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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  September 6, 2014 4:00am-5:01am EDT

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call them [inaudible] well, how about 6:00 p.m. dvr the show and tell us about it. i will see you on monday. charles: good evening, everyone. president obama seems caught in a contradiction for tax. when he isn't cntradicting himself, the facts are. mr. obama boasted that the economy i improving on his watch. but the august jobs report leased today shows otherwise. today's job report is the worst of this year and it shows a record number of americans no longer in the labor force. and the lowest total so far this year. while the unemployment rate dropped to 6.1%, 53 million of the people who are working do so ona freelance basis.
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that is one third of the total workforce. former clinton adviser doug schoen o this topic tonight. and also what happened in benghazi on september 112 years ago? the story straighfrom the men in the middle of the firefight that night in benghazi. brugger joins us with details of this exclusive interview with three of the men who survived. and at this hour, president obama returning to the from the nato summit in wales or one point it was considered by many to be weak and ineffective sections r the cease-fire reached today. >> the only reason that we are seeing the ase-fire at this moment is because of the sanctions that have already been
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applied and the threat of further sanctions, which are having a real impact on the russian economy. and they have isolated russia in a way that we have not seen in a long time. lou: president obama also saying that he has forged a 10 nation coalition among the nato nations to combat the islamic state terrorist group and make sure this time to stay away from freigt phrases other than degrade in deffat and destroy when speaking of his strategy. ed henry is in wales tonight with our report. >> it took three news conferences to get there and president obama final got his message straight on battling isis. >> we will degrade and ultimately defeat isis. syematcalldegrading their capabilities. report: as the president had the talking points again and
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again, there were no more admissions that he does not have a strategy. >> you cann contain an organization that is running roughshod through that much territory a displacing that many people, killing that many innocent people and enslaving that many women. the goal has to be to dismantle them. reporter: so he finally settled on dismantling and the destroying unethical and top publicans charging that the president's failure to target their training camps has already given isis and at. >> the fact at we have let this go over the last seven and eight months as we have watched these fighters travel city by city and not have hit them by >> there also appears to bee.
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daylight between chairman of the joint chiefs of staff. the president claimed that he did not have a military strategy to deal witt this because he was waiting on the pentagon and dempsey suggested otherwise sane at the president's direction we have developed a military strategy with a series of options on how we can initially contained and continue to disrupt and ultimately defeat isil. the day before in estonia, the president implied againhat the military was still tweaking the plan, saying that was all about getting the details right. >> it is important from my perspective that when we sen our pilots and to do our job that we know that this will work and we are clear on what art objectives and targets are, it is important? many sea minicity ices can be
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defeated, but it may take years. john kerry saying that it may take two years or three years. and many say atop pentagon official suggested otherwise. >> this is a threat that is going to be in conmen for years and years. but it certainly one we have to worry about right now? the predent said again today thate is helping to build a coalitn th arab nations. but first, the commander-in-chief was thinking about a bucket list, making a stopt stonehenge before hustling back to washington. a u.s. official tells us there are nine other nations providing security and humanitarian support in iraq. secretary john kerry says tat that support does not include any u.s. combat troops on e ground and he called that a red line. and of course, other red lines
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have been questionable. lou:d henry reporting from wales. dramatic new revelations on what really happened two years ago in the september 11 attacks against the compound in benghazi. a new book charge that u.s. security team was ordered to stand down and the highest-ranking cia officer in benghazi, three of the security officers involved in the book speaking for the first time with fox news anchor bret baier, explaining how they were told not to gothere in the mid-of the attack. >> we are ready to go. am so, we are ready to go. i said hey, we are ready to go. bob looks at the leader and says that you guys need t wait. lou: joining us now is anchor of fox news reporting, bret baier. thirteen hoursin benghazi, the inside story, airtonight at
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10:00 p.m. eastern on the fox news channel. in order to stand down, what happened? >> finally hearing from someone there. and we finally hear and see from someone who is o the ground. cia contractors charged with protecting that. that is about a mile away from the consulate. we're chris stevens and his team were in the what is a delayed response. they call it a stand down order in their boards.
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and they try tried to rescue up to 30 minutes, ambassador stevens on the house. and there is another attack that they are hearing about the may be a part of this. and heroism in is really compelling. glen doherty and tyrone woods, were lost on the roof, right next to them. lou: how did these three men, how do they manage to survive that night and the terrorist had targeted and in fact, that is the way in which tyrone woods and glen doherty were killed. how do they make it through? >> they say it was because of the teamwork regarding the guys
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that werethere. and this is their story. and they tell it in a very compelling way. told bill o'reilly that i have done 34 of these specials in my 18 years here. and this is by far the most intense. lou: thanyou for telling us about it and we want to remind everyone to tune in to the fox news reporting, inside benghazi, the inside story hosted by bret baieron the fox news channel at 10:00 p.m. eastern. and evidence of corruption mounting at the irs. investigational sitations going
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on right now. the commission are commissioner headed back to capitol hill in two weeks. he is being brought back to explain why the agency failed to search 760 exchang server drives tt may contain tose e-mails belonging to lois lerner and we will also have me explaining from her. e-mails also had begun a secret research project usg unlawfully obtained donor lists of conservative and tea party organizations. again, conservative targeting. that is not all, repubcans are accusing the justice department of trying to hide the contact information of a former irs
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employee who may be critical to their nvestigation. house investigators have not been able to trk down that attorney. he worked under lois lerner until recently, and he also represented the irs and losses filed overr the agency's targeting of conservative groups. republicans on the hill say that at is a clea conflict of interest. we are coming right back with much more. score one for the prsident. e checked stonehengeff his bucket list. syria, iraq, ukraine and russia, a little bit more to do. colonel ralph peters is next
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lou: our next guest says that president obama wanted a big step up from allies to combat the islamic state and he didn't get it. russian president vladimir putin wanted to secure his territory in ukraine and ensure continued turmoil. he got what he wanted. joining us now is strategic analysts ralph peters. it's great to have you here. >> thank you. lou: we have watched this president try to contend with the islamic state in his own language, if not his ow strategy. and vladimir putin an his ambitions. how would you say he's done it? >> the president did get his rhetorical act together today. he spoke somewhat clearly for the firs time on the isis issue. but it's really not a matter of
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what he says. and he went to the nato summit and the european trip, really hoping to get unanimity up for the forceful response and to get military participation wing p to wing tip against the islamic state. but what he got was a nebulous with the coalition and by the way we will send some blankets lou: taking that up, even as he's talking about this, the ukrainian medical aid and i mean, this is a strange construction, is it not? >> yes, it is. he is threatening letter hooton
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right and left. and whether it holds are not, but president potoshenko was concerned. working on the bare-bones equipmt, they had invaded. and now as a rsult, on the ground, they have vladimir putin's people in control of sttegic points on the ukrainian territory and they are never going to back up 1 inch. it is the same as crimea. he hason this round it yet
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again. lou: e president said that nato would neverecognize or accept crimea is part of the russian federation. but it seemso be a hollow statement on the part of the president since there is no action contemplated and none that i can think of that would reverse the ambition of vladimir putin and his ahievement short of war. >> when the schoolyard or we take your candidate anita, you're not getting it back. the old cliché is that that is nine tenths of the law. it is actually 100% until you move it militarily. that is another point. lou: what hit can hedo to reverse crimea and roll this back to max. >> nothing he could do, even if he was willing. lou: why does he persist in
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talking about it? strachan makes him feel good. lou: it makes nato look even weaker. >> he's like a child. it's like somehow it's magically going to come true. he is a big favo and also the brave baltic states and poland, they really stood beside us in iraq. they wanted just a small presence. they got a promise of troop rotations in and out. lou: i'm sorry, we have limited time. and we will take up the islamic state under next visit. we appreciate you being with us tonight. >> too much to talk about. lou: and the president blames the social media.
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it is time to take a look at our online poll results. we us to do believe that the approval rating of obama will remain under water for the remainder of his term. 97% said yes. tonnight's pol, should a 28 nation organization be able to cure more than 10 of its members fora coalition? cast your vote at this is the weekend that football begins in earnest. in for a treat. third-ranked oregon takes on michigan state in what could be a national chaionship preview. and notre dame meets michigan and what could be the final meeting of these teams. and usc and stanford meeting as well in a showdown.
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and with so ironing on the part of the schedulers, interlock. the best games will always be on fox stations. coming up next, my commentary on the week of contradictions from president obama as crisis after crisis engulfed his administration. administration. please stay with ♪you may say i'm a dreamer ♪but i'm not the only one
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♪i hope seday you'll join us ♪and the world will be as one ♪imagine no possessions ♪i wonder if you n ♪no need for greed or hunger ♪a brotherhood of man ♪imagine all the people ♪sharing all the world ♪you ♪you may say i'm a dreamer
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♪but i'm not the only one ♪i ho someday you'll join us ♪and the world will live as one♪
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lou: coming up tonig, a former member of hillary clinton's circle offers a roadmap to the white house in 2016. why she mut move as far away as possible from barack obama. and the brand-new book, what women really want. claims of the republican war on women. gina joins us to explain it all. and first, comments on what has been a week of contradiction and calamity for president obama. the missteps, mistakes, the gaffes well-documented. the approval rating remains at 30%, which is a record low complicated question, but among the region, is a more forceful
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approach toward the islamic state, failing when he declared the united states would degrade and destroy the terrorists and then shocked everyone by saying that within a minute th islamic state is a manageable problem. and with images of the islic state beheading another american journalist, steven sotloff, no one could rationalize us retreat into the inexplicable. it has been a week since the president admitted that he had no strategy for combating the islamic state. that admission is a news conference that began with a post about the improvin economy under his enlightened leadership . >> beginning with the number one thing that most americans care aut, the economy. this morning we found out that our economy grew more in the second-quarter than we originally thought. zooms are spending and over the
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past 4.5 years our businesses have created more than 10 million new jobs. so it's what's so good about the direction in which we are headed. >> you can see how eited the president was there. but there was nothing feel good about the jobs report today. a week and a day later, we learn only 142,000 jobs were created in august and that's the worst jobs record of the year. we also have the worst labor force participation rating in 42 years. with a record number of americans not working. one third are working less. they are working freelance. reasons to feel good about the direction we are headed two according to the president? he has proved himself to be estranged from the facts and the ruths. how in god's name, with his policies and domestic and foreign, can his advisers allow
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him to say that last week there are reasons to feel good about the direction in which we are headed. on his way home, president obama is talking again about going at it alone in tking excutive action if congress doesn't let him have his way on immigration reform. and i can't think of many reasonsfor any of us to feel good about the drection that not until he overcomes himself and his predilection for overreach and folly. now it's time forur quotation of the evening. this from winston churchill. a pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity and an optimist these the opportunity in every difficulty. perhaps that is what the president was referring to when he talked about to feel good.
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we are coming right back. lou: hillary clinton won't take the blame for the disaster is obama foreign policy. the show takes up that issue and this is a preview of his new book about the new cold war and the crisis of leadership coming up#fá
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>>t(jfñr >>xd congratulations.ñr most people are think it'sq --xd are shocked to thinkxdjf tt
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russia andé@ china in combination isq perhapsxdi] a countervailingfá superpower presence in the world?ñrq >> a little known development this week theq chinese vice premier in siberia
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>> ralph peters said that, he was absolutely right. we knew that they were likely to go to eastern ukraine and it's the same model that they used in georgia. again,e are just now getting around to saying that we might start arming the ukrainian military. and it is sad, but we will all pay a price. lou: the president is talking about this nonlethal aid report, which is confounding. but so much of wh he said the past week has been particularly confounng. do you see this administration is simply hapless? and do you see, let me just ask you this way.
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with a hapless president, does that mean that we are a helpless people to . >> i don't think that thy american people are helpless or hapless. but if you ask me to characterize the government, it is ineffectual. and isis has a strategy and a development today, like this plane from the air force base being taken down, the iranians were supposed to be our new allies, they understand that really we are an increasingly hapls nati lou: i keep wanting to resist that we are a nation in this. but i'm notcertain that we can differentiate between her leadership in our president and
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this nation and the government. and if so, a very dangerous situation. > we know tht this differs with the president's strategy n iraq and also isis. and we worry exactly as you do. lou:hillary clinton, who returns leadership. she has distanced herself and she is embracing this demonstrion nce again. >> she needs the left wing of the democratic party to get nominated. but it is increasingly clear with what real-world events are showing. she also needs large and broader credibility.
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and you have to off her leadership not as a politician but as an amerin. lou: the president seems to have trouble discerning as to what his true reckoning is and what are the policies that he will sustain. ignoring laws, refusing to enforce hem, making broad statements that often end up being marginally true or not true at all. what are we to do? >> i wish, and i was sitting here listeng, i wish tt i could disagree with you. but if anything, the seattle seahawks, it's probably not a
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great analogy, but they are doing pretty well. and they should come and, and i apologize to them and thr fans. but i would also y that on immigration, the fact that the president is talking about t is arguably unconstitutional and reckless and contrary to americaninterests. lou: and also further damage. the book is the russia and china axis. it's an important new book out next tuesday and you can reorder it. it comes with our highest recommendations. it is always great to have you here, doug. we will be ballyhooing the book. lou: a die. lo a viral book about a dog in
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and a spider costume. if you are frightened of snaes, we can accommodate you. a deadly albino cobra was on the loose for four days in southern california has now been in captivity. president action on immigration, reviewing options on hiway home from wales. the manhattan institute heather macdonald on what the president just might be thinking coming up next 1 in 3 people over the age of 60 the most amazing sounds of life have gone missing. conversations with friends... birds singing... the joy of children's laughter. and there are so many damaging reasons for this. often the first sign is when people who are speaking loudly and clearly now sound like they're mumbling. at connect hearing, we can change that... with award winning hearing aid technogy... and solutions to fitvery budget.
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lou: the third american infected with ebolola is now being treatd at a hospital in omaha, nebraska. officials say that the 51-year-old doctor is in stable conditio and he was able to board the aircraft the uer his own power.
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and the president promised he will take action, as he said, very soon on immigration. but he didn't say whether it would be before the midterm elections althgh it is much speculated. he spoke today at the nato conference. >> dirk johnson and eric holder have ovided me with some of the proposals and recommendations and i will be reviewing them and my expectation is that i will be considering what the next steps are. and we need immigration reform. lou: even top democrats are now opposed to him acting, as he put it. they don't want to see executive action o immigration. joining us is the senior fellow editor, has gone on.
4:44 am
>> he did promise to give executive amnesty by the end of the amount. and so the politics of this has gotten much more comlicated. and it isetting a yellow light from democratic senators. lou: i think that they are screaming to stop because they are watching these polls and they see what is going to be the fate of the democratic party particularly in the senate. >> stopfor now. but the bait and switch that i think is being contemplad is holding off until the elections.
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and then this whole issue will come up again. and speaker boehner says there's a possibility that congress could take this issue up next to her. a little bit softer, but he had to inerject that into the discussion leading into the midterms. and i think thathis is one that should be a principled stands compared to one that looks at partisan politics. >> are these the same that led mitt romney to victory in 2012 t. >> well, they are determined to repeat the performance. but what is really at stake, and we can't let our eye off the
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ball, it is what this country and the future of it is going to be it. in one crucial aspect is the rule of law and the other is, are we going to be a skilled population that is able to compete globally. what will happen with these amnesties is increasing, and social inequality in this country by privileging the most low skilled people from central and central america and mexico. and they are just not advancing. last night in the gubernatorial bid in california, jerry bro was touting the fact that he has the most redistribution in education spending in the country because he's trying so hard to close the gap beween so-called english learners in the anglo population.
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but it's not rkg. or having t it's not working. or having to spend more and more taxpayer dollars in the state trying to close up gap. lou: obama's approval rating in california is arguably the most and one of the most liberal states in thecountry that was plummeting and prospects obviously remain high for the democratic incumbents in that state and this is a change there. and so i guess the next question on immigration becomes, why in the world don't the republicans have the onfidence of the principal to follow the lead of those of the last judiciary committee and their incremental approach to immigration reform and establishment of border security why can't they grab hold onthat sphere and mo forward with
4:48 am
that. >> it is such a goo question and i thin that they're feeling, perhaps, is that demography is destiny and with the rising hispanic population, they feel that these approaches may not work for them. and that is going to be a big mistake and i think it will turn the country into a possibly irreversible direction. >> most ameicans want border security come hell origh water. and certainly soon. heather macdonald, we thank you for being with us. and a programming no, please join us tonight on he o'reilly factor. 8:00 p.m. eastern to talk about the efforts of fast food wages. we talked about theeconomic impact and we even argue a little bit about it.
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tune in at the top of the hour. and coming up next,e'll women really want. exposing the concept a the projected idea of republican women and you cannot miss it. co-author doctor
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lou: joining me now is the co-author of the new book, what women really want. about false claims of democrats and the party ofwomen. we are joined by doctor gina
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loudon. congratulations on your book. >> thankyou. lou: and you take on the idea that the democratic party is the party of women and women's issues. and republicans are something else. why is that? >> we ha been told repeatedly that the feminist speak for women. interestingly, there are only about 20% of women consider themselves feminists. d about 90% of working women, according to forbes, they say that they would really like the option to stay hme ut staying home has always been a goal of theirs,eing able to stay at home with their families. and so also, when is the last time that you heard 90% of women agree on anything. but 90% of them want to be home. so we have been sold a pretty big pack of lies. and they wanto have that option.
4:54 am
lou: what about reproductive rights? what about all of those issues that republicans come down on the wrong side of? they want to have a choice and choice is important to women just as it is for men. how do you handle that two. >> in the book, we talk about how choice really i freedom, which is really money. if you put those things together, they are hard to distinguish. so it's a lot more important in terms of economic freedom and job security and national security. much more than free feminine hygiene products, which is what the left may think is on the most important list for women. lou: what will the gop have to do to make sense and compel women for women who effectively
4:55 am
elected barack obama president of the united states? >> the president's going to have to come up with strong leaderip. the g will have to come up with trong leadership to restore the freeoms and make it so that if they want to, they n svive on one income again, like we did before all of the empowerment happing. lou: the ide at the republican party can be the party of women. but what about the issues? what was it, the dnc chairwoan was talking about? she had to aplogize. but the rhetoric was inflammatory. >>hey backed down every time that the democrats get up in their face. but in things like job security and national security, open borders undermine both of those things and that is something that reallymatters for national
4:56 am
security. just today here we are on national civil rights day and what do they decide to do? they sign signed a deal with mexico saying tt we are goi to protect mexicanworkers. and this is what is really on the minds and hearts o american women rght now. lou: thank you and congratulations on the book. we recommend it highly. on sale online at bookstores everywhere and david said, i predict obama will end up with theowest approval rating of any president since world war ii. we will take note. and dave says elitist irs revelations. they are not merely corrupt but a crimal enterprise. thank you. coming up at the top of the hour, stick around for neil cavuto hosted by neil cavuto.
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i wonder if that's where they got the name. coming up next week, doctor ben coming up next week, doctor ben carson on his presidential ♪ ♪ ♪
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