under mind not being on rules. it is the green image. the pure symbolism. they will not change policy. stay there, please.
12:01 pm
we are not done with this one. ♪ why is california laying out the welcome mat? >> gerri brown knows that he is vulnerable. he knows it is a vulnerability. one of these companies is politically connect it. he goes and gives them a sweetheart deal. i want all of our businesses to get the same deal. >> if you were elected governor
12:02 pm
of california, it you could not roll back those very easily could you. >> the extreme environmentalists balk all development. you will have to answer to the families that are out of work. we need to put people back to work. we will have more revenue. >> is the regulation that key part of your platform? >> it is a big part of it. all of these things go hand in hand. we can do this. we have done this to ourselves. we need to turn this around. we need to ease restrictions a little bit.
12:03 pm
we need to set a new standard that everyone can operate in. they kind of rule the roost, quite frankly. a lot of people are suffering today. we need to fight for them. we need to rebuild the class in california. make sure families can get good jobs and build a better life for themselves. not just for the politically connect it. stuart: the last time you were with us on this program, you showed us the video of you. that video, it went viral.
12:04 pm
has it had a real positive effect on your campaign? >> it has. gerri brown does not want to debate me. he is afraid to. we are having a conversation right now. gerri brown is hiding under his desk. stuart: i believe you are at least 20 points behind. >> got through the primary at 19%. i will take my three all day
12:05 pm
long. check the big board. where are we on the market? we are up 89 points. 16,650. pretty much the same story there. twelve points higher. 1946. a couple individual stocks are down. they make can be gross, the game. they have lowered their forecasts. dear, john deere, the farm equipment, profits were hurt. down she goes. one dollar off. we always keep a very close eye on this interest rate barometer. that is the yield going down.
12:06 pm
he is down. it is not what the state expected. they will not grow at the pace investors wanted them to. we are seeing a lot of retail. nordstrom, you know, a higher end kind of retail. they are down today. consumer discretionary. it is a ladder on the s&p. just last year, it was the leader. it is a problem as he get into the back-to-school shopping season. investors are nervous.
12:07 pm
>> the second biggest after christmas, i believe. >> i am not 100% sure. stuart: okay. adam shapiro. thank you very much. here is scott coming in from chicago. it looks to me like we are slowing down all around the world. >> maybe they just had a really cold shoulder over there. that is the damage. a 3% raise in the sales tax.
12:08 pm
they also talked about several ready work jobs and wage increases to offset it. we have a serious problem on your hands. they have a half percent. stuart: i give my money to the japanese government. >> this is all coming our way. stuart: all over the world we are printing a ton of money. that is something i have not seen before.
12:09 pm
scott, thank you very much, indeed. americans often this on. dying. economists. a leftist. talks about shrinking confidence in today's washington post. americans are reacting in part to the american system. fox news contributor is with us. i have been here for 40 years. it has always been a place of optimism. my kids will do better than i have done. the numbers are very start. it is almost a three-one margin.
12:10 pm
my kid will be worse off than i have been. you can definitely feel this. trying to figure out what is causing it. the recovery was very weak. not being felt by a lot of people. there is also an identity crisis among americans internationally. we know that it is starting to proceed a little bit. we do not know what to do about it. people know what is coming.
12:11 pm
the future is bleak or bleaker if we cannot get it under control. stuart: you think it factors into this retreat of optimism? >> absolutely. >> there are all of these unpaid for promises. we have these angry, scorched politics. people understand. they are very worried about the debt. they do not want tax hikes. they do not want spending cuts. all of that red ink will eventually show up on our shores. stuart: kind of a subliminal thing. we do not, when it's in the news, we turn it off. we turn away from it. it is what we do.
12:12 pm
>> it is unpleasant. that is where leadership comes in. part of it comes down to the fact that we have, unfortunately, very bad leadership. you can articulate and sell the video. stuart: 1979. precisely the same situation. >> margaret thatcher. >> we will move forward. we will do this thing right. i think that there are some really talented conservatives. i tend to lean in the republican
12:13 pm
direction. i am interested to see how it emerges. stuart: the politician that provides an optimistic, sunshine approach is the future. >> it has to be coupled with explaining these realities. >> good luck. stuart: thank you very much. here is what we have for you the rest of this hour. governor mike huckabee. they need a change. get with the times. then we also have for you, apple's iphone. cheaper. less capable phones. the reason why, we will dig into that in our halftime report.
12:14 pm
a popular app. yo. all it does is send a simple message, yo. it is wildly popular. the "wall street journal" says it will be very popular. two developments in iraq. sending more military advisers to help fight. mike baker is next. does he agree with lieutenant colonel who said this? >> very effectively recruiting thousands of foreign fighters around the world to join their ranks. if we do not have a strategy, meaning people who have people of their own citizens, looking at a strategy that incorporates all of them. ♪
12:15 pm
12:16 pm
12:17 pm
stuart: executive women leave the workforce or take a break to raise their family.
12:18 pm
>> this is a real bombshell. one out of four will not return. stuart: let me get this right. one in four never comes back again. what are the political implications? >> hillary clinton, if she runs for the presidency is expected to make families lead. there is a big push to do that. women have had a total war. >> it would not affect those
12:19 pm
people. >> it does not help them. >> what happens to women if they do leave the workforce and come back. we have seen this time and again over the decades. stuart: 130 u.s. troops arriving in iraq. here is mike baker joining us from idaho. i want to get right at this. i want isis to be dissipated. i want somebody to be tim. can somebody do that?
12:20 pm
>> the white house has not gone in there with the idea of just feeding isis. we cannot even agree on a name. this is all about, just simply to very important short term object is. they provide some humanitarian assistance. it has a really significant global fluoride that we have to defeat. that is the disconnect here. i think you have to confirm it.
12:21 pm
doesn't an advisor pick up a gun and shoot people? >> well, we tend to hamstring our personnel. they put on another 130. providing some humanitarian assistance. really, we are still doing that? the reality of it is different. we have done about 20 airstrikes. you cannot do those airstrikes without some support on the ground. you know, these are not combat troops. they are trying to have it both ways. we cannot win this in a political fashion.
12:22 pm
that is the way they are approaching it. stuart: that is interesting. if you want to win, you win it militarily. the left will not let the president. it does not want to see the president when militarily. >> to be fair, it is not just the left. >> hoping it will go away. it is not handling things in a real world fashion. right now, every single day, isis, the islamic state becomes more and more of a military force.
12:23 pm
they are consolidating territory along their main site. everyday we do not address this problem in an aggressive fashion. i know people do not want to hear that. m baker, thank you very much indeed for joining us. it is an app. we will talk about it. the app is called yo. you send it to your friends. the "wall street journal" says it could be said to the twitter. we have the manager next. ♪ your 16-year-old daughter
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12:28 pm
quit their jobs in june. the most since 2008 according to the labor department. lauren simonetti is here to explain why that is supposed to be a good thing. >> when you quit your job you have confidence in the economy and your ability to get a new job. the same report says we have seen the most number of job openings in 13 years. we do continue to get solid job numbers, 200,000 job creation for the past 6 months, haven't seen a stretch like that since 1997 and with all the good news comes bad news, the types of jobs being created, how much they pay. 2 million people are quitting, that bodes relatively positively for job creation. stuart: we will take that one. many have called it the world's dumbest apps. it sold function is for users to send the word yo, yet it has been down loaded 2 million times
12:29 pm
and value between $5 million and $10 million, wall street journal says it could be bigger than twitter. one of the co-founders joins us now. welcome to the program. i got to make sure i got this right. you have an era when and if i get that apps on my cellphone here, my smart phone, and i say yo to all of my friends and this is a big deal. you want to explain this to me? >> one thing you are missing is you are not only sending yo but also receive yo. stuart: you have been through this before. that is a little limited and attracting the attention of someone that i am saying yo to. >> not exactly. you think of yo as an era when you could send your friends are get from your friends but we see
12:30 pm
yo as a platform where you can get yos from anything, not just your friends. for example resaw something where developers in israel connect the yo apps and people in israel getting yo, yo is a platform with an open a pee ay and anyone can connect and create a service that sends yo to people. and your communication protocol, and not just the apps itself. stuart: that is a good explanation. i am beginning to understand. you coming out with a new version, and upgrade so to speak. explain the upgrade. >> a list of things we call the yo index, things you can get yos
12:31 pm
from, whether from fedex when your package arrives or instagram when your girlfriend posts a photo, whether from news websites that send you yo when there's a breaking story. that is one of the new things in the apps itself. stuart: one last question because i am almost out of time. if i gave you $100 million, you personally, $100 million, would you sell me the right to the apps? $100 million? >> i can answer the question if you show me the money. stuart: that is the best response we had to that question. that is good. thank you, good luck with yo. thank you very much. up next, mike huckabee. i will put it right at him, the gop needs to change if it wants to win. i will challenge him on that and he is with me a moment from now.
12:32 pm
later on neil cavuto, congressman michael grim, and first nationally televised interview since his indictment. that is tonight on fox business at 8:00 p.m. eastern.
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12:36 pm
stuart: if republicans want to take the senate and eventually the white house is a need to change so we are told. we have a story of the republican party throwing its support behind uber, the car service apps, they want the millennial young vote. governor mike huckabee joins us now. is this the kind of change you have in mind for the republican party? >> yo, steward. if yo is worth $100 million been supporting uber must be worth 1 million votes. i don't think this is a big platform, but it is symptomatic of something the party needs to embrace which is free market capitalism, the idea that government doesn't need to regulate people out of business before they even have a chance to be a business. i think about the wright
12:37 pm
brothers. if they tried to build an airplane today there is no way in the world they would ever get the thing off the ground and would have nothing to do with physics. it would have to do with uncle sam and all the regulatory agencies making it impossible for them to try. stuart: are you confident the republican party is making that kind of policy move towards free-market capitalism, less government? are you confident that is what the republicans are doing? are they gung-ho for this? >> they have not embraced the fact that they have a broader spectrum of issues, they speak well to what the republican leaders say and job creators. republicans have to stop speaking to jobholders, people who are sweating through their clothes every day, people the come home bone tired, i am not sure republicans understood that. whoever can capture the working class, the people who have been
12:38 pm
most hurt by the direction, and absurd economic policies, and bring hope to them and give jobs back to them, that is not only who will win but who deserves to win. stuart: i you allowed to say whether you are eyeing a run for the presidency? you have a nice -- i am asking the question. >> the honest answer is i haven't ruled it out but i am not a candidate, i am not making any intentions of even becoming a candidate or making that decision until after the 2014 elections and some time into next year. plenty of time to make that fought so lot of people thing to make it today, i don't happen to believe that and sort of an insight a lot of people don't. i have run before. of all the people who know how to do it, most of never run for office. stuart: i want to ask a personal
12:39 pm
question. you have been through the presidency. >> thanks for reminding me how that turned out. stuart: this is all going wrong. i can't imagine putting myself through that kind of experience. it must be grueling in the extreme. would you really voluntarily go into at all over again? >> when you put it that way, maybe i should make the decision and say no but i will tell you why people run for office, when you feel deep down that your country is going in the wrong direction and deep down believe you could do something to turn it around. frankly once you started jumping into the water and swimming there comes a point at which it is easier just to keep swimming to the other side than to turn back and most people when they get into the first political campaign they realize it is like
12:40 pm
sticking your face into the blades of a fast-moving fan. it is brutal, it is tough but on the other hand we have to ask ourselves is our country with and i will be honest, when people say it is tough running for office, it is not nearly as tough as the people who get in uniform and go get shot at so when people talk about how tough it is i'm thinking about all those veterans who go over and really make us free and to go run for office, that is chump change compared to what those guys go through on our behalf. stuart: we will see you at 8:00 eastern on saturday and sunday. >> i hope that is what you are doing this weekend. you can find other things and nothing would be better for you. stuart: well said. you will come and see as again soon, governor mike huckabee. trouble at sea world today. stocks down and i mean big the. we have the latest from the person who broke the story on
12:41 pm
this program. sea world next. hard it can breathe with copd? it can feel like this. copd includes chronic bronchitis and emphysema. spiriva is a once-daily inhaled... ...copd maintenance treatment... ...that helps open my airways for a full 24 hours.
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12:43 pm
rally continues here on wall street. dow jones industrial average up 82 points, the s&p 500 up 11 points, the nasdaq, the dow is positive after breaking through 16,576. one thing that is not trading higher today, john dear, the manufacturer posted and said they expect the initiative of $3.1 million from what they expected and part of it has to do with a drop of rain prices. less money to buy new equipment. the outlook is down, amazon is trading up today. they have the new transaction from credit-card transactions and that has investors very happy, stocks of 3%. the halftime report coming up next on stuart varney. and startup ny companies will be investing hundreds of millions of dollars in jobs and infrastructure. thanks to startup ny, businesses can operate tax free for 10 years.
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no property tax. no business tax. and no sales tax. which means more growth for your business, and more jobs. it's not just business as usual. see how new york can help your business grow, at 58 seconds on the clock, what am i thinking about? foreign markets. asian debt that recognizes the shift in the global economy. you know, the kind that capitalizes on diversity across the credit spectrum and gets exposure to frontier
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and emerging markets. if you convert 4-quarter p/e of the s&p 500, its yield is doing a lot better... if you've had to become your own investment expert, maybe it's time for bny mellon, a different kind of wealth manager ...and black swans are unpredictable. stuart: wednesday lunchtime the real halftime report. adam shapiro at the stock exchange, liz macdonald right here, scott, you first, spending at you test them and if you as retailers flat line last month. what does that tell you about our economy and its future? >> take a look at what is happening overseas. the u.s. consumer will struggle to be there as the only ones that come with us out of this problem and that is something that will be tearing forward for the next week to quarters. i feel as though the economy is still not right yet. we have a lot of problems on the
12:46 pm
whole rise in anti can refute any good economic number with a bad one. a good one the government is giving us. we are not getting where we need to go. we won't have a hockey stick recovery. stuart: thank you, next up , adam, apple market share could take a hit. adam: market share in united states 6, on a global perspective futures morning apple's smart phone, the i finance and some with their smart phones take the stagnation of sales going forward with competition in emerging markets, expecting 450 to 460 million of these devices sold next year but expects the apple's share and samsung could be cut going forward because of competition from cheaper product in places like china. stuart: see world, we should use the stock before the break, a third of its value, you're going to tell me why. liz: we broke this story earlier this year that this was coming.
12:47 pm
see world in a world of earnings problems. ticket sales have been flat and the this was in place before the film last -- blackfish came out last year showing the marquee attraction kills endangers people. the problem is blackstone took see world public, dropped a lot of debt on the balance sheet, the cash flow may not be sufficient to service the boat load of debt, an end -- musical acts continue to cancel performances at see world. ito you, market cap right now equals the size of the desk on the balance sheet, wall street taking a close look at this. stuart: back to you. if you were a lift investor, would you want uber to buy you out? >> absolutely. i am not a lift investor but i am an uber guy two to four five times day and when google entered the american lexicon the
12:48 pm
word uber will enter the american netflix a ton because that is what you hear. are you ubering it? it has good panache especially chicago and new york. if i may lift investor i like the technology and what uber does. stuart: you must do a lot of traveling. four five uber cars at day. would you ever buy king as in the parent of candy crush? >> no. >> that was definitive. >> as much as i like the technology around uber i can't stand it technology around candy crush and how much it bothers you when you have a face book page. i know they have done well but that is another one, the technology company benefiting from the time it has gone public compared to what they actually provide. stuart: you have real clarity. that is very good.
12:49 pm
i use surprised at this candy crush stuff? >> not surprised. the king was profitable before candy crush. not like zynga. it is not a one trick pony like zynga but we need to see a strong sequel backing of candy crush. farm heroes, sounds good at king digital but that is the word on the street about king and a market cap is pretty high. stuart: those hand held games have peaked. that is it for the real halftime report. we appreciate it. the nearest threat to low-wage fast-food workers, robots. making hamburgers. full story after this. [ male announcer ] ours was the first modern airliner, revolutionary by every standard. and that became our passion. to always build something better, airplanes that fly cleaner and farther on less fuel.
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for generations. remember, all medicare supplement insurance plans help cover what medicare doesn't pay. and could save you in out-of-pocket medical costs. call now to request your free decision guide. and learn more about the kinds of plans that will be here for you now -- and down the road. i have a lifetime of experience. so i know how important that is. >> governor chris christie, i am accepting the als vice but the challenge. i was challenged by scott o'neill of new jersey. so i now accept the challenge and before i do want to let you know i am going to nominate three additional people to accept the challenge so here it
12:54 pm
comes. senator cory booker, tonight show host jimmy fallon, and facebook ceo mark zuckerberg. you now have 24 hours to accept the challenge or you have to write a $100 check to the a l s foundation. since i love my two youngest children so much, patrick and bridget will be the ones who will take care of the challenge. patrick and bridget, let's go. stuart: all right, that was chris christie, obviously took the ice bucket challenge. that is working and we had the chairman of als association on this program yesterday. he said they raised $3 million during the law ice bucket challenge and that is just so far. next case, watch out fast-food workers, a new burger flipping robot may be out to take your job.
12:55 pm
>> if you are one of those fast-food workers you should be very very worried right now. the company is called momentum machines and they have a robot that can make a burger start to finish in ten second or less. stuart: cooking start to finish? >> they assemble in and all of them are fresh. the cheese and tomatoes. start to finish the whole thing. stuart: zillow meet those in raw and within ten seconds -- >> you can customize the meat you want ground together but you can't put it that fast. stuart: it has got to work every single time if it is going to replace a human being. it has to work all the time. >> obviously this will be positive for a lot of companies because they're thinking of a labor costs they can save, the kitchen space you can read this, you save so much money you can invest back into your business.
12:56 pm
stuart: they really believes it? >> they need somebody else to fix it. >> 3.5 million jobs are at risk with technology in that space. all the different industries, absolutely. jobs are at risk. stuart: young as you are, young as you are, you will not live to the age where robots takeover completely in fast-food joints, it will never happen. >> fast they will be a pervasive part of our lives, most experts agree by 2025 which is not far away. stuart: nonsense. >> i am inclined to agree with you. i don't want robot's taking over but you research said 52%. liz: fascinating meat to the meetings. it is where the tablets will displace the workers. stuart: you are totally wrong and i am right and your take on this entire program is next.
12:57 pm
12:58 pm
12:59 pm
stuart: if i gave you $100 million, you personally, $100 million would use only the rights to the whole ball of wax? >> if you show me the money. stuart: the best response we ever had to that question. never have i got a response like that one before. that young man is the co-founder of that era when, the messageing apps yo. here is your take on the rest of the show. joanne add this to say about a new obesity apps going fire. these commercials make me crazy. they mean well and this is a good message that not every obese -- quite right, glad you wrote it. eleanor tweets this about our potential to defeat isis. the only way isis can hurt the u.s. is by letting them into our country which our troops should
1:00 pm
be on our border, not in iraq. flat out of time unfortunately. here is dierdre bolton. dierdre: should i just say yo? in the meantime here are the alternative investing stories we are following for you. economic data points from europe to the u.k. to china to japan have investors' attention. and with that in mind, more global money is coming to new york. i can take you and mike exclusive to or. and the fight to take you home is getting more intense. uber and archrival with in a war of words. the only solution may be a merger of enemies. if we are going to stay with tech and strategic challenges, a chinese ecommerce giant ali baba might have a potential conflict of interest with the


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