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tv   Cashin In  FOX Business  October 5, 2014 9:30am-10:01am EDT

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list and they pump the energy sector. also, for water and renewables as the global economy grows so popular. >> this stock is way too ex p n expensive. the hospital in texas let a patient go home after, a, he showed symptoms and, b, he just told them he flew in #rom africa. not exactly stopping ebola in the tracks, right? plus -- >> we've been taking precautions get on the plane to the united states. >> how is that, working out? now that ebola is here, is it time to ban to and from the country? and then, oops, he did it again. president only playing the blame game. first the economy and now the isis crisis. americans are noticing.
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"cashin" starts now. wq&come, everybody. you just heard the direct for of the cdc say that they are stopping ebola in its tracks. first of all, do you trust that? i'm not buying what they are selling, michelle, are you? >> i am not. you can tell that we are not prepared. look at what happened in texas. and to be honest, unfortunately, many of our hospitals are not good and containint pathogens. 75,000 americans die a year from an infection they get from the hospital. this person ent into the hospital, had all of the symptoms of ebola, he said he was from liberia. he might as well had a stamp on his head that said, i have ebola and they sent him home. >> the family actually called and said, wait a minute, why are you sending our family member home? $e's very, very sick.
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look what has happened so far. jonathan, i think in one of these discussions -- we've been on the ebola thing for a couple of weeks. one of the discussions you said don't worry, it won't come here. it's here. >> there's 325 million people in the country. it's hyperbolic to suggest that ebola is here. i don't think it will be here. where do epidemics occur? in the third world countries and they have for centuries. here we rely on sigh consequence, not faith. and that's why epidemics don't occur and that's why i'm not worried about ebola one bit. >> are you worried about ebola? think about any disease, any pandemic. it starts with one and then it spreads. >> you know, i talked about it last week. you guys heckled me for it. i said it's more important for
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the isis crisis. i disagree with what jonathan just said. there are going to be mistakes -- by the way, we're talking about life and death. we're not talking about measles or something like that. you're talking about people who are going to die very quickly. it has happened before, it's going to happen again and i do not trust anybody here. >> what about america? >> when did it happen in america? >> just shut up a second. do you want to trust the irs? do you want to trust only? do you want to trust the government to help you do this? not going to happen. >> wayne pointed something out that is very important. i heard the cdc chief say it's not going to happen. i heard the hospital say, don't wo)ry. we have this under control. i'm not sure we can trust anyone. >> instead of the blame game, we should solve this problem. it's a disease around since 1976 and especially on the number one
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rated saturday show on and we should not be fearmongering. when it comes to ebola, why don't we make sure that the cdc's budget isn't cut like conservatives cut in the past few years and this is america. we are resilient. if it comes to our shores, we will kill it. >> here's the problem, jehmu. you're calling it fearmongering. i'm calling it an abundance of caution. exercise an abundance of caution are dealing with. michelle? >> absolutely. why not be safe and then sorry. look, the cdc says that they have it all under control. look, a government agency can't even create a health care website. i'm going to trust that a government agency can control ebola? i'm not so sure i can. >> you know what we need?
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we need a surgeon general in place who can compensate -- >> we need a federal government who -- >> we need a government that's being honest. jonathan, you know as well as i do, we've talked about this quite a bit, i don't trust them. i'm baffled that you're buying into this. >> what i hear from you, eric, is skeptacism. about 111 people killed every day in america fros car accidents. this whole ebola crisis we're going to see less. >> i want to throw this to you.
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parents are keeping their kids home from school. this is important. this is something we need to know. if we were to listen to the government, the cdc, the president, the hospital, et cetera, that wouldn't be happening. as a parent, i would be doing the exact same thing. what say you? >> well, i don't understand this whole thing. for example jehmu says about the surgeon general. we don't need a surgeon general to say something that is obvious to everyone. let me finish. you want to put the head on the secret service, the head of the irs in? these are morons. you're going to point to another moron to tell you what to do? this is a life and death situation. it's a medical situation. it's not a political problem and it's something that should be addressed in a simple fashion. quarantine them and that's it. >> and that's what the surgeon general does. a health expert that can speak to the -- >> are you kidding me?
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we have the director of the cdc, the centers for disease control telling us this wasn't going to happen and it's happening. guess what, though, we have -- we're going to talk about this a lot more. you can continue the conversation on twitter where our view crew put up massive numbers again. last week, our 30-minute show produ(q" more twitter activity than other show networks entire day of programming. i'll answer questions for 30 minutes after the show, as many as i can, but you must include the #cashinin. coming up, with ebola already here, should we ban all travel to and from over there? many of my patients still clean their dentures with toothpaste.
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. we've been taking the necessary precautions, including working with countries in west africa, they have increased screening at airports so someone with the virus doesn't get on a plane for the united states. >> wow. that's exactly what did happen. ebola is here. here's the scary part. the government is allowing planes to and from the country.
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should the airlines take it upon themselves to hoalt flights? >> the people should certainly do something about it, yes. if the airlines won't do it and the federal government won't, you've got to do something. you've got to quarantine the people for the 21-day incubation people. i know they can go to another country and get it around it that way. anybody who comes from those countries, they've got to be screened. >> should we wait are to the government to tell the airlines, jonathan, or do we go ahead and hope that the airlines are smart enough to do it themselves? >> i think it's government's responsibility to protect us from biological invaders, like you don't have a right to infect someone else with ebola. i don't think it necessitates shutting down all travel to the affected areas. >> the cdc agrees with you. they say it won't have an
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effect. michelle, someone is in charge of the ebola breakout crisis with the u.n. and he says we need to be wary because this disease could mutate and it might mutate to an airborne form. >> this is a national security issue, which is why i think we shouldn't allou people who come from ebola-stricken areas to enter into the u.s. the adminiáu)ation stepped in back in july and halted travel to israel. i don't understand why the administration is not stepping in now when we have a national security issue where american lives are at riá)r @r(t&háhp &h% >> jim, you've kind of called me a fear monger in the a block. am i still a fearmonger if it mutates to an airborne form and if that happens -- by the way, we have 13,500 or so people with visas allowed to travel back and forth freely from these three affected countries. are you still calling me a
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fearmonger? >> áhat's the first time i've heard you agree with anything coming from the u.n. i just have to say, as someone whosearents have immigrated from liberia, this disease is quite concerning to me personally for my family member% still there. we, though, as americans are not going to start discriminating against all liberians, all west africans. >> jehmu, i'm going to bring it around but you do realize -- >> you are fearmongering. >> you realize we are not suggesting stopping travel permanently, just until we get a handle on what this disease is. let me give it back to wayne. your thoughts? >> well, when you say that's fearmongering, somebody is importing a disease into your country and you call that >> yes. and they lied about it
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>> he lied about it, jehmu. he lied about it, jehmu. >> go ahead. >> for people who have the flu? come on, now. >> this is a national securráy issue, jehmu. >> john, go. >> michelle make as pretty good point here. the only reason that ebola has come to america is because this individual lied about it. i mean, maybe a proactive step could be anyone who knowingly hides the exposure to the ebola virus could be charged with attempted homicide. >> that's a great point. he may be charged. and then wayne, quick ones. >> it's a national security issue. why play around with something like this? i'd rather be safe than sorry. >> uh-huh. exactly. >> wayne, your thoughts? >> we're talking about life and death here. it's a simple decisijjy
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you do -- it's not a discriminatory thing. it's discriminating against the disease. >> there you go. there you go. >> it's a disease. not the people. coming up, we go from dropping the ball on ebola to the president playing the blame game on the economy and isis. here? ds"s when folks think about what they get from alaska, they think salmon and energy. but the energy bp produces up here creates something else as well: jobs all over america. engineering and innovation jobs. advanced safety systems & technology. shipping and manufacturing. across the united states,
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president obama is being called out for not taking responsibility again. this past week, he said not seeing the isis cominu(áháhe intel community's fault. it's sad to see the commander in chief ducking blame like a fifth >> yeah, he never knows about anything. he did this with the v.a. scandal, with benghazi, with the obamacare website. it is endless. he needs to take responsibilráy. he's the commander in chief of the free world. >> john, what about the commander of the chief in the free world should have leadership. one of the things about leadership is taking blame once in a while. no? >> yeah. what's ironic, he talks about taking responsibility, but that means you take it. you don't pass the blame on someone else. unfortunately i think the president is responsible for the bad ideas infecting the country. do your fair share, you're your
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brother's keeper, that will have a much longer lasting detrimental effect than anything the president is doing in the short term. >> jehmu, this week the president said there are indisputable facts about the economy, that it's bette) on all the facts. median household income, down. that doesn't sound good. how about home ownership, down. how about milk prices, way up, record high. t(ááját)ices way up under his watch. there some numbers -- some economic numbers that i would say he is not hitting on all cylinders. >> i think, eric, he agreed with you. where we are seeing corporate balance sheets are in the best places in decade, this has not translated to helping the bottom line for middle class families and guess what? raise the minimum wage. that will $elp. if congress would give up their -- get off their butts and doing anything to improve our infrastructures to create more
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jobs that would help. this isn't about the president pushing blame off on bush, he should be getting credit for almost 50 months of straight incredible private sector growth. >> jehmu, i have to -- this is not going to be a president obamight ppr here. we won't do this. >> wayne -- >> give credit where it's due. >> honestly, jehmu, there are a people are watching right now, savr'g, it's better for me because i'm not feeling it. wayne, you want to take the economic numbers or the blame game where he points at the intel department, that it's their fault that he screwed up isis? >> well, it is his fault. i mean, the man only listens to his foreign policy discussions, which are briefed every morning. hqrj only listened to -- a little over 42% of the briefings. in other words he's no listening to anybody. five days before benghazi he didn't take a briefing. he didn't know about what was going on in benghazi, so they put out the phony story after
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the fact. he had no idea what he was doing and it's been repeated consistently throughout this. and just to you, jehmu, it's only taken him six years to get to this, you know. >> i mean, bill clinton -- president clinton's numbers went up after he disclosed he did have sex with that woman, ms. lewinsky. i think the president took that responsibility, you actually see his favorables which are near all-time lows go up. >> michelle? >> look, i think that he's dishonest and i think he's completely checked ouá. he's become a lazy president and it's unfortunate. we need new leadership. >> jehmu -- >> it depends on what the meaning of is is. >> excuse me, eric. >> it depends on on what the meaning of is is. you know what i mean? >> i wasn't going to go there. jehmu, i have 15 to 20 seconds.
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the man completely blames everything on everyone else. he heard about it in the news with the a.p. scandal. give me a break here. >> i don't think he should have been pointing fingers at intel, but when we are talking about the economy, eric, these numbers speak for themselves. >> well, we have to leave it, there guys. i'm sorry. we ran out of time. got to leave it right there. coming up, america has a virus, yeah, we have a cure. nonot ebola. but the warning signs you might be suffering from liberalism. ♪"in the hall of the mountain king"♪ ♪ [beeping on the computer] peter come take a look at this. [beeping sounds are more rapid] [beeping sounds are even faster] mr. daniels? mr. daniels? look at this. what's this? the numbers they keep getting bigger and bigger. the clicks are off the charts. yeah the clicks are off the charts.
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i want to say thanks to our "cashin' crew" for joining us this week. you can see the stock picks on the website. time to wake up, america. while everyone is up in arms with ebola and we must remain vigilant and fight it with all we have, there's another one that's taken everybody -- liberalism. everyone get astro if i, share the wealth, government knows what's best for your business, your bedroom. be careful. liberalism is a dangerous virus. watch for the signs of viral liberalism. you might be a liberal if you think it's okay to call isis the j.v. team until americans were
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