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tv   Countdown to the Closing Bell With Liz Claman  FOX Business  September 12, 2014 3:00pm-4:01pm EDT

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>> just like the bat segment. send that rat over to liz's studio. that's all we have for now. i hope you're making money today. "countdown" with the flying rat flies over to liz's studio right now. . liz: yeah, that's like the dog that had the spider stapled to his back? remember that? i'm kidding. good afternoon, everybody, barring a miracle, it looks like stocks are about to end a five week long winning streak. the dow and the s&p are on track to lose week and close below recent milestones of 17,000 for the dow and 2,000 for the s&p. let's look at the nasdaq, too. it is closer to breakeven point for the week. 4582 is the number to watch. if it closes above, that six straight winning weeks for the nasdaq which hasn't happened in 17 months. doesn't look like it's going to happen now with the nasdaq down
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34 points and the dow industrials losing 101. why all the red on the screen? better data actually scarce market bulls. solid retail sales for august and a healthy september consumer sentiment number. what a drag, energy stocks, that's the drag here getting hit after the treasury department launched new sanctions over the ukraine conflict. those particular sanctions target russian oil projects, so exxon mobil, conoco-phillips and other names look weaker, down 1.5% per piece. one bright spot, ebay, shares are up more than 2%. they had been nearly 5% higher earlier. this on market speculation that google will buy at least some of ebay or all of the company. ebay said give me a break, they dismissed that speculation with, apple coming out with apple pay, people wondering about ebay and strength with paypal. not a surprise these rumors start to fly.
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we have an incredible guest lineup, elaine wynn, whether a casino operator can't be excited about all of atlantic city's devastating problems. three huge casinos shut down, another one possibly closing soon. we'll also hear from elaine how the public and private sectors can help our education system. she's on the front lines. did you know elaine wynn opened a school in las vegas? she puts her money where her mouth is. a real winner when it comes to all things vegas. and so far advertisers are sticking with the nfl amid the ray rice scandal, but some may be hedging bets just in case, we're going to be joined by fox sports 1 nfl correspondent peter schrager. charlie gasparino and anthony scaramucci, friends with the nfl commissioner and has an
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interesting perspective. it is the talk of the town, nfl, billions and billions of dollars exchanging hands. the owners, the players are furious, absolutely furious. we're looking at u.s. retail sales, they did rise in august, they match on the major expectation line and the core number, can we expect more spending as we finish out the year? brian saffi super smart retail analyst, what he's calling the dark side of retail. and how you can invest in it. you may mot like what he has uncovered. as an investor it may help the companies win. you will only hear it right here on fox business. right to investors today shrugging off the good news what you saw with the retail sales and the u.s. government threatening to fine yahoo! 250,000 for each day the internet giant refused to comply with official request to hand over communications by accusers, putting the thumb on yahoo! that was back in 2008 and part
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of the national security agency's attempt to force a lot of tech companies to participate in so-called prism program. such a nice title. yahoo! stock is not getting hit. up $1.29. fox business peter barnes on the case in washington, d.c. because this is a hot-button issue. >> that's right, another rare look between the secret battles over customer data and privacy rights in the wake of the terrorist attacks on 9/11, which we remembered yesterday. when yahoo! said no to a request back in 2007 and 2008. this case got so heated that the justice department threatened to slap yahoo! with a $250,000 a day fine. now in some cases government spy agencies can seek data on americans outside the u.s. without a warrant if they are suspected foreign agents.
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the tech companies worried the broad sweeps can capture information on all of their customers here in the u.s. and outside. yahoo! said in this case that the order was unconstitutional, and overbroad and challenged it. it lost and complied in may 2008. but now details of this case were secret until yesterday when a court unsealed 1500 pages of documents. yahoo! said this is -- it is serious about public safety, but that the documents, quote, underscore how we had to fight every step of the way to challenge the u.s. government surveillance efforts. the government's director of national intelligence said in a statement that a surveillance appeals court found the government has sufficient procedures in place to ensure that the fourth amendment rights of targeted u.s. persons are adequately protected and the order to yahoo! was reasonable. liz? liz: well, that's up for debate, isn't it? peter barnes, live in
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washington. thank you so much. you, you may be surprised to learn there is nothing to do to stop criminals from overseas from tracking stolen credit cards in america. this is a huge issue after the high-profile hack attacks against jpmorgan, home depot and target. remember in all three of the cases it's believed russian hackers may have been responsible. justice department can't do anything about it, but now pushing congress to close illegal loopholes so american prosecutors can go after the guys, the criminals who buy and sell your stolen data entirely outside the united states, giving them teeth on this. speaking of teeth, the energy sector has none. energy stocks are weighing on the dow today. big name companies among the biggest laggards have to do with russia and the sanctions imposed to put the squeeze on russian companies. crude oil continued to trade
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below $93 a barrel. $92.25, the lowest since we've seen in january, but it was just yesterday we saw pretty much a 16 month low when it came to oil prices. so just very interesting moves here and it's all great for the consumer, but what does it say about investor sentiment in the last hour of trade? traders in the new york stock exchange cme group and nymex, teddy weisberg with really good data that came out this morning, we have a swooning market, maybe just an exhausted bull? >> probably a little of that, liz. i think it raised the spectrum of the interest rates. when are interest rates going to move higher? and a stronger economy, stronger economic data reinforces the scenario that the fed will be forced to raise interest rates sooner than expected and clearly is a negative for the market and will continue to be a negative for the market. we've been on the zero interest
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rate drug, the aphrodisiac for three or four years, and one reason or another the 800-pound gorilla in the room, and i think it's had, to a large extent, been part of the reason the markets have done so well, so consistently. if the scenario changes, it's a negative for the market but positive for financials or other companies that, in fact, will benefit from the environment. liz: i know td ameritrade can't wait for interest rates to tighten. you have a lot of senior citizens who would like to get a better return on money. but they're getting a better return on the ten-year treasury today. chris robinson, 2.61%, it's tilting to the other side here. could be 2.62 by monday. who knows? what do you see the move in treasuries say about what happens next week going into a federal reserve meeting? >> right, next tuesday, we've got the fomc meeting, we have cpi and ppi, the market is
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telling you it's anticipating the fed is going to start raising rates. that's what we have to look at. other than that, the stock market still today is lower, but within 1.5% of record highs. you know people are anticipating when is this going to turn? they're trying to get in front of it? tuesday's meeting, we've been waiting for something to move the market, tuesday might create a catalyst. liz: well, the announcement comes wednesday. the tuesday meeting. >> right. liz: the excitement happens in the 2:00 p.m. eastern hour on fox business, but janet yellen will, of course face the press and the media just around that time and spills over into this show wednesday. mark it down on the google calendar, darlings. jeff grossman, looking at the numbers in oil and natural gas and gasoline, rbob moving lower, no inflation at all. >> certainly not from the energy sector.
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i don't talk about food and drugs and things like that, leave that to everyone else. let's put it this way, what we've had in the last couple days is very technical. we got to 90.40 yesterday. rallied at $3, right into the resistance level, backed off again. this is in a down trend, no question about it, any issues with russia discounted here. in fact, if you look the brent crude which is more sensitive to that was down today, in fact down against wti. the market in a downtrend, the long-term objective would be 88.5 for crude oil, there's going to be the battle of $90 coming up. i wouldn't worry about that. if nothing else, let's be happy everyone is happy with gas prices. they've all come off, nobody complaining about gas prices in the last three weeks. liz: when it ticks up, everybody is blaming somebody, the administration, traders.
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>> traders definitely. liz: you get the brunt of that, great to see all of you, have a great weekend, thanks so much, guys. closing bell ringing in 49 minutes. americans opened up their wallets a little more in august, but what exactly did they buy? and more importantly, which retailers, they're not trying to trick you but working on the dark side to try and figure out how to get you into their stores and to buy their products in a different way than you've ever seen before. brian sozzi, dug in, he shown a light to reveal what he found, i know it sounds like a pink floyd album meets retail analyst. could help you buy your next retail stock. and companies that spend big with the nfl are sticking with the league over the ray rice scandal for now. but will the nfl stick with roger goodell? we'll look at the ad dollars at
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stake, the scandal that is still unfolding over the ray rice domestic violence situation, and companies walking a fine line with customers. patented sonic technology
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. liz: a power mover of today, ulta salon cosmetics and fragrance adding a little glamor to power. surging about 17.63%. you go in there and you can get a lot of beauty products at basic prices. they beat quarterly profits and sales targets and said results for the year will be better than expected, ulta shares are down about 2% in the last year, they're obviously making stores a place where you would like to go in and spend your money instead of going to cvs or department store to get your makeup. what are they doing? what are all retailers having to do now. stores are trying to lure you in, you're not imagining it. it's in the process, some of the products feel cheaper but the prices are the same.
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we're lifting the veil on the dark side of retailing. how retailers are bringing in the big bucks and you the investor can use the secrets to your advantage even if you don't like it as a consumer. here's the man who unveiled the situation, brian sozzi. a quick mention on this. when you walk into the stores, they're welcoming, the people are educated, know what the products are, clearly there are a burch of other companies trying to do the same thing. >> ulta is the walmart of cosmetics, you get a great selection and great price and also a hair cut. that's not something you find in the target aisle. liz: now the dark side of retail. you found three different things that you feel retailers are doing on the down low, right? >> on the dl. liz: number one, cheaper on the inside, pricey on the outside. i hate this but like it if i'm
3:18 pm
an investor. >> you're getting the shaft or the raw deal. as investor, nike new shoes, $150 a pop, if not more, and it's designed with a sock at pop. they've taken materials out to make it cheaper to produce and kept the prices high, and a lot of the nike shoes, $60 and under, they have painted on nike symbols. >> i hate that! look at that closely everybody. that nike swoosh is painted on. >> you will break an ankle in that shoe. >> whatever they thought about that, i ordered indoor soccer shoes for 10-year-old and it came, and the swoosh was painted on, and i thought wait a minute, those aren't the senorita cortez's i had in the 70s. >> you raise the prices 15%. liz: they are re-engineering products cheap or the inside pricier on the outside, just
3:19 pm
nike or the industry trend. >> everybody is crazy about jogger pants, they're made with a button instead of a tie. they are re-engineereded jeans. liz: you are talking about sexier looking stores. >> sure, everybody has a lot of stores, they are reinvesting savings and remodeling stores, gap with totally new store design out front and also within the store too. liz: you used to beat up j.c. penney, how are they doing? >> not remodeling the stores, they've done that, but reinvest the profits in more basics inventory and with athletic apparel. when the consumer goes in there, they are able to find what they want at a great price. liz: what are we looking at in this picture. >> home department is categorized by the way people shop. all the bedspreads are tucked together.
3:20 pm
and the analysts meeting is october 8th, there will be more interesting initiatives. liz: shipping from stores, the next dark side. >> the big thing in retail no one is talking about. best buy turned 1400 stores into distribution centers by being able to have a person take a piece of merchandise from the store and ship it online, they're reducing online out of stock, that's big and amazon ought to be worried about it. liz: that is taking a page from amazon's book. >> amazon has 61 distribution centers, best buy has 41 stores that are distribution stores. i'm finally warmed up to target. liz: finally. >> they're bringing in mannequins with the apparel section, there is a mannequin shortage, once they get that out of way, holiday season, they might be the playback play. liz: they make a big event of
3:21 pm
those things. >> people are infatuated. if they can get the mannequins showing the cool styles, they will get shopping beyond the food department. liz: he is the one analyst who consistently gets his hands in there. we'll put all of his dark side of retail on facebook page, brian sozzi, thank you so much. nike, i don't like the painted on swoosh. closing bell 39 minutes away, does the implosion of atlantic city and the revel casino have the bigwigs in vegas licking their chops. up next elaine wynn on what atlantic city's decline means for wynn resorts and how she's turning a major part of her focus to education because she says it will be good business for every company in america. and the ray rice elevator punch heard around the world has many asking whether nfl commissioner roger goodell should be held accountable for his actions?
3:22 pm
the nfl is big on beating up a lot of players when it comes to their behavior. what about behavior within the organization? all-star panel with fox sports 1 nfl correspondent peter schrager, anthony scaramucci and charlie gasparino, all three highly opinionated. you can't miss this!
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. liz: turn up the heat, the stakes are rising higher for nfl commissioner roger goodell in the ray rice scandal. goodell's handling of the running backs domestic abuse case may have put his job in jeopardiesa the public questions more loudly the decision-making. we are joined by charlie gasparino, superstar and special guest, his goatee, along with peter schrager, senior writer for fox sports 1, and anthony scaramucci, skybridge capital funding and fox contributor. glad to have all of you guys here. >> thanks, liz. liz: peter, start with you, you have been following the story. what are your sources telling you?
3:27 pm
could roger goodell lose his job? >> highly unlikely. he's going to need 20 of the 32 owners to prove he violated the personnel policy based on by laws and doing an internal investigation right now, an investigation of the investigation that goodell did. if they can prove there's a smoking gun or goodell actively tried to not see evidence or damage evidence, that's your chance, talking to ownerships and different people within the league, these owners love goodell. he's made them boatloads of money whether it's broadcast rights, merchandising, he's expanded the game, they're not looking to get goodell, there has to be a gross piece of misconduct. liz: it may be the video of ray rice cold cocking his wife who was then his fiancee and apparently they did see it. there is an investigation, charlie, fbi robert mueller is in charge of this. >> point out wall street and
3:28 pm
anthony knows roger better than i do, i know roger fairly well, i like him a lot. take it within the context. wall street does the whitewash investigations all the time. they are designed to protect the principal. i don't expect much to come out of the investigation other than roger goodell did not know about the first tape, knew about the sacked tape that ray rice was not totally, didn't give him the whole story and looking to protect his wife. there is a concerted effort by the nfl and friends of roger goodell to protect his image. i got a call from some guy out of the blue when he saw my questioning of using bad language to bullying versus a punch in the face. i will say this, liz, i think it's 50-50, roger has not been able to in any sense of the word, any sense -- in any sense, okay, hard to articulate
3:29 pm
this, been able to explain why he let ray rice off the hook. liz: you have the owners -- okay, you have the owners that are roger goodell's friends, the players are furious, drew brees of the new orleans saints, a legitimate guy and a leader in the nfl. look at what his comment was about this. he says we're all held accountable for our behavior, actions as players, every owner should be held accountable for actions, the commissioner should be held accountable for actions. anthony knows him, he's a good guy, we're not interested in that. >> i didn't come on to be his advocate. let's talk about the fact he's made some mistakes, and a good corporation or good corporate culture, you have to get out early. his biggest fault is he fumbled around, probably had more information than he's willing to admit and length the quote, unquote cover-up last longer
3:30 pm
than the fine. charlie is 50-50. i'm in peter's camp. a great brand manager, great leader for the nfl. liz: charlie, 56 players have been arrested on domestic abuse charges since roger goodell has been commissioner. >> i'm going to say, this he has not been able to explain why name calling -- and i'm not saying richie incognito is a saint, why name calling merits one of the toughest lit garretts of the united states to do a massive investigation and you are branded and thrown out of league. why that is really, really bad and why domestic. liz: michael vick, who gets thrown out because of -- served prison time. >> he is justice in this league. judge and jury, it's on him. which is his own decision. looked at saints, drew brees, you're looking at his quote here. the saints were cost a season,
3:31 pm
sean payton wasn't with the team, and what he said during the investigation was being ignorant is not an excuse. >> but he's not eliot spitzer who has a huge amount of friends. >> and it's a private company. >> when he was ousted, people were running away. >> by the way, the nfl is a not-for-profit corporation or not for profit entity. >> it's a business. >> yeah, but it's a not-for-profit. it's a club of rich guys who own teams that can set their own laws, but here's the one thing, they are a tremendous marketing team, public pressure could force this guy out because there is no rationale, no logical rationale for richie incognito to be thrown out for games, for bountygate. every team has bounties. yet a guy smashes his wife is okay. liz: do you think sponsors dump out of the nfl? >> i do not.
3:32 pm
the nfl is the most powerful brand in the united states. >> you remember what he said after he heard ray rice's side of the story where he knew there was altercation where the woman was knocked out, i don't know her name. i'm paraphrasing, i'm very impressed with the way ray handled this. that came out of roger goodell's mouth. optics of that is so bad -- >> you need a jury to indict and convict him. >> that was the first thursday night game on cbs. the highest rated primetime. liz: because they want to see what the journalists say. >> higher every week, and as long as the ratings and dollars pour in, public pressure, it's all good, it's fine. >> are they impervious to public pressure. the owners? >> are you going to stop watching a game because of it. liz: 60-40. >> really? >> if steven ross -- if steven
3:33 pm
ross, the head of related companies impervious to public pressure, he owns the ravens. liz: great to see you, peter schrager, everybody should watch fox sports 1. my fave, and charlie gas preen oeshg thank you so much. when we come back, elaine wynn is a superstar when it comes to las vegas and gaming. what does she think about all that's happening? the down and out atlantic city? what are you going to do about that. she's looking bigger, what are you going to do about the education and everywhere else. it's a fox business exclusive? you know what my business philosophy is, reynolds?
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. liz: big week for the tech sector, so much of it driven by apple and apple's new gadget announcements to alibaba making ipo splash, the tech sector is leading among the ten s&p groups for the week, there's a lot of red on the screen for the other sectors. live to nicole petallides live at the new york stock exchange. the big movers this week, it is tough today, you could distill it down. >> reporter: there are winners and losers, the bond yield is something we're going to watch closely, liz, take a look at the movers of the weak, we're going to have a lot of names that are on the move this week here, so it looks like the guys are too busy to let me use their screens, maybe i can pop in on one of these. i got one. i got one. for the s&p 500, i wanted to talk about that for today, here we go, what we saw was that
3:39 pm
financials have been the group that are shining, and that's to your point. you see a lot of red here, energy 1.4% to the downside, that's a group lagging in utilities. the financials as we start to see the yields on the rise, that may be a group, and here's the year to date numbers, the dow up 2.4%. s&p up 7.4, and the nasdaq year to date up 9.3%. as we noted, we have seen a few weeks of gains, but for this week looks like it's going to be a loser for the week for the indices, so there you have it, got to give it back sometime, liz, looks like five straight weeks of gains but the s&p down 1% this week. liz: the bible said seven years of feast, seven years of famine, we can't have it great all the time for the bulls. you have to share with the bears, people. the u.s. gaming and casino business is, of course, a multibillion dollar a year industry, one gambling center
3:40 pm
has fallen under, new jersey's atlantic city brought in 3 billion in revenue, closing one casino after another. we've been talking about the latest high-profile victims, the revel casino cost 2 billion to build two years ago, it's a mess, it closed. trump's taj mahal could be out. could the u.s. gaming industry be upended? joining me industry veteran elaine wynn, wynn resorts and directors in communities and schools chairs. i love how you are working on what could be great for the country. start with atlantic city. let me be a troublemaker, are you guys in atlantic city saying i can't wait until they go down because more people go to vegas? >> of course not. atlantic city was very good us to, we were there early on and our former company mirage
3:41 pm
resorts and had the golden nugget, that was an amazing opportunity and experience for us because it vaulted us and gave us the opportunity to expand that company. we're sad to see what's going on in atlantic city. liz: does it die? >> i don't know that it dies, there are capable operators there, millions in the vicinity. it is still a beautiful place on the boardwalk. a lot of infrastructure in place, and the folks there are professionals, they'll sort it out. but it's a crowded marketplace now. and i think thanks to las vegas we've made gaming a wonderful pastime that's a mixture of things, there's a menu of choices to do in las vegas, and so by expanding and proliferating it across the country, it's increased the market but also increased the competition. liz: you made it a better choice than the smaller, i don't know, atlantic city, people say it's so depressing, when they spent 2 billion on
3:42 pm
the revel. there is a florida developer who said you know what? atlantic city shouldn't be a casino town. he wants to buy it on the cheap and do something there. what do you think eventually happens for atlantic city? >> this is america, and free enterprise has to exist. i think it is sad for the economy in any location when you have an industry that is as high-profile as that and suffers reverses. it can happen in the automobile industry. it happened in the south with textile companies. that's what the country is in the process of doing, which is why education is so important to america right now. liz: let's get to that, you are, of course, the chairman of communities and schools, which is something completely different. for those of you who didn't know this about elaine, you may have seen the op-ed in the "wall street journal" where she recently expounded on what she thinks is the problem with schools which is a domino effect, is it not?
3:43 pm
when it comes to companies having great job candidates, the educated kids are the ones that are going to go the furthest, correct? >> we know that people are going to have to have more than a high school degree in order to succeed in the future. we're talking about post-secondary education, so how in the world do we accomplish that, if the pool of candidates shrinks because we're not graduating them from high school. liz: here's one of your quotes troubled schools start with troubled communities, unfortunately that's not the way politicians do educational reform and you say, if we want students to stay in school longer we have to deal with all the issues surrounding them. >> of course we do, this gets to the issue of equity and equality in this country. there is a huge divide of haves and havenots and sustaining a system where the elites have the great educational opportunities and the most disadvantaged students have the least and the poorest
3:44 pm
opportunities. liz: how do you switch that around, elaine. >> become part of a community effort, it has to start at home in your own neighborhood, and we have a variety of agencies that exist to address basic needs that children need before they can go to school and be receptive to education. this is not about things like the common core standards and unions and things that are the hard core delivery of education. this is about the quality of a child as he or she comes to school and is ready to receive what the teachers are trained to give them. if they're hungry, if they don't have proper shelter, if they come from abusive environment, it's difficult to focus and concentrate on english and math that day. liz: you're doing incredible work with the communities and schools. i must ask you, once you get out of school, you hope there's a job. the big story for the state of nevada not how well casinos are doing, including wynn but tesla
3:45 pm
wants to build. >> yahoo!! >> they made a big investment that will be dedicated to education programming in nevada. i'm the president of the state board as well, that is a great piece of information, too. but we plan to be good partners to them. liz: you're okay giving them it's about a billion in tax breaks. i think why not? you get 20,000 jobs and billions in returns for the state. >> pretty good at handicapping ought these years, that's what we do in our state, and i trust we've handicapped well and welcomed tesla. >> thank you so much. elaine wynn, good luck to you in your educational efforts. >> thank you. liz: we need people like to you follow her. the closing bell ringing in about 14 minutes. mark lehman telling us the one
3:46 pm
thing that stood out to him today. the one thing this week you should pay attention to and the one thing next week you can't afford to ignore. (trader vo) i search. i research. i dig. and dig some more. because, for me, the challenge of the search... is almost as exciting as the thrill of the find. (announcer) at scottrade, we share your passion for trading. that's why we rebuilt scottrade elite from the ground up - including a proprietary momentum indicator that makes researching sectors and industries even easier. because at scottrade, our passion is to power yours.
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. liz: some uber drivers are slamming the brakes against the company and moving to rival lyft. more than a thousand drivers who are part of the uber driver's network nyc are protesting falling wages and unfair working conditions. "the independents" kennedy spent the day as a lyft driver. part of the fox business show's coverage of the so-called sharing economy. what was it like? what did she learn? what is her spin on all of this? tune into "the independents"
3:51 pm
tonight 9:00 p.m. eastern time, taking a look at companies like uber and lyft, airbnb, the sharing economy and discussing whether they are the future of the u.s. economy or if they're actually hurting it. you don't want to miss it. fascinating stuff. from apple to alibaba, the tech world is on fire as far as news is concerned. even though it is slightly lower, tech was one of the strongest sectors in the s&p 500 largely due to apple's unveiling of the iphone and here to break down the biggest headlines and how can you make money off of them and spin it forward to next week, mark lehmann, good to see you, mark, thank you for joining us. >> thanks for having me on, liz, appreciate it. liz: i want to pick today, good data, news about the russian sanctions, what was the number one thing that you feel was the most important event today? >> you know, you touch on the last segment a little bit.
3:52 pm
the bond yield climbing up 26 and i'm not sure that is bad news but something people are paying attention to going into next week's fomc. liz: what does it tell but investing in treasury? >> i think it means what people have been saying for four and five years and six years, the bond yield has to go higher is probably true. my sense is the overall economy is still getting better but not great and i don't see rates going up quickly and rapidly to heights that were worrisome. i think we've been in this band for a while and where we're going to stay. liz: mark, what about the headline of the week, it's been a big impact all week? >> the launch of the iphone is what people are anticipating from my 16-year-old daughter charlotte to my 77-year-old mother. clearly the way the stocks are
3:53 pm
trading with the announcements of apple and partners, it wasn't the groundbreaking announcement but what the investing public needed to see and stocks react because of that. liz: is charlotte going to get a new phone? are you going to let her? >> we are in the midst of discussions, and liz, i'd like you to weigh in. maybe this isn't the right forum for it. liz: negotiations are in. spring for one for mom. now let's spin it forward, people are looking, i don't care about the rearview mirror, what about next week? i'm thinking the fed meeting. what do you say? >> two big things next week, the fed meeting and the ipo of alibaba, looking at the economy being very, very opportunistic if things move rapidly either way, there is little evidence they're going to do anything radically different and more of the same. as it relates to alibaba,
3:54 pm
people telling us about the ipo window and the health of the market. it's less about alibaba, that is one transaction that's going along very well. we've had some of the larger ipos of this year, whether the gopro ipo or some of the ipos like last year like facebook, they are at record valuations, do will that not because everybody thinks it's the story of the day, these are great companies, and exciting in the overall market. liz: mark you have 2 billion dollars in assets management. do you believe in stocks over anything else? >> i do, i think the overall equity markets, you can see the nasdaq outperforming the other indices, people putting more weight into the highest growth companies, that's charging our economy. the best part of the global economy, i don't think that's going to change any time soon. liz: so great to have you. thank you so much. >> thank you. liz: mark lehmann says watch out for the fed, don't ignore the alibaba ipo, even if you
3:55 pm
don't buy it. five minutes away, radioshack has been around since most of us can remember, the down and out electronics retailer fighting for its very life. can radioshack being resuscitated? it's a penny stock. you should take a second look? ? we're taking a critical look and, of course, we'll play everyone's favorite commercial that allows us to relive the 80s. radioshack. [ breathing deeply ] [ inhales deeply ] [ sighs ] [ inhales ] [ male announcer ] at cvs health, we took a deep breath... [ inhales, exhales ] [ male announcer ] and made the decision to quit selling cigarettes in our cvs pharmacies. now we invite smokers to quit, too, with our comprehensive program. we just want to help everyone, everywhere, breathe a little easier. introducing cvs health. because health is everything.
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introducing cvs health. can you start tomorrow?
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yes sir. alright. let's share the news tomorrow. today we failrly busy. tomorrow we're booked solid. we close on the house tomorrow. i want one of these opened up. because tomorow we go live... it's a day full of promise. and often, that day arrives by train. big day today? even bigger one tomorrow. when csx trains move forward, so does the rest of the economy. csx. how tomorrow moves. [ bell ringing, applause ]
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five tech stocks with more than a 10%... change in after-market trading. ♪ all the tech stocks with a market cap... of at least 50 billion... are up on the day. 12 low-volume stocks... breaking into 52-week highs. six upcoming earnings plays... that recently gapped up. [ male announcer ] now the world is your trading floor. get real-time market scanning wherever you are with the mobile trader app. from td ameritrade. liz: so much for the s&p 500, snapping the winning streak. five weeks in a row. can't make it. david: although i ace negative could have been worse. we said that a couple days this week. gone down. it could have been worse. has been worse during the trading day. looks like we'll end up with a
3:59 pm
loss. liz: nicole and i were quoting bible. seven years of feast, seven years of famine. who knows if that what it is. not surprised that the markets take a breather. >> not a surprise. we've seen a run-up. we've been hitting records. there were concerns we took out some lows, technical lows. we managed to bounce back. tech winners were what grabbed people's attention. apple with new product this is week. up fraction shunnally. yahoo! gained 8% as we wait, so desperately for alibaba next week. david: we don't have rose-colored glasses. a loss on all indexes. when people sell into stocks they buy into treasures. today not so. they sold treasurys as well. >> it has the invery relationship. what they were buy something some financials. that seemed to be a pocket strength. for the most part mostly selling on the board, you're right. liz: a the least solar stocks were sizzling, right, nicole? >> right the solar stocks in
4:00 pm
particular. some of them got a pop. [closing bell ringing] they're aid avoiding taxes. that did well. liz: punching up solarcity, up 4%. a nice move there. the bells ring on this friday on wall street. let's see how stocks finish. they're down. nobody should panic. we've had several weeks of a real win here. perhaps the bulls got a little exhausted. dow jones industrials off lows of session. now down about 61. nasdaq is down 24. techs have been a bright spot certainly. s&p 500, losing 11. standing at 9185. s&p 2000 and russell 2000 down 11 points. so much still to come. can't move. "after the bell" starts right now david: we've had a busy week. we're going into even busier one with the fed decision. break down all o


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