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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  March 11, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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if your inquiry about the show or anything else thank you for letting me dominate. good night. us if you can't catch us live. here is lou dobbs. lou: evening, everyone. the iranian military has succeeded where u.s. forces could not. you're looking at video of some of the iranian ladin 3000 soldiers who have driven much of the islamic state from the iraqi city. those forces have succeeded in their battle to create funding for the islamic state, capturing part of the northern district and making a rapid push toward the city center. with the united states military not involved in any way in the operation, there appears to be rising in the pentagon about
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this. in some cases top defense officials appeared more concerned about the rising political power in iraq than the threat of the islamic state itself. >> you asked about the battle to create the presence of iranian advisers on the ground. that is something that we are watching closely and it is something that is concerning to us that has been disruptive to the inclusiveness and so believe me i share your concerns and we are watching closely. lou: tonight we will be talking with christopher hell about which poses the greatest risk in history. and also tonight someone in the obama white house took ashton carter to the woodshed.
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last week the new defense secretary displayed a remarkable independent streak, saying that the white house had politics in mind when it asked congress for a three-year long authorization of military force to fight the islamic state today secretary carter was mindfully focused on the obama administration talking points. among those we will take up with the fox news military analyst general jack keane and for the past week democrats have been blasting an open letter by republican senators to iran's leaders, warning them that the emerging nuclear deal would be strictly between president obama. today john kerry seemingly agreed. >> with respect to the talks we have been clear from the beginning that we are not negotiating a legally binding
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plan. we are negotiating a plan that will have in it a capacity for enforcement and we don't even have diplomatic relationships with iran right now. the senator's letter erroneously asserts that this is a legally binding plan and it is not. lou: secretary's stunning admission, coming after slamming senate republicans over their letter to iran. >> my reaction to the letter was utter disbelief and it purports to tell the world and if you want to have any confidence in your dealings with america they have to negotiate for 535 members of congress. >> my first guest is among those 535, he is one of the 47 republicans, in fact, who signed the letter to the iranian leaders, joining us tonight
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senator james inhofe chairman of the public works committee and a member of the armed services committee. it's good have you with us. are you absolutely shocked that senator john kerry would say that all of this negotiation with the administration undertaking with the iranians, that the chinese and the russians would not be a legally binding agreement? >> i think that i quipping shock long time ago. you are talking about one or two people and one reason is you never hear the same story. all he has been talking about is how upset he is that 47 allies said before he had anything to do with this, it has to be ratified. and now we have john kerry on our side. lou: this is the first time to my knowledge that he has ever said such a thing at least
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publicly. and it just is to me i have to say to you that i was surprised and i was shocked by his statement. when you signed that letter, was the purpose to serve notice on the white house and the iranian's simultaneously? that they have drawn a red line if one prefers about how far this president can go without consent and considerable acquiescence to the constitution? >> you and i have talked since 2007. the intelligence said that by 2015 iran would have the weapon and delivery. welcome its 2015 now. so i appreciate general robert scales coming on a couple of nights ago and saying that the greatest threat is not isis but
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it is iran. we don't know how far along they are as they try to say that they do now but anytime you have them signing an agreement agreeing that we will bring back the leveraged that we have over them and in return they can still come up with this, it is something that is pretty scary. it is a very frightening thing and i hope that everyone in america including others heard the speech of benjamin netanyahu lou: senator, you are plainspoken to your credit in my judgment. the fact of the matter is that this has remained throughout the principal enemy of the united states responsible for a third of our casualties and many of those in afghanistan as well. it is a state sponsor of terrorism as we continue to support those who are trying to
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destroy israel and to do so directly. what in the world -- why are we so eager to go to war against the islamic state have not had the courage to go after the state that is a medical to all of our interests? >> we certainly need to do everything we can to stop them of course but the administration has always talked about iran and the new leadership so they can come to the table. but taking a look at other places i just got back from the ukraine at the time that there parliament came through for the first time and they elected a new parliament the first time in 96 years that they don't have one communist there and we have totally ignored what vladimir putin is doing whatever they had
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shown allegiance to the west and eyes. so iran is the most dangerous. we don't know how far along they are but by their own admission they were going to be there by 2015. lou: senator, as always it's good have you with us. senator james inhofe. nato secretary-general today announcing that russia is still arming and training rebels separatist forces in eastern ukraine. >> i will not go into specific numbers but what i can confirm is that we have seen and still see a russian presence in support in eastern ukraine. we have seen the equipment forces and training. so russia is still in eastern
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ukraine and they have provided substantial support. and to respect them in agreement. see on the secretary general went on to say that the cease-fire remains fragile. but that's is clearly that it at least is in place. the ukraine will have to look elsewhere for help the obama administration today announcing it is sending $75 million of nonlethal aid to the ukraine including humvees and first aid kits and military ambulances and the package obviously stopped short of giving ukraine anything that would help ever tell the advances of the separatists. new sanctions targeting leaders and their alleged supporters in russia but the sanctions would only freeze assets of individuals and institutions on u.s. property. military officials say they
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found that they found human remains after the crash of an army helicopter in the waters off florida. seven marines and four soldiers presumed dead are the chopper went down in heavy fog weather conditions have hampered the rescue and recovery operation. it is still being classified as search and rescue. >> let me be very clear at this hour the priorities my priorities are search and rescue and for our soldiers and marines and secondly to take care of our families and we are doing both of those. lou: the special forces unit of camp lejeune in north carolina. and the victims are being held until their loved ones have been notified. breaking news of his secret service scandal. president obama is aware of these new charges allegations of misconduct involving two secret service employees.
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the two of them are said to have driven a government car into the barricades outside the white house after drinking at a late-night party earlier this month. "the washington post" reported one of those involved is a top member of the president's protective detail. they have since been reassigned to nonoperational duties in the matter has been turned over to the homeland security department inspector general. we are coming right back. president obama chooses not to defend ukraine towards freedom. but local at
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lou: defends secretary ashton carter endorsing the administration's three-year expiration date and the presidents request against the islamic state. the obama white house bringing him to heal. today's remarks, had a reversal of this position but just last week. >> the president's proposed authorization affords us to reassess progress in three years time and provide the next president and congress the opportunity to reauthorize it if
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they find it necessary. to me this is a sensible and principled provision even though i cannot assure that the counter campaign will be completed in three years. lou: he said it was a political calendar more than a military assessment. joining us now is a vice chief of staff military analyst general jack keane. it's good to have you with us. ashton carter falling in line with the presidents thinking now. >> yes i think he ran smack into it. congressional testimony has to be approved in the white house government officials are providing that. i'm certain that they took issue with that testimony as they had in it his comments last week where he didn't believe the three-year was necessary. so here we are.
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he has already changed his view points taking a change for the worse. this thing makes no sense. >> there is so little that seems to make sense of the decisions taken by the administration when it comes to the islamic state and when it comes to iran. we are witnessing the assault by the iranian led forces two thirds as best we understand that. they are about to get to the city center and about to get it done. one of the implementations what are they? >> we have a media concern as to how the militia is going to behave because in the past they have committed genocide and it burned down peoples homes. the long-range implications as he suggests is a very serious one. this is them getting more
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influence. and what does that pretend for the future two militarily i believe that we have the capability to reclaim the territory that was lost to isis and then the issue becomes what is the political stability going to be like. the fact is that their influences growing and it has grown significantly. back in january of 2014 when they came into iraq and invaded it they took the time at falluja and other parts the iraqis asked us to help and be refused. we never gave them any help until august. they were all in from the beginning airplanes landing on the ground this was a full-court press for them, just as it was to sustain the regime in syria with bashir ahmad. they are using that same
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playbook and they know what they're doing, this is all about desiring to influence and control iraq as they do syria and lebanon and yemen itself very and. >> they are extending this influence through the middle east and it seems clear that all he would have to do is move another several divisions of their troops into iraq to forestall any possibility that u.s. forces do we have valid that there would be no boots on the ground but as they put more boots there there is limited opportunity for significant roles for the u.s. military is there not? >> yes certainly. one of the things that will be discussed in this is a major
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victory in the first significant piece of territory that has been reclaimed sense isis took control and the other general say that we have the capabilities and we don't need anything from the americans that is something they said about this campaign and that will certainly be on the table. for discussion. whether a senior iraqi general has made that decision remains to be seen and certainly we don't want that outcome because that will guarantee their decided influence over iraq. what they want is a stable but weak central government that is aligned with iran and not with the united states. that is what they are seeking here. lou: quickly let's turn to russia today announcing that it is what has gone from a conventional arms control treaty signed at the end of the cold war we are looking at
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administration. it is absolutely without question an abandonment of the ukraine. what are the implications for u.s. power and presence and policy now? the united states, europe, they discuss these conventional arms and they also got into other discussions. they snub their noses here again and the facts are that the sanctions that the president has imposed they will have no impact on vladimir putin and no other sanctions have had any impact on him. the only thing that is infecting him as the price of oil. he has stiffed all spent all the sanctions and he is not going to
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be persuaded to do anything other than what he wants to do. he's given up no territory, his troops are still there, there's no providing arms and training. lou: so the troops are staying and you have no answer to . >> all they have is rhetoric and people movement of troops. we need to do permanent base realignment in eastern europe and we need to have some truly tough sanctions in place otherwise we are encouraging vladimir putin to challenge article five of nato most likely estonia would be the place that he would start. the article says if one country is attacked, all are attacked and they have to respond. lou: good to have you with us, always good to have you.
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it's time for a look at our online poll results. we asked about the motivation behind democrats complaining about the republican letter to iran. 55% felt that the democrats were generally unaware of american history including their roles in it. 35% thought that the democrats were lying. he sure to vote on our poll tonight. you believe the president obama fully understands the disastrous consequences of the foreign policy choices and decisions that he has made reign cast your vote at and a major milestone achieved in propelling the space launch system rocket and orion spacecraft into deep space. you are looking at the test of the booster rocket. the most powerful rocket booster ever built. it will send astronauts to mars by the 20 '30s. this september, sarah brightman
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hopes to become the first professional musician in history to perform live and prepare for her adventure she has undergone two years of intensive training with nasa and this training center in star city. it is estimated that she is paid about $50 million for the experience. she's wealthy and talented and very brave. coming up next you won't believe what happened when a man fell between two cars of a subway train. as it began to depart the station. we will have it for you. and why is there so much more fury directed at hillary clinton's
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lou: breaking news, state department has just released a
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report by inspector general on state deputy's e-mail system. it is shocking in its conclusion. report concludes that there is no central oversight of e-mails or the e-mail system that many of the e-mails are not saved properly. not saved at all. the report revealing that the state department employees in one year, wrote more than a billion e-mails. but fewer than 62,000 of those e-mails were retained. maintained for official record of our state department. stunning stunning. and curiously timed report as well. state department appears to be a separate government not just a separate department of government. a few thought on hillary clinton's e-mail controversy.
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why she put her official e-mail on a private server in her own home. >> i opted for convenience to use my personal e-mail account which was allowed by the state department because i thought it would be easier to carry just one device for my work, and my for personal e-mails instead of two. >> two devices too much. makes no sense when two phones are not much heavier than one these days or she could have a number of e-mail accounts on one phone, as is often the case, politicians forget their previous statements, which don't always jive with the current statement. just last month she admited to using multiple devices.
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>> i iphone' or android. >> iphone. okay in full disclosure, and eye blackand a blackberry, down 3 anybody away. i am two steps short of a hoarder, i have a ipad, a mini irk paid,mini pad and iphone and a blackberry. lou: rendering contra directry her reasoning for agoing using a private server. her secret mark for someone who claims not to throw anything away mrs. clinton got rid of a lot of e-mails about half of 60 these from her personal server, hardly a digital hoarder. "new york post" dubs her the
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deleteer of the free world. they were personal, and you will have to take her word for it. >> server contains personal communications from my husband and me, and i believe i have met all of my responsibilities and the server will remain private. lou: so she has spoken. but woops a problem. it turns out that husband and me line runs well afoul of president's claim he has sent two e-mails ever. and neither of president clinton's e-mails was sent to e-mail. even mainstream liberal media is choking on nonsense, that is she
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trying to sell them about her e-mail. associated press filed a lawsuit against state department for e-mails and records with this latest disclosure, about no one retaining records that is going to have an interesting fate. we'll keep close watch on it. from clinton's tenure as secretary major issue such as bin laden raid, and nsa surveillance would have been interesting to look at, after requests have gone unfun unfulfilled. the ap also seeking correspondent from top aides including sheryl mills who get ready now not -- well so surprisely, they use their personal e-mails for government business too while working for secretary.
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it seems to be a clinton thing. they are wondering why every federal employee does not do their government business to their private e-mails just think of the money tax payers would safe on that computers and servers, and phones, and bandwidth, and expense maybe hillary clinton is leading to us ut futout after all. there is also another prospect, it leads us to quotation from the evening george orwell. said political language is designed to make lies sound truthful. and murder respectable. to give an appear an of solid tie to pure wind. >> surveillance video capturing these images of a intoxicated man falling between two metro
11:35 pm
train tracks in washington, as it left the station witnesses expected the worse but amazingly the man survived. other parents helped him -- passengers helped him back to platform. fools and drunks. we're coming right back. >> iranians leading the iraqis into tikrit. don't defense officials -- top defense officials wr
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lou: a collision between a car and a tank, sparking a massive fire in dearborn, michigan, the driver of the tanker taken to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. >> the chairman of joint chiefs of staff detailing fears that shia fighters, backed by iran could turn against sunni iraqis. >> iran is not a new en trent into the cruise ib else was iraq their economic influence and other ways, has contributed to the future of iraq, and it is been disruptive to the inclusiveness for a inclusive
11:40 pm
governance we're concerned about what happens after the trucks stop beating and isil is defeated. lou: joining us now author of the book, outpost. having been in a few. good to have you with us. ambassador let's turn to what seems to be the the the architecture of testimony, suggestions that it is new and more disruptive than anything people beheaded. and territory concureded conquered by the islamic state. >> the iranians have been in iraq for some years. they have been helping these iraqi militia groups, who are no friend of the shia government in
11:41 pm
baghdad. but in the last year, situation has gotten pretty dicey iraqi army collapsed. it is put back together. but we're also seeing the shia groups in and amongst the iraqi army units they are fighting in primarily sunni areas as much as we have tried to get the sunni tribesmen involved in fight against isis, when some success, it will be problematic when the sunni tribesmen meet the shia militia groups backed by irany advisors it will be a tough moment. lou: they are more than advisors u.s. is watching and bleating like sheep in washington, d.c. information we have been more feeble in appear
11:42 pm
an than we've sounded and behaved in iraq since 2011. >> i must say it is a tough issue. i am not casting any as programs -- -- aspersions it is a tough issue, sunnis with no desire to live under shia. lou: that is well documented. i am asking, to offense some people with the truth. if the truth offends that is not the purpose of this broadcast it is to talk straight to the american people, they deserve that. you -- your salary, your retirement paid for in part by the taxpayer. you have committed a career of public service we can't have people say it's over, i won't be a truth speaker can we survive that. >> let me tell you the issue is not bean good-byes -- good guys
11:43 pm
and bad guys there is it between bad guys and worse guys, you could make the case for isis being the worst guys. lou: that is an interesting construct, you can make a lot of other cases why are we not far more intelligent in the way we pursue our foreign policy, as an ambassador. y ofemployee of a state department how you can have a state deputy where they don't retain e-mails how can you have a separate government operating within the government. >> okay this is the way that e-mail situation works for the average state department official. you're issued a statement department e-mail that is the e-mail you use at your desk. if you want to transfer to your private e-mail to you know book a reservation, for a restaurant, or something, you have to get out of that computer, and into another field that is you have to go through -- it antieasy it ain't
11:44 pm
easy to get back in the private e-mail people are using state department e-mail for all private things that is the problem. lou: well, one thing about it problem don't last long they get rid of the e-mails. >> interesting respect today it was -- report today it was. lou: interestingly timed. >> yes. >> ambassador good to have you. >> thank you. lou: thank you so much. vote in tonight's poll. do you believe that president obama fully understands disasterous consequences of foreign policy choices he made. cast your vote at why a few minority activist groups want students in separate but equal schools that is right. they want a comeback for that, nnap said no way -- naacp nade
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so way and this pregnant model is she too thin? she has a lot of critics on the web, saying she is far too thin to be having a baby, we have the medical view coming right up. stay with us.
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lou: chief of ferguson, missouri police department announced he is resigning his police force was cleared in justice department investigation in shooting of michael brown, but justice department, accusing it of years of racial profiling in a probe following months of unrest. this is one day after ferguson city council proved a resolution to part ways with city manager john shaw. it brings to 6 number of ferguson officials that have been ousted or resigned in the wake of justice department report. lou: on wall street, higher dollar lower oil prices and prospect of higher interest rate pressures stock could dow down 28, s&p down 4 and nasdaq fell down, volume on big big board
11:50 pm
3.66 billion shares. fed approving citigroup and wells fargo dividend and stock buyback plans. but forcing j.p. morgan, and marrying anto-- listen to my reports 3 times a day on salem radio network. lou: two civil right group that are normally allies are engaged in a political battle over schools for immigrant latino groups' to dedicate two public high schools in suburban washington to non-english speaking students but local naacp chapter objects saying it would unfairly pull resources from other students and redistribute them to hispanic students naacp local important
11:51 pm
president'sing this is a slap in the face, it risk turning prince george's county into a segregateed school sim. >> separate but equal. i thought we resolved that? 30-year old model sarah stage facing a lot of negative backlash after showing off her 8 1/2 month pregnant bello belly on-line on-line. her on-line post stiring up a great deal of heated debate. but stage is not letting criticism get to her, she put on about 20 pounds, doctors say her baby is healthy that is all that matters to her. as it should be. up next. a budding rivalry between early front-runners and republican race for 2016, the ateam.
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franchesca chambers, judit at ally
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lou: franchesca chambers, and judejudith miller here. we have into the en word -- gotten word a billion e-mail at state department in a year, retaining fewer than 62,000.
11:56 pm
what are they doing? >> well, you know, one of the big things is that whole hillary clinton e-mail scandal has involved as well is that first 4 years of president obama's administration there was not an inspector general at the state department, part of what you see now is a lack of oversight of state department his entire first term. lou: judey. >> so many e-mails so little time. maybe all of them have two e-mails too. this is just be absurd, she is going to decide which e-mail she turns over and which she does not. you know i learned something in washington in reagan administration. i like one thing he said, trust but verify, okay, i trust her i just want a third person to look at those e-mails someone neutral, saying what did she
11:57 pm
destroy, and what did she not. lou: i am more upset with the state department and lack of overoversight. they have a sense of entitlement that is well understood. but the state department with this president has been running free. getting not much for the effort. what do you think? >> it is concerning that white house does not seem to be particularly concerned about this. john ernest said, to reporters they are not interested in the e-mail that hillary clinton deleteed. they don't care she delete more than third,000. 30,000. lou: are you kidding they are praying that the benghazi e-mails never see the light of day.
11:58 pm
>> but it is alarming the way they respond. state department responsibility so go to them, also hillary clinton a responsibility, so you know go ask her at what point does this white house take the responsibility? lou: we mustn 't hold our breath on that one. jeff bush, and scott walker. washington post, designating them combatants dejour, they are going to define the republican race. premature you think? >> i think it is pretty much reflects what is going on. don't you? 5 years ago they were best of buddies, that was then, this is now, two rival governors in lead for republican nomination, i think not too early at all. lou: not for copy, just for relevance and import. what do you think franchesca? >> i think what scott walker tried to do start to position
11:59 pm
himself to the right of jeb bush -- 92 not hard to do. >> -- -- that is reason you have seen him on some issues, like immigration, start moving to the right. so he can set up the race where it is jeb bush versus him he will rake up conservative support while jeb rakes up the establishment support. lou: iran. iranian letter. every one of the democratic celebrities, clucking about how unpolite and how impolite and out of protocol republicans were after they decided. >> no -- i am actually with the democrats on this one. i have to say i think that someone who cares about
12:00 am
executive prerogative this was not essential it was not helpful, you don't do that. lou: you don't do that, juddy miller said that thank you very much. >> go real-estate mogul ahead of his time. >> they jumped on a. and when he is gone there isn't for the surprise of a lifetime.


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