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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  December 5, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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ultimately that is good news for financials in that environment. [closing bell ringing] liz: morgan stanley up another percent today morgan stanley is back to where it was before the lehman brothers bankruptcy in 2008. the financials looking absolutely terrific. let's see how stocks finish the day. we're not quite there from s&p. we're there? we made it. >> look at that by one. by one point. >> it is indeed a record. same for the dow jones industrials on this friday. looks like real strength in russell 2000. that is the biggest percentage gainer. this is broad-based rally that began 8:30 a.m. eastern. when we got jobs number month of november surprised well to the upside. build of 321,000. there is still much to talk about. "after the bell" starts right now.
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david: breaking down action today, and for the whole week, eric marshall from hodges fund. he will tell us why he thinks potential reward for the stocks outweigh the risk. now he says it is time to get a little defensive in this market. mark sebastian in pits of cme. mark, start with the jobs numbers. hard to find anything bad. some people are saying we still have the labor participation rate problem. if numbers are this good doesn't that mean the fed has to raise rates sooner rather than later? >> that is why we didn't get a huge pop. average investor would cause a number like that to cause the s&p to move 20, 30 points. but we're barely up on the day. why? because we have the battle between job growth and income growth versus low interest rates is good for the stock market.
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i think major investors with all-time highs are trying to hash it out. look where the treasury is trading still 2.30. it is betting rates stay low through 2015. if you look at move for financial sector that is kind after bet rates will start moving earlier than 2016. kind of a fight going on where rates will go, which could make the next couple months quite interesting. liz: i would say financials, you could include brokers in there too, td ameritrade and charles schwab they benefit when we start to see tighter rates. lest we get too excited, pete, you're striking cautionary tone, are you not, saying don't get all in on equities? why not? >> look across the world, liz, central banks are really controlling fiscal policy, not just managing policy but buying
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into asset inflation when you look into the united states. 8 to $10 trillion injected into our economy. what are we seeing? 2% economic growth. in the short term numbers are very good. we'll continue to see short-term highs but long term investors need to be defensive in nature. david: eric, why do you think pete is wrong? >> we continue to like equity markets here. s&p for regard earnings multiple, only 16 times. that compares very favorable to where interest rates are right now. the most important driver for stock prices next year will be corporate earnings. we see continued improvement in the corporate earnings picture looking out into 2015. liz: so you have a belief that there is still an opportunity there.
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let's look at some of your picks. you like shoe carnival and cooper tire & rubber. slightly different from the others. why dowd like these three names? >> well these are all companies that should benefit from lower oil prices here. lithium motors is auto retailer benefiting from a a whole replacement cycle for vehicles. november vehicle sales pick up recently. the stock trades at relatively low pe multiple. we like where the company is right now. we think it is in very early stages and bullish cycle for automobile replacement. shoe carnival is family shoe retailer that trades at 12 times earnings. company seeing a lot of cash, no debt. growing store base in high single digits. this company we see secular
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growth opportunity regardless what happens with the broader economy. they should also have tailwind of consumer having more money in their pocket. david: pete, we're talking retail now. we had a retail rout on certain stocks. big lots, american eagle, down 13%. it looked pretty ugly. if you have think, if you have questions on u.s. growth based on fed policy, and i share some of your concerns as well, why would you choose walmart? isn't walmart dead smack in the center of this retail business. >> dave, i thought i would get a little pushback on this one but i have to remind both you and liz i came on the show august 15th and told everybody at the buy walmart. why? the price was at 74, but the beta of the stock or downside rick of the stock is very, very low with a $16 billion buyback.
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the board also appointed greg penner to vice-chair. he is taking over e-commerce sales. look for good things. a lot of money jingling in the pockets of consumers. they will go to walmart to spend it in the short term. i have walmart inside a sector rotational play. >> little attention was given to the trade deficit number which came out today which wasn't exactly greatest news. also factory behavior, et cetera. that doesn't really square what we're seeing with a stronger consumer the likes of what pete just talked about going into walmart flush with cash. what do you think happens next week? what is the best piece of economic data you feel people should be watching? >> i'll tell you, on tuesday we talked about that big vix put buyer bought 12 1/2 putz. he came back today and bought
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bought 11 1/2 puts. which is a 111,000. liz: which is a we against volatility. >> and bet against the market continuing higher. a lot of people i think already gone on christmas break. when i look at numbers coming out this week, the real thing you have to pay attention to is inflation numbers. as long as we don't get idea fed will raise rates in q1, q2 i think it is smooth sailing. we might look at 2100 in the s&p by friday or monday of next week. we're in a slow grind higher. going to be five, six points a day. second star to the right and straight on till morning. david: as long as going in the right direction. that's all we care about. have a wonderful weekend. pete lang, eric marshall. mark we'll come to you in a few minutes when s&p futures close. liz: thanks guys. forget black friday or cyber monday the biggest shopping day of the year could be still ahead. david: lori rothman has the details. what are we talking about.
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>> black friday, cyber monday, giving tuesday, feeling overwhelmed? we haven't hit super saturday yet. this is the last saturday before christmas, falling december 20th. analysts say this year super saturday will knock the stockings off black friday in store traffic around sales. number crunchers at shoppertrak predict super saturday sales will top 10 billion. black friday and weekend sales came in 9.1 billion. so far as you know we're talking about mildly disappointing holiday spending season. black friday sales off about 11% but analysts still optimistic, better economy, cheap gas, wage growth as you saw in the government's november jobs report released this morning are giving folks confidence. no one feels all that frantic to fight big crowds and rush to snap up bargains. what is more according to shoppertrak, retail remembers motivate toddies count in an effort to move inventory left behind from thanksgiving weekend. analysts say look for larger retailers with brick-and-mortar
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and online presents to offer deepest discounts on super saturday. target, walmart, macy's amazon, home depot. which items will be most deeply discounted? looks like so far clothing apparel. best discount on big-screen tvs since bulk was black friday and big weekend. we'll look at post-super saturday, last, last minute deals. look for discounts north of 50%. retailers will likely cut prices on specific items catered to last-minute shoppers. send it back to you, dave. david: this year on december 20th. last saturday before the 25th. thanks lori. >> sure thing. liz: you better bundle up and double up on the hand sanitizer this winter. the cdc is warning this could be a very bad flu season. david: oh, dear. liz: you know what david, the flu shot may not be as effective this year. we'll get you details next. david: i haven't taken a flu shot in 20 years. maybe i should. if you want a real look at
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jobs market look at those who actually hire. we'll talk with three members of the job creators panel. do today's numbers reflect what they are experiencing. liz: speaking of job experience report, do the numbers essentially put the fed squishing itself into a box? david: i was wonder where that video was going. liz: look at this. up, down, all around, recent volatility in gold could make you dizzy. should you play it or stay out? does super cheap oil lead to more mergers and acquisitions? which area? more with our panel just ahead. ♪ she inspires you.
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liz: after hitting all-time record the s&p futures are now closing. let's head to mark sebastian in the pits of cme. hi, mark. >> as was trend last couple minutes of close, s&p rallied, we're up a couple extra bucks. that points toward a little more strength on monday. until we see something really negative i think the slow grind higher will keep happening, liz. liz: mark, thank you so much.
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have a good weekend. david: well the jobs figure was the news of the day. forget the headline. if you want a real look at the state of hiring go to the source, small businesses. last month they actually job gainers. joining me three leaders of small business and head of job creators network. we have heidi, camp bow-wow for animals, folks ceo. laura, my cheat heat here. laura, is that right. crest work spaces ceo and president. and adam robinson hireol-foy co-founder. adam i want to go to you first. i want to get to specifics. we have ideas what to make life better for small businesses. you began 2014 with 16 employees. how many do you have now? >> we'll end the year with just over0. david: what led to that job
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creation? couple of things. we power the hiring process for america's small businesses. we're seeing some of this number today, reflected in our own growth as a company. more jobs is more business for us. that is a good thing. we're in a good market. we have differentiated offering. macroeconomic stuff is helping us grow fast. david: laura, you are not hiring, why not? >> we plan to hire into 2015. we plan to go into additional markets and hire entry level positions and service positions. david: you're clearing up for more hiring? >> correct. david: heidi, what about you, you have 77 he will employees. are you hiring more? >> we are. we'll add a few more people by end. year. not as many as we hoped to. we're a little leery on the economy and what is going on. >> everybody is hiring more now and thinking of hiring more.
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but, adam, what would happen inside the economy or inside the beltway to make it easier for you? >> we're excited about growth and jobs growth. the real story lack of comprehensive tax reform and is acting as a anchor for us right now. we could be growing at faster pace. david: can you answer with something particular, adam, something that stymied you or stopped you cold? >> we're looking at expiration of capital expenditure, $500,000s, moving back to 1986 levels next year. there is not a day where i talk to other ceos where they are absolutely holding off on big capital asset purchases to wait to see what happens, to see if they're fully compensable in next year. we just don't know. david: interesting. you're nodding your head in agreement, laura. >> i am agreeing. helped quite a bit in terms of our growth last three years and
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not knowing what will happen going forward with the capital expenditures it is affecting our growth plan for the next few years. david: how? in what way? >> in terms how we're able to write off capital expenses. can they be accelerated or not accelerated. if they're not accelerated, it doesn't allow us capital to grow quickly as we would like. david: heidi, that uncertainty i heard from some which is people, if we only had clarity, so many things are thrown at us, business people willy-nilly is that what is bothering you most? >> i am worried about tax reform but as ceo of a franchise company i'm very worried bun elected bureaucrats, at nlrb, the national labor relations board that made recent rulings that could really have a severe, bad effect on the franchise industry and kill job creation and slow our growth. david: be specific. what is it that nlrb is doing that could affect you as a franchise owner? >> my gut it is driven by unions and they're trying to create a joint employer situation with
4:19 pm
franchisors and franchisees. it could destroy the model of franchise business where all the franchisees have liberty to hire, fire and train and deal with employees. if you get us into the mix it will not be a good situation. >> adam, do you feel like weight is against you, scales of justice are supposed to be equal but do you sometimes somebody is pushing a finger on one side of the scale? >> i hear lot of people talking about what business owners need. here we are business owners telling you what we need. we need certainty. the election really changed landscape. i'm hopeful wash on both sides could get together and have a get tax reform done and it would be a good boost to the economy. david: laura, i was surprised to hear you say you're still stuck in a type after recession. why is that. >> the jobs data report is
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positive and anytime jobs are created is something to be celebrated but since 2008, the last six years have felt very slow and sluggish. would you expect coming out of recession there to be boom in the economy to really tick along and we haven't seen that and haven't felt that. david: every recession that i have come out, with the exception of this one in my lifetime you had incentives to help you grow. lowering of tax rates. lowering of regulations to help you in business. have you felt any of that this time. >> no. the difficult to get access to capital. regulations are burdensome. tax reform is necessary and we're hoping congress and president will come together to make the reforms happen. david: we had an election. there was a message sent. some say the president hasn't heard the message but i think he will have to next couple months. you're great people, great to have here, appreciate it. liz? speaking of jobs you have been
4:21 pm
weighing in on social media about the jobs market. robert conway writes, the job market has not improved. kind of agreeing with laura here. i graduated college last year and still can't get anything better than are part-time job i have had. this is getting ridiculous. robert jones agrees with rob. all my son's friend who graduated in may 2014 are proof that there are few jobs out there. join the conversation. like us on facebook or tweet us. of liz, now over to you. liz: i'll take it. will today's better than expected jobs numbers give the green light to the fed to race rates? our -- raise rates. our panel will rate that. halle berry taking her talent to a new scandallous endeavor, backing a lingerie company. why the actress is betting big on one particular brand. that is coming up. did you get your flu shot. i did. david didn't. we'll see who wins this one as
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david: we have a liftoff, ladies and gentlemen. nasa launching its new orion spacecraft today. the craft orbiting the earth twice at an altitude of 3600 miles before splashing down off the coast of california. nasa used the flight as a test, hoping next step will be a launch to circle the moon in 2018. then you thought this was over? not so. a manned mission to the moon in 2020 liz. liz: then to mars. david: that would be nice. liz: did today's positive jobs number put the fed into box of sorts that will make it very hard for them to get out of? and what should be the fed's next big move be? we bring in our panel. fox business's tracy byrnes, chris gersch, portfolio manager and peter schiff, europacific capital founder and ceo. i pull up a quote from, where is my quote. oh, peter boockvar.
4:27 pm
we watch him all the time. we read his reports. peter boockvar said how cot fed with straight face keep rates at zero in face of very strong jobs report, tracy, a build of 321,000? are they now squished into a box because of weakness in europe and china? >> i think one month does not a trend make. that will be their case with this. and i don't think they're still going to do anything. i agree with peter. i think it is high time. we talked before, i think interest rates should be higher. that would spur the housing market but i still don't think the fed is going to move. liz: peter schiff, does janet yellen have to play contortionist, we actually ordered contortionist video to show what it really means stuck into a box. this is kind of amazing. this is amazing. look away. >> that hurts. liz: but there is weakness globally. yet what appears to be strength here. what do you say? >> liz, the fed has been in a box for a long time. the jobs report isn't putting it in that box. if the fed were actually to
4:28 pm
raise rates, all the jobs would disappear because the recovery is only here as long as the fed is propping it up. we got four economic reports that came out today. jobs number was only one. all the other three were bad. trade deficit and factory orders and consumer credit came out much worse than expected.he ecog out is bad. liz: raise rates, are they forced to raise rates even if data are very spotty, peter, yes or no? >> they can't raise rates. >> they should have raised them a long time ago. but the problem this is a bubble. if they raise rates they will prick it. it is not genuine recovery. it's a bubble. liz: there is your answer. chris, do you agree with that? >> i believe they're absolutely in a box but it is not u.s. or anything doing it locally. it has been the fact that they shove yellen into the box to continue to print money overseas and draghi taped it shut.
4:29 pm
i believe pause of hair inaction she is not only in box but taped up until ecb and japan slow down. liz: janet yellen needs to practice with cirque du soleil. we'll get back to that. you may think gold plummeted last couple years but the volatility was important for us to put together this graphic. it kind of makes your head spin, up, down, all around. right off the bat i go to peter schiff first on this how do you profit amidst the volatility of gold? >> first of all gold hasn't plummeted this year. gold is about where it began the year. it is basically unchanged. so you might think it has dropped a lot based on all the negative press but it really hasn't gone anywhere. it went down the prior year. i disagree with what one panellests said. liz: you are corrects. it found support at 1108. we're at 1191 per ounce. >> but that is about where it started year. this is where it was in january.
4:30 pm
point what is really propping us up is all money printing going on in japan and all the money they think will print in europe that is propping up dollar and that is hurting gold. liz: is there a trade here, peter. is there a trade. >> excuse me? liz: is there a trade? what should people buy if they listen to that. >> i'm getting to. that. u.s. will print more money than japan and europe combined. we're not guesting ready to tighten we're getting ready to launch qe4, that will light a gold under gold trade. >> qe4? >> they need to go to gold. >> no. >> peter, we love you how long have you been singing gold song? it is to your point, if gold -- >> since it was under $300 an ounce. >> if gold is exactly where it started beginning of the year, why should anybody bother at this point? truth is you can find easier ways to make money that are sure bets in the equity market. liz: chris, no qe4 you think. >> there is no sure bet in the equity market. >> peter i will not tell you how
4:31 pm
to trade gold. this is how you trade gold. i trade gold. the vix is down around 11, 12. you're not buying gold at. that it is a risk play right now. the strong dollar, with the yen being printed you're right on that. here's the thing. volatility has to spike up. we have to have pullback in the s&p before you buy gold. all viewers if you're playing gold play, vix has to come up around 18. s&p has to come off a little bit and dollar strength right now, do not buy gold as long as dollar continues to be over120 versus yen. >> i'm not trading gone. i own gold. liz: peter is not a short-term trader. you're a long-term guy, correct? >> i want to be in fold. tracy said, how long have i been talking about gold? since it was under $300 a ounce. yes, we had a couple of years fold is going down. i think we're getting ready for another big leg up. i maintain we'll go to 5,000 and higher. people need to own gold and need to understand why. you just don't own gold. you have to own other assets
4:32 pm
too. tracy is talking about sure thing in the u.s. stock market. that was 18 years ago alan greenspan was talking about irrational exuberance. >> for our owe one k than gold right now. >> -- liz: join the debate. do you agree with peter or agree with chris or agree with tracy. is it good or bad time to invest in gold. are there better trades. send us a message on facebook or tweet us @fbnatb for facebook, don't go away. coming up they're staying with us.
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we'll have the inside scoop of what silicon valley is saying about this.
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how much money do you have in your pocket right now? i have $40, $21. could something that small make an impact on something as big as your retirement? i don't think so. well if you start putting that towards your retirement every week and let it grow over time, for twenty to thirty years, that retirement challenge might not seem so big after all. ♪ liz: falling oil prices, yes, it happened again. have been good news for for consumers and businesses. could it be big news for oil companies trying to snap up other ones. back with tracy byrnes,
4:37 pm
chris gersh. chris, we saw it fall once again. we're down more than 30 percent when it comes to the price of oil. right off the bat, how does an investor spot similar deals like what we saw weeks ago which was baker hughes snapping up, you know, some of the other names. at halliburton. is that what it was? did i get that right? other way around, i'm told. >> you're right on track. what you need to do as far as investing in oil right now, if you want to stay evolved and exposed to that sort of sector, you're going to look at the best of breed. me personally, for my clients, we're looking at slumbersday. they'll potentially be acquiring these mid-tier regionals that have popped up. look for the best of breed. i don't think oil will stop and reverse its
4:38 pm
track any time soon. so really be careful. don't catch a falling knife here. liz: peter, what do you think. boone pickens came out said, we could go back to $100 a barrel. where do you see oil going? >> i've got the same book. i own a lot of oil stocks. but, look, i think this oil decline, again, is temporary. i think it's more a market-driven phenomenon. it's technical. a lot to do with the anticipation of a tighter fed and a stronger dollar. the dollar has strengthened, but the fed has not tightened. i don't think it will because the recovery is a mirage. as more people figure this out in 2015, i think you'll see a sharp reversal in oil as well. liz: let's find out what the trade is for people watching now. >> value rates are low. interest rates that are rock bottom. this is holiday season for m&a, quite frankly.
4:39 pm
if they'll do it at any time, you'll see it especially before the end of the year for tax purposes. liz: with holiday season comes holiday broadcasts. let's get to what happened with nbc. last night, nbc aired its live musical broadcast of peter pan. live. need i say live 50 times. it had huge success with sound of music live. this time around, alison williams kind of flying around here and there, 9 million viewers only. that's still a lot, tracy. so does nbc continue to go with these live things, or when you cut those numbers in half, is it time to finish out with the live musical? >> i think 18 million people that watched the sound of music was sorely disappointed. you'll get half of that if you go further with this. it didn't work. it's okay.
4:40 pm
>> why didn't it work, what do you think, chris? >> i don't think it worked because alison williams doesn't have the star power that carrie underwood. if you have taylor swift, call her agent, 30 million viewing that. i think carrie underwood that alison doesn't. >> i think chris had suggested taylor swift doing grease. i'd watch that. what do you think, does nbc get props for taking a flying leap. although 9 million viewers is decent here. >> i didn't see it. why don't you and david start singing the closin"closing bell." i know you can carry it well. i don't know about david. >> i had to turn off -- i saw it. liz: it was that bad. chris, tracy byrnes, peter. we will not be singing "after the bell," but maybe "countdown."
4:41 pm
>> you know you want to. >> i can fly, but i can't sing. flu season has begun. the cdc warning it could be particularly deadly season. are you protected? we have the details straight ahead. actress halle berry, is sure the sexiest woman in hollywood? many of you think she is. taken a stake in the lingerie line. why increasing celebrities are starting their own businesses instead of just promoting a brand. that's coming next. ♪
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>> listen up, folks, the cdc has issued a warning that this flu season will be a bad one. the most common strain of the virus is circulating the us one that tends to send more people to the hospital than other strains and it's caused more deaths. the organization says the virus has mutated from the strain used to make this year's flu vaccine. this means this year's vaccine may not be as effective at combating it. be careful. liz: halle berry is the latest of a string of celebrities buying stakes in companies. not just paid to endorse them. berry took a 50 percent
4:46 pm
stake in french lingerie scandale, why now? >> lee hawkins, the wall street journal's celebrity reporting. he sat down with the actress. >> lucky me. right? >> yeah. the company itself, let's talk about. the guy named eric who owned the company 100 percent, but he wasn't getting the juice he was getting from the marketing. so how did he get halle berry involved. >> he needed somebody to make the brand pop. they werrough a mutual friend. she was looking for a business opportunity. i think that she was seeing all this other activity with jessica alba and oprah and all these people who have figured out to take their brands and level it into entrepreneurship. she has been in the game with revlon and her fragrance. she felt she had a background in design and knew a lot of the things that were necessary to make a brand successful.
4:47 pm
it was the right timing for her. >> you spoke with her about exactly what her motivations were, now, she wants to put not just her face and name on it, but be a part of the design. the price point is good enough for target. right? >> yeah. very affordable price point. she wanted more control. when you're in these partnerships. when you're in these licensing agreements, it's not really your product. it's one of those things where you do what they tell you to do. as a matter of fact, i talked to her, and she said i don't want to be the dancing bear anymore. let's see what she said. >> i don't have to be the dancing bear. i've been the dancing bear for many, many years. >> what is that? >> you know what the dancing bear is. the dancing bear, almost like a puppet eer doing
4:48 pm
and fulfilling the wishes of others. i want to do things on my own terms. be my own boss. call my own shots. and really put my name on things that i personally really believe in and have had a hand in. that's important for my evolution as a person and businesswoman. >> she was already doing a lot of the things that it takes to make a product successful. she thought, hey, why don't i put a little of my own money and take out a portion of the proceeds as opposed to getting a licensing fee of 5 percent. >> she doesn't want to be a dancing bear. she wants to take part in a business. more risk. it's a fulfilling thing. if she hits it, the returns will be extraordinary. right? >> they could be. like, they're in select target stores. and hopefully they'll be able to expand that relationship. >> he probably would not have gotten into those target stores without her. >> he knew that. he was very candid about the fact that halle was
4:49 pm
exactly what he needed to push his business forward. to bring more meaning to it. it's his love and his passion. he was kind of stuck. somebody who is passionate about the product and has the face to push it, it's a good thing for him. so it was good. we're in a new era now. it's just celebrities in general seeing each other make money, and they want identical deals, but they're understanding that it has to be something that fits with them culturally that they understand that they can get out and push it. if they can do it and get themselves in a position to do an ipo or just have a ton of stock and get acquired, they can make a lot more money than they could from making a movie or record. >> dr. dre is sort of the holy grail of that. >> who saw that coming? >> she's a delightful woman. >> she really was. hopefully i'll meet her again some day. >> in your dreams,
4:50 pm
buddy. 3-d printing, responsible for some amazing technological advancements. now being used for human face transplaints. you'll have to stay tuned. >> uber, just how big are the bets? we'll tell you next. >> hi, everyone, i'm gerri willis coming up on my show, a shocking story that rocked university campuses across the country. it turns out much of that story was untrue. one of the big stories coming up on the willis report in just a few minutes
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david: talk about getting a lift. uber's valuation has reached $4 trillion. that is above just to put in comparison, the market cap of huge major publicly traded companies. including, delta, alcoa, and linkedin. with us is dierdre bolton. what are they saying in silicon valley about that kind of valuation? >> first of all, that kind of valuation, you just brought up all those companies that uber is bigger than, as a private company. so uber, just for the record has set a record. there's no other private start up that has more money than that on hand. basically close to $42 billion is what they have raised, and the latest raise is just a little bit over a billion. so, i mean, as far as what people are saying, there's a lot of people saying, is it too
4:55 pm
frothy. they clearly have a competitive edge. we've all been speaking about these pr issues that this company has been dealing with. they still have the most volume. they did a debt raise, which most of the people i'm speaking with, this indicates they're getting ready to go public. >> they have a number of detractors, but you spoke with the believers. >> some believers who feel they missed the mark by not investing in uber. >> mark cubin is one. here's what he told me. >> uber has done a phenomenal job of building a brand and building demand. that the convenience is something special. if you don't have a qualifying car, but you'd like to do it, what do you do? so with breeze, which is approximate what we'll do, we'll check your credit. you don't have to have perfect credit. it has to be decent. we'll lees you a car. it will allow you to pay through your earnings for lyft or uber.
4:56 pm
>> he said i'll create something else. invest in something else that is kind of an overlay of uber because i believe in that platform. >> sometimes these very high valuations signal a top. (?) what does the uber valuation signal about with technology, apps and things like that. >> it's a great question. we saw that discussion publicly with facebook. right? and people saying -- it took something like four quarters much facebook being public for the private -- or, rather, the public sector to get anything out of it. okay, it's frothy, but if you have a best in class, which uber seems to be, despite the pr issues, goes public, people will want to buy in. >> dierdre bolton. catch dierdre every day on "risk & reward,," of course, here on fox business. >> here at the new york we love to bring you the latest in technology. stewart varney interviewed a doctor who is using 3-d printing to help with face
4:57 pm
transplants. >> this is a printed model of one of our patient's faces. (?) you can hold it in your hand. look at all the bony structures from any angle. the way this image is made is from the cat scan. and you take those cat scanned images and then you create an electronic 3-d image. from that electronic 3-d image we post process it. this has been 3-d printed on a stratasys printer, and overtime, six or seven hours, we're able to get this 3-d printed model -- >> are you telling me that someone who has a really catastrophic injury to the face can come in, go through the process that you've just described and get the face of another human being put on to their skull so that they would, in fact, have the
4:58 pm
face of another different human being. >> that happens. that happens. >> actually at my institution at bringing ham hospital, we've done that surgery seven times. it's been done nine times in the united states. all of our patients are doing quite well. (?) this is a procedure that happens and it restores -- it not only gives a person a new face, but it allows them to breathe properly, to eat properly, to smile, to actually feel touch sensations for the first time, and it is a really life-changing experience. liz: wow. you can catch all of today's interviews on including that one. now, we've asked you if you think it's a good time to investigate in gold. wayne: 10 percent of one's assets should be in physical gold. david: mike: i'd wait until the
4:59 pm
price stabilizes as it may go lower. liz: okay. the number one thing to watch for next week. we spin it forward and bring it back to peter. you know you want to. to quote you, peter, what is the number one thing to watch? >> i'm still thinking about halle berry and lingerie. david: i'm with you, brother. >> not a lot of economic news coming out this week. on thursday next week, we'll get the retail sales and the weekly unemployment claims. that's worth watching. because we had a horrible holiday weekend so people could be looking at those retail sales. and unemployment claims have been backing up. five weeks in a row where the claims are going up. moving average still going up. unemployment and retail sales. david: i couldn't help, but hearing your gold 5,000 remark. when do you think gold will break out of this sort of 1100 to 1200 range, peter? >> well, you know --
5:00 pm
it's really not -- it's about 1200. it got down to 1150 for a nanosecond. david: when will it break out? >> i don't know. when will the world wake up? david: all right. >> hello, i'm gerri wilson. gerri willis. we begin with the computer hacking at sony pictures entertainment. the hacking is believed to be much more damaging and includes the release of tens of thousands of social security numbers of folks including big stars like sylvester stallone for more, entertainment reporter david cap lynn. 47,000 social security numbers. (?) this blows my mind. i can't believe this is happening. how many stars? who were the big named stars with this kind of information being leaked? >> we have people like judd app


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