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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  March 14, 2015 2:00am-3:01am EDT

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anything monday. you can get your questions in. it could be personal, it could be financial advice. love advice, many people seek me out. i understand. all fair game. monday we play. p@ ayne. great show. great week. lou dobbs is next. ♪ lou: good evening everybody. i'm lou dobbs. an intense manhunt in and around ferguson, missouri. now on its second day. s.w.a.t. teams have spanned out across the city. they are searching for people who fired on and wounded two police officers. law enforcement going street by street, door-to-door as they work around the clock trying to find to capture those suspects. protests and demonstrations are also resuming in ferguson as the protesters try to put even more pressure on the embattled town. the demonstrations today were orderly and peaceful. but with the onset of
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the weekend no one is sure whether the calm can be preserved. all of this as president obama took the occasion of an interview to indulge in more racial politics. president obama making excuses for the unrest and the violence in ferguson. and then claiming there are no excuses for the criminal acts. president obama: i think that what had been happening in ferguson was oppressive and objectionable and was worthy of protest. but there was no excuse for criminal acts. and whoever fired those shots shouldn't detract from the issue. they're criminals. they need to be arrested. lou: coming up here tonight former department justice attorney christian adams on obama's war on law enforcement. and his view of what the justice department has been doing in ferguson for the past seven months. also tonight, iranian
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led forces preparing for their final assault to get tikrit from the islamic state. as of right now they hold half the city. waiting for reinforcements before they take on the remnants of the islamic state forces in tikrit. if they're victorious and it appears they will be, this this will be the first time iraqi forces won back a city from the islamic state. obama's decision to lead from behind and specifically in iraq means this success will be all iranians and definitively not ours. we take up what that means for our role in the middle east with the self-described anti-islamist, dr. kanta. and the president for the defense of democracies, clifford may. and rumors tonight swirling about russian president vladimir putin. specifically his whereabouts. we know he's physically fit. we've seen him riding, of course horses bare
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chested, practicing judo. his spokesperson saying he's crushing hands with his handshake mind you. but why hasn't he been seen in public for more than a week? we take up that mystery and others with the former ambassador to the united nations john bolton. we begin with the obama administration's war on law enforcement. >> please remove. sergeant-at-arms please remove all these individuals. >> you should be fired. >> protests spreading to new york city. protesters interrupting a city council hearing. police commissioner bill bratton was calling for more police officers. christian adams former us department of justice attorney. served under both presidents bush and obama. he is the author of injustice. good to see you christian. let me turn to these
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protests. what is -- this is obviously coordinated and to what end would the president and his attorney general permit this to go on? >> well anybody who has been paying attention lou, has been following this. there is a deep underground movement. anti-police movement around the country. civil rights groups and academia the left. they don't like the police. that's not a secret. but what's happened since the inauguration in 2009 is they have an advocate as the attorney general. they have a civil rights division that has waged a war against police departments using some of the most radical sort of looney tunes anti-police arguments you can have. they're cracking down on cops. the fact the president has injected himself is not an accident. this is part of a deliberate administration policy. >> and what happens if, as threatened now and it appears possible
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certainly if not probable the justice department sues -- goes ahead and sues ferguson? >> well, that's a great question because this is a high profile opportunity for eric holder and his successor to show whose side they're on. and it's not the side of the police. what they'll do is they'll attempt to show a pattern or practice. let's hope ferguson fights back. that's one of the ways that holder and his gang has been able to really impose their will around the country. a lot of small towns just give up. they capitulate. they -- >> well, it's expensive. >> that's true. lou: ferguson because of the demonstrations the riots, the businesses burned down in the center of the town, they -- they don't have the money to fight. >> well, they may not. and that will really vindicate this sort of thug tactics of the protesters of the justice department, where they have an integrated operation. don't forget holder
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sent the community relations service to ferguson early on to work with the protesters. holder went and visited with the protesters. he took sides. he announced i'm a black man. and he put his thumb on the scale of justice lou. early on. so it should surprise nobody that this sort of mayhem is now taking place because people who should have been stopping it have been fanning the flames. lou: fanning the flames. and the community relations service they've been there for what, seven months now. why would they not be working to reassure the citizens, the community there, rather than continue this exploitation of the racial division of the racial tensions and frankly they appear to have done absolutely nothing to improve the economic lot. to rebuild the town. to try to create public/private partnerships. to be creating jobs and
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changing the direction to make ferguson a better place instead of the one that is seven months after the shooting of michael brown still in flames. >> and what's so tragic about that is widespread grievance has an economic effect on the community. the more discontent and mayhem in the community, the worse the economy is. understand, lou, this is about an ideological battle. we have a president that when it gets really hot when it gets really hot, he goes on television and condemns the violence of the last couple of days against the police. but that's only what mainstream america pays attention. we saw the same pattern with irs abuse. he said he would get to the bottom of it. he was angry. that lasted about 24 hours. they got back to denying everything. so here in ferguson, we have a president who is suddenly concerned because police officers were shot. to pay attention to what holder does, what the doj does, they will be on the side of the anti-police forces in a
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lawsuit and in public rhetoric over the next year. lou: and the republicans they're the voice of the loyal opposition. they have a perspective here but no voice. why is that? >> well, you can almost forgive them. because we've never seen anything like this in america, where an administration takes the side of the lawless. they've been doing it over and over and over again. the clinton administration didn't behave this way. the carter administration didn't behave this way. this is a new breed of democrats. you talk to democrats. you talk to even liberals, and they can't fathom what's happening. it's like a very small cawed ray of ideological crusaders have taken over ideological policy. whether it's in iran ferguson. irs. it's a fringe administration. enacting fringe policies. one of the reasons they get away with it, not enough people pay attention to the news. (?) until something penetrates like it did with jimmy kimmel and the president, you don't
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have a republican party with the skill set to respond to this sort of behavior. >> christian adams. thank you for being with us. president obama not the only one trying to play both sides of the issue. democrats have been piling on republicans all week over their open letter to the iranian leadership in which they warned the iranians that a nuclear deal with president obama won't have a lasting effect. it will be simply an agreement between two heads of state. not a treaty. one of the 47 republican senators who signed it, ron johnson of wisconsin seems to not regret signing the letter. he seems to regret only sending it. i suppose the only regret who it's addressed to. not an inconsiderable regret or remark. we're coming right back. stay with us. lou: vladimir putin is missing. no one seems to know where he is. what's going on in russia. and israeli prime minister netanyahu, is he on the verge of
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losing his election? ambassador john bolton with the answers
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lou: this breaking news. the state department has been hit with a large-scale cyber attack. shutting down much of its email system.
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a principal target in the attack seems to be the unclassified email system. the timing couldn't be a coincidence. the cyber attack being characterized as one of the most serious in the history. the malware may have been inserted by russian hackers. state department officials are not saying who is responsible for carrying out the attack. again, the state department suffering a cyber attack on its unclassified email system large parts of which had to be shut down. (?) the state department today pressed on the disappearance of russian president vladimir putin. he disappeared from the public eye eight days ago. >> there was a report that russian vladimir putin hasn't been seen in public for a week. does the state department have any idea where he is, what he's up to. >> i believe the kremlin has spoken to this.
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i would point you to that. >> you don't have anymore information? >> no. >> that's one way to say it isn't it? the kremlin says that president putin is fine. in fact, has just released video of putin meeting with the country's supreme court chairman. but there is no independent verification that the meeting took place, you guessed it, today. joining us former us ambassador to the united nations, fox news contributor, john bolton. ambassador, good to have you with us. >> glad to be with you, lou. lou: where in the world is putin? >> well i don't think anybody knows. and, you know, talk about going back to cold war days where this sort of -- trying to pick out where the kremlin leadership was. very reminiscent of that. i can't get over the state department referring the press to the kremlin for an honest answer. lou: when i watch her do that, they've become increasingly preposterous by the day it
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seems. but to refer the reporter at the state department to the kremlin, that's worked out so well. i guess they have very similar rules and regulations pertaining to what they'll share with the press. let's turn to putin though himself. what are your instincts? i mean, there are all sorts of rumors that he's sick that he has chosen to spend time with his family, that he is dealing with an internal crisis of some sort or plotting some sort of exotic strategy against his international, i'll call them his foreign rivals. your thoughts? john: well, the rumors are all over the place, as you rightly say. and he's been a mediagenic leaders. very conscious of his image. this absence is noteworthy. my guess is a health issue. if he were in trouble
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politically, he would get to a television screen. if it were a personal matter, he would find time to be out in public. i have to think it's some kind of health crisis that he can't appear in public and that if that's the fact they'll try and get him out there as soon as they can. lou: it's hard to imagine as we were watching file footage of the president throwing people on a jiu-jitsu mat it's hard to think that any mortal would have the at a mayorty to try and carry out a coup against this president. what would you rate the odds of that being the situation? john: well i don't think there's been any evidence prior to this, period, that there was a basis for that. but the possibility of poison being used against a kremlin leader. this makes medieval italy look arcane by comparison. this could be a stroke. obviously none of us know. again, my guess would be, this is a health
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issue personal to him and they're struggling to find a way to get him back in public. lou: a man who enjoys about an 80% favorability approval rating amongst the russian public. ambassador, thank you for being with us. we appreciate it. >> thank you lou. lou: tyke for a lack at our online poll results. how does the administration's war against -- contribute to violence in ferguson and some communities around the country. 93% of you have said it has. 7% no. be sure to vote in our poll tonight. do you believe america may have finally had its political fill of clintons? cast your vote at we'd like to hear from you. as always. a school resource officer in louisville facing assault charges after he allegedly choked a teenage student until his body went limp. the surveillance video shows the 13-year-old student pushed the officer to the ground,
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and what the student claims was simple horseplay. the officer however responded by wrapping his arm around the student's neck as you see and lifting him from the ground for an estimated six seconds before he fell unconscious to the ground. the boy remained on the floor for about five minutes, but didn't require medical attention. the officer is also accused of having assaulted another 13-year-old in the same school in a separate incident five days prior to this one. up next, a colorado pizza shop now has a drive-thru. but it's not one they had sought. the story behind this new video. and clinton's penchant for paranoia and secrecy drawing all sorts of comparisons. are there consequences awaiting? my commentary next..ú.úññññññoññ
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lou: extraordinary surveillance
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video. this video capturing a car striking a woman on the street. it crashed into, as you see there, a colorado pizza shop. incredibly, the woman bounced off the hood of the car that hit her, went through the window walked away, and as incredibly not seriously hurt. and neither the shop the window, or on the sidewalk. the driver reportedly hit the gas instead of the brake. have we heard that before? police are investigating. new york city police say they've arrested a 16-year-old girl. she was part of this group of teenagers caught on video. they were viciously pummeling another girl. some of the witnesses actually were cheering as this violence occurred. the suspect has nine previous arrests. nine. and she's just 16 years old. police say they've identified the other girls involved.
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but have not yet found them. police say they will be charged with assault. a few thoughts now if i may, on the clintons, in particular president and secretary clinton. and their peculiar knack for political hi jinx. drama controversy scandal and seemingly an unending compulsion to take nearly all the prime space in our national political media. (?) and for two pauls that don't give a whit about rules, the media attention surrounding them almost always involves rules or simple choices of right and wrong. their defense usually not more than, their name. they all but invented the game. they're beyond shame. and only they can assign shame. take hillary's weak defense for having deleted half the 60,000 emails from her
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public/private server. >> under the federal records act, records are defined as recorded information regardless of its forms and characters. and in meeting the recordkeeping obligations, it was my practice to email government officials on their state or other dot-gov accounts so that the emails were immediately captured and preserved. lou: there you have it. it all sounds preposterous until within days, the state department inspector general decided to release a report revealing that out of 1 billion emails sent in one year by personnel in the state department, fewer than 62,000 of them were actually archived. what an amazing coincidence! don't you think? certainly clinton set the standards set by the practices of the department she once led no matter how low the standards. and i'm sure she sent
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flowers to the inspector general. the coincidences as they often do with the clintons keep piling up. today, once again the state department, which never gives a straight answer to anything or refers one to the kremlin, admitted that emails from senior officials are not automatically archived or at least they weren't until last month. >> clearly individuals -- any top officials would also be expected to preserve their documents. in the same way that i've outlined. now, obviously this is a more efficient way. a way that will require less human effort. our goal actually is to apply an archiving system that meets these same requirements to all employee mailboxes by the end of 2016. >> these people can wear you out. but because this is about a clinton, there has to be added drama. more controversy. so here's former justice
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department attorney shannon. he says hillary was required by law to sign a form certifying she handed over all records to the state department when she left. >> every employee at the state department has to sign this little piece of paper when they leave the state department. and it says, i certify basically under penalty of perjury that i have returned all official records that were in my possession while i -- while i was an officer of the department of state. lou: ominous, don't you think? he has no doubt that hillary committed a felony if she signed the exit form. but you and i know better. clintons and bright bold lines just can't co-exist. that's just a fact of clintonian exertion in the political universe. clintons create their own centers of gravity. and secretary clinton is
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beginning to draw to her. even more attention. more attention itself. three house committees have launched or are thinking about launching investigations into her email practices. including the benghazi select committee and house oversight committee. if clinton refuses any of those requests lawmakers could begin contempt proceedings against her. we've seen how that works with the attorney general. but because secretary clinton is who she is, that may just be her plan. her rightful place in it all in washington capitol hill, just another weigh sedation station on her journey to achieve her ultimate ambition an actual prosecution of the former secretary of state unlikely the contempt charges would result -- unlikelier still there would be a referral to the justice department. and unthinkable that democrats even
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obamaites would charge a clinton exists. where are we? the circus, my friends has come to town. get ready for the parade. now, the quotation of the evening. this one from plato. who said perhaps frustrated by contemporaries the politicians, the most adroit of his era. good people do not need laws to tell them to act responsibly while bad people will find a way around the laws. and i will add almost always with the help of a lawyer. is mrs. clinton a lawyer, by the way, i'm just curious. we're coming right back. the islamic state accepts boko haram as ally. clifford may on the war against radical islamists hwar ii.
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ptsd to our advances in physical therapy... i'm fulfilling my life's mission with the help of my team and thanks to these veterans. i'm proud to be a doctor at va... and proud to honor my grandfather every day. search va careers to find out more. >> lou: officials are investigating whether a crash at the end of a bicycle race was an honest mistake or inactive seven taj. as you can see he tries to pass the race leader as a man grabbed the handle bars and she ended up breaking her collarbone as a result she managed to fall over the finish line and place seventh. and incredible rescue on camera after skier is buried alive, the swiss border.
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it was video on camera entirely. >> my heart was racing. where is he? we have to fight him. i threw my hand up into the air and reached up to the sky. the first breath was spectacular. lou: with that he survived only took an hour to free him if he released the video urging people to be aware of conditions when skiing. the cia director says the islamic state poses a direct threat to the united states and allies if unchecked. >> it demonstrates
2:36 am
developments because it has basically been a phenomenon that has snowballed. they have had a fair amount of success with the internet to present their narrative in ways to emphasize what is going on. >> despite claims of the administration and the surge has been stopped the leadership degraded. a physician and observant muslim and self-described anti-islamist. with a female doctors journey in the kingdom and the president of the foundation for defensive democracy. doctor, why don't we get a straight story from this administration? the head of the cia that the
2:37 am
islamic state is a direct threat to the united states is of the president suggests there is nothing more than the ideological idea with no attachment to the muslim religion and. >> is a great question i cannot imagine to know what the administration stocks are. it is an enormous release -- relief to hear him explain this was becoming a lot of control. unfortunately it is over attention with social media while that is a fact de blasio we just heard that a cia director himself. >> but the reason they have a material for media we have not put out a sufficient challenge. it is a just the narrative but they're actually gaining territory of waging war in countries that have lost their ability to make war for themselves, namely iraq in syria.
2:38 am
>> i agree with all of that. at this point syria is have a country'' controlled by iran iraq when ever be a country again half of it is controlled by rail the other half by the islamic state it does need to continue the jihad globally not just in syria or iraq the purpose and now has boko haram as the affiliate's and others pledging allegiance as far as pakistan. in though whole is - - movement is what we need to think about. lou: the most countervailing force to this point has been the kurds themselves which we refuse to arm or to support aggressively. what to possibly be the reason?
2:39 am
>> i cannot explain the motivation but the current battle in an tikrit it is about to be squashed with the area led leadership on the ground with iraqi forces joining in collaboration that "the new york times" has reported as lycia of alicia and know-how their distinct from hezbollah. already people talk about the sectarian conflict they are reordering according to sectarian identity with extreme specter's the way we have not seen before. lou: are we simply watching and iran assert its dominance in this region? there seems to be no limit to their appetite or what they are achieving in terms of control. >> the islamic state is a serious problem, other
2:40 am
republicans by no means a solution. we have shi'ah militia taking leadership and there the same there killing americans by the hundreds just a few years ago. if we should not be assisting them but if we had a coherent strategy to support those who fight the common enemy and in this case the occurred to have not been supported because we maintain we have to go through baghdad but that is one of the capitals now under the control of iran which sees itself as does hegemon and i fear that the president thinks it is in such a bad idea. believe the the saudis and israelis egyptians indians do not agree and they are distressed. >> this may bring into mind what the administration does
2:41 am
not want to get into this sorry engaged because it has become clear the president feels it needs to make a rapprochement with iran in the cost. i think it will be a high cost unfortunately. lou: we appreciate it. be sure to vote in our poll tonight has america had its fill of clinton's politically? the other last night nasa successfully launching for identical spacecraft on a mission to study the earth's magnetic of mine dash magnetic fields the goal of the mission is to better understand particularly where it is joined by the force field
2:42 am
for cocoa streak of the volcano spilling dash hit 3300 feet into the air it is the most powerful explosion in two decades as results the major airports has been closed until the sky clears. up next petition is a the only powerful man making president obama field small at times i will tell you who else. stay with us.
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this. >> the wall street stocks falling for the third straight week the dow down today when hundred 46 points the nasdaq down 22 and for the wheat the dow and s&p losing under 1%. listen to records three times a day coast-to-coast on the salem radio network there may be 605 days until the next presidential election but is not too soon for political pro -- pilgrimages to the status of the hampshire fox news
2:47 am
correspondent has the report. >> their primary state to wisconsin governor a front runner in i when jeb bush are both making the first shot in the granite state. was tabled ask them questions about the immelt controversy and his own use of the private e-mail servers mimicry complied with the law we have now made all my emails long before ever issues came up we made them public for you to see. >> but i won a comment what does it mean for her? >> he toward a business and easier the polls but voters usually trash the early front runners. in the family on the cover of time has a rocky history both washed -- lost in new
2:48 am
hampshire insurance was like a kid is the is unfolding. >> the stakes are sky-high but a dynasty is not popular scott walker's first stop was the influential newspaper that has a history to ashley bushes and backing the rivals. and head the office is to this fund-raising advantage. >> some of the likely opponents will have the ban did but we will make a case directly to the people. >> only a few hours later this bullish also mentioned he visited the paper but scott walker has had growing pains he signed right to work legislation into law and he said he wasn't interested in and then he added gasoline additives that he dismissed in now what it he explained in changing his mind and amnesty. >> the cater is willing to
2:49 am
change it is right for the country. >> the the governor says he has changed so of his positions but he will lead changed on immigration reform education even if unpopular with conservatives. lou: we are under way. the white house puts out a bizarre new video that shows vice president joe biden to win an arm curls. to celebrate the fifth anniversary of first lady michelle obama let's move campaign. that is pretty impressive. that is a 30-pound weight. now president obama was videotaped last year at a hotel he did seem to be freely lifting those 15-pound weights. but the spd leadership and. >> robert downey, jr. giving
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a real life bionic arm to a little boy stood ready? >> each one looks the same. >> i think jurors might be better. how about we both tried them on? lou: the seven year-old board with a partially developed arm was not told he would be coming to see him only he would be meeting with some kind of expert but he had no idea it would be his favorite superhero "iron man". the 3-d printed armed was of no cost thanks to the charity -- charity limbitless solutions.
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is the privilege obama takes an interview when dash a liking to a soft interview. first seating for ... then asking about his receipts at cbs. with the new media strategy that and mercedes are up next.@?
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change, we will have lost the chance to do so. carbon emissions are at unprecedented levels. now is you moment for act. [music] [music] i'm using my power... i'm using my power... save the great barrier reef. i'm using my power... i'm using my power... to raise children's awareness about the environment. we are using our power... to make our city more sustainable... to save my forest... to save our home. [music] ♪ ♪ lou: president obama not dealing
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with the ferguson police shootings, instead reading mean tweets on jimmy kimmel. >> obama's hair is looking grayer these days. can't imagine why since he doesn't seem to be one bit worried about all that's going on. [laughter] ♪ ♪ >> is there any way we could fly obama to some golf course halfway around the world and just leave him there? [laughter] lou: joining us now, mercedes flap and former white house political director, chairman of the american conservative union matt flap. good to have you both here tonight. you don't have the kids but it's great to have you both here. what do you think of the media strategy of the obama white house? >> you know it's the easy lay-up. i don't think republicans are concerned where you can just get this kind of fawning coverage. and in the midst of all this stuff that's going on, pretty unbelievable. lou: the idea that he did not
2:56 am
stop pause in the middle of the day to issue a statement, a personal statement about ferguson to which he is absolutely connected, did that shock you? >> it did because i think it's an issue that he's been really actually almost just incredibly focused on. he has the attorney general, eric holder focused on this issue as well. and the mere fact that it was two police officers that got severely injured and really did not go and address the issue and calm the situation down which is what he should have been doing. lou: valerie jarrett, she's going to be there she says, until the lights go out. if you were wondering. she says she's also paid to be his friend and she's sticking til the end. >> yeah. it's almost like she's making the call there. that's what came across to me like she'll let him know when it's time for her to leaf. but i'll tell you with this e-mail controversy and what we learned today, this is not just
2:57 am
a hillary clinton issue anymore, it's slowly -- actually quickly becoming a president president obama problem because, clearly, they weren't following the law and implementing these protocolsal all. lou: then we find out, mercedes neither did colin powell. that, in fact -- and i love the timing on this mercedes. you guys tell me what you think. the state department chooses within a few days to release an ig report saying hey, we don't keep anybody's e-mails -- >> that's right. lou: a billion in a year, and they kept about 62,000 of them. i mean, that's -- your thoughts? >> it is, but it's not surprising. i mean, i think that the state department has somehow gottennen very involved in -- gotten very involved in this process. i think that hillary clinton has spun this big web and the state department really has given incredibly weak answers. just like hillary clinton did in the press conference. the state department is only making the story grow bigger and bigger by the day. the mere fact that they couldn't figure out whether they knew that she didn't have a
2:58 am
government blackberry they knew that that device was probably not secure, and they have no idea whether she signed that important form at the end when you leave that would turn over the classified information. those are very serious questions that, again the media's going to have them and they want answers. lou: well, we all want answers about what's going to happen in new hampshire. we have the spectacle of scott walker and jeb bush showing up on the same day -- >> right. lou: -- and trying to make a few headlines and doing so. >> yeah. lou: is this really going to be the principal contest of the republicans? >> between these two? lou: yeah. >> well, you know, i think the race is wide open. this really hasn't happened in my lifetime, you know, where the republican nominating process is wide open. these two are leading most of the polls but, look, we've got a very strong field. almost everybody who considered running decided to run, and it's wide open, and i think that's good. >> lou, one interesting point there, and matt and i were talking about this earlier -- lou: folks, we're getting in on
2:59 am
the inside stuff -- >> be be careful what you say. [laughter] >> when we're not talking about making dinner or how we're going to handle the kids, we talk about these political topics. really what we find is that political talent friends of ours are disbearsing into these -- disbearsing into these political camps. lou: is bush really conservative enough to make any inroads? >> well look, he came to cpac, and he made his case. and i think he got through the gate, and he knows he has to make his case to conservatives to get this nomination, and he's going to give them his pitch. lou: 15 second mercedes. >> fast. >> well, i think for governor jeb bush it's going to be tough. i think that he's up with a bunch of competition including walker and rubio and in helping to decide the conservative credentials, so i think he's going to have a difficult time making his case. but you know what? he's being aggressive and he's
3:00 am
making his point in these difficult, critical states. lou: see how that's done? matt, thanks for being with us. mercedes thanks. have a great weekend, good ♪ ♪ jamie: i'm jamie colby, and i'm just driving into


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