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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  March 21, 2015 2:00am-3:01am EDT

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anything personal anything you want to know come out when the earth is going to end i have a question like that. dobbs. keep it right here on fox business.. lou: good evening, everybody, i'm lou dobbs. three quarters of congress does not support president obama's unilateral nuclear negotiations with iran, and they will not tolerate any deal that would result nor will israeli prime minister netanyahu. president obama for whatever at this point inexplicable reason decided to take his case today directly to iran. urging the iranian people and its leaders to support any deal that is reached in geneva. president obama at least took note of those who oppose the deal. though he purposely misconstructed opposition to his unilateral nuclear
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negotiations as opposition to a diplomatic resolution as he put it. >> the days and weeks ahead will be critical. our negotiations have made progress but gaps were made, and our people in both our countries and beyond who oppose a diplomatic resolution. my message to you, the people of iran is that together we have to speak up for the future we seek. lou: that video released with a week and a half remaining before the march 31 deadline for a framework agreement. as of right now talk are stalled over sensitive atomic research and the iranians' desire for the immediate lifting of sanctions, and, of course, only congress can approve that. secretary of state kerry says the talks will resume next week. we'll be talking tonight with former cia director james woolsey about exactly that and a great deal more. and house foreign affairs committee member congressman mark meadows as well.
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and more than 100 people were killed, hundreds wounded in yemen. a yemeni branch of the islamic state claimed responsibility for the coordinated suicide attacks during midday prayers. bombs going off at two mosques in the heart of the yemeni capital of sanaa, reportedly at least four suicide bombers were involved in the string of attacks that included the bombing of the palace where the ousted president is living. at least 137 people were killed. more than 300 wounded as the radical islamist terrorist groups continue to exert influence across north africa and the middle east. we take all of that up as well as the islamic state's assault on christianity with author and former pastor at liberty university johnny moore. and this is the first day of spring, and mother nature playing an early april fool's joke on millions up to 36 million people in the mid-atlantic and northeastern part of the country blasted by
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unwelcome snowstorm that kept a painfully cold winter. we'll have the full report tonight. we begin with president obama's troubling overtures to iran. a video message that ignores warnings from his own adviser former cia director and retired general david petraeus. he offered up this sobering assessment on the threat posed by iran. the general said, quote -- our next guest goes further. he says iran is the principal danger in all of the middle east. joining us tonight james woolsey, former director of the central intelligence agency and chairman of the foundation for defense of democracies. good to have you with us.
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>> good to be with you, lou. lou: this assessment on iran. apparently it is the minority view among the president's advisers or he is simply overridden all of his advisers what do you make first of all of sending a message directly to the iranian people when this president hasn't sought approval or consensus with congress or with the american people themselves. >> i don't think it's appropriate at all the way he did it. it sounded like he was in a chicago city council meeting and he's talking to the other party and he says look, you've got hard-liners, i've got hard-liners, we can get together and get something done. he seems to be pretending he's doing chicago politics whereas he's talk to an institution, the iranian state that really more than anything else wants to destroy us and israel and they're not kidding.
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lou: they're not kidding, and it is as if the national security team for this president is utterly, utterly in denial as to the threat or the experience that we've had as a nation with iran, which is responsible for an estimated third of the casualties that we've taken in iraq itself. >> one of the more unattractive words that gets used in these issues all the time these days is narrative. narrative is from their point of view, that we killed bin laden things are going well we're on top of all the terrorism issues, and we can solve everything that's left by having a nuclear agreement with iran. i don't think any of this is true, and if something departs from it something that makes it look as if terrorism is not taken care of it gets sort of
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interpreted away or slid over or redefined, they dropped iran and hezbollah off the list that is submitted by the director of national intelligence james clapper, to the senate. i guess hezbollah and iran aren't terrorist groupings anymore. lou: it's important to -- >> it's ridiculous. lou: and jim it's also important to remind folks that was an early iranian demand for negotiation itself. and succeeded as the deadline approaches. let me turn to another aspect of this administration's foreign policy when it comes to denial. it seems that they are resistant to putin's aggression whether it be in ukraine or eastern ukraine. they simply don't address it. they don't speak to it and therefore it doesn't exist in the national liberal media. it is a peculiar time which we
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live. >> putin without the nazi racism is behaving exactly the way hitler did after he became chancellor in 1933. in the late 30s, by going to supposed assistance of people like the germans who are trapped in another country, hitler expanded and expanded and expanded and that was his mode of operations, and it's putin's. we really need a churchill, and i'm afraid we've got a chamberlin. lou: well in the middle east, a group claiming loyalty to the islamic state beheaded 21 egyptian coptic christians as you know in libya as you know, you met with the archbishop of mosul. you know very well what is happening to even the artifacts of christianity in the region
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as well as those, those who are the christians themselves and the way they're being treated. 300 estimated captors of the islamic state. among those who have been murdered? >> it's horrible and i think that whether it's isis as you call it now, or al qaeda it's brutal, and i think we are looking at isis trying to expand the caliphate the way the caliphate was expanded in mohammed's time and just after his death, and radically expanded into a powerful state, whereas iran, the reason i think it is more of a problem is that iran is a very short step away from having a nuclear weapon to go along with its medium to long range ballistic missiles. that puts us at risk, although
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we have good friends, israel and others in the middle east. it is even more interesting to a lot of americans if we are within range, if iranian nuclear capability. lou: james woolsey, good to talk with you. >> good to be with you. lou: turning to politics a new report that may influence hillary clinton's 2016 chances. the "wall street journal" reporting the foundation that bears the clinton name accepted up to 68 million dollars in donations from foreign individuals organizations and corporations during her time as secretary of state. despite the fact the clinton foundation had sworn off donations from foreign governments out of concern for conflicts of interest. clinton promised the obama administration she would disclose the names of everyone giving money to her foundation while serving as secretary of state. but new reports say that didn't happen. according to reuters, the
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clinton clinton's foundation stopped making thedisclosures in 2010. trey gowdy losing patient to questions from congress about her e-mail scandal. gowdy wrote a letter to clinton's attorney. in it he formally requested she turn over her private e-mail server to a third party for a neutral investigation of its contents. congressman went onto say if she refuses to comply it could lead to house action to force her to do so. the head of the bureau of alcohol tobacco, firearms and explosives atf, today announced he's resigning after four years at head of the agency. tom jones planning to step down by the end of the month. no official reason given for resignation but the agency has been under severe criticism for a proposed ban on one of the most popular bullets for the most popular sporting rifle in this country.
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the ar-15. the atf originally said they caved on the proposal after a backlash of 80,000 comments. a spokeswoman for the atf says the response was more like 300,000 comments. we're coming right back. president obama's department of homeland security release more than 60000 illegal immigrant convicted criminals in just the past two years, and the federal judge who's blocking obama's amnesty fiat accuses the justice department of bald f
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. lou: a federal judge blasted the obama administration after it saying flat-out that the administration lied to him after they deceived him on the president's executive amnesty fiat for illegal immigrants. at issue why the administration took action to give out more than 100,000 reprieves to those awaiting deportation. illegal immigrants with convictions. and all of that occurring before the program's official start date during a heated court hearing yesterday, judge andrew hanen told the justice
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department quote, i was made to look like an idiot. i believed your word that nothing happened. the justice department trying to excuse their conduct by blaming confusion for its actions. judge hanen says he is now considering ordering sanctions against the justice department if he rules that it misled him intentionally. hard to believe this administration would lie to judge hanen. they've been so honest, so straightforward with almost everyone else. the obama administration's policy on illegal immigration not only challenged by the judge in texas but congress as well. 60000 illegal immigrants with criminal convictions in the united states during the last two years. my next guest grilled director at why supporting these immigrants is not a priority. >> i would love to get my hands
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on the people and personally prosecute them. >> you had your hands on those people, you had them in custody and let them go! >> straightforward. joining us congressman mark meadows, member of house oversight and foreign affairs committees. good to have you with us. straightforward question to the person responsible for releasing those illegal immigrants with convictions, and her answers were so much vapor. >> lou, you're exactly right, vapor and it's troubling for the american people when we have convicted criminals that are being let go and many of these are repeat convicted criminals, so over and over again, we have our hands on them, we need to make sure that we deport them and get them out. the president said he was going to do that and yet we have the director that acts like well, it's time to give a free pass or get out of jail free card. it's troubling. lou: it's troubling and right now it appears the greatest
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resistance to a federal giveaway orchestrated by this president and this administration is federal district court judge andrew hanen in texas. what do you expect to happen there? >> well we're hopeful that the judges and the rule of law are upheld. really, when you look at it they've been able to face this up-front and center over and over again, so they know full well that dangers to the american people, and not just the dangers to the american people, but really the taxing complete oppression when it comes to texas and other states across the united states. so we're hopeful that the rule of law will continue to prevail. lou: well, the rule of law certainly the law is prevailing in some quarters but it is certainly being abandoned and ignored by this president. effectively what he and his administration are saying in holding back these criminal
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illegal immigrants is the hell with american public safety. this isn't just any longer about immigration. this is about simply risking the lives of american citizens. >> lou, that is an exact accurate analysis when you really look at it. and there's some 340,000 convicted criminals that should be deported that are loose across the united states. some from north carolina to california and in between and yet, what we do is we talk about the respect for the rule of law? this administration is showing that they're willing to put people in harm's way to get their way. lou: and let's turn quickly if we may to iran speak of the rule of law. congress circumvented by this administration, and apparently under consideration by this administration. this president is turning to the united nations to create
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what would be in effect a binding treaty between the united states and the palestinians and iran, if not israel and the creation of a second state, a go ahead for an iranian nuclear treaty that no one has seen yet. >> well, it is troubling, you're right. what that is going is to an international body to undermine decades of u.s. policy as it relates to our best ally in the middle east. obviously israel. and perhaps they don't understand the danger of it. you know, i've been in the actual terror tunnels themselves that come from gaza into israel. they're there for one purpose and that is to perpetrate crimes against the israeli people, and here we have the president willing to go to an international body bypass congress, really bypass the american people. lou: what is your assessment as we wrap up here
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congressman, what is your assessment of what the greatest likelihood is in those negotiations with iran? >> you know i'm very troubled with what i'm hearing. obviously, can't comment on those things that we've heard in classified setting. but when you really look at the intent of iran and where they are with this they could have made a lot of small gestures to show that they're trying to negotiate in good faith, and yet what we see time and time again is they fail to do that and so i'm extremely worried what we may see as a potential deal coming out of there and encouraging many of my colleagues to make sure we stand up and stand with our ally. lou: congressman great to with you have us thanks so much. >> thank you lou. lou: congressman mark meadows. be sure to vote in our poll tonight are you gratified or annoyed that president obama would choose to address and attempt to persuade the iranian people before talking with the
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american people about a potential nuclear deal. we'd like to hear from you, cast your vote at up next here, president obama finally talking to the public about the proposed deal but he left a lot of very important people out of his conversation. my commentary next on the islamic state threat growing into a full-blown christian holocaust in the view of my next guest.
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president who's going alone in some anyways and so many confusing ways. president obama hasn't spoken yet to the american people and the nuclear weapons agreements he is trying to negotiate with iran. the president today addressed nuclear talks in a video posted to president obama's target
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audience wasn't the american citizenry. his goal wasn't to inform or persuade the american public of his purpose. note instead he was addressing iranian president the supreme leader ayatollah khamenei and the people of the islamic republic of iran. >> i want to take this opportunity to speak directly to the people and leaders of iran. negotiations have made progress but gaps remain. people in both our countries and beyond oppose a diplomatic resolution. my message to you the people of iran is that together we have to speak up for the future we seek. neil: last week president obama said he was, quote embarrassed by the 47 republican senators who sent an open letter to the leadership of iran. now all he is appealing directly to the iranian people and again insulting republicans by trying to equate them with iranian hard-liners in tehran. it is enough to make almost
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anyone ask whether our president has developed something of an uncontrollable mass and the complex as he apparently believes his role is to build a consensus with an iranian government and iranian society before even attempts to talk about building consensus at home, to talk with the american he seems more eager to go it alone with her at home or abroad than his predecessor whom he excoriated repeated before being unilateralist. white house press secretary josh earnest today was grilled on why our president chose to address the iranians rather than americans. >> he has addressed the iranian people, why hasn't he addressed the american people and talked about the details and been transparent about what is on the table? >> the president has talked about what our priorities are in trying to resolve diplomatically the international community's concerned with iran's nuclear program but what is also true is
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there isn't a deal and if we are able to reach one by the deadline at the end of the month i am confident that there will be able opportunity for the president to speak publicly. lou: what is stopping president obama from addressing americans on a nuclear deal before the administration makes a bad deal landed is too late? is it because he intends to do that deal circumventing the constitution, congress and altogether ignoring the will of the american people? could that be among the reasons? polls show the american people in the are worried and want to know far more. a bipartisan group of 360 members of the house of representatives sent a letter to the president warning any intent to sidestep congress will be resisted on both sides of the aisle. president obama was successful in rushing obamacare legislation through congress but that is when democrats controlled all three branches of government and
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it is clear our president has no intention now of acknowledging war respecting the constitutional limits of his executive power, congress and senate controlled by republicans can be considered a coequal branch of government. mr. obama obviously believes consent of the government is no longer required in the united states of america and that is a shame. now our quotation of the evening. we know much is on this in washington reason and reality are being tortured beyond comprehension these days but it was a century ago that the president explained also readily. he said the government which was designed for the people got into the hands of the bosses and their employers, the special interests. an invisible empire has been set up above the forms of democracy, said president woodrow wilson. we're coming right back.
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>> the mainstream media isn't reporting what some call the question holocaust. radical islamists responsible including the islamic state the muslim brotherhood al qaeda
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lou: we are used to the white house using a late friday night detainee to talk about.
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the detainee with ties to usama bin laden. federal parole board granting release to so-called forever prisoners suspected of being a bodyguard for the former al qaeda leader usama bin laden. after 13 years in custody after 13 years of low-level flight. they lack of leadership position in al qaeda or the taliban and therefore for some reason could be released and he was. today. the islamic state destroying an ancient christian monasteries dating back to the fourth century in iraq southeast of mosul. explosives were used to blow up the ancient building reducing it to rubble. the islamic state trying to destroy all traces of christianity in the region, vandalizing crosses, defacing a religious artifacts, as the war wears on christian villages have been emptied just a matter of
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weeks ago 300 christians were taken hostage by the islamic state in northern syria. 9 next guest says we are witnessing a christian genocide. joining us, john e. moore, former liberty university after co-author of the new book the flying isis:preserving christianity in the place of its birth and your own backyard available on kindle right now, available in bookstores as a paperback on the 21st of the. it is great to have you. it is it your view that radical islam is now moving to a different level of violence focusing on christians and indeed their architecture and history and culture and heritage in the region? >> actually what we saw happen today with the destruction of this fourth century monastery is there are not any questions to get rid of so they're doing this cultural jihad. they run everybody all or kill
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everyone, they're getting rid of every trace of the. bears this christian genocide or holocaust happening in the middle east isn't just my opinion. the united nations two days ago released the latest report that isis is guilty of this. genocide, crimes against humanity, they're doing it all at have been doing a long time and we are only just now paying attention. lou: why is the united nations not taking steps decrying jihad decrying the islamic state and all radical islam, al qaeda participating in this as well certainly, the muslim brotherhood, why would the united nations not do more, why would world leaders stepped in and speak certainly lauder and stronger? >> it is everyone. the united states, the european power, the united nations no one is taking this threat seriously enough. this is why we are in the situation we are in in the first
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place. let me ask you a question. how is it just two weeks ago we had a 40 vehicle convoy clearly marked vehicles isis vehicles towards ten and armed christian villages in syria and there was no problem. they weren't bomb, they were attacked, they arrive in the villages, kidnapped 300 christians, took an back to the place that had been captive since then, no idea what happened to them. if the world is it taking this seriously why we doing between 7 to 12 airstrikes a day in iraq and syria when during the bosnian conflict we were doing 1 forty-third a? lou: you have asked a question. do you have the answer? >> we are in a state of denial. we still think isis is the j v team. lou: when you say that the president said that, i don't know what he believes but he said it i haven't talked with up military leader either in
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current service to the country or retired general, colonel, among the most intelligent military strategists we have none of them are taking it lightly. all of europe seems to be. but our military is not and it is very clear it has been our intelligence service, what is the islamic state representing? it has been very clear about what iran represents and while it is carrying out the islamic state is carrying out these atrocities iran is extending its reach and power and dominion through north africana as well as the middle east. >> what is happening in tikrit is in the coalition supported attempt to take that city back from isis. it is and iranian supported it and supported by two shi'ite militias on the american terrorist watch list. it is stranger than fiction. the worst part of it are the innocent lives in the half of
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this. i wrote my book because when i went to iraq i heard stories of men, women and children that have been through the worst things you can imagine. one couple whose 3-year-old daughter was stolen by isis. one lady told me isis rise in their villages and started saying where are the christians? should we be at the women or children or elderly first? lou: if you cannot stir emotions with the beatings of people in respect of of their religion honda understand we're talking about a christian holocaust here, with the islamic state represents is the basis barbarity one can imagine but the reality is there is an ideological battle that transcends certainly the islamic state and leads one to focus primarily on any reasonable person i would say who understands the middle east who understands radical islamist ideology and motivation to focus
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squarely on iran. >> we need to do three things. i am not a member of government. most people watching this are not members of government. what we can do as individuals citizens his education ourselves what is happening, secondly provide humanitarian assistance to those in harm's way because isis quince anyhow if all these refugees died but thirdly it is time we put unrelenting pressure on people of power in this country and every country in the world. your point earlier i am perplexed myself as to why we are not doing more because everybody knows what is happening. we don't know the whole story but i tell you what changes when people raise their voices and caring and calling the right people and putting the right pressure on and talking about this on prime-time television, this makes the difference. we all have of with. like isis is using this propaganda war to drive their agenda we use twitter and facebook in the mail and phone calls and weakened the fight isis by raising our own voice.
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lou: great to have you with us. we thank you so much and be sure to check out his book deifying isis it will be available on the 21st of april. thanks again. our poll question. are you gratified war are you annoyed that president obama chose to address and attempt to persuade the iranian people of his negotiations on nuclear weapons before talking to the american people? cast your vote at millions of people in northern europe caught a glimpse of the solar eclipse which plunged cities, some of them into total darkness which americans could see it but we will get a chance to see us solar eclipse in august of 2017. we are not kidding. that will be the next one we have a shot at. today's solar eclipse isn't the only rare celestial event taking place. supermoon catch that.
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you are in the midst of the spring equinoxes. 36 million americans in the mid-atlantic and northeast it doesn't feel like a first day of spring. areas from washington d.c. to southern new england expected to get hit with several more inches of snow. good news temperatures are a little warmer allowing for some melting of the falling snow. we are going for the silver lining here tonight. a great day on wall street. the dow surged to a triple digit close. the reason behind the rally next and one of the democratic party's biggest supporters unloading on rahm emanuel over the violence in chicago, once an ally now an opponent. u fill up my senses♪
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lou: stocks close out the week with solid gains this surged 169 points, the s&p up 19, nasdaq up 30 for closing at a highest level in 15 years. volume on the big board the heaviest of the year, 5.1 billion shares traded. for the week, the dallas and be of 2% nasdaq posting gains from the week of 3%. crude-oil surged 4% on the weaker dollar settling near $46
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a barrel and a reminder to listen to my report three times a day on the same radio network coast-to-coast live among the stories we're following a group claiming allegiance to the islamic state has taken responsibility for the suicide attacks that killed at least 137 people in yemen's capital city more than 300 others were wounded. the whitehouse says there's no indication the islamic state had any operational link to the suicide bombings. we will see. nuclear negotiations with iran have reportedly sold at a large -- march 31st deadline for nuclear agreement with the problem, iran's negotiators want sanctions lifted almost immediately after any deal is agreed to but u.s. and european diplomats want sanctions lifted only after tehran accounts for its past nuclear activities and is confirmed to be using nuclear energy for only peaceful means. a new report blasts clinton
2:49 am
foundation hypocrisy. the clinton foundation sagan's war of the nation's from foreign governments when hillary clinton served as secretary of state but according to the wall street journal's reporting for individuals, foundations companies and organizations gave the clinton foundation almost $70 million while mrs. clinton was secretary of state. adding to the scandal the clinton foundation's flag ship health program, public health program publishing for its donors back in 2010. turning to the next story if we make the service employees international union releasing a scathing new at hitting chicago mayor rahm emanuel. >> i am up here, chicago never looked better. but down here under rahm emanuel we have seen nearly 10,000 shootings, 50 neighborhood schools shut down and the mayor who hits working people with higher taxes and fees while
2:50 am
giving special tax breaks to his friends at the very top. lou: the service employees union endorsing rahm emanuel's rival democrat from like garcia in the runoff elections next month but the union also the target of a lot of criticism early this week. the service employees union funded wisconsin jobs now which organized the appalling and ty law enforcement protest in madison wisconsin just last week. extraordinary. dramatic court appearance for 4 rap mogul suge night who collapsed in a courtroom. he doubled over in his chair after a judge said his mail on murder and attempted murder charges at $25 million. the charges stem from a hit-and-run incident captured on video that took place at the end of january in compton, calif.. night's the attorney argues his client was being attacked by
2:51 am
multiple gain members and chose to leave the scene. the prosecution obviously argues murder. up next, e-mails are not the only controversy threatening to derail clinton's quest for the white house. we will bring you the results of a poll question and we will hear your thoughts on john kerry's problems with the truth at the damage president obama is causing some of our allies.@?
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lou: joining us now conservative union chairman, white house political director under president george w. bush, matt schock and any holes, glad to have you both with us. let's start with the clinton foundation. how big a problem for hillary clinton and her prospects? >> there are two problems for hillary. not necessarily the substance of it as troubling as it is but it might inspire and seems to already be doing so democratic primary challengers. people who smelled blood in the water will jump in and challenge her to the primary. lou: nobody will get in no matter what. he is committed to his quest. >> this gives him more confidence that hillary clinton is not inevitable. her second problem is while this is today's news she is old news. you saw the rasmussen poll which shows even democratic primary
2:56 am
voters want fresh bases for 2016. lou: is that bad news for clinton and jeb bush? >> i think part of jeb bush's rationale for his candidacy is he has the last name of bush but most likely he will run against somebody with a last name of clinton and when you see recent clinton scandals reminds the american people, republican, democrat or independent of all the previous democratic previous clinton scandals. what worries me is i actually as a republican want to run against hillary clinton. see is imploding. you have the e-mail problem and now the question of who funded her foundation, her husband's foundation when she was secretary of state. here is the next step which we will never get the answer to. all the e-mails he got rid of and the fact her server was probably scrapped guest was a lot of that was shaking down some foreign governments and foreign foundations to give to her foundation. i bet it wasn't all doctors'
2:57 am
appointments. >> yoga. lou: let's turn to president obama's message to iran and the iranians. he hasn't been talking to the american people about his nuclear negotiation. >> exactly right. the 47 republicans who said this negotiation, this agreement would have to be agreed to by the senate for it to be binding. what i see about this is how disingenuous from the president. this is the same president who refused to comment on the rigged elections in 2009 and all the iranian young people he is addressing who went out into the streets to protest the mullahs of the iran and the islamic republic for free democracy. claims he is speaking to the young people but he is only speaking to the mullahs. lou: general david petraeus, adviser to the president apparently despite a settlement with the justice department on having turned over classified information to his mistress but
2:58 am
a close adviser who is being ignored given his op-ed today saying iran is the biggest threat in the middle east not the islamic state. >> there is something about being on the foreign policy team of president obama that needs to complete public disavowal of president obama and his policies. this is just the most recent, former head of the cia coming out saying obama policies in the middle east have been a disaster. if you read his answers to those questions it is a scathing account of what president obama has done in their region, squandered opportunies wh se geraldav peaeusnd thft tate had toeeryinpprriae aionsnce agn itas abt hanling cassiedand imrtant foatio as reignolicleader. not much different from hillary clinton. it is an amazing set of circumstances out of this administration.
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lou: this administration law-enforcement, one of his principal supporters is seic enforcement, demonstrating and taking money, incredibly to attack law-enforcement in wisconsin which is unionized itself. this is a peculiar posture on the part of the administration and the service employees union, organized labor to be attacking law-enforcement in this country. >> for a lot of conservatives licking their chops also attacking rahm emanuel president obama's chief of staff and chicago, mayor of chicago who may go down to defeat not only because of the attacks from the right but attacks from the left. we will see how that goes. lou: thank you both for being here. we appreciate it. let's take -- have a great weekend. time now for a look at our online poll results. we ask whether you believe the implications of our poll question last night were any way responsible for pushing the
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president to call benjamin netanyahu. whether you like benjamin netanyahu or if the president likes benjamin netanyahu or the ayatollah ♪ ♪ >> on a cool spring evening in north carolina a car crash kills a renowned coin collector. he's carrying the crown jewel of his collection, but is it really one of the rarest and most valuable coins in the world or a clever fake? >> just imagine she's sitting there saying to me they say i'm not real, what do you think? >> half a century passes before the man's heirs and the public learn the truth about his precious cargo. >> we sat there on pins and needles, and then the numbers started coming in. [applause] ♪ ♪


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