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tv   Cavuto  FOX Business  March 9, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm EDT

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they give for being with us. combat. eric is a lot to conclude tonight. >> we are bumping up against another credit limit. if we don't do something by next monday we will be out of cash again. glad to have you again treasury secretary jack lewis says he is making contingency plans just in case the cash is not there the u.s. will be hitting its debt limit but unlike you and me uncle sam can just increase the credit limit. we do that all the time i suspect this time is no different because we you're better printing money but not too good to find ways to
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not print as much. and what they plan to do in the meantime. >> the goal of federal policy is to create growth not stifle it. pc small businesses suffering americans suffering trying to pay back their credit-card bill that yet the federal government is given a blank check every time. we need to look how policies are affecting americans and right now they're not doing so hot react like money grows on trees. >> is it enough? if you cannot make do with that on an annual basis? >> i cannot even dream that money. >> then you have real issues. >> they do. that is a problem we have expanded entitlements in government programs that
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will directly hurts everybody most importantly my generation because we carry a lot of debt from the baby boomer generation. i don't thank you look good day over 25 but we're at the point will where we start to see the millenials generation they cannot pay back their own bills so what will happen is the real economic impact so they say it is no pay to keep spending? lady to address the real issues and that is what we see. >> we don't even do that part. >> wish we did because we're just bleeding money but instead of putting forward free-market solutions three try to fix the problem with more spending. that is the waste of taxpayer dollars but you know, what was the bigger
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waste? the $129,000 bonus for lotus lerner i want that money to go back. >> you think that is easy to do? >> i am sorry for robbing your entitlements. >> listen to this guy the only official republican candidate and i feel others will join in but he really doesn't care phaedo like what he says as he is running for president because the former irs commissioner says we cannot keep dodging money problems this way there is the limit to this debt limit and it stops here and now what do we do? period we have to have candid conversations.
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the politician is not doing that they're in the pocket of the big banks so they don't take on wall street did not have a candid conversation about entitlements because too many people get offended. but what we're doing now will not secure the future for our young if we don't the four board. i have a bold plan for tax reform but going with that you absolutely have to means test benefit programs. >> so i do misplayed readying for president? how did you sell that? >> is to say if we reform the tax code we can keep it where it is to put in the consumption tax leaving it at lower rates for the high end to bring down business rates. the things where they are with the dish a vision of welfare and we don't redistribute thecba;p wealth to
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the income-tax that helps the economy to grow. neil: the top tier still pays? twenty-five%? >> route 31 or 32 a. >> also with that consumption tax? >> correct. winter and 50 million doesn't pay income taxes at all. so they try to do their income tax forms not to do that at all. >> some say that is progressive. >> to put the income tax?
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with that the itc but if that was lost with the proposal if they would frankly get out the fraud of this system. >> now the rafts you will get along that. had you explain how that helps the country? as you addressed those impediments? what do you talk about? >> first of all any date we do with the entitlement program they would not be heard all but facing in over a period of error of years congress could draw the line this summer in there.
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but if you do that. >> but did you lose all the 49 year olds. >> that is also one term? >> yes. there is way too much politics in the oval office. survey into administration six years under reagan and the second blush by year's number three everybody worries about the reelection effort a and that is wrong. he has a full-time job they need to think of only the national interest not about self-interest of politics. >> even if you are not running for reelection everybody else would be. is a that the same thing? >> i don't think so. if anything obama has proven is the powers of the presidency are considerable. i believe he has gone to the limit but always relevant
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particularly in the areas of national security. neil: i am convinced they need to narrow the direction we are on. it is money we owe. to spell is out? >> do think what we to have is a conversation about issues that will catch up with us over time. it is very important for a the president to a communicate with the people of broad concept sand issues as they grapple with financials all the time they also repaid the soft in 50 years the right now we kicks the can down the road.
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>> but that plays off that i am here to help but you say we have tax revenue? >> it is money going out. >> exactly. frankly i think federal executive branch experience is relevant to do with the job of president the red and the federal government. this cannot shut down the ira's. you could make it smaller or less intrusive though sitter needed to pay for defense so they will collect the taxes. >> all those nasty questions were the staff idea i think the irs is doing a great job.
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>> all right. what the heck is president doing talking up jobs in tech, tech jobs? making a big push to encourage
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company to train hire, and pay the best and brightest. forgive the same tequila tech companies if they are so at president. don't even get me started on theing back with incentives that might compete those jobs for pennies on the dollar, isn't the problem not what companies are doingies to scape the pay rules and regulation, and taxes that do with business but president not addressing those issues here, it makes a little sense, in this environment urging companies to do what is good for jobs, if taxes and regulation white house pileed on them threatened those jobs and companies that try to produce those jobs, we need a new reality appreciate, the tech
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guys are like any business guy if you want to change thes me s me pieces washington has to make a whole new whole. we have to be better for lowest taxes, least regulation, and most market incentives here, short of that, all of the presses in the world will not press a single tech ceo to hire. to republican congressman who offers i think, kind of a similar but more articulate spiel, congressman good to have you. >> good to be here. >> this is preaching to the wrong choir. >> more education, more training can be great, but i came here from a company in my district, where they are opening a plant in ireland edge explaining here ceo pays 51% tax rate, and ireland it is 12, he explained in dollars and sense he loves
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long island, and new york, and america, his employees want to stay and his family wants to stay but in the life of a company in this nation you can out last the rest of probe's second term -- president obama's second term, but president is preparing an executive order to increase corporate tax rate, we have to get to why in creating jobs if you put them through education, and training you want that job waiting for them. >> are they leaving for ireland or keeping from operations here. >> fortunately this company since sifting on -- is insisting on staying here, and expanding here. >> just as -- to good business. even though you could argue that expand abroad stay vibrant here. >> we have to look at why i business sun able to expand and -- is unable to expand and create more jobs, there is say small be owner who forgets their own pays, paying their own
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employees, and local electric bill. have you the medium or larger size business that wants to expand and create more jobs but we don't have a competitive tax rate looking at growth and global market,izing energy costs, the burden some regulations, that opportunity to create a job, you can't because you want to be able to issue is jive and president instead of clicking his heels or chasing a high-tech pot of gold at end of a rainbow over washington, you have to look at policies. >> what is his idea. talking about free education i guess. uld keep more people here getting hired here. but i just think it is backwards, not doing those other things we talked about. >> there is no shortage of talent we want to improve the quality of education that is something where always aspireing to do, but the real focus is
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white house is tron contradicting itself wit own policies, executive order is doing something that is congress' right under article 1 section 8 but puds that aside we have businesses that that pa tphaourbal spirspiritthey have the mines they it is about rising from above poverty to middle class and middle class having more successes it is the policys that is the problem. it has to be act of paul ryan, working with him in a brief time now chair of ways and means committee, there are many people in republican party in washington serious about tax reform serious at figures out not just how do we repatriot money but how money stays here. >> thank you very much kaj man when we come back, apples into eye end watches why isn't rolex
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watching this. >> why don't they care about this
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neil: all right apple taking solar sizzling, a roller coaster to end all roller coasters rolling, what the tech? they are all connected. the trends we see that you should see too before anyone sees the dots and connects them. why the tech would anyone not watch, what the tech. beginning with this opening item apple justin -- introduced watches, that you know, is apple making a mistake trying to please everyone from the low end, if you can call it that at 350 bucks to the ultra high-end, would you pay $10,000 for one of these? that is the risk that i don't think that people are getting or appreciateing, that apple's
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targets might be fraying. is it? we ask chris ruby, they are all over the map on this? price map offer map it is confusing. >> i think this is a good move for apple this is the way of the future, and where we need to be going with wear wearable technology. neil: what if we are not into wearable technology. >> i think there is going to be a time, when people don't have a choice it makes move sense people spending $10,000 on a watch. neil: what that $10,000 watch is it gold? >> there is one with 24kt gold, but if you look at that, getting apple watch people spend $10,000 on a watch without features of apple offering seems absurd. neil: that would make it a collective piece a rolex you hang on that to, that it will be old a year from now?
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>> it will be you will be always update it with technology. it makes sense. from social media etiquette perspective it makes sense people will look if look at phones less at meetings and more at watch. neil: that is a great trade off i am not ignoring you i just love my watch. and solar in the air they hope this one will do for solar what solyndra did not. we have enough trouble these days with conventional planes managing to make it it on a runway do, we need a solar paneled one? >> i don't think we need a solar panel one right now it has a way to go, it will take another decade to get it right even if you look at size of the cockpit for pilot it is so small they need to stretch and do yoga afterwards it is supposed to be
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the size of a found booth. neil: benefit, it will never run out of fuel. >> yeah, but we are a way to go. neil: it seems to be for really thin people, that rules hes me out. >> and a record breaking roller coaster, releasing video on youtube, it is all of the rage on youtube. i am getting nauseous just watching it, what do you think of releasing the video. >> this is great from an experienceal markets perspective, look at 10 years ago, advertisers would have done this in a paid-for media buy they push themselves out on youtube, people are retweets resharing, this is the way they want to go they are personalizeing it. neil: a cool roller coaster how
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could this be app phreubg inin flickable -- applicable in other venues. >> showcase experience. neil: something like this with apple, how you could pay $10,000 for an, watch. >> people will pay. neil: they will way. the bull market turns 6 today charles payne on if the rally is for real or just a bunch of bull. your grandmother's furniture could be ugly, but it could be a big moneymaker for you, find out how on "strange inheritance" when kids take their grandma's furniture away, and grandma is still alive. to actively uncover, discuss and debate investment opportunities. which leads to better decisions for our clients. it's a uniquely collaborative approach you won't find anywhere else.
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neil: how time flies 6 years ago today bull market began but will it hang on for their year? "making money" charles payne said you could get on it, you
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focus on promising issues and promising markets strategy, products. >> i think more and more people realize, they look in their every day lives they decide, you know, see what kellogg or something not exciting nondiscript, what it has done over last 30 years more and more are seeing that. but, i have to tell you this is still a very stelt stealth rally. neil: few on main street are a part of it. you can remember before near the end it was off the charts, taxi drivers and wa not. >> not close. neil: is it a good develop? >> it is but sad it speaks to main street, people have been burned over last 12 years there is a lot of frustration with
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about the overall economy the direction of the country people's individual situation and wages. neil: they are more than twice shy. >> they are but dow 20,000 might get them back in, that is when pros say you want to get out, but they have not. not. neil: you have but they have not, you get's reaction from this tweet i don't watch "house of cards" because the administration juggles more corruption and back stabbing than any other plot, he is now getting audited. what were you saying? >> the case with hillary and e-mail saga that gets crazy, and crazy, the administration that finds out the news from the news oh, yeah, i just found out yesterday, let me get on it why watch "house of cards," there could be -- i was saying if this was a tv series, the
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administration it would have to be a comedy, if anything else people would say too far fetched. neil: charles apple getting a lot of attention mcdonald's, the, watch thing, you think they have something there. mcdonald's though has nothing. when it comes to this new strategy still early. but their overall sales are suffering. >> mcdonald's is my stock of the day. neil: why? >> because they came out with same store sale numbers that were terrible. if you took into, count currency they could say not that bad the new ceo did not go that way he said we have a lot to do, we're failing misarably. we're going to fix it, when i hear a ceo say that. neil: he just came in, he wants to start in the basement. >> but idea he said that, think about some of these wayward companies where you replace the ceo, and stock does well, darden
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restaurants, amazing the year after they got rid of a ceo target less than a year, fundamentals did tote change that much -- did not change that much but once you convince investors this is the person for the job the stock soars. neil: he recognizes the gravity of the problem. >> absolutely, they have a lot of money who is the formula? we're not talking about recreateing a computer chip, someone is making a better burger we do it the big mac is 50 years old gut it, change it. neil: i like the big mac the way it is. >> but you are like only one left. neil: oh, really? thank you very much. look at the time, dr. payne. besides comments like that we still love him here, charles payne, meanwhile is jeb bush stpharbing oughtsnatching all of the
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neil: you know to hear all political pub pundit tell it. jeb bush and scott walker are sucking all of the political cash and oxygen out of the room, but not all of it take a look. >> before iowa caucus you need that much? are you confident you would. >> i won't run for president if i don't think i can. neil: without having that much money? >> it is something in that range, there is a threshold you must meet to be a credible candidate, it does not cost money to send your message to voters. neil: 35 to 40 million to are considered serious. to republican fundraiser on if
8:38 pm
rubio will get that kind of money. first of all candy? >> it will be more on the lines of 50 million after iowa, keep going up 92 he did well in iowa that would be -- >> it would bump it up. do i think he can raise the money? he gets a lot of buzz, he might be able to raise the 50, that was a strong statement if i didn't think i could do it, i would not do it, i got back from florida, there is a huge buzz about his state if he leaves that vacates his senate seat, debbie washer man is talk -- wassermann is talking about running for it, and if she does not patrick murphy. he has a lot to think about. neil: i think he has -- almost
8:39 pm
all there are candidatess would consider him a running mate. what do you think of that? >> well, i think when you try to run for president your strategy is not like i am going to to be the b team. neil: i know but you lift your profile. >> right, in the past they have gotten along. neil: he said he would not run if jeb bush were running they are two big florida politicians. >> who will take the state of florida? who is better positioned, i like rubio a lot this puts me in a bad position, rubio did a great fundraiser for tomcaton. neil: why is everyone running -- except for bush. >> he stands his ground, he stands true to flip-flops, i think he can take florida you
8:40 pm
have iowa, south carolina and new hampshire, but it may fall to florida. i think that bush is -- >> what if he stem stumbles out the gate. could he did the rudy guliani thing? >> no, i lived that, it was awful, we spent so much money we put everything this florida donors were calling saying what is the strategy. neil: former commissioner, why do money people like you pay attention to stuff like, that wonderful idea but not tra that petri dish. >> i give him credit for puting it out there. i deal with bundleers they are not doing bundleing for him. neil: do you know why people like you tell them not to. >> no, no. no. i. neil: he is outside of the petri dish you don't like different people. >> this is a business
8:41 pm
investment they will ask can he win iowa. neil: someone like you would have thumbed your nose at abraham lincoln a tall, largey guy. >> why doesn't mark ever son start off smaller instead of comes out for 2016 presidential, why not congress. neil: why? go for the big one. >> get your -- you know get your. neil: you are a hate ir. >> i am not. >> all right, thank you noel, very much. youeven though you are destroying the country kind of. >> if you think uncle sam has spending problem wait until you hear how much 6-year-olds are swipeing what is the deal with mondays, what is the deal. this saturday we turn it over you to, with any question you might have. any question. we have beauties, but, they are not all in, dash off an e-mail or particular us, lit us -- text
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neil: all right time for our biz blitz. first every would you give a debit card to a 6-year-old, a company named oink, releases an app, kids ability to buy stuff on-line. what do you think? >> i have a problem with this, oink is is a rope yeah the. appropriate, we have a student debt problem already. we're teaching them 6-year-old, 10-year-old. neil: is the idea to teach them? >> they will learn plastic is how you buy stuff plastic
8:46 pm
desensitizes you. you spend more money because you don't understand it, give kids $1 bills they would understand. >> i think oink has a twist debit card is relewded they have been -- preload individual been around for a long time, but a debit card you can go to atm any tool, money needs to have proper parental supervision, you give the kid a bike you don't just let them go out to see whatever they want to, and go wherever they want, oink is allowing the parents to go in and see every transaction it may be useful for teaching but not just preteens, they targeting this up to college age. neil: no they are, thank you. all right to two social media
8:47 pm
shameing facebook, getting flack, with the feeling flat emoticon. are they over reacting? >> oh, my god we every day we have real stories in news, we have you know, isis cutting people's heads off and we react to someone pointing a finger at themselves and saying they they feel fat i feel fat! camera puts 10 pounds on me, this is how i feel i don't care. stop over reacting. neil: much emote conabout nothing -- emote -- >> you have people saying we're trying to turn world into an orwellian place we say you can't use more and more words until we have a small set of words, on the other hand, have you some people who do have real problems with eating disorders with medical disorders that really do get offended and feel.
8:48 pm
neil: i know but this is -- the emoteemoticon thing i hate it when people put it in e-mails to me, i am not reading it. but, i am glad you are here, reaction to apple and many announcements, tom? >> look they try to make the watch to a dig biel, but i use -- a big deal, i use the teenager test, i have kids, if they are into it, they are vie ablevinyl, if -- viable. not one of my kids has said a thing about it not one. >> i never thought i would need a third device, they come out with a watch as a fourth device, i believe they will make it work they will find a niche and really be able to drive units globally. neil: we shall see, all right i thought the size of the watch no, it is little.
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neil: monday america you know what that means not just what's the deal but a very special what's the deal. >> it's ask neil anything monday on what's the deal neil, if you've got questions neil got answers. only on the fox business network. if you don't get it, demand it! neil: we try putting that in a graphic but -- was -- the burning issues you want to address even if they north that burning to other folks like cid given nasdaq new high, i
8:53 pm
wondering whether whole bull market is getting too frothy, what is a 28-year-old investor like me to do. >> nothing time is your best friend put anything into this market every month or quarter helps dollar cost average you threw ups and downs stick with it. few are good at timeing it. >> my husband and i have a lot of debt but see investment opportunities, what is a couple in 50s to do, payoff that debt first in particular high interest rate debt. if some is credit card debt that like paying your 20% or more, just wiping it out. >> and is it true what they say about guys who rely on a prompter? they are idiots without it? well no, but is it true when they say about viewers who ask some questions are they idiots for asking it? neil set will a bet you won a
8:54 pm
contest to get your job? >> i did not. >> how do i break it to my kids they are not getting any inher 10 from me, i -- inheritance from me, i am wiped out if they love you i guarantee they won't care. >> my boyfriend and i want to get married but waiting until we're hor stable in your -- more stable in our careers. katherine, where are you financially should not hold you back to marriage, where you are oh phogemotionally should, when you are ready, you will know when you are. >> i have been laid off for second time in three years my wife said i am too old to get new training or education. you are never too old they help make you more marketable whatever your age. >> do you believe in love at
8:55 pm
first sight? >> yes, i do. trust your heart, but verify that with your mind. >> neil, my boyfriend hates news shows, business shows documentaries and any intelligent he lives for espn and video games what do i do? >> you must be new to this show, he sounds like a vapid loser, i am not saying you should dump him, but you should dump him. >> one the reason why i should watch you not o'reilly at your hour? i give you two, i am nicer i never refer to myself as a third person. and bill runs his show 8,000 times, one and done here, you miss this train there is not other one behind it. you go way out of your way to play devil's advocate why in. >> to be fair. >> i know you have ms, i learned
8:56 pm
i have to too. >> have you a disease the disease does not have stkpwru and on this samehave -->> you on that same subject i heard you speak at an ms event you jarred them when you told them to suck it up, and quit playing victims why did you talk like that. >> my only point was and is, we all bear some cross in life, who are we with this disease or any disease, to say our pain is any different or the world should stop and show us some at this pity this is not my wife's fall that i have ms or my boss' or my colleagues, i have ms, so why should demand they treat me any efficient wayspecial way or get ticked off if i don't get special attention from them, life is way too short for playing game, quit playing them this line of questioning comes up.
8:57 pm
>> it is easy for you to get high and might ge mighty about illness you have a high paying job and a good deal of fame, what do you have to complaint about. >> do you really think i would not swap out not to be sick? look, i am not being cavalier about illness any illness any personal trauma, don't let it define you or become you or make people avoid you because they think you are just going to complain and be negative. life is too short if you think about it, each and every one of us has a reason to play a victim why start with this. don't live in the negative. alexander, neil, do you like gold as an investor? as one investment yes, but i insist you should diversify have stocks, bonds and
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commodity over long-term you will be well protected as each of these have. mollie neil, a lot of americans are renouncing their citizen coming to canada, what did you. >> mollie, if you -- i certainly agree have you a beautiful city and country i visit it. but troubles in all high taxes and all america is my home. it will continue to be my home, i am going to making it better. then please tell me you don't add sugar to your pasta sauce. >> never granny, it destroys the sauce. >> and do you like these new self driving cars. >> i do not not one bit. >> tammy neil, youal waugs seem always team to have it out for electric hybrids, are you for destroying the environment. that is it i think a lot of
8:59 pm
these electric hybrids are vehicles that are destroying the environment, they get their electric from utility that use coal which in and of itself does not mean coal is bad but did not call it an environmentally careen alternative to gas. i am a fan of hybrid vehicles that run on gas and battery power, i own such a vehicle and have for many years i heard you wanted to be a priest. what happen stph-d. >> i bet you discovered you done have a soul? >> that is right. i looked and said, i don't have a soul, i can't be a priest. >> and eleanor in environment vermont, i think you are the most likeable of all of the fox an anchors eleanor, i agree. every monday, it's ask neil anything monday on what's the deal neil, if you've got questions neil got answers only
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on the fox business network if you don't get it, demand it! neil: okay. >>ly leads most famous charge in american history. >> i am on side of pickett's charge. >> hundreds of main that made him immortal. >> a suitcase full of heirlooms left. >> a fast talking conman comes to down. >> he dressed well, he was glib of tongue. >> forcing general's heir into battle over his "strange inheritance." >> what was your reaction? >> i was pisd. >> it donned on me i was ripped off.


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