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tv   Sunday Morning Futures With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  November 2, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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>> bye. >> tomrow at 5:00 a.m. >>anotheyearnding in an even number and another national election comght down to the wire. good morryon day so ny senate races running s close. we'll ve the famou crystal ball to walk us thrgh the contests that could decijust which party will control the senate next year. but first, if republans do takeontrol of bo houses, b plans on their agea. and y so many uncertaiy? the economy of cours poll after poll shows it the
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number one concern driving americans to the voting booth. we'll get the long-term forecast from the president ofhe richmond federal reserve as we look ahead on "sday morning futures." so how tight is the raceor natemajority? consider this. the republicans need to w just six races on tueay and according to real clear politics polling erage, eight states e tossups right w. jeremy moran is the united states senator from knsas where pat robes is one of those hotly contesdraces. senator, good toave you on the program. thk you for being here. >> i'm glad to join you. i know all amerans are anxious for tuesy to come a results to be determined. raur sta havef the we don't know who is inharge until january? >> well, i hope we have evy
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result and outcome determid on tueay nht wednesday rninbuthere are a coup states in which runoffs are predicted. only a few states moly in e south that require 50 plus percent. two of those are georgia and louisiana and again raceshat could determe the outcome of the united states senate but my best prediction is we' know more tn that come wnesday morning. >> i guess come weesday morning the focus will turn to if in fact we wetosee gop take control of both hoes, what'she agenda. give me your one or two or three ghlits that you want to se bo houses get toork on right after eseidterm electi >> maria, yo outlined it in ur intro which is the economy. it's jobs. it's middle america. it's every day american it's the middle class. people need securi. they neeto know that their job is secure. they need to know that there are more opportues f their children. they need to know tha when
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their kids gradte from coege or technical school that there is an opportunity for th i think fro and center is jobs and i would te you i've only been a united states senator for four years but in the te i've be a senor, in my view, the unitedtates senate has done nothing to help middle ass america reach that goal of financl security and a certainty that js e going to be available. >> all right. senator, i wan to talk about at that really means andn the praic sense what kind of billmight you ing forth in terms of actually creating those jobs. stay with . we'lget intothat. a lot to talk aboutwithou this morning, seto moran. fit, psident obama may be having popularity poblems during these upcomi mid terms inhis second term but recent history shows us he's not ale. fox news senenior correspondent eric sean with that angle this morning. good rning, everye. he has been a drag. so says baled arksas democratic senator mark pryor about president oba. a drag notust for his race but
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for some ofhis fellow democts as well. the political wisdom h long held tt incumbent president rty loses streets in the midterm. tuday may not only pro that but she upndje the ama legacy. look at th latest fox ws poll that shows right now 41% of voterspprove of the prident's job performance but disapprove. in the miderms four years ago, the presidenhad the same apoval ratings, fewer disapprove democrats still suffered what the presidencalled a shellacking by the tea rty republics. >> hiorically going back 100 years with veryew exceptis on average the president'sarty loses 30 seaea in t house. we knothat isn't going to happen. a handful in the senat i the polls are right, seems like is possle. >> two years into george w. bush's second term in 2006id terms, the republicans lost the use and thesete and t president called it a thumping.
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54%. the same asresident obama has now. also disproved of mr. bush backhen and 3 approved. >> i want toay one thing to thamerican people. i want you to listen to me. i'm going to say this again. i did not have sexual relations with that woma ms. lewinsky. >> andhen there's bill. after that infous dnial in 19, s approval rng remains sk high at 67% and the republicans still lost five seats. two yearinto president agan's secd te,he democrats did take the sate and many predict tat will happen again on tuesday but revers proving once agai that the most powerfu man on earth sometimes is really no mat ait the wishes of his citizens. maria? >> great nalysis, eric. thanyou much for that. more with senator jeymoran. senator, how impor do you think is the president obama
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component this? are people going toto vote agait their local representative's policies because they ar aft all the same as presiden obama's poci? how much of a drag will he be? >> you make att point, which the democrats are trying to distance themsves from president obama but the reality in states weun races in which there are moat incumbents, they voted with president ob%, 98%, 99% of the time and you listen to em in their campaigns and they suggest they had nothing to do wi president obama's agenda. the reality is the wsenar reid has won the united states setet wa to apt th president's agenda duringthe time in which the democrats had the majority in the house and then thereafter torote it and one of the things wh yo asked me what would b a difference b between now and a republican majority in t future, what i would i we'll actually do some work as compared to the plan that
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senar reid has which is to do thing. no debate. no amendmts. no tes. and in my view that's an attempt to try to protectse democrat incuents. in fact, the four years i've be in the ited states senate, the senate hasot funconed the way it should. e an isso do nothg. very few votesnd issues. whathat is designed to do is protect democrat incuts om havingo choose between esident obama's policies and what many voters bk home obct to. and so to protec incumnt decrat senators, the few tes we've had, the vot with the president and th the las four years, we just hen't done thing, which is defending the president's agenda. those democrat senators up for elecection now shou beeld accountable for the do nothing senate ofharry rd. >> how are you going change the do n nothing senate though? at tnd of the day the president can veto whatever he would like. why ould anye believe that the next two years is actuall going produce something that
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gets done to impact the les of american people? >> first tort with, you hav have a senate leadership with a desire to work in manynstances across the aie. democrats are frustrating. ericans are frustrated with the wa the senate operates. this isn opportunity to resolve issues. take the vote. opleomplain how partisan t united stas senate is. if we cast votes and decisions were beinma, we coul resolve me of these iues. would say to start with u could ve a senate that would pass a budget something thatidn't happenn a long me a 12 appropriation bills that fl in the blanks. we would address spending, e. tw we wouldgive bter direction to theobama administtiow the money can be spent and rrently all we do is pass ontinuing resolution that lets the agencies and dertments pretty much doh they want to do. >> this is an important point. pass budget. that'sumber one priory. give ne orwo topsectors
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policies that y want to get done in the next two yearsnd how do you do it? what's a practical jobs bill? >> a praical place t start, again, js front and center. but energy issues can really help our country. this has to do with what you pa when ynd the check to your utility company at the end of the month to pay for yo light bill. this h to do with what you pay foen you put your credit card or deb card into the tank at the gas station. th's a big help if we could generate the opportunity to produce our own energy, our o power. keystone pipeline isnexample of making ourselves mre energy indendent and less costly and protect our country's security well. i would s a huge component of creating jobs in this country is developing energyourceshat thobamadministration has really through regulation,
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executive order and policies have taken off thele drg uphe cost forevery-day americans. >> you don't think the president would veto those energy issues? >> we have theopportity to send bills to theresident. some of them he may veto but it'smportant for us to develop an agenda and as billhave come from the house, for example, most of the bills sitting on harry reid's desk, 35 b that the senate has never taken up, most of them are bipartisan with republicaand demoat ppor the are lots of issues in which the united states senate could deal witsues in a birtisan way in which they are then sent to the president a the presidt can decide whether or not he vetoes th. he ao be includedn appropriation measur and the president can weigh the balance as to whher he wants t shutdown government or approve policies that are generally supported by the amerin people and by repubcans andemocrat in the united states senate. >> oy. we'll watching. passing a budget focus on spenng and rallying around those issues. we'll watching. thanks for your time this
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morning. >> thank you, maria. >> there a ju a handfu of races that could decide our litical fate. 'll ta a look at the facts that could affect which way these races go on tuesday.y. hope you'll follow me on twitr. nd me a tweet right now and t us know wh you would li to hear from larry and the head of the richndederal reserve coming up. stay with as we look ahead on "sunday morning fures." (receptionist) gunderman grp.
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guest whoselitical newsletter has become famous fo its faair analysis andccurate predictions over the past 12 years. larry is the director of the senatofor politics at the university of virginiand we weome you to the program, larry. good t see you. >> thankou, maria. nice to be re. >> i want to walk through some of tse hotlyontested races. let me get your observations on some of these broadly speakg though you don'think we're going to know who controls the senate on electionig. >> not on election night because you'reoing to have probably at least one runoff. youht have another one in geora though you mhtot and alaska takes forever to count. i'm increasingly confident of our nuary prediction at the crystal ball that the republicans will control the senate and think it will be by more than one seat. >> let's talk about that. take us through the louisiana senate race first. th is probably the most contested one, is that right, in terms of possibilityf a runoff? >>hat lllmost certainly end up in a runof
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the runoff is in eay demb. you don'want t jump t far away. there can be new issues but i ink senator mary landrieu has probably met her match. she's going to ve grea difficulty win this year. >> what do you tnk i the main and mo importantssue for voters in uisiana. >> it's president obama. th electi like manyidterm elections s beationalized of two term presidency as yea eric shawn td you earlier, the oppositionarty is energized against the incum president and that'shat's happened here. republicans are ing toin quite a number of red states and a couple of purple ones iowa and colorado. >> let's move onto georgia where you have purdue an nun in a s close down to the re. what's th main driver here in terms of votsand how do you see this one playing out? >> that one has be a surprise
6:17 pm
because michelle nunn and for th matter jason carter running for governor, jim carter's granon, have de these ntests real races. while georgiis changing and it won't be th many election cyes before georgiis purple, it's still and i would expect both repupublican for senate andovernor end up winning. >> onto alka where you have -- the numbers are so e. how do you see alaska paying out? >> once again, that's a deeply red stat now, here's an example of a democrat who has run areat campaign, mark begich has done erything right. he's organized wl. the national moo is washing over even alaska as far aw as isnd it's once again anti-bomb sentiment at probably will elect dan sullivan te republican minee. we won't know right away because it tak forever to do the count therin alaska.
6:18 pm
what about kansas? weust spoith senator moran. you have pat roberts up against orman. >> yeah. i think everybody's nominee for worst campaign of the year is senatopat robes. been i coness for 34 yes and in ru red kansas is in a tighce with an independent whhas noeal organization the way the republicans do. it's dead even. if i hado guess, it would be that republicans wil be able to pull pat roberts across the finish le. it's incredib that ty have to excerpt s muchffort to do so. >>s we look at the nvigating the iowa senate race, whwhat do you think is the most important the and do they- are they all togeth and unifiedn terms of the theme that each candidate on the republican side stressing i getting voters
6:19 pm
motivated. there' no question again th the polls have come around to refcting the anti-obama, anti-obamacare, a ole st of issues. the economplays into that race as well. and let'remember replica in the pas sveralycles have had candidates who haveade terrible gaffs tat costhem the election thsenar has weakedis position as a coeqnce. >> let me ask youhis before you o, of coursehe day after ection dayegins the campaigning and the lk about the 2016 electn. any early observation about what we're seeing inthe face of all of thisanti-obais >> you'reright. we never get break. the 2016 race wll begin the day after this one is over. my caution to people would be do not connect the midtererm to th
6:20 pm
presidential. it's two years away. that's four political lifetimes and people are too inclined to ink rests of one election predict theesultsof the t. generally they don't. very interesting. all right. od to have you o theprogram. we'll be talking tyou a lot in e ne couple of days. thank you so m topping th agenda of courseor the next sevel years, jobs, jobs, jobs. wi t economy coopera. we'll get the long-term outlook from the president of the richmond federal reserve. jeffrey lacqr is with me today as w look ahd on "sunday morng futures." how cod switchgrs in argentina, chalumum productionin dubai, in south africa,
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> welcome back. president obama set to meet with net yellen tomorrow oneday before aricans hd to the
6:24 pm
polls for the mid terms. they a set to tlk about the lo-term outlook for t u.s. ony and the global recovery. jeffrey lauer is with me today. he's the pdent of the richmond federal reserve. good to seeou on the program. >> gat to be here. >> thank you for joingus. let kick itoff with your alysis of where we are in this economic recovery. wenow the federal rerve announced the endf quantati eing or bd buying program last eek. how wod you characrize ings today? >>given the economic challenges we faced, i thi thiseconomy has turned in an accident performance. this ithsixth year of ou recove growing a 2.25% in an annual rate. unploynt rate has come down from 10% to 5.9% and inflation is low and not a problem. i think it will continue at about that pace. we're poised for growth ahead. as i said tt's all conditioned on some major challenges we face. >> does anything change if in fact we were to see the gop take control of the senate? we're all vigating midterm elections on tuesday do you think this is a material
6:25 pm
difference in terms of what we might erom thecy depending on who is driving the senate? >> at the fera reserve we avoimangpreions. i don't see consequencesorhe economone way or the other. i would likeo see gridlock broken up in washington and resolution on impoant issues we fe and soer uncertainti are resolved one way oranother, either way they go, the better for economic growth. >> iant to get into the regulatory environment in a mont particularly when it comes to the banking sector we've se leadership on the fed's part in terms of where we're going anwhat we may see. let me stay on the economyor a moment because for the longest me, not the ngest but since 2008, the federaeserve has had i place some sort of antitative easing program and the d said tt you're done with quantitative ea. youinished the bond buyi program. a lot of time people feelhe feds are letting people off the hook, the president andcongress
6:26 pm
in terms of providing stimul to the economy and givingng thea pass to not do anythin does that change nowhat the fed has done with qe? >> leing them f thook wasn't our inntio we intended to provide the ulus for the economy eded. there was debate abo the size of these quantative easg programs but keep in mind that even though we stopped buying th, we still holdse securities and so we still have the emendous amount of reserves we put into the banking system. they are still there. that stimulus is still there as long as we hold onto those a dot start selling them. next year sometime, it looks plausible that we'll sta needing to increase interest ras. and we'll time that and try to time that carefull givenhat the economy needs. but itasn't done out of any calculation to let them off the hook. think -- i think the problems theconomy faces are pressing ough they ought to act on their own. >> particularly when you ve the that of the global enomy
6:27 pm
slowg down a impact we could see earnings. will that becomen issssue if we saw eupe deteriote further? does that change what you will do? >> we alwa take global outlook and what it means for u. exportand grwth. europe has been gowing very poor rate for quite some time. china has beenwing rapidly. slowed off a bit in the last couple of ears. they seem to be managing that well. i am not expecting huge surprises there. japan has been struggling for some years as well. so stagnant growth wouldn't change the outlookch. 'vbeen gting thator the last coupleearsnd it went prettywell. >> central banks around the world have become the leadersp inerms of economic stories. what isr take on wha happened the other day japan where the cenal bank there
6:28 pm
created instituted w stimulus and surised the markets and caused a rally in japanese stocks. >>heyaise eectations about their ambitionsor policy moves and they are taking that very seriously they werefainghort on some metrics they talked about. so it looks like ty are taking it vy seriously trying t ovide the stimulus they can in wheverorm they ca >> let me ask you abouthe regulatory envnvironment in the u.s. whether it's the banking sector too b to fail or the idea that banks hav to raise recapital. where are we at this point in terms of theinanal services sector? have we gone too far in terms of stitutintoo manyyou know, consaints that it's stopped them from lenng? >> that's go queson. i think it remains to beeen. wee done a t. dd-frank required aot of things and we implemented lot of those. one of themportant things remains to be fuy implemeed anthat's the requirement that these large financial institutions wte down resolution plans, livingwills. what would happen if they failed
6:29 pm
anthey had tbe resolved in bankruptcy wthout government support. and t requiring the bailout in other words. thosplans have come in a couple dras of them ha com . the regulars who are in fe and fdicaid they're not fficient yet andcredible. need mo to get to the point where we c cedib chse bankruptcy ratr than bailouts of these large institutions. until we get to that point, we won't have the strong inntives that competitive market rces can provide to force institutio to mage risk more soundly. e doing that on th regulatory side but we ed help from market discipline to get the banking systemk to where it needs to be. >> because of ts uertainty, do you worry that somethin that e your colleaesaid about a week and aalf o that maybe the federal reserve should think about a whole new bond buyi program. quantitative easin4 because we have uncertainties.
6:30 pm
>> i supported ending bond buying progr at our meeting last week and ourolicies ways continnt and emphase and we dedguage to our ste last ek to furthermphasize tha what we do will depend on how data comes in a we don't put th oreserseswe are n on a eset and spoke accordingly i suppose. >> we have jobs numbersut in a week. we'lsee how theydo. >> we've been doing pretty well. the job market h been just ally surisingly good oer the lastsera years despite the challenge we've been in. ill, it's not showing the fluidity that it ud to show. >> all rig. esident lacker,oodo he you on the show. thank you for spending the tim with us. jobs and wagesriving voters. ere are aso social issuesr is tuesday a referendum on the presidt? we'll talk wh our panel next
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where the accint happene the owner n lonr livt the dress. the victims range from 13 to 15 years old. >> climate change is happeni attruting touman activy. the panel says emiss may have to drop to ze by thnd of the century t aid dangerous rises in e global tempature bu to accomplish that, theyey wouldav toop using oil and coal to colish that. i'll be back at no eastern for half an hour of news anthe doctors will be i for"suay house call" at 2:30. back to "sunday morning futes" with maria. i'm eric shawn. welcome ack. i'm excited to have the panel withe here. let's t to the upcoming mid terms. what is bound to happen on tuesday night. what will it mean for washgton
6:36 pm
and the rest of the country? judi miller is pulitzer prize winning ahor. and marys a member of "the walltreeeet urnal" and tony was pres aide to jack kemp wn he w vice presidential nominee. he's a fox news contributor. phenomenal panel today a we approach a big day on tuesday night. let's lk about a lame du session and what president obama, how he's goin to rea, if in fact weee the gop take the senate. what's your take? >> the only te thi president ever negotiated in a ipartisan way was during a lame duck session after he was in his own wos shellacked in the 2010 election. there e major tax eform and tax credit plans endorsed by reblicans and congress specifally the r & d tax cred supported by32 democrats in thehouse. you'll smmense pressure on this president to ta o these sensible extsis oraking
6:37 pm
thesx credits permanentto show that busess can go on even if light of what'slily to be a major loss for him and his party on electionnight. >> will he do it? >> i'm notoptimistic at all. there's zero evidence th thi president ha any interin compromising with the gop. over the last six years he's h opportunities on budget, immigrion, t reform, entitlemt reform and chose not to do that tony says lam duck after 2010, president obama was looking to the seconderm in office as presidt. he'sot lking toward athing else anyme. think what he's going to do is he's going to demonize th gdp.. he'll say he want to comomise but do the same inbehind closed doors as last time around. you want t reform? give me a big minimum wage increase. is is how he operates behind closed doors. >> he's not a compromiser. does he care about his legacy? doesn't he want it to include i got this done beyondbamacare
6:38 pm
which hasfailed? >> he'll have obamacare an he'll be h about that. he'll have a strong economy he thinks going into the 2016 and i think wants some sensible tax form that esn't hurt t middle class. i think hes willing to comprose. 'v sen aery different foreign policy, a national rity policy fr him cently since isis came along and i think we are going to see if he losesontr in the gislatur we'll have to see somethg. >> the chage for gop is to supporhe president to take to decisions. they should force him to veto legislation reform. go to him and say you don't want g relief tooanies that democrs like elizabeth warre want t see relief r? there's a lot t gop could do to force himo make tough calls. >> mary's pnt is right. this president clearly has obstructed more than hs worked
6:39 pm
across the aisle. 've enit not onl wh republans even democrats in his n party have been frustrated. this iwhat's g to chge the dymi i think, in these next two years. the president doesn't have any skin in thme. he's leaving. i'm not sure he cares about legacy. democrs are ing to care about who wins the white hou in016 and pottially gets to take back the senaten016 so they'll ve to negotiate and force theresident to do so. >> he has a lot of lway to what he can do withor witho a congress. >> i mean, what you guys are saying is h he checke ut? does he not rebout who is in the white use in 2016? >> his legacy was dodfrk and obamacare. he's looking to do a nuear deal wit ran, whh is ahole otother topic which is a terrib idea. it's incumbent on the gop not to given andake bad dea with this preside if they control thsenate. they shoul't beucked into terrible tax reform and hold out
6:40 pm
and wa and sand for their principles and force h to take tough votes. >> i want t talk aut what that tax reform loo ke. ay with us. let'get aa look at what's coming up at the top of the . howie, good morning to you. >> good morning, maria. we're in new york as you know. the sttued midtm special. wel get polls, pundits with andrew, rich, chris,, frank, jon and more. one of the many this we'l be examining w the mid ter with senateonol on the verge of flippg are get su a low amount of coverage on the netwk evenin ewscasts. >>oucannot find any information about theid terms on any of t major news networks, hoe. 's extraordinary. if you want toind out what's going on i m tes, you have to watch foxews channel. >>you can get itn wspapers. it's one of the things we'l ta a is pelere turned off to mid terms or is it n rating or ar some journalists not exted about these mid terms because it's going the republicans way >> we'll see you 20 minutes.
6:41 pm
has the 2014 ra sethe te for how the 2016 presidential eltion is gog to go down? our panel will tackle that next on "sunday morning futures." back in moment. d and 3. 58 secondsn the clock, what am i thking about? asian debt that recognizes the shift in the global economy. you knowthe ki tt capitalis on diversity across the credit spectr and gets exposure to frontr
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welcome back to our nel. ry, you made a good point, the 2016 elections hinging on what happens post-mid terms whis it sompornt to see take the senate if they are looking at 2016? >> the has to explain what it's for. they need to use the next two years to say here where we stand on immigration, here's how jobs are tuly created in a marketconomy. he's why we need certain reforms to obamacare and to th tax de. anand to mak tangible for the avere voter. this election they have r against obama ist mitt romn didn 2012. didn't work out so well for him.
6:45 pm
they also have to learnow to answer democratic ttacks. if you look at colorado, cory gardner explained why thearn won is fiction and corado voters are responding butop hasn explained why business is odnd why entreprenrship is good and why king risk is good you look at a race like georgia with perdue and he's's getting creamed. the gop has to change that narrate and learn too that over the next two years. >> an focu on income inequality and explain how to move t needle. >> income mobity. 's notcome inequality. it's eal opportunit >> republicans are going to have a great argument to ke. this president for six yearshas had it h wa trlion dollar stimulus. hostile akver ofhe althcare system. wages have gone down. wer jobs have been crea people have to work two jobs to
6:46 pm
make the same wages and prices are going up. whatou are making takes more ofhahayou earn based on what you pay for. ectrity, groceries, that's why mddle as in america has esidt's administraon and this is the opportunityto wh mary said. republicans have to go othere and reclaim the fact that we're the party of the middle class erican. oes fineor peopl who need de depe depe dependenc on governme. >> wednesday beginthe campaign for 2016. >> step by step. it will liberate a blion suggesting.'veeenif you do keystone pipeline d other licies. ta on immigratioreform and show the fix to the obama care law th we can dond radical tax reform thatrops the top rgal rates. engh small balonhe mar
6:47 pm
mains. you get jn kennedy called the risin tiedhat lifts votes in economic growth and t vee. >> it will be a very hard road for t republicans tooe because they are so divided themselves and what mak you think they're going to be anore corent and cohesive th in thepast. lotsf the race there in trouble because you have more than one republican running whher he calls himse a t party idate or indendent. think the republicans ven where th mocratic pty is in terms of 27% othe americs, only think we're moving in the righrection. they should run a withis and they're not cause th seem to be thear of the rich and the powerful and it's going to be very, very hardto change that. >> the rublican party is one thing. there's so going to be a big bate onhe leftft with the democrats. are thng to mov to the senate or will we get a ppulo ke elizath warren that's
6:48 pm
worse than president obama and nor economic illiterate tha the guy in the wte house right w. i think s a terrible candidate. she's not a natural litician. and the question is doest have the gravitational force to overcome t fact in year when we begin the presidentia campaign the presiden is going be at 42% aroval rating. that's desting tohe people who run under the mantel ofis party. i'm nosure hillary clinton while sessing thiss going to think it'ss grea an idea for herto take ontheba -- >> i'm noture she's comte. did y lk at those remarks in boston. itike she was pickingor out ofheair. what are -- it's like a word scramble on your refrigerator. throwor upthere. income iquality. big buiness. this isn't somebody wh is fit to run thecountry. >> she's more experience than anyone else. >> what has she accomplished?
6:49 pm
nothing. legislative accomplishme, foren policy accomplishment? she left the world in a far mo dangerous place than it was ev -- >> iant to worry about the faest growing populion all leaning democrat and heavily so. i think republicans wi have theiwork cut out for them. >> judy isright. in this n this ection. blket amnesty. >> they don't even vote on immigration. they care about education opportunity y for their kids republicans shou speako o them about that. >>old that ou before we cast our ves, a key component of obama care would taken out by thepremecourt. federal exchanges. are ey lal? the panel looks to that next the panel looks to that next "sundadadadada introding synchrony fincial bringing new mng to the word partnership. brbankin loyalty. analytics.
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synchrony fincial.
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>> the supreme court could dede as early as tomorrow on whether to hear an appeal under the affordable care act. 're back with our panel. to, what do you think about this, thsupreme t decision? >> well, it's a mjor issu because this is in the law. it's not as if this was somehow articially generated as a colaint republicans. and the law says you canon distribute these tax credits and exchanges.through the state 36 stas have a federal exchange that could be in direc coetition with what is in that law. >> sme statesay we t wa this >> many democratic governors say we don'tantthis. >> thebama admistration has a habit of uteray rewriting the law. what is the whithouse going to argue? the law, ignre the jonathan e gruber, the archite of
6:54 pm
amacare? reiterate at this point that this reason why they did this was to intieshestates to create their own exchanges? i thinthe suprereme court has to redetest t law and if they n't it's going to like lie th t h been poe lit sized. >> i think it will be more awkward if they make that before the midterms. afterwar, i'm not so ur it gives e administration some time to adjust. speaking of the courts, this i anrea whe i think the democrats are worried. if they lose ctrol of the house and the senate, then youave the president in a very limit ability to appoint e people at e federal district level and he want t appoint to determine the futu of the country. that'shat's at stake. >> howmportantis this,he supreme court'cision? unbelievable timing beforehe election. the voters have already cast their vrdict on amacare. ovwhelmingly unopular. gets more unpop the more
6:55 pm
we learned abot it. once nancy pelosi thought you got to know what'sn it,ut w kn what's in it. now people are talkingbout part of the w.loyer mandates not this is sething the obama administration is realizing h unpopular it is. th're going to have a lot of probms on elecon day. >> and it will speak to the incompetentence ofhe lo at the otherbureaucracies that have broken down over the years, the irs, secret seic and the va. >> stay the. we want come back th one th to watch this election day. we have a ole l of runoffs, potentiay. we'll be back. s kakakakaka eception gunderman group. gunderman group isrowing. ttg in a groove. groal is gotta get greater growth. i just talked to ups. they got expert advise, special discounts, new technologies.
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week ahead is brbrought to you
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synchronyinancial. iowa, ioing to si with rry reid who calls it a bellwether state. this is smbolically imrtant to the democrats. this is where obama took it away fromhillar so ts is a key ste to watch. >> would you, what do youink? >> new hampshire ismy race. scott brown. this guy w down by more an 10 pointshis summer. he's coming ins a carpet bagger. nobody is even looking at this racend now it's neck and neck. i think if he wins, it's a big night for the gop. whato you think? >> north carolina. on theastern saebboard, one of the first res that we'll know the completion of isif we have a democrat losing in nth carolina, that is theirwnfire wall to wht withholding the jority in the senate. that is the bottom line. we're going to be wating all of this together. thank you so much, panel. weove having you today. , mary, judy, we' e you soon, guys.
7:00 pm
thank you. at will do it r the sunday morning futures. i'll be back tomrow morning o opening bell at 9:00 a eastern the fox busiss network. >ood evenining. everybody. president obama tonight battling on three fronts t to defend himself andis administratn in controversies tied absolely directly tohe ite house. rst the government's ebola response. fense secretarychuck hagel today approved a remmendation by joint chiefs chairman genel martin dempy to quarantine all u.s. military personne rerning from west africaor 21 days, although secretar hagel refused to use the word quarantine. and incredibly, almost cocally, has already ordered a reew of his own decision.


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