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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  March 16, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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follow less on the facebook. mayor of personal fairy tale come true. goodnight. right here on fox business lou: good evening. i am the dobbs. president netanyahu fighting for his career knowing he may lose the election to elements that may influence the outcome today he vowed he does win there will not be a palestinian state and a splintering of the zionist union party as elections begin tomorrow. the party is weaker than expected and president obama fight against the prime minister may have gone too far. a bipartisan group of lawmakers investigating
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whether the investigate -- they use taxpayer dollars to help oust the prime minister in the election. the one voice movement with $350,000 of state department grants and a subsidiary of one voice from the operatives may have used some of that money to replace the prime minister. netanyahu has accused certain foreign governments to throw money at efforts to dippy him. we will take that up tonight with ever guessed k.t. mcfarland. also deal bauman administration in familiar position to do mid-air reversals after secretary of state carry shockingly said this. >> to get the oxide regime to negotiate we will have to make it clear to him that there is a determination by everybody to seek the
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calculation of negotiating and that is under way right now. i am convinced with the efforts of our allies and others there will be increased pressure. >> you can negotiate with assad? >> we have to. lou: that sounded like a change of the near the for your belief that assad must go. a un with the speedy attempt by walk back. >> referring to the fact that the assad regime will have to be at the negotiating table. to broker an arrangement. >> it never bored be that he would imply that it was assad himself. >> political and then
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correcting her own record someone in her campus spokesman now says former secretary of state team did in fact read thousands of her personal emails before they deleted them. and republican strategist ed rollins is here to talk about the clinton misrepresentation i the expected winner of the nomination and much more. we begin with the american nonprofit one invoice end up partnership which is working to replace the government of israel. but to travel to israel with other obama campaign operatives. to be barred from directly targeting by the tax-exempt
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status and the congressman and blasted the of meddling from this administration and the israeli elections. >> there is no doubt in my mind when the president refuses to meet with the prime minister but canadians are racing thousands of miles overseas to influence the election is what you vomit campaign does in the united states to micro target particular groups to influence the election to get rid of the prime minister. lou: joining us tonight we have former national security analyst k.t. mcfarland meddling in the elections of israel? is about straightforward? >> absolutely from the beginning their goal is regime change not an iran or syria by israel. why? day think netanyahu was standing in the way of the
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israeli-palestinian deal and he has been very noisy about the prospective said they think get him out of the way. lou: appears they have been successful from the most recent polls showing that audion who has weakened and the zionist you again could move ahead. >> godly enough this window will be the palestinians. 20% of israel and all our palestinian arabs that boat in the israeli election. the other question is you don't necessarily get to be prime minister right away you have to form a coalition if it is a close election we
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may not know until they confirmed a coalition that could take days or weeks. lou: unlike americans to have absolutely no patience with parliamentary governments but the issue is the security of israel. in particular those sibilant the grace the op-ed but without a president that audion who is almost unthinkable what will unfold that there is direct immediate pressure on the succeeding government to abandon settlements to create the palestinian state. your thought? to read to go back to the '67 border looking over at the causes strep been the most rapidly how modest movement they were if they withdraw under similar
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conditions will have an enemy on government. lou: vladimir putin has reemerged after being absent over 10 days driving the criminologist out of their minds. >> their rivers who knows. but but he has called up 40,000 troops for an exercise and second he has a documentary coming of saying he was willing to scramble the jets to cut nuclear weapons on alert over crabby i think he is getting more reckless. >> when the 50 ships have been dozens -- deployed he is doing it to demonstrate
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that he can extend his dominion over the assets that exist in the region. >> economies collapsed because of lower oil prices would not be other hand he is getting more bellicose more anti-american. and he does these very risky military exercises. and other things that have really pushed outside of the envelope. lou: what about our secretary of state? if he says he will sit down for direct negotiations with assad to say you have to negotiate with someone and the list goes on. this weekend was of the tinny that required a full-court press with damage control at the state department.
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>> united states is leaving the of middle east leaving iran in charge of iraq, syria, and much of lebanon. and in the economically dominant position in the other countries look around to say we get it. iran is the threshold of the nuclear weapons state. lou: turning to ferguson, missouri were age 20 rule has been arrested for the shooting of two st. louis county police officers. charged with two counts of assault with armed criminal action williams claims he was not aiming at the police officers but the prosecuting attorney is not convinced this bernanke is a demonstrator out there as part of the demonstration and has been out there on other occasions but it
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appears that was over at that point and that is when this came about. lou: to people are detained after plainclothes officers were shot yesterday in incident that was not random. the spokesperson for the department says'' mcrae now they believe there with a target'' they suffered minor injuries we are following this story throughout the hour. the federal government reaching $18.1 trillion debt ceiling today but before anyone in the administration nor republican party or democratic party gets to a hysterical perhaps we should keep perspective then leave the the debt ceiling as of friday and though of political rhetoric on both
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lou: breaking news we have learned the obama administration will hold the classified meeting with house democrats this wednesday. the purpose is to discuss the largest trade deal in history the trans-pacific partnership with four of latin american and asian countries. labor secretary ferruzzi and representative frohman will be done the reading. but democrats are already blasting the move to seal the meeting saying it is an attempt to trade -- have a trade program in secret. not the first time.
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the congressmen from texas says open trade it should begin with open access and next we're told and is also free trade that usually comes out of high-cost into the country. we will keep you posted on the administration's open and transparency and representatives of. former secretary of state is silent on her controversy at any event earlier today for her team offered a new story a spokesman now claims team helleri read every merrill before deleting those that were deemed to be personal even though a fact sheet said otherwise. joining us now political director from the reagan white house ed rollins. start with the trans-pacific
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partnership and the massive trade agreement that is now the subject of so much controversy in both parties. >> this needs to be a public debate the president wants to fast-track but it will not happen without fighting -- bipartisan support so they're very worked up and there are some republicans republicans, have the authority but it will not happen unless it is bipartisan to discuss the details and fast-track should be no track and it should be discussed. lou: these trade agreements and this one in particular is supported by the chamber of commerce the business roundtable the biggest association in the country this update give their money away to a buyout of middle-class. [laughter]
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without the middle class of for participating or without anybody having an opportunity. >> what needs to be to cut -- discussed is how much it will cost. >> we have never seen it happen. lou: but it is stacked so high that no one to continue >> it is of no vote. >> but i will vote against secrecy but talk about working men and women. >> it is not a thing go or one-on-one. why is a nuclear being discussed? they say once the deal is done that is like citing real-estate once you sign it
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there is no negotiation. lou: president barack obama is so envious. [laughter] but but turn to the secretary of state but she had a right to do what she wanted with the mills on official business on her private server so possession of the server is nine tenths of the debate. >> what is absurd is mrs. clinton is a smart woman and has been around for a long time as part of the watergate career in the '70s and she knows what happens with documents that are not public. nine guessing they went to shield any further interest and.
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she is now the campaign tbn and that is part of the problem is a terrible way to start a campaign she may be a nominee and a serious candidate but to reinforce these negative impressions is not positive. lou: but obama has to cheer her on because all this focus detracts from the attention that could be posted on the secretary of state for has announced he has a deep respect with the prospect of nuclear energy with iran. worded this sudden affection for islam come from? >> i have no idea they should take his plate away. he has been running around trying to make a deal he is so desperate to make a deal he will take any deal that now we do with the worst that has sponsored nothing better to resume so that potential is absurd.
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lou: in your judgment in a prospective one voice and fault with the israeli political strategy organization in their efforts to defeat netanyahu? rick is documented people have to decide if they want a strong leader but either way it will be a close election at the end of the day i think he could put the coalition back together again with the stakes are high in the middle east to be is not reelected. lou: looking at the online poll results. has america had its fill of the clintons? 92 percent said yes. the tonight you believe president netanyahu and should be reelected prime minister of israel?
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lou dobbs stock, . scary moments and a drag race this weekend the car snapped in half it was going almost 300 miles an hour he was launched more than 20 feet into the air but amazingly could walk away from the very scary accident without any assistance. investigators are trying to figure out what caused the accident the president's inner circle giving americans reasons to worry. donald rumsfeld as a rule. ray taken up to my. another train tragedy runs out of time to hit the brakes. we will tell you all about
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lou: among the top stories we are following. military officials said there was a pause in the fighting in the iraqi city of tikrit and rhenium led forces trying to oust the islamic state that still controls most of the district of the city. united states is not involved with the pentagon says it has not stalled as the forces are consolidating before the next and final phase end the assault on tikrit. secretary of state john kerry and his iranian counterpart held five hours of talks on the iran nuclear program in geneva. and officials said it isn't clear if there will meet the end of march deadline for the framework agreement. president netanyahu says as long as he leads israel of
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palestinian state will not be established to make those comments on the eve of the election in his party appears to be facing the prospect of defeat. never few thoughts on the president and the company he has been keeping. the secretary of state's remarks are a clear demonstration the wheels may have come off the national security team secretary of state called for peace talks with assad and offered to talk with him himself would have to be at the table because after all the administration has said he must go. that would be like asking him to negotiate his own hanging. only in the obama fantasy world would they allow him to negotiate his removal from power. but he wasn't through
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offering these thoughts. >> i rand says it doesn't want nuclear weapons and that is a welcome statement that the supreme leader has in fact inc. into a fatwa we have great respect, a great respect for the religious importance of the fatwa. lou: he must not have heard obama his statements that religion has no place at fatwa? early? he may not be in good company but there is plenty of company in the administration. this is the national security adviser susan rice breaking into laughter for no reason would ask but ukrainian troops retreating next month -- last month. >> you are making a different point to.
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[laughter] what are you trying to do? [laughter] >> go-ahead. i'm trying to keep you on track. lou: not to use as serious but the madness does not stop there for the national security team with a country program by house confirmed general petraeus is a tour of the uprising deal, by house on the islamic state this save one who was prosecuted by deal of the justice department who'd just two weeks ago pleaded guilty to provide highly classified material to his biographer rand mistress while director of the cia. here is a spokesman to clear it up to mickey is legitimately regarded as an expert when it comes to the security situation in iraq
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to what makes a lot of sense for the senior officials to consult him for advice on occasion. lou: of course, there is of vice president in his and ending gaf. that is all we need to separate these are only some of the president's men and women animatedly among the most important. we thought with this we should turn to some scripture. he who walks with wiseman will be wise but the companion of pools will never harm. we will be right back. what is john kerry doing? now he says he is open to the ayatollah fatwa and open to negotiating with bouchard outside --
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lou: a freight train collided with the car near louisville kentucky to of the four high school students in the car were killed. this is a horrifying video as the car crosses the tracks had exactly the wrong time. in the exact moment the trade was slamming into the
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car witnesses say the driver suddenly tried to cross inexplicably two were in critical condition from the point of impact to push the car half a mile down the tracks no word about the driver disregarding the crossing signals ambling the horn:were the 40 miles an hour the vitter was captured by a former train conductor in the freight - - a french loved trains would often watch the trains go by and video. the police in canada our on the lookout for red deer double choosing a mall for his son trying to apprehend this man who apparently was living on a chase scene from a movie. authorities released the video of the suspect ran through the mall with his bike up and down escalators
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to evade authorities through the crowded shopping mall before taking an outside nearly hitting to pedestrians wanted on charges of reckless driving in a mall and outside. the senior grabher the saudi royal family wars ideologue the iran nuclear program could provoke a nuclear arms race with other states in the region. saudi arabia and former intelligence chief says '' i have always said would never comes out of these talks we will want to save nifty iran has the ability to enrich uranium not only saudi arabia will last for that. twerking is now for the foundation of the defense of democracy good to have you here. wouldn't provoke a nuclear arms race in effect? >> that is the concern
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whenever the nature of the deal that they will demand the same terms and remember the saudis finance the pakistan weapons program with the pakistan me nuclear weapon on order whenever they wanted and they also just signed a big deal with south korea to build nuclear reactors to establish a nuclear program as we have learned from iran this is our country's eventually creep to the threshold. lou: listening to the secretary of state talking about those negotiations, he says the united states has the deep respect for the fatwa that would limit the ambitions of iran. your response? >> he is talking about the fatwa that was issued by the supreme leader but nobody has seen its. hasn't been published i'd like thousands of others
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nobody has read it so we don't even know it did exist. and if it does he can still change his mind to issue another one to override a the nonexistent one at the moment that he wants to develop nuclear weapons would is surprising that the secretary point so much stock into the non existent fatwa. lou: in those representatives that sent a letter to the rhenium leadership making it clear whenever that agreement emerges with discussions in geneva is the executive agreement on a treaty between the state's? to make exactly i think they are rightly concerned whenever agreement they are signed is not to congress as a treaty but a vote taken to the un security council where it becomes binding to future presidents and
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congress is about source the constitution to the u.n. security council that includes russia and china as a close ally of iraq. lou: wouldn't all hell breaks loose if this president intimated he would subject sovereignty to the united nations? >> you would hope so. you would hope there would be of rage but that is the plan. we didn't even know this was the plan deal the reason we are now aware is because of a letter that was sent that precipitated the reaction from the foreign minister who told us that is what they plan to do to take it to the security council to find the united states politically to make it difficult for a future president to walk away from this agreement. lou: in your judgment on the election in israel?
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netanyahu looks to be in trouble. >> i will not comment on the politics but i will say i don't see any fundamental change with respect to iran may be with the minister of defence and the fundamental problem is there is a disagreement between the obama administration and israelis across the political spectrum about the gravity of the iranian threat. lou: has spent my experience over the years when a person says it is above their pay grade the usually means they don't want to the answer the question i'm glad you are an exception. thank you. [laughter] lou: to believe prime minister netanyahu should be reelected? shocking footage captured on the cellphone a deputy single-handedly look at that
11:42 pm
to up to spring break students down who were taking part in a brawl on the beach. one of the intoxicated young man spit in his face that is not recommended behavior by the way. the other tried to free his friend they've now both face felony battery charges with the sheriff's deputies did not even look intimidated. of video that captures the rescue of the miracle baby with officer suggesting of wastes that led them to the baby that suggests divine intervention for gore record jump from the tallest building on the world caught on video you never guess who
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carries the camera. next. stay with us.
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lou: stocks rallied two-day surging 228 points less than the 28 the nasdaq up 58 volume on the big board
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3.3 million shares crude oil has lowe's level in six years selling below $44 a barrel. listen to reports three times a day on the salem radio network. the weekend box office cinderella and chanting audiences with $70 million more than 130 million worldwide. second place run all night with 11 million and the king's men took third. returning to politics and the latest and the greatest idea of the former candidate was that the south by southwest festival that they should'' punish the climate change deniers to say politicians should pay a price for rejecting accepted science but he did not elaborate what that should entail but i would guess that means be defeated at
11:48 pm
the polls. >> officials have released by the camera video of the miracle baby. the 80 month-old toddler that survived being trapped for hours in a car crash that killed her brother six people rushed to turn the car over it to get her body of the vehicle it took six minutes of cpr and every effort to warm her up before there were signs of movement and a life she has been released from the hospital doctors call the recovery astounding. those first responders all said they were cited dash provided by a sound of an adult for a speedy and for help. the mother had been dead for hours. and eagle equipped with the
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cameras sets of world record for the highest per flight from the tallest building in the world looked at this. is this incredible 2700 feet diving down to his trainer in a minute and a half. it was all done to bring attention to the plight of the endangered bird. up next to a more police officers targeted by a gunman the ferguson shooter is finally apprehended we will pick up the administration's continued assault on law-enforcement and what it means. next.
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lou: a new report showing reverend al sharpton show when well speaking of public universities and colleges funded by taxpayers he demands upscale hotels chauffeurs and bodyguards he does and i give them. [laughter] but he owes the government more than $4 million i don't know how they got that squared away but joining us now are our investigative reporter who wrote the sharpton reports and the
11:54 pm
accountability project co-founder. good to have you with us also reuter murdoch. good to see a. first of all, the report that is fascinating to put all the burden on university by first reaction is what in the world are they doing with taxpayer dollars? >> i completely agree. he is demanding the rock-and-roll life style. lou: he did associate with the james brown. >> up to 4.5 million dollars of taxes and penalties also another thing is five businesses have been dissolved for failure to pay taxes and then he opened a new one. lou: a new blood? >> it is interesting to see if he pays taxes this
11:55 pm
summer's gimmicky build on the success. >> he is an advisor to the president's. >> i agree. he has turned into a puppet master i am a democrat and i think it is dangerous for candidates to affiliate with him when the message that you send out he clearly does not respect the government or taxpayers in this so disconnected from reality the when you live this life style the nonspeaking on behalf of the people you are to speak on behalf of. lou: that sounds like the qualifier. >> look at the mill cage, jr. at though reagan hotel with a very simple lifestyle i don't think we necessarily expect sharpton to live the life of gandhi but if you're going to be a spokesperson for those four you should be demanding a
11:56 pm
the presidential suite to have a private jet. we should expect a little more humility. lou: turn to the administration's assault on law-enforcement as we start to see a trend that you simply cannot deny that since august we have seen the uptick of assaults statistically on the front pages of the newspapers and on television. what you think the administration is responsible for? >> would like to see them to a better job than the president hasn't done a very good job. and of billet-doux feel we need a civil rights leader. obama is not doing a good job and al sharpton is not of impeachable character.
11:57 pm
>> i could not agree more. there are some leaders in new york that are emerging light of brooklyn borough president and a former officer and an elected official who can speak on behalf. lou: harley a substitute for a president or national figures it helps that he would become in service and to people's been a given an officer wilson has been exonerated from shooting michael brown i think they should apologize to the people of ferguson into his family in the business owners who have their enterprises burned to the ground. lou: and simply just for lying. >> not just wait and see basically that turns out not to be the case. >> and the hands are up
11:58 pm
don't shoot that is part of pop culture and that is erroneous according to wall testimony of the grand jury. >> and the justice department to make even eric holder justice department said hands up don't shoot did not happen. >> what is happening is in -- fascinating that the u.s. presidency perhaps intruding on the election for the prime minister in israel. your reaction? , it should be the reaction of the american people. >> i am surprised because i got the full reason he was not made a with teeeighteen is he did not want to meddle in his election as. [laughter] lou: is deeply disturbing to compare the contain yourself >> i will differ a little. a note that the way to make money is to do consulting
11:59 pm
their former consultants that make a lot more money during international election insist that directly connected to the president? no. >> i know it is an accident a mere coincidence five of the former operatives who still operate for him happened to be in tele-tv and jerusalem. >> also for helleri clinton. >> how ecumenical of them that we are prepared to resolve them to violate u.s. law. >> they're perfectly free to go to support ellery clinton but using our money to go over there hoping that they don't mess with israel to but netanyahu back and hopefully that will send a clear message to obamacare needs to stop behaving this way. >> it will be interesting to see the judgment of the iraqi people.
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it is great to be with you thank you for joining us. good night from new york. now. >> a century old movie theater passion of small town businessman. >> his dying words were, angela, don't let the theater go. >> that could be a long haul. >> anything that could go wrong went wrong. >> are final credits about to role? >> did he know you would step up? >> i didn't get to tell him. i am sorry. >> will there be an encore performance. >> do you think to yourself, i wish my grandfather would have left me the house. >> so many times more than you know.


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