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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  March 17, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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rates? charles: all right leave it there. remember though it about long-term investing. we appreciate you watching us. catch us 6 p.m., dvr it, tell your friends, lou dobbs is next. next. >> good evening, i could lou dobbs, hours closer to finding out whether obama administration has been successful in its effort at reyield change. in removing another world leader from office. you are looking now at live pictures of prime minister netanyahu addressing his supporters. president obama and his administration are alleged to have worked hard to unseat the israeli prime minister. the administration sending allegedly money support campaign strategist to israel to intervene, in a unprecedented fashion in the kinneset. polls have been closed for 3
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hours, and likud party is looked to be tied with herzog's zionive union party taking place against the backdrop of those allegation that former obama operatives used taxpayer dollars to prevent netanyahu from being reelected. a bipartisan senate committee is trying to find out whether former obama campaign director jeremy bird, and his staff of 5 used any part of 350,000 in state department grant to fly to israel to work it defeat netanyahu. with us, former israeli ambassador to united states, daniel iyaalon. and state department, admitting they have no record of hillary clinton signing a required official exit form, swearing she surrendered all official record add secretary of state. at issue now her possession of tens of thousands of work related e-mail on her personal
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serserene-- server. state department justifying it saying they have not found the form for other secretaries of state either. >> we have reviewed secretary clinton's personnel file, and administrative file, and have no record of her signing the of109. charles: thatedof109. lou: state department spokeswoman sent a peak dodgeing questions about the document. >> it has been asked more than two years ago, i do not have an update on this specific question. >> you are expecting to be able to answer that. >> i hope to. >> i don't have an update on that matt. >> we're working on it. >> how hard can it be.
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>> we don't have answer today. >> we keep records i don't have an update on this question today. >> sad. well. we take up clinton scandal its 2016 implication talking with karl rove. and head of secret service does not know ha his agents are doing or why. but, telling congress what he really needs it money to build a fake white house to train agents to protect the real one. joseph clancy called capitol hill today to answer questions about what is a growing list of scandals. a subject of my commentary. we begin in israel with benjamin netanyahu, now declaring victory, releaseed this statement on twitter. against all odds, a big win for likud for national camp, with a leadership of likud a big win for the country of israel.
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joining us, former israeli ambassador to united states, daniel ayalotph*rpbgs. >> hello lou. lou: she right? >> he probably is, they predicted that netanyahu would trail by 4 or 6. he would have to cede half of the term to his opponent, this is not the case. lou: with his victory. having ability to begin to
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create coalition to lead the government what will be the impact immediately in terms of national security policies, and relationship with both the obama administration it seeks to resolve in its own fashion the palestinian israeli conflict in. >> well, there would be stability and continuity on security international issues. on palestinian also, i am not sure if it really makes dave repbsdifference into is government in israel. you need two to make peace just one to make war. palestinians have rejected most generous offers from very left of the government. we will see that -- but what you alluded, to the relationship
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between white house and prime minister i i think here next two years will be critical. for u.s., and israel for the western civilization. they will have to work together. lou: many americans would say they are delighted the prospect of what appears to be netanyahu victory. there was some appetite in level of approval that successioned he could have gotten elected in united states. >> except he was not born in u.s. >> it was really a sign -- >> he could have made a good senator for sure. lou: he demonstrates leadership. that was met with approval in all of the polling. give us a sense the president
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so peeveed at netanyahu he directed his friends from his previous campaign to head to israel and kick netanyahu his tail. >> wrong move. if anyone knows the israelis. any democratic society would be defiant against any interfereence from outside in their political decisions. there will be -- if this is the case this could be a police investigation in israel. but in any case, they were proven wrong whoever tried to unseat netanyahu. lou: to put a point on what appears to that election victory for netanyahu driving him before the joint meeting of congress issue of iran. it has now 47 senators have intercedeed, and laid out before
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the iranian leadership therefore concerns and objects and assessment of the future on any agreement that appears close at hand. negotiators are talking favorably now obama administration saying we have a lot of questions to to resolve. what will be impact of netanyahu his run as prime minister. >> hopefully now that p5 plus 1 will be more cautious, and not run into an agreement that would be a bad agreement. they have to take more seriously now the israeli position. >> thank you. lou: turning to to take tikrit from islamic state military official say that attack is stalled because islamic state rigged streets and buildings with booby-trapped bombs that have reportedly led to very
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heavy casualties for pro-iraqi government forces that include iranians and shia militia. according to new york time, ran is essca colgateing fire -- iran is essca colgateing escalating the fire power. >> a battle for tikrit in some u.s. is not involved. >> president once promised to run most pran transparent presidency, they have achieveed inverse obama administration sealed the activities of white house office
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of administration, saying it was not subject to freedom of information act request. yesterday was national freedom of information day. national freedom of information day. white house has a sense of irony. this week, is sunshine week. promoting open government. woops. just two days ago united "usa today" editorial report, said federal agencies were slow walking freedom of information request. saying obama is the boss of the bureaucracy, he wants that message to get through government he needs make it a priority. i did not know he was encouraging openness. we're coming right back. >> did she or did she not?
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lou: pentagon confirming they lost contract with a unmanned
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predator drone over syria hours afternoon syria state news agency reported its air defenses brought down an american drone in the coastal province of la taqua. pentagon said they are investor gail weathering that drone is the same drone that syria claims to have shot down. >> we're learning this pentagon has likely lost more than i unmanned aircraft over syria also unable to account for more than 500 million dollars in weapons and military equipment in yemen. defense official reportedly lost track of the weapons because we pulled out suddenly from the country last month amid concerns about deteriorating security, in the country's capital. >> the state department, claiming it is quote fairly certain that hillary clinton did not sign a separation agreement requiring all work related
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material be turned over when she left moments earlier, white house could not say who they applied to. >> that applies to everyone, i don't know whether it applys to president and vice president. i guess. in terps of terms of staff. lou: joining us now. former deputy chief of staff under george w. bush. karl rove. is any part of you laughing at this clumsy effort on part of this administration? state department? white house communication department? >> it is disturbing. she did not sign the document it took them how many days to figure it out? then say well collin powell and cond i rice did not the deal is is that in 2004 state
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department regulation laid out how you could conduct your business, she violated by sitting up her own private server and e-mail on that account to handle her. they were reaffirmed and expanded in 2009. violating a fundamental principle that communication involving secretary of state are government document. she did not go give approval. harley co, the general council for state department was asked by guard yet again newspaper did she ask you efficient legal advice -- if you for legal advice on whether it was appropriate, he refused to answer in my opinion, she did not get legal advice, and went off on her own leaving american people in lunch lurch by denying us access in decade to come what
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she did as secretary of state. lou: whatever the document is called. it seems to me there is a simple matter. those e-mails are government property. and she has them in possession, she is not hesitate in turning them over. congresscongressman gaudi is being a generous fellow. this is a marvel of absurdty. >> and she is thumbing her nose at her own president's
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declaration of prance tran person transparency. and staot utes statutes, and rules and regulation of her own department. she invokeed them regarding e-mail. when she removed a u.s. am ambassador in part because he established his own e-mail records. what kind of hypocrisy is that, and what kind of fools does she take to us be? lou: well, the fools we ouch knowouchoftenplay. and the state department, they are like a separate entity on to themselves. then to permit this secretaries of state walking out the door without filling out of109 did
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you fill one out. >> oh, yeah. one of the last things i did august 31, 2007. about 3:00 in afternoon. to sign a statement, i don't know if document is the same, but is a document that attests you -- i don't know if it has same number, attest you are not taking anything with you that has not been approved for withdrawal with you and if you do take it, you have to leave a copy with the government. lou: do you know how much news we could have made right there. to be clear karl and i do not rehearse questions answers or topic, if you said you did not sign it, it would have been headline. >> i would not have been able to leave. you don't get your final paycheck until you sign that agreement, turn in all your material and equipment:
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back we past national archive act to keep secretary of cabinet department from leaving with their official papers, some of them sold them to get you know, abraham lincoln had written them them. this was designed to do -- keep from happening what hillary clinton did. say, these communications may be official in somebody's mind, but they are personal, and i decide what is personal and official. lou: how unclintonesque, thank you. >> thank you lou. lou: a look at our on-line poll results, do you believe that prime minister netanyahu should be reelected prime minister of israel? i don't know if his victory will be this margin, but if he comes close he would be thrilled.
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vote tonight do bluff president obama -- do you believe president obama will call for a recount if netanyahu turns out to have won these elections? president obama blaming bush for rise of islamic state listen to the president this time. >> isil is san is a direct out growth of al-qaeda in iraq that grew out of our invasion, that is an example of unintended consequences that is why we should aim before we shoot. we have a 60 country coalition we will push back, isil out of iraq. i am confident that will happen. lou: i don't know "the interview"er's name, but i admire horizon as -- his president smoke, mm-hmm, i am going to practice that, mm-hmm.
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>> islamic state grew out of the iraq invasion, unbelievable, or as we say mm-hmm. >> an appalling antipolice rally in wisconsin. funded -- i think you will be surprised. at who put up the money for this. you would have thought it would have been pal, but theology, there are no pals next. stay with us.
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lou: a man screaming gee hood forced a united airline flight from washington to denver to return to dulles airport he was tackled by fellow passengers and
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subdued by the passengers as he tried to rush the cockpit aircraft returned to gate, the man was taken into custody by police. to a mental health facility. >> two of the country largest and most powerful unions are funding a group that taken left wing assault on law enforcement in a new direction. group wisconsin jobs now. and they organize this antipolice dill demonstration the comments on your screen as well. the chant last week in madison department of labor records show that group has received a million dollars in funding from service employees international union, and national education association union. both of those unions attacking through this organization law enforcement, which itself in
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state of wisconsin is, is organized labor itself, this is a extra ordinary story. and speaking of to see passenger of united aircraft flight subdue that man makes you feel better about our country. ina fow thoughts on what was 1 pride of treasury department, now an embarrassment for department of homeland security.
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one of reason one of principal reason inrepresent leadership. inept leadership. president obama assigned clancy to clean up the mess. today of clano capitol hill, toup his own mess, grilled by lawmakers about two senior agents who drove into a construct barrier at the white house. describesdescribed as drunk. after drinking at a retire am party. you heard me talk about importance of straight talk. before i give you my view on mr. clancy listen to his first public comment on the indent. talking to congress.
7:31 pm
offering congress his versions of answers to what happened. >> were they given a sobriety test. >> they were not. >> why not? >> sir i can't answer that. >> who said not to do that. >> who said not to do that. >> i don't know -- >> who discovered this happened? >> sir if was it was an anonymous e-mail that was published i would say may have been several days later. lou: does clancy to you appear to be in charge, in command of facts of his agency? it was 5 days later. secret service director claimed high of quote frustrated. that must have been terrible for him to be frustrated. after listening to clancy's
7:32 pm
piffle posing as answers it's very clear. >> are you saying that there is some -- when someone violates rules, is drunk whatever, that -- you don't have the authority to dismiss them? >> i do not have the authority to dismiss them on the spot. lou: wow. perhaps that explains why white house fence jumper reached the east room last year. and how an armed man with an arrest record was able to ride in an elevator with the president. and three agency who were sent home from netherlands after a night of drinking, one agent found passed out in a hotel hallway. and tphraoepb 13 agency implicated in a prosprostitution scandal.
7:33 pm
never mind the bullets that hit the white house, but not noticed for powerful days, or couple that crashed the state dinner in 2009. what will it take to fix the secret service? time? trust? $8 million according to clancy. who today had temerity to ask congress for funds to build a replica of white house for its training facility in maryland. high could not answer directly, and honestly questions posed by congress. but he had the guts to ask for money, he knew to penny how much he wanted. but why should president be put up with this? why should americans stan for this? if the secret service is incapable of protects its open reputation how well are they protecting aourb president. president said he is confidence
7:34 pm
in clancy, why i cannot imagine, does anyone see any reason in world that director should not be fired? and as high suggested fired right on the spot? our quote of the evening. 6american writer. we're coming right back. president obama does not like people. congress or sun light. his own party fumeing over his 6 rhettive trade agreement -- secretive trade agreement proposal steve forbes, next.
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>> lou: floor did dipodies credited with saving the life of a 51 year-old woman who was trapped inside her burning home dramatic body camera of video shows an officer tried to get through her front door but the smoke was so intense it forced deputies to break windows then they finally reached her who was pulled to safety she didn't need medical
7:39 pm
assistance. she was treated for smoke inhalation but is already back at work. great work. now battling a grass fire that was about 1 mile in diameter forcing dozens of animals as they flee for safety. going to capitol hill a bipartisan bill calling for more hi-b visas for high school students. >> close the loopholes or prevent abuse does not make sure american workers are put before foreign workers but only increases the supply of cheap foreign labor. lou: joining us now editor-in-chief steve forbes. great to see you.
7:40 pm
this is a debate that has been raging for a decade. more than that. we have debated free trade and talked about these issues. what is wrong with what he is saying why shouldn't that be the foundation of policy with hi-b visas? >> whole thing should be rationalized instead of the hodgepodge system we have today. we have certain needs and the economy we should meet those so the combination of security at the border and a sensible worker program it isn't rocket science. lou: but yet the business roundtable the chamber of commerce writes off millions of lives to send those to cheap labor markets overseas not securing the of border because the ones that trade harmonization canada and mexico and hi-b visas
7:41 pm
remember when bill gates testified? asked how many bush you like? he replied an infinite number. that that blood be satisfactory how about to mr. "forbes"? >> whenever we need. lot of research is sent overseas because we cannot get proper people fear. and this is due to road and education system to come up with things from silicon valley to have either more powerful chips for products and services. >> if we continue to hire 30 of 40% lower wages? >> the rules of the book. lou: we know what they are.
7:42 pm
but they are not enforced like our immigration laws. you would not want to recommend that. >> the problem with though whole thing is what this administration does there is plenty of rules of the books. lou: that was even in georgia the bush or bill clinton but the fact is we're selling of the middle-class. it is not the standard of living or quality of life but whenever the system needs instead of what the american people need and that is the attitude of the republican and democratic party. don't you think? >> i think what is starting slowly and with the economy is the tax code why i will place a flat tax. and a stable dollar. lou: we have that now. >> no we do not.
7:43 pm
lou: you have people squealing wanting it to come down. it is like washington d.c. to get them outsourced. >> but it should be on time. the dollar should be a stable not up and down. lou: but that is how markets work? you taught me that. >> no. dollars and should stay within the value. the other countries want to trash their currency go-ahead bet the dollar should be as good as gold. lou: i wrote the book called exporting america and all these years later we're still i agree about the same thing. [laughter] good to see you. >> we both respect the constitution. lou: mightily. be sure to vote in our poll tonight will obama call for a recount it seems that
7:44 pm
president teeeighteen has won today's election. of model makes an announcement shocking fans and sponsors and a republican congressmen that is more than shirtless. we will be right back.
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how you want things to be. [ male announcer ] go long™. lou: this is a good one. congress maine and schock has announced his resignation effective the end of the month. the for term republican dodgy at six complaints about spending taxpayer dollars in campaign contributions. you are not looking at "downton abbey" this is his office after he remodeled just like the hit television funded week and ended the york for his staffers, windows and charter flights were the over $40,000 and another 24 grand of campaign funds you have to go to a concert once in awhile. all that has been uncovered it will give him some time
7:49 pm
to work on his upper body. mr. t30 number eight congressmen and. the dow plummets 120 prince volume and is at 3.2 billion shares. anchored oil settles below $44 a barrel the lowest price since 2009. this into my reports three times a day coast to coast of this a love radio network. the world's highest paid model reported the retiring from the runway i am not sure what that means but giselle has been stretching her stuff all this time. the 34 year-old will leave next month inner hometown that will not likely affect the family fortune and she
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pulled in 50 million last year that is 60 million board and president tom brady. there is an upside to the brutally cold winter the north east that icebergs have formed near cape cod. there performing stunts on giant pieces of ice. that is incredible. don't try this at home he is a professional and has done this several times before the looks like he is just beginning. up next facing death penalty charges 46 but may never receive the execution in chamber. next. stay with us.
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lou: breaking news president netanyahu declared victory in his election the president of the state of israel could peaky he did say the right choice in his eyes also says it is possible he will turn to of netanyahu it gets the requisite of support to assume calling for a coalition. robert durst moving to an acute mental facility is in
7:55 pm
the breezy and at after arrested on drug sale legal charges. he is building to two murders in the disappearance of his wife in 1982 the question is if he confessed in the hbo documentary lou: and prosecuting the of murder of susan berman shot execution-style 15 years ago. joining us now to of the best attorneys in the country we have lease we'll and author of lethal beauty and formerly -- former federal prosecuting attorney. that is almost incredible in
7:56 pm
a documentary to hear a man confessing. >> he does have the microphone so the defense will argue privacy but as a prosecutor i would say it does come in because he did have a microphone. lou: but i have to say. >> he had been interviewed hours and hours then whether or not the filmmakers were agents of law enforcement than they were not. there are now working with them at all some people say they did not give it over early enough. lou: he has eluded authorities for so long they didn't take him seriously until the director basically shoved their nose in it. >> that dynamic will be very much in play. similar to o.j. simpson in the first case he was a
7:57 pm
celebrity everybody love him by the second case he had done away with a vicious murder he was acquitted -- acquitted dismembers his neighbor and walks out with an acquittal that will follow him around to this case like o.j. lou: never heard of a serial butcher but not murder? >> that case was crazy was found guilty of the chopping up part but not the murder part and i was right here at fox news to say it will be guilty and conviction. >> what a bizarre set of doubles advocate points. that it is a legitimate self-defense i could panic you will panic and chop them up? >> it is a hypothetical.
7:58 pm
lou: so you try to claim a crime of passion? >> but the texas case is not in play because he was acquitted the with is not double jeopardy but his wife has never been found we don't have a body for that. but susan were she was shot in the head there is a body there. >> this is one of the most bizarre is a cliche but it truly is. i would like to turn to something else which is facebook there is a firestorm building over there deciding what can and cannot be written or posted on their site. well within there rights but they are walking down the very tight path. >> what they're saying you cannot have hatred or
7:59 pm
sightseeing violence and it is not like yelling fire in a theater. it is a problem but the way that people protest is that no facebook. lou: we already have the examples they are making political independent judgments stemming there not a government entity but at the same time it could hurt their subscribers. lou: i'm sure what they would really like to see is a conservative version of facebook. >> i am sure the above that. competition. lou: edits a funny business a world that a monopoly is so nice when you have it. [laughter] thanks for being here.
8:00 pm
thanks for their brilliant concept. [laughter] good night from new york city. >> 5.5 trillion a spending cuts no more obamacare a complete overhaul of medicare and a budget that balances not in tenures but eight years for good witness a been listening to me yesterday because they provided a blueprint that shows they have the backbone after all. welcome everybody i am neil cavuto. as alternatives go there and get more in the face the and this. the house plan that takes almost all priorities and unceremoniously dumped them. nearly $2 trillion of tax hikes our history


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