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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  December 4, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm EST

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little they know about what they imagine they can design. they can't. that is our show. see you next week. himself. keep it right here on fox business. lou: good evening, everybody, the left wing assault in the nation's law enforcement agencies now includes an obvious campaign of intimidation through federal investigation. a hard left turn by the obama administration whose principal accomplices include the department of justice, liberal media and activists such as reverend al sharpton and jesse jackson. from ferguson, missouri to staten island, new york, the nation's attorney general leading the department of justice as if it were elite political action group whose sole purpose is to carry out the president's political bidding. eric holder announced another civil rights investigation
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targeting police after a grand jury refused to indict officer daniel pantaleo for the death of eric garner. holder now investigating the most diverse police force in the nation which is led by the most liberal mayor and arguably the most liberal police commissioner in all of the land. holder taking a veiled shot at staten island district attorney in his statement. >> we will certainly get access to all of the materials that was done by the d.a. in staten island, but we will do an independent, thorough investigation of our own. it will be an exhaustive and fair investigation. lou: mayor de blasio has yet to offer a single word of encouragement to officer pantaleo or the new york police department and suggests racism is at the heart of the eric garner incident. >> if you talk about the last decade or so in this city, was
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race a factor and a problem in the relationship between police and community? obviously, it was. >> the relationship between police and community has to change. people need to know. black lives and brown lives matter as much as white lives. lou: if you are not hearing from mayor de blasio or al sharpton or the left-wing media is the unit responding to the eric garner call was led by an african-american female sergeant, and that a number of officers of color were among the group who responded to that call. what's you're also not hearing is that garner was warned multiple times to cease selling cigarettes. he's been arrested over the years 30 times! and the owners of the store that he was arrested in front of had called the police. and that the maneuver that officer pantaleo used when garner refused to be cuffed was arguably not a chokehold but rather a seat belt move, as the police say, that is taught to
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this day at the new york city police academy. fox news senior correspondent rick leventhal is in new york and has the latest. >> i can't breathe. i can't breathe. >> reporter: cell phone video of the arrest of eric garner shows the officer using what appears to be a chokehold to subdue the 6'3", 350 pound man. garner's death was ruled as homicide due to compression of the neck and chest. a grand jury found no reasonable cause to find charges against daniel pantaleo. they said it was a seat belt maneuver taught at police academy. >> if you are speaking, you can breathe. as the grand jury saw and the medical examiner said it was not a chokehold that killed that person. we feel badly there was a loss of life, but unfortunately mr. garner made a choice to resist arrest. >> reporter: the city announced complete retraining of every
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officer in the nation's largest police department. >> we're changing how our officers talk with residents of this city, giving officers a chance to wait until backup and supervision comes. >> de-escalating, using less force. >> reporter: former secretary of state hillary clinton weighed in. >> despite all the progress we made together, african-americans most particularly african-american men are still more likely to be stopped and searched by police charged with crimes and sentenced to longer prison terms. >> reporter: the grand jury's decision not to indict sparked protests across the nation and since the proceedings are secret in new york, the testimony and evidence may never be revealed. a state supreme court judge
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agreed to release limited details based on a request from the d.a. we know the garner grand jury sat for nine weeks and heard 50 witnesses, 22 civilians, the rest police officers or medical professionals. there were 60 exhibits entered into evidence, four videos, autopsy photos and training records. eric holder says all the evidence will be reexamined in the justice department's civil rights examination. >> it will be exhaustive and fair investigation and we'll reach our own independent determinations as to who if anybody should be charged. reporter: attorney general holder says the civil rights case will proceed as expeditiously as possible. the retraining of new york police officers has begun and massive protests under way in new york city again tonight. lou? lou: thank you very much, rick leventhal. the house tonight passing its bill designed to stop president obama's executive action conferring amnesty on millions of illegal immigrants. the bill says the president does not have the authority to decide which categories of illegal immigrants can be
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deport. it passed the house by a vote of 219 to 197. three democrats voted in favor of the legislation. congressman john barrow of georgia, mike mcintyre of north carolina, colin peterson of minnesota. barrow defeated in the midterms mcintyre retiring and peterson won 13th term in congress. three republicans protested they cast a vote of simply present. congressman steve king of iowa, raul labrador of idaho, paul g gosar of arizona. they have unique constituencies, the white house will veto the legislation even though it's unlikely the democratic senate will take it up. fox news chief correspondent mike emanuel with our report. >> reporter: on a mostly party-line vote, house lawmakers passed a bill written by one of its most conservative members designed to respond to
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president obama's executive action on immigration by saying he doesn't have authority to freeze deportation. >> this bill is not about border security, work visas, e-verify or immigration reform. this is about the administrative overstepping its bounds and unilaterally challenging the laws of this great nation of ours. >> reporter: the president said the bill would force talented community leaders to leave the country. >> it does not make sense for us to want to push talent out rather than make sure they're staying here and -- [ applause ] >> contributing to society. >> reporter: john boehner rejected criticism of conservatives of multistep approach of immigration and funding the government saying there are limits with harry reid still leading the senate. >> come january we'll have a republican house and senate, and stronger position to take actions. >> reporter: the pushback on immigration ahead of a critical vote on funding the government beyond december 11th. boehner expects strong
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bipartisan support but the democratic leader says unless he has 218 votes, she has leverage. >> we want to work together to pass a bill to keep government open, but we can't do it unless we have a bill that is worthy of our support. >> reporter: the department of homeland security is going forward with hiring about 1,000 full-time employees to prepare for processing applications from immigrants and in a memo says quote, the initial workload will include cases filed as a result of the executive actions on immigration announced on november 20, 2014. >> it's not just we're not going to deport you, they're going to give people photo i.d.'s, a social security number, and the right to participate in social security and medicare and other benefits. >> reporter: boehner rejected calls to cancel next year's state of the union address as a sign of protests against mr. obama's unilateral action. >> the more the president talks about his ideas, the more unpopular he becomes. why would i want to deprive him
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of that opportunity? >> reporter: leader reid says the bill is dead on arrival in the senate. speaker boehner says the fact that reid won't consider taking up the bill monumental arrogance. lou? >> mike, thank you very much. there's lots of that arrogance in washington, d.c. to go around. tonight, there's a growing backlash against last month's house intelligence committee report that in effect cleared the obama administration of any wrongdoing in the 2012 benghazi terrorist attack. republican critics like senator lindsey graham blasted the findings at the time as garbage, the report full of crap. as he put it. and survivors of the attack are taking issue with the intel committee's chairman, outgoing congressman mike rogers and his handling of the process and the report. chris perronto, a member of the cia annex security team that responded to the attack telling fox news, quote --
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then why would the report say otherwise, or our words be disregarded, he asked, chairman rogers is not answering the questions, he's retiring at the end of this year, he'll host a radio show syndicated by cumulus media. we're coming right back. a new grand jury decision and protesters have a new slogan. >> i can't breathe! i can't breathe! >> tonight we take a look what >> tonight we take a look what civil rights activists d how could switchgrass in argentina, >> tonight we take a look what civil rights activists d change engineering in dubai, aluminum production in south africa,
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. lou: al sharpton announcing he'll hold a march on washington, d.c. on the 13th of this month to protest the deaths of eric garner in staten island, and michael brown in ferguson, missouri. sharpton claims it's time for a national march as he put it to deal with a national crisis. joining us to talk about that, reverend michael faulkner who currently serves as president and ceo for the leadership of institute and pastor.
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serve as ambassador for religious freedom and president obama's state department advising president clinton as a white house fellow on the domestic policy council. good to have you here as well. >> thank you for having me. lou: ambassador, start with you, this is a second grand jury result that has been decried by members of the african-american community, what is your personal reaction? >> first all, i was part of that press conference with reverend sharpton, 25 african-american national leaders came together and we stand as one, all of us were outraged and appalled by the lack of decision. i come as a police chaplain, the mother of two male sons and served my city, and served my country for more than 30 years, three decades, and certainly we were all very, very upset. many of us are going to be part of that march on december 13th
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and following that there's a summit that deals with justice and jobs and calling for the justice department to really be a justice department. so i am part of that decision. you are know, we are very, very upset by the lack of the verdict. all of us saw videotape where a man who was a father of six, who was a son, who was a husband is no longer with us. and if cigarette sales was the issue, there are ways to deal with illegal actions in our city. >> you know, if i may say before i turn to you, michael. missing in that canvas is the fact the man had been arrested 31 times over the course of time. those are just the arrests we know about. he resisted arrest. he did not simply refuse to put his hands behind his back, he was resisting arrest. that wasn't part of the canvas with which you described him. why not? >> is death the answer to resisting arrest? is that what you're saying. >> no, no, i'm not talking
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about that, neither is it an answer to suggest anything else other than the facts. >> the new york city police department has a way of throwing the book at you. when there are a number of arrests, there are ways to deal with people who resist arrest and break the law. that's why we have the system. death is not the answer. lou: death is not answer, so why would anyone choose that as a potential answer confronting the police and resisting arrest or not obeying the law? >> here's the thing. i love new york city, i love nypd, they are the best in the world at what they do. lou: there's a reason we call them new york's finest. >> however, in this particular case based on the videotape evidence, based on everything that we've seen, this police officer was out of line. it was excessive use of force that resulted in death. now the fact that the grand jury, you know, that was
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conducted by an ada who was elected. lou: an ada? >> ada who was elected. so the grand jury process was tainted in and of itself. the results that came back certainly were not what we as the community expected. we expected there to be some indictment on wrongdoing because certainly it resulted in loss of life. this is not a, you know, a -- mr. garner was not a criminal. he was no flight risk. he might have been a criminal in terms of, you know, the selling of the cigarettes or the 30 arrests. >> 31 arrests over a lifetime. >> certainly, certainly, certainly, not a risk of -- you know, he was surrounded by police officers. lou: i understand. >> so the situation could have been handled a lot differently, and especially when we have a loss of life, we have the obligation to investigate. was that loss of life necessary? were his -- lou: that isn't the standard,
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michael, as you know. the question is what led to his death, and whose responsibility is it? and the purpose of the grand jury as we all know is to determine whether or not they believe there's a reason for it. >> on the video, not only did we see chokehold, we also heard 11 times, i can't breathe. so there is a part of humanity that kicks in, in terms of any profession. lou: i'm not taking it. >> we saw videotape and heard exclamations of i can't breathe. at some point humanity has to kick in. let me just tell when you i was police chaplain for 21 years. lou: the grand jury acted rationally and reasonably. >> acted humanely. i said the officers acted inhumanely. lou: you are contverting their verdict which is to bring an
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indictment. is there any point which certainly the community says maybe the retraining for the -- i think training for a police department is great, every one of those officers have been trained and continues training, and bill de blasio is talking about retraining all 35,000, that's great. is it time for the community to start taking some responsibility for the lives of particularly its young people who seem to have a reflex at least amongst the few who lose their lives often but who refuse to listen to a police officer. by god, don't you think al sharpton, the leadership of the community should take some responsibility for this continuing horror of black on black violence and the continuing conflict between law enforcement and young principally as you pointed out young black men. >> lou, let me say this real quick. lou: if we're going to have a
10:21 pm
national discussion, we have to talk about it. >> national discussion, but we have to get past blaming the victim. lou: who the hell is blaming the victim? listen. >> you are. lou: i'm blaming the victim. >> everything that you just said says we should take responsibility, listen, don't get me wrong. lou: wait a minute, wait a minute. i am not blaming the victim, and let me be clear what i am doing. i am talking about the black community's leadership, and people who -- >> which we are a part of it. we take responsibility. we stand with reverend sharpton and mark moryell and the others. let me response to the question you asked earlier. by our presence we take responsibility, but you raised a certain issue, you started with the training and the retraining issue, which mayor de blasio raised today. second comment sounded like mayor giuliani, take responsibility for yourself. our lawmakers are supposed to protect us, not supposed to be
10:22 pm
lawbreakers. that's number one. lou: that's great rhetoric, it doesn't mean much, every individual is responsible for himself and herself in this society. >> but you just asked us about the black leadership taking responsibility. we do assume responsibility for our communities. the work that she has done for 30 years, the work i have done for 30 years. lou: let me lay it out for you, before you brag too much. >> i'm not bragging, it is an honor to serve our community. >> i'm going to answer it in the time i need to answer it. lou: we're going to be limited by time. >> we can be limited by time, you invited me to a discussion, you raised a question about training and retraining. when i was police chaplain for 21 years, i was under several commissioners, under commissioner lee brown who introduced community policing that giuliani and others took credit for, there was a rapport
10:23 pm
that was second to none. l.c. scott was the commissioner of training for public, i was the chaplain. lou: my lord, please, you understand we only have an hour here. if you can get to the point, i would be delighted for you to answer. >> my point is we were part of the training, there was a rapport between the community and the police department there. has to be a discussion with law enforcement. you can't -- lou: i would hope that that is a matter. did i just wait about five minutes to hear that? is that what we're waiting are? >> whatever time is necessary for me to articulate. >> i have an opinion, i believe that training can serve a certain degree of retraining. lou: as i said, i'm all for training, but i think there is training that needs to be taking place on the other side. >> it's on the other side but both sides. what we have is a problem here. and the underlying cause of the problem, we can't --
10:24 pm
lou: what is the cause of the problem? >> we can't. lou: just say the word, just say the word. >> racism is a contributor -- let me finish. raisesism a contributor to the problem but it is not the underlying cause of the problem. i will tell you what solutions are, i'm about solutions. the solutions are that one of the solution says that we as a nation need to come together. we need to come together as long as one group is on one side blaming the other side and another group is on the other side blaming the other side, we're going to be on two sides of this issue, blaming each other for what is going tragically wrong. was mr. garner wrong? listen he was in the wrong place at the wrong time, but the loss of life is a result of a police action, his loss of life is a police action that was inappropriate. we have to address that, but then we have to get to the bigger question why has this caused such a visceral, emotional response on the part of not just african-americans,
10:25 pm
by the way, those protesters we're seeing are from all races. >> all races. >> the american people. lou: i don't know what difference it makes, frankly? i don't know what difference it makes. >> a huge difference. lou: now it's my turn. >> all right, we'll listen to you. lou: the demonstrations against the verdict implies an absolute alienation that i think you're correctly representing here on the part of some members, some few members and point of fact i believe of the african-american community, of the left in this country. it is fundamentally political. it is in my judgment being exploited to the ultimate, and the reality is that we've got 50 years, a half century of progress in this country, and you're telling me ambassador, that we don't have ongoing conversations between the black community and new york city and the police department? under whichever mayor. are you telling me that we have seen crime in this country and in this city decline to its
10:26 pm
lowest levels under this, this police force and we're not going to credit them? are we going to listen to simplistic charges here? or are we going to get to the issues? and the issues have to be responsibility, just as we would expect from bill bratton, and de blasio, has been mayor for almost a year now, and the community, and the community leaders, which still apparently don't think it's a problem, this communication between the police department, police officers and the mayor's office until there's a crisis like this. i don't think you're doing a good job. i didn't ask you three, that i can ask you to answer, i can invite you back and we can continue the conversation. i can't. but i'd like to you come back and continue the conversation, i've got to leave it right there. i'm getting yelled at by my
10:27 pm
producer. >> race can't be solved in 30 seconds. lou: you know what? i see reverend al sharpton doing it almost every time. reverend michael faulkner and ambassador thank you very much. >> good for having me also. >> good for having me also. lou: that's what i
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. lou: by the way, i'm going to have those two back with us, i hear the beginning of next week, we're going to work it out. a lot to talk about. a few comments now on the liberals in the democratic left wing who obviously decided that racial politics is simply all they have left. the president finds himself once again in my judgment on the wrong side of history but in charge of a powerful, powerful political weapon, race. and it is a weapon now being brandished by arguably the country's most liberal mayor, mayor bill de blasio of new york insulted and presumably demoralized many of the men and women who make up the city's 35,000 member police force. a grand jury decided not to prosecute a police officer accused of causing the death of
10:32 pm
43-year-old eric garner as he resisted arrest. after their decision came demonstrations in manhattan. in response, the mayor went on the air to insist on major changes to the nation's most diverse police force, which is about half white and half black, asian and hispanic, and de blasio says every one of them will be retrained. >> people need to know that black lives and brown lives matter as much as white lives. it's what we still have to aspire to. i said it yesterday, i believe it, this is not just a problem in new york city, this is an american problem, an american challenge. an issue that goes back to the founding of this republic that we haven't resolved. our generation has to resolve it. >> reporter: the mayor's words some of them i happen to agree with, overall his pandering and that of sharpton simply suffocates truth and hardly permits the asking of the central request which is why should there be a different
10:33 pm
standard for are in the any part of our society? why in the black community should there be a different standard? does anyone honestly believe that the outcome would have been different had garner been white? many do believe that, but i believe most don't. law-abiding citizens do what cops tell them to do. it's not complicated, and a politician who insults an entire police force with his pandering nonsense will create larger problems rather than solve them. enlarging a problem is never a solution, it's only a delaying tactic and the results and consequences are not what any of us should see. but it's not only mayor de blasio who is pandering. after careful analysis senator rand paul blamed garner's death partly on for crying out loud higher taxes. >> obviously the circumstances are important, but it's important to know that some politician put a tax of $5.85
10:34 pm
on a pack of cigarettes so driven cigarettes underground by making them so expensive. lou: anybody hear anybody who doesn't want to exploit the situation for personal agenda? certainly no reasonable person could argue that cigarette taxes are worth a man's life as no reasonable person would argue that it makes sense to resist arrest, ever. but de blasio, sharpton and others have no interest in being reasonable it seems, only in continuing to suffocate the facts. and intimidating many of those who dare to point out the number of times garner has been arrested which as you heard here was 31 times, and that the sergeant in charge of the arrest was a black female officer. that garner was not arguably in the grip of a chokehold, though debate remains, but there are those who insist it was a department trained and sanctioned seat belt hold as it's called, which followed garner's efforts in resisting
10:35 pm
arrest. facts like garner at the time of his death being out on bail on charges of illegally selling cigarettes, driving without a license, marijuana possession, false impersonation. facts like garner ultimately dying after he suffered cardiac arrest in the ambulance that took him to the hospital, not the scene of confrontation. but the facts don't really matter in the politics of race, and can you expect the voices particular least left to only get louder as they continue to lose even more political power. we're coming right back. house speaker john boehner fighting his caucus to the very last day. pushing a battle over obama's amnesty actions to next year. who are the republican leaders
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10:40 pm
eric garner incident. particularly, i think, she'll get very political over the issue of immigration. i think that they will absolutely use her nomination to bring to light so many of the legal ambiguities with this executive order that the president announced. lou: michael, of all of the folks to get involved. you know, i would have been disappointed frankly if al sharpton were involved in the eric garner case. senator rand paul decides to weigh in on higher taxes for crying out loud. are these people losing their minds? >> an ideologue looking for an ideological answer. what is the argument rather than to say i'm a low tax guy. it didn't make any sense. lou: so corroborated now.
10:41 pm
and the house vote today, moving from the garner case because it's going to resolve. any thoughts about the conversation with michael and the ambassador? >> the fundamental fact of crime and policing and new york and most urban areas is that most almost all of the homicides involve a one non-white male killing another non-white male. that is the fundamental overarching the crime. why the neighborhoods are heavily policed to protect people. and michael bloomberg to his credit started calling the police. they are not first responders, they are first preventers. he saw their job to prevent crime and it worked. lou: your thoughts, karen, on the discussion? >> yeah, i think, every time i hear someone from the african-american community or a white activist say well, the country needs to come together, i don't know what that means. this country has been talking
10:42 pm
about race relation for decades, and i think come together means one side needs to dig a giant leap in one direction and i think do what we're seeing happen with sharpton, which is really blame police officers, de blasio blames the police officers and i have a lot of mixed feelings about what happened with eric garner, i don't think it's that cut and dry. i just don't know what it means we're all supposed to come together and have a big group hug. have a summit at the white house, those conversations never yield anything meaningful. >> it's all nonsense as you point out. i tell you what i think quickly. i think that the elites involved in this whether they are the black activists from the community, whether it's the white elites who are in charge of the government, i think both sides need to get retrained and the national media as well about what the issue of race is really about. very quickly, attorneys general
10:43 pm
from 17 states going after the president in court, suing on his executive order on amnesty, his fiat. do you think there is any chance they'll prevail? >> some slight chance, yes, it was necessary for them to do it. look, i think the erosion of the constitution in favor of executive power is a dangerous trend and must be fought at every step of the way, it's too important. lou: 18 states now. we just learned that arizona joined in the lawsuit. karen, very quickly, do you think they have a chance of prevailing. we're out of time, but i want to get you on the record? >> this administration does not have a good record in court, they lost a number of legal battles and hope they lose this one as well. lou: karen hanretie, michael goodwin, thank you very much. vladimir putin plays the victim, had to spread to russia. with the world struggles in
10:44 pm
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. lou: joining us now fox news strategic analyst connell rolf peters. president putin defending the
10:48 pm
annexation of crimea on religious, cultural grounds saying it's the same as temple mount in jerusalem, what do you think? >> that is one of the nutty statements of the year. russia only took crimean peninsula in the 18th century. before that it had been islamic for many centuries. the heart, the temple mount for islamic christianity is kiev, the capital of today's ukraine. lou: you shouldn't have said that, you shouldn't have said that. >> i know that, that's the truth. you got to remember, lou, his speech was only aimed 10%, 5% at us. he was for domestic consumption, blaming the west for the yields because putin knows full well the russian economy is going to get a lot worse pretty quickly. the ruble is crashing, can't give away corporate bonds, yield on the state bonds is going up. price of oil is two thirds what it needs to be to eke into the
10:49 pm
black. he's made wild promises of programs. he's promised more giveaways than obama promised, he's got problems. lou: he's got problems, call him an idiot. here's the reality. he's taken crimea, he has substantial influence over eastern ukraine and looks like he could extend the influence at will without response from either nato which proved to be a paper tiger to this point. he has interest in moldova, estonia, and frankly everyone is sitting there holding their breath who knows anything and is paying any attention at all to putin's ambitions. >> you know, i would disagree with you. i wouldn't call him an idiot. lou: no, no, i was being sarcastic. >> he is a savage, and, you know, president obama made the statement that while putin is improvising himself into a nationalist corner. no! putin has a strategic plan.
10:50 pm
putin thinks decades ahead. obama is the guy from the improv. it's prophetic, you referenced the major military buildup in eastern ukraine, russian troops nakedly crossing the border into eastern ukraine. why we cannot know for certain what's in putin's mind. the russians like to do things over the christmas holidays, i would not be surprised if putin makes next military move grabbing a big chunk of ukraine over the holidays. we'll see, hope not. lou: and the reality here is that perhaps putin is exploiting what turns out to be at least a misunderstood possibility of weakness. that is the european union in seeking to consolidate has basically disenfranchised the power of each state including germany. to the point they are neither one nor really very much
10:51 pm
independently and that the united states is so overtaken by world events and, if you will ineptitude on the republicans and democrats in foreign policy that the world is his, no matter what. what do you think? >> certainly bullies like the pylon, and the only man left in the western alliance is angela merkel in germany, and he's got problems with spd, german equivalent of democratic party. who want peace with russia at any price, and former chancellor schrader is literally on putin's payroll. the west is in disarray, putin has a track record of winning, since he took office at the back of the turn of the millennium, he's won every confrontation with the west. and now backed into economic corner by falling oil prices, by the sanctions, by the collapse of the ruble, put sin apt to get not to back down but become considerably more
10:52 pm
aggressive and he's sure he'll win. lou: and it's clear that the obama policies and that of the european union and sanctions have pushed him also into at least the arm, if not the arms of china in a -- creating a formal alliance potentially. good to have you with us. >> china will eat russia alive. lou: colonel ralph peters, thank you. up next, china, russia, north korea, iran suspected on investigations from the federal government to airlines to sony pictures. the government, well, they acknowledge they're powerless in the face of the threat. at least now. coming up next, we'll find out coming up next, we'll find out what can be done about it? ♪ (holiday music is playing) hey! coming up next, we'll find out what can be done about it? i guess we're going to need a new santa ♪(the music builds to a climax.)
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10:57 pm
kind of attack is taking place, we're in real trouble. right? >> yes, sir. and sony has been hacked at least twice before in the last few years. they need to take this, and all retailers need to take this seriously. look at the lessons being learned and implement the processes that are necessary to ensure they have the right cyber security procedures in place? lou: now, your analysts have taken a look at what happened to sony. what are your conclusions, what are your thoughts about the attack, the sophistication and the capability of those engineering the attack? >> well, from what we've read, lou, the attack appears to be, you know -- it's not as complex as we thought. i mean, my guys were impressed when they went through some of the reports that have been out there on this attack. what appears to happen is that somebody had what's called root level
10:58 pm
access to sony's system. that's basically the keys to the kingdom. they can do whatever they want. the tools they used to exfiltrate the data and reboot the data on the hard drive were commercially available tools that were put into the system. yes, sir. they're commonly available tools. you can get them all over the dark net. i mean, they're -- they're not very complex tools that were used to execute these attacks. lou: and we heard michael rogers, the head of nsa saying that there's more than one country that has the capacity to devastate our infrastructure systems. is there any movement afoot in this country with government organizations to create a defense, a workable defense against the level of hacking that we're now watching business and government endure? >> lou, these attacks have severe implications, not only for the us economy, but
10:59 pm
for the world. i want to hearken back to the days where if you remember in the 60s and the 50s, you looked at the thermal nuclear threats against the country. they were rehearsed we had bond shelters. we had food storage. water storage. lou: civil defense. >> as a country, we were prepared. if this threat is immanent as the nsa directors claim, we need to be better prepared. i'm not seeing that kind of cooperation between the government and civil communities. i am aware and i am apart of a couple of exchanges. we talk. talk all the time. there needs to be doing. lou: doing in washington, dc, appears has never been a tougher thing to carry out. bruce, thanks for being with us. bruce, the ceo, founder of main nerve. that's it for us.
11:00 pm
we thank you for being with us. stay tuned for cavuto coming up here next. see you tomorrow. good night from new york. neil: hey, did i tell you about all the great holiday sales? now, if you could only get to the stores to enjoy them. i'm neil cavuto. and shop till you're blocked. protesters blocking roads, tunnels, and, yes, malls in new york city. of course, those protesters have rights, but not when they start trampling on everyone else's. reverend, good to have you. >> thank you. neil: what do you think what happened in new york. it was much more peaceful. of a more diverse crowd than the one we saw in ferguson, but it was a disruptive crowd. >> you know, when i saw the crowd, i automatically thought of occupy wall street and i


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