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tv   Cashin In  FOX Business  September 7, 2014 9:30am-10:01am EDT

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to increase revenues by acquiring companies. that's how it's boosting revenues. >> we have two opinions on both ocks. thank you very much, gang. that's it for forbes on fox. have a wonderful the number one business block continues with my buddy eric bowling and "cashin in." isis spreading like a deadly disease and president obama sounding like he wants to put a band-aid on the cancer. first he said this. >> we don't have a strategy yet. >> and now this. >> it is a manageable problem. as the 9/11 anniversary nears the president wants to make the isis crisis a manageable problem. well, maybe you didn't get the memo. this new memo, thousands of foreigners are here on student visas. they vanished into thin air. it's our government asleep at the wheel and putting our lives and livelihood in danger. plus. >> they're grabbing us by the hair and pulling us back. >> the d chairwoman accusing some republicans of abusing
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women. here's what domestic violence really looks like. so will scare tactic comments like hers cause democrats money and votes? and then union backed fast food protesters demanding $15 an hour. is this about lifting wages or lifting big labor's membership? cashin in, demanding answers. starts right now. >> hi, everyone. welcome to cashin in. our crew this week weighing rogers, jonathan, michelle fields, and ron wilkins. welcome, everybody, as we approach the 13th anniversary of 9/11 attacks on the homeland. isis is getting stronger and get this, 6,000 foreigners here on student visas are m. i.a. is the white house doing enough to protect the americans and america's economy against another attack? we're going to start with you, jonathan. >> well, eric, we have the military might to destroy jihadism. what we lack is the moral certainty. i mean, isis, hamas, boko haram, hezbollah, anyone seeing a trend here? i highway stli think the
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president is afraid. he uses the term isil because i is afraid to use the term islam. if you can't name the enemy, you can't defeat, it and to say that isis or isil doesn't represent any philoshy explains why we'r losg and why militant islam is stronger now than it's ever been. >> we jump to you. you are making a face, but i have to tell you, let's not put the cart before the horse. we have no strategy. >> is that possible? is he tone deaf, or is he just lost in the woods? >> i think you're behind the curve here, eric. i mean, the president has been overseas, and he said very clearly isis is a threat. he has made it very clear that we are going to go after isis. he is working to build a coalition to do just that and to make america safer. i mean, look at the reality. if you lose the -- use the metric the bush administration us, we have had no attacks on the homeland. none. zero. >> hold on. hold on. hold on. because the department of justice decided to call in nadal
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hasan not what it really was rash it was terror. we're just lucky underpants bomber didn't blow up over detroit. we're trying to make the point. i appreciate it. no major attacks on the homeland. $61 billion spent on homeland security. >> let's talk about what's going on here. pull up the full screen. these are three young americans from minneapolis -- from the minneapolis area in minnesota. three men who have decided to go over and fight for either al shabaab or al qaeda. douglas mccain mcarthur, and troy, mr. mohammed. troy, i'm going to roll this soundbyte, and i want michelle to listen to this and respond to this. take a listen. >> if you guys only knew how much fun we have over here. this is the real disneyland. >> we have been very, very
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lucky. how long before our luck runs out? >> well, look, this is a dangerous situation. we have an open border. we have americans who are fighting with isis. there's over a dozen fighting with isis, and american citizens, 100, are in syria. those are the estimates. their passports haven't been revoked. this president is interested in managing the problem. managing isis when he should be destroying isis. this is a huge situation. in libya there are airplanes missing. who is to say that there won't be a terrorist attack in the ar future? they have swrets on them right now. they want to attack us. >> we want to make this clear that we're not -- that the ciaa confirmed those missing jets, but if they, do we will certainly be reporting on that. let's talk about this a little bit. there are 6,000 visa jumpers that have completely van eshed and they're concerned about it. there are 58,000 last year alone visa jumpers who are late to report. i mean, this is very concerning, is it not? >> well, yes, eric, it is.
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that's the whole -- that's a whole immigration issue too that have you to get into as to who are they letting in, who are they not, and how can they identify? jonathan makes a point when he says that there are all of these different ones. if you go to wikipedia and look up the number of terrorist organizations that exist al qaeda, et cetera, et cetera, there are literally hundreds of these, and if you can' identify your enemy, there's no way to attack them. there is a common denominate o. they are either shiite or -- >> sunni. >> what do i want to say? sunni. yes. if are you sunni or shiite, at least we can divide that. the enemy of our enemy is our friend. we should be doing that. we should be trying to pay attention to how we divide them and keep a balance of power. >> go ahead. >> i have to say i disagree. the enemy. we have e we have enemies, and they are declaring war on america and slicing journalists'
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heads off. we don't have people on visas, et cetera. we don't have japanese comicasies now and storm troopers because we destroyed the enemy and discredited those ideas. i honestly wonder if our current administration would have won world war ii. i think we woul have lost it. we need to take a page of general douglas mcarthur. no substitute tore total victory. that's the only thing. >>. >> another concerning thing to me, no one is really talking about it right now. all of a sudden we have taken our eye off the ball and the ball being -- probably our biggest foe, our biggt terror foe, bar none, will be iran. now, we've lifted sanctions on iran. we've kind of made nice with them. they have been the biggest supporters of terror in the history of the planet. why are we now all of a sudden deciding we may have to get in bed with iran? this is dangerous. >> yeah. it's very dangerous, and i also dangerous in terms of potentially getting in bed with assad and sear wra, but why? because we decided that isis is the critical issue here, and,
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remember, iran has been helping us to try to stabilize what's going in iraq, and that -- i mean, that's puzzling. you know, that area of the world picking up on what wayne was saying about sunnis, versus shia, you know, they have generations century as old and to get involved -- you could identify our interests.we might be helping iran. that's how complex this is. >> they're bombing us, but when asked, the state department says, oh, no, we're not at ice sxishgs we have to built a coalition. what about acting in america's interest? what about declaring war and declare war on us?
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>> this happened late this week. there is a gentleman, jon -- donald morgan. i'm sorry. he was a cop. he was a bodybuilder. we have a full screen of this guy? he became an -- he tried to become -- he is an isis wannabe. there he is right there. he goes from cop, military service, bodybuilder, becomes an isis warrior, tries to become. take a listen to his explanation. take a listen, guys. >> someone has to defend islam, and somebody has to defend innocent muslims. >> now, michelle, you know, i roll the soundbyte of the three guys from minnesota. this is scary. this is home-grown terror. what do we do about this? >> first off well, need to revoke the passports of these american citizens that are fighting with isis. isis right now is much more dangerous than al qaeda was pre-9/11. they are more ambitious. they have tons of money. they want to come attack and prove their strength to the entire world. what we need right now is
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leadership. we're having ambassadors killed, journalists killed, and this president seems as though this is not a big deal at all. >> guys, before we go, i want to take you around the horn. i'm going to make a comment. give me ten seconds, 15 seconds. if you agree with me or disagree with me. we are less safe. we are the least safe we've been since 9/11, 2001. start with jonathan. >> we're the least safe we've been since the bombing of the late 1970s, and -- >> we've avoided the enemy. it's militant islam jihadism. we're asleep at the wheel, and they get stronger. >> i have no idea. i know this, though. the piece peace of the world was maintained from 1812 to 1914, world war. the balance of power in the middle east is shiite and sunni, and that's what we have to identify and i agree with about that. jonathan is all wrong. you don't just jump up and start shooting people at random and you've got to understand the balance of power. >> that's exactly what i'm advocating here. >> michelle, your thoughts?
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>> yes, isis is more powerful than al qaeda was. weave no leadership, and we have an open border. yes, we are less safe than we were 15, 20 years ago. >> all right. bring it on home, juan. we have a hardened target. i think we have done a great job in the united states of protecting ourselves and making it more difficult and that's why we haven't had any attacks. we should say thank you. >> we have to leave it right there. >> >> don't worry, though. they'll step up cavity searching grandmas at the airport. go to twitter. use _#cashin in. you're going to be seen b
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millions. coming up, costly comments. the chairwoman of the dnc suggesting republicans like scott walker in wisconsin are abusing women. how her words can turn into a costly slap in the face for all democrats. >> scott walker has given women >> scott walker has given women the back of his denturthan real teeth.erent they're about ten times softer and have surface pores where bacteria n multiply. polident kills 99.99% of odor-causing bacteria and helps dissolve stains. for a cleaner, fresher, brighter denture everyday.
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well, talking about creating a firestorm, the chairwoman of
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the democratic national committee, debbie wasserman schultz accusing some democrats of committing domestic violence. >> scott walker has given women the back of his hand. there is no -- i know that is direct, but that is reality. what republican tea party extremists like scott walker are doing is they are grabbing us by the hair and pulling us back. it's unacceptable. it's not going to happen on our watch. >> really, congresswoman? this is what dragging a woman really looks like. it's the video of ray rice after his fight with his fiance. is this how republicans treat women? michelle, sure seems like over the top comments like this would turn off voters and political donors as we head into the midterm elections, and you know how much that money is important to them. >> yeah. i mean, she put her foot in her mouth because now what's happening is you are seeing scott walker able to get tons of donations from people who are appalled at what she said. i mean, she trivialized the pain that women who have dealt with
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domestic abuse have done with. i mean, that's just -- she's basically slapping them in the face when by saying this kind of stuff. >> hey, juan, i would say it's hyper partisan hackery. some would say it's a bad idea when you really need the money to go into these elections. >> wow. you know, i think what you said is right. hackery, hyper part sfwlanship, and she walked it back because she realized it was playing into the pockets of republicans, especially republicans who are concerned about the problems that republican party -- its brand has with women. they're not getting money from women. they are not getting money or votes. they are really now concerned that women would abandon them in full, and that's why they're making a big deal out of what she said because they see this as stirring up their base and their donor base in particular. >> let me get to wayne. wayne, let's get inside debbie wasserman schultz head for a minute. it's a scary, dark place. do you think she walked back those comments after she realized this was actually helping scott walker raise
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money? >> well, of course, she did, eric. yeah, i love your word. hackery. that's terrific. that's what it is. it's political hackery, and that's all it is, and it's a mistake. she made a big mistake, and she's trying to retread it. that's just simple as that. >> all right. hey, john. >> and it's all about the money. we focus on the money. go ahead. >> well, it is about the money. it was tremendously offensive, and i think it actually goes to demonstrate what the left is all about. pitting one class against another. men versus women. rich versus poor. minorities versus everyone else. focus on basic fundamentals. not on calling other people names. >> going to leave it right there. coming up, union backed minimum wage protesters hitting streets. union officials say it's ho to help boost worker's pay and it's about boosting something else. [ breathing deeply ]
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involved in the treatment of ebola patients so it's unclear how he caught the virus. let's read between the lines. the percentage of workers in a union nearly cut in half since the '80s. wayne, is this about boosting wages or boosting big labor's numbers? >> it's about boosting big labor's numbers, that's all it's about. you can take a microcosm of detroit and see what happens.
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it's not part of the free market equation. there's only so much this can bear. once you've chased all of the people out of the country that we're supporting like the garment people and those sort of ings, now you've got people who are here, who are individual businessmen, in most cases these franchisees, they can't afford this and you're going to chase them out too. >> the supply and demand curve dictates the price. when you artificially dictate that price, you create unemployment. >> indeed, eric. we've talked about this quite a while. prices and wages are not arbitrary, they're based on supply and demand and fundamentals. the union involvement here, most union jobs are not minimum wage jobs, but their salaries are linked, they're indexed to the minimum wage, so this helps them directly. you know, unions are thugs. they operate through force, whether it's camping out on a ceo's lawn ot to do their dirty work for them and using force to demand higher wages. to wayne's point, they can't compete in a free market, that's
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why they revert to force. >> juan, you saw the numbers. union membership has gone from 20% of the workforce down to 11%. they ain't doing things right. >> no. you've got to acknowledge the reality that americans are turning away from unions, unless they're in the public sector. but let me just tell you, when it comes to the minimum wage, ladies and gentlemen, the fact is we haven't had a minimum wage hike in seven years. if you talk about 22 states have raised their minimum wage, the ceo of mcdonald's recently said go ahead, congress, raise the minimum wage, it's not going to hurt -- >> i've got to get to michelle. we're pressed for time. michelle, they want a 100% increase in wages. >> this is all about boosting union membership. it's not about trying to help the workers. they know that their union members are -- the numbers are dwindling and they want to boost it up. they know that they're not relevant, but the american people are not buying it. they're not interested in becoming part of a union. >> right, right, the union officials get rich and richer, not necessarily the workers. coming up, wake up america.
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get an auto insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life. before i get to wake up america, i want to say thanks to our crew for joining us. head over to to see wayne and jonathan's great stock picks for this week. time to wake up, america. for the last five weeks i've
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been pounding the president for fumbling and bumbling through the isis crisis. i've warned that they were wrong for calling isis the jv team. i pointed out the absurdity of golfing moments after james foley was beheaded. i cautioned their we have no strategy foreign policy would cause more american deaths. unfortunately, you can add american stephen sotloff, his beheading to the toll. but the american people are getting it. the majority of americans believe obama is failing in iraq. even democrats are fed up. senator al franken, dianne feinstein said president obama is being too cautious in iraq. all of those are democrats, all losing patience with the community organizer president. and hollywood has had enough too. ron perlman, lori laughlin, mia farrow and others are fed up with our president but there's one group who still has his back side. the liberal mainstream media, still apologetic, still a lap
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dog, still looking up longing for approval, tongues dripping, tails wagging, check out this from brian williams. >> the answer today from both the president and vice president appeared to be clear and unambiguous. >> really? clear and unambiguous? what flavor brownies did they serve in the nbc commissary these days, brian? way to hold the commander in chief accountable. you're short changing your low info viewers. so folks, the media, the ones who should be demanding more from the president are giving him a pass and that is dangerous. but the media and president obama have had a long, ongoing love affair, a perfect couple. reminds me of another perfect match. the other question is who's harry and who's lloyd. if isis wasn't a hell army, hell benlt on murdering in its path. god help us all.
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