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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  October 28, 2014 11:00am-1:01pm EDT

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stuart varney, it is all yours. stuart: a little late to take that. does this sound right to you? strong profits plus the republican senate = $17,000 on the dow. are you buying that? here is where we are right now. corporations are making a lot of money and are expected to keep it up. the republicans in gaining support. democrats are deserting the president in droves. politics may help wall street this time around. throw in falling gas prices, superlow-interest rates and maybe you ought to check your 401(k) again. we are jam packed today. a country music star, two desert island senators and governors senator dennis sarah palin, "varney and company" is about to begin. ♪
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stuart: take a look at this. is another positive day for the market so far. corporations are making money, more evidence pointing to a gop takeover of the senate week from today. five dow stocks hitting brand new highs as of right now. home depot, procter and gamble, nike, travelers, profits up, stocks up too. it is a different story with twitter, down big reporting disappointing user growth, disappointing? 13 million new users in the last quarter, a million people signing up each week, not good enough apparently. the ceo says the world cup didn't help with new subscribers. the stock is down 10%. facebook added 3 million new users. a report later on today, and first let's give you the election today, here is the latest on the election which is
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indeed six days and 12 hours to go. according to a new poll, 68% say they are in great at the way things are going in this country. fox news contributor who founded skypebridge capital is here. >> i just want you to know, that was perfect. stuart: before i was so rudely interrupted, you are not a politician, and tell me this. if the republicans could take control of the senate, the stock market go up, even if it is temporary. >> you are seeing some of that move. it could slightly below but it will get priced into the market as this polling data continues. stuart: we're 16-868. you are saying some of that is
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the likely election. >> the market is an early tor t in the future and a couple good things are happening with stocks. one federal reserve policy will stay, the paper does not mean tightening, it will stay low but it does look like they are going to gain the senate. some really able leaders. and govern for the next two years, you'll not get a republican president and come of the plan to govern which will include things that americans find interesting, and a budget passed which hasn't happened the last six years. stuart: i you sure your politics are not interfering, i do that all the time. >> let me say it this way. if the republicans don't win the senate, i don't think the market will sell-off. i think it will sell off the we are all victims of our own
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personal biases. i am republican and biased towards the republicans but i don't think so. in 2012 if you and i were sitting on this show, governor romney doesn't have a hand to win, he won't get through ohio and become the president. we did look at that in our analysis of where we thought markets were going. stuart: give me one issue apart from a budget which you think a republican senate or congress could get through which will be very good for the economy. >> the keystone pipeline, and the secondary issues to beimportant to the economy. and will come up with a plan to end the sequestration, and the number on the army little bit higher, and -- stuart: at defense spending. >> positive for defense stocks, and send measures to people that we are a little stronger on the
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military side than what is currently configured. that has goat to lower risk premiums. stuart: that is a ritual because i have not heard that before. i have not heard that in the corporate tax rates. are you going to talk about twitter, they added 13 million new subscribers in the quarter about 1 million a week. i you a buyer of twitter at 43. >> i am more of a value investor and went by a high flyer. if you like the sort of stocks, they hit their numbers and didn't hit the numbers as related to users. you personally don't have the twitter account and --. >> understand facebook, instant
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celebrity, to your friends. and talking about pictures of the food. it is like a microblogging instrument about news feet or newsreel, and it is hard to get those young kids to buy into it. stuart: not done with you yet. a couple more big tech names. ali baba went over $100 a share, or $100 we to minutes ago, and interested in working with apple, apple a. $100 a share ali baba worth $247 billion, only seven other companies with $4 trillion. now look at apple. another new high. as of right now, 10628.
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there she goes. kohl's department stores chain lord its full profit forecast, as always happens, lower the forecast and down goes the stock. 54 on kohl's. another retailer for a moment will be costco. it will not open on thanksgiving because its employees deserve to have the day off to spend with their family. i don't think that will move the stock, but it does open the debate on who should be or should not be working on thanksgiving. give me your input. >> you have to read among the retailers. one in five americans think it is fun to shop on thanksgiving holiday. have americans disapprove on that. you see is down 1/4%, employes work hard during the holiday season and should enjoy this special day with their family. you have macy's last year which
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opened nearly and had record-setting day, and and we may see costco. they la want to work on thanksgiving day, probably not unless i have to. stuart: do you want to shop? nicole: i don't like shopping at all. and like to be with my family. stuart: now on burger king's merger. canada's competition bureau, regulatory branch of the government has cleared the merger to go at it. those stocks both of the little. want to update you on the ebola headlines. amber vinson, the second nurse from dallas to tested positive reported a getting relief today, undergoing treatment at and we university hospital in atlanta. chris christie is not backing
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down. in an interview on the today show, chris christie calls the obama administration's connell: guidelines, quote, incredibly confusing. he says new jersey's 21 day quarantine policy has not changed and blames the cdc for being slow and not taking the lead on the zebra -- ebola protocols. annex guest says ebola could still become airborne. dr. david sanders joins us. you just scared the devil out of a lot of people. you have got to tell us how it could mutate to become airborne. whatever the odds of it doing that, what is the risk of doing that, put it in some context? >> thanks for the opportunity. i am not trying to scare anybody. i want to start by saying there is no evidence for airborne transmission at this time. it is transmitted through close contact of bodily fluids so that is the case now. i entered into this discussion
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because there was an audit in the new york times which suggested it could go airborne. there was a lot of backlash against that and the reason people were suggesting that it couldn't included that the virus couldn't get into the lungs, viruses don't change their mode of transmission, it's ivy hasn't become airborne. all of those reasons were either false or irrelevant and that is how i ended the discussion. stuart: give me the possibility. the odds. the probability. >> that i can do. i wish i could do that. i can't do that. i can tell you, we know -- everybody in the ebola scientific field agrees with this, and inherent capacity to go into the longer on the airways side. other papers in the field but our papers demonstrative of that fact.
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the other facts about viruses not changing their mode of transmission, influenza a is normally a virus in birds, transmitted by gastrointestinal route. in mammals such as humans is transmitted by respiratory route so we know viruses can do that. i cannot give you a number. i wish i could. it is important to have an international coordinated effort in africa. whenever the probability is i refer to as non zero, if there were 1 million cases as opposed to 10,000, it would be 100 times greater and we know rare events can happen. i will give you an example. stuart: i am almost out of time. just got to go to one other issue. we are now told that the virus could last 50 days on some surfaces in some conditions. i thought it was 30 days. now it is 50 days. 3 in this out.
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>> i looked at that study and this is experimental laboratory conditions especially under very low temperatures. we know in general viruses will survive much longer under low temperatures. this is near freezing, near freezing temperatures. it can survive--and this is true but if we are talking about at room temperature it in fact surprise -- survive the short period of time. stuart: thank you for joining us. you gave us some clarity and we appreciate that. price of oil still near a two year low as of now it is in the $81 range, pretty close to the two year low. here is the real news, gas still falling at any gallon per day. the national average, $3.03, that is a four year low. we have a tied for the cheapest gas in the nation, $2.39 a gallon at an exxon station in memphis at a phillips '66 in
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spring, texas. still with me, we have been trumpeting the virtues of low gas, low oil prices. wall street journal this morning says gas at $3 carries rewards and risks. it says you get down too low and american producers stops producing and that is bad for the economy. >> there is an efficient frontier so not sure what the number is that obviously the saudis want to push the gas price low, get it below $70 a barrel, we get out of the fracking business and it shrinks, a big issue for them. it is critical for the economy that if you look at the average consumer, below making $50,000 a year, derek because are roughly 21% of disposable income, two times more than it was in 2001 and that stalled the consumption for the middle class and lower middle class so this decrease in gas prices is good for the christmas season, and it is good
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for macy's and good for costco and sonat/nick i take the position it is better for the economy because of the consumption. bernard: one thank you very much indeed. we all know the postal service is hemorrhaging money but did you also know they are easygoing about letting the government check your mail? all rise, the judge is next. 3rd and 3. 58 seconds on the clock, what am i thinking about? foreign markets. asian debt that recognizes the shift in the global economy.
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stuart: a modest rally and the dallas 120 points away from 17,000, a likelihood the republicans take the senate is working its magic. the s&p 500 is up 12 points, nasdaq composite is up at 53 points. that is the gain and a half. but at that is getting hit by what we are told these higher costs and it is down 3%. look at coach. sales are down 10%, 10% down in the last quarter, that stock is taking over again. it is down 60, 34. the price of gold this morning
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little changed, $12.28 per ounce and the yield on the ten year treasury coming in at 2.27%. here's a headline for judge andrew napolitano. the postal service approved 50,000 requests for law-enforcement to monitor people's mail in 2013. i am not sure you are as steamed about this as you often are in privacy issues. judge napolitano: i am very steamed. it is the below the radar screen problems for of conspiracy between law enforcement and the postal service to expose our mail to the prying eyes of law enforcement without judicial intervention. stuart: i hate to do this but they are monitoring the mail. does that mean they are opening and reading it? judge napolitano: yes and no. the first thing is every piece of paper that goes through the mail, whether it is odd
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newspaper or parcel is photographed by the post office and permanently reserved by the post office for use by law enforcement later. is not necessary for law-enforcement monitor the mail in real time, they can monitor the history of the male. stuart: i see nothing wrong with tracking where the mail comes from so that in the event of an incident which a law enforcement incident, they can look back and see where the suspect got mail from and to from. judge napolitano: your friend which you don't having great britain, the constitution with a capital c requires something called a particular bulls suspicion in order to begin gathering data about a person. stuart: go to a judge and say we have a suspicion about this person and want to track them. judge napolitano: they don't have to go to a judge for suspicion. they have to go to judge to open the mail. how do they get the mail without opening it?
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how does a federal agent get into the post office to look at postal workers. are you ready for this? one fbi agent signed a warrant authorizing another fbi agent to go in there. it is called national-security measure, promulgated by the patriot nick after 9/11. blatant and flagrant violation of the fact that only judges can issue warrants but under the patriot act fbi agent a can authorize fbi agent be to go in there. they go to the postal service and say let us look all of stuart varney's mail and everyone who lives in the city code where he lives. we are not telling you what we want to look at it and the post office cannot say no. to open up the mail, to read its contents, the economist magazine or a matter from you to me or anyone, as they need a search warrant and they need to go to a judge. stuart: i will have the last word on this. judge napolitano: you always do. this is called "varney and company," not the judge and
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company. stuart: that is true. you wish. judge napolitano: i am happy to your humble servant. of the last word. i have absolutely no problem with fracking people's nail. up in it is another story the it is fine with me in judge napolitano: you tell you have the last word. i could devour that argument. but i shan't. stuart: i speaking english or what? judge napolitano: there he goes again. stuart: i have an announcement to make. the announcement is i have finally watched my first episode of the walking dead. i watched it last night. half of the first series. i am a fan. you know what is also excellent programming? the o'reilly factor's waterworld on the topic of zombies. >> i believe -- i hope for a zombie apocalypse by ready for one.
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>> you live at home with your parents? >> yes i do.
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stuart: let's get our priorities street. first to the walking dead. huge cultural scene and detail in what life might be like during the zombie apocalypse.
11:26 am
listen to what jesse waters heard when talking to fans of the show. >> do you believe in zombies in real life? >> i do believe in zombies in real life. i would not say i hope for is on the apocalypse but i reddick one. >> the live at home with your parents? >> yes i do. >> your fascination with zombies is detaching you from reality of a little bit? >> no i don't believe so. >> who was the vice president of the united states? >> vice president? i don't know. stuart: jesse waters is good. the numbers are in and the walking dead was nick in nick with sunday night football, 13 million viewers each. let's get to this video please that was taken on a gold pro camera with whiskey being passed around. one of them attached to the bottle with duct tape, looks like some people seem to enjoy their shot of fireball which by
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the way is cinnamon flavor whiskey. can you look at that. others are not so much. quite a wedding. by the way, another great viral add for go perot and it has gone -- those people should know better i think. you know? chugging from a bottle of whiskey. i you kidding me? these millennials. we have got to move on. we must move on before we get to the good part. president obama vowed to bankrupt coal. the problem is the worldwide demand for our coal is skyrocketing. in other words coal is not dead here because it is live over is there. there are buying it. we will deal with this next. [ male announcer ] you wouldn't leave your car unprotected.
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and get this document shredder free -- a $29 value -- when you use promo code go. call now. how can in china,sumption impact wool exports from new zealand, textile production in spain, and the use of medical technology in the u.s.? at t. rowe price, we understand the connections of a complex, global economy. it's just one reason over 70% of r mutual funds beat their 10-year lipper average. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. request a prospectus or summary prospectus with investment information, risks, fees and expenses to read and consider carefully before investing. stuart: you could say this market wants to go up because of the elections next week, when republicans take the senate. that market is close to 17,000. twitter a big loser today, not enough people signing up for twitter accounts.
11:32 am
dagen $1 million a week. dungee goes 10%. and the national average coming in by regular. and gas is under $3, 19 of them in all. gas prices bucked affect your wall and every day. with one week until the midterms the race for governor in maryland getting close. lt. governor anthony brown is two points ahead of republican opponent larry hogan compared to the 11 point lead, now is two points. could this wing have anything to do with the president speaking at brown's rally last weekend with everybody left before he finished speaking. come on in rich edson. i know your story about the president going campaigning for other governors but i am astonished that in the state of maryland which is as democratic as they come apart from california with all those government workers imus honest republican should be two points
11:33 am
behind the democrats. give us your story. >> i will say this is a state, maryland, where the locals, and lis conservatives referred to as the people's republic of maryland. look at this hole, the daily caller that broke this story that obtained this earlier is a poll commissioned by the maryland republican party showing only a 2%-but it is notable when you look at the event that has gotten a lot of talk that people left early and there was a heckler in the crowd when the president went to maryland. it would be astonishing if that rare the case live there has been a republican governor in the past in 2002 there was an election but still you look get the real clear politics averaging other polls most polls show the democrats up 10 points. stuart: the president is going to embark on a campaign trip very soon to support governors, not senator house candidates. >> mostly. there is the close race in wisconsin the president will head to but places like
11:34 am
philadelphia, conn. races where you don't expect there to be much contention. one district where he is going in wisconsin there has been a lot about how the president carried that congressional district with 99% support in 2012. he is playing it safe over it the next few days. some of the other races you are looking at, the tightening races in north carolina, the tight race in arkansas, and other places, louisiana, those places the president is not visiting, where mitt romney won in 2012. stuart: thank you very much. earlier this year we had a woman on this program, a grocery store owner from michigan who had $35,000 seized by the irs
11:35 am
irs empty their bank accounts are $89 worth of interest on $35,000? >> that is correct. stuart: how about a lawyer's bill? how big? >> the institute of justice came in to help us with the case for $13,000. stuart: $13,000 out of your own pocket and you got pro bono lawyers. did the irs ever give you any kind of apology?
11:36 am
>> oh no. stuart: was there any explanation why they did this? >> no. stuart: what did they say when you ask for your money back? >> no. stuart: can you enlighten us on anything the irs may have sent to you? >> they just came in, and a date in january for questioning the way we made our basic deposits and they were questioning my dad actually, and they were questioning deposits made in the previous july. this was in january and he didn't remember the actual deposit they were talking about but we always go to the bank, $6,000 worth of cash every other day and that has been the way we have done business for a while and they said we think you are money-laundering and we're zeroing out your account. stuart: the irs now says they are going to pull back on this activity, this seizure without a
11:37 am
warrant, they say they are going to pull back on it. tell me how you feel about the whole of there now. >> i am excited there pulling back because what they're doing to people is not fair. there was no crime the we did. they didn't charge us with anything and the fact the we were guilty and had to prove we were innocent is disturbing. this is the united states of america. stuart: thanks very much for joining us. i am glad you got your money back. i am appalled at $9 interest and $13,000 worth of lawyer bills the good to see with a smile your face and great to have you back on the show. come back anytime you like. the white house may be trying to kill the coal industry at home. that is not the case in the rest of the world. robert bryce joins us from austin. explained this one. always good to see you again. is this story is year that the president wants to kill burning
11:38 am
of coal, use of coal in america but it is not working because the rest of the world's 0 wants our coal and we are exporting like crazy. is that accurate? >> we are exporting and exports increased dramatically over the last few years, running at the same level this year that they were last year but it is not u.s. coal exports that are the story. it is just the complete astonishing growth in coal consumption globally. we are fixated on oil shale gas in the u.s. but since 1973 coal has been the fastest-growing form of energy globally and last year alone it grew by 2 million barrels of oil a day, in one year the growth in coal was equal to three times the contribution of all global solar. stuart: when you are an expert on energy. said this growth in coal consumption against carbon emissions because i am sure that the coal use is creating a great deal of carbon in the
11:39 am
atmosphere. how do you feel about this? not from a financial point of view but a climate change point of view. >> i just look at the data. the reality is coal combustion accounts for 44% of all global co2 emissions but coal combustion also accounts for 40% of all global electricity production. we cannot replace coal in anything like the near-term and i mean decades to come. a key finding for my report released from the manhattan institute , and 2010 about 1.7 billion people gained access to electricity. of that number more than 800 million deindex s thanks to coal. that is a good thing. access to electricity is key and articular lee in the developing world where developing countries are turning to gold. stuart: did you say 1.7 billion people got access to electricity because of cheap coal in a 20
11:40 am
year period? astonishing growth and prosperity, gross -- >> the $1.7 billion is those who gained access to electricity. of than the one$.7 billion, 800 million gained access thanks to coal. for everyone person who gained access to electricity in that time period thanks to solar and wind, 13 gained access thanks to coal so for people in the developing world coal is an irreplaceable fuel. that is why we see growth in india, pakistan, etc.. stuart: but it is the huge net gain for a humanity. it is. >> absolutely. it is not going to be reversed. stuart: thank you for shedding light on this. great stuff. a new reality tv show called rival survival on the discovery channel puts two senators, one democrat, one republican, on a desert island. we stood tall and desert island, americans column deserted island. a desert island, both of the
11:41 am
senators next. >> swim all little faster than martin and that might help me with the sharks. democrats are expendable. your pocket right now? i have $40, $21. could something that small make an impact on something as big as your retirement? i don't think so. well if you start putting that towards your retirement every week and let it grow over time, for twenty to thirty years, that retirement challenge might not seem so big after all. ♪
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nicole: i am nicole petallides with your fox business brief. wall street, the dollar gains 65 points at 16,082, the s&p 500 the 1/2%. some dow leaders include
11:43 am
caterpillar, united technologies, exxon, verizon. majority of stocks in the green today as you look at the markets. etna cannot higher forecasts that they had higher medical costs on the rise, unexpectedly in the stock is down 3.3%. we will keep an eye on buffalo wild wings. this pushes the stock into positive territory with this big move, it is up 13% and the moment, positive now for the year 2014 as reported better than expected third quarter losses. more "varney and company" coming up.
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11:45 am
stuart: before we get to the desert island by will give you google stock, google loans youtube and is working on a paid subscription model, big change from the advertising will be approach that made it the largest online video web site. market likes it, 554 on google stock right now and now this. what happens when you strand two senators from opposing political parties on a desert island with no food or water. special kind of bipartisanship? look at this. >> look at that. it made taste good, and i am not sure. republicans usually have finer
11:46 am
case. >> republicans are better at killing and democrats are better at eating. stuart: a lot more where that came from. republican from arizona, a democrat in a mexico, they join us right now. is ideal was this? >> it was ours. stuart: this is brilliant political advertising. are you sure discovery is going to air this program to come and say we think we will get ratings with this? >> we were not sure they were going to bite. we initially thought we had this idea during late night, showing each other pictures of spear fishing we had done and we thought we ought to go to an island together and show republicans and democrats can get along. stuart: that is a picture we are looking for. that is news. that shot is going to be run all over. you are a hung.
11:47 am
that is the best political advertising that has ever been done in arizona. >> i wouldn't call it -- stuart: i you jealous of the hon? >> i am very comfortable with how i came off but i think both of us would have liked to have been a little more successful in some of our endeavors. stuart: seriously. do you think being stranded out there on a desert island, from opposite political polls, did it make any difference your approach to politics? >> it did in the sense that we still disagree on a whole range of issues we know each other really well and trust each other and that is something very much missing from the senate. stuart: do you think when push comes to shove that you are back on the senate floor you could get together and work out differences? because of what you did on the desert island? >> you bet. what is lacking mostly in the senate, we disagree for years,
11:48 am
decades, century on policy, parties have. what is lacking now is the trust, trust levels that when you bring a bill to the floor that you can debate it in a reasonable manner without filibusters or without filling to block amendments on both sides. that is what we need. stuart: when you were on the island for a week, no food, no water, you were out there. did you have a fight or two? >> we had a lot of disagreements along the way. stuart: what was the worst disagreement about what? >> you don't have to. we didn't have a hard shot. our cook. >> who was lazy. stuart: it is always going to be somebody. >> there was nobody lazy or we would not have survived. stuart: how much weight did you lose? i really should not do that. the deportation order is in the mail i am sure. are you losing weight? >> you can't sped a week, a
11:49 am
heart of palm, and the last extent's, you can't do that or not lose weight. stuart: you must have had some backup for emergencies available somewhere. >> of film crews there but it was three or four our boat ride to the closest airport and then hours to australia to any serious medical care. we are pretty far out there. the marshall islands is as remote as you can get. these islandss didn't really drop us off on an island, we made a slim to the island and completely uninhabited. stuart: wednesday night at 10:00 eastern the discovery channel will be the first airing of this new reality show. would you consider going back for a month? >> we would both consider for an adventure. >> tough to get a month off.
11:50 am
stuart: you individuals? can you write it up on your taxes? >> for the talent peace we got from discovery we donated those to a charity called river's of recovery that takes veterans who returned from iraq and afghanistan to be on the outdoors. stuart: if you would, would you say there? just going to go to a commercial break and after the break we will talk serious politics we talk about what happens when the republican party beats you democrats in the senate. >> didn't hear that for a few years. stuart: both sides will respond after this.
11:51 am
are we still on for tomorrow? tomorrow. tomorrow is full of promise. we can come back tomorrrow. and we promise to keep it that way.
11:52 am
csx. how tomorrow moves. what a day. can't wait til tomorrow.
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11:54 am
stuart: senators, a want to discuss the midterm elections and how you guys are going to structure things the republicans take control of the senate. i am not saying that is going to happen. i think it is likely to happen. >> the point of what we did here
11:55 am
was to show irrespective of who is in control but is not going to be a 60/40 split. we have to work together if we want to get anything done. stuart: when you are democrat. could you work with republicans on for example lowering corporate tax rates? >> absolutely. that is something i historically supported, lowering corporate tax rates, getting rid of loopholes to pay for that and making america more -- stuart: lowering individual tax rates. >> it would depend whether it was paid for and with those revenues went to. obviously investing in things like infrastructure is something we ought to be able to find some common ground. stuart: like keystone pipeline? >> keystone pipeline, certainly oil and gas pipelines domestically in the u.s.. stuart: what would you do if the president issued an executive order legalizing 5 million illegals? >> i hope he doesn't.
11:56 am
i hope the senate and house can pass legislation. members of the gang of 8 trying to pass immigration reform so we have a pretty good template in the senate and we can avoid this. with a change this big in immigration policy, you need the senate and the house to work together. only some things the president can do on a temple or area basis. what we need to do is for the long term, real bipartisan leadership on this issue. senator flake is to be commended for its that. in the senate was sad to see the move to the house disappear. stuart: as a lack of leadership. the high point of hostility between the two parties, have we reached the high point and get past this election because of what you gentlemen have done on that visit island is there hope for change in the political climate in the united states? >> we hope so and we will try to make a change happen, not just
11:57 am
coin. >> i do think so. stuart: that is what people want. >> one thing we propose is there was a time members of congress moved to washington and enrolled their kids in the same schools and became better friends, they trusted each other more and i don't think they agreed any more on policy but found ways to move forward. now when we go to washington just during the week because we have a commuter congress we sit together on a partisan basis, republican lunch, democratic lunge, three republican lunches a week, we are proposing we meet at least once a week, democrats and republicans together. stuart: a bipartisan desert island would be a veryidea. wednesday night at 10:00 eastern, the discovery channel. the reality show. great self. thanks for being with us. a very big second hour coming up, headlined by governor sarah palin. the hatred from the left soured her on any return to political
11:58 am
office? we also get her take on the war on women if there is such a thing and hillary clinton on who the job creators really are and who is going to lead the gop, sarah palin in two minutes. hard it can breathe with copd? it can feel like this. copd includes chronic bronchitis and emphysema. spiriva is a once-daily inhaled... ...copd maintenance treatment... ...that helps open my airways for a full 24 hours.
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to manufacturing in buffalo... startup-ny has new businesses popping up across the state. see how startup-ny can help your business grow at stuart: the name-calling, the sheer hatred, the record against conservatives is a bi disgrace. the dnc chair says republicans have shown women the back of the hand as in a slap in the face as in domestic violence. she says g.o.p. run senate would be more dangerous than isis or ebola. harry reid says people complain about obamacare are liars and the president railed against fatcats in business who are unpatriotic. almost daily there are appeals
12:01 pm
based on race or ethnicity or gender. this is not some low level issue, it comes from the top and has produced a divided country where the language of politics is deliberately harsh. no one has had more venom directed at her then sarah palin. her treatment by the media has been a disgrace. the governor is our guest. you will meet her in 30 seconds. with me now, 12 eastern, the stock market looks like it wants to go up a little more. big names making new highs. home depot, 3m, nike, procter & gamble all on the upside. you are not signing into twitter like it used to and the stock is down 9%.
12:02 pm
the price of oil still near the low $80.84. falling about a penny per day. national average $3.03. quickly in the $2 club, 19 in all. the treasury yield around 2.27%. and now sarah palin is with us. welcome to the program. >> thank you so much, good morning. stuart: as he may have heard a moment ago, the hatred level directed against you is extraordinary and a disgrace. has it driven you out of politics, driven you away from public office for good? >> no, bless their hearts. those haters don't understand it invigorates me, it wants me to defend the innocent.
12:03 pm
it makes me want to work so hard for justice in this country so the more they are pouring on, the more i will the out of them by being out there with the message hopefully running for office in the future too. stuart: cnn anchor mark your family after the incident. she did not apologize on air, so here is the next question. what is it like dealing with that kind of mockery for more than six years? what does it feel like? >> have to keep in mind a lot of people have a lot more trouble than the palins do. maybe they have a kid in the war zone fighting for america writes now and they're worried about this child in the armed forces. maybe they lost a job, maybe
12:04 pm
their parents are ill. so many challenges, every family has a challenge and i just have to keep that in mind others have it a lot tougher than we do. the bottom line of course is liberals love those rules for radicals who are playing the politics and personal destruction. they want to destroy personally those they disagree with. they are intolerant of those who hold opposing views to their liberal views. so they want to crush us. stuart: the war on women sometimes seems more like a war on you. at the moment it doesn't seem to be a winning strategy. do you agree with that? >> absolutely. these liberals are underestimating the wisdom of the people. especially the wisdom of women. what they would like to do is make women feel they are not
12:05 pm
capable enough, not strong enough, not smart enough to make it on their own to pull themselves up by the bootstraps. yet rely on big brother government. so many complain about, you have to rely on him to do it for you. stuart: what about the common friday of last week where she said corporations and companies are not the ones who create jobs, your comment on that please. speaker that echoes president obama's comments the business owners who worked so hard to create what it is they do create in order to hire people to get the economy rolling, you didn't build that, business owners. the top two democrats in the country both are spewing this anti-free market sentiment of theirs, dismiss doesn't actually create jobs and people who work
12:06 pm
so hard with the strong work ethic, essentially worth nothing because the dismissiveness of the top democrat leaders would kind of illustrates that, if the top two democrats believe that, other democrats around the country, you are looking really bad if your leaders believe that. stuart: what about the g.o.p. leadership? what do you think of g.o.p. leadership? is there such a thing as two or three people who lead the republican party? >> they have at least the titles of leaders in the g.o.p. they need more guts, they need to have the confidence that the american people understand the platform have strong planks for which the country can grow and prosper and be more secure
12:07 pm
instead of being so hesitant going along to get along, the media will say something mean about me if i exercise some of the leadership. i would just like to see them have more confidence in what it is we stand for because history proves the time tested proof that should be embraced by conservatives, they are the ones that work and we have a lot of good leaders out there like ted cruz and mike lee. they don't have the title of leader, but at least in my opinion is they are the ones who do exercise the leadership we need. stuart: you would position herself as a conservative and the conservative wing of the republican party very much toward market, capitalism, growth, that is your part of the
12:08 pm
party, correct? >> absolutely. i could talk about that all day long. stuart: are you winning? is that the side that is resilient at the moment? >> you know what, it is the common sense side of the party. the american populace that free markets or how we can grow and prosper because this is how we built america. development of natural resources and reward for work ethic. that is how it has been built. when it is essentially erased from the agenda on the federal government level, we get what we have today in america. one of the highest corporate taxes in the world, energy dependence. wwe're not energy independent yet.
12:09 pm
now if we were to embrace republican platform that allows the competition and government to get out of the ways of businesses can do what they do best and prioritize according to their needs and their will, we will be prosperous. right now the conservative wing of the party, where the ones preaching at, elected in office, i think there is more of us then perhaps is shown right now in the public arena. it's going to happen, that is our opportunity to show what we have got, to show with the successful measures are for this country. stuart: what a pleasure. it is an honor, thank you very much.
12:10 pm
>> my honor, thanks. stuart: breaking news on ebola. the joint chief of staff has recommended defense secretary chuck hagel all troops returning from west africa undergo a mandatory 21 day quarantine. that is the joint chiefs and it goes against the white house policy. charlie gasparino is here. this is a mess as far as quarantine and standards from the government on down. >> if you want a trade-off on negative ebola news, the government responds has been all over the place and fearing the worst case scenario where somebody may get it casually from the subway. government is so confusing and the approach to this, something really bad is going to happen. the obama administration attack on chris christie, new york governor andrew cuomo doing a
12:11 pm
similar thing and turns around and their own military branch endorses the cuomo-christie plan of quarantine. it doesn't help this effort. as stuart: it doesn't help the confidence in the market. >> you wonder why they get scared over headlines, cyber security, it is because this sort of incompetence. that was a fascinating interview with sarah palin. if sarah palin said something like hillary clinton said, one of the most economically dopey statements i have ever heard, the only way to describe it, imagine if sarah palin said that, what would be on the front page of "the new york times," what would be playing on jon stewart's show? the left would be killing it. stuart: they would be all over her. hillary clinton, nothing.
12:12 pm
more from gasparino on hillary clinton next.
12:13 pm
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stuart: sales down 10% at coach. >> a four-year low, this year it is about 40%. while the sales in china still good news, sales up about 10%, the slowest 15 in 10 years. sales in north america have been dwindling because they based the competition and the analyst looking forward saying the exact same store to deteriorate. one analyst says this in a little more positive from the initiative in products, it could bode well for them but the
12:16 pm
big story is coach down again. stuart: coach just kind of lost it, that is what happened. nicole, thank you. you better take a look at twitter because there is a stock taking it on the chin. they had fewer people signing up than they were expected to sign up. a million per week. not good enough. charlie: i'm not crazy about twitter management. highly critical of the guy who runs it. here's the thing with twitter. you look at facebook, you look at twitter. facebook brought in new management, get the place straightened out. they developed some new products, they developed new ways to make money. they did a google because of it.
12:17 pm
twitter has not shown that kind of maturity facebook has shown. facebook had a rough ipo. down pretty far but then got their act together. qe is ending. stuart: where is the buzzer? >> printing of money is coming to an end. without being expansion of the monetary policy, people look at tectech stocks that got boostedn a different light. put up or shut up. stuart: famous last words from gasparino. home prices rose more than 5% nationwide in august compared with one year ago. 5.6% up. cheryl casone watches real estate for us.
12:18 pm
is that unadulterated good news? >> i think it is good news in that you are seeing a slowdown in these gains. good news for those looking to buy. bad news if you're looking to sell. think of the big hedge funds and pension plans that own property. lot of them are now sitting on those properties. you have a little bit of an issue because prices are starting to flatten out. let's start with in particular what is happening out west has been fascinating. look at san francisco, many people talk about the bubble mentality that happened. he said it is not a bubble, san francisco is like new york, you don't have a more land to build on. san francisco won't build higher. price jumped 9% higher month over month. the first time i've seen a single digit jump month over month for san francisco at least a couple of years for that city.
12:19 pm
stuart: price increases are actually slowing down. >> this could be a reality for housing. i looked at las vegas. they have way too much supply right now. prices up 10%. 12% in july, so las vegas saw a big decline. two percentage points? that is big. stuart: the prices went up, but what? >> every month they were getting a huge number. all of a sudden it is like the trend line going down for vegas. we are slowing down the price increases, correct. here is the issue. vegas has a problem. lot of the builders went out to
12:20 pm
vegas. a lot happening in vegas so if you owned in vegas, what does that mean to you? you may need to really think long and hard about the next six months if yo you're on a proper, you better decide now, they're not wait. that is my take on all of that. the good times were good. gambling, all kinds of stuff. stuart: two different sides of the market rally and the impact on stocks. they square off at 12:30. and then the man who wrote the book on the virus. will ebola go airborne? he responds. and lou dobbs on president obama campaign for democrats and of course sarah palin. all those angles after this.
12:21 pm
hold on a second, some breaking news for you. amazon shares right now the governor of illinois up for reelection is announcing plans to open an amazon warehouse and facilities in illinois. 1000 new jobs expected. the first facility opening next year, several more by the end of 2017. bringing business to illinois. a very high tax state. from fashion retailers to healthcare providers, jewelers to sporting good stores, we provide financing solutions for all sorts of businesses. banking. loyalty. analytics. synchrony financial. engage with us.
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12:25 pm
stuart: a lot of names, some of them moving up. alibaba above $100 per share about an hour ago. it is interesting working with apple on apple pay. it just went to 100, it is worth $247 billion. only seven other countries worth a quarter trillion. alibaba is one of them. apple a new high, 106.38. apple is going up. yahoo touch $100 per share. remember to who owns 16% alibaba. they are going to square off
12:26 pm
because they have their disagreements on this program. the first disagreement, you said on this program the market had no reason to go up but was around 16,000, notice 16800. if our viewers sold, they would be out of pocket at this point. explain yourself. >> i did not tell people to sell. as a higher probability of the market going lower. people should say about 50% invested in equities at this point. lot of other things to invest in. the probability of the market going higher from here is a very low probability that goes significantly higher from here. as there is a lot of risk out there in the future.
12:27 pm
>> what is he going to say about me now? stuart: another discriminant this program about ebola. he said he plays no role in this market whatsoever. i am on charlie side on this one. you say ebola is a fact because the headlines. >> cnbc came late to the game to recognize headlines removing the market. the obama administration was so effective in dealing with this, even worse coming out of the gate contradicting statements of how you could get it, if there's ever going to get here. that scared a lot of traders. it was a headline. will it ever be a black swan on the market? my guess is no.
12:28 pm
if someone gets it casually, this doctor you think should get it. who knows what will happen with that. stuart: if it did spread, somebody got it inextricably, that is an event that will shut the market down. >> it scares everybody. i said it on your show, if we closed the low, which we did, we would see a lot of selling coming in. the market sold off on the headlines, no doubt about that. market was up one domestic 300 points, erased 100 points the minute the headline came out "the new york times" new york doctor was infected. >> i think it is absolutely not true. it might have.
12:29 pm
nobody invests based on that. >> you said that took issue with was you said it wasn't a tradable event. it's clearly was. it is shown every time was headlines came out. i'm just telling you the 100 points to klein the headline comes out in somebody has an algorithm that is key. >> it is called algorithm questionable event. stuart: doesn't market go up wednesday morning if republicans take control of the senate? >> i have no idea, it shouldn't. stuart: does market go up? >> barring anything absurd from the fed what w we're going to raise interest rates dramatically, i think the market goes up.
12:30 pm
that one skin will be a tradable event. stuart: up next, lou dobbs. the president on immigration. actually it is the boss of immigration offices. talking with the president going for amnesty. lou dobbs will discuss that next.
12:31 pm
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stuart: check the big board, some would say the market just wants to go up. we are already 120 away from 17,000. look at costco, please. it will not open on thanksgiving because employees deserve to have the day off to spend with their families. interesting cultural developme development. price of oil still near a two-year low as of right now. gas still falling a penny a day. national average. and that's good. earlier this hour we broke this from fox news bret baier bid joint chief of staff for committing all troops returning from west africa undergo mandatory 21 days quarantine.
12:35 pm
that is the joint chiefs. going directly against white house policy. president national citizenship and immigration services union blasting president obama's amnesty plan calling it dangerous. lou dobbs is here. it'll be an executive order after the election legalizing 3-5 million currently illegal undocumented immigrants. that would poison the water of any congressional immigration reform, wouldn't it? >> it is what the president promised as he seeks escape accountability before the voters. this is some of the most mindless political reasoning i have ever heard. his trying to escape accountability the same time announcing what he will do after the election.
12:36 pm
stuart: this is about the hispanic vote. >> i think he has the hispanic vote despite the fight it has deteriorated somewhat down about 12%. stuart: he wants a big hispanic turnout in this election. the way to do that is to say amnesty, here it comes. >> he wants african-american turnout, single women. the reality is there's not much left for this president policies. not much excitement surrounding his last two years of office. he has offended entire nation. we are looking at a country 70% of them are angry about the direction the country is moving. the white house immersed in scandal after scandal. a clumsy governance on best on the part of this administration. and he is a failure whether the
12:37 pm
policy is foreign or domestic. >> your awfully good start. >> he has put it in front of us. it is our responsibility. stuart: we had governor sarah palin on the program with us. listen to what she had to say about liberal tactics. >> liberals love those rules for radicals where they are playing the politics and personal destruction. they want to destroy those they disagree with. they are intolerant of those who may behold opposing views, so they want to crush us area did >> i say she is exactly right. the problem with her observation throughout the administration of this president. politics is practiced by the left in this country are
12:38 pm
appalling to most americans. i think we have reached a point, a threshold most americans reject the nonsensical left. this is a tactic, a philosophy and frankly ideological viewpoint that i believe we have a potential to demonstrate has reached its pinnacle. stuart: lou dobbs, you have a show tonight. when is it? >> 7:00 eastern, 4:00 west. stuart: now, something entirely different. our next guest is one of the biggest and rising stars and country music. named a new artist of the year the country music association and he is 23 years old.
12:39 pm
bring in country singer and songwriter hunter hayes. why is it i associate country music. i do associate country music with patriotism and values what i would call traditional values. do you agree with that? >> songs was stories about life. everything that happens in a given day. your family and friends, things like that. stuart: you're not into the facility, fighting, angst. aggression. that doesn't come out in country music generally. why not? you cannot be shy performing in front of millions of people. >> you can.
12:40 pm
no, this just music, interesting perspective. doesn't seem like it could be but there is a catch to that where music is the one thing i feel i am comfortable i feel i am myself, i can be myself, otherwise i am very quite and really awkward. the that is one of the first things i sort of let go of. i break down the walls and let everybody know i am really nervous. i get really nervous. stuart: do you throw up? >> i don't get that bad. i have known about a few. i am learning how to channel the energy. you can contain it where you are shaking, or you can jump around and run around, that is what i
12:41 pm
do. stuart: you are working with people, what are you doing? >> we have gotten to play a few shows that couple locations. i have wanted to do this for long time. i saw one time at a show wristbands that light up. remember thinking there is so much you can do with this, so i have got one with me, way we have done it simply who buys a ticket and walks in the door for the show for the upcoming tour gets one right away immediately. they sink with an app on your phone. it connects everything, cap next everybody in the show. this is the coolest part of the show because we star the top of the show to the end of the show, it is about the fans.
12:42 pm
this does that, everybody who has one on, you are the show. we're partnering with uso to support the every person counts campaign. stuart: you know this is a financial program. you know i always ask financial questions. do you handle your own money? >> no. i trust a team who knows what they're doing and they advised me very well. i am comfortable because i know every time i go to buy guitar i calls me and say should i. i love that feeling that i have a team around me tells me keep my life straight. iis a lot of what you do with i. stuart: are you charitable? >> yes. i feel very responsible to contribute as i have been really fortunate and i want to make sure whatever i can.
12:43 pm
stuart: i don't care what they say, hunter hayes is a good man. >> i would love to know what they said. stuart: thank you so much. the man who wrote the book on ebola, his response to this in just a moment. >> we know and we publish this in 2003. everybody agrees with this, the virus has an inherent capacity to go into the lungs from the airways.
12:44 pm
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nicole: i am nicole petallides. dow jones dust leverage up 65-point spread about 18 points off the earlier highs of the day still see a gain of almost half of 1%. the nasdaq up almost a full percentage point, the best of the bunch. some names hitting new highs in putting alibaba and apple. there was talk of the two partnering up according to tim coakley said that would be a nice archbishop. facebook and whirlpool both winners. up 6.8%. looking at santa fe facing some pressure in the diabetes market. down about 10%. madison square garden splitting into two companies. up almost 11% hitting a new high.
12:46 pm
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my motheit's delicious. toffee in the world. so now we've turned her toffee into a business. my goal was to take an idea and make it happen. i'm janet long and i formed my toffee company through legalzoom. i never really thought i would make money doing what i love. we created legalzoom to help people start their business and launch their dreams. go to today and make your business dream a reality. at we put the law on your side. stuart: the federal reserve expected to stop printing money but will keep interest rates near zero. he things the fed is when he keep on printing money forever, don't you? >> they had no choice but to print money forever. i want you to consider something for a second. if quantitative easing worked,
12:48 pm
why was a qualitative easing two? why did we go to three? very valid question. it isn't working and the people trying to tell us like larry summers telling us qualitative easing is working spectacularly. that is like the pilot saying before he landed the plane hasn't this been an amazing flight? you have to unwind the asset purchases at some point. >> be on your show three, four, five years out and nothing will have changed. they cannot back out of this. let's look at japan. they have been doing it since 1991. stuart: he said they will print forever at least the next four or five years. welcome to new york, by the way.
12:49 pm
back to ebola. does it have the capacity to go airborne? we had a doctor last hour who said you cannot totally rule it out. you cannot say definitely will not go airborne. joining us is the man who wrote the book on ebola. you heard what the doctor has to say. it is not zero, the chance of it going airborne are not zero. what say you? >> i would agree with that. it is a highly improbable event from what we know of scientific studies over the last 38 years, highly improbable, but not impossible. stuart: if the authorities went public with that kind of doubt, that can set off some panic, can't it? >> if it weren't put in
12:50 pm
perspective. we have to remember there is an airborne version of influenza that kills tens, sometimes hundreds of thousands of people around the world, some people are very scared of the idea, the sound of it, but scientists know when it comes to evolution, few things are completely impossib impossible. it is so improbable we should worry about other things. stuart: are now told it can live on a surface in some circumstances for 50 days. originally we were told it was like 30 days, what do you make of this new information? >> i would like to see the scientific study and find out there talking with fragments or the live virus.
12:51 pm
ultraviolet light coming in from outside in sunlight tends to kill viruses pretty quickly. might be possible for fragments to linger for some it of time. but have is a case study before i knew what they were saying. stuart: thank you for taking time to talk to us about ebola. millennials starting out with few jobs, kind of a raw deal if you ask me. who will discuss the situation is supposed to have a big influence on society. let's see how they are starting out in life. ♪
12:52 pm
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stuart: we talk about millennials on this program, twentysomethings. the latest headline says millennials don't like to spend money particularly on big-ticket items like cars and houses. all right, jason. i can understand this day and age given the dead and no jobs
12:56 pm
how does tough to buy a house. how about returning to thrift, not buying the $4 stock. his thrift making a return for millennials? >> absolutely not. we see people not buying houses or cars as he said, it is a function of a challenging economy, access to credit and so forth. increasingly we are spending more money than we make because we get it from the parents, credit cards, you name it. what i think is missing. 80 million people, how much they spend, it would be greater in that one year than all of the baby boomers. >> you are wearing a tie, gave it away. they are entering a life phase
12:57 pm
selling the big houses, they are pushing back. millennials are entering wealth accumulation. we believe the generations breaking in two. anthen up with a segment like myself making a lot of money. the reality is as we spend more and more money based on our sheer size, we will win. stuart: i think millennials the worst place generation. you disagree with me. >> i do disagree. 70% of millennials said they want help with financial education, 370 want information. 36% were activel actually workin starting their own business. i think if you put that together wwill be in great shape. and don't put us off.
12:58 pm
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stuart: we had a jam-packed show, didn't we? and our time is up. deirdre, it's yours. deirdre: stuart, thank you very much. state-sponsored hacking, cybersecurity company fireeye tracing malicious code back to russia that has attacked u.s. defense contractors, nato, it is a first-on-fox interview. "the wall street journal" conference live in california hear what others feel like investing. also apple and alibaba might be collaborating soon. jack ma, tim cook hinting at an e-payment partnership. tim cook was the headline speaker at the event, he spoke about the success of apple pay. >> if you


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