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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  August 26, 2014 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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to handle it all the right way. he will take world events and the market and puts it in a pot and boils it down and he gives it to you straight on fox business ♪ ♪ ♪ lou: good evening, everyone. we have a lot to cover tonight. the president stepping forward to lead the fight against the terrorists group islamic state. president obama's decisive words coming after the pentagon issued three different positions over a period of four days following the murder of american journalist james foley last week. here is president obama today addressing the american legion convention in charlotte and he warned terrorists that would target this country and our interests abroad of america's military might. >> as commander in chief, the security of the american people is my highest priority and that is why with the brutal terrorist
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group isil, i have authorized to protect our diplomats and people that are there. a message to anyone who harms our people is simple. america does not forget. our reach is long and we are patient and justice will be done at. we have proved time and time again that we will do what is necessary to capture those who harm america. to go after those that harm america. [applause] and we will continue to take direct action or needed to protect our people. and to defend our homeland. lou: the administration has been subject of strong criticism for sending mixed messages on the threat that the islamic state poses at home and for shifting positions on the u.s. military and its response to the threat. defense secretary chuck hagel called it an imminent threat last thursday. the joint chiefs chair general martin dempsey called for action
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in syria. both sunday and yesterday, he has now decided the islamic state is a regional threat. he no longer recommends airstrikes against those targets in syria. while president obama did not rule out action in syria today, he made it clear that he will not commit our troops to fight in iraq. this despite more than a thousand troops already on the ground there, protecting principally u.s. facilities including the embassy and training for iraqi troops. chief white house correspondent ed henry at the white house tonight with our report. >> we are patient and justice will be done were not speaking to the american legion in charlotte, president obama left to door wide open and he vowed to go after islamic militants after the grisly murder of james foley.
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>> rooting out of cancer like isil will be easy or quick tour he has talked before about launching air strikes in syria. one year ago this week, in fact, only to stop to take a walk with his chief of staff on the white house lawn. in fact on the white house posted an entry instagram picture weaving critics to wonder if he will pull back again. >> basically to constrain himself, he did not want to do what his administration has been talking about doing. john kerry gave a stark speech. reporter: liberations come as the free syrian army claimed an american from san diego named douglas macarthur allegedly died in syria last weekend, fighting on behalf of of isis three certainly out of respect for the family, we are not going to be adding any more at this time for
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comments? the president said he will not send ground troops to the middle east and the solution is not a military one. >> we are urging iraqis to forge national unity and strong security forces and good governance. that will ultimately be part of the hands of terrorists. reporter: he countered that the president needs to lay out a plan that directly takes the fight to isis smack those of us that it will up the situation, the concern that we have is bad we have seen a country fall apart and they were not ready to defend themselves. it is more brutal than any we have ever seen or met only a few weeks ago the president denied pulling out of iraq was his fault. >> what i find interesting is the degree to which this issue keeps on coming up as if this was my decision. tour today to the american legion, the president took credit for withdrawing. >> we have removed more than 100
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30,000 troops from iraq. it was the right thing to do. reporter: as for syria, tim kaine is demanding a strategy to go after them followed by a debate. something the white house has so far not committed to. lou: ed henry from the white house syria and iraq later in the podcast. we will be talking with terrorism analyst doctor walid phares. and extended today the cease-fire in syria. the latest pods is hopeful that it will be much more than that. it is brokered by the egyptians, holding unlike the other cease-fires over the past few weeks. as they say in diplomatic circles, so far so good. john huddy has the report from gossett. >> the celebration continues tonight on the streets of gaza city where we hear people on the
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streets. they are firing weapons in the air and we are hearing music. here at the hotel there is even a pool party going on. a contract what we have seen over seven weeks of fighting. just an hour before a barrage of rockets were fired at israel from gossett and israel responding with airstrikes. that's been the case all week. stepping up their attacks on hamas militants leveling high-rise buildings, killing several more people. so far over the seven weeks, more than 21,000 palestinians have been killed. more than 10,500 wounded. another israeli citizen was killed by mortar fire ringgit to totals of 69. let's talk about the deal. israel has agreed to the blockade restrictions to allow humanitarian supplies and relief supplies and construction
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materials and also eases offshore fishing restrictions as well. if the cease-fire holds, it will be discussed in a month in terms of the demands to build and airport seaport. but in this case the cease-fire is in effect. but many remain skeptical because we have seen several others fall apart after a couple of hours after a couple of days. but for now people continue to celebrate here on the street of gaza city. lou: thank you, john reporting from gaza city. we will have more on the cease-fire later and we will be talking with ido aharoni in new york. turning to the crisis in the ukraine, the president of russia and ukraine met face-to-face and they even shook hands for the first time since june. according to the belarus president who served as host of the talks, the two leaders
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agreed on the need to de- escalate the conflict to create hostages but fundamental differences do remain and the talks came just hours after ukraine released video of what it said were 10 russian soldiers who had gone about 10 miles from the border. russia claiming that those soldiers across the border by accident. we are coming right back. lou: president obama talking tough in a room full of american warriors. he claims that he will root out the cancer that is the islamic state. doctor walid phares joins us next. when folks think about what they get from alaska, they think salmon and energy. but the energy bp produces up here creates something else as well:
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stay one on newly released audio recording captures the exact moment when journals and fired at and killed michael brown two and a half weeks ago. on this tape you can hear six shots in rapid succession followed by a brief pods all fired within nine seconds.
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and we will be taking all of this up with juan williams coming up later in the broadcast. new concerns about radicalization in the united states continued to strike targets in the islamic state in iraq. the department of homeland security and the fbi warning of retaliation by islamic state sympathizers here in america. for more on this latest threat, we are joined by doctor walid phares, who is also the author of the book "the lost spring." let's start with this assessment by the department of homeland security, talking about how we need to be careful because there may be terrorists. how helpful is that for those who assume we are being careful to begin with? >> that should be helpful, but we need to do more.
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they need to understand who we are expecting. isis has been a part of other threats. tran-sixes going to bring more people across the border and they are ready have people in the over the past two years. so this is where it we should be looking. they are looking at what isis tran-sixes doing and they think that this is successful. they are switching to it. lou: the department of homeland security does its best to not include mention when it comes to domestic violent extremists.
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>> don't talk about the ideology. we are the only ones in the world to talk about this, the british talk about it, saudi arabians and egyptians, everyone calls them jihadist in washington dc and this has to change for us to understand who they are dealing with. nobody is fooled anymore. lou: to be clear and to be fair, the bush administration refuses to say the name of our enemy as well. refuses to say the name that these are radical islamist terrorists. instead coining the expression the war on terror rather than a war on radical islamist. this is the following to me and unhelpful. >> absolutely. especially during the bush administration. it was very difficult and by then they had made a part of this decision makers that we
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need to change and even before that, you are right, terror and not an ideology. this is a method and yes, we need to do a major reform on this issue. lou: the islamic state, suddenly there is no concern about confusing the islamic state with islam or muslims. that political correctness is going away in the face of the barbarism that is being committed in the name of the islamic state. the islamic state is still not nearly defined as a priority in the target. the president said he hasn't destroyed it. anything other than destruction, will it resolve the conflict tweet group and the radical islamists and western civilization? >> the short answer is is no. the longer answer is if we just
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stopped them and try to contain them here and there, we can do it with air power. but what is going to happen is that they are going to grow and they are growing very fast and it will grow beyond the borders and they will activate themselves in central europe and the united states. so the only real choice and we have to be clear, there needs to be strategies, including their power airpower and alliances on the ground, partnership, opportunity, we need to see an architecture and a clear architecture beyond us. lou: the united states, france, germany, all criticizing the united arab emirates and egypt for striking at radical islamist within libya. what are your thoughts? >> it happened that most democracies are wrong. they are flat wrong. because egypt and saudi arabia and georgia and all of these countries have been a part of as
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in jordan has the border along with isis and they know what they are doing. now, we should say we could strike against these militias, but we should not tell them it's wrong to strike against this. lou: as always, helpful and insightful. thank you so much and we appreciate it. it's time for a look at our online poll result and we ask whether you feel good about the nation's security. now that the president has returned from vacation. 98% responded saying no. be sure to vote in tonight's poll. should president obama seek congressional approval for any u.s. airstrikes against islamic state targets in syria. cast your vote at the federal government spending nearly a million dollars to create an online database, a database that would track speech and misinformation on twitter. the database will be available
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for others and leading ideas and it sounds like a lot of people in washington. my commentary on why the obama white house and much of the democratic party shouldn't have it their way on the burger king deal. we are coming right back. dentures are very different to real teeth.
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lou: coming up tonight, more evidence of the blatant cover-up and the irs scandal revealed, pointing directly to lois
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lerner. award-winning journalist sharyl attkisson joins us next. he says the leaders are making troubling excuses or criminal behavior. one william joins us to offer his analysis of the michael brown shooting. and if you comments on company whose stock took a beating today. that patriotism is lacking in almost 50 companies. in order to create a domicile outside of the united states that permits them to pay lower taxes in that foreign country. among those companies, medtronic, applied materials, and burger king whose stock lost about a half billion dollars in market cap today while cable networks and forms of connectivity were ablaze with washington outraged over the burger king deal to buy the tim
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horton's fast food chain. burger king's 11 billion-dollar acquisition would take the third-largest fast food company, one that would move from miami, florida to oakville, ontario, just south of toronto north of the highest taxes in the world. looking to canada's combined tax rates, it's 26%. that is a third less than 39%. but the story is far more complicated than that and adding to the deal the white house favorite obama supporter democratic donor and advocate higher taxes whose berkshire hathaway financing is putting up just about a fourth of the total deal. the same individual who is always crying about rich people
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in america. say it isn't so. well, it's not so simple, at least. working tonight fighting a widening backlash and a political and media backlash against the deal that almost everyone assumes is another american company doing the so called inversion deal. buying a foreign company. a lot of democrats are mad as heck and among them senator sherrod brown calling for a burger king boycott. this afternoon, burger king was promising they just moved their global headquarters north and i think that that was their objection all along and there is another small matter here. burger king was one in america some 60 years ago but the trajectory has been sharp and mostly international. europe, latin america, the middle east. and there is the matter of
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ownership. including the 3-g capital four years ago. that is right, burger king is brazilian owned. and it is headquartered in boed. and it is headquartered in both new york and rio de janeiro, which also has investments in companies that own anheuser-busch among others. in the largest railroad company in latin america. her backing mongo began a global brand and the global business as have so many american businesses. they all represent originality, ingenuity, innovation, entrepreneurialism. and free enterprise capitalism. and i am for all that an economic patriotism and i
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believe that there's nothing more patriotic than honoring the values and traditions of this great issues that have included businesses small and large and that is my idea of economic patriotism. it's all about america and what we have stayed for so long. and i mention burger king stop only fair that i point out that it's still a billion and a half dollars from the world's leading stock exchange on the the new york exchange and i should mention that it is. we have author milton friedman saying that the record of history is absolutely crystal clear.
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to the productive activities that are unleashed by a free enterprise system. we are coming right back. shocking developments in the irs scandal and it turns out that lois lerner's e-mails of have not disappeared after all. award-winning investigative journalist sharyl attkisson joins us next on these latest discoveries y for defending our country. thank you for your sacrifice and thank you for your bravery. thank you colonel. thank you daddy. military families are uniquely thankful for many things, the legacy of usaa auto insurance can be one of them. if you're a current or former military member or their family, get an auto insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life.
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7:31 pm
tahmooressi. afghan war veteran has been locked in a mexican jail for 149 days without a pension from president obama. >> lois lerner e-mails, not missing after all. a critical piece ofs every is according to a judicial watch freedom of information request, different of just -- department of justice attorneys for internal revenue service claim all computer records are backed up but it is too onerous on search. >> lerner's blackberry was "wiped clean" as they put it, and removed as scrap for disposal in june of 2012, by this time a congres congressionl investigation had been underway.
7:32 pm
joining us now, shar sheryl at e are becoming new insults to intelligence. congress, the american people, how can it go on like this? >> without the help of the court in this judicial watch case it could have gone on forever. there is a chance that judge the hold their feet to the fire, department of justice, was representing the irs, in this phone call, defending irs in court in i in the civil case wih judicial watch suing them, it is supposed to cob tkupb a fair and -- conduct a fair and impartial investigation on one hand, it is defending irs and court on other hand in missing document cases.
7:33 pm
there is say potential appearance of a conflict of interest. lou: you point-out in one of our op-eds, andrew, who used to work with lois lerner is now part of the justice department tax division, a key member of the investigation, which has a certain appearance too? >> yes there, are several players at the justice deputy that have alleged conflicts of interest in this investigation, in particula particularly, the u mentioned, worked under lois lerner he thanked her hear help me had given her, and time in the division, and held her partly responsible for success he held, and part of a discuss on focuss on tea party cases, there are some e-mail documents that lend to the idea he could have been part of that scandal all together.
7:34 pm
rather than somebody who should be part of the different investigating it. -- department investigating it. that is allegation from republicans on house oversight, they asked eric holeer to appoint a special council, to get at this investigation rather than himself to avoid this appearance of a conflict. lou: to that issue. of a special counselor investigator, i don't think if anyone would have much confidence in anyone appointed by this attorney general in the obama justice department. everywhere we turn there seems to be an obama appoint who is effectively blocking the progress for search for truth. without judicial watch, without oversight commity in particular. we wouldn 't know what the hell is going on in this government at all, would we? >> perhaps not, hard to say how a special count would turn out, to your points, when the irs commissioner was brought in to
7:35 pm
we were told get the bottom of things. based on his actions in a testimony this congress. it seems though his edec. was more about protecting the irs, not necessarily geting to the truth. he has given testimony before congress but has proven to be inaccuracies. hard to know whether he does not know the truth or has not fully briefed or something else. but, i think that speaks to what you were saying. lou: sheryl we appreciate you being with us. us. >> primary elections in florida, oklahoma, arizona, and vermont. race to watch, florida. polls close in less than a half hour, we're waiting it see whether republican-turned democrat, charlie chris can clinclinch the nomination to rem his old job as governor, showing rick scott by five .s, we'll have results as we get them.
7:36 pm
>> midterm elections now 69 days away. you are getting excited yet? we're coming right back. >> a ceasefire in the search-week-long conflict 29 2between israel and hamas, council general will join us to tell us why a deal could be made this time, next.
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lou: coming up in moments juan williams will join us on the surpriseing comment from al sharpton in missouri. on wall street today, we can tell you about a record breaking performance, dow up 30, s&p up 2, closing above 2000 for first time ever. volume on the big board picking up slightly.
7:40 pm
energy best performing sector, and utilities the worse. crude oil up. and gold gained $6. yield on 10 year unchangeed at 2.39%. consumer confidence, rising to the highest level since 2007. durable goods orders up since july but fell excludeing important equipment. listen to my financial reports 3 times a day. >> israel and hamas agreed to an open-ended ceasefire, push and talks on more complex issues such as disarmament of hamas does not begin until phoenix month -- next next month. what is different this time. over the 5 ceasefire nas were tried attempted and broken.
7:41 pm
very quickly, over the preceding 7 weeks? >> believe it or not this is the 12th attempt, hamas initiated 6, and violate all 6, what is different is overtime, we manageed to severely impair the operational capabilities of hamas, 70s% of rocket and missile stock pile was destroyed or used, and all tunnels that were known to us were destroyed. you look at fact hamas did not get release of prisoners as they demands, no sea port or airport or money for payroll, they get, if they behave in the next month, we'll begin, indirectly a discussion with them about recon strubgd o-- reconstruction of g. lou: a lot of people would ask, why would there be a question
7:42 pm
about israel tolerating this kind of aggression on the part of hamas, in a continued belligerent threat against the state of israel and its people? >> that is an excellent question, i wish i knew the answer, we are fighting the fight of the free world, people think there is a difference between hamas and isis or hozbellah or al qaeda, they are wrong, actions of hamas, executeing their own people, only the other day, 18 people in the city square surrounded by hundreds of cheering people proves that points it happened two days after isis so brutaly took the life of james foley. >> the claims of destruction, sens70percent of rockets and mis held by hamas, are you confident, at-this-point, your inventory, if you will of their arsenal is correct?
7:43 pm
are you -- what are you going to do to assure the safety of the people of israel during this ceasefire, have you nothing but history to rely upon, it is a history that shows they will attack you in the midst of this process? >> there are two types of rockets and mortars and missiles they are using, have you mid range, long range, and supplied by syria, hos most of these camn during tim -- time as egypt president. the other kind of weapon they are using locally produced mortars they manufacture within gaza, that is a problem we try to destroy as many workshops as possible, but there is no guarantee the they will not note them again in the future. lou: working with the government, and egypt,
7:44 pm
government of egypt serving as a negotiator and a broker, in this seasoceasefire, attempting for t of 7 weeks to achieve what has been achieveed here now, what are your thoughts about the future relationship with egypt, skpeuz really? >> certainly egypt plays a constructive royal, there is a clear self interest on part of the egyptions, since hamas is a bitter enemy of egypt, reports came in before about 100 egyptian soldier killed by hamas terrorists in the sayny. but -- sinai. egypt is a big problem. >> worth notes that will obama administration, worked hard with general assisi to include, the muslim brother hood in his government, which was rejected out of hand.
7:45 pm
by this government, investor good to have you with us. >> thank you,. lou: appreciate it. up next, civil right leader using ferguson, missouri shooting to criticize police tactics nationwide, my next guest said they are excuses for bad behavior, juan williams is joining us tonight. next. wondering what that is? that, my friends, is everything. and with the quicksilver card from capital one, you earn unlimited 1.5% cash back on everything you purchase. not just "everything at the hardware store." not "everything, until you hit your cash back limit." quicksilver can earn you unlimited 1.5% cash back on everything you could possibly imagine. say it with me -- everything. one more time, everything! and with that in mind... what's in your wallet?
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an organization serving the needs of people 50 and over for generations. remember, all medicare supplement insurance plans help cover what medicare doesn't pay. and could save you in out-of-pocket medical costs. call now to request your free decision guide. and learn more about the kinds of plans that will be here for you now -- and down the road. i have a lifetime of experience. so i know how important that is. lou: reverend sharpton with surprising, and i think brave remarks yesterday at the funeral of brown. >> we have to be outraged that a 9-year-old girl killed in chicago. we have to be outraged by our disrespect for each other.
7:49 pm
our disregard for each other. our chilling and shooting and -- killing and shoots and running out around gun toteing each other. lou: joining me now, diss thank discussing those remarks and state of race relations in the nation, role of president in this administrati administration. author of book enough, juan williams. good to have you with us. >> thank you, lou. lou: i think that the se sev -- riff rand that ireverend, that a particularly brave element of what he did say. that gathering in this moment at the funeral of an 18-year-old who had been shot by a police officer, in uncertain circumstances. but, i just, i found it -- i
7:50 pm
thought a brave moment for reverend al. >> yeah, well you know for me it is a little late to the game, but i think thatal sharpen ten s catching up, he said he has evolveed, i said what he said yet circumstance what needs to be -- what he said yesterday, is what needs to be said, that black crime, and acceptance of crime in the black community and glory occasions of criminals in terms of hip-hop hollywood culture is so ain't thret call to history of the black people in the country, emphasis has been on family, education, self help and entrepreneurship, then instead you see people saying, oh, let's make an excuse for these crack houses for these drug dealers, and gang bangers skpw-rbg let'ersand let's make s so young black people think it is only authentic if you are
7:51 pm
acting like a thug or dressing like you just got out of jail, i agree, i am so glad that al sharpton realized what the problem is. and is willing to speak out about it i apologize if i feel it is a little late to the game. lou: no apology necessary, i am thrilled he got to the game, at least for a brief moment in those remarks, and he deserves credit for it, i am sure that is the last thing that many there expected him to say. or would tolerate him saying, i guess judgment will be the times he is invited back. we'll see. hopefully there will be no need. >> what is interesting, i thought worth noting for audience, is there were a number of black celebritys in the audience, i note i said spike lie. -- noticed spike lee, and
7:52 pm
broadcaster tom joyner, they stood and applauded, sometimes we lose perspective on what the heart of the black community is beating, we're always paying attention to extremists, here, are people standing and applauding what sharpton said when he came to the idea of personal responsibility, careing for your neighborhood, he said, why do the parents of this dead boy have to say to you, he does not want to be remembered for sparking riots, he wanted to be remembered for helping to brin justice to in country. lou: one would hope that everyone in this country could be offer a positive on contribution to that end. the truth is that the president, was willing to divide the nation did seems to me, farther rather than seize this tune to
7:53 pm
opportunity to be president of all of the people, he had a tremendous, and chose to be deviceive, your view? >> i don't know highway you see him -- i don't know how you see him as devicive. when holder went, i was concerned how this would work, you don't want him putting the finger on the scale one way or the other, we saw, that situation terms of the violent protests, and riots calmed down, people seemed to respond in terms of thos those concerned aa transparent process, i did not see aner from the law enforcement or -- anger from the law enforcement for say the officials they seemed to help holder. lou: law enforcement i thought uk conducted themselves very well after the initial day or so. they are the folks who are on the line, they put their lives to line, that situation.
7:54 pm
i think they should be given great credit for the way they conducted themselves, instead, focusing on puts his said i think thumb or finger on the scales of justice, president dispatching attorney general that is like putting both feet on the scale in myist may be, a -- my estimation, a unprecedented parallel investigation to the murder, a out right insult to local law enforcement and the prosecutor, government behaveedic 94 annually, saying he -- ignore annually saying he wanted a an aggressive prosecution, this is panerring and racial politics for days at it worse, i think that we have have avoided with some constraint on the part of your national leadership. >> you know, president, did not go and i have to tell you there was pressure from the left for him to go and to you know, make some really, i think unnecessary
7:55 pm
but i am telling you, to make more emore,al -- emotion rally, remarks about the idea this young moon was gunned -- man was gunned down, shot 6 times unarmed, he did not go, but sent holder, and against that was fair that holder made statements that have polarizeed. but i think i didn't see that was the co consequence. lou: you expected less than i did perhaps, i expected far more leadership, and concern for the common cause that we all share. and that is the justice of which you spoke, just moments ago. where do we go from here? >> well, i think that key on this story has to go to the prosecution, you know, people have to have faith that our justice system delivers for all, and i think that american
7:56 pm
justice sim historically -- system historically has done, that i have faith in the justice system in my community, you hear black people say but you know there is a dispractice portional number of blacks and jail and et cetera, i live in the black community in washington d.c., sometimes i think migrateist fear is that -- greatest fear is other young black men, gang bangers, thugs, and they are threat to my community, in terms of my personal safety but in terms of retail business and economic development, who willment to start as know there? to me that isa an -- important message to be deliver stphaod juan williams thank you, we appreciate it. we rose up. thank you very much. juan.
7:57 pm
>> always a pwhroeuz our lou. lou: thank you for being with us, tomorrow, four-star general, jack keane will join us, good jack keane will join us, good night from new york. tigers, both of you. tigers? don't be modest. i see how you've been investing. setting long term goals. diversifying. dip! you got our attention. we did? of course. you're type e* well, i have been researching retirement strategies. well that's what type e*s do. welcome home. taking control of your retirement? e*trade gives you the tools and resources to get it right. are you type e*?
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. neil: welcome, everybody. i'm neil cavuto, and it is good to be back, and my special thanks to friends and colleagues, colin mcshane and cheryl casone and david asman for having my back when i was out. a case of burger king trying to have doughnuts and eat it, too. bk insists it never, ever, ever thought about setting up shop north of the border. burger king and tim hortons will continue operating under independent brands but common ownership. a big chunk of the brand, the hortons part will


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