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tv   Countdown to the Closing Bell With Liz Claman  FOX Business  September 19, 2014 3:00pm-4:01pm EDT

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championship years ago. >> we have the video. there he is! all right! i love him. you can't go wrong with a tiny hamster. that's all we have for you. liz claman is going to love this lead-in. here she is now. liz: yes, we do love that, but boy do we have breaking news for you, good afternoon, right now, you are looking at two pictures on your screen. two major breaking news stories developing right now. on the left, nfl commissioner roger goodell just about to make a statement on the national football league's domestic violence scandal. you need to remember, goodell has not spoken publicly since last week after the baltimore ravens suspended ray rice after a second surveillance video showed rice brutally assaulting his then-fiancee. in stunning developments that led many to question the nfl's conduct policy, several other players accused of domestic
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violence. five in total. we're going to bring you his news conference live as soon as he gets in front ever the camera. we are watching the biggest ipo in history. a historic day for alibaba. not disappointing, certainly, it started trading just over three hours ago at the new york stock exchange. it was priced at $68 a share. but boom! it just exploded in price. the chinese emerc giant saw major demand. you can see shares are trading, still significantly higher, look at the opening price, though. it has come off the opening price and is now standing at $91.19. a gain of 34%. we are going to keep that number on the bottom of our screen because how alibaba closes is way more important than how it opened. we have every angle of all these breaking news stories for you. jo ling kent all over the alibaba ipo the entire day. at the barclay's post where it opened on the new york stock
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exchange. joining us from the exchange, teddy weisberg at the cme in chicago, we have chris robinson and chris gersh. a very frank and enlightening conversation with alibaba founder and exec chair jack ma as well as how it's trading right now? >> up 34%, liz, doing very well off of the listing price, of $68. a lucky number for alibaba. take a look at chart we put together for you. we want to show you the initial spike. you see it level off and you see equilibrium of sorts. we're wondering how it's going close, will it break one way or the other as the closing bell approaches. we'll watch that for you as well. i want to bring to you my interview with co-founder and executive chairman jack ma. i asked what is he going to do with all the money they've raised? do they have plans to invest in the verticals or expand elsewhere.
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this is what he said. >> i would not say vertical. we have a lot of things we're buying and doing things to expand our ecosystem. because today it seems we are pretty big in china. compared to tomorrow, the world, we are tiny. we want to last 102 years, we finished 15 years and there's another 87 years to go. the money, we want to save that. we only want to spend the money to help the ecosystem. >> liz, i quizzed him on the government's role to alibaba. when does he talk to them? do they listen to him? if you looked at climate on the ground in china, things aren't, quote, too bad. he's definitely saying it's all about trust. he's willing to put in the time to earn the trust of the american investor. i asked him he thinks chinese investors are going to flip after a big day today. he said no. back to you. liz: if i'm ebay i'm nervous about this guy getting into the
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industry in the united states. checking it right now. ebay not hammered too much. it is down half a percent. no upside for ebay at the moment, we're watching everyone affected. ebay at the moment. that's the intraday picture losing steam. previous it was higher, earlier today it was higher. it will take a while before alibaba starts to move into the u.s. market. let's talk about stocks. the dow jones industrial average and the s&p 500 hitting new intraday record highs again today. any close in positive territory for either index is going to be a record. so let's bring in the floor show traders. teddy weisberg, chris robinson, chris gersh. x alibaba, a lot of excitement there. do you think it has to do with yet another record? >> perhaps, liz, but i think, no, i think the market, x
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alibaba continues to move higher, the lines have been higher. we saw the dollar get weak, the energy stocks get strong. we've had the same, the same scenario that has been the driving force of the market, including the nonmessage from the fed, which had a lot of people nervous a week and a half ago, and so the positive trade is back on again, and the lines of least resistance continuing to up, and the shorts are obviously struggling. liz: they are, i want to let our viewers know, any minute nfl commissioner roger goodell is going to step in front of the podium. the second he comes out to address the big scandal that has been domestic abuse. five different players in a short span. take a look at exterior. all the satellite trucks lining sixth avenue. this is a huge media story. fox sports is all over it, fox
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business, fox news, we're the place to be as soon as that happens. let me get on chris gersh at the cme, are we focusing too much on alibaba. the equity world is doing well once again. >> you hit the nail on the head. the 10-year yield the high since july. we had a lot of traders legging into that goal. i have been saying our traders not to catch the falling knife. as long as the equities continue to soar, stay away from gold. bottom fishing a little bit as we saw in the little pullback on the energy side. liz: i don't want the gold bugs to get mad at me, gold the is disastrous. we're bumping up against the 1200 mark. $16 away. silver is no better. $1788 per silver, down another 3.5%. we need to talk to chris
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robinson. give me a sense in the minds of people out there looking ahead and saying at some point, trees do not continue growing to the sky, and a point we see the shift. we know interest rates will be tightened, and all good to see people getting excited about alibaba and record after record, but at what point do we say hold on, there's a time we need to move things around in our portfolio? >> i think you're going to continue to watch that. all year any, time we've had a correction, the bulls have stepped in and supported it. if that was to stop. get a significant correction, 10%, 12%, that may take the steam out of market. but anybody that's called the top in the market this year has lost money, time after time after time. liz: true. >> the best strategy, that's what you got to look at. you can lose a lot of money trying to be a hero in this stock market, in this environment. liz: we've had a lot of bears. i respect the bears, they've
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been wrong time and time and time again, teddy! >> listen, the only mistakes people made is not what they bought, liz, it's what they've sold. liz: that's spoken from teddy, but a young pup you are, and you have seen many a year go by where people get killed in the market because they thought they were smarter than the herd. jo ling, quick check on alibaba, off the highs of the session. jack ma, a very rich man. we've been checking in on how much he and his stake in alibaba are worth. it's the money meter, so to speak. >> yeah, it is the money meter. making billions upon billions off of this deal. i asked him what he's going to do with the money, he wants to stay the honorable businessman he is, that's what his wife wants him to do. will you buy a house, a car, a boat, anything? he has no plans to. i have a feeling we will see a slightly fancier jack ma as he
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continues to evolves at executive chairman of alibaba. we'll see his position looks going ahead. liz: can i ask you about ali pay, it could very well be, if he unleashes it on the united states, so many people are using it in china. it seems to be rather secure. at some point does that trump apple pay? does that trump square? >> ali pay is an interesting situation, he owns more of alipay than alibaba. his incentive for global expansion. what he wants to do with it remains unclear. there is room for more as we've seen over the last couple of years, the innovation when it comes to mobile payments. but the real question regarding alibaba and the stock trading today is there were a lot of foreign investors including in the u.s. who were early investors in alibaba, and jack ma spins off alipay, investors do not benefit from the success
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of alipay, the real question to me is will that happen again with alibaba and how will investors be represented or not? liz: closing bell about 50 minutes away. four blocks up the street. we have cameras trained on the new york midtown hilton where roger goodell, the nfl commissioner is about to speak publicly for the first time in more than a week about this scandal, and everybody is wondering what he's going to say? there has been a leak, he's going to talk about how the nfl, and i don't know if this gets you guys excited or not, they will partner with domestic abuse hot lines. my question is will he say the nfl has zero tolerance policy if one of the players is convicted. people can get charged, you are innocent until proven guilty in this country. will there be zero tolerance, you cannot play if you are
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convicted? we'll take that as soon as he steps before the cameras. yes, alibaba's jack ma one happy man after the chinese e-commerce giant makes trading history. what did alibaba learn from its first disastrous ipo in 2007? silver crest management, he's one of the few people who's gone to alibaba's headquarters in china, gotten inside. is he bullish? bearish? you've got to hear what he has to say. we talked about it, alipay, could it mean a huge payday or crushing the large credit card companies like mastercard. why mastercard isn't scared at all about apple pay. stay tuned. live everywhere on all the stories that matter to you. ♪
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. liz: breaking news. we are just seconds away. we've already been given the two-minute warning that roger goodell, the nfl commissioner will finally address before the media, this dramatic scandal that riveted people's attention when it comes to all kinds of domestic abuse, on behalf of at least five players, in jus span of a couple of weeks.
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as we wait for roger goodell, let's bring in pat ritts, forgive me if i interrupt you, the second roger goodell comes out, we're going to take him. what does he need to say to deal with the scandal? >> i don't know that there's much more to be able to say. unfortunately right now, he's been slow in reacting, and it reminds me of bud selig during the steroid issue. bud was able to salvage his reputation. liz: stop, here he comes, roger goodell, nfl commissioner. >> good afternoon, thank you all for coming today. i'd like to make a few points and i'd be happy to take your questions. at our best, the nfl sets an example that makes a positive difference. unfortunately, over the past several weeks, we have seen all too much of the nfl doing wrong. that starts with me.
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i said this before back on august 28th and say it again now. i got it wrong in the handling of the ray rice matter. and i'm sorry for that. i got it wrong on a number of levels. from the process that i led to the decision that i reached, but now i will get it right and do what is necessary to accomplish that. first, i don't expect anyone just to take my word. last week, i asked former fbi director robert mueller to conduct an independent investigation to answer the questions raised about our process in reviewing ray rice's conduct. i pledged that director muller will have full cooperation and access. we all look forward to his
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report and findings. i promise you that any shortcomings he finds in how we dealt with the situation will lead to swift action. the same mistakes can never be reported. we will do whatever it is necessary to ensure that we are thorough in our review process and that our conclusions are reliable. we will get our house in order first. second, and most importantly, these incidents demonstrate that we can use the nfl to help create change, not only in our league, but in society with respect to domestic violence and sexual assault. we are taking a number of steps. on august 28, i said that the entire nfl would receive comprehensive information and
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resources and support systems for victims on domestic violence and sexual assault. we will reexamine, enhance, and improve all of our current programs, and then we'll do more. earlier today, each nfl club, and all our league office locations, received information about advocacy and support organizations in their communities. in addition, our teams and league staff, everyone, will participate in education sessions, starting in the next month, followed by training programs. these programs are being developed by a top group of experts. some of them were announced earlier in the week. we will continue to identify and add expertise to our team. and we will ask the nfl players' association to help us
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develop and deliver these programs in the most effective way. third, we recognize that domestic violence and sexual assault exists everywhere. in every community. economic class. racial and ethnic group. it affects all of us. these are problems we are committed to addressing. but we cannot solve them by ourselves. law enforcement. the criminal justice system. social service organizations. and families are the cornerstones to addressing this problem. for our part, we can add and we will do more. to begin week have entered into a long-term partnership with
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two leading national organizations. the national domestic violence hot line, and the national sexual violence resource center. the hot line received an 84% increase in the call volume just last week. they did not have the resources to reach even half of those calls. they need our help. and we are providing it. fourth, we strongly, strongly condemn and will punish behavior that is totally unacceptable. domestic violence, including child abuse, sexual assault, irresponsible ownership, or handling of firearms. the illegal use of alcohol or drugs. these activities must be condemned and stopped to
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education and discipline. our standards and the consequences of falling short must be clear, consistent and current. they must be implemented through procedures that are fair and transparent. this is a central issue today. i'm here now because our rules, policies and procedures on personal conduct failed to ensure that this high standard is met. but i want to make it clear, these are very complex issues. our country has a legal system that everyone needs to respect. when there is evidence of misconduct by anyone in the nfl, we need to carefully consider when to act and on what evidence. everyone deserves a fair
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process. you know i feel passionately working in the nfl, in any capacity, is a privilege. something we must earn every day and must never take for granted. the vast majority of players, coaches, owners and employees in the nfl stand tall. not only for their role in the game, but for what they do in their communities. to get all this right, we will bring together our players, and their union representatives, coaches, owners, and outside experts who can helpis set the right standards and identify the right procedures. i have discussed these challenges with the players' association executive director demore smith. he shares my view domestic violence and sexual assault have no place in the nfl. he and i will meet next week to bring together experts to help
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us establish and live up to the stands our fans deserve, and that we set for ourselves. i will be asking these experts to examine all current nfl policies related to employee and player conduct and discipline. they will address how to balance due process rights for those accused, with the need to hold our personnel to the highest standards. they should also consider the current system for determining violations, including my role in the process. there will be changes to our personal conduct policy. i know this because we will make it happen. nothing is off the table. let me say it again, we will implement new conduct policies. they will have a set of clear
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and transparent rules for league and club personnel, owners and players. my goal is to complete this by the super bowl. football and the nfl have always changed and improved. we drive changes in the game through our competition committee it. reviews and upgrades the rules to govern the games on the field. through this process of evaluation and reform, we keep the game competitive, entertaining, fair, and most importantly, do everything we can to protect our players on the field from injury. we go to enormous lengths to make sure players, coaches, officials, fans, our broadcast partners fully understand our playing rules and how they are
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enforced. that must now be our model when it comes to personal conduct. so like the competition committee and other league committees, i'm establishing a conduct committee to review these new rules in the months and years to come, and ensure that we are always living with the best practices. there is no reason we cannot be as transparent and as effective on these issues as we are with the game on the field. i believe in accountability. i understand the challenges before me, and i will be held accountable for meeting them. every day, so many of our players, coaches and staffs are doing tremendous things in their communities. i couldn't be more proud of how they're using the opportunity to help make a positive difference.
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today, i ask everyone as part of the nfl, to join me in making positive and significant changes going forward. i'll take your questions. yes. >> peter alexander from nbc news. mr. goodell, appreciate your time. if any of these victims had been someone you loved, would you be satisfied with the way the league has handled this crisis, and what would you say to them? >> i'm not satisfied with the way we handled it from the get-go. as i told you, and this statement indicates, i made a mistake. i'm not satisfied with the process we went through. i'm not satisfied with the conclusions, and that's why we came out last month, on on august 28, and said we're going to make changes to our policies. we made changes to our discipline. we acknowledged the mistake, my mistake, and said we're going to do better going forward. we have a set of very complex issues that we have to deal
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with. that's no excuse. what we need do is go and get experts to help us. how do we do this better? how do we restructure our personal conduct policy and expect the kind of behaviors we expect? and to make sure that we educate, we train, do everything possible to hit that mark, for all of us. and when we don't, there will have to be consequences for that. so i'm not satisfied with what we did. i let myself down, i let everybody else down, and for that i'm sorry, as i mentioned earlier. but that's what we're going to correct, and that's what we're going to fix. >> roger, you've had pretty extreme unilateral power in deciding discipline. as you said a few times you've gotten it wrong in a few cases, and that tends to happen when there's no checks and balances. how willing are you to give up some of that power? do you think that would be the right thing to do? >> rachel, as i said in my statement, everything is on the
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table. we're going to make sure that we look at every aspect of the process of how we gather information to make a decision, how we make that decision and then the appeals process, and all of that's on the table, and all of that is important information that we want outside experts to give us some perspective on, and see if there's a better way to do it. we believe there is, and we believe we need to. we can't continue to operate like this. >> also you mentioned on tv last week, you checked and tried to get the ray rice video and any other information. you can give us sort of the trail of how you guys did that investigation so that people can know really what you put into it? . >> certainly, our security department works with law enforcement, they are fully cooperative. we gather almost entirely all
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of our information through law enforcement, and that's something else we're going to look at, rachel. is that the right process? should all of our information be gathered as simply through law enforcement? we understand and respect what they go through and what job they have to do, and there are certain restrictions they may be under. [ inaudible ] >> we asked for on several occasions, according to our security department. we asked for it on several occasions over the spring, all the way through june, from february through june. i'm confident our people did that, so that's something that we'll have to discuss directly with them. >> commissioner? >> fox sports, commissioner. i was in minnesota sunday and saw a mother with her two kids wearing adrian peterson jerseys and she said to me i'm conflicted about this, i don't know what i should do. he's our favorite player. obviously we had a similar situation with ray rice. we've heard from the sponsors,
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what's your message to the mother with two kids who has peterson jerseys and doesn't know what to tell them? >> well, the first thing is we're like the broader society in several ways. we're like a microcosm of society. we have a lot of young men, a lot of individuals that play or coach or executives. other individuals in the league that make mistakes. and that is something that while i'm disappointed in what adrian peterson was involved with, we want to see the facts. but i think what we see so far is tragic. it's hard to look at. i have two daughters who are 13. it's difficult to see. what we have to do is allow the facts to proceed. but the important message for all of usas parents is our children are going to make mistakes. they need to learn to take responsibility and be accountable for those mistakes
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and deal with those, and that's something that i and my wife jane week work hard on our kids. when you make a mistake, be accountable for it. >> commissioner, cheryl fosse from cbs news. in 2012 after bountygate, you suspended sean payton for a year. you said ignorance is not an excuse. a lot of people think you're not holding yourself to the same standard. have you considered resigning at any point throughout this? >> i have not. i'm focused on doing my job and doing the best of my ability. i understand when people are critical of your performance, but we have a lot of work to do. that's my focus. we've been busy in the last couple weeks. we have results to show for it. we talked about some of it in my statement. but i'm proud of the opportunity we have to try to make a difference here and do the right thing. we've acknowledged that we need
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to change what we're doing. now we need to get to what are the changes going to be. >> the "new york post." there have been a lot of high-profile, high-level calls for your resignation, following up on that question. what would you say to those people? why do you feel you should be able to continue in this role? >> because i acknowledge my mistake. august 28th, i said we didn't get this right. we're going to make changes. we made those changes, are making those changes. we have a lot more work to be done. but we're moving in a very important direction, by getting expertise to say how do we do this better? we're all, as a society, having difficulty being able to deal with this. the nfl has to take care of his house. that's my focus, how do we do this better at the nfl? and make sure that we keep everything on the table. we're going to make sure that we look at every aspect from
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the collection of evidence to how we go through the process, to who makes the determination, what the appeal process is, and we'll make those changes that i believe will be beneficial to the leagaddition, i think we ca make some changes, and i think they'll be positive in the domestic violence and sexual assault areas, child abuse areas, those are areas we think we can make a big difference on at some point in time. we have to get our house in order first. >> you mentioned due process in your statement, right now there's a lot of inconsistency. ray mcdonald is playing, greg hardy is not, adrian peterson is not. you have some guys on the exempt list, some guys on the nonfootball illness list. you mentioned that you want to take a look at due process and when to act. with a bit of a slippery slope. how do you handle that? do you have a list to put the guys on? >> you're highlighting exactly the point, mike, we need to
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change our policies and procedures and need to get some help in trying to identify how to do that. we have state laws that are different from state to state and even locally. we need to make sure that we have looked at when the nfl should be involved in the investigative process. we need to know how much reliance we should have on the law enforcement information? so you're highlighting exactly the issue is that we do not have a clear and consistent policy that will allow us to deal with all of the different issues that are rising. that's why we talked last month about we need to change our policies and need to get experts to help us deal with some of the issues that are very complex about due process, and making sure that we allow our employee the opportunity to defend themselves, but also make sure we're defending the
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integrity of the league. we have an obligation there, and we're prepared to do that and we are going to do that. >> roger, judy bautista. in your interview with cbs news two weeks ago, you said ray rice was ambiguous in his description what happened in the elevator. that is why you suspended him further after the video came out. what exactly did ray rice tell you happened in the elevator, and how did what you thought in your mind happened in the elevator differ from what we saw in the video? >> judy, a couple things. first off, as i said, we got new information from the first time i met with him to my initial discipline, which three weeks later i acknowledged was not sufficient, that it was clear there was an act of domestic violence, but it was inconsistent with the way he described what happened. when we had that new
3:37 pm
information, we had the ability to say we're going to interject, and we're going to take additional action. that's what we did. there is new information that developed because we had not seen that second tape that became public roughly ten days or so ago, and that was not consistent with what he said. >> commissioner, what did he say? what did he tell you happened? . >> the one issue is this is a matter of appeal. as i know, the nfl pa appealed this. it's a matter that's taken up in the appeal. without prejudging or getting into specifics. i have to respect the appeal process. >> talking about transparency. why not say whaty said? >> i'm telling you it's inconsistent with what he told us, what we saw on that video when it came out roughly ten days ago, but we have a process, we have an appeals process, that information will come out at some point in time. >> it's not about the appeals
3:38 pm
process, they've got multiple punishments for the same crime. given the fact that what he did -- >> i may disagree with you, then. that's something the appeals office has to determine. we have not seen all of the papers on appeals. it is a fact that there's an appeal, and they may be able to raise several issues in the context of that appeal. that's a decision they have to make. i can't make that. >> commissioner to your right. andrew. you mentioned the two women's groups, you can give us an idea how you are assisting them. to follow that up, if the 32 owners had to vote whether you should keep your job, what do you think the results would be? >> that's a hypothetical i can't deal with. we had 20 owners in the office this week for prescheduled committee meetings in preparation for league meeting next month, and we're focusing on getting our work done and so are they. we had very prushthive meetings
3:39 pm
with them. your first part of your question about the different organizations. what we saw in our contact is that because of the attention this issue has brought by the ray rice matter, and potentially other issues coming to light, this is something that became a need for what our experts tell us was happening in the community. what is happening, it's clear there's a need for people to seek help in all communities. that's why they saw a spike in this. what we want to be able to do is to be able to help provide assistance to them, and that was something we could do, and we said to them, we want to be involved, we want to help, and we will provide resources and assistance to make sure you can get the personnel there to be able to answer those questions. and we're pleased to be able to do that. we should be providing that
3:40 pm
kind of assistance. >> dan graziano espn. the ap report about the video sent to your office and voice mail that someone confirmed receipt of it. with that in mind, how do you explain that amid the league's denial they had the video. >> dan, that's exactly why i mentioned in my statement that we hired robert mueller, the longest serving director of the fbi to make sure that individual, robert mueller and the staff, they go through and find out as many facts as they possibly can and report. it's independent. i don't know where he is on that. all that information will be something that director mueller will be dealing with. >> you have been clear throughout your tenure you would be hard on people who committed crimes. why do you think the domestic violence crimes such as ray rice gave you such a difficult time and weren't treated as harshly as others were? >> as i said early on, we made
3:41 pm
a mistake letting our standards fall below where they should be. we should have had conduct policy reviewed more frequently, to make the changes necessary, to deal with the issues of change. last change that policy on a broad perspective in 2007. it's had a positive impact on overall number of criminal activity. but what we need to do is go back and say okay, we're in a different age now with different issues and different challenges, let's figure out how did that again and do it in a consistent and fair way, that's what we're dealing with the outside experts. >> was there something about the domestic violence crimes that made it more difficult for you to adjudicate them? >> i think the policy itself was, again, not up to standards. the standard discipline for that was way below what it should be. when we saw the first video, it
3:42 pm
was horrifying, and we went through the process, and we disciplined him consistent with that policy. that wasn't sufficient, as i said. that was a mistake. we had to go back and fix our policy in the short-term and say this isn't sufficient discipline. we met with a variety of experts on this. we came to a conclusion of what the discipline would be, at least as a standard, with aggravating circumstances that could allow us some flexibility, and also that we would banish on a second offense. so we took a very strong position saying this is not acceptable. we have to get back into the difficult work which is how do we understand when the nfl should get involved in a particular situation, with law enforcement, with the criminal justice system, and how do we make sure our policies give us the flexibility to deal with
3:43 pm
state laws that vary from state to state and try to give us that consistency so it is more difficult -- excuse me, simple to make the decisions on a fair and consistent basis? >> roger, peter king. >> yes, sir. >> do you still believe that to the best of your knowledge, that no one in the nfl office has seen the ray rice video before it surfaced on "tmz"? >> yes. >> okay, secondly, do you believe that right now you have the full support of all 32 owners in the nfl backing you in what you're doing right now? >> peter, i believe i have the support of the owners. that has been clear to me. they obviously expect us to do a better job. and as i said to several, i don't like to let down anybody, peter. myself, starts with myself, i hold myself to the highest possible standards. so when i make a mistake or don't get something right, it bothers me more than anybody.
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i think the owners have seen that in me. i think they know that we have always tried to do the right thing. mistakes happen, and i'm sorry for that. and we're going to get this right. >> roger, barry from ap. >> yeah, barry. >> you announced a new personal conduct committee, are you reducing your role or power in these cases by having that committee? >> well, i think the personal conduct committee will have to develop further who might serve on it, whether we'll have outside expertise that will join that. it's really about what are the standards? what's the conduct we want in the nfl? how do we want to represent ourselves? what's important to us as a league? and we want to make sure we're holding ourselves to that standard, and exceeding it. we want to exceed every single standard we set, and that's what i expect this conduct
3:45 pm
committee to do. similar to the competition committee, how do we improve everything we're doing. evaluate it on a regular basis. if our personal conduct policy needs to be improved, i would expect the conduct committee would oversee that. >> dan kaplan. >> hi, roger. >> hi, dan. >> how are you? >> good, thank you. >> a number of corporate sponsors put out disapproving statements in the last week. how many difficult conversations have you had with your business partners, how many suggested if things not improve they would pull out. and did you specifically talk to anheuser-busch which put out a particularly disapproving comment? >> dan, it starts with what i just mentioned before is that i disappointed myself. i disappointed the nfl. i disappointed our fans, our partners, and we need to do better, and i made it clear on
3:46 pm
august 28th to our ownership. i made it clear since. i made it clear to sponsors directly that we are going do better in this area. there are things we need to clean up in our house and make sure we get right, and we will, and we will make a difference in this area. now we have to deliver. >> were you close to losing a sponsor? >> pardon me? >> were you close to losing a sponsor? >> you have to talk to the sponsors about that. >> what are the concerns that the fact that procter & gamble pulled partnership plug today? >> well, again, we've been in contact with our sponsors, several of them have promotions in the marketplace that are inconsistent with obviously what's going on here, and we understand that. and what we said is we're going to clean up our house, we're going to get this straight and
3:47 pm
we're going to make a difference. and they want to see us make that difference, and that's up to us to deliver on. so they want to see us achieve that, they're not looking for talk, they want to see action. that's what we're looking for and why we've been focused over the last couple weeks so hard on getting it right. do the things we said we were going to do and get it right, and do the hard work. this is not a quick fix, this is something we've got to work hard at, and we will. >> hi, roger, you talked about establishing a personal conduct committee and said the goal was to be completed by the super bowl. what to be completed by the super bowl? aren't these issues constantly evolving? >> yes. >> personal issues? >> yes, that's why we want to get to work immediately. the conduct committee is not the committee they would expect to make the changes in the personal conduct policy. what we have to do, and i spoke to dee about this, is reach out
3:48 pm
for experts in the area. so maybe in law enforcement, some may be in the criminal justice system, some may be in the domestic violence or child abuse area, and bring some of the experts and their views how we can improve the policy. everything from how we collect information to when the nfl is involved with law enforcement? or do we have a separate investigation? and those are all difficult issues to ensure they have due process, anybody is involved but maintain the integrity of the nfl. >> the idea is to have the committee in place by the super bowl or to start making some of the decision says in. >> i expect i will have the committee in place by the super bowl, yes. >> commissioner, aaron from abc, thanks for doing this. >> sure. >> i wondered if you personally have been involved in an abuse situation in any capacity, and secondly, i wondered if you anticipate any personnel changes, if not change in
3:49 pm
commissioner. how can you bring meaningful change and credible change and change the culture and the attitude without a change in personnel? >> the first answer to your question is i have not. the second is we are making personnel changes. we announced several of them over the last week. we have more to come. how do we strengthen our team in this area? how do we bring the right voices to the table to make changes not only to what we do but more broadly. so i expect personnel changes will continue. that's part of how we get better. part of how we evolve and learn from our mistakes and do a better job going forward. >> commissioner? >> yes. >> two things, one is when you made the original suspension of two games were any women advising you? and second in personal conduct policy you are revising, are you willing to put that into
3:50 pm
the cba? >> on the first one, you are pointing out exactly what we're concerned about is that we didn't have the right voices at the table. we need to get better expertise. some of you know we announced earlier this week, lisa frio is joining us as former chief of sex crimes in downtown new york. i think she's going to be able to provide a very valuable perspective for us, in understanding the criminal justice system particularly in this area, and those are the types of people we want to have part of our organization and part of our decision-making process. >> mr. goodell? sorry about that! >> i had nothing to do with
3:51 pm
that. >> miguel marquez from cnn. there's a lot of confusion from fans out there about the mistakes that you say you've made. you talked about your investigative department at the nfl. regardless of what mr. rice said on june 16th, regardless what was on the second videotape. on the initial summons, it clearly says that mr. rice struck janay palmer with his hand rendering her unconscious. why wasn't it then to put this right? >> well, it was, we saw obviously, the original video, and it was clear that domestic violence violation had occurred. that was clear us to. and it was horrifying. and that's why we took the step we did. we did the two-game suspension and a fine of $500,000. it was not sufficient. and that's because our policies, as i indicated
3:52 pm
earlier, had fallen behind where we need them to be. we needed to get those policies in a position where the standard for that kind of violation has to be much higher. and that's why three weeks later we raised that standard and said this is not going to be acceptable behavior, and when it occurs, it's a minimum six game or standard six game with aggravating that we can consider, and have additional penalties, if necessary. >> commissioner, you mentioned robert mueller's investigation as key to solving all of the issues. i'm not going to sit here and discuss the integrity of the fbi, i could leave it as a given he's a man of integrity. but the law firm he work for and will help him carry out that investigation is a law firm with extremely close ties to the nfl. you paid that law firm recently to help you negotiate television deals, the president of the ravens, who will be key in this investigation, worked at that law firm for more than
3:53 pm
30 years. why hire someone with even the appearance of impropriety and how do you expect this to affect everything? >> i respectfully disagree. you now are questioning the integrity of the director of the fbi. yes, that firm has represented us in the past, but they have also been on the other side in litigation against the nfl. so this is a highly respected individual who served as director of the fbi, longest serving director in the history of that position. his credentials are unparalleled and unquestioned. >> part of the idea is to restore public trust. even if he does a flawless investigation, isn't there an element of your leaving the door open for doubt? >> rachel, unfortunately we live in a world where there is a lot of litigation, a lot of law firms, a lot of people have had interaction with us in the past. robert mueller has not.
3:54 pm
law firms may have. we are hiring robert mueller and his credentials, his credibility to do an independent investigation, reporting to the owners, and i am confident that will be the case. >> mr. commissioner? >> he interviewed you yet? has robert mueller interviewed you? it's been a week since you announced this. >> that's something robert mueller is going to have to announce. we are not disclosing or involving, he is running an independent investigation. he'll meet with anybody he wishes wherever he wishes. he will get full cooperation from me or anybody else. i'm not make comments specifically on the investigation. he has full access. if he feels he wants to speak to anybody, we'll will do that. >> adam glen here with tmz and tmz sports. you suspended ray rice after our video. why didn't you have the curiosity to go to the casino yourself?
3:55 pm
>> well, two things, we suspended ray rice originally after seeing the original video that was disclosed back in february. when the second video came out last week, that's when we increased our discipline because that was inconsistent with the information we had and it was new information. one of the things they said in my statement and i said repeatedly here is that is part of what we want to do with all of our experts, outside, internal, is try to figure out how should we investigate these issues. in the past we have been almost completely reliant on working with law enforcement and cooperating with them. we do not want to interfere with a criminal investigation. in particular here when dealing with a casino in new jersey, there are even more restrictions because it's overseen, i believe, by the attorney general. we have to be very cautious in not interfering with the criminal investigation but
3:56 pm
we'll evaluate that. i would have liked to see the tape. should we get more information in the future, that's a question i want the experts to do. >> we found out by one phone call. you guys have a whole legal department. we found out by one phone call. >> i can't explain why you did that. only you can explain that. >> right here commissioner. >> yes. >> two questions on the ray rice information. do you regret having ray and janay rice in the same room together when you met with them? who will be deciding who will appeal the ray rice in your office? >> i have not on the second part of the question. i will be making that decision shortly. someone else will be hearing that case. on your first part, is yes, it is part of the learnings that we've had throughout this is that, there are, certain proper ways of having those kind of discussions when couples are
3:57 pm
going through domestic violence issue and we have learned that. we have learned that from our experts. we shouldn't have them in the same room, or we should give then the opportunity to speak separately also. that is something we learned from this and select going forward. >> commissioner, you can't speak out about some individual about cases that have not resolved. what do you say to the one individual under scrutiny right now, greg hardy, whos have been convicted of attacking his girlfriend? what is your language you would say to him if he were standing in front of you? >> we're disappointed where he is. we think what he did and was involved with at least alleged in the court records -- >> convicted. not alleged. >> he was convicted, not alleged. what happens when he appeals that it is wiped out until he goes to a jury trial. you're highlighting exactly, can i finish? you're highlighting exactly the issue that we're concerned about, when do we engage?
3:58 pm
there was a conviction. it then gets removed until the jury trial. and then, should we let that go all the way through? we were, we were pleased with -- >> i get it. >> okay, you're. >> in middle here, roger. >> can i ask a quick question please. my hand has been up for a while. cbs news. it is obvious when you look on the field a lot of these players, it is a diverse crowd. a lot of players highlighted recently are african-american. can you justify not having an african-american as part of that group of women that you hired to look into sexual assault and domestic violence? >> well that not true. we have internal experts that have been working on this that are people of color, that are women an men and they have been involved with this process from the beginning. in addition, as i said, in my statement, is that, we will continually evaluate, do we need
3:59 pm
other resources, do we need other individuals, do we need other organizations. they can help us make -- >> talking about -- [inaudible]. that organization that be at forefront looking at domestic violence and sexual assault. talking about announcing -- [inaudible] >> well those three women are advising us as well as we have full-time staff including an african-american woman who has great experience in this area and been involved with this for several years with the nfl and has been on the ncaa level. we understand the need for diversity. it is important for us and we will always look to be able to do whatever we can to improve on that. >> thank you. we're good. >> okay. >> i got that. liz: roger goodell in a wide-ranging news conference that even included injection after screaming male protester, gaining -- beginning with a massive sort of personal
4:00 pm
mea culpa, saying that the nfl did wrong. it starts with me but i got it wrong with handling of it. [closing bell ringing] as the closing bell rings, what was supposed to be major focus on alibaba's stock which closed close to the highs but not there, suddenly taking a quick left or right turn, depending how you look at it, to the nfl commissioner was light on details david, how they will change policy. david: good afternoon. i'm david asman. we'll look what roger goodell had to say. he defended the nfl. did give us a couple mea culpas what he did but had no intention of resigning and he did have the full support of the nfl behind him. we'll stay on this story. bring in more what happened with alibaba and all of the stocks for the day in a moment. we do have charlie gasparino here who did call alibaba right on by the way. in fact it ended up a couple of dollars above his own expectations which many people said were too high. obviously charlie turned out to be right. it even nt


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