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tv   The Willis Report  FOX Business  May 7, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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down 12%. we don't know exactly what caused decline. the decline held at 12%. after-hours staying about the same. liz: thanks so much for joining us. hope to see you tomorrow. "the willis report" is next. gerri: hello everybody, i'm gerri willis and this is "the willis report," the show where consumers are our business. patriots store tom brady's camp blasts back at the nfl report accusing him of cheating but has professional sport in this country foster adult turf cheating? mcdonald's tries to pump up its menu adding fans any knew ingredients. they are also bringing back this guy. do you know who this is? >> no. also desperate times call for desperate measures. california taps seawater to help quench the drought. our users guide to real estate, how much is too much when it comes to renovation. the star of the million dollar contractor is here. all that and more coming up on
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"the willis report" where consumers are our business. gerri: how does hillary clinton get elected president? well it is, simple my friend free money for everybody, specifically free college education. the giveaways an issue many in her party have been pressuring her to deliver on for some time. now it appears she wants to do just that. with me now, guy benson senior political editor at go author of the new book, end of discussion, how the left outrage industry shuts down debate, manipulates voters and makes america less free and fun. also "weekly standard" executive editor fred barnes. great to have you here. guy, i will start with you. here is what hillary clinton's camp is saying about free college. what voters are looking for in this election is someone who will be a champion of every day people, for young people, that is debt-free college. that is finding that job after you graduate. what?
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debt-free college? are you kidding me? >> you know gerri sometimes you just have to sit back and you have to wonder, i understand that voters enjoy being spoon-fed platitudes and good-sounding treat, right? we all like that but, is there really anyone, even in the democratic coalition, even young people who might be inclined to vote for hillary clinton, who looks at her campaign and seize this sort of promise of free college debt-free, everything is great? does anyone actually believe that? i am, i'm skeptical. maybe i'm naive but i'm skeptical. gerri: hey, fred, is this just an attempt to buy votes? let's think about this for a second. it has broad appeal. not just millenials. their boomer parents. you put out there, that little sizzle give you some free college, people might go for that? >> some will but probably will be on the left and voting for hillary or somebody like her anyway. this is a strategy gerri. this is strategy of having no enemies on the left. and she is trying to not to
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make sure that no matter how left-wing elizabeth warren gets or, any of the real candidates, even bernie sanders, the socialist senator from vermont, that hillary will be right there with them, at least in the primaries. gerri: at least in the primaries. >> she has done the same thing on handling illegal immigrants, which she used to be strongly, adamantly said opposed to. now they can all come in and be here free of charge as well. gerri: lots of flip-flops, lots of flip-flops. guy, i can't leave the topic alone because we cover college costs so much. such a burden frankly for american families. college grads, graduating with $40,000, some of them in debt try to start a family try to start a job try to get their lives underway. let me ask you this question. obama tomorrow once again at an event in south dakota talk about community college being free. making that free. when you look at what's wrong with it, i know you're not an
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economist, when you look at what is wrong with the economy, is it lack of education of american workers that is the problem or is it lack of jobs? >> it is lack of jobs. and look, the president is going to go do another event on free community college. is this supposed to be some sort of political game-changer? he goes out and gives the same speech constantly. sure, when you poll the question, should community college be free? wouldn't that be great. people say, oh yeah, that sounds good. deep down americans understand, there is nothing that is actually free. free is a fake political mirage. and i think it is up to the opponents of the democrats up to whoever the republicans nominate in particular in 2016 to sort of puncture that with little bit of reality in a way that isn't threatening n a way that isn't dismissive of people's concerns which you point out rightly. gerri: yes. >> you have to bring some reality while also being empathetic. gerri: chicken in every pot, isn't that what roosevelt said? fred, to you, i can't get away
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from this story either. hillary is going after big fund-raisers in hollywood. just days after she said big money is ruining politics. how can it be. talking out of both sides of her mouth, isn't she? >> she always does that. she does it so much, such a spectacular hypocrite press says oh, that is hillary again. why make a big deal out of it. they don't. i mean she is the one who is against big money, dark money. now she is out there trying to get exactly that dark money. you know what? she will get some. gerri: it's true. one more story here, guy for you to this is just luscious. the former president bill clinton, is saying you know that problem we have with all the foreign donors? it wasn't our fault. it was our accountant's fault, pricewaterhousecoopers. that is what he is saying. they made a big error. when you ask pwc what the problem was, no comment radio silence. what do you make of this? >> the buck literal stops over
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there according to bill. look, we didn't know what was happening. it was their fault. imagine, that sad excuse making. secondly, can you imagine say harry reid was on to something but lying his rear end off about mitt romney's taxes, actually we looked at it we failed to report around disclose $10 million, it was the accountant's fault how would that go down and flown with the media i wonder? gerri: you bring up the media. i want you to just tell us a little bit about your book here. this is coming out i believe today, is that right? >> no. actually the book is coming out june 9th. gerri: june 9th. give us a preview, a quick preview. >> available for presale at end of basically how the left in particular is increasingly trying to win cultural and political debates but preventing those debates from actually happening. gerri: sound like a great read. can't wait. guy, fred, thank you so much. thanks for coming on the show
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tonight. thank you for your time. >> thank you, gerri. >> you're welcome. gerri: i can't just leave this college topic alone. the average grad leaves school with $33,000 in debt. that is the average number. that is tragic. making college free is not the answer. when they want college to be free, to students is that you, and i and every other taxpayer pick up the tab. as you know nothing is free. least of all four-year college degrees. what public policy needs to fix is the cost of college. that will never happen until we stop subsidizing every educational whim of everybody in this country, no questions asked. we have to learn to say, no. moving on now. talk about "deflategate." it faces becoming frame-gate. people close to new england patriots star, tom brady, his family and sports agent says brady is being framed by nfl. what do parents tell their kids about the possibility of their football idol is a cheat?
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for more we turn to pastor john mcarthur from the grace community church. great to have you here, pastor. thanks for coming on. tell me, what should parents be telling their kids tonight about this story? >> well gerri, i think it is a whole lot bigger than the patriots, a whole lot bigger than tom brady. what we're watching the denies of an honorable society. we're watching an entire culture of liars developing. there are liars in low places. there are liars in high places. they're everywhere. it is pan demic. and there are some reasons why. first of all lying is in the human heart. kids come into the world liars. they will lie to get when they want and to escape what they don't want. that develops over time and becomes more sophisticated but we're sinful. there are lies in the heart of all of us. and then when you remove the bible the authority, god, so you have no ultimate accountability for your lies or
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your i'm more ralty you have no standard to live to. then you add to that psychological self-esteem where you become the most important person on planet. whatever you want is what you should get no matter whether it is right or wrong or true or false. components added to that would be a postmodern world in which there is no absolute truth. and then you elevate liars to high places. look the whole culture is coming completely unraveled. in fact i so much -- gerri: if that is true, the whole culture is completely unraveled, what do parents say to kids, who may have idolized tom brady looked up to him? he is so fame must and handsome? he is beautiful wife. he is incredibly wealthy. he has a lot of things that americans really value highly value. what do you say to kids about him? that, he is lie are? do you sweep it under the rug? what do you do? >> well, first of all you say this is illustration why we
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don't evaluate people on the outside. on how they look and what they possess. god looks at the heart. and we look for integrity. this is what you have to teach your children. you're looking for character, integrity. at very core of that is honesty. a year ago my grandson graduated from the air force academy in colorado springs. every day that he was on that campus the cadet honor code also at west point. a cadet does not lie cheat or steal or tolerate anyone who does. that is critically essential. if you're in command of people in the midst of a war or a battle, you can't have liars and cheats in charge of that. so that's honor. that is why it is called the honor code. what we need to teach our children is honor. and honor means there are things that are right and wrong. and there has to be an absolute authoritative standard for that. that is the bible, the word of god. gerri: i have to tell you, it seems like in this society everything is sort of gray
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instead of right or wrong. often black and white, you just don't see this. but quickly, we're almost out of time here, sports stars do they have a higher responsibility? you talked about how much they're in the spotlight. how famous they are. do they have a higher responsibility to show a higher standard? >> well i think they reflect the culture. they reflect the, whatever the culture is, they reflect it. in all honesty, gerri, really you're not looking at nfl for moral virtue. you're not looking at the nfl to find where the virtuous people are, where the honorable people are. you can't point your children in that direction. you can look at tom brady if you want to learn how to throw a football. look at some baseball player if you want to learn how to bit -- hit a ball. you're not looking for integrity, character virtue honesty from those people. tough go to somewhere else. find people that live by far
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higher standard than winning games. gerri: so well-put, pastor mcarthur. thanks for coming on the show. really appreciate it. >> thanks gerri. gerri: we want to know what you think. here is our question tonight. is there a cult you are it of cheating in professional sports? log on to and vote. i will share the result at end of tonight's show. a lot more this hour, including inside look at a business trying to end the california drought crisis by using seawater. whole foods wants to launch a chain of new stores with cheaper prices but is this a half idea by the company? as we go to break, here is jimmy kimmel weighing in on tom brady and "deflategate". >> good lesson for kids because kids, if you cheat if you don't play fair, you will be the mvp of the super bowl and marry one of the most beautiful women on earth. remember that. [cheers and applause]
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is looking to woo younger shoppers with a new chain of grocery stores. as the company came out with a weak earnings report. with more on this branding and marketing expert from. what a disappointment whole foods delivered to the market yesterday. earnings down. same-store sales down. revenues down. now they're saying they have this brand spanking new idea. they will operate a bunch of lower end stores. what do you make of the strategy? >> well the strategy is a smart one. hi gerri. they have to do something at this point. their revenues are beginning to slow down. what's important for the audience to recognize is that, organic is hot and there are a lot of players where in the beginning days whole foods was alone. now they have got all this competition, even from companies like walmart believe it or not. gerri: that is lots of competition. lots of competition. eric, i have to ask you this. so if you have two whole foods stores.
5:17 pm
one is expensive, the other is less expensive, which one do you think people will go to? seems like a silly strategy to me because at the end of the day i just want to get the best deal? >> it is silly. it going to cannibalize the revenue. at the same time they're hoping people will be loyal to the old brand. i don't know why they would be. if you get same types of food why wouldn't you go to cheaper place. costco has proven that. costco has proven you get high-end consumers to spend money as long as you have same level of product quality skus. they have done that i think ultimately hurt profits. help the revenue short term. but unu ultimately at end of the day it will cannibalize profits. >> i will move on to mcdonald's. they have a new idea to reinvent themselves. goodness knows they need it, right? they have a new mascot for the hamburglar. they redesigned the hamburglar. we talked to folks in new york city about the
5:18 pm
hamburglar. we asked them what they thought of the new guy on the right? who is that? that is the question i asked. listen to this i need you to identify someone, this person right here. who do you think that is? >> i have no idea. >> do you know who this is? >> no. gerri: who is this? >> oh, that is justin timberlake. >> no. hold on, was he in evita? was he in "evita"? handsome young stylish guy. gerri: would this guy get you to eat more hamburgers? >> probably if he is threatening me. gerri: would you buy a hamburger from this man? >> no. certainly not. gerri: why? >> because he scares me. >> probably not from him. >> i think i would be scared if i walked in to see him. that looks like a real beast. gerri: so, as you can see eric, people on the street, they just couldn't they couldn't figure out who it was what he was supposed to be doing.
5:19 pm
he seemed threatening to them. what is your analysis? >> my analysis is creepy. they're missing the boat. it is a huge fail. and unfortunately they're trying to mcdonald's is trying to become more hip and much more health-conscious. they built a business based on a foundation that is against the trend right now which is organic. yes they're offering cale like certain stores in canada. this is scary to kids. this is not a friendly kid-oriented image that is creepy. gerri: that is supposed to be the attraction. he is skinnier. one. pr folks said they're trying to build a modern, progressive burger company. isn't that oxymoron? >> i think they need to go back to the table. gerri: go back to the drawing board. that is what eric shiver says. thanks for coming on the show. good to see you. >> good to see you, gerri. gerri: coming up later, lumber
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id cameron just kept his job. exit polls in the u.k. shows his conservative party winning most seats in parliament. big election in the u.k. but they are 10 seats side after majority. so you can expect lots of horse trading in the days ahead.
5:24 pm
dade cameron leading. let's move on to something closer to home. what is better way to kick off tonight's real estate special to get advice from a contractor to the stars. all this weeks we had experts break down crucial tips for buyers and sellers in today's market. we have great ideas for homeowners who wan to stay put. what features are word adding to your home? what gives you the best bang for your buck? we're asking million dollar contractor. steven, thanks for coming on the show. >> thanks for having me here. gerri: i was asking during the break. i'm eternally fascinated with this topic being a homeowner, what is the one thing that can add value to home? everybody wants to do it at different level. everybody is not paying million dollars for a renault. what can i do. >> things like changing your front door. when a buyer comes in they like or hate the house within seven seconds. changing front door makes a big difference. paint rooms in neutral color. that allows the person who is
5:25 pm
looking to buy the home put their ideas into the room as opposed to having high gloss walls and fancy wallpaper. it takes away from their imagination. landscaping especially this time of year. very important. taking your backyard, maybe, opening it up putting pavers down, a barbecue. you're adding square foot to your home. gerri: even though it is outside? >> yes. gerri: sitting here in the break, knocking down internal walls not holding roof up, right? >> yeah. gerri: tell me why that is so valuable? >> remember days we were growing up would have the living room and mom would never let us sit down on the couch. had the plastic you do. the living room is no longer something we use. we have family rooms. and the living room, it ends up being a room not used. if you have a small kitchen, consider taking down the wall, opening it up and taking living room and using it for something else.
5:26 pm
you could even swap it out. punch kitchen in living room to make it bigger. you want to take every square inch of that home to use it. gerri: make it more useful. at end of the day you want to make sure you're using every room. >> exactly. gerri: talk about the kitchen. >> all right. gerri: here is technical question. stainless steel over? >> stainless steel could be over. seeing certain backslashes on stove. not seeing on rest of the appliances. paneled, painted concealed. gerri: look like cabinets. >> like cabinets themself. gerri: what else will i do in the kitchen to add value? >> change all the appliances without changing cabinets. give the cabinets a quick paint job. change the hardware on cabinets. you can even keep the counter top you like it. change the backslash. bump it up. give it a pop. paint the sealing. change light fixtures. another thing, light fixtures. everything should being on a dimmer.
5:27 pm
dimmer gives you a mood. gives you options from one light source. gerri: love that. bathroom what do i do in the bathroom, making it appealing to ultimately to buyers? >> clean up grout clean up tiles. if you can change fixtures. change it. quick trip, if you want to go green, can't afford to make a toilet green you can take a tank, put a brick in it. that will trick the toilet being green using less water. that will not get you a homeowner. that is a quick trick. gerri: that is a good trick. >> regrouting. resurfacing cabinet faces. cleaning up grout. a quick paint job. highlight wall of something different. gerri: you do this all the time. >> every day. gerri: on your show. tell us what was your favorite reno? >> just finished the place of bruce willis. the nicest guy around. gerri: so what are his tastes? >> just a simple guy. just a good guy. one of my favorites. i'm a lucky guy. i get to do this every day. contractor only as good as they
5:28 pm
were today. tomorrow we'll find out what is going to happen. gerri: so what kinds of things did you do for him, just quickly? >> we redid the whole house. here is another thing taking a door, metal, strip it leave it raw. put lacquer on it. rehabing. rehabing is another thing. using reclaimed wood. that is hot. taking off barns and putting it as highlight wall. led lighting. that is another big thing. gerri: some new materials. so many new fixtures. really worth exploring. steven, great job. so nice to see you. >> my pleasure. gerri: thank you. if you want to sell your home, tomorrow's user's guide to spring real estate, looks not only best upgrade to boost home value. upgrades buyers want. that's right. coming up the polls for u.k. election are closed. we'll have more. california suffers from a record drought. robert gray has the inside look at a plant trying to put the end to that. let us know what you think. tweet me @gerriwillisfbn.
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gerri: welcome back to the willis report in a moment fox business' robert gray is at a plant that could change sea water to drinking water. >> and the news, authorities are surveying damage after transport transports ripped through parts of oklahoma, kansas and nebraska yesterday. >> forecasters are predicting more storms today . ex on the polls in u.k. show the conservative party winning most seats in parliament but 10 seats short of the majority, currentmm david cameron keeping his john, and in scotland national party sweeping the election there.
5:33 pm
this morning leon panetta warns of major potential effects of cyber cyberattacks in the u.s. >> this is the one threat that used to keep me up at night, which was the potential for a cycker attack on the united states. we've seen cyberattacked grow. when i was at the. crying , i think we -- -- cia i think we were getting a million attacks a day. >> finally better go to your local pharmacy to pick up tissues, and antihistamines, allergy sufferers in northeast northeast are suffering through a pollen tsunami. with the tree and flower pollen. and those are some stories in news.
5:34 pm
>> we have all heard well severe drought plaguing southern california. a new plan to build a water plant that would turn salt ocean water to drinking water is underway, fox business' robert gray is in carlsbad california! where the plant is located. >> thank you so much, you can see pacific here, unlimited aim of water back there in an area that needs water. here is how it works water comes in here, under the bridge it flows into the lagun, the desalination plant is still under construct, under a nrg power plant, the buying guy with the smokestack there we have the water taken into the plant, filters twice then salt is removed and of 100 million golans that brought in every day half is made
5:35 pm
drinkable sent through a 10 mile long pipe to the aqua duct. we're joined by sandy karl with san diego water authority, you are customers from this one billion dollar plant, you are buying water for next 30-years from the plant, tell us where you think this is a good idea to pay what will be twice as much today for water from the plant to the other water that you are imports. >> the water from desal plans will serve from 7 to 10% of our population in san diego, it a reliable source, it is more expensive today but overtime those lines cross it will be a price -- effective resource for the region. >> reporter: i was talking with executives at poseidon water who are building the
5:36 pm
plant, the water you are buying to import from elsewhere, it can change very quickly, the prices can go up rapidly. >> correct there are no governors on those rate increases, the desal water has specific contractual limits on the increases. >> reporter: this could be between 7 to 10% of daily consumption for the county. how does this fit why your portfolio for other initiatives that you are working on. >> a key component to get us a third of our water from local supplies, a third from outside sources and third from contractual obligations with imperial valley. >> reporter: when you were tracking with your constituents what push back did you get for people saying we don't want to pay more for water today? >> this region, 80% support
5:37 pm
desal shake nation, and -- deshall deshalldesalination. >> and we should point out plant is scheduled to go on-line in november. so the first water should be available then, and from folks at plant they don't get paid until you get your water. >> correct, we don't pay a dime until we have the water. >> reporter: all right back to you. >> thank you. and from your drinking water to what might be lurking in the water gator ama. on "strange inheritance," jamie colby will meet a family whose "strange inheritance" is an alligator and crocodile ranch. >> and sharp tigue teeth week continues with lions and tigers. >> a sanctuary for exotic
5:38 pm
animals. >> how is his health now. >> he is doing good. >> wall call of the wild. >> rescued by a odd duck. >> we use 26,000 pounds of chicken or beef every 6 weeks. >> what was his reputation. >> a wild man. >> did he play by the rules? >> no. >> when he dies the authorities top shut his heir down. >> he left with you a mess. >> that is anger hit. >> will it cost his widow her "strange inheritance." >> i did not go through everything as you those years to give up. gerri: you don't want to miss it starts 9 p.m. eastern. >> later in the show, how to cut down your energy loss. >> did the next shoe drop for liquid laminators, we'll be right back.
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now. gerri: after months of defending the chinese-made laminates against claims it contained high levels of formaldehyde lumbar liquidators is pulls it off of the market. but is it too little too late danny we followed every twist and turn in this story, today's announcement was surprising to me. why do you think they are pulling this? >> well, they had a tremendous aim of pressure from not only the stock holders but general public, they should have done this 8 weeks ago. it's just not the way to handle the business. gerri: it was 8 weeks ago that cbs aired the expose where it said that lamb.
5:43 pm
>> nearlyingthe floors is defective. now their stock is tanks they fired their cfo and why do you think they waited so long, then, according to reports, this comes from wall street they have been discounting some product to get it out the door so they don't have to deal with it how do you take that in, somebody who works with this product every day? >> just think about it they realize they had quite a problem on their hand. and all of the you know grounds swell of problem comes again them, they wanted to unload some tomorrow not a good thing to do, i would have immediately recognized if there is a problem the. get a third party in there to test and identify, and go
5:44 pm
swiftly and correct the problem with any of the people you have supplied that product to. the consumer that bought this product is not going to china to figure it out the supplier needs to i am amazed they have gone this far. gerri: that what happens to products that come into this country, what does it take, and you know we have all kinds of product coming in from china from chicken to the flooring it seems we have very little control over these products. >> that is what i wondered too, even some of the children's toy we heard about years ago that had lead in the paint. where is the testing part of it? where is the little area in between win it gets off the -- when it gets off the boat and when it pits the shelf for the american consumer that really puzzles me you think about august problem with chinese dry wall a few years ago you
5:45 pm
know how did that get through here, how did that happen? this was a different story because there was a supply and demand issue there they needed dry wall to keep the american housing industry moving forward. but, they made a mistake back then, everyone recognized it, but how is this happening right now when we have control? gerri: the problem with try wall it was a disaster for many homeowners, my question to you tonight is this, if i have this flooring in my house, what would i do? >> i tell you, it will be a problem, you never know when this company may just you know pull up the stake ands go away. first of all able it test is for formaldehyde, you need a local testing company to do, that and do the test necessary to see if you are one of those that have that problem. certainly, you know hopeful ge back to person that installed it and maybe they can find the lot number, if you can find that number, of the material that went into
5:46 pm
your house, have you a better chance of tracing it to see if this is one of the let's say problem batches this hit the united states. gerri: you need a lot number is that what danny says, before you go, tell folks we don't have any result from testing from the consumer financial safety board, consumer products safety commission. they are looking into this, they are along ways from having answers on this but believe you me, i am sure this network will report it when they do, it is story that will get a lot of attention but we're waiting the defendtive answer on whether this product is defective or not, thank you danny, so good to see you. >> my pleasure jerry hope to see you soon. >> yes me as well. gerri: want to own a piece of cinema history the california state where season of "scarface" --
5:47 pm
scenes of "scarface" were filmed on the market going there are $17.9 million nearly 10,000 square feet house with 4 bedrooms, 9 bathrooms, and a roof deck with views of the mountains pacific ocean and channel islands, and there are multiple patio levels, and reflecting pools nice. if you don't top own a house -- if you don't want to own a house from a movie how about a house from a hollywood couple, brad pitt and angelina jolie are selling their house in the french quarter. thethe couple of allowing the home to go after they -- because they want to find something more off the beaten path. however it remains unclear if that is in new orleans.
5:48 pm
how about new york, carlos slim the richest man in the world trying to make himself richer selling his fifth avenue mansion for $80 million, almost two times when he paid for 5 years ago, if slim succeeds in getting his price it would be the pricist townhouse sold in new york city. gerri: wow. our use ires guy to real estate continues homeowners getting a break fromly heating cost -- from the high heating cost aways to cut your costs. stay with us. when cigarette cravings hit, all i can think about is getting relief. nicorette mini starts to relieve sudden cravings fast. anytime. anywhere. i never know
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gerri: or user guide to spring real estate market springs into high gear with how you can reduce your energy cost, average home shells out about 1300 a year, some of us more. here ho continue to -- here to help you save money this is a top priority for buyers tell me how important it is. >> energy efficient more and more is one first thing that potential buyers are asking about that and water efficiency. but an informed buyer is going to ask to see utility bills, they will want to know what energy costs of that home are. gerri: from what i understand homebuyer paying additional 7100 for a home is is energy-efficient. that means great things if you are selling.
5:53 pm
>> absolutely. gerri: so let's talk about how you findnese energy these merge savings -- energy saving, we were talking about the audit i have done the blower door test you take outdoor put in a fan pump full of air and how long it takes for pressure it dissipate. >> some of the best money, a lot of utility company offer rebates or some will do it for free. a trained from professional will come in, the blower door infrared cameras, you know they have tools to pinpoint every energy loss in your home. gerri: there is a millionaires that ares scapes and come -- ares
5:54 pm
scapes and comes in. >> when you add up cracks in doors with owny it is equal to an entire window left open think about a hot summer day your ac is cranking. gerri: how do you plug the seal leaks? >> walk, ceiling weather stripping, there is a litany of treatmenting to us, it is worth bringing in a professional, you know you will spend a bit of money up front, but you will make that money back year after year. gerri: okay, upgrade your aplains, as well. >> we do, absolutely, refrigerator washing machine, water heaters, all of these appliances have become so much merenergy efficient. gerri: if you bought that house with the existing washer and dryer you might want to think about upgrading. >> a smart upgrade, you don't want to upgrade just for energy efficiency, but it is starting to fail, you
5:55 pm
know you are in a possession on preplace it. gerri: one beef i have led light bulbs, i don't like them is it really a huge cost saving? >> i have to say the performance is there we score all products on a 0 to 100, a lot of led get a 99 that is incredible, knock against them of the price they are. >> they are expensive. and the light is ugly. >> with the price they are down to under $10. go to home center, home depot or lowe's or walmart they have very inexpensive high performing according to our test. gerri: "consumer reports" are so specific thank you dan. >> thank you. gerri: we'll be right back.
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>> cheers your emails on hillary clinton's money problems. after all this stuff coming now to the foundation and they love money above all else and all things being equal. >> do i trust her? let me put it this when i stand a better chance to walk out alive from the pits of vipers. >> we love to hear from you. send an e-mail. is there a culture of cheating and professional sports? >> you need more than just a segment to cover this topic everything that ben's our break source circumvents the rules. >> from performance-enhancing drugs professional sports has a culture of with any cost mentality but it makes its way all the way to
6:00 pm
professional sports. we ask don and jerry and they said yes by 80 percent. have a great night. >> marching on after the close these are the names this is where they closed moving big time we will take if it is a buy or sell or hold. and report to that seddon's shares skyrocketing of yelp!. why didn't i buy more yesterday? but first the stock market remember we had a sprint to the close? there was a little hesitation we could


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