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tv   The Willis Report  FOX Business  November 7, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

5:00 pm founder. have a great weekend. @hanks for coming on. liz: your fox business viewing is not ovvr. i will be with "making money with charles payne" 6:00 p.m. on fox business. hang out with us. david: "the willii report" is next 3 gerri: hello, everybody, i'm gerri willis. president obama and congressional leaders bbeaking bread. on the menu, a promise of compromise in the first face to face meeting with gop election victory tuesday president obama vowed to judge ideas whether or not they work,,not the party they come from. has the president finally eaten his humble pie? with more, brad blakeman, president george w. bush and republican strategist and bob brusca, chief economist at facts and opinions economics and former new york federal reserve division chief. great to have you. brad, i will start with you, my
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friend. pretty somber faces around that table this afternoon. do you think the president is ready to eat that humble pie? is ready to compromise? >> if you look back at 2010 the president did almost exactly what heeis doing today and t didn't get us anywhere. now i think reality must be setting into the president. now he is running for his leggcy what will he be -- obamacare and massive amoont of debt we've taken on? he has the ability to turn over a new leaf. xl pipeline, medical device tack and trade, build onnthat. gerri: we're looking at pictures of that meeting. we were just seconds ago. everybody looks so serious. do you believe the president will really come to the table? a lot of his statements i have to tell you, they don't appear to be that conciliatory? >> no, if you look at his press conference from the the other day he made it very clear he
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will not change focus. for example on immigration. he said he will use his pen and his phone. hasn't been on that, all sorts of topics. the obama administration is aggression sy in terms of with republican senate the -@likelihood is even higher. couple things like trade policy or opportunity for cooperation but the most action from obama is going to be an executive orders. gerri: that's a big fear. we'll get to that in a second. i to bring in bob. the president crowing about thh job's numbers. strongest jobs growth since the 1990s. 5.8% unemployment race. we added fewer jobs than consensus expectations. how do you rate the jobs report? >> that was solid but not impressive jobs report. average hourly earnings, they're not going up. that means you're not fetting higher tier jobs. the problem there is a lot of lower tier jobs.
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we're creating jobs, that's for sure. unemployment rate is goinggdown. labor force participation rate stablized that is good news. wook week was longer. a lot of good news in the report but we're not generating jobs we need in order to ove people up up in the world. gerri: i respect what you do but i have to respectfully disagree with you. in that jobs report. number of long-term unemployed little changed. participation rate unchanged. we saw some things in this that really didn't move the ball forward. brad, to you as you look at these numbers, people are frustrated. maybe the right numbers to look3 at are not the jobssnumbers but the election numbers which are more telling about the state of americans, how they feel about their economy and their own prospects. >> that's right. the most telling pool i think that were on people's minds tuesday, are we on the right
5:04 pm
track. this ses pessimism is rife around america. is not regional, but national. they're workiig under their level, below former salaries. people not having full-time positions in the type of work they had seen six years ago. so this jobs report, is not anything to crow about. we could be doing much better. here is the opportunity that comes in january. we could start a whole new atmosphere of confidence and president but puts down the pen an phone and works with gerri: rolls up sure sleeves and does homework. couldn't agree with you more. >> here is the key stat, gerri. 95% of income growth in america accrued to top 1% of the country. there is more income equality. why is that? lax monetary policy led to asset bubble. benefited -- gerri: this big stock gain we've seen. bob who benefited from that. >> i said this for a long time. we have this democrat president. had republican monetary policy.
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if you're upside down in the mortgage you can't get those low mortgage rates you know. if you have got a job, well a different world for you. the problem is neither one of these parties recognize the reason this is happening is because workers overseas are paid so much less than american workers. you need a ttade policy that will force tore rincon miss to compete fairly. and that is really bottom line. gerri: i have to tell you, republicans are talking about trade but i want to move on to immigration for a second. bob, he brought up the idea of executive action and president taaked just about that. the presideet's talked just about that issue and i want to ask you, wwen it comes to immigration, what will be the reaction, bob, to you, if the president does some kind of executive action on immigration? brad, to you. >> to me?3 what should ap.tion, here is american people are sick of omnibus bills like ealth care.
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3,000 page bills nobody read or understand. mitch mcconnell with the new senatt has to farm this immigration bill out in increments. on security, on taxes. tt the relevant committees to each come up with an incremental bill. if the president picks up pen and phone, jam him with bills -@and change his name to veto. he will have to veto a lot of leeislation. the american people will seee3 then where the gridlock is. gerri: bob, i want to ask you this. if the president were to go after some kind of executive action, opening up immigration, what would that do to the jobs market? we've been talking about how the to be, right? what would be impact on american workers? >> you know, we've had selective immigration through some visaa3 rules that have allowed high-tech foreign workers to come in. gerri: maybe talking about something far broader. >> you start letting a lot more people in with a border, get a the labor market ith more flood
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people who will be taking jobs and willing to work more aggressively than americans. they could drive wages even lower. gerri: you one-two punch of that, in a jobs market that is already suffering could be highly negative. >> yeah. there has been debate actually among republicans whether or not to move forward an immigration bill and how exactly to do it. one of the reasons why just what you've described. some people are very concerned about pressure on wages from low-skilled workers coming into the country. others have argued that actually immigration will lead to job growth because there will be more people working in the economy. but the most of the evidence is on the former than the latter. gerri: one of the big things i'm curious about, bradd i will turn to you first, the republicans are talking about obamacare and maybe trying to get rid of it entirely. i thought that was impossibility? >> it is an i am bossability. you have to govern with the hand that you're dealt and not wish you had a better hand. as uch as we wish obama wasn't the president, he is president
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for another two years. if you jam him with a bill to repeal obamacare, do you think he will say yeah, i made a terrible mistake. gerri: i wws shocked to hear that. what do you say? >> the pat problem republican politicians know there are people in the base really demanding repeal vote. republican politicians feel they need to accede to that. more realistic approach there is republican voters.r that among >> an example why they won't get their heads together. they will bang their heads together. this is aggressive way to start it. boehner is not trying to cut a deal. he is egg trying to be aggressive. this is not a good start. gerri: there is as much negative attitude on the president's part as far as boehner's. i don't think either side, they looked like they were forced to sit together at that lunch. nobody looked happy. brad, ovik, bob, thanks for coming on the show. gerri: we want to know what you think. here is our question tonight. can you trust the government'ss3 jobs numbers?
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log on to vote on the right-hand side of the screen. iiwill show results at the end of tonight's show. we have headlines on obamacare, the president's signature law making its way back to the supreme court. justice will decide whether subsidiee are legal, this after a federal appeals court upheld the irs rules allowing tax crediis under obamacare in all 50 states. now opponents say the subsidies should only be alloweddin states with exchanges. this would be the second time obamacare makes an appearance at the high court. the law back in 2012.he heart of meanwhile, health officials fixing one of the biggest complaints about or at least one of them. starting for next week's open enrollment. ssarting this weekend consumers can window shop and look at 2215 premiums and plans before they deciie what to buy. e have more to come% including your voice. your voice is important to us. duringgthe show we want to you faaebook me or tweet
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me @gerriwillisfbn. or send me an email at at the bottom of the hour i will read your tweets and emails. a shocking information about a cover-up at takata years before the massive airbag recall. look what they were hiding. you will be shocked after the break. rar vo) i arch. because, fore, the cenof t sear. more. is almost asxcing the rillf the nd. ounc) at scottde she ur passion. th's w we built scottrade elitfrom t gd up - inincludina propriary momentum indicatator ateseangectors and inries even easier. usat sttrade, ouion iswer yours.
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tonight over embattled japanese parts supplierrover the deadly exploding airbags we've been telling you about for weeks. reports shhw takata, that is the company, destroyed evidence from secret tests showing deadly dangers 10 years ago, a decade ago. we're bringing you very latest with larry webster, editor-in-chief for "road & track" magazine. you're familiar with that. larry, welcome to the show. >> thann you. gerri: i almost could not get my arms around the story when i first heard it, 10 years ago this company had secret tests an iinores the findings. >> yeah, i mean it is upsetting on the face of it. 10 years ago they had some engineers go to scrap yards, get airbags that had been in the field and sttrted running tests on them. they found not all of them worked properly. they did a lot of this testing on weekends, after-hours,,kind
5:14 pm
in secret way. then at some point ordered everybody to destroy the evidence and move on. if all the allegations turn out to be true. terrible. gerri: show the folks timeline. summer of 2004, these engineers carry out secret tests. find alarming results. three months later executives order these tests, this testing to be destroyed. men in four, that same year, in alabama, the first ruuture of a takata airbag, that is occurs. then nnvember 2008, the first recall. so 10 years ago, they know there's a problem. as we know this is super serious problem. in fact, when one of the death was investigated in this originally, police officials thought that somebody had been stabbed. that is how serious this is. describe for our viewers, if you will, what happens with these airbags, when they deploy in the wrong way. >> weel, you know airbags are, they can be very helpful device, they can be very harmful.
5:15 pm
they're very powerful. you have to remember in an accident, talkinggwell under less than a second they have to inflate a bag that is many times the size of a human. as a person goes forward, andman then, actually deflate at the same time. so there's a lot going on in short amount of time. they use very powerful iggiters and explosives to achieve that. >> almost like a gunshot, right? it all happens as quickly as a gunshot. >> absolutely. gerri: we have 17 million "total recalls" of these things. and the real problem is, that takata can't mmke enough new airbags to put in right kinds of airbags in these cars. so we're sort of stuck between a rock and a hhrd place. what would you advise people, consumers to do who know they have these takata airbags? >> i have been telling everybody, if they even suspect or don't suspect go to nhtsa website, thht will tell you if you have one of the cars on recall. and if you do, i would go right to the deaaer say what will we do here?
5:16 pm
i actually, if it were e i would disconnect them and wait until they have produced new ones to put back in there. gerri: i got to tell you i called guy who sold me my car, i don't really know you have a takata airbag or not. what kind of answer is that. the dangers are pre especially in humid climates. why ii that? >> well, i think what happens is, the canister and, what it is made of and electricaa contacts are more susceptible to the humiddair that has a little bit of a corrosive effect on it. but they're still working on exact cause of what issmaking some of these bags fail and some not. gerri: we're showing juut to the side of you, the left of you there, that is, a rooming scrool. of all the makes and models that @avv been orlando with takata airbags. let me tell you it's a ton. >> yeah. gerri: larry, before you go, one of my bbg questions about, this how much control doee nhtsa which is the -- federal
5:17 pm
regulator, nntional highway traffic safety administration.% how much do they control do they have over this? takata is a not an american company. they're a japanese country. >> they have a lot of control..3 government is mandated safety measure. they're there because of the government. they have a lot of control. you notice all recalls. the problem there are some recalls that people are immune to them. @hat's why -- gerri: true. their cars taken care of for the -@airbag recall. they're closed off to the. gerri: larry, thanks for coming great to talk to you. anytime. gerri: when we come back, another bailout in the works for yet another solar company? we'll have the latest on that. and next, an inside job by insiders. we'll look at a new report showing how ceos are end favor ann making money doing it. ♪ how can power consption
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. gerri: we talked about it once, we talked about it a dozen ttmes how individuals investors are placed at disadvantage by insider trading. folks on wall street ttading on us.ormation ahead of the rest of now there is evidence that even ceos do it. for more on this i will bring in "barron's" editor jock otter. great to see you, jack. always to nice to have you on the shoo. describe what you're talking about. this isn't old-fashioned kind of insider trading where we''e sharing secrets, right? >> fascinating stuff. these academics, they looked aa 116,000 press releases over --
5:22 pm
166,000 press releases over 16 years, lo and behold the good news came out at ceo's options were vesting, bumping up the stock price a little bit. gerri: let's face it, ceos make a lot of money on stock options they get so best interest to pump up the price which is a little like a pump and dump scheme, isn't it? >> t certainly is. in defense of ceos, what pump and dump screen leonardo dicaprio was dding in "wall street." as soon as old people buy it they dump it. in this case the ceo is keating good news. they're boosting share repurchase plan something like that. but theyyre timing so their options become a little more value at that time. gerri: there is i feel like no way, assindividual investor there is so much stacked against you if you're buying individual stocks. let me give you a little information from this paper. so, according to the authors of the study, the company's definitely released more good news ahead of ceo's stock
5:23 pm
vesting. ceos, released 5% more discretionary news. generate temporary run-up in stock prices. ceo takes advantage of these effects by cashing out shhrtly after the news release. thanks very much. those poor ceos are so held back. >> like i said to you, if you put a cookie in front of somebody thhy are going to eat it eventually. this is what is happening here. gerri: they're putting their personal profit -- they have a fiduciary duty here, don't they? >> that is wherr this gets% really serious. it would be very tough to say, for the sec to come in and say, hey, you announced that stock repurchase plan at the same time you were vesting options. but a whistle-blower could conceivably find a pattern wheee at some point the company is violating its fiduciary duty to shareholders. we always forget that tte owners of the company are the shareholders. it is not the boss. it is ot the cfo it is the shareholders yeah. gerri: i'm not against ceo's
5:24 pm
making a lot of money, don't ge3 me wrong here but i do think at the end of the day they have the obligation to run their company3 in a way that benefits the -@shareholders, don't you? >> absolutely. and also, many many academic studies in the long run everybody making out better in that situation. it is just, you know, people respond to incentives. this is another example of if the incentives, inceetivize you to do something a little bit% course.not everyone does it of -@this looked at a broad, broad ssath of companies but many were doing it. in fact the author specifically said, far too many occurrences showed that the vesting and press release came out at the same time for it possibly to be coincidence. @here is definitely a pattern heee. gerri: all right, there is pattern here but you have good news for small investors. what is it? >> first of all, this ising you and i talked about a lot, i wrote about ittin my book, if you feel wall street is rigged againnt you, michael lewis said that, thing to do invest in
5:25 pm
index fund. own entire market. when the scumbags are on the golf course -- gerrr: do i need research to help you know vesting schedules. >> i want to let people know, if you are scared of this own the whole market instead of benefit the ceo. play their game. look on sec website..3 it is very easy to navigate believe it or not. it is pretty efficient. look up form 4, form numeral four for any given company,3 shows when these guys options are vesting. you buy shortly before the options vest thinking about liquidating. gerri: wow, that is so cool. i love that jack. >> buy low, sell high. gerri: happy friday. >> happy friday to you. gerri: form four on the sec website. time to look at stories you're cliiking on stocks ended up after the jobs report fell after expectations. dow and s&p 500 ended further into record territory. oil prices started climbing back
5:26 pm
towards 80 bucks a baarel. federal reserve chair janet yellen will clarify intention on interest rates to minimize disruptions to financial markets n a speech in paris, she said when they do deeide to raiss rates it will be an important sign that the economy is emerging from a shadow of the great recession. teens are just not shopping anymore apparently. abercrombie & fitch is still having trouble selling its clothing. sales fell more than expected in sent and october as -- september and october as shoppers shunned clothes with retailer's logo on it. teen shunned the mall. cutting pensions and rrising billions of dollars of debt and promisings nearly $2 billion in better services for detroit. detroit's exit from the largest bankruptcy filing in history took nearly two years. those are some of the hot stories right now on coming up next a warning about a new bug that could be on computers running the nation's it could soon have devastating
5:27 pm
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ye... i do... 's just im litt reluctan try new'ong yi? try a new way to bank, where no branches equalgreat rate >> attention taxpayers, you might be on the hookkfor another big billion dollars baillut. the largest solar plant back by google, jpmorgan, uncle sam seeking more taxpayer money and blaming the bad weather for the bad performance. live in the l.a. bureau. william. >> bailout, handled, giveaway or incentive, gerri, you decide. they have called it a land grabbing, bird killing machine. opponents say it will help save us from global warming making investment worth the cost. it is in the mojave desert receiving 1.6 billion in federal
5:31 pm
loans, now however this is only a fraction of the electricity promise and wealthy investors including google and orangey energy ant $530 million in cash grants, a subsidy your tax money to pay off their billion dollars %--@>> this was an attempt by te cash generating companies that have billions on their balance sheet to get a federal bailout, -@a bailout from us, the taxpayers, for their project. it is actually rather obscene. >> and rg says it is simply take advantage of handout for clean energy. they generated a quarter of the megawatts prrmised. why? they say the sun isn't shining as much as ttey hope, which shows solar isn't 24/7 power
5:32 pm
sourcee to compensate their burning natural gas. telling us perfecting cutting edge technology takes time. this is not their first controversy, first gained attention when the the sears fod get this loan including hiring the former chief of staff to quarterback along with the white house did critics call it probably is some, others say it is how washington works. gerri: it is just outrageouu. what does the treasury say? >> tteasury has not told us if they will approve this or not but they have approved 9000 of these grants or handouts, $18 billion if i remember in 2013. back to you. gerri: no wonder we are $17 trillion in debt. william, thank you for that. here we go again, another cyber
5:33 pm
hack, this time the critical infrastructure under threat, hackers targeting the power plant, water treatment facilities and more. joining us discuss this, former white house chief information officer and mcafee online expert. i have to tell you, the government is saying this trojan horses place to create an economic catastrophe. why is this so serious and what is at stake? >> youuare absolluely right. this is very serious. a couple of things are at stake. the fact they got into the infrastructure at multiple differenn energy companies and they were almost like sleeper cells because we didn't know the malware was there until it was discovered for about three years. the next piece is we need to be ever vigilant in remembering our u.s. infrastructure is constantly being targeted,
5:34 pm
constantly under attack. gerri: robert, what could happen here? >> the fact new york city and a certain part of the region had @one dark and number of years back and significantly disrupted traffic as the ability to get gasoline at certain locations and even looking back at hurricane sandy, storm sandy, it is those issues where we lose power that disrupt the flow of everyyne's everyday functions is where the problems begin. gerri: unnelievable. >> people don't know what to do, they are not prepared for issues like that. gerri: apparently they knew about this in 2011, wire we only finding out about this now? >> they put out a report talk about what the findings were, what the dangers were and now what they''e thinking about
5:35 pm
doing to help energy utility water companies better protect themselves. part of this is a public service announcement so we can be upping our game like the cyber criminals and cyber terrorists are upping their game. gerri: i want to turn to home depot. more bad news on their data breach. something like 53 million e-mail addresses that have been breached. how important is this? a lot of people say e-maill% address, who cares. >> people who e-mails are now in the hands of bad guys will begin to receive phishing e-mails looking like they're coming from home depot or other rettilers ffr that matter trying to get usernames and passwords, different username and passwords and installing malware on the devices of those whose e-mails have been compromised it if you receive any incoming communication always be suspect. never click on a link because it
5:36 pm
is too easy to send out communications now. gerri: if you are one of those people whose -mails have been compromised, the real threat is you might get a phishing e-mail and we got one of these, our senior producer, kevin, got one of these. here is the initial e-mail he got, i might have clicked on that, it says you have a new voicemail, they kind of target you to read it, feel like they will give you something important, what should you do when you see something like -@this? >> the first thing is we all have to remember cyber criminals stealing this information, all roads lead to a massive amounts of data about consumers and businesses. the first thing is he wants to make sure the e-mail address you are using with your bank account is not the same one you are giving retail stores and other places. the second thing is if you do
5:37 pm
see a spear phishing e-mail like this, social engineering, you can report it back to the company it is pretending to be as well as to the ftc or the fbi, those are great ways to make sure everybody else is aware these attempts are happen. gerri: if you open it, this is what it will look like. thhs is with the e-mail to myy% senior producer looked like, you have a new voicemaill and there's a button to play. fortunately we have a super serious program here at fox that catches all this stuff. content blocked by your organiiation. robert, to you. you can't necessariiy rely on this kind of security when you are at home so you have to be super vigilant as an individual, right? >> that is correct get e-mails like this will be coming in every single day. these are advanced persistent threats where these criminals
5:38 pm
have nothing but time on her hands and their job is to communicate through social, your e-mail, they will find your friends and family and send them the communication is good so really have to e on guard 24/7, never click on the e-mails and recognize t is up to you to protect yourself because nobody else is going to do it for you. -@gerri: and tell mom and dad. when we come back,,a new florida ordinance sends two ministers and a 90-year-old man to jail. and next, new report shows more people in new york are being monitored for ibo ola. we will have the latest plus a tour of one ebola unit in the @ity. here is your consumer gauge where the numbers that mean the most to you. take a look at that.
5:39 pm
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gerri::dallas is officially declared virus-free. new york city is still dealing with the issue. a number of people being actively mooitored crippled this week to 357. at the news comes as a house for affairs committee has a hearing on ebola next week. cdc rampal spending for hospitals, many of which are not prepared for the worst case scenario. to find out more i visited staten island university hospital to see how i suspected patient would be treated there. >> how are you? >> not great. i have a feeer and my tommy is upset..% i have been in west africa. >> okay.
5:43 pm
>> hi. i have a fever and my stomach is upset and i traveled to west africa. >> he verified information and with somebody this is now becoming your wheelchair and will remain your wheelchair for the duration you are here be at where going to take yyu into an isolation room. the reason you're going outside is added precaution of not bringing you and through one of the other clinical areas. we have a separate area into the isolation area. we all agree it is unlikely you are going to contaminants and in area for long period of time. because of the fact this is not
5:44 pm
@eally a big deal, you're better off just take the extra added precaution of going utside. >> 's this is where i would stay well you treated me? >> your stay here while you are rolled out, you would not be moved. i would have additional @uestions i would ask you. how'd ask you what you had done in west africa. had you been exposed to anybody who hav had ebola that you know, we are around people exceptionally ill. this kind of going and highlighting specific about what you did while you were there. i would ask specific days what did you fly so it was clear 18 days versus 21 days because people's memories and perceptions sometimes our little off. questions about your fever. i put that together have a good medical history as well as a good travel history. >> another is another step the system is going to take,
5:45 pm
building $15 million unit, what wilwas have that you don'tthaae here right now? >> the biggest thing will be long-term care. the able to keep the person in the same place toodellver all theeservices. myyissues come in here if you need more extensive services, if you eeded to get more testing done as what you were wrong with isn't clear. they are able to fully care for somebody without breaking precautions. i'm confident it will not be a case that will run rampant. the real question is are more individual cases going to come in from elsewhere, will that continue to haapen as people move around and that is a question i think bears some asking. that could be to happen periodically. i think at this point we are starting to show we are much prepared to deal with this. gerri: to tell you what was going on, they have yet to see an actual case of ebola, but
5:46 pm
staten island is home to the biggeet population of liberians outside of africa and they have had scares at that hospital. institution conducting extensive training completing practice i'd biocontainment unit for the area. now we want to hear from you. three days after registering their anger, the government says and players added 214,000 jobss% in october a stunning the healthiest pace of hiring in eight years. do you trust the numbers? here's what some of you are tweeting me. rick says they can manipulate the numbers. another viewer says they are fixed and don't count everyone. john agrees the numbers are coats, i don't believe them, unemployment is much higher. writing i would hope not too confident of the honesty or integrity. i think they are isleading. still to come, my two cents
5:47 pm
more. and a 90-year-old man arrested in florida for breaking in new law anning feeddng the homeless. is it legal? our panel weighs in coming up. yo aspationsour analyts. troducinsynchrony fincl,l, bringing new meani to the word partrsp. baagagwithony fincial.s.
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call now to request your free decision guide. and learn more about the kinds of plans that will be here for you now -- and down the road. i have a lifetime of experience. so i know how important that is. gerri: and new ordinance in fort lauderdale, florida, could send two ministers and a 90-year-old veteran to jail. for two months for feeding the homeless. but is ittlegal? here to debate, fox news legal analyst. should these guys go to jail? >> absolutely not. -@try to help the homeless, they want to put him away. before you jump in, there wassa 2006 law that came out, so this issillegal.
5:51 pm
it was freedom of religion and freedom of speech. gerri: bill, what do you say? >> this is like taking a band-aid putting it on a gushing wound. the real issues had to do with the fact the homeless are homeless for several reasons, mental illness, unemployment and substance abuse. programs that help the individuals are undermined by having them set apart. >> i don't disagree with anything you said until you said about the undermining because you have to eat something. they have to go to substance abuse programs and all of that, but they have to have three squares a day, how is that harmful? >> these programm also feed them. they prefer not beat our dissipating in the programs because of the issues they have they wander through the parks, and looks great they are getting fed for this is that dealing with the underlining issues.
5:52 pm
these are not ministries feeding these people. this is really hurting them, not helping thhm. >> people haveethe right of free expression. how can you possibly say that is a wrong thing to do? gerri: this is an expanding problem in this city, it seems what they might be saying is it will only get worse if they have a bunchhof people feeding the homeless. is that where they are comingg% from? >> first of all the individuals that want to use the park that are not homeless confronted the homeless don't necessarily have the best behavior, and the meals provided are not having health or nutrition. >> bill, you're talking about a
5:53 pm
90-year-old veteran trying to feed the homeless, the hungry foo me otherwise not the fed, @here is nothing illegal about @hat, and the idea even this county would want to put these good samaritans in jail is absolutely reprehensible. gerri: a $500 fine. >> we didn't incarceeate them, it is more of a symbolic type of situation. unconstitutional, but the laws on the book, they could incarcerate them. it as been on the internet and people are exercising it. >> i want's to ask you a specific question about arnold abbett planning to sue the city over this ordinance. caa he beat this, do you think? >> don't think he's going to be successful because the constitution under the powerr gives them the right to health
5:54 pm
and safety. >> you're pulling out the polic% powers of the ccnstitution when weeare talking somebody who is a 90-yeer-old man trying to feed the homeless and you are talking about the government police powers? >> you can have a 90-yeaa-old man who ants to light firecrackers. >> he is feeding the homeless. >> there are other ways to address the issue. >> this is highly controversial, obviously. it does seem weerd to incarcerate them. you did a great job, thank you for taking it on the other side of that argument. is.bably not where your heart >> i top job, somebody has to do it. >> thank you. gerri: back with our question of the dayy can you trust the government's jobs numbers? stay with us.
5:55 pm
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>> the government says employers added 214,000 jobs last month, but can you trust the government's nuubers? we asked that question on 2% said yes and 90% said the government's job numbers campy trusted. and remember heeryytruman, the buck stops here. it is a statement that you never hear these days, not with this adminiitration anyway. the president today making comments to the press saying that people sometimes feel that government is not customer -riendly. and he said that as if he were witness to an accident, but that is what he absurd from the sidelines, it's president obama's government and faulttif people feel like the government is out of contrrl.
5:59 pm
you have to leave behind the politics of grievance. the buck stops with you. that is my "two ccnts more". finally tonight, neither snow or rain will keep this away and now you can add sunday to that list. the u.s. postal service will start seven day per week delivery on november 17 for holidays. it will run through christmas day in the agency expects a 12% growth in the package business this oliday season with 460 million packages. to ensure that your packagg arrives by christmas morning, there are dates you should be aware of if you are shipping internationally. it has to be sent by december 2. express and standard mail, that deadline is deeember 15. first class now can be sent on the 20th and if you're willing to pay for express, december 233 at your last option. ccming up, all next week, your
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holiday shopping questions answered in another installment of our userr guide and we will tell you where to find the best deals and how to get a fair priie online. that's it for "the willis report." @% will see you next week. ♪ charles: i am charles payne, all eyes on president obama. they bipartisan group of congressional leaders leaving everyone what's going to happen to the money in taxes and jobs and we can't forget the immigration debate. will will obama decide to work with the gop, even though in his mind he won on tuesday? we have the latest. administration officials and republican aide say that even before then, including a threat from the president to issue executive order by the end of the year on immigration come, if the house fails to consider a


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