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tv   Cavuto on Business  FOX Business  September 7, 2014 1:30am-2:01am EDT

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noticed that the wall of tar is gone and the cigarettes are goep, people, but it is replaced by the smoking sensation ads and good for glaxosmithkline on nicorette gum. >> and gary? >> i am seeing the stock struling. i'm a bear. >> okay. neil is next. one could be britain's next prime minister, and the other is a niece of a slain civil right's leader, and both very, very different people, but one common theme. i'm neil cavuto, and i want you to hear what nigel and lavita told me lies at the crisis. the reason that the terrorist group is so good at recruiting in britain and america and in places that you least expect, and it has nothing to do with all of isis' money, but something else
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listen. >> reporter: why have so many brits undergone radicalization? >> well, much of it is a self-inflicted wound. we have had four decades of state sponsored multiculturalism, and encouraged people not to be british, but to live separately and apart. >> and kind of like what we are doing here? >> yes, there are similarities and with we have the last bishop of canterbury saying that shariah law would be acceptable in british cities so we have been weak and not muscular and standing up to people to say, we are a christian country and we have a christian constitution, and judeo culture and our schools have been infiltrated and perhaps jihadism is more rapidly on the march rampantly where we have not stood up. >> i am noticing now that in all of the reports when we are hearing from the white hou, we are hearing various answers, but where is the righteous
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indignation, and the charitable, answer and what about the geneva convention, and so all of the rules are gone now, and then do we pontificate that we have done some strikes and we are having conversati conversations, and yet yng men are being kill and beheaded before our very eyes, american young men. >> so think about that on the business show that we have been focused on what economically tempts those to join isis that we lose sight of the fact that we are losing the judeo-christian corps, a and that the move to multiculturalism is what is explaining all of this, and isis ample recruitment efforts here and so we are joined by our guests. charles payne, what do you think of that? >> well, in america, it is dangerous e say multiculturalism, because it means something different, but if you say unfettered mul
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multiculturalism in that the western nations a around the world, and particularly in eupe, and around the world, we have welcomed them from around the world with open arms to get free stuff, and not having to do anything for it, and not learning the language or assimilating in any form or fashion, and as they stay here, it is more and more and more and we can't afford to give it to them, and then resentment, and then some sort of cesspools of anger to where someone will leave the countries and go the fight for a terror group like is isis. in that respect, it is a little bit, that we are luckier than europe, because we share the christian values with the majority of the people coming here legally and illegally, and europe is in a world of hurt and i mean a worldf hurt that is going to be ug over the next several years. >>charlie gasparino, we are all products of immigrants, right, d both were saying from different political perspectives
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that with we are not assimilating, and that that in a multicultural society is what makes this one different from the one that say your dad or grandparents grew up in. what do you think about this? >> and we are slowly what happened in yugoslavia when it broke up to be bosnia and herzegovina, and it does rub me the wrong way of people talking about us being a christian nation. i mean, i know what the founding fathers -- >> well, the judeo-christians. >> we are a nation of one and people should be whatever they want to ban religion of whatever theywant to be, but what is -- >> i want to make sure it is wellaid, because they dropped that entirely for everything under the map. >> it clouds the ish ssue. what we have here is for many years we had a defining characteristic, the melting t, and my parents and great grandparents had to come here to be english and be american, and we have turned it into multiculturalism, and who forced that upon to america school
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systems, and kids learned it right in high school and preached in college and it is the intelligence from the left who changed the culture back in the 1960s and it continues today. and by the way, to speak out against multiculturalism on a college campus is to basically have your head hand ed to you. >> you are a racist. >> and what is britainealing with in terms of what farage was dealing with, is germany and we don't see altogether from the united states not to this extreme where you have the ethnic groups that are completely isolated, and turkish immigrants in germany and the muslims in britain where they literal literally, and they have signed off on bad behavior that is opposite of their values -- >> well, they, i will say this, they come anstick do their own knitting, and maybe like italian americans did or the irish americans or whatever, but they never break a wai way from that.
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and they never become part of the melting pot. >> they don't become part of the national community and the society and the secular society. >> and the americans were different. >> andharly, don't start to defending your people. ben stein, what do you make of that? [ lalaughter ] >> and the multiculturalism is the spade in america, and this is a spade call a spade, and this is not just anywhere, but it is mostly muslim militant americans who do not serve on as goods love, and sign on america as people of toll the ration, and peopleho march forward together under the god of love whether it is jewish, muslim or christian, and we are taking into this country people who basically hate america, and why are we taking into this country the people who hate america, and the ones who come from the border in mexico, love america, and those from the middle east and muim countries and not all of them, but many of them hate america and theyon't want to be integrated, but they want to destroy america, and we
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are taking into america caerous immigrants who are going to kill us. >> edadam? >> and ben, i think that you undid your own argument when you said not all of them by any means and i would turn it around and say not only not all of them, but not most of them, and sure we have troublemakers and there are always troublemakers in every group. >> adam, adam, adam. >> and the founding fathers anticipated this conversation, and they he been -- >> no, they did not not even close. not even close. >> and we continue to be, and the founding fathers and an t anticipated this and set up a system where we could ing in all of the kinds of people, and it is working. >> and assimilate. and assimilate! >> and not to kill americans. >> and the founding fathers envisioned a system of a melting pot. that is what they envisioned and not multiculturalism. >> and that ist right there. and ben mentioned something important, where wall become
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one, and that is lost, charles payne. >> and that is lost. although not as much in america, and again, as a what we are looking at is a powder keg. >> we have traditions. >> for now. >> and arica still has an amazing model for how it is done , and the mistake of europe is to allowing these people to co in and wreck their own communities and put up satellite tvs where they only get news from the homeland and never learn the language. >> and this is what everyone else talks about. >> and no, no, generation after generati generation. >> and farage is talking about the people who join isis. >> and those are not the descendents of winston churchill, but they are arabs. >> not all of them. >> almost all. >> they came mostly to the countries with a chip on their shoulde shoulder, and they left a broken country where they already blamed the people -- and let me finish, charily, because they -- well, they arnot going to the rest of the society. >> and theylready blame
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colonialism, and the west before they left their homeland to go there and they were more or less infiltrating and waing for the moment to get even. >> and what allows it to ferment in society? it is the intellectual basis. >> and not calling it out. >> it is the intellectuals and the colleges and that peeate through the -- >> absolutely. >> through the high schools. >> and three cheers for charlie. >> and this disgusting theory as ben said, upon the kids and it infiltrates the culture, and why as bad here as in britain, and we have fox news and the first amendment and fox news, we add to the debate and fit back and there is no intellectual debate in britain about multiculturalis multiculturalism, and that what you saw there is rare. >> and that is just clips of this show, they will start airing them, and saying that the racist segment, of course. >> and a it is not just the problem of the immigration, but it is how you assimilate those immigrants into your society,
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and how do you handle the immigrants once they are in your nation, and quite frankly, and let me finish thought, please. i have been gone. >> oh, boy. i beg your pardon. >> a loft to immigrants to your point, ben, from mexico, and central and south america, they share our values. they share a judeo-christian l values. >> and we have that problem. >> and we will have a problem terms that we have to be concerned about people not assimilating. >> a think of what you are saying at the different times and sometimes the same time which i appreciate over each other, and if you hear it from the niece of martin luther king, and hear from some who believe is the next prime minister of britain, what they are saying is that if this keeps going, you are finding the meanby which to recruit d phi dwoos -- bad guys the world over to corru be. what do you make of that? >> the anti-christian muslim
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fundamentalists are cancer in the bloodstream of amica, and it is that simple. it will kill us if we don't get control of it. >> on that happy note, we will take a break and chew on this. fewer people are using food stamps so that presumably is good news for us, but it could good news for us, but it could also be bad news for hey check it out huh
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what happened to that guy? hey, get that sign back up! ♪you're not alone, together we stand♪ (sndfx: clapping) ♪i'll be by your side you know i'll take your hand♪ (sndfx: clapping) ♪when it gets col and it feels like the end♪ (sndfx: clapping) ♪there's no place to go you know i won't give in♪ (sndfx: clapping) ♪no, i won't give in ♪keep holding on ♪caues ya know we'll make it through, ma it through♪ keep holding on♪
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they are warning more areas to be hit. i'm kelly wright. now, back to neil cavuto.
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well sh, now the nanny stat and the food stamps arslowing down, and don't run around, because is still very, very high, and this is good news for the taxpayers, but what about the spend-happy politicians? >> well, it could be good news for them, but who cares. >> well, i do, because i live with them. i thought it would make a good segment, but if you don't agree, that is fine. >> look. what we get with this, the higher tax thes, and the corporate shakedowns and the crony capitalism, and get it out of the way and get the people off of the food stamps into america. >> and gasper? >> well, i will sound like adam here, and the good news here is -- >> something is sounding wrong there. >> and this is showing that people like charles and some of my conservative friends, and more conservative than i am -- >> and not to the right of it like attila the hun. >> well, given the opportunity to work, people will work, and they are not lazy. >> did charles say that? >> well, i don't know, but
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maybe. >> this is great news that fewer people are on food stamps, and this should have happened years ago, and what the state did is to ease the eligibility requirements and they have outreach programs going out to actively trying to find people to get on food stamp programs, and they need to e reverse it. >> we are secelebrating somethi, and we are doing a segment on this, and i endorse the segment, but as a matter of fact, adam, my diet is going well, and i lost five pounds and what do you say, and you say, neil, you have 95 pounds to go. well sh well, we have 45 million-plus americans on food stamps, and maybe a good many of them warrant and deserve them, but 45 million, i don't know. d so i am asking are we celebrating something that has gone down a little bit, if you include all of the food support, not only stamps, but over 100 million americans. adam? >> well, neil, we are recognizing the value of the trend, and the trend is down. charlie, thank you for
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recognizing my reagan optimism which the rest of you lack. >> i love this show. >> andhe important thing is that not only are the people on welfare willing to get off of the welfare, but so-called nanny state, the government is willing to cut it back, too. and this is working. >> they are running out of money, adam. >> they are running out of money. >> come on. >> and ben? >> when i talk to the businessmen at conventions everyday and they do not fly me there in private jets and what they say is that they cannot get people to work. they try to recruit people, and people say, that we'd rather stay on welfare and food stamps than go to work, and if there is a trend in the other direction, thank goodness and we should value and ap breesh yat the trend, but the general direction of the laziness of the people at the bottom of the workforce is pathetic. >> and neil, many states made it easier to get food stamps a few years ago and if they want to get the people off of the dole, they will reverse it. >> and by the way, if you are a mom and dad and you have kids and you are weighing food stamps
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and going to work and one of the other federal benefits at the margin when you throw in the commuting cost and the child care cost, and you say, to hell with it, i will stick to wt i have got, because it is so generous. >> they seduce you to staying in. >> and now, you are jazzed, because in the beginning of the segment, you barely cared. >> he looks better than you do, that is why. and now a lot of people know that they will take an economic hit if they enter the bottom of the workforce and that is why they don't, but ultimately we want them to. >> and now we were talking about the fo allergin here, but the next time that you order a cheeseburger, you may be paying for obama care and by that definition, i have paid for the whole thing. the forbes gang is going to serve up the skinny, and next, penn and teller and siegfried and roy and hillary
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♪ all rig. a las vegas show stopper. at least for taxpayers. senate majority leader harry reid's annual clean energy summit in vegas. calling for incentives and policies to help boost green programs. ben stein,ounds like a program to spend more green. 12. >> spend more green. the green energy program is a fine thi. i lot of it. i love law las vegas. lovearry reed. ha, ha.
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>> you don't love the green energy program. >> a lot of democrats have gotten very rich from green energy. whether it's been a net benefit for the u.s., i doubt it. i think shale oil and shale gas have been the lifesavers. not fwreen energy. >> shale o oil tax do not meet vegas. i don't know. >> oh, yes, they do. >>oka who wod know better than them? adam, what do you think of that? >> we've made a lot of mistakes with our green energy policies, but that doesn't mean that they're not worth pursuing or that these are bad people who are pursuing them, neil. >> all right. but the fact that they gather in las vegas to -- >> god bless. what do you think? >> i have to go back to vegas, and i'm hoping i don't have to be with these wonderful people. listen, for hillary, this is an easy thing, right? this is -- she's running for president, or probably running for president. >> but on the -- >> have you to wonder about priorities. it would not seem to be -- i'm thinking isis right now.
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>> no. >> i'm thinking the debt. i'm not thinking. >> it's more of a political -- >> if you are hillary, gout to kiss up to the environmental movement. we should point out th most of the -- >> absolutely. >> i think the hudson river is cleaner right now because of the environmtal movement, but these green energy boonedoggles like cylindra, they generally don't work. economically they've not been feasible. >> this is are about political contributions, and it's about money. i'm not a believer that the green energy and anything in t platform is a vote getter in thisountry. how about the fact that -- >> it is. >> how about the fact that we're producing more oil right now than we're importing as a nation? what about that shale oil? what about shale gas? she's not going bring that up during this meeting. >> by the way, that tesla battery factory, hello, nevada. right? >> very true. i didn't think of that. >> $5 blion battery. >> particularly the middle class, electricity prices are at an all-time high. >> they don't make a big campaign contribution.
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>> we had a cool summer. oil prices are plunging. electricity prices, as president obama promised, have gne through the roof. that crushes family household budgets. i can't believe they get away with this and get votes. >> core demographic and a door -- you might have a primary challenge. during the election year, you embrace the world, but right now she has to kiss the rearend of the environmental movement >> it seems out of step with all the -- >> she's going to go there and get some donors, and she's going to leave, and no one is going to pay attention, except for us. >>air enough. i want tohank -- >> that's so true. >> so -- >> up next, are you readyto make some -- >> september it s actually the worst month. october gets all the scary press, but it's actually this month we're in rig
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how do you sorj gerd yourself? >> advanced auto parts. hold itor this september, the next september, and the up with after that. >> oih, oil services etf, neil. the shell oil trend that you were tking about, it's a winner. >> all right. you are going all fossil fuels. that's an interesting note there. ben. >> next go etf.
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mexico is a powerhouse. mexican people are an incdibly grt, productive people. let's bet on them. >> anyone worried about the mere term big old correction? what do you think? >> yes. yes. >> inlt woied. >> you worry about it, but you don't trade and invest on it. >> thank you very much. we continue now. by almost every measure the american economy and american workers are better off than when i took office. >> better off than before? this week we found out the job market is stalling again, and median household income is down nearly $3,000. are you better off or not? hi, everybody. i'm david. welcome to forbes on fox. let's go in focus and find out with ci forbes, elizabeth mcdonald, mike, rick unger. on monday the president id by almost any measure the economy was better. on friday we get these


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