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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  November 4, 2014 7:00pm-7:58pm EST

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than lou dobbs on fox business. lou: good vening we begin with breaking news. polls have just closed in 6 states, 4 of 2 will help determine the balance of power in the senate, in kentucky fox news now pro fecin projects mith mcconnell has secured a 6th term beating alison lundergran grimes. and in georgia, republican david perdue, and democratis nischelle nunn are battles for the seat, that race too close to call, polls closing just moments ago. >> south carolina, fox news
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projecting that incumbant republicans will win their races, senator lindsey graham, dispatchining the democratic challenger, and incumbant tim scott over joyce dickerson in a special election. >> and virginia, incume ba incut democratic senator mark warner against ed gillespie, it would be a surprise pick up for the republicans if gal lessp gillese tight, too close to call. as we have said, polls have closed in all those places, and more results will begin streaming in at any moment now, we're expecting the balance of power in senate to shift
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tonight, we'll bring you the results of these races and many more this hour. >> president obama offering something of a bleak assessment on a connecticut radio station today. president predicting that democrats face worse midterm senate map since president eisenhower. >> this election cycle probably worse possible group of states for democrats since eisenhower, a lot of states that are being contested where you know they just tend to till republican. >republican. >> in 1958 midterm elections, ice inhour, a republican -- eisenhower what you democrats pick up 15 senate seats, joining me now the a-team. michael goodwin, robert zimmerman, ed roolins, also fox
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news contributors good to have you here. let's start with president's @%sessment. bleakest map for democrats, do you agree? >> look, whatever it started out to be his policies and his lack of popular popularity made it mk for democrats in many states, they should have held or picked up some seats, he has been a drag on him, once again it is never his fault but it is his fault. >> well, let's be realistic about this. this is a collect of states that president lost many of them by double digits. digits. lou: let's talk about virginia. where mark warner was supposed to win, ed gillespie was behind double digits two weeks ago now it appears to be a verypit tiggt
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battle. >> let see how it plays out. lou: we don't need to be reminded of protocol, i need you to answer the question. >> i am not accepting the instance analysis. lou: what was that. >> too closing to call. lou: would you like to -- >> i would like to see more votes come in. lou::we have a testy democrat on set with us, it may be more of a suggestion. >> my close to call 6 out of 10 americans in exit polls are dissatisfied with the president, his approval ratings are record lows. >> and equally dissatisfied with congress too. >> there are two people will take big hits, the president, and republicans win this mitch mc-- not mitch, harry reid will take a big hit.
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>> as opposed to mitch mcconnell, let's keep it in perspective. lou: you are providing ample prove, it may be a difficult evening but let's relax a little bit. >> i am enjoying this evening this is 30 anniversary of ed rollins brilliant leadership of the rasor-thompson campaig -- rn campaign. >> i appreciate that. that -- if you would have been on that night, you would have been talking that mondale won in minnesota. >> a great victory in minnesota, don't dismiss it. lou: now i will gain control of the enterprise. >> it's your show, take it back. lou: i will consider that carefully. just said it outset, mcconnell, ha has been declared
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-- projected to be the winner by fox news with closing of the polls. democratic party, and epublican alike that is most expenseive senate race. >> i remembering in 2008, mcconnell had a close call, first time that president obama won. and that was a big democratic year. and mcconnell had a narrow victory that year, almost lost, along with a lot of other republicans who did lose, the fact he wins in a run away fashion does suggestion that wave this is coming. lou: do you see a waive? >> there snow question, only issue is, i believe and have beliived that republica take the senate. >> skpaoebgin speaking of movinx news is now projecting a winner
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in north carolina that is -- excuse me, south carolina nikki haley winning according to fox news projects, you are going to -- i take it resist that idea of any potential wave. but the fact that virginia is close, we're seeing an early forecast, and projection for senator mcconnell in kentucky. does this create a concern to you? >> i may be spitting out water and sand out of my ear tomorrow. because maybe there ill be a wave. lou: i wwndered where that was going. >> but we're going to see a -istorical trend, every white house, every president in office for 6 years, with exception of theadore roosevelt and bill clinton faced losses in the senate. >> the question is not the historical pattern, but rather robert zimmerman's anxiety or
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concern about what he is seeing now. >> if i could finish my thought, i want to finish -- lou: are you in a bad mood. >> i am in a great mood, will you let me finish my sentence. lou: if you could bring it to a correlation of my questions. >> we knew there would be republican victories and democratic losses, that not unexpected. lou: there is no concern. >>, of course, there is, the question is, how many senate seats are we going to lose. can we avoid 6 seats we'll see what happens. >> he ha had to draw a inside straight to get the 6, we'll will draw to a straight flush. i think we'll have a big victory, i think some states in your column, the iowas, and new hampshire, and virginia they are competitive, and i think
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colorado, also one of yours, and you know so my sense is we're bullish on tonight. >> if i could say, i think it is wonderful that more states are in play this idea that locked up blue states and locked up red states, a handful of swing states, i am happy to see more states in play this is good for democracy. lou: we'll find out how good. michael goodwin, ed rollins, and robert zimmerman, you too, thank you. >> voters ii 18 states tonight casting ballots under watchful eye of the obama justice department. half of these states have voter identification laws, federal monitors are watching for voter intimidation and ballot fraud. >> gather information on local election procedures, include
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figure voters are treated differently on race and color. lou: at least 4 states reporting problem in polling stations in virginia malphurpblgzining! malg machines in north carolina two voters who were reportedly trying to cast their votes for a democratic incumbant, senator kay hagan had them recorded add votes for republican candidate thom tillis. and georgia, it has been fixed in connecticut a judge ruled two hartford polling places had to extend their voting hours an extra half hour because voter registration lists were not ready when the polls open. and delay depriveed people of their right to vote. >> a story that may be overshadowed by this election
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day. for two years now, house of representatives oversight panel has been trying to get the justice deputy to hand over documents related to the "fast and furious" gunrunning scandal, documents that white house has claimed throughout were covered by executive privilege, a federal judge ruled against the administration, and outgoing attorney general told late last night to turnover nearly 65,000 pages of those documents, oversight committee chairman darrell issa said they will spend coming days going over those documents, and we will as well. up next, our first round of exit polls reveal who is votinn. what is the turn out? and how many folks are voting against this president's policies and agenda next, stay with us.
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lou: breaking news, fox news decision desk reports that georgia senate race between republican david perdue and michelle non nunn still too cloo call, and virginia senate race between warner, and gillespie is closer than almost everyone had expected. and is still too close to call. as we reported eaalier, senate minority leader misc mitch mcconnell has fended off ed off challengeer alison lundergran grimes. >> we're looking at exit polls and issues driving voters to the
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polls, learning a bit more what the voters are thinking and feeling, jolene kemp with the story. >> we're getting latest exit polls right now, a snap shot of what voters are thinking. so let's start with who they are. 23% of them call themselves liberals, 40% moderate, and 36% conservative. do you think we're going to wrong or right decision. and another interesting data point, which most important issue facing country right now? voteer said 45% of voters say the economy. 25% said healthcare, 13% aid foreign policy, and 14 believe immigration. >> as we turn to the economy, country is evenly divided on what they feel, 34% say it is
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getting better, 34% getting worse, and 31% the same. >> and main street, 46% of voters say they are doing about the same, 27% say they are doing better, 26% of voters say they are worse off. and one more thing that changed over last couple of years, tea party where it right now, 36% of voter say they are again it, 32%, they are in favor, and 28% of voters are ow neutral, i know you were talking about how obama plays into this, president of course, 34% say there are vote was an expression of opposition to obama but that numbers is just slightly lower of 47 37% in midterms two years ago.
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lou: thank you so much. >> tonight is expected to be a party, so president obama understandably spending move of this day behind closed-door, there were no public evens on the president's schedule, he spend the day meeting with his national security and public health team in the situation room, if things go wrong for president and democratic party, at least president has a chance to get out of washington for some relaxation, tuesday he embarks on a 6 day trip to china, for economic conferences, up next we're minutes away from polls closing in west virginia and north carolina, two potential senate pickups for the republicans, early results next, and all of the latest vote counts, stay with us. there was no question she was the one. she reminds yoery y.
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lou: we're now minutes away from two potential republican senate pickups, closing in west virginia and north carolina, republican congresswoman shelly
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moore is expected to defeat west virginia secretary of state natalie, and in north carolina, republican state representative tothom tillis trying to unseat democratic senator kay hagan, those polls closing in just minutes we'll find out how close or distant the results are there. in about 8 minutes, joining us now, pul pulitzer prize winner y miller, and jedediah bila. thank you for being here, great to have you. as we look at these, mcconnell, immediately, fox fox business projecting ssnator to have won in kentucky all money put in by both parties all talk about he was in real trouble with his democratic challenger, he is first to maintain his position. >> right, absolutely, he will
7:23 pm
get to achiever his lifetime dream perhaps of being senate majority leader, who would have thunk? he was always very confident. and really views this as a referendum on obama, i think he is a happy man. lou: did you say who would have thunk? harry eid made it to senate majority leader. >> i cannot argue with that. >> jedediah. >> i'm not surprised, i did not think that mcconnell would have a problem. of the races i was looking at, and worried about, that ii not won't, that is a good sign that@ it happened right away. maybe that is a good indication for someone like scott brown in new hampshire, a more difficult race. it might be a good sign of things to come, republican wave. lou: wave, do you think it will3 be a wave. hopefuly. i don't know, i am an
7:24 pm
independent but i think i contemplate every now and then what it will be like to cover senate arm services committee under senator john mccain. or perhaps, less happily for my stand . senator e en hauf. move, i think that you know. >> you -- are you concerned about deep troubleing possible that's the mines that now -- minds that now command those committees will be lost? >> i think you know, i agree with you, i think even with jedediah to a certain extent that people are voting against, not for. people are fed up. >> they have to vote -- this is a i mean in deepest respect and affect, i don't see why it
7:25 pm
matters for or against. it turns out to have been something different than we were sold hope and change, why should there not be a rejection of policys that don't work or displease the voters. >> i am worried about the alienation of the voter, about low voter tuun out, about people losing faith in our system of government. lou: should that go to. >> all statistics you put up. that worries me, people going out to vote, then, finding out there is not a change and there is not much hope, their lives are the same. if not worse than they were before. i grief for the country if people are so disen chanceed witenchanted withthe system thet for next presidential election. >> i want them to vote for something and believe in
7:26 pm
something, not just a reject of barack obama's policy, that ii important. but i also think it is important to believe in republicans, and say they have a pro growth agenda, that i can get behind, they have a big tent that i could be a part of, they don't. lou: well what do you say to people like me, who want presidents and senators and congressmen focused on middle class on working men and women, small businessmen and women, who create the jobs, and instead of the republicans cowing to the business round table in chamber of commerce or democratic party cowing to unions, and socio ethnic centric interest groups, when does it become a matter of policy and purpose for those two parties to start talking about the foundation of the country? and the men and women who make this country work? because thes that neither partyg
7:27 pm
that. >> i would tell you to run for office. you are talking common sense, @%d that regular emergencys fee -- regular americans feel, and say yeah where are these politicians, but when politicians get into that dc bubble, they forget that, it is all about their friends, you do for me, i do for you. lou: think about this, we have got to your point, which is you are both making excellent points, but we don't have a free press operating as a watch dog but but a lap dog right now, we're talking about a economist order for -- executive order. instead of taking action to create jobs to support businesses, entrepreneurs, working people while 20 million
7:28 pm
people reside on a bureau of -abor statistic charts that is unconscionable. >> let's see how the president does, depends on what happens tonight, if there is a huge republican sweep, he has to make a decision,ly will proceed when what you suspect he will do or he could pull a clinton or a reagan. lou: i am no -- i have moved what this president does or does not do, he is not operating as a president, he is an author a -- he signs with a pen, that is beyond scope of the founders of this country, and our constitution, what i now worry about is what
7:29 pm
will the succeeding congress do about it, and both parties do in response what is to me an awful mess that we find ourselves in. >> hopefully the republicans will put forward this clean bills thht the presidenttwill have a difficult time rejecting, focus on things that he has to answer for, americans looking for jobs haveetheir mind on right priorities would hold him accountable for. don't pad them with things that divisive, clean legislation. >> they have not been able to do that so far. >> it gets rejected because they -- >> they have not done that. you don't have a clear sense of about from republicans or democrats that is why 40% of electorate identify as independents. lou: you mentioned word
7:30 pm
accountability, we have to be careful about discourageing folks. >> will too. >> polls are closing, we want to go to breaking news. and polls have just closed in west virginia, north carolina, and ohio. two of those states will help decide balance of power in senate and west virginia
7:31 pm
we're going to mcconnell, we declared. and projected as the winner, as you see there. this is 57 and 40% margin, about 23%. of the precincts and votes counted, he has done his job. and south carolina, which you see lindse lynn lindsey graham f his challenger and tim scott, holding off joyce dickerson, and haley in ssuth carolina, holding her position, against sheehan. and forecast projected add the winner, in this is erase. point, in to this
7:32 pm
an unlikely highly kno unlikely, close, close race, mark warner, challenger ed gillespie erase is just too close to call, this and i think this represents the virginia polls, probably far too little of the urban centers. we may see some shift here. but. that is a very tight race. returning to us now, a-team, michael goodwin, good to see you again, robert zimmerman, democratic strategist and good pal, and ed rollins. and as robber pointe robert poi.
7:33 pm
>> i lost minnesota by 1620 votes, i am not bitter. lou: i think a hell of a boxer, 5 time golden glove. now you see what that urge to win does. minnesota. we'll have a do-over. your reaction to virginia? ed? >> gillespie is a top notch professional, a great party chairman, one of the move think that people didn't think he had a chance, he tried to challenge the state, a swing state in the past, tentative move. but he ran a great campaign, underfunded, nd i think that any anything he does tonight, and we hope for a victory will be major, if he wins this race tonight, you watch this will be a big night for us, we may pick up a couple other seats, like new mexico and other places where a second udall will be in trouble. lou: what is democratic
7:34 pm
talk among the class if you will, commentary if we see tight races in among other states virginia that will be perhaps a auger poorly for democrats as the election moves across and poll closings. >> i think this is a fair assessment. local states that were swing states that obama carried or blue states and you see republican margins build in these areas close races should should not be close that showed beginning a wave, we'll see how that develops. >> wave, sounds like almost to me, a preposterous word to describe what looks like a hand-to-hand combat among democrats and republicans, do you believe that a possibley is there? >> i do, i think that for a wave to happen, you need a
7:35 pm
nationalizeed race. and you need sort a central nervous system. and i think that is what we have with the people whooare opposeed to president obama's agenda appeal it is time to go in a different direct. i think that is what is animateing this wave. if i could quickly, we're not giving enough attention to south carolina, tim scott, first african-american, elected from a confederate state since reconstruction is a republican.3 and i think that certainly flies in the face of a lot of the stereo typing of the parties these days, this is a great day for south carolina. a great day for tim scott. lou: it looks like it may be quite an evening for the republican party, we'll see as we move through this. we hope you stay with us, on fox business network, michael, and
7:36 pm
ed, and robert, thank you. our quotetation of the evening now. lincoln said, elections belong to the people, it is theirr3 decision, if they decide to turn their back on the fire, and burn their behinds, then they will just have to sit on their blisters. we'll see, up next, republicans already picking up one seat that will help shift the plan of power, in senate, another possibley in iowa, a update on that race with joni ernst the repuulican, and bruce braaey the democrat, here next. solly bank really has no hidden fees on savgs accounts? that's ght. it's just that i'm worried out u know "dden things..." okwhy's that?
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so can reach ally bank 24/ but the are 24/7es? it's just i'm a little rectant to try n tngs. test one. test two. test three. lou: closings in georgia, indiana, kentucky, vermont,
7:40 pm
virginia, north carolina, and west virginia, a quick recap now. republican congresswoman shelly moore with the republican party's first pick up in the evening that in west virrinia. what amounts to a surprise however is the virginia senate race that between incumbent mark warner and the republican ed gillespie, that race is too close to call. warner had been projected as a comfortable winner if not a large winner in that contest. obviously gillespie has made it very interesting tonight. in north carolina, democratic senator kay hagan facing off with republican state representative thom tillis that's anothee race that at this hour is too close to call. it would be a major victory for the senate republicans where they to it up. kay hagan going into the day with a slight lead in most polls.
7:41 pm
democratic congressman, bruce braley and joni ernst battling out in iowa for the senate seat left vacant. joining me now fox news correspondent shannon. shannon. >> you know iowans are losing a long time democratic alley, tom harkin. he had held that seat for decades. democrats felt pretty good about holding onto the seat. it's really become a barn burner. talk about the two candidates. you've got on the g.o.p. side, johnny erps with one of the most memorable ads. growing up on a farm. castrating hogs. it proved she could cut pork. she would make people squeal in washington. she is a state legislate or as you mentioned. the iowa national guard.
7:42 pm
something she hasn't talked about a whole lot though is gender. she's never made this about the fact that she would make history were she the first female elected from iowa to the us senate. gender came up over the last few days as harkin was out campaigning and he made some comments don't be fooled by how attractive she is or how nice she is. and he said, it doesn't matter as if she's good-looking as taylor swift. she's not right for iowa. we caught up with him on the campaign trail and i asked harkin if he wanted to clarify. it was wrong. i've made a mistake. i've done that before, i'll do it again she accepted that apology. initially she was offended. he shouldn't be making remarks that could be -- her big hit that's out saying she will shake it off. that's what she's done. we also caught up with her in aims, iowa, during an appearance she had at the iowa state
7:43 pm
campus. very loud coordinated protest during that. it went on for quite a while. she remained unflustered we wondered how she would react, but she said that's part of the reason i'm in the military to fight for the right of citizens including peop first amendment rights. she took a situation, tried to turn it t to her advantage. exceptionally tight heading into tonight. >> we'll be watching that very carefully and those polls set to close in iowa in just a little over two hours. (?) shanon, thank you very much. up next, one of the left's favorite newspapers unloaded on president obama as the polls open nationnide this morning. ward joins us and the latest on the senate balance of power, so far one pick up for republicans. what lies ahead. we'll be taking a look. stay with us on the fox business network.
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lou: this looks to be quite a night as we follow along these -- these poll closings. joinnng us now to put it in some perspective, billionaire publisher, real estate magnate, boston leaders. mark zuckerberger man. great to have you here. i want to, if i may quote for everybody an article entitled because i found it stunning that the washington post would run an article saying where did obama go wrong. quote, obama's journey from democrat leader weighing on his parties chances is a tale of a second term president quickly and repeatedly side tracted by some --
7:48 pm
in the widely held perception that the white house has not managed them well. for the post to take on that view would have been unthinkable two years ago. >> you know, the only understand at some ppint, even they understood what was happening, and the fact is that the president earned those words and that's the fundamental view. you could not deny them at any point. if you did deny them, you would lose your credibility. they had to do it particularly when you saw how things are getting worse not better at this stage in the lou: and incredibly, the president put himself into the midterm elections. and insisted his policy while he was not, werr on the ballot. >> you know, there's something about that kind of political misjudgment that makes you wwnder. on the other hand, he had to know that if he had -- he had to believe somehow rather that he could connect the game with the american voter. what he forgot or was
7:49 pm
willing to overlook is the damage that he's done to the democratic party, particularly to the core voters oo the democratic party which are the working class people and the people on the lower end of the income spectrum who are hurting very, very badly and at some point he is the guy they blame. lou: do you think it's possible that -- as we watch this evening progress, that the race is so tight in virginia, that it will perhaps be a sign of things to follow across the country as polll close, that is, that this is a night of republican victories predominantly. >> i felt this a long time ago on another television show, i predicted that the republicans would take control of the senate and they would increase their majority in the house, and this was six months ago. i was looking at the economic numbers and the job numbers. that is still the most important thing. a job is the most important thing in most
7:50 pm
american families outside of their families. lou: that view has eluded this administration. to witness the policiese they adopted. they were almost sure not to work. i've been writing about it, commenting about it. i don't understand. i don't know where -- i don't know where they're getting their advice. lou: yet this president succeeded when he was inarguably in worst shape in terms of the economy in 2012 when he won reelection. it's one of the reasons i wasn't too sure as i looked at these polls what the esult would be and i'm still not because he's overcome a clear empirical case against his governance and his policies before it could happen in midterms as well as in presidential election. >> i have to say, i felt the same way. -@i wasn't able to understand how well he could do the second term. the second term was mysterious. these last several years have been still very
7:51 pm
tough. a lot of people are hurting. they haven't come out of it. there was a chance to believe we would turn the economy up. we haven't done that. quite the opposite. it's gone the other way. lou: do you believe that the republicans will have a significant slate of pickups tonight? i don't know whether we should use the word wave or not, gaining six senate seats or substantially more. >> i think -- look, all they need is six. so in order to be happy myself, i think they'll get six or seven seats in the senate. and therefore, they will control the senate. i also think they will increase their margins in the house. and they'll have a very strong mandate from what i would call a wave election, that will give them the opportunity politically to have a lot of momentum. lou: and a lot of momentum will require to right so much. thanks so much. up next, history undoubtedly being made in these elections tonight.
7:52 pm
almost irrespective of some of these outcomes. we'll show you where and why and how some of that history adds up to more bad news for the obama white house. next.
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lou: a few comments now on what will undoubtedly be a fascinating if not historical night. already we know that it will go down as the mmst expensive midterm election in the nation's history. nearly $3.7 billion spent. can you imagine 3.7 billion? the president isn't on the ballot as he constantly reminded us, but he just may set a record for losing the most house seats of any two-term presidenn in history. democrat hear truman suffered the worst losses. eightyythree houseeseats were lost during the midterms. without a doubt, it's not a good night to be the leader of the
7:56 pm
democratic party. there's no argument about that already. i thiik it's fair to say a great night for our because when all is said and done a lot of constraints have been shattered that needed to be and much earlier. iowans can send their first ever woman to congress if it elects joni ernst for the senate or democrat apple to the house. west virginia electing its first female shelly moore and south carolina electing senator tim scott in a special election making scott the first african-american to be elected to the senate from a former confederate state since the reconstruction. and in utah neil could become the first black female in congress. and 30 two-year old republican n new york could make history as -@the youngest woman to win a seat in the house.
7:57 pm
history being made tonight, and we've all got a front row seat. that's it for us. stay tuned for cavuto coming up here next. then fox business covers the elections. neil leads our coverage with the fox business scene. stay with us. neil: well it is early in the process. it's a very long night for democrats. they were expecting some trouble tonight, and they were getting it. approximatvery early on, we can tell you of the six seats republicans needed to pick up to tty to gain control of that, they've already gotten one and they are threatening at least in a half dozen others. the one they got was in the state of west virginia. that was


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