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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  November 2, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am EST

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ultimate sacrifice. theirs is a war story that deserves to be told. i'm oliver north. good night. >ood eving. everybody. prident obobama tonight battling three fronts to dend hielf a his administrion in controversies ed absoluty rectly to the white house. first the governnt's ebola respse. dense secretary chuck hal today appved recoendation by joi chfs chairmaneneral indempsey to quarantine all u.s. military ponnel returning from westri for 21 days, though secretar hagel refused to e the word quarantine. and incredibly, almost comically, has already ordered a reviewf his own decion. >> what iid respon this
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morning wa give me within 15 days the operational specifics of how that would work and then i belie we should riew that policy in 45 days. >> president obama just hours later and forhe second day in a row claimed that trav bans andarantines will notelp st t spread of ebo. while appearing with health re woers who had been exposed ebola and who are still within 21-day monitoring period. >> weayontinue to see dial cases in america in the weeks aonths ahead, because that's the naturef today's world. we can't hermetically seal rselves offan thas true her or not y adt a travel ban, wheth or not you adopa quarantine. the nare of disees.
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>> his statement com after press secretary joshearnest inructed another statementf twisted and tturered logic to claim that t mitary arantine reects a scientific apprch while a civilian quarantinen the mds of this administration would not. alsoto american reons with israel could betrained beyo repair after the "atlantic" magaz quoted a white housefficial referring to prime ministerenjamin netanyahu as chicken cremt whil calling him a cowar frankly, h was hiding behind anymity. the state department and the white house today clming the "atlanc" rort was curate but would not elaboraten whether they know the identity of the leaker or would pursue some fm of accounbility. and the "washington post" rerting the white house
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computer netwo has been breached by hackers wking for the russian governnt. the white house tried to minimize the event and the threat, claiming these types of setyreaches happen 00 nnsyan avenue day. that's eassuring, don't y think? we'll have a full report straighthead here. only one patient sti being tread for ebola inside the united stes, aew yor doctor who isomg under ireasing scruny after reports that he lied to lice about s travels aftereturning from west africa. dr. crg spencer reportedly told officialsed olated mself inhis new york aptment d he dn't admit he had ridden the subways,ined out, wentbowli until police credit cards. metroard and officials in mai sti trying to fure out what to do about the nurse just back fromest
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africa who dsn't he ebola se-quarantine in her ho dered to until the virus' 21ay incubation period is over.r. kaci ckox says i thatpolicy is nothanged by tomorw, she will defy it. maine health commissioner mry mayh moments said in a ote,ack ofleadership at the federal levefor keing ckox antined. qarantine 11 states t have policies than the obama administration. ovseas, 42 soiers are now antinein italy after joining us n is congressman ndy forbes, mber of the housard services and judiciy committees. congressman, your reacaction, i yo would, to the penton spesman whensked yesterday if secrary hagel suppord the
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army qrantine policy issued by general odierno. take a listen,f you would. >> the sectary suppos the decisionon that was made for geral williams and his team. he's not going to oppose at this time the decision made by army adship for all soldiers. >> that's a seemingly slapt thjoint chiefs before implementing his recommendation, congressman. your reaction t? >> wel as youkno i will critize the seetyf defense when i think it's apopriate, b in this particular sittion, i think he'sdoinghe right thing to follow the recommendations his miliryfficers for a couple reasons. one, i think it's important tha we liste to the military adve that 's been given, unlike wh thepresident's been doing. but e second thing is i think theroctio an safety of ose troops haso be foremost for him and in front of ery decision hekes. i al don't disapove of hi loingg this policy 45 days
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down the roadif the milary offirs come bkand sayhey want to rese iut it just shows how very concerd the military leaders arebout the ebola virus. theye ncerd, this also coraststo the first iteration of that expression of concn. the military saying there will be a ten-day qntine. i thin you know onhis oadcast i said vy clrly, th isoutgeou when world health organization calls r a 42-d qntinand physicians say , and the military's inialacti orthe orrs of the vian leadership said ten days. this has migrated to this poin here, y in the world would not the concern about the wellbeing of our troops always be foremost in the mindsf both parties, the white house, the congress, thpentagon?
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>> well, lou,t should be. i think one of the things that you point up absolutely corrtly is the absence of an overall strategy dl wh the ebola virus overall, just like we haveeenn absence of strategyhat this admistration hasad i dealing wi foreign por other domestic ncerns at 've had since they he be in oicice. >> congressn, as we look at wat isappening nowith another thousand troops going to west afr at a time when this administration is cutting, asng our military and doing so ith, i seems, almost lee, not rectance and not forbearance, whyn t world should the american people not be o outrad hat is happing? >> well, lolou, i don'tnow why th're nooutraged because i'm outraged because as you and i have talkedbout before, the cuts ts administration has
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placed upon the military has put us in iredibly difficult situations in defending e country around the globe. yet evy me there is somethinthat needso be done, thisdministration looks to the military and says do it. and i think what you're finding no is the american people, our allies across the globe, they dohave very much confidence inhis administraonitr that they're tell them the truth, they're telling them what's accurate or that they have a strategy for dealing with thissues. whether it's isr whether 's ebola or whether it's any of the otherajor this that e united statesconfronti acro the globe. >> 11 states w, mos recently califoia, joining in with quarantine standar and procolof their own far more stringent th that of thebama adnistration the c. the pentagon having to assert itself and i want to j s out lou my congratulations to the hairman of the joint chiefs aff, martin dempy, the
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genera staing up and sing this is the way it's going to be, general odierno as well. i mean, this is a dire colictetween the penta and the civilian leadership, if not president himself. how does it soe? >> well, lou, i think a couple of things. first all, i'm glad you mentned that the chrman is speaking up and that the militaryeadership is expressi their concern. but i have als called for coress, i think we shoulhave be back in session. i thk we n't wai onthis i think whenou have an adminirati that fails to develop strategies like is, it lls on congress to do it. i'm just hoping will cme ba i sooner ratherhan ler so that we can help create th m not confident we're going to e it from the administration but i certainly greful that the military learships stepping up to the plate a saying ty're goingo pro eir troops which is both of us agre is th first fundamental obligation that they have. >> congrsman, thank you so much, always for being th
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president obama last night eang with wisconsin voters to get out the vote. we noticed the crowd leaving as he tald. lien tthe president mang those folks exiting.ote of >> volunteer. m going to reat that. burke r volueer in thilast week.
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ma some phone calls knock on some doors. >> joini mnow, the a-team. former democrati presidential campaign adviso fox news contributor, joe trivi, publican stratist karen hanratty thanks for being with us. a "washington post" article is detailg 19 states where pele can vote without having to use photi.d. are they trying to tl illegal imgran or mebody, something? karen, you fst. >> it's a peculiar ploy by them. look, la razza i'm sure engages ery election cycle in ge ou the tes effort. this is a rath peculiar one, especially in light of aecent study that cme t with some preliminary resultth indicate non-citi have been voting, about up to 6% of
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non-citizensoted in the 2008 election and about 5% o non-cizens voted in the 2010 election. so what they areoing i think is going t raise theeyebrows a number ofpeople who are prone think there's a lot of elec and voter fraud taking place anyway. i thi ty have some exaining to do. >> i'm sure it's st cidental. i n't agine the democrats wod be doing that intentionally. your thohton howhey could remove thaimpression? >> don't think is acidental all. i thk they are going to go out many peoe as possible to vote and if that' t law, wherever e lawsare, whatever laws are acstate, those are what the la are, they areoing to encourage everybody tote at legally can vote. >>o think that a matter of ethics, morality,hey are permitte vote >> i don't thinthey are encouraging anybody to vote
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illegally. look -- >> i thought u said if th could get away with it, the ought toote. >> no. i'm saying t if youon't need tobring your i.d. to the polling place -- >> yeah. >>- you ould go vote. i got it. you d have to bring your shouldn't. that right? >> exactly. >>o wat said was right. if you can getay with it, go vote. >> i'm sure there are a lot of conspicy theosts in the world that believe that. >> no, no, no. th "washington post" a conspiracy thorist? >> there haven't been mented ses of this happening anywhere in the unid states. you know, i undersnd this is the big cspiracy that obama ste ohio. okay it didn't happen. but we can go ere. oused the estion tha i didn't. i'm not ch focused on the rear view mirror. i'm more worri about what's going to happen tuesday and maybe 2016 as well.
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e ebola crisis. karen, seetary ge basically siding with his generals but dempsey, general dempsey and general odierno dot sep up, r guys ovein ebola-strick tions in wst africa uldn't be having a quarantine. >>eah. you ow, the real problemere is that there are so many mixed meages comg out of s ma different gornmental ageies, ether it's the military, tee cdc,he governs new york and new jers. no one ion the same page aney've hahad a numb of weeks i ink to get teir act together. i understand thaweonnow everything there i to know about ebola and how it might be olving, but we do kow a few things aut how it's transmitte and it ems reasonable that 21day arantine for pple cing into t uted states from
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areas of aica that are particularly iected seems asonle. buwhen you ha the milita disagreeg wi the cdc andou can't get anyone fm t administration on the same - >> and the white house. >> a the white house can't seem to pulleeople together to the same room and tell them simply let'sllet on the same geor the confidence of the american people, tnk th is the real danger. >> joe, your thoughts is thisig deal that's going to last? is ts long-lasting rupture between eivili leadership and the military leadership? >> no. i just don't think this is going to be, over time, tisill ounto disagreement that didn't matter. a lot ofheears thale have are rational in regards to ebola. it would be much different if this were airborne or sething else. look, there's nothing -- t prident of the unid states
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cannot ord governors to things. >> we just did. he just did. >> heidn't order he can't orr, if ristie wants too a -day tng, he can. >>e steere awayndre cuomo from hisposition. riie backed off. 11 statesow telling the president that we're still a constitutional republic and we still have a federalist system of government with states' rights. >> right. >> joe, aren'tou concerned at all? you y th the concerns, the fes are irrationa ybe they're irrational but i don't thinit's irraonal to sawhy isit that aurse in the united states, in a u.s. hospital, ntracts ebola but a nurs prticing and hping peopleurrnded wh ebola in west aica w we would asse is not the same kind of conditnss the.s nurse,
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why doesn't she get it? those questions aren't rational. >> ologize, we'll have to take that as a rhetorical question because we are out of me. great to havyou bo with us. we will continue the conversation got a dl? >> thanks, lou. >> thank next, thehite house and the sat deparent der fire for a derogatory and lewd depiction israeli prime minier benjamin netanyahu. >> so are there thosen the adniraon who belie that this is an accurate depiction or accuratecription of prim nist netanyahu? we are ing to get the answer to that p pressing on here next. stay with us. how could a luminous protein in jelfishsh, impact life expectancy in the.s., real eate in hong kong, arowe price,cs industry in germany? wenderand thnnecons of aomplex, globalconomy. it's just one reason over 70% of our mutual funds beat
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have loss of appetite,upp, dark urine, or yellowing of skin or eyes. these cod be sns of serious side effec. are you down with estor? ask your docto about crestor. peshmerga fighters headed tordrds the town ofobani in a effort to he fellow kurds defend the city ofobani against e ilamic ste joining us, retired four star army general, fme vehief of staff, general ja keen, chairmanf enstitute for the study of war. x news militata analyst. ur rction, if imay, to secretary hagel on the lng term threatrom th islamic state,
11:24 pm
contrastf you wiwill, thi >> isil extremism radicalism, terrorism is threat to every state, to every society. unfounately, i see these things continug to stay out there, j. i think we're in fora longer term cllenge here an maybe any of us would hope. >>s yo know, general, i talking about a longer battle th we anticipate. your thoughts about what the secrety said? >> yeah. well,undamental tothelan is we do not wantto put brigade combat teams on the ground. i would agreeit that judgment as wl. but if at's whayou want to avoid, then y, depending on indigenousorces, local forces in iraq and syria, and if that's the case, why are we not allin helping them? helping them witarms, equipment, visors, training air ground controlle, that is the answer.
11:25 pm
thi we're kicking this down tohe nt administra, it ems tome. i hate to be that ca b nothing makes y sense.e. weulbe all in helping those lolrces and we're t. we jt have teams that a o th 12 brigade and they can't go forwardith the lead ttalions when they get in a fight. mas no sen. >> and t generals rig no in the penton, eararlier in this broadcast iaveeneral dempsey great t cred for sing tse troops coming back from west africare goi to get 21 days, not ten,nd the wil note -- anyway secretary of defense hagel made it prey car he felt that was a ltle unir to be that straightforward about a pocyn defen of the troops. your thoughts? >>h, i absolutely agree. this is abt protecting e soldiers' families, protecting theifellow temates who are ba at those bases theyare retug to. its ablutely aust to d something like that. i think it should be
11:26 pm
realiscally a naonal policy, not st the military' policy, for th heth ce profsionalthat are retng as well. >> and millions ofmericans, just about 70% of amerins say they are with y on that russia nato rorting unusual unusual tests, if you will, a spike in ruian ights at they ha been fordo scramble jet fighrs to meet. what's behind tht, in your dgment? >> i tnk this is going to continue this is putin aggravating nato. some point, heil test nato resoe with one the counies that borders russia, most liky astonia that h someussian pulatio were he can create ony cil unrt kee did in ukrai and gin aid tt ciunrest. we've goto have a prence ere to stop that from happenin >> a thi point your feeling out where we stand
11:27 pm
geopolitical w with iran, with china and ruia moving to act in concert if not to build an outright alance against ropean and america interests. >> wl, the thr countries, russia, iran, china,ll see i believe eopolitical opportunity which whathey believe ndentall just watching actions,ot listening t rhetoric, they are too practical for that, and the s the united states disengaging from the worl also theee the united states absolulyslicing and guttin itsilitary capabity, taking ground forces bko pre-world r ii air power bac to 1950 makes no sense to nybo. t they see that happing, th see this as opportuni. therefore, they are more agessivethey are more asseive anthey areoing to continue to ven th rection, aggrate thenited states. >> general, than for being re >>lways good being here, lou. > mo millenlsave had befull of the man they onc
11:28 pm
heed send to the white house not once but twice. the architect ofgeorge w. bush's presidential caaigngn victories, karl rove, on the shifting ectoral fors and the likely ome.
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the so-called millenials turning onhe democratic party in a new harvard instute of litics p astounding numbs, really. 51% of 18 to 29 ye olds now prefer a republican-led congress. 47% in favor mocratic congress. th is a mae if in favor of republicans nce 2010, when 55% of mienia preferd a democratically led cones on 43% favored republicans. here now to give us hisnsight intose midtms now on
11:32 pm
five days away and their likely results, former dputy ceff staff to president george w. bush, rove fox news contributor. karl, goodo have you with even worse for democrats in this harvard poll, for the first time er, more milleals are inst o liberalth conservatives it's not much, it's 35% 3 but an astounding shift. does this suggest disaster for democrats next tuesday >> well first ll, the number that you cited at t beginning amon tho who say th are definitely gog to vote. now, the number is better for democrats among all millenls and sowereal don't know, u know, there argoing to be people who show up next tuesday who didn't have any plan to ve and there ar goi to be pple who y sai'm definitely goining to get to vote whore going to find themsees not shing up. but lo,s isad news for democrats. look inside the ll. the president's job approval o
11:33 pm
haling the enomy, is inhe his disapprovalis 60%. his dapproval on handlg healtharis59%. on hdling th deficit, 65%. disapproval on foren policy, 60%. on immigraon, 61%. in fact, if you look inside the poll, hianic llenialsre reallyurneoff on e esidenbecae ey s failed prose getng immigration rerm handled in a ti fashion. sothere's an uenthusiastic youthful base for th democratic pa the esti is how much are they gng to be ableo genenera turnout among some of the millenialsy either targeted aeals on the sis of race, for example, the young blacks, or how much ar the ing to bable t get a tuout by mechanical means, namely a serioound game organization. don't know tht. but th is anot headache for the dratsthey don't needs they approach the midrms. >> and as they approach the mims, everyone nowanting to know who's going to win this thing. karl rove, you are here to tell us exactly whoin where a by
11:34 pm
how much. >> well, look, let's divid em between democrat-held seats and republican-held seats. there aren democratic held seats today that are up for abs. ree ofhemm are settle e republicansre going to win montana,outh dak and we virgia. theyd in theal clear politics ave by double gits. there are three otother seats where theepublicans lead by arkansas, five pnts.error. siana, 4.5. ancorado rig on the ed of t margin of error a at3. i thinwe tak the fst two that wil takeke until december sele louisiana because of theirunoff provision i feel prettyood about keepi corygardner. that wld givthe republica six ses and control of the senate. there are two other res tha they lead in. alaska, 2.2 a wa, .1%. they totook those, it would give them eight seats. the are two seat where republicanare trailing t withmoentum.
11:35 pm
north carolina, trng byne point. there are now polls showing him ahead. and new hampshire wherescott brown has cut jean shheen's lead down to 5 and h a lot of momentumoinginto the election >> andhe lead in another poll. >> yeah. leads theew england colle poll. the republicans areefending three seats, kentucky, where mitch mcconnell appears on his way to re-election. kans where senator pat berts is trailing but i think is gng to win. and gegia, where the last four polls now have david perdue ead although again, it's likely to go to runoff. there's a libertarian candidate and that ate requires50% plus one other vote. we a likely to have a jaary 6 nof ingeorgia. election night, i think the republicans are poised to take 5152 or 53 ats. >> all rig. ka rove,as always, insightful. thanks f ging us some idance toughll of this. we apprecie it. good to see yo good luck next tuesday >> gd to seeyou. going to be a lateight and it's goi to belo but
11:36 pm
everody oughto tune and watch. >>t will be ahoot. all right. thanks a lot. weay in tes. up next, familiar filies. ey wt to get elecd. ey wt to get elecd. will show you what's going nt to know h how hard it can be... ey wt to get elecd. will show you what's going breathe th copd? it can fl ke thi pd includes chronic bronchitis and emphysema. ira a once-ilyinhaled. opd maintenance treatment... bronchitis and emphysema. you know, spiriva helpme breathe easier. full 24 hour spiriva handihaler tiotropium be inhalation powder does not replace rescue inhalers for sudd symptoms. tell your door if you have kidney probls, glaucoma, troublurinatin or an enlarged prostate. these may worsen wit spiriva. discuss all medicines you ta, even eye drops. stopaking spiriva and seek immediate medicahelp if urrehing suddenly worsens, yo throat or towells,..... you can gehis, visi changesr, or problems passing urine. otheand nstipati.s include y mouth
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a fecommen now on the ection that's a wekek awayand the presidtial election two years away. first, the polls. theepublicans are doing far betterhan ny imagined possib a year ago, including . today's nb"wall street urnal" poll has republicans 11 points ahead the decrs on the question of which party do yo want controllingcoss. that's aost a doublg of the republicandvantage over th past week in that poll. and second, the groundame. oh, yes. the ground game. republican leaders s they have one and a great one, b remember them saying extly thee same thi in 2012. they didn't.
11:40 pm
we'll see whether they learned anything from the experience. now, as to thatelecon two years away, i suspec you wouldn'te surprised to learn that familiaramilies want to put forward caidates for 2016. it's like the old saying about ing upo psident. in ameri, yonean do it but it's a lot easier if yhappen to be related to e bushes the cntons. >> isoudad going to r for president? i think he'still assessg it. >> do you init's more than %, less than 5050%? >> i think it's more than lkely th he'sging this seris thought. >> that he wilrun? >> that he will run. if you h asked me a few years back, i would have said less likely. >> so eamily wll be behind him 100%? >> the mily willebehind him 100%f f he decid to dot. >> you goto be excited. 10. you gotoe excited when you hear thatven more bush will be suorting ather buh, huh? perhapen more excit byon bush's
11:41 pm
about his father ich makes him the fourth bush family mmber to endoe je as a ndidate. already up to ur family members. now, tt's impressive, you ve agree. honestly, i'm every bits exciteabout e prospectf another sh presency as i a aboutthe possibity of another clinton prsidency. jeb's go aot of work to do like fing out where he real standonmnty for ga immigrants, taxes and hoto sell to folks. hillary clinton has even more work to do. >> n't let anybody, dn't let anybody tell you that, you know, it's corporaons andusinesses that create jobs. >> we me out of e white house not only dead broke buin debt. we h no money when we got there and we struggled to, you know, piectogether the
11:42 pm
resources for mortgages fo housesforchelsea's education. it was not eas >> well, god bless amic ty made ithroh. 315 million americans and two families think it mes sense for eidna to be in perpetu poession of the white use, right? bu democracy versus dystys a ugh, sometimes bitter bale. the whole point if you'll recall of theoundin of thisountry was to assure tat our government wasn't run like a mi busines that royal family deal, l then by a fellow called george, gr iii andy my cou, g.p., the son of jeb, would be geoe iii if he were to make it t the white hohimsf. well, he would be the fth bushbuthehirdgeorge. but look what's hppening in georgia. whoops, there's that name agai gegia. mocrats there tr to put noone, b t member of ele pololitical famili into
11:43 pm
higher office. e grandsonof foer president jimmy carter runninfor vernor and the daughteof long-time setor sam nunn wants to fill what was once her ther's seat. he may even have his name onit, right? ist thatgreat? it's grea we may acally doubleheool of dna from which fufuture presidents might be drn. ain't america gran cong up here next, the ebola battle shaking up the naion's military. it'she cmander in chief vers t pentagon on how to treat ouservic mmbers when ey return ombola-stricken nations. we t t t t t synchrfinancpartns wiwithver two hundred thousa businesses, from fashion railers to healthce providers, from jewelers porting good stores, toelp eir customers get what th want aned. banking. loyal. analytics.
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ncengage witus. l.
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majo gneral darl lliamswho is commanderof s. armafca along with n other sdier quarantinedn
11:47 pm
italy after returning from west africa. joining ustoda former nto sueme allied commander, dean of the fletcher school atufts university, admiral james stavridas. l, first of a, thanks r being here. but turng to theirst question, i would like to g your reactn to this white house response tohe quarantine issue. >> the department of defense h not issued policy related t their workers that havepent time in west africa. know there was this decision made b one commanding offir inhe departmt of defense but it does no reflect a dertment-we policy thai understands still under lopment. >> why is the unorm policy, enhe chairman of the int chfs of staff, general dempsey, has said 21 days d here we are sing our mitary into an ebola hot zone.
11:48 pm
>> lou,m for1 days. i think is unt. i think is conrvative. think itakes a great deal of sens weught to implement that quickly. thesare ldiers, sailors, folks who are used toong deploymes. i did 85 days straight on a ship onc at a. i dothink y of the will be paicully b bhered by 21 days, it's the prunt things and protectsheir shipmates and fellow oldier >> what kind ofricon is there betweetheentagon and is white hse that the airman of the joint chfs of stf n make a statement like is and a press secretary runs off at theouthas if they were talking --nd a maj genel, as if th were bystanderso e enre process? >> i tnk we have a long traditn in t s. ta of our cmmanders making the rightdecisions about the care the feedingng and the sanitati
11:49 pm
and heah of our troops. on this one,'m firmlyn the side of the unorm military. i think they are making the right call, lou. >> dmir, let's turn to other difficult cas and les gin with the ismic state which now, it apars, that the air strike campaign is king a difference. we he seen the iamic ste ve to fall back freveral tos now. how yjudge the progress and is this,yolieve, sustainable dict >> ihinkhe air strik, u, are only the beginning. we've t to get turkey int the game. they've got the second largest standing army in nato. is is on thrrd. they nee ultimately to be involved against the ilami state. we need to getato itself involved because the. ouldn'have to cryhis by ourselves. numb three,e've got to get armsn tands othe peshmerga, those troops in e north ine kurdh part of
11:50 pm
aq. they are t best figer on the field ou side and we have to o ntinue to revale e iraqi serity forces. that will take time. we can do all thosehings but it is enuraging, we are seeg so results in effect from this air campgn but we can't bank this. we're not going to win this wee going to neeroops on the ground. >> andust as progrsms to be athand in the fight against the islamic state, now rports th ty aresing rfacto-air missiles against our apache attack helipters. how much peril and how effective are thr countermeasures lily be? >>'m worried about , lou. at the moment, we only have about a half don u. helicopters involved inthis fight, but i think ertime, that's going to be an area where we can put forceo real efect on the battlefield. the fact that we're seeing the lamic state with these hand-held missiles, very concerning. again, it speaks to the need for
11:51 pm
troops on the ground and it's not just thehelicopters. ultimately the are very dangerous for transport aircra as tey are movi troopsaround the e field. wve got to be concer about this. we ohto look r the srces of those weapons, tryand cut them off, and we ought t thinking coherently abt h w can get boots on the ground, not only peshmerga, t only iraqi secuty forces but i think u.s. special forces ca he knock down th hand-held surface-to-air missile teat. >> a we wr up here,admiral, the u.s. marines have pled out of afghastan, campleatherneck is no mor for our leathernecks d at the same time, another conflict bet our uniform military and civian leadership. e military saying the afghans are nowhere near ready >> my view i we'veotshot. wenow whwhat faile look like and hat's cle aq, where
11:52 pm
thu. mitary ence was withdrawn mpletely. we did not lfill our pn to kekeep 15,000 advirs, meors in country anw we see the sults of that. i think if we caneep th plan is about 1000 to 1500.s annato advisors and mentin untry, i think we have a tterhan evenhance of oidi the kind of debacle that's unfding now in iraq. if we simply pull out like we did in iraq, we are going to see the whole thincollapse. so let's hopee can keep a sufficient nberofops there, not set an artifia melines for withdrawal. again, this is onl about12,000 troops from a hiof 150,000. think w've got a reasable ance but itll be a near run thing. >> takingte that the admiral saidid, he used the hypothetica with the word "if" and dedhe
11:53 pm
word "hope" it seemsike perilous language to beord to use wnoitting our trps to battle. admiralways good to see you. thanks so ch. authorf the new book "the accidental admiral." as he saidbouthim, noing accentalbout it. we recmend the book to you highly. > up next, t 9/11 flag, the original moon landing ote, importt icons america history. they are all missing how can power consumption in china, impactool exports from new zealand, textile production in spain, and the use of medical technology ithe u.s.? we understand the connections of a cplex, global eco. it's just one reasonver % of our mutual funds bt their 10-year lipper arage. t. rowe pric invest with confidce. request a prospectus or summary ospectus with instment
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> joining me now, the host, creator ofh-2'sost hisry and besselling author, brad meltr. rst ofll, great to see you, myriend. >> always good to see you. >> this is another spectacular adventure you're taking off on. our lo history. u're breaking r hearts
11:57 pm
already. >> it's unbelieble, right? the flag that the firefhters raised o11 at grou zo is missing. thorigal airplane gone.tent for evenames bond' famous aston martin that sean connery drove in "goldfinger" sten. on eh episode, we tellou the story othe item, we tell you where itas lastsee who the suspec a and then say america, we need your help. you help us find it, we wil give you a$10,0 reward. ouhope is to reclaim our lost history. >> how a for the car, $10,000? >> we should bump itjust because the car isworth at leas$5 million. we ktht. e t to bumpth up. >> themazing sto is thes aren't small things. likehe car comest, it's olen from arpt in florida, 100 feet out ot rporyou can see e tracks of the wels and af that, the wheel tracks stop. ow what thatmeans? means soone airlifted it out of there this is a sopsticat robbery. this isn't likeang i from
11:58 pm
the mall >> how about o of the big anes andut it on a boat? >>li or james bond cket thing. whatever it . the point is,o one even knows these thinre one. when you hear tse ries, you just goou know what, we hear at oneoint the bill rights was hanging on merich guy's wall. u know what, lou,histor esn't beng to someh guy. history doest belong to some drug dealer who is trying to under his ney through lost and sten arfacts. historbelos to all of us. ofhe greatest itemon theere, do think we a going ind jackiekennedy'pillbox hat? i wod love t find those things >>ho hadt? >> th's the thing. the actual suit the pink suit e wore is in the nation archives right now. the hat is not. things like the flag. i wasust talking trudy giuliani about t. we all kw th flag and it goes up, it's mously raised,h comes down and this greek couple steps foard and they say that's our flag. they don't want it back. they want to keep it and put it in a museum. but when they furl it the say
11:59 pm
ouflag is a three by five ag. the firefighters w raise it say that was a three by five fl. this isn't our flag. rudy gliani sa true story, you got to ite, he sa tha flag that went erywhere wasn't the right flag. of all the things right now you argoing toalo u rts of our lost history, wt is t most curious toou? >> the most curus one is jfk's brain. let say that again jfk's brain missing. we all know his bod went after he was assassinated, we to arlington national cemetery. hiain s separate they never did forensic testing on it. god knows what it could show us about trajectory how many shots were fir. e amazing part is i don't expect anyone to bring back the brain but at one point in time, contair ananwasalking around wash, d.c. with th. i want to know who took nd whe did it go. the on they suspect it to be isamily member andsomeon who is tryrying prote their own family.
12:00 am
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