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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  March 26, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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tonight too. fantastic show. hope you and jesse can hug it out down the road. if you can't watch us, dvr it. we are making you a lot of money, excluding sandisk. filling in for stewart tomorrow morning at 11 11 o'clock. lou dobbs is next. lou: good evening everybody. i'm lou dobbs. french authorities say the copilot of the germanwings flight that crashed into the alps acted deliberately to destroy the aircraft and all 150 pima 150 people aboard. he was 28-year-old. andreas lubitz. he locked the chief pilot out of the cockpit. he sent the airbus guidance system on the descent path that ultimately drove it into the mountain killing everyone aboard. at this point there is no sign of any kind that he was acting as a terrorist. his motivation seems to be clearly psychological. his friends telling
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investigators lubitz had battled depression and severe burnout in the past. now the investigation teams in france are scouring that mountainous crash site and every detail of his past. a past that appears to have been clearly troubled. tonight, we take up the rising number of calls to reassess cockpit security and perhaps more importantly for europe to begin psychological testing of its pilots. those among the issues we take up with the former vice chairman of the national transportation safety board. also the middle east in widening conflict. saudi arabia and egypt backed by other gulf states carrying out airstrikes against iranian backed shia rebels who ousted the president of yemen. and in iraq, president obama as ordered us fighter jets to carry out airstrikes in support of iran in the battle for tikrit. president obama has yet to explain his contradictory foreign
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policy decisions or his strategy. critics fear he's prepared to accept far too little in order to claim a nuclear deal that will give iran far too much. we take up the obama middle east policy and the escalating conflicts there with fox news military analyst major general bob scales. and richard you grenel. clifford and judith miller. we begin with the crash of the germanwings flight. investigators are searching the apartment of the copilot andreas lubitz. searching as well the home of his parents. the 28-year-old copilot joined germanwings directly after he completed training in 2013. he had logged relatively few flying hours. only 630 hours of total flight time. only 100 of those hours at the controls of the airbus a320. lou bitshe passed a
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psychological test when he was hired. but then he burned out under the pressure of his flight training, and he had to interrupt his training for several months. when he did finish that training he was quote, 100% set to fly without restrictions according to the airline. the ceo of lufthansa when asked about the follow-up psychological exams said this, we have regular checks and we also have a medical check, once per year. there are no more psychological checks. to help guide us through all that is being revealed in the investigation of this crash, former vice chairman of the national transportation safety board, robert francis. the senior official on numerous investigations including that of pwa flight 800. good to have you with us, bob. this is -- actually it seems to me like remarkably fast work on the part of investigators there to get as many details as they have already.
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your thoughts? >> i think that it's -- it's particularly difficult, but because we're -- we're -- or they are coupling an accident investigation of an aircraft with a criminal case, which will be -- which will be carried out by the german government. so you've got -- you don't have anything anywhere near as simple if you can call it that way, as an accident investigation. lou: right. >> in our -- our aviation sense. lou: the -- calling this an accident does it obviate the charge which is more proper. which is suicide and mass murder. 150 victims in that aircraft. the plane itself and the issue that is coming forward now in the media
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in europe the united states are focusing tremendously on the issue that that cockpit was inaccessible to the chief pilot when he tried to reenter. is there any -- your thoughts about that issue and whether or not it will be an ongoing controversy and subject of greater debate and investigation of what might be a better way. >> well, i think that the europeans do it that way, as you may know, we do it differently in this country. if one of the pilots goes out we require that some crew member goes in so that there are always two people in the cockpit. it seems to me a logical and not particularly difficult measure to take. and i don't see why that can't be more universal than just in the u.s.
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and i think one of the things that we want to be -- leaving again the criminal side, which is not my bailiwick. i think one of the things we want to do here is really thoughtfully look at the aviation safety side and certainly the -- of the cockpit is a big issue. and try to make sure we get some uniformity. and perhaps go and have the international civil aviation organization in montreal get people together from all over the world and study this and come up with a -- with a universal standard that would be -- would be acceptable and safe. acceptable to everyone and safer than what some of the systems currently are. >> i have to tell you. i was struck by the fact that he only had a total flight hours of 630
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flying -- certainly in the right seat though. the airbus 320. that seems like very few hours. the requirements here are much higher. the idea that there was no psychological testing of this pilot in subsequent years after his hiring, it's quite different here. there can be testing up to every six months. what do you think about the role that -- that role played in this investigation and what we learned from this terrible tragedy? >> well i hope that -- that there will be some quiet and thoughtful scientific look at this and see what -- what science would tell you is a reasonable way of dealing with this. how often should people be tested.
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what kinds of keys might you see that would -- have you asked somebody to be retested? i just -- it's -- when you're talking worldwide and you're talking about the international civil aviation organization, and i think everybody should be on the same street. and ikao should be taking the lead and coming up with standards that are acceptable to everyone. (?) >> you know, there's so take up with you bob. i hope you come back soon. we appreciate your insight. thank you for being here. robert francis. thank you. secret service isn't the only federal agency behaving badly. it turns out. drug enforcement administration agents working in columbia had sex parties with prostitutes paid by local drug cartels according to the justice department's inspector general.
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10dea agents admitted to going to those parties. some received suspensions of two to ten days. they will immediately start digging into the allegations. calling on the dea to swiftly fire all involved. we're coming right back. (?) >> what are we doing in the middle east? americans supporting iran in iraq in fighting against them in yemen. clifford may and judith miller on the white house's confounding foreign policy.
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>> another disturbing incident in the relationship between president obama and not only benjamin netanyahu, the prime minister but the state of israel. new reports that the pentagon earlier last month declassified a 1987 document confirming and detailing israel's nuclear weapons program. the israeli government has long denied such a program existed to avoid a regional nuclear arms race and the united states, that is up until now. the united states had respected israel and remained silent on the matter. no more. yemen embattled president. abed rabbo mansour hadi. arriving today in the saudi capital.
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he fled aden in a boat yesterday. shia rebels and their allies chasing them and taking the city. hadi's arrival comes as saudi arabia and its allies are launching airstrikes against the hutis and threatening to -- he is expected to attend a conference this saturday. richard, the longest serving spokesman at the un advising four us ambassadors. also the president of the foundation for the defense of democracies. clifford may. fox news contributor judith miller. (?) good to have you all with us. let me -- let me begin with you. what are we to take of this obvious contradiction in the obama foreign policy? supporting the saudi and allied state in their
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offensive against the houthis, the iranian supported shia rebels and at the same time supporting iran and the iranian-led leaders of that offensive against tikrit. rick. >> oh, you're talking to me. i thought you were talking to judy there. >> judy what do you think? >> look i think this is a very big problem, lou. what we have is a -- not a national security strategy coming out of the white house. this is a campaign promise that was formulated in the cornfields of iowa. it sounds like a great idea to make this campaign promise to say, i'll bring all the troops home. i'm not going to start any wars. but when you start getting intelligence briefings on a daily basis, and you see that the -- you know capitals in all these middle east countries are falling to the iranians who are really our enemy.
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you look at lebanon syria, iraq, and now yemen. we really have a major problem. and the president needs to get rid of this campaign promise and get back to a national security strategy. >> judy, you're shaking your head. >> as much as i love and respect rick, i really think that i don't want the american forces involved in a ground war or at least for different wars going on in yemen. this is something the saudis have to deal with it with our support make no mistake about it. >> that leads to my question. my question is: how can there be such a conflicting contradictory foreign policy being carried out by this president simultaneously? >> well i'm not sure it's contradictory. >> to support iran. >> no, we're not supporting iran. i think what we saw this week, what was just seen in iran is the first time the president has drawn some lines and said -- >> oh, my gosh, did you say draw lines?
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>> yeah. he told him you the leader of the irgc, the man who is killing americans in iraq. you won't be anywhere near tikrit. he left. now the price of american aid and american airstrikes -- >> cliff judy doesn't see any contradiction. perhaps i'm utterly mistaken on this. >> it's a clear contradiction to be supporting iran against its enemies. and supporting iran's enemies against iran in yemen. it is either an incoherent strategy or no strategy. though, i do worry that what the president is attempting to do is get out of the middle east and turn it over to someone else. that will be the iranians. there is this view that because he is a pragmatist, that must be he's a moderate. the supreme leader is a radical. we heard that iran is different than it was ten years ago. iran is every bit as radical and jihadist as
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it was 36 years old when the revolution was launched. we're seeing the americans getting close to a very bad deal that will lead to iran getting nuclear weapons. understand what that means. the leading sponsor of terrorism in the world with our permission gets nuclear weapons at a time when it's occupying and influencing four arab capitals and plans to influence more. that is why the arab states are now frightened. israel is frightened. i think america is in the position of being a nation that is harmless to its enemies and very treacherous to its friends. lou: you know, following the kerry comment about iran being different than ten years ago. so to is the united states we would agree. this list of nations. if we could put this up. supporting the saudi offensive against the houthis and trying to restore the -- the ousted president of yemen. just take a look at this. the coalition made up of saudi arabia. the united arab
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emirates. qatar. bahrain. sudan. morocco. rick, what are we to surmise of this? this is as strong an alliance as i've seen the arab states confirm since pan arab days. >> well look i too love judy, but i have to disagree vigorously because here we have -- >> i was trying to distract from your -- >> we have the saudis, lou, who are acting without telling the united states. today, the us -- the saudi ambassador to the us literally drew a distinction between his allies and the united states. he put us on a different path as an ally. this is a huge problem. especially in yemen when we have the civil war that we have going on right now. it's really a war between iran and the saudis who are trying to control the region. we have one ally in that fight. we should easily pick sides, which is the
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saudi's side. we should absolutely be doing everything we can to making sure that iran loses on every single part. this is a no-brainer. and the white house doesn't see it that way. >> rick is entirely correct. i had dinner with a senior arab deployment who said anything that the us gives iran, they will demand as well, why shouldn't they have the same? they understand that iran intend to be the hegemony, the boss, of the entire region. (?) they don't like that. and they don't like the idea that the united states is not just allowing that to happen but may be empowering that as part of some notion to taunt with iran. if this deal ends up the way it could, iran gets nuclear weapons. there's a proliferation cascade as many nations in the middle east gets nuclear weapons. then you have iran attempting to dominate the region. we'll see real chaos. not that we're not seeing it now in the
7:21 pm
middle east over the years ahead. >> judy do you agree with that? particularly the headline that as a result of this negotiation iran gets nuclear weapons? >> i think it's going to be very hard to stop the iranians from acquiring the nuclear weapons. very hard. no matter what. without an agreement. the question is, what is the impact on our allies. what is the impact on the saudis? and i think we are helping the saudis in the fight against the iranians in yemen. but at the same time, we have to fight isis in iraq. and, yes sometimes you have to be able to walk and chew gum at the same time. the problem with this administration is that they don't do either very well. >> with that, judy thanks so much. rick we're way over. but appreciate it, rick. good to have you here. thank you judy. >> thank you lou. >> vote in our poll tonight. has any president in america's history pleased more enemies while riling more friends and allies than mr. obama? cast your vote at
7:22 pm turning to domestic matters, president obama quietly issuing another unilateral executive action on immigration. he wants to loosen rules under the -- so multinational companies can bring in more foreign workers. interestingly it received exactly zero coverage in the mainstream media. and amnesty advocate congressman louis apparently wants to give spanish classes all across the country. it didn't work out so well at the university of south carolina. folks were more than just a little upset that his town hall was being conducted in spanish only with only approved questions allowed. by the way if you wanted english, you could put on a a headset. the crowd started chanting, usa. he was run out of the building. obama's assessment of the foreign policy strategy. leaving only one
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>> lou: a few thoughts on a president and his administration for a contradiction there is ever a problem. the obama administration statements by the unilateral decision with taliban members from guantanamo. >> was it worth it? absolutely we have a commitment to men and women defending national security every day we will do everything we can. lou: they claim it is absolutely worth it besides being charged with desertion and three edifies if
7:28 pm
detainee's trying to reconnect with the old terrorist networks c&s so it goes with this administration. as yet then collapses into a civil war egypt and other arab states the white house stance by the president's assertion that yemen is tell a model of u.s. counterterrorism success. >> is still believes it is the model for counterterrorism to make it continues to believe a successful strategy is one to build up the capacity of the central government to have local fighters on the ground. >> but use cc -- still see a man as a model? >> with confronting the effort to mitigate the threat to oppose by extremists to prevent them from establishing a safe haven.
7:29 pm
>> obviously struggling to keep the same fate - - a straight face. there is so much contradiction of the empirical reality and the dire consequences of mistaken policies and actions over six years. it is easy to overlook the extent of the of bad capacity for denial and disregard which just might allow him to strike a nuclear deal with teheran at a greater cost our national security that the every and supreme leader says will never be put on paper to be predicated no matter what of lifting of all sanctions against iran for which he said there will never be an accounting of iran's effort to build the bomb and they will continue to have their initiatives of u.n. inspectors when it comes to
7:30 pm
policy he seems to live in a fantastical world in acknowledging for more than five years to not have the constitutional authority to have the of the audit that he did so 22 times without explanation then issues the amnesty fiat. how? this was his only answer. we have expanded my authority under executive action that is under the existing statute. with that then he so desperately seeks requiring approval to be a lasting treaty. the details of which he is kept from congress and the american people to be held in absolute secrecy but the president can overcome his compulsion on occasion. he did so recently as the
7:31 pm
declassified the 1987 department of defense top-secret document reveals details of the israeli nuclear weapons capability for the first time united states israel has capability and the timing makes obvious obama as motivation and the deaths of up -- the depth of his petulance. leading after the speech to congress from prime minister netanyahu. what a confounding fellow our president can be. the quotation from the evening and george orwell's observations and totalitarianism that seems so relevant when discussing the administration. he said this. >> double think meets the contradictory beliefs
7:32 pm
simultaneously and excepting fourth of them -- both of them. george orwell. timeless observations. we will be right back. >> united states dropping bombs over tikrit as saudi arabia egypt and other arab states are attacking in the rebels -- gemini's rebels is this the beginning of the war? him he saw six
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lou: the fbi right charge during national guard soldier conspiring to join the islamic state. are wresting the national guard specialist at a chicago airport before he tried to board a flight to egypt there rested his cousin to his home in rural illinois. both men did not know instead of going to egypt they could just travel to new york were the assistant dean of students has said tomas would be welcome on campus but it has been made clearer cornell will not be permanent training sessions on campus.
7:37 pm
and the senate armed services committee was shocked two-day saying the shechem militia has left the iraqi city of tikrit that has been under siege and the united states demanded before to launch airstrikes spee reply to provide support the iraqi government had to be in charge of this operation. they had to know exactly who was on the ground and we have to be conflict and with this scheme of maneuver but because then to rehearse it and they have to be able to talk to those folks on the ground. lou: ask of the arabian forces might to be nearby a general ostin replied i am sure they're still in the area. joining us now retired major general scales. with all due respect to
7:38 pm
general austin that is a bureaucratic laundry list rather than a tactical plan what is the response? direct to quickly when the numbers the iraqis put 30000 soldiers surrounded tikrit and could not get the job done now they have 4,000 and by adding american firepower they think they will get the job done. the united nations and the united states both declare as a terrorist organization so to take away the excuses with close air support and probably in the process to kill innocent sunii in
7:39 pm
tikrit. at the end of the day if they cannot get the job done and frankly i told think they can. lou: with the much highly regarded general and a principal with their intelligence with that sirenian led offensive with of sunii militia and the iraqi army components were to take tikrit it would be a simple deal but it turns out to be the same one that it has always been that they are stalled and facing the prospect of better failure even to compete with u.s. air power. if they do not take tikrit then they have no hope of ever taking model -- mosul
7:40 pm
then they have nowhere to cope of capturing the northern part of iraq. lou: it is going to hell in a handbasket but the truth of the matter is iran makes the choices about what happens next. watching the iranian support drive out of yemen with a coalition of arab states that is supported by the united states. can this administration did not keep up with the a duality and multiplicity of goals to come out unscathed? with interest preserve your advanced? >> no. if there is any good news finally the saudis to have a
7:41 pm
considerable airforce are stepping of to the plate to do what they can't but it is too late this is the insurgent force the president of yemen has escaped in the saudis are basically squeezed and of course, in the east by the crisis -- isis forces and there's only so much we can do. for the short term and least the our right the answer is united states needs to step back and let this play out to focus on the iranians over though long-term of the greatest single threat for peace in the middle east. lou: a geopolitical time now for the administration to
7:42 pm
add to that with russia. the iranian negotiations? let me ask you do you think there will be such a deal? >> i don't think it matters i don't think the iranians will get the bomb. udall spend that the billions of dollars to build a nuclear-powered electrical plant. the only thing that is negotiated right now is how severe the sanctions will be. i think it is cave set match in the table, when the iranians get the bomb or the saudis do and we're in an entirely different world.
7:43 pm
lou: is usually good to talk with you. [laughter] vote to nicads any president in america's history riled more friends and allies to vote on our poll. breaking details for the plane purposely crashing the airliner in to the french not decide is still fighting the aftermath of the building explosion in the manhattan east village. stay with us.
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needs and budget. sixty-five may get all e attention, but now is a good time to start thinking about how you want things to be. [ male announcer ] go long™. lou: breaking news learning more about the co-pilot that prosecutors say deliberately crashed the german aircraft in the french alps tuesday. having a lifelong love of flying and was a pilot since he was 14 years old in addition to his commercializes he also had the faa license for single engine aircraft but he was relatively inexperienced with commercial flights with only 630 hours of flight time since he left flight school in 2013 only 100 in the airbus. in this country it would
7:48 pm
have required three times that amount to qualify as a co-pilot and it is noteworthy that after losing half a million euros the airline cut more than 5,000 jobs transferring there short-haul flights to the carrier german wings. in addition to the pilot shortage that boeing claims looking up 500,000 new pilots over the next two decades for asia and europe is experiencing the greatest shortages. am lufthansa conducts psychological exams on its pilots landed claims he was 100 percent fit to fly without any restrictions. and apartment building in new york collapsed and burst into flames in the east
7:49 pm
village today. one dozen injured for critically the investigation said it was related by a gas related explosive the fire department is the seventh alarm fire which they had controlled. cleanup efforts in parts of oklahoma in northwest arkansas with a series of powerful tornadoes hit the area last night. one person was killed killed, 15,000 homes and businesses remain without power. stocks fell for the fourth straight session the s&p down five the nasdaq down 13. and violence in the middle east with crude settling above $51 of peril. listen to my broadcast on the salem radio network. this said diego zoo's celebrates the birth of a new baby hippopotamus.
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>> joining us tonight, former presidential campaign advisory joe trippi. former spokesperson and strategist mercedes schlapp. mercedes let me begin with you. the united states declassified top secret defense department documents that revealed the tales about the israeli nuclear weapons program. a 1987 document just as the days are winding down before prime minister netanyahu's speech to congress. what do you make of it? >> well, it's just shocking to me. it was an anti-israeli group that requested the information they filed -- issued a foya issue where they basically said let's release this information and so the pentagon
7:55 pm
declassified this incredibly sensitive information, and they kept out france italy, germany, what their components of -- >> the nato nations. >> that's right. and to me again, it shows the friction that continually exists between this administration and prime minister netanyahu. neil: joe, has the president's petulance and his dislike of netanyahu reached a new level here? an unacceptable level, perhaps? >> this is a 1987 report it. details the program in the 70s 80s. and this is not like the best kept secret in the planet right? that israel has nuclear weapons? robert gates in 2006 in his confirmation hearing to become bush's defense secretary said that iran was surrounded by countries with nuclear weapons including israel to its east. it's been you know pretty well known, and it's all dated -- almost 30-year-old information so i don't see --
7:56 pm
i don't see the problem at all. there's no one last american who doesn't think israel doesn't have a nuclear weapon turn out the lights. >> it gives information, it gives basically more information to iran and those other countries that are seek nuclear weapons. you know, it just gives them more reason to be hey, israel's got it why can't we have it? >> i think they've been saying that for a while. neil: joe, i guess there is a possibility here that this is just a very clever way for president obama to insist that iran detail its efforts over the course of the past several decades to create a bomb and turn that over to the u.n. inspectors which iran refuses to do. the list goes on. you think that's a possibility? >> look there's only a week left to see whether -- i mean everybody is arguing whether there should be a good agreement a bad agreement. >> joe, you make that sound
7:57 pm
like it's our fault and not at the insistence of the president. >> no, the insistence of the president is we have a deadline to reach an agreement. i don't know that we're going to reach one. >> last november? i'm sorry i missed that. i wouldn't get hung up on little things like deadlines when it comes to this president or red lines or any kind of lines. >> if you are trying to negotiate a freezing for 10 or 15 years with a fast start to actually create a nuclear weapon of a year, the problem with no agreement is that they can do that they can go into it right now. >> what i'm hearing from the democrat mercedes they can't stop iran, this administration, from getting the bomb so why not have a treaty an agreement, that calls for them not to have the bomb, which they will full well we all will, ignore.
7:58 pm
>> the bigger issue for this administration to ensure that we see the details of this deal, which is something we still don't understand. there was just reports today saying the u.s. was going to allow for iran to operate the centrifuges in the special bunkers in exchange for something else. these are the details that we don't know and keeping congress in the dark in all of this. of course, democrats and republicans you find is on both sides very concerned how the deal is handled by the administration. >> you can't put an agreement out there that isn't greed to. there is no agreement right now to show anybody. >> the ayatollah, joe, says they will never put anything on paper; that this is not the kind of agreement. >> there won't be an agreement if it's not on paper. since we're all talking about something that may not exist. >> the supreme leader, except here, we have a different leader. it's laughable to watch this
7:59 pm
farce proceed. >> the bush administration tried to do a freeze for freeze freezing, any further sanctions. >> if that's the history lesson i have to decline. >> and they're still doing it that's the history of it because we're still doing it. >> still doing it still doing what? >> and they don't have one. >> they're still negotiating and they don't have a nuclear weapon yet. that's my point. >> mercedes how does the republican feel look to you? >> i think there's a lot of splash happening with governor scott walker today, when he brought up we're starting to see where he's standing on immigration. obviously a hot issue. >> turns out, to use obama word, he's flexible. mercedes, we're out of time. good to see you. joe great to see you. >> great to see you. >> and i admire the flexibility, the adaptiveness of our political class. i really do. i marvel. thank you, both so much. time for a look at our online poll results --
8:00 pm
it was pretty evenly split. the winner, 41% delusional. thank you for joining us. good night. neil: getting tense airstrikes in yemen heating up and you're about to pay up? yep just as we're getting used to the low oil prices at the pump, the government collapsing half a world away is about to kick us all in the gas. to ty young larry glazer and dan, dan, spell it out. what happens? >> a short-term move in the prices of oil probably at the pumps here too because of the risk they add to prices because they're fighting. we've gone through this for 40 years, this happened in the 70s. same cycle. the problem is that as the fighting escalates that they could start dumping


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