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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  December 30, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm EST

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n throw them. i want freedom for all. thank you so much for watching and a reminder tomorrow night after our show, monday on fox news and we will go until f il 12:30 a.m. or maria tomorrow morning, opening bell. lou dobbs next. lou: good evening, everybody, breaking news we may not know why airasia's 8501 disappeared from radar but know that it crashed, and we now know where. a three-day search-and-rescue operation turned into a massive recovery operation after aircrafts and ships found debris and bodies floating in the java sea. several bodies and wreckage discovered off the coast of borneo dashing the hopes of families and friends of those oboard the indonesian and malaysian owned jetliner. senior foreign affairs correspondent greg palkot is in
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london. has our report as the focus shifting to determining what brought that aircraft down. >> reporter: a breakthrough in the search for airasia flight 8501. debris from the plane found floating on the surface of the java sea. the items include a blue suitcase, an oxygen tank as well as three bodies of those on board. carried away in body bags. prompting the announcement of a huge and urgent search effort starting at dawn wednesday indonesia time. >> i asked to do a massive search to look for the plane and passengers as well as the crew. i have instructed them to focus on evacuating passengers and crew. >> reporter: the discovery was made 100 miles southwest of the indonesian island borneo, not far where the plane lost contact with flight control after taking off and encountering bad weather sunday. the java sea is relatively shallow. there are reports the fuselage
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was spotted on the sea floor. >> recovering wreckage now, so the task is clearly going to be accomplished i suspect relatively quick. >> reporter: there are challenges for the indonesian authorities along with other countries providing assistance. the u.s. sent the u.s.s. sampson which boasts helicopters, recovery gear and surveillance equipment. a sonar aircraft is being sent and other assets are available. anything to hasten the wait for the families of the 162 families on board who will have to do the grim task of identifying loved ones. in the aftermath of the malaysia air disappearance this year airasia wants to get it right. >> the worst feeling one could have. we stay strong for the families to ensure we could look after them even after this incident. >> reporter: among the other assets the u.s. is offering indonesia what are called pinger locators, they could
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help find the black boxes the data recorders that are installed in the plane, and they could help solve the mystery of this crash and ensure a bit more the safety of future air travelers, lou? lou: greg, thank you greg palkot from london. in this country turning to the obama administration and left wing assault on law enforcement, new york city mayor bill de blasio today met with new york police department and union leaders behind closed doors. their face-to-face meeting cams at largest and most diverse police department is bracing for anti-cop protesters. they plan to storm the times square new year's eve celebration tomorrow night. fox news correspondent david lee miller with the latest for us. >> reporter: new york city mayor bill de blasio met with the leaders of five police unions and police commissioner bill bratton to improve relations between the department and the city's chief
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executive. the meeting behind closed doors when it was over the head of the police benevolent association who accused of mayor of having blood on his hands after two police officers were slain had little to say over what was accomplished. >> there was no resolve and our thought here today is that actions speak louder than words and time will tell. >> reporter: the mayor's press secretary issued a statement which said in part -- meanwhile, a coalition of activists held a news conference this afternoon, asking people to ignore the mayor's request to suspend protests and demonstrate on new year's eve. the demonstrators citing the deaths of unarmed black men in police confrontations are plan to march into new york's time's square. >> this has got to stop and there will be no new year with the same old mess going down. >> reporter: estimated million people will be in times square
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barricades in place on neighboring streets to contain the crowd. security will be tight. >> times square is probably the safest place on new year's eve. the celebration is one of the largest televised events of the year. the world will watch the ball drop and be part of the biggest block party around the world. >> reporter: deal exclusive with protesters. they caution, alcohol, backpacks and large bags will not be allowed in times square. and just to keep everyone safe they have also put in place metal and radiation detectors. lou? lou: david, thank you, david lee miller reporting. there is a growing dispute whether north korea or disgruntled former employees or possibly a third party is responsible for the cyberattack on sony pictures. the obama administration says it's standing by its belief that north korea was behind the attack, despite a cybersecurity company's claim that north
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korea wasn't involved at all. >> our conclusion is that the north korean government is responsible for the attack. now it's possible that some assets outside of the dprk might have been involved, that doesn't change the conclusion about the responsibility. lou: the cybersecurity company norse is in charge of the investigation of the cyberattack but investigation indicates the attack was executed by a combination of one disgruntled former sony employee and five professional hackers employed by cybercriminals and pirates. security analysts are split whether norse or the fbi is right. the federal government could have access to information private companies don't and perhaps vice versa. the obama administration is denying a report it's proposing a prisoner swap with iran in exchange for a former u.s. marine. the attorney for former marine
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said the united states sought his release through a prisoner exchange. the u.s. state department spokesman says not true. he was arrested more than three years ago in iran, convicted of spying for the cia, a charge his relatives and the u.s. government denies. we're coming right back. stay with us. new york's mayor bill de blasio meets privately with police union leaders. wait a minute. private? then why do we been it? we'll ta
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. lou: new york city mayor de blasio met with the heads of police unions as arrests in the city have plummeted 66% since the murders of two new york police department officers. joining us now is doug schoen a former pollster to michael bloomberg, fox news political analyst as well. doug, good to have you here. >> thanks, lou. lou: this is about as nasty a turn of events as we could have imagined in the relationship of a mayor and his police department.
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this is not a mayor who seems committed to making things better. >> well, i think that he is actually. i'm not a fan of de blasio. i would call myself an opponent. his speech to the police academy a day or so ago when he spoke about the quality of the new york city police department meeting with five unions and pbc head lynch is a step in the right direction. i'd be the first to criticize him. we're better seek reconciliation than pointing fingers. lou: that's a fine expression but i think we do little by pack is ling over what is absolutely empirically a division and divide between the mayor and police department and one of his making words without reference to recanting his previous angry hostile, anti-police rhetoric is meaningless, and certainly even that would be meaningless
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without actions. what can this mayor do? you've advised presidents, you've advised mayors. what can he do to end the nonsense? >> i think what he did today makes good sense. i certainly agree with pat lynch that actions matter, but if you praise the police and you seek reconciliation and to get the police to do their job i think that's a very, very important step, and i also think that for the police themselves to play a constructive role as they typically do in the greatest city in the world with the best law enforcement is also important. i hope the protesters stand down tomorrow night. no one's interest for them to disrupt the biggest block party in the world as you called it before. goodness gracious lou, i don't think really criticizing people for mistakes in this kind of a situation is going to help things, and i think really we'll do better trying to do what they did today, meet and resolve differences. lou: criticizing mistakes. what is the mistake of the
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police here? i don't quite understand and you talked about contributing if i may. >> sure i apologize. lou: contribute positively every day, they keep the city safe. what are you saying? >> i'm saying that to turn their back on the mayor as they did at the funeral is not a constructive act. i am a big supporter of the police, i think what ray kelly and bill bratton have done are extraordinary. i grew up in new york, i've seen the crime and murder rate come down. it's extraordinary exceptional. we have the best police department in the world. but i think statements like turning your back on the mayor is not constructive. lou: what about all of the nonsense spewing from the clumsy mouth of this mayor talking basically accusing the police department of racism? the president of the united states suggesting that racism ends is inculcated in our
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culture, in our society? that's a campaign of ignorance! and i don't understand what purpose could be served by denying the reality of that nasty rhetoric and the necessity that it be repudiated. >> i have nothing against repudiating rhetoric they disagree with, and certainly understand why you would disagree as well. but i would ask you, lou do you think it is constructive either for the president to do what he's done or mayor de blasio to say what he's said. i think the answer is no. i think you agree with me, i hope you would, turning your back on the mayor who's an elected leader at the top, elected official in the city is not constructive either. lou: let me ask you this, and no i think everyone should be constructive and i wish that christmas was every day in america, it's not. the reality is the police had very little in the way of a response that would be in any way significant or bring any pressure to bear on this mayor
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other than to express their outrage and their dismay at being treated with such disrespect because neither the republican nor the democratic party, national leaders are local. we're stepping to the defense of our police department here. this is all well and good to say step above the fray, but the fray in this instance is critically important, and it's got to be resolved intelligently and constructively not simply papered over. this police department has been operating without a contract. this police department every day goes to work and does the job of protecting and serving the public of this city. this is sheer ignorance on the part of elected officials. they are politicians that have to be recognized as such don't you think? >> i do, but i also, as a new yorker, the idea that arrests are down 66%. lou: yes, it is. >> since this crisis began suggests to me the kind of problem we have to resolve and
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why i feel very strongly it's not papering over differences, it's constructively working together to get both sides on the same page which appears to be happening, and i'm very pleased both sides are moving past unconstructive action and rhetoric towards reconciliation. lou: i don't know we can say that empirically, doug, the "new york times" comes out with an editorial attacking the new york police department. this is a consolidation, a coalesence of left wing influences and power in the city against public safety. that in and of itself is madness and there has to be someone in politics in business, in leadership, that will step up and say this is an unacceptable way for a mayor, for a city council, for the city's largest publication, one of the most influential publications to behave. this is to me a moment in which we need mature reflective
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leadership that creates results instead of continues to play silly partisan games with what is an important public policy issue. >> lou i couldn't agree more. sadly, we don't have a recall in new york city, and since bill de blasio's actions and rhetoric have been improving, and the "new york times" doesn't speak for me, and i continue doesn't speak for you, i would just say people of goodwill like you and me have to work to try to as you put, it constructively resolve things so that the police do their job to the best of their ability, and the mayor and the president stop making statements that are not constructive and that are hostile and divisive. i think if both sides do that we can get back to business which is keeping new york the greatest and safest city in the world. lou: i have utter confidence that the police department will do what it does day in and day out and has for years and decades, indeed centuries in this town.
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they will do their jobs. it is the other folks you referred to who i think probably are woefully inadequately performing theirs. >> i hope that we get a better result. lou: i think we need to do better than hope. i think it's time we need to make sure it's straightened out in the public interest. >> hope we can get that done. lou: doug, you keep on hoping. we'll keep working it. >> working. lou: doug thanks so much. doug schoen. >> thank you for having me. lou: you bet. a new jersey driver capturing a dash cam video of the moment a meteor streaked across the sky last night. according to the american meteor society it received 300 reports of folks from maine to maryland who saw the bright fire ball. not known where the meteor landed or landed at all it could have been around carlisle, new york west of
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albany. my wife saw that thing! and i believed every single word of her description. honest, i did. up next, crimes committed against the police soaring as the white house and left wing politicians escalate war with law enforcement. we take it up in the commentary next. empirically based results oriented commentary. next. these ally bank ira cds really do sound like a sure thing but i'm a bit skeptical of sure things. why's that? look what daddy's got... ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!! growth you can count on from the bank where no branches equals great rates. if a denture were to be put under a microscope we can see all the bacteria that still exists. polident's unique micro clean formula works in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria. for a cleaner, fresher brighter denture everyday.
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. lou: breaking news tonight, the fbi reportedly investigating whether major u.s. banks have broken the law by hacking iran. people familiar with the investigation say that big banks like jpmorgan chase wanted to strike back at iran after teheran's cyberattack therefore banking sites in 2012. chase says no action was taken but government investigators nonetheless are trying to determine who knocked iran servers off-line. a study released earlier this year shows hacking cost the global economy as much as $575 million annually. no word why the u.s. government
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or the obama administration would be interested in investigating banks who chose to respond and defend themselves by taking on those who have attacked them with cyberwarfare. now, a few comments on the war against law enforcement. begun by this president and attorney general. it's now carried out by local left wing mayors including bill de blasio in new york city. since the ambush murders in broad daylight of two new york police department officers on december 20th, it's become increasingly clear the president's war against law enforcement has become far more than racially charged rhetoric. it has now tragically turned into action. just yesterday in boston, two cops were kicked, punched, choked by a group of teenagers as they tried to serve an arrest warrant. sunday, two los angeles police officers were fired upon while
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in the squad car during an unprovoked attack one suspect was captured. the other is still on the loose. cops also clearly targeted in connecticut florida, louisiana and north korea over recent days. but the streets of new york can become particularly brutal. earlier this month two lieutenants were beaten by protesters on the brooklyn bridge and rookie nypd cop was savagely attacked with a hatchet two months ago. these recent attacks just a few of the ongoing assaults carried out against nearly 800,000 men and women in blue all across our country. nationally this year 126 police officers were killed in the line of duty. an increase of nearly 25% from last year. that according to the national law enforcement memorial fund. the number of law enforcement officers killed by firearms jumped by 56%. 49 deaths including 15 ambush
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assaults. police union leaders are telling police to take extra safety precautions now, overall arrests in new york city as we reported plunged more than 60% since the daylight murders of officers liu and ramos. and despite a meeting with police union leaders today, new york's mayor has done nothing to resolve his dispute with rank and file police officers. and while new york city residents back new york's finest, the "new york times" backs new york's leftists. unsurprisingly. the "new york times" editorial board blasted the men and women in blue in this city for turning their backs on the mayor and wrote, quote --
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well, not so. the "new york times" it seemed to me described almost perfect detail, the "new york times," not the new york police department. it is the times and its ideological op-ed pages shredding and defacing the once proud lady of the journalists. it is the time not the nypd pandering to a left wing mayor and the interest groups of the left. and it is the times that has fallen from proud watchdog of government and power to pink lapdog of the left. now quotation of the evening. this quote from the first director of the fbi, j. edgar hoover who said -- he said that back in 1963. it is very much truth. we're coming right back.
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>> lou: rush of foreign minister warning against u.s. sanctions against
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russia could, could damage cooperation on iran's nuclear program. joining yesternight his perspective is the dean of the fletcher school of law at tufts university. admiral good to have you with us. are these empty threats? is there influence that would be significantly opposed to u.s. interests? >> we are debating as the sanctions begin that oil prices are falling like a brick out of the sky is the double we may. at this point we start to hear it squeal. could be disruptive to our efforts against iran or be difficult with syria? potentially. but we should not turn away from the course we're on to
10:34 pm
put pressure on the russian federation and to counter outrageous behavior in ukraine and europe. lou: i suppose if the russians wanted to accommodate the nuclear ambitions much necessity on the part of iran. would they go that far? >> it is a violation of international law it would far superseded the thing they have done for the open proliferate nuclear weapons program but to back off the sanctions to take the pressure of united nations but my counsel at this point would be to keep the
10:35 pm
pressure on. lou: also to make a hallmark of washington and not uncharacteristic but on the issue the fbi says north korea is the source. but private firms as they wait but it involves a least one x. employee or other of professional hackers and be do not believe north korea is involved. your thoughts? >> welcome to the world of cyberwhere attribution is the hardest -- thing to ascertain. the fbi put huge credibility on this. i don't think they are lacking in the hard evidence on this. i will stand with the fbi but it is the cyberworld so
10:36 pm
is it possible north korea got some of assistance from the russians or chinese? that is possible. but it's without offering the full package of evidence to stand with the assessment. but the internet goes down almost nine hours to days later after the north korean government insults the president in his country. is the united states the reason that the cybernet went down? >> i hope so. [laughter] lou: i agree. [laughter] >> looked at it this way. the damage done to sodium ion u.s. soil by any measure was in the range up at
10:37 pm
$300 million. so with a cruise liner or freighter what do you think the response would be? i think we need to step up on north korea that by any measure is the most dangerous country in the world they only understand forceful response. so at a minimum we need to take down they're internet to go after their financing. because kim jong-il noone is the most dangerous leader in the world. lou: good to see you. happy new year. lou: stocks finished lower as the s&p lost 10 the nasdaq fell 20 points.
10:38 pm
it you think it is the holiday season. listen to my records three times a day coast-to-coast on the salem radio network. at the center of controversy just days before we take it up next
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lou: to republican congressman under fire just days before they take control on capitol hill. the majority whip admitted he spoke before a white supremacist group more than a decade ago before he was elected to congress he calls it a mistake that i regret. speaker boehner says he has full confidence of the congressmen and the congressmen from new york says he is resigning from congress he pleaded guilty to felony tax fraud last week his decision is an about-face and told reporters he would not absolutely not resign. joining us now republican and strategist from a polling company it is great to have you here. what moves on next? 247 republican seats?
10:43 pm
>> he will not be seated with the new congress. it will have a special election even the democrats don't feel they are hopeful to take the seat but he did the right thing is for the record books. says he cannot be 100 percent effective he will resign effective immediately. some have been here for decades and are not near 100 percent effective. it is all a sordid mess. >> is important to win reelection and he did. and john boehner also and steve? >> he has apologized and they did not know there were
10:44 pm
a white supremacist group i'm sure we will see the tape in coming days. lou: is it an accident now right in the middle of the holidays when nobody is paying attention? >> it is quite curious because he needs to be reelected speaker next week and they're probably not what they are anticipating but it does smack of politics that if that happened 12 years ago the congressman said he did not know a was a white supremacist group. i know him and people who say no him that this is not who he is. but it's to take the opportunity to talk about how symptomatic it is
10:45 pm
political. lou: what i said political it did sun characteristic of the republican leadership because to issues resolved and gramm is out of the way. the democrats have no place to go with the big show begins. >> that is true. also democrats are diminished because the president is going past them. to not threaten the department of all land security as they refuse their executive amnesty of this. >> obama runs a real risk to look downright silly if he keeps it up. >> for someone who does not appreciate the election results i'd like bill clinton to lost in 1994 i have to work with congress to move to the center, the president has no such self
10:46 pm
awareness. he is making a huge miscalculation going after the republican congress is saying that it is not funded bettis said today he refuses to fund the department of all land security. lou: that is a tricky area because unnatural - - national of the arab -- liberal media they say the sun will rise in the west and the sky is green. that is tricky so they better be pursuing profound policy choices and not lay blame on anyone. >> their respective of what the president wants to you do but the blame game is difficult but think about 2014 trying to blame the of
10:47 pm
koch brothers and the racism but none of it worked. lou: but to be shallow idiots. >> they should say thank you and speaking of a new times with 246 seats in congress and 54 seats in the senate. >> it is a mandate for governing. >> but i just don't want them to think it is power acquisition. >> but winning is winning elections. >> i hope the republicans come to their senses. >> but also don't give it to the president's executive amnesty the country makes it
10:48 pm
very clear how they feel. >> the blue caller conservatives of the middle class workers not coming back there is a key to the resurgence. >> said there will have a two-year party. >> that nominee has to be relatable middle-class. lou: the politics and the family somewhere? >> they wanted you to ask. charles: the third bush for the first woman. that is not a fight. >> happy new year. >> teefourteen citizens but statistics show mexico is our reporting illegal immigrants themselves it deported more than one
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you know your dentures can move, unlike natural teeth. try fixodent plus true feel. the smooth formula helps keep dentures in place. it's free of flavors and colorants, for a closer feeling to natural teeth. fixodent. and forget it. 57. lou: of president of the new york's biggest police union says time will tell how the mayor will respond to safety concerns if the two hour closed-door meeting with the unions and here to talk
10:53 pm
about the police force under attack and the effect it is having on the criminal justice system is managing attorney and criminal defense attorney, good to have you both here. 66% decline since the officers were murdered. >> it is not an accident. claude and clear that they will not tolerate his alliance with number one, al sharpton in which bothers me very much and with the protesters. so the crime rate that is abnormally low will financially hurt the city's number two which actually hurts de blasio which is fine by me but they should
10:54 pm
not have made the face that they made but don't put them in harm's way. but more needs to happen. >> they were sworn jews serve the citizens of new york. if they don't do that with their sworn to do, they're not doing what they are hired to do or what we ask them to do. >> with major crimes against property. >> but that revenue generating crimes. >> if it is a small crime or a big crime they're not
10:55 pm
doing their job. >> and so be it. cuts through all of the nonsense. he disrespects them and denigrates them. now suddenly he has a conversion? because he gets a lot of heat? he has been irresponsible and reckless. >> the police and de blasio need to have a discussion about the issue. talk about getting to the middle. but we will not write tickets they deserve better than that.
10:56 pm
so if they would just sit and work it out. lou: so he gets away with estranged police department with the absolute denigration of these people? are we supposed to put up with that? should they put up with the mayor who does not have their back? are we supposed to put over this? and in the attorney general to say there will be no more war whether rhetorical war against law-enforcement. that ignorance has to stop. >> but that will not stop two hours later.
10:57 pm
>> but to simply pretend nothing happened to? >> they have to protect the rest of us. >> a lot of the protest in the opposition are not necessarily and thai police maybe brutality but not to explore. >> this is a mayor and attorney-general to describe law-enforcement to be basically racist and brutal not one or two instances. then he started to back off the silly rhetoric. for the first time in three months dr. isolated incidents and that is an approach i think will move us forward. but if the ignorance keeps up about racism in this country with this president
10:58 pm
then to hell with them. >> we have to have a conversation about race. but they have to put their extremist views aside. >> but he wants to call us a racist nation as the first african-american president? . >> we have race issues, and that's what we need to talk about, lou. >> name, it what do we need to talk about, one issue. >> one issue? economic inequality. lack of equality. >> guess what? this president hasn't done a damn thing for minority unemployment unemployment in this country in six years. eric and johna, thank you. >> maybe al sharpton should be
10:59 pm
reading more martin luther king quotes. we're going to do that for him. michael wrote on facebook page i can't understand why bratton took the job. that's my view. the wrap-up, much is being made of president obama's bad year, but that -- that's entirely the wrong perspective because frankly his bad year is a good year for other folks. this is a year ending so much better for america than most of us expected. while voters in the midterms decisively repudiated mr. obama's policies, we could have hardly asked for better outcome. the republicans won control of the senate decisively they will have 54 seats. republicans widen control of the house decisively holding the largest number of seats since 1928. 246 congressional seats and republicans control more state legislative chambers than ever in history. the gop controls 68 out of 98
11:00 pm
state chambers that control both houses of the state legislate nurse 28 states and now 31 republican governors. like i said it's been a pretty good ust not for the president. thanks for being with us. happy new year. neil: welcome, everybody, i'm neil cavuto. if this is what gridlock gets uget me more of it. while the media is bemoaning one of thely the productive years ever you got stocks humming, the economy is humming why is gridlock bumming? who says we need a party to have a party? the less washington does the better. that's what ceo andy posner agrees. things could be worse andy if this is what happens when they're not doing anything sign me up. >> they sure could be worse, when government does nothing that's generally better than when government does something. the last three congresses exhibi


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