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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  October 14, 2014 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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we will make you some money just in time for christmas. in the meantime, lots in the news and around the world and in america. who puts it together better than lou dobbs? i don't think anyone. right here on fox business ♪ ♪ lou: at evening, everyone. the ebola epidemic is about to get dramatically worse and that is a warning from the world health organization. the who now says that there could be as many as 10,000 new cases each week by the end of this year. and as of right now, the virus has killed 4500 people and nearly all of them in west africa. many americans fear an outbreak of ebola is possible here. the death of thomas eric duncan and revelations that a nurse who treated him has contracted it is doing nothing to mitigate those
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fears. some are questioning whether the centers for disease control are acting quickly enough in doing enough to protect the american public. the cdc head still dozen support a travel ban on west african countries despite a new poll out today showing two thirds of all americans say such a ban is necessary to protect the public health. and today president obama trying to downplay the crisis and put the responsibility on other countries. >> there are a number of countries that have capacity that have not yet stepped up. those that have stepped up come all of us are going to have to do more because unless we contain this at the source, this has been something that will continue to pose a threat to a individual countries at a time that they are just a couple of air flights away.
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lou: also tonight, the islamic state advancing in iraq and syria despite two months of airstrikes it has prompted president obama to convene a meeting with military chiefs from 20 allies in the coalition, four-star general jack keane joins us to assess whether the president's islamic state strategy can be fixed. and stocks today coming under pressure once again today, major indexes giving up early gains t. a closer look tonight at what is behind the portable an uncertain market. but we begin with a nation trying to come to grips with a new reality. ebola is now here. and dallas is ground zero. our fox news correspondent alicia acuna has more. reporter: in an attempt to calm fears it says that they are working to improve safety at the
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cdc dealing with ebola in the u.s. but the director today and acknowledged failure in response to the virus. >> i have been hearing loud and clear from health care workers from around the country that they are worried. but they don't feel prepared to take care of a patient with ebola tour the admission came with a with renewed response. the cdc will now dispatch experts to assist local hospitals. >> for any hospital that has a confirmed case of ebola, we will put that on the ground within hours including how to take care of and protect health care workers from ebola infections? the president also commented on the reorganized effort. >> we have systems unsupported that make an epidemic here highly unlikely. but obviously one case is too
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many tour the agency is also working to track anyone exposed to the two confirmed situations in texas. thomas eric duncan.leslie pray for the first time we heard from the nurse who contacted ebola while caring for him. texas health presbyterian releasing a statement from nina pham thing i'm wanting to to thank everyone for their kind wishes and prayers. i'm blessed by support of family and friends and less to be cared for by the best team of doctors and nurses in the world. she recently received a blood transfusion from doctor kent brantley him in the doctor who survived the case earlier this summer. doctors hope the antibodies will assist her recovery. >> a single infection is unacceptable for two if hospitals scramble to put together a response, the first human trial in the u.s. has begun to test this vaccine at walter reed institute of research. while the efforts play out here the situation in africa shows no signs of improvement as
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thousands of people are becoming infected each week. warning today the world with the organization says if the global response does not continue, many more people will die. lou: thank you so much, alicia acuna. turning now to the advancing islamic state, the month-long season of the syrian border town of kobani showing that it could be turning into a stalemate. airstrikes today near the center of the town and reports that the kurdish defenders are finally coordinating their battle plans with u.s. air controllers. fox news correspondent is at the turkey and syria border with the report. >> we are just across the border from the searing account of kobani, this is looking and sounding like a very real war and we have seen an intense barrage of air strikes as we have been here. isis terrorist merely in the
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crosshairs. on the hill on the east side of town and we have been showing you for the past week the isis flag of terror flying and today it is gone. sources inside tell us that it was taken out by one of those airstrikes. but we have spotted yet another flag toward the center, which is why the u.s. has been letting loose. the clouds are low today so the jets have been flying low and we have been hearing the bombs sailing in the east and the west and the north and the south in the center of the city against target in the center of town. there appears to be clear coordination between the u.s. air controllers in the kurdish defenders in the town and they are heading with precision and as we can hear behind me, the rapid fire and street battles in the distance. tanks are all around us as well as well as armor and there's more movement today by them and they are still not moving in. also not moving around too much
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the isis terrorist. we believe that they have gone to ground with this barrage of u.s. airstrikes perhaps trying to weed it out until they can come out and fight again with their foes, the kurdish defenders. we are hearing the rattle of street battle behind us. the fight is on this front. the u.s. is putting up a good showing against the terrorists. on the turkey syria border, fox news. lou: there are growing concerns about our nato ally, turkey's willingness or unwillingness to fight the islamic state. not only has turkey denied any deal that would permit its air bases to be used for coalition operations against the islamic state, but turkish jet fighters last night bombed kurdish troops in the country's southeast area where the fighters are who are taking on the islamic state and who are angry to say the least about the turkish government's
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refusal to fight against the islamic state in syria and the move now reigniting a three decade long conflict, 40,000 people were killed when a conflict cease-fire was declared two years ago. obviously, this violates that cease-fire. and an important statistic to know as president obama touts a 16 nation coalition against the islamic state. according to the defense department, there have been so far 450 airstrikes in iraq and syria. 395 of them are u.s., 61 of them are coalition nations. so quite a disparity in the airstrikes. breaking news tonight, a big victory for supporters of voter id laws in this country. a federal public court has reinstated the voter id law for the state of texas determining
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that it is simply too late to change rules for the november election now only three weeks away and this ruling also a win for texas is attorney general greg abbott. he was on our broadcasters last night talking about his efforts to reinstate the state's voter id laws. >> we had eric holder come to the state of texas to challenge our voter id law in the courtroom of a justice that was appointed by barack obama. so we had a challenging beginning to does and we have appealed asking for immediate release for the very same reason that the u.s. supreme court would put a stay for that wisconsin voter id law. we think that it will put a stay for this particular ruling and allow the voter id law to take effect for this election. lou: the attorney general exactly correct in his reasoning and the court of appeals siding with the attorney general and
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the state of texas. we are coming right back. lou: is the cdc making a medical judgment for the protection of americans? or a political statement in line with the white house what it says no travel ban from western africa? we will take that up next. your customers, our financing. your aspirations, our analytics. your goals, our technology. introducing synchrony financial, bringing new meaning to the word partnership. banking. loyalty. analytics. synchrony financial. enagage with us. that's a good thing,
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lou: president obama's lack of popularity a factor in last night's debate for the kentucky senate. a democrat trying to unseat mitch mcconnell once again refused to say whether she voted for president obama in 2012. >> this is a matter of principle. our constitution grants here in kentucky, the constitutional
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right to privacy at the ballot box or a secret ballot. >> there's no sacred right to not announce how we vote. i voted for mitt romney proudly. i voted for john mccain. and in 2012, 116 out of 120 kentucky counties agreed with my judgment. lou: the problem with the answer him of the principal problem is that she has willingly admitted that she voted for hillary clinton in kentucky's 2008 democratic primary. and the constitution was suspended for that. also she has a three-point average lead and no longer has the support of the campaign committee either. shifting its resources elsewhere and that is not a good sign. a new "washington post" abc news poll shows overwhelming support for west africa travel ban. 67% of americans say that they
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support travel restrictions for anyone from the countries of west africa facing the worst of the ebola epidemic. but the cdc director, thomas frieden, having none of it. claiming that a travel ban is not the right answer, it's simply not feasible to build a wall. virtual or real around a community or city or country. it would essentially quarantined more than 22 million people who make up the combined population of liberia, sierra leone and guinea, those are the three most devastated by the ebola virus. but he doesn't mention the 314 million americans that he works for. our next guest says that travel restrictions may be exactly what is needed. joining us tonight is congressman pete sessions, chairman of the house rules committee and a member of the republican study committee. it's good have you with us, congressman. >> thank you very much.
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lou: thomas frieden is making some actually are judgments and statements here. and none of us is a medical keenness, but it is an take one understand that this is necessary when confronted with this awful disease. >> i think you can look at the responses that come out of the cdc, in particular, probably the administration, they tend to mirror each other. the real issue is about success rate or having in texas, which is very difficult for us to measure at this point and we have had one person died, one person with ebola. but i think that the way that we've come about this from the very beginning was we were underwhelmed with what the real threat was and we were told if we just follow simple procedures and do the right thing, everything is okay.
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it's not okay and it's not okay to have some 13,000 people that have come from the united states or africa. the head of the cdc or the raging epidemic in africa. that means that we should take appropriate steps to address not only that but to protect this country. that is what i advise the director that they instill on that same message we need to make sure that this brings success and confidence to the american people and i believe that that means that we should effectively shut down these 13,000 visas and we would catch up with where we are and figure out how aggressive this virus is and how to stop it. lou: this is becoming very troubling. because the guidance from the cdc is that they are going to stop in its tracks and this is something saying that it is
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handled one of they were the ones handling it and it fell upon the state of texas and it took a dallas area hospital to deal with it. this is a peculiar posture to be taken and it seems almost -- it seems without equivocation and a political statement on the part of doctor tom frieden, rather than a medical judgment in the interest of the public health of america. >> i would like to agree with bad and i think that what you are saying is exactly what people are saying in dallas, texas. what's more carefully understand the threat against us and our families and let's understand how this disease manifests itself and let's know more about how this person did contracts enterovirus d-68 is but let's not go and say that everything is okay and that there is a 100% chance that everyone will be
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fine. let's provide people in dallas, texas, with the confidence that we know we are. what when we have delays of days which occurred before us was cleaned up, before we had people willingly and openly going to school rather than understanding the gravity of what is involved and lastly, when people are downplaying the activity, it simply does not give the american people or the people in dallas confidence that we are doing the right thing. we need to start doing the right thing and i think we should start with this travel ban and i think it could also emanate itself where the some 4000 members of the military could take those americans that are traveling back and forth and provide that medical evaluation that might be necessary on that side before they came here. and i think that all of these things would give the american people confidence.
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we are worrying about americans that we are doing the right thing. lou: congressman, thank you so much. always good to talk with you. well, time for a look at our online poll results and we asked you whether you consider the obama presidency to be in your remedial failure. 97% said yes. be sure to vote on a pool tonight. the question, do you believe the u.s. government should initiate a travel ban on flights from the ebola stricken west african nations? cast your vote at hillary clinton slamming the cost of higher education. giving a speech last night at the university of nevada. >> higher education shouldn't be a privilege for those able to afford it. [applause] it should be [applause] it should be an opportunity widely available for anyone with the talent and determination and ambition to learn.
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lou: clinton didn't mention the university that she was speaking before, she was paid $225,000 to give that speech. money that many students that could've been spent on scholarships, we are told. up next, john kerry doubling down on the false claims about turkey you have to love this administration. >> it certainly has allowed the use of certain facilities and we don't need to get into specifics except to say that i don't believe that there is any discrepancy with respect to what was available. >> taking up these games that the administration seems to love to play coming up in a few's ju minutes.a
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so ally bank really has no hidden fethat's right. accounts? it's just that i'm worried about you know "hidden things..." ok, why's that? no hidden fees, from the bank where no branches equals great rates. lou: coming up tonight, shocking analysis on the house select committee has held only one hearing since it was finally created. and joining us tonight,
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president obama on a meeting with foreign defense officials in the anti-islamic state coalition. >> there are no quick fixes involved. as with any military effort, there will be days of progress and there will be times of setback. but our coalition is united behind this long-term effort. lou: joining us now is army vice chief of staff general jack keane, fox news military analyst, it's gray tabby with us, general. a big meeting at andrews air force base. twenty ministers representing our coalition and the president. what do you hope that they decide? >> i would hope that they would review the strategy and assess what has taken place and get
7:26 pm
feedback from members of the coalition in terms of how they think that things are going and decided whether they are comfortable with the progress being made or should they do something different. i kind of suspect that that is not what took place but it was more or less some kind of a session that was involving them all being there, that's a good thing, the president probably dominated the session in terms of what he believes has happened. lou: whether it it is the fact that that black flag of the islamic state is flying over the center of kobani, even if we were told the islamic state by kurdish fighters, whether it's the fact that the islamic state continues to take place after based in iraq, the third in three weeks, another now threatened. and advances in syria. is there any sign whatsoever that the coalition has one on
7:27 pm
one battlefield in one firefight at any time that you are aware of? >> the only thing that we have been able to do is we took that the dam and we stopped the slaughter on the mountain. that is the two things that are tangible. and i'm not sure they would seize the deal. but you put your finger on it. they are on the move in their advance has not been stopped despite the most powerful and it tells you that our level is not right. and to put your finger on some of this is we need air ground controllers to facilitate this fire when they're so close to population centers. lou: general jack keane has been calling for those air controllers to be on the ground
7:28 pm
and to guide those jet fighters and smart weaponry, which apparently has happened to some degree in the city of kobani in what remains in the islamic state. as we look at this, we are right now marching in lockstep with uranian strategy for the region. we are supporting the very people who are crushing the forces that do iranians would probably like to crush themselves. and we watch them fight upon kurdish fighters last night and this is the united states and the coalition lining up with all of the elements that are working to the behest of the uranian
7:29 pm
foreign policy to maintain his position they may not be the intent or to put iraq in the hands of as following their hostilities. so how do we counter those obvious but not necessarily assured consequences? >> those are very thoughtful questions and challenges. first in syria, clearly the free syrian army, we put our money on them, and obviously arm and equip and train and do it more robustly than what's called for is part of that. but the real answer is the sheer map is bombing the free syrian army on a regular basis and the obvious contradiction that the sheer map is bombing and killing the forest, there is an imperative that needs to be done for something about it. as much as this is challenging for the demonstration to take them on, we have to a drip the
7:30 pm
sheer map of his power. if we put a no-fly zone down, we're going to have to go after this and strip it down. that would give the free syrian army not only momentum against isis but against sure back in the real horse that is going to change stuff in iraq, like what we have just seen collapsing into the hands of isis, are the sunni tribes. we have to invest in them. the sunni tribes are actually defending him, though some are willing to stand up against them. but there are others that have to share power with them. in the second thing is that we have to go out there and begin working with them and incentivize them. and the american air power will be behind them and let's get on with that. we just can't sit on our hands and let these things continue to happen to us. lou: general, it's so good to have you with us. general jack keane.
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crude oil prices plunged $4 per barrel today. four dollars per barrel at $81, 84 cents. that is the lowest price in two years. today the global forecast cut by 22% because of a worsening outlook because of world economy of growth of u.s. show production adding to production. the result is good news for consumers, and drivers paying an average $3.19 per gallon of gas and i can tell you that we are paying where i live in new jersey under $3 per gallon. we got lucky. we're coming right back. stay with us. >> the white house has been stonewalling for more than two years on the benghazi scandal. but what are the republicans doing? and why aren't they working harder for the truth? that is coming up next
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. lou: first, federal prosecutors today announcing more than a dozen new charges against terror suspect ahmed abu khatallah accused of leading the attacks on the consulate in benghazi, this new indictment includes charges for which prosecutors could seek the death penalty. took the house nearly two years to investigate benghazi. now only after one hearing, our next guest says, quote, there is reason to fear that many republicans are no more anxious than the administration to probe benghazi. we're joined tonight by andrew mccarthy chairman of the benghazi accountability coalition and
7:36 pm
his newest book is entitled faithfulest execution. the charge that republicans are no more interested than democrats in finding the truth, this administration successfully stung for two years, what is the evidence republicans don't want the truth either? >> benghazi can't be understood without going back to the libya war which was policy shared by both the obama administration and senior republicans in congress which saw us basically change sides in the jihad. so we went from supporting the gadhafi regime held out as key counterterrorism ally because he was giving information about the jihadists in eastern libya. we switched sides, we topple gadhafi, that has the inevitable effect of empowering the jihadists in eastern libya.
7:37 pm
lou: most americans when president obama says gadhafi must go, they were a little whipsawed, at the suddenness of the change of direction, yet it's all sort of seeped away, full. >> right. lou: from the public narrative and discussion. republicans now with the select committee, one hearing. why only one hearing? >> we'd like to see a little more energy out of them. i don't want to condemn the committee because it's early in the process, they have a lot of classified information to get through, but you know, my goodness, the first hearing, we've had a committee for months, one hearing, very short duration. basically a hearing asked for by the democrats about something i think is irrelevant to most people's consideration. who cares about the recommendations of a flawed process? what people want to get to the bottom of is accountability for what happened in terms of the actions, omissions and
7:38 pm
decisions before and after. lou: to name anything, accountability, in washington, d.c. by either party is a bit of a reach. and in this case, a reach too far. you've also written recently about the khorasan group, the group that drew american almost instant airstrike because of imminent threat. no one can define what the khorasan group, there are no members at large that anyone can identify. what is the world is a khorasan group, and is it truly a fiction of the administration? >> the khorasan group was never a stand-alone terrorist organization, in short it's al qaeda, known as an adviser board around the amir of al qaeda who is ayman al zawahiri. these are top al qaeda terrorists who are his
7:39 pm
advisers, some oft to syria to fight under the auspices of the syrian al qaeda franchise which is nusra. the administration doesn't want to mention al qaeda because the president in the 2012 run-up to the election said some three dozen times he had already defeated al qaeda and decimated them. lou: they're on the run. >> the path to defeat. lou: and now where does the path lead in the fight against al qaeda and radical islamic terrorists, which they all are? >> we have serious problems with it, aside from isis, alqaeda is more powerful than prior to 9/11. >> andrew mccarthy, good have you here. >> thank you. lou: some of the most controversial decisions of his
7:40 pm
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. lou: coming up tonight, new troubles for heisman trophy winner jameis winston, a hearing could send him to jail. we'll tell you about that coming up. first a few comments on a lame duck president struggling to be both relevant and avoid being held accountable by the voters. president obama will now wait until after the midterm elections to nominate eric holder's successor as his attorney general. the white house says that action was taken at the request of senate democrats. i have a private guess that it was at the request of the democrats who are about to have their ears boxed at the polls come november. the president no stranger to
7:44 pm
the device of political accountability. how much obamacare premiums will rise on until november 15th. meaning that americans will have to wait 11 days after the electionses to find out how much more they'll be paying for obamacare next year. my guess is if they're delaying it until then, it's going to be a very unpleasant surprise for everyone on obamacare. employers know they've got something coming. they won't feel the effects of the president's signature law until the first of january because of established delay in the employer mandate, it expires december 31. welcome to obamacare. and the obama administration also punting a decision on the keystone pipeline indefinitely back in april, waiting on a legal battle in nebraska to resolve itself.
7:45 pm
nebraska supreme court hearing arguments on the case that could affect the pipeline's path. and, of course, president obama delaying most controversial executive actions on immigration and amnesty until after the midterm elections, vowing to go as far as he can under the law before the end of the year. that's right. the strategy is to announce what they're going to do with the presumption apparently that people are so dumb that they will discount his actions because he's doing it after the election. it's a marvelous strategy. can't wait to see how it works. democrats are desperate, they're in the dumps as they look at plunging poll numbers. a republican wave election could swamp them and just imagine how much bigger losses would be if they weren't trying to hide their wrong-headed policies, actions and inactions from the voters for as long as possible. now our quotation of the evening. this quote from general douglas
7:46 pm
macarthur who said, i am concerned for the security of our great nation, not so much because of any threat from without, but because of the insidious forces working from within. up next, florida state quarterback jameis winston, it's guaranteed he won't repeat as heisman winner, and now there's a chance he won't be on the field at all. that's next. [ breathing deeply ] [ inhales deeply ] [ sighs ] [ inhales ] [ male announcer ] at cvs health, we took a deep breath... [ inhales, exhales ] [ male announcer ] and made the decision to quit selling cigarettes in our cvs pharmacies. now we invite smokers to quit, too, with our comprehensive program. we just want to help everyone, everywhere, breathe a little easier. introducing cvs health.
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. lou: jameis winston's legal troubles reemerging, we'll take that up in just a couple moments. the market mixed today, they barely moved. the dow down 6 points, the
7:50 pm
nasdaq up 14. those averages had been hugely higher earlier in the session. they gave it all up on volume of 4.5 billion shares, and a reminder listen to financial reports coast-to-coast on the salem radio network. reigning heisman trophy winner jameis winston about to face independent hearing that will determine whether he violated florida state's conduct code when alleged sexual assault occurred in 2012. the hearing will be held by one of three former florida supreme court justices who will decide. but does winston open himself up for legal prosecution here? joining us fox news legal analyst mercedes coleman, jonas fillbor, why is it taking place so late, and shouldn't somebody be prosecuted for a failure to actually in an expeditious way
7:51 pm
get this thing resolved? isn't there a rule of law of some kind? >> there's no statute of limitations when a school can conduct an independent administrative hearing on this stuff. so -- but why it's taken two years for the school to do that? i don't know. lou: what about this, just a big old giant trophy, national championship, i'm just guessing. >> that could have had something to do with it. anything that has to do with what he says in that context could bite him in a criminal context absolutely. lou: what is going on in college and the nfl? it looks like igot a kick out of roger goodell, the nfl commissioner, going out to see charlie strong in texas to talk about core values as if charlie strong had the only idea of what amount to the values on a football team. nice pr but it does go to the
7:52 pm
problem. >> cha-ching, cha-ching, all about money. why are the schools delaying and bringing the kids to discipline? because it's money. this is a kid who's incredibly talented and coming up across the nation. when you have a problem with any of these players, there's a delay because there's money involved. there is so much money that comes to this. lou: and in georgia, they're nailing this incredible tailiac from the university of georgia, suspended him immediately because there are allegations he was getting paid for signing his name. i mean, come on. >> get money out of that. lou: the ncaa makes live the money, too. somebody needs to grow up, don't you think? >> for sure. not going to happen until the patrons and attendees are saying we're not going to attend your games if there isn't level of professionalism and decorum among the ranks. >> i don't see that happening either.
7:53 pm
lou: speaking of football in new jersey, seven football players charged in a sexual, sexual hazing case. i mean, why in the world would someone not stop that, and i'm talking about team members. i can't imagine somebody not getting their teeth knocked out? >> i defend a lot of schools that face these types of challenges. it's about the controls in place. so much of the hazing taking place in areas that the coaches aren't aware of them. it's extreme behavior, the reason why it came to light is because one of the kids spilled the beans, one of the victims spilled the beans and said this is happening to me. it's not on school grounds, you have to locate where it's taking place, a lot of the schools said we had no idea this was taking place. if we did, we would have done something. >> i thought ignorance wasn't supposed to be. >> school will probably be civilly liable to this child and others. this isn't putting itching powder in some kid's underwear.
7:54 pm
lou: it's sexual assault. >> i don't think the animals involved were getting sexual gratification but violating an area of this kid's -- several kids' bodies they should not ever have invited -- not just kids being kids, kids being animals. lou: stand up to teammates and just put somebody on their butt. >> you think so. >> kids get this and you wonder why we have the problem. lou: i don't know, what is the remedy for the parents? for these kids? >> expel the kids, bring them -- criminally prosecute them, civil lawsuits come out too. lou: try them as adults? >> i doubt it. they should, but you doubt it. this isn't kids being kids this is kids being animals, and i wish we could criminalize the parents' nonconduct when they
7:55 pm
raise children who do this. >> these kids will probably, they'll probably be tried as adults, though. lou: from the gutter, the sewer to actually an extraordinary development today, the fifth circuit court of appeals upholding the texas voter id law today. that means that the election on november 4th will be with voter identification. >> as it should be. lou: attorney general greg abbott, also running for governor, this guy has won the majority of his cases against this justice department. he has just slapped eric holder and the obama justice department around, and prevailed here. >> but thank goodness. you know how easy it is to get identification, if you don't drive, you can go into the library and dmv and get a nondriver's license. seven forms of id. seven forms of id, you just
7:56 pm
need one. >> how is it impacting minorities? they can't go to dmv's and pick up the application. lou: voter id, they have greater minority turnout for the elections, there is not one instance. >> exactly. lou: it's about, i think, bringing in people who don't have documents to perhaps help them vote. i'm just guessing again. this is just a guess. thank you so much. >> thank you. lou: time for your comments, mason tweeted to say i consider the people who elected barack obama twice to be a failure, and i don't think anyone can successfully argue with you on that one. al hayes posting on my facebook page -- it is a crisis, and you couldn't be more correct, pete sessions, chairman of the house rules committee, mike mccall
7:57 pm
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