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tv   MONEY With Melissa Francis  FOX Business  November 7, 2014 2:00pm-3:01pm EST

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really? billions left on the table each year. we got easier way to find out if you are a lotto winner because even when they say it's not, it is always about money. >> president obbma and congressional leaders at the while house. he was set to hear concerns from both parties. >> i will not judge ideas based on whether they're democratic or republican. i will judge them based on whether or not they work and, i'm confident that they want to produce results as well on behalf of the american people. tracy: and, here to discuss, baron's senior editor jack hough and moody's senior economist john lonski. you know we would like to
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believe there is such a thing as bipartisanship. seems to be a dirty work, jack, so dd you buy this. >> hard to believe. since the republicans did so well in the midterm elections if they are able to put a deal together, big issue everyone wants to take the credit. no one wants to givv the other party credit. since republicans had a recent victory, if they get the ball rolling on something, they can look backk hey that happened once we did so well in the midterm elections. president can say that happened while i was in office. everyone can take credit at the same time. so maybe. tracy: john, they had the op-ed in the paper all the things they want to get done and seems like this magnificent laundry list of nothing is going to happen.3 shouldn't they focus on or two things? thank you hey in twooyears they did someehing. >> i have a simple idea. that is to focus on the xl pipeline and infrastructure spending. that is a nice trade, okay? give the republicans the xl pipeline anddgive the democraas the increase in infrastructure
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spending, that they want. that is perhaps a deal that can be done. infrastructure spendinggon run-down highways and bridges and the like. probablyyhas biparttsan appeal. charlie gasparinooof fbn is here with us too. this lunch today, i knoo youure jonessing to know what they're having but after that -- >> sure nothing you serve on easter sunday. tracy: no lasgna on the tabbe there. what do you expect to hear out of this. >> nothing. i mean i think they will baa around a few things. we'll hear something on immigration probably and there will be a threat about amnesty, the old way. the president will talk about infrastructure as you said. i mean that's a big thing. it is interesting when you listen to the president last couple days, he doesn't say much other than the usual stuff. he, when he talks about compromise on all big government items. he s nnver really said anything about possibly a tax cut. i don't think he is publicly --3
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>> corrorate tax reform. >> corporate tax reform. he said, saying nothing bbt we can agree on you know, x, y and z government policy it is really an interesting thing the way he is picking this fight. it will be, i will compromise with you to expand our agenda. >> the problem with tax reform, it sound llke an easy thing. it sound like everyone is for tax reform because the tax code is a mess. the problem is it reaches into so many parts of people's lives that they agree on misdemeanor different things. tracy: you need to reform individual taxxs as well. becomes so voluminous but -- >> if you just did a corporate tax cut or did something to repatriate the money, that would be a good step. my point with president obama, what he is willing to compromise not on obamacare where it would be really smart to get rid of mmdical device tax, not on dodd-frank, kind of nice to lay off banks on certain issues. he is willing to compromise on willing to compromise on big
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government, i will go less after big government agenda if you compromise. tracy: speaking of compromise, charlii, we talked about this, remind everyone we're waiting on congressional leaders to leave the fine luncheon. we'll ind out what they had. the supreme court is about to hear, fox is learning supreme court will take up another obamacare challenge. the justices will decide whethhr the law authorizes subsidies that helps illions low and middle mcpeople. notion of repealing obamacare is not going to happen. let's chomp away at little pieces of it. >> that's correct. that is the best way to go about it. the republicans will get a lot of support from ever growing numbers of retirees who are -@finding that their medicare is being reduced in order to help fund the subsidies for lower income americans, younger americans. >> if your viewers are looking for a shortcut to tell how likely is it that obamacaar is going to go away, look at shares of health insurers and look at
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shares of hospitals because both of those make a lot of money for more insured people. they're down, they're not plummeting. >> that is not that good. i will say this. what we need to do is judge napolitano to talk about the law on this thing. i'm not quite sure about the law. but i will say this, judge roberts caught a lot of heat in conservative circles for voting for obamacare during the last go round. he is going to be under tremendous, tremendous pressure to vote against, to, for some sort of repeal for this thing as it goes before the republicans before a change in the court,% before the supreme court before, before president obama can put anybody in there, this thing is going down in flames. tracy: fox fox news chan none bm reporting -- shannon bream, they will see if they uphold the federal tax credits for obamacare for all 50 states. that is a big thing for a lot of people. >> roberts will not vote for
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this thing twice. -@he will be vilified, in any place that he wants to hang his hat, when, i'm telling for conservative to vote twice to -- tracy: for same thing, fair enough. >> is liie you're done. tracy: we have more breaking news. this out of detroit. judge steven rhodes approving the city's financial restructure plan, giving detroit pretty much clear path out of chapter 9 bankruptcy innnext couple weeks. the plan hinged on shedding $7 billion unsecured debt and 1.7 billion into the city services. they started out with the $18 billion debt. this is the biggest ever municipality bankruptcy, john. does this set precedence? >> this is a arning. the first waaning don't expect much from government spending going forward for the overall economy. something to look at these numbers. over the past 10 years, real state and local government spending has contracted by
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contrast, 2004, growing 2 1/2, 3% on a allly. that support to the government is gone. state and local governments have to tighten their belts if only to make good on pension and health care promises they made to the baby boom generation. that will be interesting story. tracy: speaking of, jack, the judge said it boarded on miraculous that the pensions were basically held intact through this whole thing. >> that is choice you make between the pensioners and creditors. and creditors got hit hard here. the problem going forward for states with big pension obligations, bond buyers will take a careful look before investing money. >> i really, i think one of the sort of things coming out for ouu viewers, if you're in mmnicipal bond market should yo3 be freaking out about this? tracy: right. >> i would say no. clearly bondholders got screwed on this this is where, the bond lot of pain on detroit.ting a if new york city is any guide, you remember ciiy in '70s, there was a default.
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the city defaulted. new york city has never recovered from that frrm a bond market standpoint. people buy the bond but, moody's and s&p rate them very low, new york city. >> city government in new york had to give up its sovereignty or over its own budget a longg3 period of time into the 1980's. tracy: dow and s&p hitting all new highs. much washington responding to the jobs report that was largely positive but leaves room for improvement the economy added 214,000 jobs last month, bringing headline unemployment six-year low. labor force participation remains a conceen. hovers near the same dismal marks in the 70 es.% what do you think? >> narrow foccsed on the october jobs report it looks pretty good @ut in a broader context it looks limp. the occober was the 64th month of the current economic recovery and whennwe compare where we are today, to the
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previous peak for empllyment, that's january 2008, we have time period the working agesame population has grown by more @han 8 million americans. and that percentage is cruddy. in the past, i give you an idea, the previous ratios were something like 70% as far as jobs creation compared to the increase in the working agee3 population. and in fact, in the past, by the 64th month of a economic recovery, you had added more than 9 million jobs as opposed to -- >> where that shows up is really weak wage growth. workers have a weak hand. tracy: nonn. >> why isn't the market cheering this? the only thing i can think of, i haven't spoken to, spoke with enough traders today, is that they're saying okay, we have still weak economic growth what -@it really comes down to it. guess what? we're facing higher interest rates. >> we think we are.
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maybe short-term rates will go little bit higher but that is no guaranty that bond yields will rise significantly higher. >> i agree. tracy: charlie's point. we're only up 14 points. we were up more before. the market doesn't seem all that thrilled. thank you very much. isis on the high seas. how recruits are traveeing to join the group in syria, not by plane but cruise ship. plus, twitter one year later, why execs at social media giant seem to have very little to celebrate a year after going public. we have more money and answers coming up. ♪
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for l the confidce youd. td ametrad tracy: well one year after twitter's hotly-anticipated trading debut it is not much of a celebration. slower using growth, management shake-ups the fact that profit is still years away kind of prompting big investors to leave the nnst. here to discuss united advisors scott martin, capitalist jonathan hoenig. both are fox news contributors. charlie is back as well. jonathan since you are the king of twitter, what do you think of all -- >> well, it's true. just this in.
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i have 35,000 followers. you have only got what, 16,000? tracy: who is checking. >> i have five. >> well i think the point is -- >> i got three. >> twitter is wonderful company, not so much as a great investment. a lot of dot-com companies, twitter will succeed, they will make money but valuation the market assigning to it will contract. >> scott, i think a lot of people were really skeptical when thissthing went public in holding on, no? >> i think it is holding on, i think holding on for something interesting, tracy, which is a takeover. jonathan may be the king of twitter and i'm emerging prince for twitttr in the concerns that twitter needs a takeover. they need to do growing up. their big brother, facebook, is absolutely killing them with regards to business model mobilizing ad revenue. that is the whole thing, right? whether they figure that out on their own or with the help of somm other company i think twitter might be worth a look
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here. tracy: charlie, ceo ick costolo people are not happy. what do you think? >> just full disclosure, he dissed fox business, so and any criticism i give him should be put in that context. listen, one of the smart things mark zuckerberg did was hire some smart people like sheryl sandberg. sheryl sandberg s kind of the face. deals with wall street. makes sure everything runs on time. mr. costolo needs, they nude nee management there. the product is really good, if you think about it..3 i love it. it is interesting way of keeping abreast of news. it is a good productt how do you translate that into money? i think they need to get smart people in there. >> so was -- >> what? >> "cosmo""com. great product, great idea. >> not as good as this. tracy: everyone had a problem with facebook when it first came to the forefront. mark zuckerrerg has this live q&a. this kind of blew my mind. you have the opportunity
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just about anything and people asked him, why do you always wear the same gray t-shirt? come on claim. fielded questions like that and first q and a he likes the look. he doesn't have to think about his wardrobe. >> that is bob greifeld. >> people asked him about the movies. did it huut his feelings. he wasn't portrayed properly. yadi yada. charlii if you could ask him anything, what would youuhave asked him? >> how much of a role does sheryl sandberg really play in the country? is she is the defacto ceo? i think what i would ask him, what adviie in that context would you give twitter, dick costolo, whatever hayes name is? what is his name, abbott an costello. tracy: we'll move on. what would you have asked mark zuckerberg? >> i wouldn't have asked himm3 anything, tracy. i would have thanked him. mark zuckerberg really improved my life substantially. i never given him a dollar. i have never given him 50 cents.
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meanwhile he created something i use every day, that builds my business. i have a lot of facebook @ollowers as well, tracy. something that i enjoy. so i wouldn't ask him anything. would i thank him for all he has done. tracy: if were not for facebook we couldn't see all the cute pictures of scotty's kids. talk about morgan stanlee. suddenly riding shotgun with uber. they have 17 billion reasons to do it basically. the bank officially aiming, naming uber as its employee transportation service. not really sure if they just need a ride or they trying to ipo. charlie, they're late to the party. barclays and deutsche bank have been piling -- pilot customers of uber. will thhy drop the car service in lieu of uber for an ipo? >> here is the thing. i know james gorman the ceo. if you know culture ofan. wall street, morgan stanley is white shoo-in investment bank.
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they have this big brokerage investment firm. i can't imagine white shoe bankers at morgan stanley teal with top 500 companies riding around in uber. >> take the uber black car. >> they like their drivers. tell you this james gorman doesn't get along with bankers so much. he may force them to do it. tracy: i don't know. scotty, can you imagine like these big shot bankers calling uber waiting onnthe street ffr their car? doesn't sound logical to me. >> remember jamessis not a binge banker. james is a broker. >> no he isn't, thht's true. he still takes car. these guys may take one ride to get that very fruitful ipo to because i think that is other thing too. look at uber will be one of the best ipos of 2015. most valuable startup in the world right nnw. bigger than dropbox, bigger than airbnb. bigger than your favorite pinterest, charlie. >> what is pinterest. what is pinterest please? >> you don't understand how uber
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works. this intermediating the entire -- tracy: i do understand how uber works. we have to go to break. i will tell charlie about pinterest. >> you will love it, charlie. i promise. tracy: we have another record day on wall street. ddw, s&p all hitting intraday highs. go to nicole petallides on floor of the exchange who my guess is on pinterest? >> not yet. obviously i need to get on. the doo is up 14 points.% not too far off session highs. record day on wall street for dow and s&p 500. tech-heavv nasdaq pulling back. best of the bunch include energy, telecom, utilities. look what is going on hereewith alibaba. record day for alibaba, once% again crossing $114 mark. -@114.77. was the high. this was a $68 ipo back on september 19th. it did have its earnings and up about 15% this week, tracy. performer. great week. a lot of records as well.
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tracy: good friday. thanks, nicole. whether on wall street or main street here is who is making money today. anyone with a piece of sears. the stock soaring on news it is considering the sale of up to 300 stores to real estate investment trust. now those stores will be leased back. look at shares. they're up morr than 37% right now. ceo eedie lampert raking in cash ahead of the weekend. he has 25 million shares. that means he made a little bit like a quarter of a billion dollars today alone. talk about happy friday. hoping to share more money? owner of most expensive home on the market, the massive beverly hills estate is on sale for record breaking price of $195 million. it has, wait for it, a 27-car garage. and a vineyard, that produces 500 cases of wine a year.3 that is pretty cool. -@that is a deal, huh? or who is losing money? viiings running back adrian
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peterson. i'm sorry, too bad. nike dropped his contract after he pleaded no contest to assault. hehe is the fourth athlete to le a nike contract this year. detroit gets a green light onn3 its plan to get out of bankruptcy. voters choosing to legalize marijuana in washington, d.c. guess who is the first on the scene? hmmm. do you ever have too much money? (vo) you are a business
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tracy: largest u.s. city to ever file for bankruptcy getting a shot at a fresh start a federal judge giving the green light a little over an our ago on detroit's plan to exit bankruptcy. fox news's garrett tenney joins us now with the details. >> yeah, tracy. in fact the judge is still going through this plan. it has been over an hour noww but there is so much to it,
2:25 pm
piece by piece he is explaining his approval. that is judge steven rhodes. one of the key parts of this plan is shedding $7 billion of debt. reducing what had been a very generous pension and health benefits for former city workers. now addressing those cuts judge rhodes conceded there may, that these may cause severe hardship in some cases but said shared sacrifice is necessary for the in a deal with bond insurers, the city agrees to give up a combination of cash and city owned property on riverfront for helping city's revitalization efforts. that includes a 1.7 billion investment over the next 10 years to upgrade basic city services which have been neglected for years and remove a blight of abandoned properties throughout the city's neighborhoods. all the parties involved in the plan agree detroit's return is still far from a sure thing. >> you've got some checks and
2:26 pm
balances with some oversight to make sure that the city doesn't fall back into its old ways. you will never have absolutee3 certainty that this plan will be fully implemented. >> what is also not known whether people move back to the city to provide greater tax base or businesses will thrive in th3 the city's attorney says there is little room for mistakes going forward aad any mismanagement of those reinvestmmnt fund could put the city right back where it was. tracy. tracy: you have to change your ways. thank you so much, garrett% tenney. we hhve to go to steve malanga on the phone with more. senior fellow at manhattan institute. he is basically known for complete expertise in finances for cities states. steve, i know you've been fouling all of this. what jumped out at you? >> the thing that jumped out the meese the most, essentially what the judge said. even though pensioners have to take a cut, they as unsecure creditors are taking much less
2:27 pm
of a cut than bondholders. now this is really precedent-setting. it is reaaly shaking up the municipal finance world. in fact the city's lawyers, they made the argument that the reason the judge should have approve this deal is that pensioners, city employees are not as sophisticated at understanding finance as bonddolders were supposed to be. so this is a essentially a warning. bondholders think, even when they buy debt, that is secured, backed by taxes. they think that they are goingg3 to be first in line to repay, to be repaid. but when it comes to this new reality oo big pension debt, city employees are likely to be favored over bondholders. tracy: i love this. the judge said it boarded on miraculous. steve, the city has to change its ways or it is going to happen again. do you think they're going to? >> here is the thing.% the city has two problems. one it was mismanaged
2:28 pm
financially. we could go through a lot of mismanagement. in addition to that the city has done a lousy job of delivering basic services including police protection. we haven't even talked about its, public school system. if the city is going to attract people back into it, if they're going to attract businesses they have to be able to deliver basic services because people aae not going to live in places where they don't have aaequate police protection and decent schools. tracy: amen. steve ma lang pa. thanks so much for jumping on the phone with us. >> no problem. tracy: we talked about this earlier. a cold blast from the past. the dreaded polar vortex coming back, for god's sakes. better grab your gloves while you still can. plus meet me at the white house. president obama and bipartisan leaders come together for the first time since the midterm elections. we'll finddout what they had to say. plus we have "piles of money" coming right up. >> president obama has invited congressional leaders from both parties to a meeting at the white hhuse tomorrow. when asked if he is nervous,
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from the banwhere no anches equs grt ras. . tracy: all right, the power lens is still under way. the president meeting with top congressional lerich edson at t with the latest. hey, rrch. >> reporter: good afternoon, tracy, there has been little indication from democrats or republicans that they plan on changing positions, at least after the resounding results for republicans on tuesday's election. republicans are saying that be changing, picking up a handful of seats and control of the u.s. senate. before this meeting started, there was a chance the president spoke with reporters and outlined very familiar priorities. >> what we can do together to ensure that youug people can afford college, what we can do together to rebuild our infrastructure so we're competitive going forward. what we can do together to make sure we have a tax system that
2:33 pm
is fair and simple, and unleashes tte dynamism of the economy. what we can do to make sure e keep the progress that we've been make in reducing the deficit while still making thh investments we need to grow. >> reporter: it appears there are some areas where democrats or republicans can get together with president obama in the some of that as the president mentioned would be tax reform bupts it to raise a little revenue, little bit, in the hundreds of billions of dollars to pay for and protect thh infrastructure proposal. the president on his way to asia next week to negotiate a free trade deal, something the white house pushed for, congressional democrats pushed back on. and with control bbck to the republicaas, perhaps we ccn get something on ttat front others back to you. tracy: thanks so much. we're waiting to see if the congressional leaders will take the microphone whennthey depart the white house. we'll bring you comments live when they happen.
2:34 pm
will the president and the new republican-led congress find middle ground? here with me democrattc -pstrategist and forbes 16, 16 members from the house and the senate were invited. three declined. said they it conflicts, i'm sorry. peter, this is pretty darn important. maybe you can move the hair cut appointment?? >> i would think they could! they really got to sit down and calm down. i think that they could really move theeball on tax reform. the republicans want to use loophole closing and all the rest to llwer rates overall and the president wwnts to do the reverse. why not attach neutral package and commit to throwing all the loophole exclusions, credits, that each side likes. they have credits they like for industriee thhy favor and get
2:35 pm
the rates in aad rationalize the tax structure. that's a win-win situation, they both could look good. tracy: bipartisan is a dirty word, why? >> everyone points fingers at everyone else. no one has the political spine to say let's compromise. >> i think they have the political spine to say it. i'm hopeful it's goiig to happen this time. the numbers are bad for the democrats. i will add that two-thirds of voters didn't turn out which sends a signal to democrats and doesn't give the gop a mandate to govern on a nonexistent platform. i think we will see movement from this. the president knows he has two years to cement legacy as a personable president and someone who can get something done beyond social issues. tracy: they got to come together on this. she makes a great point.. this is not a vote for republicans, it wasn't a vote o for either, while i don't like these guys, i'm going to vote
2:36 pm
them in and give a shot. >> it was a mandate, this is a historic margin for republicans. let's just remember that. tracy: otherwise it's a waste. >> i agree, and i hope ted cruz will be the aault and not the kanye west of republicans, and i think mitchhmcconnell aid he wants to lead and he wants to govern. tracy: they have to do this win is a waste. immigration seems to be the one sticking point in this whole >> that's right, and the president has the hammer hand. he can issue an executive order. it may be extra unconstitutional, may be illegal, the reality is presidents can do what they want unless you beat them in court. it's very hard to take a president to court. we're not going to impeach him over this. he's got a big lever on republicans to make the move. if we're going to come to some conclusion on immigration, now is the time to do it.
2:37 pm
this is the time to get it done..o cf1 o tracy: the republicans to win, and if they blow it, they're going to blow it for a very long time. >> very long time. >> they're going to be serving in hillary clinton's administration for a long time if they don't get this right. tracy: amen. the obama administration not letting bipartisan dysfunction get in the way of a major headliner. the legendary willieenelson performed in a salute to the troops. was it a coincidence he came just after d.c. legalized recreational marijuana? i don't know, we report. you decide. thank you all. piri better watch her back. there's a new person in town. it will measure up? plus a strange pen pal for president obama as the gop in the fight against isis. at the end of thh day, it's all about money. we'll be right back. hi, are str tomorr
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guess whurnsurce compan only give you 3thousa to replacit. "depreciation" they ai "howan my car depreciate bere it's first oil chan?" ask. maybe the better question , why dodo you have thatinrp wi liberty mual ne car plem we'll replace th full valuef ur c. why dodo you have thatinrp secar insuncin alene ghr plem liberty mual iurance. . tracy: i'm tracy byrnes with fox business brief. amazon came out with a to personal commands. responds it will answer asic questions and act on simple questions. disappointed investors by saying it will not spin off power plant. tonight on "the independents," ron paul, he had
2:40 pm
this to say about his son rand paul, and whether it's possible for a libertarian to becomee president? is it possible for someone with a true libertarian ideology to be elected presiient in this counnry? >> most likely not, and the bully pulpit is powerful. the war propaganda is powerful. tracy: don't miss that 9:00 p.m. eastern. that's the latest from the fox business network giving you the power to prosper. it'sore thheriver.
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. tracy: talk about strange bedfellow, a shocking report from the wall street journal" says president obama sent a secret letter to iran's supreme leader. asking for the country's help in the fight against isis. is that who the u.s..should be turning to? here now, chris haamer for the institute for the study of war and deputy assistant to vice presiient cheney. -pit seems he president is on his fourth letter, steven, is this theeright way to go about this? >> look,,not unusual for presidents to use letters as a way to conduct some kind of secret diplomacy. what's troubling is the contebt of the lettee and the pitch where we had president obama not that many years ago saying assad must go and now writing a letter to the ayatollah in iran saying let's wook together and
2:43 pm
i prooise that we won't target syrian government officials and your friend assad can stay. that's a dramatii change in strategy, the content of the letter is a problem. tracy: we had a congressional source told fox news this screws, and they didn't use that word, everything up, chris. how do they fix this now? >> you can't fix it if the policy is flawed, there is nothing to be fixed. they got to go back to the source of the policy and fix that. the idea that somehow assad is off the hook here is inconceivabll to me. this is the man who is the original sin in syria. syria listed as state sponsor of terror in 2005. they have never been a reliable negotiating partner, never been a partner for peace. the idea they get offfthe hook, that's the problem. fact the president isstalking to the supreme leader of iran is not the problem, the problem is the policy itself. we can fight isis all we want in syria and we should.
2:44 pm
but if we do that without addressing the core problem with the assad regime, we'ree going to displace the misery further, not solve anything. tracy: speaking of, the letter is raising more than a few eyebrows on capitol hill. the house armed services committee is set to hold a hearing on thh strategy against isis next week. steven, what should it be? someone has to have a plan to tackle this. >> clearly what's been done to date hasn't been sufficient and -particulated very well. when is the last time you heard the president get up and give a clear message what the threat, is why they should believe in it, and how we'll know when it's done. we really need leadership, absent presidential leadership it's hard. congress needs to be asking these kinds of questions to push them, what is the mission, what are the tools, if it's not working what are the alternatives? all things that would have been ideal if they thought through before they got in. tracy: all questions that should have been asked moons
2:45 pm
ago. chris, add this to the list of according to the associated press, jihadi fighters are using cruise ships to reach iraq. that is almost brilliant, if you ask me. >> it is brilliant. into the fight while bypassing policies. hearing about the cruise ship element of this gave me flashbacks to my 20-year career as navy helicopter pilot which when we would spend a lot of time tracking maritime hipping for this reason. not as if the republic of iran is going to load up ships with terrorists. might be 95% legitimate and 2% illegitimate. all the terrooists trying to get into the isis heartland are doing are using a game plan established by iran. tracy: crazy, though, steven,
2:46 pm
they are instituting icheck it, they can check information off the interpol databases. is hat going to help? >> might help modestly. what we have is we squeeze the balloon in one area and go to other ways to get in. we haven't set up any clear strategy. are we cordoning off and containing this problem? that hasn't been aaticulated. so the cruise ship weakness is very, very important. hhaven forbid something hond a cruise ship would be terrible also. one of many, many weaknesses in the current approach. tracy: unfortunate. i wish i could have you both attend the meetings next week. thank you for your thoughts. >> thank you. tracy: into the last hour of % -ptrading. we got to check in with liz claman to see what's going on. >> good to see you, tracy, good to see everybody. intra-day records for the dow, the s&p and the transports. sooclose to losing some of we are going to watch your money tick by tick. does some of this has to do with the jobs report?
2:47 pm
possibly. two speeches in paris today. who gave them? what did they say? is that holding back the market at the moment? we're asking labor secretary tom perez. tom perez is going to be here not only to talk about the jobs number. i think the interesting point is that number that came out today while amiss had better elemenns in it, we're going to move forward ask, him to put his santa claus beard on and ask him what hh expects to see for jobs and hiring coming up, and we have diane swonk of mesereau financial, stewart friedman, the best investments and tackle what happened two hours ago. there has been an inadvertenn release, they fought iit apple and the company behind sapphire screens, the super hard glass. gtat in big, big arguments with it had to go bankrupt because apple got in its face and said
2:48 pm
do this, do that, and ulled the contract. wait until you see what's happening here. bait and switch, pointing thee more. tracy: the dow turns slightly negative as we were talking. it will be back. liz will bring it back. the white house ressonding as we learned, the sspreme court will take up the second challenge to obamacare. this is a major victory for the -pcritics of the president's health care law. the house calling the tax subsidy law, quote, another partisan attempt to undermine the law and says it's confident the supreme court will find that congress intended for the law tt include tax credits. we'll follow that for ou. and tear down this wall! berlin marks 25 years since and u wi ner guess w wasroug io celeate. biion,heotal of claid loeryickets eac year talkin topp maker that will ensure you never miss your
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. tracy: from the u.s. to every corner of the globe, money is flying around the world. germany marking 25 years since the fault of berlin wall. people are returning to celebrate. the reuneification of east and west. a life-size wax works of david hasselhoff. sure? really? it's been placed in the middle of the action so the germanss can take selfies with them. he sang a song for hunnreds of thousands of germans onntop of the partly demolished wwll. what a guy. what a picture.
2:53 pm
you could be a millionaire reports claim over $2 billion in lottery prizes were unclaimed in 2013 alone, and a new app called lotto lotto allows users to scan ickets to the app's founder brett jacobson joins us now. how did you do this? you compiled all the data from outstanding lotto tickets? that is state information, how do you get that? >> it's all under the freedom of information act, we're all entitled to it. people don't realize that the government's ccually not, the lottery is not private enterprise, it's controlled by the government. in 43 states that i have lotteries and required to provide that information if you request it. tracy: that's cool, the app is available to people in 43 states, ii the 43 states that sell lotto tickets. i download it and start scanning tickets? >> yeahh for a previous drawing, you take a picture of your ticket,
2:54 pm
it's simple. we work with tablet deviccs as well. and tells you instantly how much you won and if you won. for future, you take a picture o of the drawing, it sends you an alerr and how much you won. tracy: great idea, are you getting a ut of the winnings? >> actually the app is advertising. what we looked at was the opposite end, the stores themselves. there's about 250,000 u.s. stores that sell lottery tickets, they get customers to come into the store. that's the same reaaon they give out the secondary prizes people are missing out on. they want people to claim the tickets, buzz when you win $2 or $5, you usually buy more monthly fee in order for us to drive the industry. tracy: brett, a great idea, lotto, lotto, go get the app. i apologize we have to move on. there's a ton of breaking news
2:55 pm
today. we have breaking news for you from washinnton. president obama deploying 1500 additional u.s. military personnel in a noncombat role to train, advise and assist iraqi security forces. now the move is an effort to combat isis in the region. and talk about getting your comes. yeah, how about that. the usps isn't taking a day off the rest of the holidays. nope. you're going to get yyur packages this year,,and we'll tell you what's behind the move. at the end of the day, it's all about money. [reathg deepl]
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(v meee-ow, business pro.meee national.o like pro. 3rd an3. 58econdsn e clk, what am in about? foren rket ian bt that recoizshifin the ge. you know, the kindhatpilizes dy across the credisptrum and getsr and erng marke ifouonrt 4uarter p/e of t s&p 500, s d is doing lbetter... you've had toe ur own vestme expt, yb'sime for bnmellon a different f althaner ..nd black sware unpredictae. . >> you better wrap up, it's about to get a lot more chilly from the dakotas to texaa, 247b milllon americans are potentially in the path of a polar vortex. we're talking about arctic air sweeping over the country next week. expected to hittin about six to seven days.
2:59 pm
say it isn't so. and weather experts say it % could be long lasting. the worst will be felt in minneapolis, chicago, st. louis with a tempeeature plunge of 40 degrees or more. i'm staying inside, our manager is doing cartwheels he's so happy. the postal service leaves nothing to chance by adding sunday deliveries in major cities in move to the totally e-commerce business and fend off rivals like fedex and ups. jack and john and they messee up last year, they have to fix it. >> the best way to fix it is privatize the united states postal service. >> amen. >> we have ups, fedex, why do we need the government to use the money, save byyprivatizing the post office by funding obamacare. >> they are hiring meteorologists! >> i'm excited here's an extra day of the week they can
3:00 pm
leave a slip and go to the post office and wait in line to get the package. before i could only do that sixo days a week. >> just what you need, packages sunday morning. melissa is back monday. i hope you're making tons and tons of money. "countdown" right now. liz: breaking news, just a short time ago, a high-tech company pointing the finger at apple and yelling bait and swiich. apple's former key supply of superstrong screen glass revealing brutal allegations that have just been unsealed in court documents. one of the first time ny apple supplier has had the uts to fight the tech giant. will the battle reveal what can happen to a small business whose fortunes are so closely tied to a major contract with apple? the iconic company so many left for dead showing signs of a heart beat. can one development keep fears


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