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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  June 8, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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ake it with you. no pickups. lou dobbs is next. lou: obama does not have the strategy to destroy the islamic state as he promised. ted months after coming under fire the president once again admitted his administration does not have that he calls a complete strategy. president obama did not suggest what percent completes it might be but immediately did find someone else to blame for his lack of a strategy. he placed is squarely on the pentagon tuesday defense officials have not yet
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presented a finalized plan for that the defense department does report to him after all but with the commander in chief one said what the expletive was that? we have given him lots of options he just has not acted on them. what we take out that obama strategy with k.t. mcfarland also the liberal war on the second amendment rights going into overdrive. listen to a chicago priest and left-wing activist with the epidemic of murder and violence on the nra. >> you can call us names to
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pay for the murder of our children. lou: we will talk about why the father does not blame individuals for the inner-city violence or from the city of chicago. we will talk with law enforcement experts tonight and new reports the 2008 endorsement of hillary clinton gives of the appearance that the support was bought and paid for. we bring out though worsening scandals for digital politics editor. we begin with the bombshell edition at the g-7 summit in maastricht that united states the you -- design of a complete strategy to defeat the islamic state. in austria has the report. >> in concluding a
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productive summit the president admitted the strategy to defeat isis has a lot of work to do. >> with commitments on the part of the iraqis as well. >> and in august of last year's. >> we don't have a strategy estimate that was 10 months ago in the survey shows the vast majority, 71% still don't think he had a strategy to defeat isis but despite continuous trading in airstrikes forces continue to struggle in that fight. >> we will continue to provide supplies that our necessary for iraqi forces. >> the global trade the greek economy and climate change your eye on the agenda that was a top
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priority and he maintained leaders to keep sanctions on russia with the unlawful incursion into the ukraine. >> to go after this country's economy in pursuit of a wrongheaded desire to recreate the glories of the soviet empire. >> the decision to maintain sanctions was complicated to especially germany who shares the role of the nuclear talks. even more should be the disruptive moscow's. >> the underlying dynamics of the ground are changing at a time when the united states should have additional sanctions.
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>> the president address the recent packing of data that is believed to have been perpetrated by the chinese. >> we have to be as nimble and aggressive and as will be sourced. >> defense officials confirmed that the basis militants in libya have kidnapped 88 christians with the ongoing threat that the terror group poses. lou: date you very much reporting from austria. with the president's unusual mission he still lacks a complete strategy to combat and destroy as promised we have k.t. mcfarland. and in complete strategy? he placed squarely on the pentagon. is there some question in his mind that he is the commander in chief? >>. [laughter]
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he is getting information from the pentagon of strategies he does not want to do. at this point it will take of major u.s. operation or presence for a long period of time and that is not the answer he wants. he doesn't have a strategy to defeat isis' but how to deal with this witches' to punted to the next administration. a political strategy. is so messed up but i have to do something because i cannot look like i am walking away to let iran takeover advices he says we will do this or speed up the trading here or there so that the faults will not be his. lou: i think he is becoming an extraordinary combination in his government's as authoritarian he wants to go
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along on domestic issues and foreign policy as that is his inclination and at the same time to be utterly absent in the face of threats and challenges whether russia or china or ivory and, the list go on. >> and it will continue he makes a speech we will destroy isis said have diplomacy and retold vladimir putin this economy is in shambles. but he doesn't do anything about it and on top of that he gets a reputation around the world as a paper tiger saw as a chinese pushes us surrounded the south china sea are hacking into a computer system to the extent to see the russians doing similar actions as they will do a summer offensive the iranians are telling us we have an agreement but you cannot verify or inspect and by the
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way we want those sanctions lifted on day number one he is getting pushed around by everybody. lou: secretary lew was jeered when he talked about the iranian talks in the nuclear deal with the result. it is getting worse for this administration every day. your thoughts? tonight it will get even worse than now. the president has a love affair and fascination how to deal with iran that is all that matters right now he will get his deal to be worthy of a historic legacy. president obama will go to iran to have relations and it will be terrific on his resonate not to mention the minute he leaves office you will probably have a nuclear iran in the region but at this point any presidency
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fed thinks of his legacy obama has figured out he will get no blame and take credit for the one thing he thinks maybe we'll go right. lou: his legacy is beginning to appear like a cartoon strip man historical treatment. cyberwarfare. he talks about we have to be nimble but again he put the pentagon and blames them to put the blame squarely on them and did not hesitate. maybe he was trying to do deal with the issue but again he excoriated hour military. >> remember one year ago when isis' made their move he said the combat of nowhere because the intelligence community did not tell me. again blame everybody but me to push every problem kick
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the can down the road. the next president will have one heck of an in box with an aggressive china and russia and nuclear weapons and isis. >> we can hope we have one heck of a president. >> we need one. lou: we will be right back with much more. >> hillary clinton seems to spend much of her career to say show me the money and the pay for play scandal taints "the new york times". it was not just another swing at the pool and all al you owned your car for four years. you named it brad. you loved brad. and then you totaled him. you two had been through everything together. two boyfriends. three jobs. you're
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lou: breaking news the of russians again are being very provocative the pentagon reporting to russian aircraft flew over the uss san antonio was it was taking part in military exercises in the baltic sea. this video we have just received to russian strike fighters flexing their muscle. this is the second incident in one week that russia read
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jetfighters have buzzed the u.s. navy warships. the "clinton cash" scandal widening for code reports the clinton family foundation donated $100,000 to "the new york times" charitable fund is in 2008 the savior that editorial page endorse clinton as the democratic primary the clinton family foundation is a vehicle for personal charitable giving separate from the clinton foundation that we learn so much. joining us is the digital politics editor, i cruz good to have you with us. she just keeps are keeping on. is extraordinary. week after week, day after day we learn something new that is terribly worrisome about the clintons and their
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integrity. >> it is unlike "the new york times" would not endorse hillary clinton her brand was their flavor tear take a chance of rock obama. what this hundred thousand dollars tells us is the interesting universe in which the liberal that believed in a day or alternative to this to have those elites i give money to your foundation and your foundation gives money to my foundation you endorse me icing your praises in public it is a closed loop that shuts out ordinary americans in the money is the lubricant to keep working. >> they seem to do that in almost every walk of life. turn to the republicans the straw poll in wisconsin let's go to your power index
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[laughter] templates jeb bush number one. scott walker number to. marco rubio said carly fiorina at that is to i am most curious she is getting extraordinary reviews. she is speaking with intelligence and power and demanding considerable attention in. >> with gusto. we have a great fox news poll is the best in the business and i love it. it is quite good and it told us last week not just to restore second choice or the horse race but who would you like to know more? only three were in a notable dishes there that was john lis wiehl, scott walker but carly fiorina more than half responded said they ever eager to know more.
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and as they find out more they like her more and more we see great reviews and performance is in iowa and north -- new hampshire in a promise once people catch on to her top of the ticket instead of running mate she will have a good time out there. lou: it is remarkable the way she makes real strides over the last couple of weeks. jeb bush's going to europe to burnish his foreign policy credentials. >> he has a problem with his big brother's foreign policy but he has a lone star in his father's so i suppose he is headed to eastern europe where his father is a hero or his father brokered the cold war in eastern europe bant he will go over there
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with that name is high the valuable he will be received well to remind americans live with my kids as foreign policy. >> with the obama in complete strategy. i am sure you cannot refer to with overseas. >> he ought not to but there is a lot of rules to be followed with politics but one of them is you don't criticize your president renew our overseas. ben house certainly it is bad taste. lou: that is what makes for very short trips overseas. [laughter] great to have you here. be sure to vote. should public schools and churches be teaching proper respect for law and order for law enforcement officers? cast your vote at rick perry firing back and
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three clinton after she criticized boating laws and taxes. the former governor said clinton should fixer on states' problems before going after taxes. new york is the state that needed some of fixing. hundreds of officials are searching for to prisoners who escaped a maximum security facility in upstate new york. a prison break with all the makings of a movie plot. convicted killers, murderers , richard and david escaped the correctional facility by sawing through a steel plate to go through catwalk a tunnel and a 24-inch pipe a brick wall and of what can chain and left behind a note with a smiley face to say have a nice day. investigators are looking if they had inside help.
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how could they not? my thoughts on the president who made it clear he has little respect for coequal branches of government again. the iphones police those to crowd around officers with their cellphone one will not do it again. any time soon.
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lou: if you thoughts on the president who is taking his preference for unilateralism to a level of authoritarianism nearly with all conduct he does not hesitate at all to publicly display his cat -- contempt for congress and the supreme court is considering eight important case of the illegality of the obamacare subsidies for ago today the president consulted the court and tried to bully
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them some would say. some that there even excepting decades to challenges signature laws. >> it should be an easy case. frankly probably should not have even then taken up. but since we will get a ruling pretty quick i think it is important to go ahead and assume the supreme court will do what most legal scholars would expect them to do. lou: the most ideological left-wing president in history where further to accuse the justices of partisanship declaring he is optimistic the supreme court will play it straight''. he did not even have the integrity to our knowledge the very same supreme court ruled in his favor three years ago when the chief justice john roberts
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tortured and twisted the of barings into taxes to support obamacare. in 2010 the president blasted the supreme court in attendance for the citizens united decision claiming a reverse one century of what to open the floodgates for special interest including foreign corporations to spend a without limits in our elections. the comments prompted justice albedo to shake his head to mouth the words not true. the president to authoritarianism is the president who has no respect for our constitutional coequal branches of government or who has stated to go alone. i am sure he believes to go alone that he is in very good company.
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for the quotation for the evening for our puzzling president. politics is the art of looking in for trouble finding it ever to diagnose and correctly to apply the wrong remedy. groucho marx. who sometimes was not joking. we will be right back. teenagers across the country with no respect for authority or the rule of law and they would cause havoc at a pool party but the cops are investigated. coming up. teargas and chaos at a concert in new jersey saying treated them like animals. how were they be caving? a national crisis. used without ♪ (piano music) ♪ fresher dentures, for the best first impression.
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lou: police across the country are contending with it seems anyone who was willing to confront police you disobey them. responding to calls of fighting at a pool party last friday. one-woman refused to cooperate at all she had to be forcibly restrained and move to the then officer was rushed by a number of people as you see in this video and
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he drew his gun now he is suspended and under investigation some praising the police some saying he went too far below what they supposed to do for those who do not respect the law or the law enforcement officers as they refuse to obey? police in austin texas under investigation and sunday night. to pepper spray of man who would not back off from making an arrest here is more interested to make a video on his cellphone even the person who took the video said he was far too close. the police acknowledged trying to do their job and more may have at metlife stadium police had used teargas to break up crowds summoned became violent as hundreds tried to push past
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security to enter a sold-out concerts and many did not have tickets when the police tried to restore order some became violent to throw bottles m-60 one people were arrested 10 at new jersey's state troopers were injured. we tried to ruin track down the number of crimes because police are increasingly having to do with drunk and disorderly people to contend with on a daily basis it turns out the government does not classify crimes to that degree so we still don't know how much police time and resources are taken up with alcohol and drug induced crimes like we just witnessed. laredo tex. is investigating a shooting last friday at
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the patrol when it was hit with two bullets it has believed to be cut from the mexican side is very possibly saved his life. the prime suspect of the d.c. mansion murders' could be if convicted is charged with first-degree murder and the killing of the couple and a 10 year-old child and the family's housekeeper and apparently was to be deported four murders when he carried out the murders allegedly. former chief of staff for community orangeade -- oriented police services and director of public affairs affairs, a good to have you with us. we have just gone to a
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catalog of violence over the past few days and it seems time after time the police have to contend with young people of all races who walks of life but primarily young people who have no respect for the officers or though lot. what do you make of these times? >> we are clearly in a digital age of policing if it is violent it will be recorded and viral in short order. so part of the job today is harder than it has ever been in history because everything you do every decision a split-second decision is viral. we talk about young people and we are dealing with a foundational issue of trust and young people need to learn the to have respect
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for authority. they may not agree but when there is interaction with law-enforcement officer in past years ds kuwait --. lou: now they are asked to put up with so much. the crowd rushing the horses and themselves but a horse could spook they are endangered and the ignorance of what is happening across the country is breathtaking. is passed to be stopped. how? >> it is deplorable and i think officers cannot do their jobs well in the committee to is not be as safe as they want to be. so there has to be a relationship. policing should not be a transactional profession but relational.
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that is where officers know their communities. make no mistake and effective strategy is prevention and treatment. there has to be effective treatment if you talk about alcohol and drugs but you're under the influence that is her tragedies happen. lou: people don't have the guts to say we will go after the war on crime but the most successful period it is when just say no the was a pop culture mocking was the best we had done against the war in our history against drugs. good to be with us. come back again. be sure to vote. should public-school stand churches be teaching proper respect for law and order? cast your vote.
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he sky above ye sending it to high a all to tuesday for a rocket took the higher the top of the stratus fire -- stratosphere chew test two types of breaking technologies that is required to land he'd -- heavy payloads and astronauts on mars.
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to temporarily take down the web site after calls itself the syrian and electronic are reacting to the site those messages demand united states stopped trading rebel fighters inside of syria. concerning the cyberattack 4 million federal employees with the worst in the history president obama today promised hour significant vulnerabilities will be worse joining us is our cybersecurity expert. i cannot tell you how motivated and rand and inspired that the president of united states has said in the face of these aggressive cyberattacks that are increasingly successful that it will get worse period. not even better.
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>> thanks for having me. we have been to school you know what happens when they tell them to just stop they kick them all over the place we have emboldened the entire world to come after us to tell the world that our i t i catarrh sure is to pented on the government and is weak and vulnerable it is an american and absolutely represents a of very immature approach to your national security. lou: and one in which the president implied it is the pentagon's faults that we have to be better and more nimble as those of our successfully attacking this country's digital assets of which there is a historic treasure trove rand much is puddled straight into the hands of china and russia.
11:46 pm
>> there is a difference between being a bold and being allowed to be nimble of military has been held down not allowed to do with they are supposed to do to protect this nation. we have the capabilities spending billions of dollars to establish new commands and authorities said capabilities. we're not allowed to use them. to be hit in the face with these other nations. we can use diplomatic and economic means to push back to the chinese or any other hacker group that we mean business of this army website there is a clear case right now for cyberwarfare. we should attack the isis websites to take them down. they are not hard we're not allowing the military to do it. lou: we should lighten up russia and china every time
11:47 pm
they attacked and i mean every time they attack u.s. digital internet based servers. this is insane for only two years ago the president said it would be considered an act of war in certain cases as they continued with impunity. >> i think we have seen the tepid response is the response to use the strategic dialogue supposed to take place in the near future with the chinese government. in a matter read you come from a ticket -- a typical response mentioning the paper tiger syndrome. we need to act with resolution if the dialogue goes to hell so be it the we need to let them know that we mean business and we need to demonstrate that with a force for right now we are pushed around. lou: are you certainly have that capability to take on
11:48 pm
these adversaries? >> mutually assured destruction worked for years prior because read both new we could completely obliterate each other part of the chinese know we have the capability to do them harm. we are very resource we have the means to do so but it is the resolve reelecting to show them that we could and that causes them to do whatever they want to push us around. lou: right now our the united states government is acting like fools. we appreciate it. unless you want to argue that last conclusions. >> i completely agree. sabres security and
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intelligence is among the topics we have it hear the great global conspiracy in austria is just so happens the president was there the guest list was a who's who list including obama advisers petraeus and messina. stock's closing year lows. now live the read for the year the s&p down 14. the nasdaq dropped volume on the big board over 2.2 billion shares. don't forget to listen to my report three times a day, coast to coast, on the salem radio network. with the weekend box office there is news melissa mccarthy got her number one debut easily taking the of top spot this summer box
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fought -- box office outpacing by 3%. paltry considering it was the worst in number in 20 years. is looking shaky already. on the small screen tony awards down 25% the lowest ratings ever. up next data region millionaire tries to show off like james bond. next. is getting harder and harder to defend the president's policies especially for cabinet members. we will be right new york state is reinventing how we do business by leading the way on tax cuts. we cut the rates on personal income taxes. we enacted the lowest corporate tax rate since 1968. we eliminated the income tax on manufacturers altogether. with startup-ny, qualified businesses that start, expand or relocate to new york state pay no taxes for 10 years.
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lou: a norwegian millionaire showing world how not on make a brand entrance. the motel owner wanted to add fun in his latest property in sweden, he jumped on to a jet ski, performed a few doughnuts with his james bond like appearance then as planned landed on the pier, but his i did dismount was not perfect his back and pride a little bruised. he made fun of himself, i think everyone that there probably thought, well they got a new
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hero for even the effort. and a good laugh at the result. >> treasury secretary jack lew got no laughs, and not much of an embrace. a reception this weekend in a conference, listen to secretary jack lew as he touts at obama administration nuclear negotiations with iran, what a grand idea. >> some said, e iran would cheetz and our sanctions would fall apart this program would allow iran to move closer to acquiring a nuclear weapon. but none of this came to pass. lou: quite a reception. for more on the dodge's campaign -- administration's campaign for a iranian nuclear agreement they don't yet have, billionaire real
11:56 pm
estate media magnate mort zuckerman with us, you are astonished that jack lew would be speaks as if it was done. >> it is understandable given where he is coming from, but it was a riddling moment. you have to laugh at what he said, i am afray to say -- afraid to say but so far from the reality his audience feels this administration is putting the existence of israel at threat. they could easily go fly into israel and destroy the country in a matter of 24 hours. lou: i'm trying to find a most positive way to look at this is, there any back-channel discussions, and negotiations between israel, and the united
11:57 pm
states are with european union? nato to assure greater security for israel? should this lead to an agreement with iran? is that just me being too hopeful. >> it is being too hopeful, if you have, nuclear weapons on rockets, have you dozen of them, flying in one direction called from iran to israel, let's say one of them gets through the whole country will come apart at that part. they issue right next doors, you know this is a radical hostile regime to israel. they are threatening israel every morning afternoon and evening, at some point they are not doing it for casualty, and we're helping them. lou: we're helping we're not it seems extending that reactor sure an that i was -- reactor surance they was talking about. world is up side down right now. we have a president who talked
11:58 pm
about seantions against -- sanctions against russia, meanwhile he does nothing in response to putin's aggression in eastern europe, in nato, is is timeyed. >> there is -- is is. >> there is a problem with uian and syria that was a signal to the world this president does not have to be taken seriously nobody worries about what he will say he lost so much of his credibley, and the credibility of united states because of the way he handled his job fantastically on -- particularly in the international affairs you talk to almost all of these people, i have spoken to many of them, no one believes that united states has a coherent intelligent policy, united states is leading backwards not forward. lou: i middle -- worry about our middle class. small business people. corporate big corporations are
11:59 pm
fine. on wall street, we watched these indexes, every day they are fine. but they are watching their government basically collapse, men and women across the country, millions of americans can't understand what is happening in washington, i don't understand. what is driving washington in the madness it is pursuing, what is your counsel here? what would be your advice, maybe not to the president but other leaders in, in education academia? >> we're in a trance formative -- transformative period now the on-line world. it is changes a huge part of the way that business is done. we now have much more in the way of part time work, 19.95 petitions of all jobs are -- 19.5% of all jobs are part-time job. lou: i asked a big question with
12:00 am
little time, i apologize. i will learn how to read a clock. good night from new york. kennedy: thank lou tonight, i am watching ralph naders fascinating psycho analysis of hillary clinton. he is spot on when he said former secretary of state is a deep corporaltivity, nater said that of her militarism. >> this is the problem of women trying to over compensate, and becoming more aggressive and macho so they are not accused of being soft on the need to kill. war, right? kennedy: sure you are right ralph. if your name is


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