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tv   Stossel  FOX Business  November 8, 2014 1:00am-2:01am EST

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facebo nd e-mail us independtsoxsiness.c. for tt welch kle foster, i'm kenny. it beea crazy ohn: well, this didn'thappen too soon. what doeit mean for the untry? od qustn. republicans prised t repeal obamare. >>t's kindof nef your business. >>o hoth libertaans do? >> it's time to vo form. >> you're going to khosrow publicthe sete eacted. >> but why didn'any
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bertarian when? >> i'm a librianecause i know i'm not smart enough to r ur life for you. john: so whatdid thi we's election mean for liliberty? that's our show tonight. johnwe now havdivide gornment and as libetarian i say o that becaus when governme i spli polticians can't agree with ch other. ey increased speing and ey are less likely y tos with my life. what else did the midterm relts an f fom? here todbate tti our liberty loving panel, columst dey mrdock, kathi mangu-rd and austin persen, who runs thelibearia ebsite rtiann replic. the weite feares this shows
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topic this eek. >> puldata from the cato institute which look that dividedgovernment. we maybe goig into the most libertian xt two yrs that we have seen in a ng time. the typef governmentas a democratic preident. and this is allyhe we government growt amount of % per capita. versus one-par andhen th government grows b abot3.4% when you have divide government gs 1.5. we are preparing to ve a major slowwn ifpast trends indicate what the next w trends are like. hn: we wnt to work with obama an find pubc eaof agreement. >> i think thawhat excites me is thathere are 7 bil ed by the house hatare gatring dust on harry reid deskight now.
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and then he can decide ether wan to hae the reputatio that he nw, which i terrible andhinking, r have a tter rputation. generally these are bills that are designed to spnd ess and reduce the regulaons onte economy, mke tasier for people to start companies and have tm prop. at lease these things will be up to him whether he ves us a chance break or mve forwd or if he ctinues to do it, which is to obstructhuan freedom and furthe dow in >> i would le to imagine that the ishispile f by loving bill somewhere. unfortunately, i think thtis usually not thecase and repuicans have a way of breaking liberrian eart we are the redheaded stepchild of the gop and alws will e. the idea tt divided governmt slows ows good to ar but the same ti the anda that republicans love to talk
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about, we are going toshrink government, make diffently for smal busness, somewit's all forgotte john: wewill ierview a rtian caidate who st lar in t the show.w. whdo they al losrack th did better thisyar. >> you tuly have to spend hundreds of thousands of dolrs st to get on the bt whe his blics in democrats don't ha to mp or these hurdles. have this idea t wre going spread it oveas and we need soe these access.a allow mor blot mostamerans say that they do like hg a ird-party. >> we doav asstem tt enourages people to ry can work within the two existing parties. i think the do have sort of a range oflibertarians that have ethe ightest bit of hope, whetr it is marijua
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legalization o or econic libey, theare going to go to the pay where they fee at home and frankly iothink tt we are seein some pares towards a libetarian platform. >>e also have the pragmatic concern, whi is if youote for a ibtarian, you might get e lertarian thahe o. and i'e seen some figur that have showehis in virginia, ttg about 20,000 voteses. st fthem wuld have voted fo gillespie for senate. he lost a ile and if thse ople would've ted fo him, it could've showed a t of libels voting for him. we will come ack andsome sy that republican conol of e senate needs xpanded bo on
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e groundnd and om are okay wihat, mosof us are not. >> we haot of tis gong on today. n't see how aving mcnnell and e republicans wouldgive us an obamanymore opptunity to be therthanhat we have today. i thinkhat hat he is ying is someing atis true,you know, thgp andron paul don lineup perfecty republican. he serve a t the ea thatt somehow we are going wind up with moe warlikeresence abro because of the gop and emoats like war as well. >> i wouldike to agree with the congressman the great doctor thai respect ani thinh he's wrong. threon thi he is wrong is because he's not lookinat our energyecurity and in the
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next dedehey areoised to become the leading ergy producer e biggest problem that we ave has t to do wit he americ presence overseas, guding pipelines, waing to mainta privte prort rhts ancorpions overseas,aybe they suld ta those burdens on themselves ambe they won't ha to if they ind the keysto xl ipele. but ecause of natul g we are poised to co the leading energy pcer. that's exciting and will rsult in better things. john: exit pol say government shld do more. 41% say that they e doing too much. i w happy to see d so iwent back 2yearand saw tt it' about th se th people have said before. enty years ago they saidwe ha stmulus, bailouts, cahh for clunke ce and another trilli dolrsn spending. and so i think a lot ofople have looked at what has
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ppened, which is whos goin to come nndshowha vernment can reach this. i think pole needto look at the scandal witthe irs, the ability of almost any program to work. a lot ofthem have thrown up their hand they've spent this money and spend lot of time negative results and fortunately what the pol actulyhow is tha they wat the gornment to doe of the things they want government to do unless of the things they nt governmento not do and not cost anyoney. d of course we all like to read this d see thathe american plic final sees that i'm rht about everything. [laughte >> o other good ns, ballot initiatives. legal marjuan, alaska oregon and washgton dc, passed byig rgins. >>he bigge deal i in
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waington dc ereitis illegal is lel in the dirict. anand the coolest part of the ory atobody's lking about ishathe congress has oversighove the districtf lumbia and they have a special oversight committeehat is decated to takre of municipalssues inthdistrict of columbia. guess whsi on thecommiee who is the mos marijuana frfriendly politician the congress. johnhe's not a big ilegali her. >> h says tht the vernment shouldn't interreith legali it. >> sewiley got the entire congress high to. john: i don'think that that ll happen. >> are they no igh already? john: nebrka,a, south dakot you wod think that this would be a bunch of conservaves that
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would support economic freedom. mnimumage irees, this is someingtht all economis wilsay that therere are realosts of is when you minim- and y you wind up th lots of pple who can't jobs. it's very smple ecocs 101. d thisis smething tha is the danger of the ballot initiave heriot adtheeas a campai awho said we do have any js. minimuwageincree and you're going to raise a wage that doesn't exist act. >> t people that ae goingo get this ireasare definitely gog too vo. buthose are going to ge priced out of the market plac d they are notgoing t vote. hn: they don't know that hey are being pric o of the mark place. >> that they say th we are justoing to lower the hou
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and then you are here yre befo. final ballot initatives. the gml, labeling provision nd th failed in oregon and lorado. buthey werereally outspent by e industry and i thnk agin they s yes this is scary stuff. >> the left has be ry good at talking about this stff. that has bee taking it and grting i together and w have been dongthat since agricuure and anal husbandry. this isothing ne. and no one can ever pint anytng for women oeone has gottenick due to age mo food. tre has bn a great surprising coalition on this issu in oregon, they came out against e gml labeling rle and they
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said it was because it w sort of an derhanded of forcing corporationsns to behave. and this is i think -- you would associate wid crunchy granola,et's be scareof a most. a aually happ is that if we want to b us, les do th. let's not do it byforcing this beling, which is misleaing and ultimy will cfuse consumers. >> the democrats are always like, republicans are not a rt of the science, th belie in creationism. ban the gml is, even though we have all of this science behind it. >> wn you get people to focus on therivi riks it isnnot good. john file is ith the hash tag mierms wre like our faok pe as you can post on thewall.
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and coming up
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>> we are back witr lirtarian ael.
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i often vote ibertarian and i built vote f ople wh don't win. therare people he who yell at me fothat thin that those candidates steal votes from the publics and would be tter than the sociali democrats. what do you say? think that there's an sane notion th seh republics and moats are entitled to althe voe and at y re takig awa thee votes that were rightfly eirs. they are notntitled to a single vote. this is when people talk about taxcuts is being dereased revenue the federal government. buitas n nerheir revenue to begin with. johnand coultaythat the republicans didn win, we would be living in obamacar coentration cmps >> i tnk that her argument is the rgument against so many thin. >> i don't think we have to worry about ths but as i sele earlier, we doave in virgini e stuation where a liarian got out 2300
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vote and en higher than. and leaving that ty are behind,and ithink most of those libertarians probly uld've vot oterse. >> you would ink that, buthe exit polls did his votes came 4% from lberals, 2% from conservave. >> wita lot ofple in between may not fallnto eitr tse categories. >> thas s why haslways been wrg abt this. see ycan see that lils are the ones at are voting for lirtariansnde dn't quite know hy. we do know that inth cas, when h was r running, soone spend $225,000 trying to get democratst vote anthey didn't snd thay on the republans. and so something is going on here and i think it's actually a bipartisan issue. pele areayinthat we hav the issues liberals really caaboutndconocreedom and personal liberty. >> y ao ve the governor's race in virinia, can
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traditionay was very closn i ink he won seve or8%. and so then you have a call if 's a far left docrat and obviously e of the bigest in the clinton machine and he's in virginia, which is a big swing state. so i dot seeh that does anything for human fredom. >> somehow this ges the ida that republicans are somehow entitledo the libertarian te have a patrm that pulls fr this s wel >> like he adicewh buckley junior,atyou shoul vote f t most covative candidate to w. think that libertarians should vote for the most libertaan candidate that can win, that way you enup wihsomeo halfway there. unfortately he wasn'at person signs,ou can hav problems. john: les alk about this. you have tovo, your hero if
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you vote. na dunham othe planned parentod website said it's more effective t ecstasy or cheesecake. if fewer people vote i tis electi, only a third of the eligible voters voed. people might com depend more on personal initiative and less on untrstworthy an power raving trangersandore o realriendships and less the fa asta affection of polti. >> i think that ere is an iea where everyone should vote all the time. taking look at the ball system and everybody got a mail-in baot, not juste eple that reested them. peopleo to the post office and look at e ballots and then throw them in the garba. they auay y took aictu of six ballots pulled out of th trash colrad
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>> tho peoe aren paying attentn to t isues. is a really aan situatio >> i think thedea somehow voting is praiseworthy ora requirement to baood citizen is dangerous idea. i likto think of myself as good citizen. lirtarian notwithstanding. but i don't voteor o reons. personal becsey vote is t actuallyoi to influencthe outcome of an election and single vote[inaudible]ded by a but me impoantly it i is that the increnl value ofy vote is so much less han ven tweeting something on electi day, sendng thatwou e a er wy to paricite a to bothero drive tothe ballot box. >> we are out o time f this.
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wilcome bk to you later and u can talkmore. w is best at predicting eltion reslts? not es guys. >> we going to hold the sena two theemocrats couldn'told ontohe senate. >> so i will tel you where yo can go itead can go itead to get better pppp so ian rch a, but tharno branches? it'just i'm a little luctant to try new tngs. at's wrong with trying new things? el tt in your muscles? yeah... i do... try a new way an whereo branches equals great rates.
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so ally bankeally has no hidden fethat's right.ccnts? 's just that i'm worrieabout you kn "hidden things..." ok, y's th? 's just that i'm worrieabout you kn "no hidden fees,." om the bank whe no anchesals great rates.
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>> bore thiseek' eectn, d you think republicans would dos well as they did? did you believe the pundits? remember those confident prictions from last letion? >> romney will win is election by five to-pnt. >> we will see landslide. >> this year it wasdemocrats. >>re y going to lose the senate enact. >> no, we're oingo all the senate. docrats could hold onto the senate. >> everyone engages in wishf thking, whic why we in the professial med likto rely upon scientific hles.
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except that they aren't great ther. the new hampshire imary n 08 showed candidate preside obamwasup 8 but thillaryclinton won. in marylanis year,, most gubernatorial polls had the democrats up double-dit. that the epblicans won in many polls this year. they underestited performance by 4. rtunately, wdon't n to ly on polls anymo ecau her something better, predtion markets. they aow you to bet on th result and all kinds of this. sports, the packe big favorite. you can bt n aerican idol winners, acade award winners >> thank youo much, thank yu. >> pickingvery nee correctl they also et y bet outure electionth esulting od
1:28 am
are moreaccurat predictions prectionofftre events than polls or punditstre beforehis elecon, it says the' 89% chae th republicans would take the american polste a atisticageuses that analyzem, like nate silver of fivethirtyeigh the huffington post, the daily post, thelecti constium and soe, also predicted that reblicans would but itwas more certain,all that "thwashgton post." in previous eltions i betting site was more accuratthan the exrts predicted agn an again studshowedhat it had half the marg o error ofnatio polls anin 2004 the ods coectlpricted everyste in t presidential election a in 2012 theyhad bamaat bve
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90% while the pus were still sayi, oh, it too close to call. my cleague dn't li that. becae up poll tells itou stop all. i've ratedt 51 to 4. john: cous printer was right and gall was wr of crse, it no longer exists. because american egulatorsshut itown, caning the rediction market are contrary t publ interest beuse they were unregulated. fortunately, pdiion markets are ill legal in europe, which was ga me those bfair mberth showeyou earl the betting results still applies to americanelctions. so good news, just last wee the relators did apre on t-for-profit prediction d
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the catch is at american regulato limited h many op ca betand how ma they can beno more tn $850 each. the regulatory ims are ju stupid and they kehe polls less accuratand they depre us of cura infrmation. cause predtionarketsor better for two reasons. thfirst is that the is wiom in crwds. >> you see this when cntestants are stumped, thecan call an expert or pull the audiee. e audience is not made u of geus, but asudy found that they beat the expert and the audience g the answer right % of the time an the other reasont predicon markets armore accurate is bause people bbet. they put theirown mony where eir uths are. and thafoces the mid. so wh if did the prediction markets y about future
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election that there's a40% chacethat llarinton will be america's next resident. 40% t that desmea there's a 60%hace that republicans willin, u could it could just be another democrat or maybe hillary won't run. and on the rublilin side, giving jeb bu, mt romney, marco rubio, and chrischrise ch a to 6 chance to win e presidential nomination. and so in o yearse wl se what happens. ming up n back to thi election, republicans made lots of promises and will they keep them? the senatosays yes, we wilil the senatosays yes, we wilil coming up [ feme announcer ] hands wermade for talking. feet...tiptoeing. tr thgs tn the pain, stifess, andoint damage of moderate to severe rheumatoid arthtis. before you and your rheumatogist ci on biologic, ask if xeljanz is right for you.
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evenithout methotrexat i'm sure you know what ts meeting is about yes, a raise. i'm letting you go. yi knew that. you see, this is my amerivest managed... balances. noportfolio. and if doest perform wellor two csecuti gold. quarters. quarters...yup. then amerivest gives m back their advisy... quarstocks.yup. fees fees. fees fees for those quarters. ye.s. so, i'm coident i'm in good hands. so, i'm coident i'm for all the coence you nd. tdmeritrade. you gotot this. johnrepublicans controth
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houses of congress, what fference wit make? ieep hearing that republi will repeal obamare and stop spending a reform the tax code. bere.' heatuff like that reblicans said that ey would reduce spending oncen we but on they gain poweritwas not thcase will thicongress be different? mi lee said yes. tell u why. >> winston chuchill once said thathe amrican people can wayse counted upon tdo the righthinafter r they have hausd every otr alternate or aehab xhted everternative and that's o of reasons it will be ffenis time aroun. >> so no o is alking about pealing all of bamacar they save you get yu get rid of the medical dic tax. that has put us deepe in debt. >> i want point o fir ll that a loof us e catinto repal bamacare in its eni.
1:37 am
and it's almost certaino be vetoed and i think it's impoant to do. we need to fth the natonal dialoguebouthether o not this hlth care law is working d we d't tnk t isreally thk that obamacare is making he care lesss expesive an it's intfering with th abilitof indidual americans to get acce tothe doctors if theyome toru over years anputting decisions th should be made between docto and patien and putting authorities ithhands of government bureaucrats in washgton. [talking or ea other] >> i sti thi it's iportan this needs to be a part of the, national dialogue. rt of te process is coming up with replacement f ocare which pefufullwe can get past after the electioncyce. as welas being signednto law. thwll come when we need to coalesce aound table replacemt plan for obamacare d rgh n wneed 1 or ore
1:38 am
plans with opeting ideas. john: wll we gt keyston xl apoved? >> yes, i think thatcan. this wawe canet that done and t it sned into la. therican ople hvebeen waiting for this nd therea lot you n do for oecon nes to happe john: ll you cut corporate welfare like farm suidies and the x-im bak? >> i tink there nor important placfous to art than with cmmy capitalism. you'veentioned se of the programs that i thinthat we ed to be authored, including the expo andmport ank. if weare ever goi to reform government and reforthe system, we have to start by getti rid of corporate welfare and these are examples o tha. >> you he triedto create
1:39 am
requiremts for elfare cipients and you've made a proposal that llo through? >> i would keo see it go through wi the signaturef it into law. but you have to star sowhe and i think that that somhere is rht now. we have a lotof americans who artrpe in poverty metimes for generation a me as a result o b governnt policy at punises people on welfare for rng. if iadcould turnt aroundnd how to ncoura peopitould helmake poverty teorary rather than tolerable. getting the gornment out of the business >> you h havupported some things tha ionsider an-freedo you want to ban onlingambling, you're again gaymarriage. >>et's start wonline mbling. if the decion is left up to the atesreglations.
1:40 am
in today's modn era i thk it is important to preserve it in the states the rht to decide within each state'boundaris whether notto llow gambli. but we have a federalist tat yo that would preen the ternet from becoming a conduit fobreaking down eac state's rito make this decision on s ownanand itprevioly served that purposeut the obama adminiration has interpreted it out of existce. >> if you have a choe you would n internet gamlg? >> well, gay marrge is an issue left to e sates. telling states that they d't ard have thehto make that cision but that is not a federal decisionnd there'sothi in federal law or nitutional law at tels usthat a stat may or my nrecogn a
1:41 am
rtular type of marge. hni ould l tocontinu thisis more you if we had more time. but we don't thank u so much sentor. >> cin up,h libearian panel will say hy he'rong or
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john: just heard fm senator ke lee abo all gre things the replicans wl do now. yobelieve them? let pass ou liberty loving panel. editor of reason magine, katherine mangu-ward. and austin ptersen. >> you know, t senator has a fundamental misnderstanding of the costitution if he says that he can ban onlingambling and call hself a eeralist. because the bill that he woul discuswhich he tdp wi senator dianne feinsteinnd ndsey graam on, it would have be online gamblingcross the united staes. is this lited government conservative or not they match. >> i would think that it's a persal freedom isue. he didn't really talk authe drug war.
1:46 am
>> this a remier for ibertaanth even when yu think -- i mean, this guy is pretty dead. he's kindf lirtian guy, and t when you hea himon ese issue sudenly sounds like a typical republican. i'gainst this, i'm agnst drugs and gay marriage. >> republica hae sgood ea they say corporae welfare, we will tryget rid of that, the obamacar it wille different >> think it's a od iea if they think that oamaill beat thesethngs. l of will debat it and what have you d i magine that oba will vet it. and i thinkt wlldvance the argunts and i think it's good for bl debate e for all of us to te anotr lo athis and explain and i thi it's very
1:47 am
goodor th utmate raveling of amare to have these sorts of things. >> i fear th the a just into get ridof th thin that are unpopular. >> theare going toet rid of the panels and that's with a said tay. we'rgog to p for this and not for that. >> it's ing to be end -- it would end up as bnga part of this. it's good toet everyone the on the record.y everyone is if we do go rough this entire process, it's weeks and weeksn e oor, everyone making speeches directltly into t record that o is going it's polital theater with peapa little bit offiscal downside. i think thaat youwll
1:48 am
see isou have the obamacare real act with all e op on it, e democrats would p to bottom. but u ay what about purcsing and medcal malplpractice reform. >> they get o their mon from lawyers. >> some of them argoing to vote for you can have any nber of fferent aspects and think he ll see the republicans and democrats on bipaisan basis posi lot of obamacare and that is going to chip away at the support for it. >> i just wanto that obamacare, th premiums went from $ per month to $240 pe moh and i los myealth insurance becae of that. t let' ot forg tha h held senator mike lee tth fire ogay arriage. memb, he is a constitutional scholar and maybe he shod read thenstutiona amedment.
1:49 am
if ou and ic get rried, why can't friends do that. >> i hate tell you at we cat ge maried [laughter] enact more fundamentally than tha why isthe governme inlvedn marriaget l to it's n the governments bunesso begin with >> they have actlly sa that on the record recently. and that is a ew developmet.t. >> separation n ofriageand state. >> they want torac us. >> the ft that aolian would thaout loud is progress. >> i'must hearing what people say okay, maybe we are doing too much spding is the robl. am i delded? is this new? i tnkt the govenmnt isn't ab tofocus onsomethg said we agree the feralgovernme is bu wrining federal standards.
1:50 am
they can't leave ceingans one. my goodness. en aillion thngs. john: cong up, thean tha and coulter sayshashe would like to ki
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>>ou know, wht worries e is the ste thinki they can come into myedro and judge m rriage. get t out of my bedroom, you pervert. yeah, youpoliticians, get out ofst of our lives. that was a campaign ad forrt carolina libertarian senate cande john hall. he lost on tuesday, but he did t 4% ofhe voteamoand ann coulter said that she wou kill him if h ct replilicans e sena. hdidn't a tom tillis defeated kay hagan. he joins us now. would ee bad if you ha swelled up forhe republica? >> i'm feeling great, and it uldn't bother me at all. e whole spoer. to meis complete nonsense and based upon th notion that all that matters is what goes on underneatth domen waonc, while i trying to talkto people te chec line in he realworld. i ink that people responded to
1:55 am
me becausi'm gular working peon. you n't think the publicans uld less disastrous than the demoats? >> they had the opportuny fo and thedidn't do a lot th it. i represent a t of people including libertarians and hav given upn th partis and don't count on them for everythig. there'lot of feedback at i got was id that i ve the a reason to show up to begin with and that they would would not have vote for either candidat and were happy to an alternative. i that the it pls shst t broug in a bunch of peoplo woldn't have voted fornyone. >> ts right, campaigned on sues to stop spending mo money thanwe had an try to talk aboutommosense perspeives that peopould look at. >> would y hav not attaed afanistan after9/11? >> no, don't tnk anyone would have mded if we win after the tual ppetrtors buinstead use that asan
1:56 am
seo enter into this perpetual war throughout the tire egion, which isnot rking. an havthis new ampaign in aq and syriand people look at them d sayhy ould that work on its neve workedbefore. >> syou ran these ads, low-buet campaig hlding craft er? >> i wand toresent myself a is a regular guyhat you could sit dowand have a beer with. and i nt to dosomething thatould get people's atteion. you don't seecandidat drinkingeer o often in the own ds. an he first adthat i did, ople notice that ias drinking exactly what kind of er and i thought this isan opportunity for me topromote north carolina craft bee so i usethat for a the rest of thigs. so by trade you are a pia deveryan i'm going back to work onn riday and i can't w i'loinrwartoit.
1:57 am
it the exact oosite of politics and i se and hone work grt on pridina ngib service t peple and th at e end theay i'm done i don't have twoy about at walef undon andi don't ha to look pst any o my lliesto ju der a piza. >> y d hearthat ofen from politicns let's talk aut yr exit polls. 4% of liberaotforou 2% ofconervatives. anmore youn people, %, onl 2% of thdean overcro d even fewer, 1% of the over 200,00doarners. civil bertaria aren't just plutocrats. >> in fac i think it'st the opsite. we are the peoplehat live in the real world ratr thanhe world that wseon tv l the
1:58 am
time. they saw tt was offeng solutions at wou help em in their daily liv to let th keep all theoney that ey earned. as well as tostop his,i think atat part of i it is tonderstand the way that i rmy mpaign, if you put i in this, a lotof the issues soud like they are out on the left a there are democrats that are just as disctented with their party as they aremong republicans looking for an alernative. >> you believe in economic freem?m? >> absolutely, but i think everybody wants economic freedom. there are a disprortionate number opeop that want to ise the minimuwage. i think that's because thera less important issue in thessues at i were talking about. fisc sanity, having gornment take les the weal. and p ths and i hink that what happened - i'm rry, i lo my train of thought there. >> thank ou hehe pd nch of vdeoon youtube and my favore was this
1:59 am
one. >> i'ma libertian because i know i not srt enough to run your le for you. >> guest if only more you'reot smart enough to r my li. is book, the fatal oneit the curious task of economics is to teachan how little he knows about wh he igines can design. republicans anddmocra now spendmore thanrillion of your dollarsryg to design yo lifee you moof what ey do hurt eir lves. maybe thisnew group wil be differt,t, thewio say things thasound go for example they perform the ax coco s ecan companies don't flee thecount. >> all of these great companies have money overseas andthe uld bring themhoe an imate the econand could have a boolike we haven't seen inyears. >> yes, we could. prosperitys what happens wn government keeps the peace andd
2:00 am
otherwise lees people alone. maybe the congress will do some of that. that is ourhw and s you nexthe e-mails d tweets coming on thisnd any other subject you like. good night. kennedy: it has been a big fat succulent week for blans. but how exactly will that affect you? the presidt got a facial, a shelg,ebuke fro bend. will that affect and y how you biness? uck with a disinrested president the next two years and how bicamelity will leado congenlity plentyf grgridlock in washgton. republicans have taken the senate, it rmains to sn how they will handle the immigration, thesa and engy? what bes of lib in e 14 midterms and wil the bloodbatbleed freedom y in waington? we he to ask, what now? this is "the indepen"


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