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tv   The Willis Report  FOX Business  September 10, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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nation from vc powerhouse firm, greylock partners. you have 10 seconds. anything stand out what you saw? >> the great american dream is alive and well and kicking here in silicon valley. the people here at greylock partners are ready to hear these ideas, david. it has been one of the most inspiring days of my career the we'll come back next year to do same thing all over. david: great stuff. thank you very much, liz. "the willis report" is next. gerri, you're looking at luxury gadgets for your home? gerri: you got i, david. from drink makers to coffee mangers and things you probably didn't know you needed. coming today on the show, president obama is set to outline his strategy to fight isis of the with will the impact be for consumers? that's what we're looking at. with millions of credit cards stolen from target and home depot, is your money safe particularly at the country's financial institutions. we'll look at whether apple's
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big announcement was worth all the hype. "the willis report" where consumers are our business starts right now. we are four hours away from president obama finally outlining his strategy to defeat isis. president making a prime time address in front after public growing more supportive of the action to stop the isis threat. here is what you should expect from the president tonight, we have kt mcfarland, fox news and national security analyst. of the by my count it was year-and-a-half that the president announced to the public in prime time not a state of the union address. what do you expect him to say and what do you want him to say? >> i think everything he is going to say is not everything i want him to say. he is going to say we'll bomb in iraq and may bomb in syria where isis is. we'll degrade and defeat and
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destroy isis and he will primarily say he will work with the coalition partners in the region of the problem is there is no coalition yet. he will work with the iraqi government and there is no iraqi government yet. there are a rot of ifs. gerri: there are people we're working with who used to be enemies? >> that is the other part of the problem. who will we help with. clear the field of radical sunni jihad its but clear the field for iran? wait a minute, isn't iran going to get nuclear weapons? are we helping syrian rebels? reports last week the same syrian rebelsing took hostages, one of those journalists and sold them. this is common in the middle east, where some people are switching sides. that is the not american way. gerri: my question is what are we doing to protect our homeland. >> that to me, gerri, is the key. the president weil talk about defeating isis in the middle east. he will not say anything about protect the homeland.
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he will not talk about the steps we may take, for example, secure the porous southern border. steps we may take to deny passports to returning jihad its. what is the plan to protect the homeland. gerri: that is one of the props. these dice have passports and could walls willy-nilly anytime. >> you don't need a visa to come to the united states if you have a european passport. two weeks ago the british prime minister gave a speech to the british people talked about protecting british isles. he didn't talk about fighting in the middle east. he was talking about steps to make his people safe. gerri: i have to tell you he sounded very, very strong. >> yeah. gerri: he sounded full of intention and make good on that intention. that is what i'm worried b like a lot of american public, it seems to me like the president is being dragged kicking and screaming to this. do i have that right? >> you do. the question if he is dragged kicking an screaming reluctantly is he going to do the job.
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most americans don't mind going to war but you have to win the war. it is not clear the president has the oomfh to do that. every poll is saying americans are more worried about their security than anytime since september 11th. gerri: is the country safe than before september 11th, 2001. is the company more safe? they don't like what happened want was the single event at that pipped people over to this kind of view? >> i think a couple of things. of the certainly beheading of two american citizens has shaken everybody. and the quick, rapid blitzkrieg advance of isis. this group will behead, crucify, torture, particularly christians, americans anybody that bets in their way. we thought that war was over. when we pulled out of iraq, president obama said we won the war. it is over. it's a secure government. we got bin laden. isis, al qaeda is on the way out. then all of sudden, this new threat, seeming to come out of no place.
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and potentially threatening the homeland. gerri: you know, i guess when you're president, you don't get the job you want. you get the job the times demand, right? >> yeah. gerri, i've known a up number of presidents and, you elect somebody who thinks he will do this but in fact crises that land on the in box are that. >> kt, always good to see you. can't wait to talk to you again about this thanks so much. now we want to know what you think. here is our question tonight. is president obama doing enough to keep us safe? log on to vote on the right-hand side of the screen. i will share results at end of tonight's show. an update. we want to update you tonight on that breaking news reported here on fbn just a few minutes ago. the ap reporting that a law enforcement official sent a copy of that ray rice elevator assault that you've been seeing on tv, that tape to an nfl executive way back in april. this news puts a lot of heat now on the nfl and nfl commissioner roger goodell. the nfl under a lot of fire for
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its handling of the incident. we'll have more on that coming up in just a few minutes. a real shocker there. with tomorrow marking the 13th anniversary of the september 11th attacks, it is a chance for all americans to remember that day. nothing can compare to the loss of nearly 3,000 lives. the country suffered an economic loss as well. just first month after the planes struck the economic impact was a loss of $123 billion. the airline industry, under pressure, left on companies go into bankruptcy. congress came to the rescue, bailing them out to the tune of 15 doll billion. washington provided new york city with more than $21 billion to build infrastructure and restore the economy which lost half a million jobs and $30 billions in gdp through all of 2000 two. estimated cost of damage to the world trade center site alone, $60 billion. listen to this. took more than three million
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hours of labor to clean up two million tons of debris. the effect the felt on wall street for weeks and months that followed. you remember that. markets didn't open again for almost a week. but they did. what kind of economic impact? could we experience with increased airstrikes on isis? the oil market seems to be shrugging off the issue hours ahead of the president's address. prices oil tumbled to nine-month low. here to explain the effect, phil flynn, price futures group in chicago. good to have you here. >> thanks, gerri. gerri: why is there such a disconnect here? >> i think you have to thank the u.s. oil industry. they create ad buffer producing all the oil out of shale that really calmed the global markets. i believe had this happened five, six, seven years, ago, when we didn't have the u.s. production we would have seen a
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price spike of epic proportions. but because of the u.s. oil boom and because the people that are fighting in the middle east right now, both know that at the end of the day, the spoils of war is oil, they're being very careful to protect that oil but main reason is, thank goodness for the u.s. oil industry, because that production is really saved the economy from really taking a big hit. gerri: that's true. it has been a single bright spot in many ways in our economy. i'm wondering, depending on what the president says tonight, will there be any reaction in the oil markets tomorrow do you think? >> you know, i think you might get a little bit of a rally in this market. we're already a little bit oversold. but generally speaking, you know, usually the rally would have happened already. i think the markets action right now, is basically saying that the global markets still very well-supplied. if you look at where the attacks arpen, they're
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going to happen in the northern part of iraq. they're going to happen potentially in syria. and that's an area of the country where there is not a lot of oil production. one of the interesting things, gerri, all the battles that we had between isis and the kurd the for example, they were battling over oil refineries, battling over oil fields. both sides of that conflict, you know, did everything they could to protect the oil fields. isis, which is really scary, we think that they're all about evil and stuff which they are, but they realized to fund that evil they have to control the oil. they have been trying to sell black market oil to fund this islamic state that they envisioned. this caliphate. gerri: that is going on right now. they found middlemen who disguised who the oil is from. get back to the markets for a moment. americans across the country
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concerned about price of gas. oil settling at lowest levels of the year. what will happen to gas prices? right now i believe that $3.43 a gallon? >> i think they continue to go lower. gerri, i said it before, we're in a new era of lower oil prices. it will not be pretty. not go straight down every day. not every day you will see gasoline prices going down but the gas prices you're paying today, more than likely will be cheaper a year from now. gerri: wow. >> many parts of country, i think we'll see gasoline in many parts of the country by end of this year get below $3 a gallon. this is a revolution unlike anything we've seen in oil industry. we're producing more oil. we're able to produce more gasoline. and what's more than that, we're going to be in an area, we'll produce more gasoline than we'll be ever able to use in this country. we'll send it -- gerri: no one thought that would happen, phil. >> never. gerri: because of ingenuity of
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american people and companies that do business. >> it is. gerri: thank you for coming on tonight. >> thanks, gerri. gerri: for complete coverage of the president's address to the nation, be sure to stay with fox business all night long, as lou dobbs joins charles payne with a preview that continues in the 8:00 hour hosted by neil cavuto. following the address, live coverage picks up with lou dobbs and the independents. we're staying here all night analyzing the speech, able to hear all about it. >> during the show we want you to facebook me or tweet me @gerriwillisfbn. go to the website, at the bottom of the hour i will read your tweets and emails. first more details on that breaking news tonight that the nfl reportedly had a copy of that rave rice assault tape as far as back as april. we'll tell you more about that. a big development in the story, moments away. stay with us.
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can you start tomorrow? tomorrow we're booked solid. we close on the house tomorrow. tomorrow we go live... it's a day full of promise. and often, that day arrives by train. big day today? even bigger one tomorrow. csx. how tomorrow moves. gerri: big surprise tonight. an update to the vicious domestic violence tape saga of football player ray rice. the associated press coming out just now saying, that a law
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enforcement official sent a copy of that dramatic footage of him beating his then fiance back in april. here with more on this, sports analyst, julie bueller, hope of bueller's day off. julie, thanks for being on the show. i didn't expect this to happen when we booked you today, but a big surprise, big turn in this case being reported by the associated press. that in fact, this information was actually known and roger goodell said we never saw the tapes. your reaction tonight? >> well, hi, gerri, thanks for having me and it is unfortunate we're speak about this at the beginning of the nfl season but initial reports were someone in the nfl had seen the second videotape months ago and still only issued the two-game suspension. however, the reporters that reported that initial report then recanted that report, speaking particularly of peter king at "sports illustrated." he came out and said maybe he jumped the gun on that report.
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now we're springing the pendulum, maybe someone in the nfl had seen it. it's a bunch of question marks, the biggest one remains, gerri, did roger goodell see the tape and see it and still do nothing about it? gerri: that is very good point. very more details what the associated press is reporting, and this is from a law enforcement official who remains anonymous. we don't know who this is, only a law enforcement official who says he sent a video of ray rice punching his then fiance to a nfl executive three months ago, okay? the person played the associated press a 12 second voice mail from an nfl office number on april nine, confirming the video arrived. a female voice express thanks, you're right, it's terrible. what does this do to the whole debate over what happens to this player and of course the expanding conversation about roger goodell? >> it is a massive shift.
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a massive shift, gerri. roger goodell went on national television just yesterday said he never saw the tape. the bred crumps are -- crumbs are getting really close to the nfl commissioner. the national organization of women said he should resign based on this scandal. little-known fact, nfl owners paid goodell $42 million to be the commissioner. he is the highest paid person in the nfl. highest paid person in professional sports four main leagues. so this could have massive ramifications. if it does, eventually come out that he did see the tape, but gerri, i have to ask the question -- gerri: we still don't know. >> why, and why would the nfl necessary want to cover this up? now if an underling saw the tape and said we can't let this near goodell, to protect him, and then the scandal develops from there, that make as little bit
5:18 pm
more sense but based on roger goodell's track record i would find it hard to believe that he did see that tape and still only issued a two-game suspension and tried to cover that up. roger goodell has not been submerse sieve type commissioner in thinks reign. gerri: you're saying is is not type of guy that hides things. i wonder if it says about the organization though if it had the tape and didn't get to the chief or didn't get to the top. what does that tell you about the way in. fl operates? >> it is cya. they want to make sure the money is still flowing and all about pr, gerri. we know unfortunately people make really bad decisions. and it is also unfortunate for me, as a woman in sports to see that this tape needed to come public for the vast majority of people to understand that domestic violence is such a huge problem among the larger sports world. we should be paying attention, close attention to every domestic violence charge that is
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levied against professional athletes. this video certainly brought it to the national forefront but the nfl, certainly i expect heads to role, when it is discovered who got the tape. i'm sure they will discover exactly who did receive that and why it wasn't put in front of roger goodell, or if it was put in front of roger goodell, now i think has a strong case to be made. gerri: we've seen this video over and over and over again but you don't often hear it, right? if you did hear it, here is what you can hear. you hear the two rice and janay palmer, married to rice, so janay rice. they shouted obscenities and she appears to spit before throws the brutal punch. after she collapses, he drags her out of the elevator and met by hotel staff. one is heard saying, she is drunk, right? then, no cops. no cops. what does that tell you about the way these kind of folks are protected in our society.
5:20 pm
that they operate on special level. they get all kind of protection and, i think a lot of people out there will have some serious questions, particularly if this video has been shared and nfl said no, we never saw it? >> absolutely, gerri. it is reality, that a lot of athletes are coddled and special rules apply. i point to floyd mayweather, jr.. he is the highest paid athlete on the planet, gerri. sued by his former fiance past thursday for repeated domestic violence. he has a track record that goes back more than a decade, serving suspended and jail sentences for very vicious attacks on women. yet he has a $200 million contract with showtime boxing and will fight this weekend in las vegas. he was answering questions earlier in a press conference rather flippantly. again for whatever reason, athletes think they are above the law. i think that this issue, with the nfl and some strong repercussions against the nfl and hopefully other sports
5:21 pm
leagues will take the initiative, the nba, major league baseball, showtime boxing take action against known domestic abusers to say this isn't acceptable in our society on any level. gerri: all right. julie, hang tight for just a second. we have a at the same time from the nfl of. i don't know if i can read it on air right now. one line. here is what they're saying. okay. we have no knowledge of this. that is what the nfl is saying about this video that apparently went to them. we have no knowledge of, repeat, kevin. we are unaware of anyone in our office who possessed or saw this video. nfl very clearly saying the story is not true, not true at all. so clearly we have two conflicting reports. nfl saying we never saw all the video. we did not see it and the
5:22 pm
associated press reporting that in fact the video was sent to their offices. you raise good questions tonight, julie, about who saw it, if in fact it did go to the nfl offices. how do you react to what the nfl is now saying? >> well they're towing the line that they have toad the entire time. -- towed. when the race rice suspension first came out, video in the elevator had been seen by the nfl but who exactly always remain ad mystery. doesn't looks like we're getting closer to that understanding. i will say this too, the nfl is a massive organization and there are people that claim to have nfl ties that may be on tertiary that really don't have many direct ties to the nfl. a law enforcement official i do know there was a report that the law enforcement official could not share videos because it was
5:23 pm
grand jury evidence and therefore it would be illegal if they did share it with a private company. gerri: funny how that happens. >> but you know, gerri, until i hear that roger goodell saw that video, the man has been relatively straightforward in his approach to the public and i don't believe he would just lie flat-out to the public like that. i could be wrong. it could be naive of me but would be hard for me to believe that. gerri: julie, we appreciate you coming on, as you go i want to show one more time this nfl response because there is a little additional at end. they say we have no knowledge of this video going to the nfl. we're not aware of anyone in our office who possessed or saw the video before it was made public on monday. then they say we will look into it. julie bueller, thanks for being with us. great to have you here of the appreciate your time. >> thanks, gerri. gerri: later in the show liz claman give us exclusive look at a company some say could find the next facebook.
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you could even get a discount when you add a car. call liberty mutual for a free quote today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. . gerri: a mom on a mission to break barriers in education. she created the school putting children with different abilities in the same classroom. here with more is michelle smith, co-founder of the ideal school and ideal academy here in new york city. michelle, welcome to the show. it's so nice to have you here, because your story is -- i'm just amazed by it. so tell me how you came about creating the ideal school. >> two other families and i had children with down syndrome. and in new york city the preschool environment was incredibly diverse and
5:28 pm
inclusive. when our children hit kindergarten, we couldn't believe in new york city, diversity did not include ability. gerri: so your problem was that your child was going to be singled out. >> absolutely. gerri: you didn't like that. >> no. gerri: you wanted your child to be -- there he is. you wanted him to be in a classroom with all abilities. absolutely. gerri: is that better for him? is that better for kids who are like him, not like him? >> better for all children to be in a diverse atmosphere. emotional intelligence is more important than iq, and so having typical learners with nontypical learners in the same environment benefits both groups equally. gerri: so here's the thing, you decided you were going to create your own school. >> yes. gerri: don't like the school, i create my own school, that's what i like, invent it, do it yourself. what were the major challenges you faced doing that? >> two challenges that remain are people understanding what inclusion is and not being
5:29 pm
scared of it and fund-raising. it takes money to do something pioneering, the school is a movement, it's not a school, and it's all about social justice, inclusion and embracing diversity. gerri: you're a financial adviser, that didn't hurt figuring out the finances. >> no. gerri: i have to think that that financial hurtle was big, especially here in new york city, if you turn around, somebody is handing a bill to you. how did that help your efforts? >> certainly helped having a financial background, but the truth is we had families with all kind of backgrounds helping. we were very diligent and vigilant about fund-raising and had a couple great big donors. we were able to raise 20 million dollars in mine years, this is resonating with people who socioeconomic diversity is important. we're not just the rich kids school. it's all races. all ethnicities, it's important. gerri: so, what does it take to fund a private school.
5:30 pm
you raised 20 million dollars. what's the operating budget. >> takes a lot of money to do this. especially if we want there to be an ideal school of atlanta, dallas, of chicago, this should be a model for replication across the country, it's life, inclusion is life. it's show up as you are and it's not only accepted, it's welcomed. gerri: and you didn't like what you saw in the public schools, you changed the model, made it up yourself. michelle, thank you for coming on, so nice to meet you. >> thank you. gerri: coming up, a mysterious respiratory virus we told you about it earlier this week, continues to make kids in at least 12 states sick. the latest from the cdc. and following hack attacks, home depot and target, are financial institution at risk? is your money safe? stay with us. have surface pores where bacteria can multiply. polident kills 99.99% of odor-causing bacteria and helps dissolve stains. for a cleaner, fresher, brighter denture everyday.
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. gerri: tonight, we're breaking down the financial industry's banks biggest fears.
5:34 pm
bankers bracing for the next big cyberattack, the next big attack by hackers and cyberhackers. is your financial money, is your money safe? adam levin is co-founder of identity theft 911. you are the perfect person for this segment. i have to think that america's bankers are probably up late at night thinking about the nightmare scenarios that could happen. and one of them, and i want to you comment on this that lurks in the back of their minds is that there could be a huge attack on the markets. something that would stop trading and stocks, that would bring the entire financial system to a stop, a lurch, what do you say? >> you could have that. there are some people that have the theory that the flash crash might have been a crack. gerri: that's true. >> it could be. and with the sophistication of hackers right now, anything is possible. we've seen them take down bank sites one by one.
5:35 pm
what if they decided to take down the financial grid, period. what if people have been victims of ransom attacks, what if they got into a bank's system and said we're going to wipe the data off your system, you're going to lose all your customer data. gerri: that would be such a black eye for the banks, even though they didn't initiate it. they are up late at night trying to prevent that from happening. my big fear not somebody is going to steal a dollar or two dollars from you over time, and that you never notice, but entire account is wiped off the face of the earth. >> hackers have the ability to do that. how good are the backup systems for the banks? i think they're very good. banks spent a fortune doing this. the level is increasing whether it's a retaliation for the sanctions against russia, whether it's state sponsored hacking, whether it's because that's where the money
5:36 pm
5:37 pm
. gerri: how much tech companies are paying new hires these days. back to menlo park in california where liz claman continues exclusive coverage with a look at the next big idea that will change our lives. >> from the team that brought you some of the biggest names we all know and use, groupon, drop box, are linkedin, airbnb, one kings lane, greylock partners has the ability to put on the vision glasses that let them see the next top thing. in a fox business exclusive all day long we've been talking to the partners and some of the founders of the newest companies that they believe in as the next facebooks, the next yelps, the next linkedins.
5:38 pm
look out for the names. for example, next door, a highly selective facebook sort of company. next door links neighbors in different neighborhoods to get important information, if you're sitting there thinking i don't want to talk to my neighbors, this is addicting. it's grown exponentially. now one in four neighborhoods in america is using next door. sprig, the uber of food, the founders of sprig said wait a minute, wait a minute, why can't we deliver fresh amazing food to people's doorsteps in 20-30 minutes? it's working right now in san francisco for the foodie generation. you know how many of us in new york city love take-out. you memorized the take-out numbers. look out for sprig. and grand rounds, this would be as the yelp of top shelf medical minds. when you have a really serious illness, you can go on grand rounds, put on symptoms and it will match you, not with the best doctor that's closest to
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you, the best doctor for this particular ailment in the united states of america. they're expanding exponentially, thousands of top specialists who are all part of this. the one sense you get from greylock which funds hundreds of companies. 150 of which launched ipos, very successful, the one sense you, you get from them, what are they looking are? they are looking for ideas that have longevity. founders who have passion and real ability to say i'm going to fight through thick and thin, a lot of failure involved in a start-up, right? and looking for the special something, doesn't necessarily have to be the first in, it's got to be we can do it better than anybody else has ever done it. incredibly inspiring place to be here at greylock partners. back to you. >> liz, thanks for that. a look at must have luxury gadgets for your home, and should you stand in line for the iphone 6 or is there a better smartphone out there for you. we'll have advice.
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and trading features, plus powerful mobile apps so you're always connected, wherever you are. because at scottrade, our passion is to power yours. . gerri: just as the new school year begins, a rare respiratory virus is spreading fast among children. the centers for disease control and prevention said the situation is evolving quickly and doctors and parents need to be on alert. here with us dr. susan gesher. doctor susan, thanks for being with us tonight. we're all watching this story very closely. you, however, are in the cat bird seat getting information from all over the country. is the situation getting worse or better? >> thank you for having me, and right now, this question about worse or better, we're still investigating. and we're receiving several
5:44 pm
reports from state and local health departments and hospitals from around the country, and right now we're working closely with state and local public health to understand these respiratory illness reports, increases in respiratory illness and importantly, working with our laboratories and state public health laboratories confirmed. gerri: you have a wide reach and a lot of people to talk to. is this situation, would you describe it -- how bad is it? i believe you told our producer it's moving at a fast pace, describe what you mean. >> well, right now, we're trying to investigate quickly because we're trying to understand the information that we're receiving, and because there are other viruses circulating in addition to enterovirus d-68. we're trying to understand the enterovirus d-68 or what has recently been described as the
5:45 pm
respiratory illness that has been reported, and try to differentiate that from the other respiratory illnesses that are out there. and we expect to see it in the late summer early fall when enteroviruses circulate. gerri: quickly, we don't have a lot of time left, what do you look for if you have kids in grade school. what should you be on the lookout for? >> what's really important isusr runny nose, but what parents need to look for if their children are having difficulty breathing, contact your health care provider. and particularly parents of children who have a history of asthma or reactive airway disease, optimal control of asthma is very important right now. gerri: dr. susan gerber, thanks for being with us. >> thank you. gerri: you may be drooling over apple's latest iphone 6. with so much competition in the
5:46 pm
marketplace, are you better off buying one of the competitors instead? we're sizing up the start phone market, lance attended the festivities this week at apple. did they meet or beat your expectations, lance? >> i say they more than met them. it was exciting, there was a lot going on, there were a lot of products. there was a buzz in the air. you know sort of created by apple, but the venue was bigger. the setup was different. the delivery was different and they did deliver a number of new products and step into new categorys. >> two iphone 6s brand-spanking new, talk about the other stuff. what did you make of the new phones, is this enough for you to open up your wallet? . >> not ready to say about me, i will tell you it's really important that apple has done this because the fablet market, that big phone market is a
5:47 pm
proven market. you know i met with samsung a couple weeks ago, it was interesting they were pushing the note, the galaxy note, why? people have actually bought this thing. i was at sprint yesterday and asked one of the chief marketing officer who what do you want? i want the big phone, the six plus. what apple is doing is meeting an actual market sdmeed completely redesigned how the phones look, and they looked pretty good. gerri: if you look at the competing devices and we were showing viewers a full screen, all of them on there. what is the best? what in your view, what makes sense? sometimes some phones are for some people and not for others. which of these do you like? >> it's about preference, you know, phones have in addition to all that information, it seems to be, people have certain preferences for screen
5:48 pm
size, weight, here's things we want, great battery life, really good performance, all i know at this point is apple said is it's better battery life performance, bigger phone, so you get a bigger battery and you still have ios, and they have updated ios, it's ios 8 which is very familiar, yet improved, and i think if you like that, if you like apple's operating system, you are going to like the update. gerri: here i think you drank all the cool aid up there. >> they have no interest in switching. this is the reality. there are a lot of good phones out there from many manufacturers. people line up on either side, and even -- and we haven't talked about carriers, there are so many good choices. gerri: let me say this before you go, there are a couple deals people need to know about. verizon offering free iphone 6s with a two-year contract,
5:49 pm
sprint offering the iphone for life. my question is sprint going to be around for the rest of my life? i don't even know. >> it's a lease program, it's like leasing a car instead of actually buying it. you know, you get a brand-spanking new car, you drive around and walk and trade it in and get a new car, but the nice thing about this deal with sprint is that you're basically paying $20 a month, you don't have to put anything down, trade in, get the new one and pay the exact same amount of money. gerri: lance, great stuff, did you not drink the kool-aid, i'm so happy. thanks for coming on tonight. >> it was my pleasure. gerri: oh, those apple people. just because summer is over doesn't mean the party has to stop. the coolest new gadgets that are at your next party. daiquiris anybody? take a look at that machine, my friend. [ hoof beats ]
5:50 pm
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that will be here for you now -- and down the road. i have a lifetime of experience. so i know how important that is. . gerri: from a bar tendner a box, to a wireless audio system that will rock your world. what we have tonight is a look at the newest luxury home gadgets and joined by celebrity stylist courtney cachet, welcome back to the show. everything you need for a big party. >> it's 5:00. gerri: it is 5:00 somewhere. everybody in the building has been asking me about this thing all day long. >> amazing, from margaritaville. gerri: that's not a real place. >> it exists here. gerri:. >> it's $499 on the higher end, it is a big party.
5:54 pm
it is the hit of any party. gerri: you pour all the juices in the top. >> the ice here, and the separate compartment, the tequila and other mixers, with one lever it gives you restaurant quality frozen drinks and can you spend more time with your guests and you don't have to play bartender. gerri: it's a nice icy frozen drink and you look like a pro when you are not. libra tone? >> the creme de la creme of wireless speakers. they work off wi-fi instead of bluetooth, and the sound quality is something they call full room, and it's just like being in a concert. gerri: just a little thing right here, it's not that big. >> just like this. is called the live. it's portable, it has a cashmere cover. there is also the lounge, you can mount it, stand alone, i
5:55 pm
highly recommend it. gerri: the librastone $1200. nothing to sneeze it at. >> this is the smaller model, and this is less than $600. >> the universal remote, i believe this is the product we're talking about here, this can save a marriage, people. i don't know about you, i can't operate my remote, i have to call my husband in. >> it's called the harmony ultimate. we love it for a number of reasons. the first one is it actually worked through closed cabinetry, for people into their decor and like the cabinets closed, that's no longer an issue. gerri: that's cool. coffee maker. >> coffee maker. gerri: aren't they all the same thing? >> they are not all the same. nespresso is the rolls-royce of coffee makers, this is the
5:56 pm
grand maestro, it's $599, you can buy the coffee at espresso shop or retailers around the country. it is high quality, it comes with a frother and cup warmer. gerri: the old frother. i have the camera, i look like i'm in the cia. take your picture. tell me one thing that is special about this. >> light field photography is the way of the future when it comes to photography. this is the first of its kind at the consumer level. gerri: extra super special. hundreds of thousands of dollars but a lot of fun if you got the money. courtney, thank you. >> thank you. gerri: we'll be right back.
5:57 pm
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♪ tum, tum tum tum tums! try great tasting tums chewy delights. yummy. gerri: do you feel this president is doing enough to keep you safe? we asked the question on, 3% said yes, 97% said no. and remember we'll have live
6:00 pm
coverage of the speech, starting with lou dobbs at 10:00, charles payne up next, stay with us. charles: tonight on "making money" looking ahead to the president's speech. we have the man who can break it down, lou dobbs will give us a preview. we're digging deep into this. is it too little too late? extensive unemployment benefits make people too comfortable to look for work. we have data and study to prove it. i have a great stock idea i am pumped about.


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