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tv   Cavuto on Business  FOX Business  December 7, 2014 8:30am-9:01am EST

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>> i bet on you for that one. >> one in three parents admit to ordering out. dinner is the most stressful meal of the day. i say out's more and you don't want to admit it. >> hello dominos, yes. neil, take it away. >> hands up. >> don't shoot. >> times up on the hands up. america better listen up. not to this. maybe to this one. >> you are feeling hate, confusion, because you have lost a round. sir, sit-down. god is not with you. you need to take a seat, take the back of the seat and sit down and let got take control of the situation. in god there's love. in god there's peace. in god there's unity. you are showing none of that to the human race. >> talk about silence. or was that the sound of martin luther king no longer rolling in
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his grave, no longer hearing from preacher who is freely use his name, but shame his peaceful legacy. we are on it with ben stein, charles payne and adam and charlie. they call that giving the false profits the business. >> the biggest of all the false profits. al sharpton is a flame thrower. there's a pain in the hope of the future. he takes that pain and it's like taking uranium. you can make a nuclear weapon with it or a power plant. he builds a nuclear weapon. martin luther king was eloquent. look where we are and where we can be. he wanted everyone to have an opportunity, if you work for it. judge my by my character.
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if i can live up to it i want to advance. al sharpton says forget about the open doors, go burn something down. >> i always think of that incident in 1956 where his house was fire bombed. there was a gang gathering outside the house avenue afterwards who wanted vengeance. he told them to stop. his family was almost killed. there would be many other incidents. sadly, one that ended hids life. he urged the opposite of the thing al sharpton doesn't like. >> because dr. king and many leaders in this country today know this, whether it's charles or religious leaders, they know that violence turns an ear to need to listen deaf. the people stop listening. they will ignore a situation when people turn to violence. it ends the discussion. what's happened this past week
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in new york city and other cities, people are protesting. protests are disruptive. we were talking, you could hear protests in the streets. that speaks volume tos to me. that's when america will listen and change, i think. >> not when they block the west side highway or all exits. >> that's an inconvenience, but it's not violence, it's not looting or stealing. >> ben stine, so great to see you. >> honored to be here. when i think of martin luther king jr., i think of a lion, a man of peace and destiny. when i think of al sharpton, weasel. his purpose is self-promotion. he doesn't care if he's lighting fires or what the consequences are as long as it promotes him. the fact president obama is listening to him, consults him, considers him a pal is
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terrifying. it is a terrifying moment when the president of the united states listens to a person whose main goal is self-promotion. >> i worry when i see sharpton showing up at the white house, a trusted adviser. i'm thinking you are not. what do you make of that? not that you are a nut. >> the president -- the president as the rest of us do need to listen to all sorts of people. i'm not advocating violence, i advocate, i agree with protest is a good thing. i'm uncomfortable with what ben said, taking somebody and first of all calling them names. i think it's demeaning and petty, you are stooping to his level. >> he calls people names. >> you just called me a name.
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>> he called me a name. >> no, i said you are behaving in a petty way. i think we should rise up and say protests and speaking out for what we see as unjustice is a good thing and violence is a terrible thing. it's criminal activity. >> i know what god thinks abdomen r and he thinks it was a stupid answer to my question. >> i know al sharpton well. i have been a reporter in his city for a long time. not everything he does is bad. i don't believe he's a weasel. he is now selling a false narrative, though. this is where it gets problematic with al sharpton. he is suggesting that new york city or ferguson, missouri is the jim crow south. that is a false narrative. new york city's police
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department is rationally mixed. i don't like the fact mr. garner was put in a chokehold and died over selling cigarettes, but he resisted arrest. the gentleman in ferguson, missouri, not only resisted arrest, tried to take an officers gun. this is after he ripped off a convenience store. >> i don't want to go through each case, but i know where you are going. i want to step back. when they get in individual spaces that's one thing, but they scare businesses. they actually scare businesses and get them to the point. >> this shakedown routine worked well for a handful of people. take the legacy of jim crow legacy and discrimination. you and a handful of friends. this is the old al sharpton. >> some things are good, some are not, i agree.
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>> let me add something. >> i knew him as a reporter. i'm telling you now, net net. why people of disaster to america. it is a negative. >> listen, i'm not going to argue with you. i'm not going to speak for the black community on al sharpton. >> for america it's a negative. >> i'm going to say this, he is -- i'm not going to say who people should pick as their leaders. >> black people didn't vote for him. listen, if 100 people -- >> the reason the president wants to meet with the guy. >> he uses reverse psychiatry. al sharpton tried this with me in church. you ain't black enough. you ain't hip enough. people said hillary clinton was blacker than him. he got tricked into the reverse
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psychology game. i'm telling you now -- >> i know that al sharpton does bad stuff and he's selling a false narrative. i'm not going to sit here and call him a weasel. >> here is what i'm saying. when the president has the pow wow with the community leaders and everyone else, he didn't have the reverends we have on this show. he didn't have those who are men of god from a different point of view. he didn't have the ones that said it's about personal responsibility. and not blowing an incident out of proportion to the reality of the moment or victimhood. their points of view, i think, should have been listened to as much as we had the al sharpton on this network as well. >> they were and are because you have them on your program. >> they should be at the white house. they should be on the other networks. do i have to do the media's job alone?
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>> yes, you do. you raise a good point about the reverend al sharpton. the more exposure he gets from political leaders, the mayor here, the governor, the president, it gives him power and money. >> what constructive thing has he done. what is -- >> you want to call him a weasel, call him a weasel. don't say i admire him. >> you admire some things. what is it about him that is admirab admirable. i don't think he's literally a weasel crawling around. in my opinion, he's an unethical kind of guy. >> there is an issue, maybe you don't know this with friction between the black community and the police department that goes beyond al sharpton. it's a bad thing. it needs to be addressed. some people make the point that
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al sharpton makes it worse, which he does at times. there's an issue with the black communities in different parts of this country feel under siege. now, he's -- i don't think that's a problem. >> he thinks he knows -- >> here is the thing. when al sharpton gets involved, they melt together. i disagree with charlie that ferguson was the same as staten island. garner was resisting arrest, but not in an aggressive way where he posed a threat to anyone around him. i don't know about the legalities. the bottom line is, 20 years of al sharpton have not gotten better. i think it's a shame president obama brought him in. >> we are going to take a quick break here. if you can pipe down, we will get to you. a little more in the next segment. you think it is going to be
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you don't need to think about the energy that makes our lives possible. because we do. we're exxonmobil and powering the world responsibly is our job. because boiling an egg... isn't as simple as just boiling an egg. life takes energy. energy lives here. anything. now, back to cavuto on business. all right. i'm going to try to keep adam under control this segment. the guy never shuts up. we knew that giving 5 million legals a free pass wasn't going to be free. who knew we would be ponying up
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so soon? the add mip strags is going to hire at least 1,000 workers to process all the new folks. adam, what do you think of that? >> well, it doesn't surprise me. this is what you should expect from an executive order. the president issued an executive order to implement the policies he couldn't get a stubborn congress to go along with. he's moving ahead. the fact he's moving ahead and staffing it, not a shocker to me. >> you shouldn't use the word because you don't know how to pronounce it. >> i know how, i couldn't get it out of my mouth. >> i try to pick the one syllable words myself. >> i just make sounds. >> to adam's point, the president decided to order up new troops without asking
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congress. >> you never have anything nice to say. >> i do. i give him more credit for his golf game than michael jordan does. that's a backhanded compliment. >> a different thing, i think the president is blowing an amazing opportunity for six years and doubled down on making it worse. >> you have to build a facility, don't you, ben? >> what i wonder is if he's got the authority to hire so many people why not hire 1,000 new border guards to guard the borders? that would make a tremendous difference. >> there's a reason why you get smart. >> i love the concept of this. illegal immigration is a job creator. we open the borders and let all these new legal immigrants flow in. then we have to hire government workers. i'm being sarcastic in case
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anybody watching is -- >> oh, i gotcha. i thought you meant it. >> metaphor. >> what do you think? >> this is classic economics. i'm all for it, man. >> what does that mean? >> 5.8%. it's going to go down because of this. i do wonder, he can have an executive order, maybe someone that understands parliament knows more than me. doesn't congress have to procure the funding to pay these people? >> of course we do. >> of course congress has to vote the money. >> but he goes through with it. >> citizenship and immigration services within homeland security self-funds. that's the problem congress is graveling with. >> toll booths on the border?
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>> not the illegal immigrants, anybody who is a legal imgranlt. i think it's the passport services. >> you think they pay enough -- >> there's no funds. congress has to defund. i don't know about the passport thing. i will check back. i will report back next week. >> we are going to take a break here. gruber is not the only one who thinks we are. all the time, we thought the health care law was the problem. it turns out we can't comprehend the thing. the forbes gang is coming up. next, one country is trying to help their people chill out by telling their bosses, hey, why don't you butt out. >> i have people skills. i am good at dealing with people. can't you understand that? can't you understand that? what the
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this show. but get this. germany's government is actually doing something, thinking about banning bosses from e-mailing workers, the idea that they shouldn't be stressed out. what do you think about that. >> leave it up to germany to do this. it will never happen here. we just don't have work rules like that. how about just turning your back berry off. and if you work for an s.o.b. who has a problem with that, then don't work there. >> the idea that the germans are concerned with stressing people out are so wonderful. i mean they've caused the most stress to the world. >> yeah. >> kind of funny. >> very funny. >> when the financial crisis first happened and greece would walk around with these shirts, our next door neighbors won't give us money.
8:54 am
germ mans are hardworking people. >> used to be. >> if they go down this path, it's disaster. >> they're harder working than the french. >> but you know, there is this sort of -- my god, i'm tied to these devices. there's got to be a way to control it. used to be able to go on vacation and no one worry about it. now your boss is following your every move. what do you make of it? >> i any bosses should take heart her and leave their people alone in the after-hours on on the weekend unless it's important. >> in germany what would it be, you're going to be fired. yeah. >> that can wait until monday. that can clearly wait until monday. >> what do you think in. >> my bosses want me to stop harassing them on e-mail, so i kind of know the feeling. >> you don't just harass the
8:55 am
bosses, you harass the entire company. because every e-mail you send goes to everybody who works here. >> by the way, i've been practicing this for years. i'm now just perfecting it. >> the tools are getting better for you. >> and you guys are reaping the benefits of my entire persona. >> what i love about you, here's where you help our people. every one is responded with nuclear war head. i deeply admire that. >> charlie's biggest insult lately is you live in a trailer park. >> no, that was last week. >> that was last week's e-mail. >> now it's go pick up food stamps. >> he's targeting mother treres right now. up next, not sure about how much cash yes need for the golden years, you are not alone.
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stocking up for retirement, charles mpls love delta. seems to do very well. >> vanguard target retirement 2045 fund, that's for someone who is around 35 years old. there's other funds for people who are younger and older. >> but that's another show or series of shows. all right. >> telethon, at&t.
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i feel terrible about what i said about al sharpton. >> no you don't. >> you are funny and clearly brilliant. we're continuing right now with my friend david. first jonathon gruber calls americans stupid. now kathleen sebelius is talking about the americans. >> a lot of people don't know what insurance is all about and if they have coverage, what it means, what a deductible is, what a copay is. how to choose the network. those are complicated terms. i think the financial literacy, particularly people who did not have insurance coverage or whose employers choose their conch and present it to them is very low. >> some say it's not our literacy. it t


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