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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  June 19, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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coming up. >> let's take a look at the markets right now as we hit closing bell sounding right here on wall street. see the dow there closing out the day down about 95.99 point there. nasdaq down 16, s&p 500 down 11, and looks like we hit that record on russell 2,0001285 hitting new record on russell. >> a record is a record one up arrow on markets, but again while markets wait for tomorrow here's everything you nied to know right now. it all comes down to this. just one chance left for greece as european leaders warn that time is running out for a deal. and that the time for games is over. it all comes down to monday's emergency summit earlier, the struggling eurozone member granted a last minute emergency
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cash injection by the european central bank a desperate effort to slow down runnel of the banks. they have yanked 3 billion euro out of greece's banks since monday. without further aid athens will be uni believe to make a nearly 1.7 billion debt payment at the end of the month that would be default. adam shapiro on the floor of the stocks exchange money blocks vice president, and asset manager he joins us now from the cme. adam, television also news from china as well. a lot of people pulling their money out of that market. but so i guess it was a double whammy of greece and china. >> you might have a bubble this china certainly but investors pushing yield down so some people are looking for safety volume very heavy today with the new york exchange. and tradings quadrupled reaching you have expiration on futures
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and options contact today driving a lot of this market today. so they wrnght paying so much attention to grouse as covering their position. >> all right. joe it looks like russell is settling down lacet. that means no record on russell so four red arrows i'm interested in small or mid-size caps is that where you would go right now? >> yeah, as a matter of fact and full disclosure i've been putting my cliengts cliepts in the russell small cap. right now you're looking at economy in the united states is picking up. we have a lot of positive headwinds going into the summer and into the coming into the fall. so we're going to watch that very closely. but that i think is where the momentum will be with uncertainty about multinationals because you're seeing poll back in s&p an the close you're seeing that small caps and testing all time highs. that is where money is going to start to go and and that is where you start to see movement,
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some sick change. >> adam shapiro have a wonderful father's day thank you very much. well a bombshell in the bail hearing for the suspect in the charleston church massacre in south carolina. fox news rich joining us from charleston with more. rich, we heard some unbelievably gripping statements from victims of the families i guess that wasn't expected. >> that wasn't david it was the judge ice prerogative under state line he did allow that at first we heard from convicted killer dylann roof he acknowledged his age, his address and then it was time to hear from the victim's families. according to judge james, he said because charleston needs to hear it he says every victim has the right to be heard. [inaudible] bible study with open arms -- [inaudible]
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every fiber in my body hurts. and never been -- [inaudible] [inaudible] >> awful raceist statements he said the federal government has opened up a federal hate crimes to department of justice official said they're looking into whether or not to open up charmings of domestic torture that would be on top of the nine local charges he has for murder and the one weapon's charge. meanwhile here at the emanuel ame charge hundreds of visitors waitresses, artists, people from all over the city and all over the country men, women black white, coming here to pay their respects to deliver cards to deliver flowers and gifts. there's a prayer vigil set for
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this evening that is a 5100 seat arena just a couple of blocks from here. city of charleston is putting that on at the university of charleston one of the many commemorations city shoulding. all of the church bells here in the city of god as hay call this holy city with 400 places of worship in the city of charleston expected to ring their bills sunday morning excuse me at 10 a.m. back to you. trchg thank you very much. melissa to be able to forgive somebody has ripped your heart. i can't imagine that kind of attitude. >> no it it is amazing we want o bring in former navy pilot intelligence officer as and fox news correspondent. you have been following this, i mean, i watched this hearing live today it was very unusual. >> it was very unusual of course statement from the vblght but we heard the judge give a speech at the beginning of it able to speak to the judge on the phone and explained that, you know, that this is the way his court
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operates. he said that he conducted his business today as usual. same way he would conduct a shoplifting business for shoplifting trial. he basically said that he sets the tone of his courtroom, and, quote, as far as i want to quote him as far as what and why he gave the speech look it was his job to basically bring the community together to help they will start healing. he said, quote, i'm a charleston and people have to reemp out to tell them it is good to grieve and best to learn how to forgive. as for victims, victim impact stawments, you know, he said that south carolina actually has victim impact legislation, he said they allow victims to be present to make a statement at every hearing that involves their case. and he said, you know, it is more important to hear victim as a case progresses, and to have them be -- have them have the opportunity to spoke their minds and they said that is what we're going to do here. >> compelling when you heard
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families of the victims that were killed and they haven't even buried these people yet. they stood there many of them said to him, i forgive you. >> that was the message that judge had as well only the phone he said that it is very important to start forgiving, he actually said that he was the victim of someone trying to set his entire house on fire with his family in it. he said healing is an important part of the process and forgiving important part of healing. >> that is amazing. what happens from here for presidents department? >> for the department being in the case is beginning to go forward. but as judge said victims have the opportunity to give impact statements. they'll be able to be present, and it will be interesting to see how this progresses. >> also interesting to see this way on this camera like this. what was that about? >> oh, the way they -- the way they -- yeah, again the judge saying this was the way that they conduct business in their court. i didn't ask them the question specifically about what you were just pointing out. but he basically said you know this is the way we're going to
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conduct court it is different in south carolina and this the way we do i think things, david over to you. >> thank you very much. we're getting new information now from capitol hill where another vote on trade is set to hit the senate but outcome isn't that certain. peter barnes joining us from d.c. with the scorecard to keep up with all of the votes on trade. >> that is right david here's the latest senator leader mitch mcconnell predicted that senate will again pass fast track trade and legislation next week. again, with the help of democrats but he has a very tricky vote to manage. mcconnell told fox news today he believes 14 democrats who voted for fast track first time around last month will be with republicans again next week. but this time the bill for the authority no longer includes worker assistance program as it did last month. to attract those 14 democratic votes. the program would provide financial help and job training for workers hurt by free trade a
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must pass piece of the trade package, and they want assurances from republicans that it will pass but some republicans have criticize it had the 1.8 billion program as inefficient government giveaway. mcconnell will roll the dice by holding vote on fast track bill first and assistance legislation later. >> process sometimes helps you get an outcome and we decided a different process would help us get the right outcome i think we're going to get there. >> basically mcconnell message to the protrade democrats in the senate is -- trust me. dave. >> i don't like this made gross me out what we're looking at here. peter barnes thank you very much. peter melissa. >> new details on killer escaped from a new york prison as prison of the husband worker who helped them get away speaks out. find out what he has to say now. >> also congressional budget
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>> it is nearly two weeks since two convicts escaped from a maximum security prison in upstate, new york man hunt now is expanding. so far officials have is looked through more than 160 buildings. and searched 585 miles of railroad beds an trails. rick leventhal is live from the correctional parking lot in dannemora new york i can't believe this still stretches on. >> indeed melissa. they've changed the nature of this search itself.
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initially they sealed off a large perimeter an grid by grid eventually scouring 16 square miles more than 10,000 acres but now focus of that search is changing. it has to change and doing regular patrols around clock on roads surrounding this prison and immediate area with 168 state troopers around the clock. but the rest of the sort of make shift task force here around 600 local county, state, police and federal agents along with k-9 and aviation units are doing structure searches you mentioned also responding to leads more than 1500 of them so far. examined some 600 miles of trails and railroad tracks that could have provide ptd a quit exit for two men. been little hard evidence recovered. no evidence they're still together or may have split up. no sure sign they're in the area or have gotten out of here. but authorities say they will not rest until both of these men are behind bars. >> we're not going anywhere.
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our plan is for these men relentlessly until they're in custody. we will not stop our search or chase leads until we have put richard matt and sweat in prison. >> when they first escaped melissa some of the officers worked 32 hours straight in those searches. now down to 12 hours shifts but those could continue indefinitely. >> that is amazing. what are officials saying about changes that might be going on inside the prison? >> well, the department of corrections has multiple ongoing investigations. what happened what went wrong, how mattage sweat managed to get out of the prison. how they managed to get tools cut and dig their way without it being heard or and what that i s need to be made. prison has fixed wall that they broke through. steel pipe they cut through. they scaled -- sealed back what used to get
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out. lock down has been lifted inside the clinton correctional facility but officials say community is being protected that it is very unlike lie first and last escape from here. but as for specific changes they won't tell us until their examination is complete. >> thank you so much. david. >> few other stories on our radar, the obama administration trying toes for big rigs to go green to epa 79s heavy duty trucks to cut emissions by 24% by 2027. and the first american woman to be named senior executive at toyota is under arrest julieham put into hand cuffs on thursday for allegedly reporting oxy codone into japan. they found drugs stuffed in parts of a jewelry bar an sent to herself from the u.s. and in an overnight press conference. company officials denied she tried to illegally smuggle drugs and remains in police dust. also a robot on sale in japan.
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it is called pepper and it can sense your emotion supposedly maker soft bank says it will soon go on sale around the world. i didn't know where emotions swelled. [laughter] >> it is supposed to be therapeutic to feel good when they come home. i don't know. yeah, i got my doubts coming up senator rand paul is making headlines how he feels he can fix the tax system in the u.s. god father of the flat tax steve forbes joins us with a few ideas. also still ahead does experience trump a four-year degree when it cools to your career? the new economy and what it means for landing that job. behold, these are two wind turbines.
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>> you are looking at video of president obama landing just moments ago in san francisco. after participating in a private dnc round table, tonight, the president is expected to head to palm springs tomorrow. if the trip does take place, it will be president's fifth trip to the coachella valley since 2013, there are already some questioning this trip given the california drought and the criticism of golf courses in palm springs have received water usage during the time. also another warning, the national weather service is predicting temperatures that will reach 115 degrees. >> wow. david. >> that is -- donald trump also pretty good. becoming twelve republican candidate to launch his 2016 campaign for the white house not done yet. meanwhile on the other side of the aisle nearly 30% of voters say race is over that hillary is wong the ticket. with more i want to bring in steve forbes chairman and scott
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brown both are fox news contributors. strategist jessica is here as well. steve, let's talk flat tax this week we heard rand's proposal 14.5% flat tax. you were sort of a god father as we callout of the flat tax. what do you think is the time really come for it? is gp ready to enforce it? >> answer is yes the reason is that you have a number of candidates out there they have to do something bold to break out of the pack and say they have threetion a half a dozen candidates or unannounced. finally we think we get the public debate and then the mandate to get it done in 2017. >> jessica simpson bowls plan, the plan that was empowered by president a lot of people say just ignored was planned for a much flatter tax than we have right now. you get rid of special deals from rich vugs and corporations and you have a flatter tax for everybody. now is a member of hillary's
4:23 pm
campaign team. will she endorse it because of his influence? >> i mean will she endorse -- flattered i think that she might. simplification is appealing to everyone, to rich, to the poor to the middle. everybody wants this to be easier to understand. right, i think the issue right now is kind of clarifying what a flat tax means on the xrooms. what about people earning or were paying less than 14.5% or wealthy in this country earning 22% of federal income taxes they're getting a big tax break there. where as, you know, how does that all work and shake out? >> with hillary's rit rick and recently saying you know we're taking it out of the skin of the rich people inured to make it balance in our economy. >> wishful thinking she's going per a flat tax but continue with obama policy raising more and
4:24 pm
more money on business and individuals as you know we have highest corporate tax rate right now, we need to have a flat tax. i agree with, obviously, steve. he was the god father. i was at an event last night with governor christie, and he was talking about a flatter tax allowing everybody skin in the game, and forcing the federal government to be a better stewart of our money. >> i'm not sure that hillary won't endorse. she has to lean to the left on mother way to the nomination but once she gets majority of people in. do you think there's a possibility she might not fen doors a flat tax but a flatter tax? >> she'll endorse some sort of of simplification but not a darth vader from the kind that president obama is notorious for if you make it, send it in. ends up being a huge tax increase haven't had corporate tax reform. one of the things about flat taxes is most generous exemption
4:25 pm
and paul's plan not only would you not pay the 7.5% employee contribution to social security anymore. say you get a pay raise right there for a family of four first 50,000 of income is free of federal income tax. so the variations of this thing but all recognize you cannot raise taxes especially an lower income people. >> jessica what is wrong with the -- lower one or two percent of the public not paying taxes that sounds pretty good. >> simplification is the word of the day herl. word of the election everybody on both sides has to explain why it is better and make more sense to average voter beyond confusing myself included. >> thank you all. and don't miss the intelligence report with trish regan monday 2 p.m. when she speaks with senator rand paul in a fox business exclusive. and bet we have a lot more on this on "forbes" fox news
4:26 pm
challenge tomorrow at 11 a.m. eastern time starting mr. steve forbes himself. melissa over to you. >> coming up obamacare ceo claiming that repealing obamacare will add bills to the diseflt deficit but cause more debt? >> live in charleston as families unbelievably forgive suspected shooter dylann roof. the very latest to come. new york state is reinventing how we do business by leading the way on tax cuts. we cut the rates on personal income taxes. we enacted the lowest corporate tax rate since 1968. we eliminated the income tax on manufacturers altogether. with startup-ny, qualified businesses that start, expand or relocate to new york state pay no taxes for 10 years. all to grow our economy and create jobs. see how new york can give your business the opportunity to grow at
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>> dylann roof appears in charleston, south carolina fox news mike to ban joins us from charleston with more. mike. >> we still have this very unusual stem of the judge bringing out family members to make statements as far as he took that step magistrate said because charleston needs this and a every victim has a right to be heard. and when we heard from those victim family members, what we got was that tearful message of forgiveness. >> we will -- in our bible study with open articles. [inaudible] that i know, every fiber in my body hurts.
4:31 pm
my hero -- >> emotional as that was we have a calm pragmatic message from sliceter to bring to the commissioner. >> to bring justice to the community and especially for victims in this case, and we will do it efficiently and effectively and a behind the cannels so that we can be successful. roof will not get out of jail before the next hearing in late october. magistrate said he had no authority to offer bond on the murder charge and set bond for a
4:32 pm
million dollars which it look like roof couldn't make if it was an option to get him out. incidentally he's staying or is staying right now in the same unit as michael slager held a racially charged case for shooting walter scott. melissa. >> mike, thank you, david. : new highly disputed numbers coming in on cost of really repealing obama kawr. signature law would increase deficit over ten years, but a senate budget committee reported last fall that obamacare will cost the government an extra $131 billion over next ten years. which is it? bring in former advisory president jornlings bush and jessica are still with me. senator browrn first you. for me it is common sense. how can a huge new entitlement that cost taxpayers hundreds of billions of dollars actually
4:33 pm
lower the deficit? when i was there for three years i was with the cbo everybody thinks it is a be all end all. you're given a set of facts they come without with an answer that is it they can't modify, hang it or anything. let's take obamacare three quarters of a trillion dollars of cuts from our seniors medicare. they raised 18 new taxes, of course, if you repeal it, there's going ton effect on money that is going into the federal government. but here's what is really going to happen. you have employers if they repool get become to doing a 40-hour workweek and no rule or regulation. the pressure that is associated with the bad rules of obamacare right now and most importantly, you have a situation right now where you have ability to actually make sure that premiums don't go up. business and vjs are getting crushed right now. >> about with this new figure
4:34 pm
they cool out with scott brown is saying garbage in, garbage out cbo said obamacare would cost a trillion dollars now it is beginning to cost if we get rid of it. >> look you can't have it both ways. he's right. they only crunch numbers that they're given. and having said that, there's no doubt that the cost benefit analysis in the long run is getting rid of obamacare is certainly there. because we know that every premium is gone up for average american, that they didn't have the for obama kawr. as senator pointed out new taxes because of obamacare if you increase at of employment there's going to be a cost benefit may not happen initially but over time. >> assuming there's no cost to raising taxes to the economy general. of course we know there's a cost all of the executive changes, exemptions to obamacare and everything who does folks who are not paying in and friendly to president's side.
4:35 pm
>> absolutely while i appreciate awflg this money chat. we get to talk about 19 million people becoming uninsured if we repeal obamacare. obviously we need to make sure that economy runs smoothly and reduce deficits but need to make sure that americans have health care. no reason that we shouldn't be provides universal health care to each and every american. it needs rear-view mirror but certainly should not be repealed. >> the only question is at what cost? >> at what cost? brad thank you very much. we have breaking news right now. >> u.s. citizen has been arrested in ohio for attempting to provide material support to isis. 38-year-old demir changed his name earlier this year and came to the fbi's attention in 2012 when they spotted violent extremist content on his facebook profile and pledges to
4:36 pm
isis on facebook and bring you more details as we get them. three quarters of a billion out the window, the justiceust department arresting hundreds of doctors and a nurses in the largest ever bust of medicare and health care fraud. jerry willis live in the newsroom with the latest on this one. jerry it never ends. >> you've got numbers right let's dig into them a little bit here. 712 million dollars lewded out of medicare by 243 folks to 243 arrested today. 46 of those medical profits, doctors, nurses, home health care aids you name it what they were doing was essentially putting together fake bill and some of them did it by guesses getting people addicted to narcotics they didn't need and trading that for information they can then use to build make stake bills asson picturing what is beginning on out there. let me tell you this fraud is
4:37 pm
something we hear every single year this is big deal but past two years department of justice has done exactly the same thing. and lets me tell you -- medicare is up 6% over the last year over last 12 years. largest federal program our taxpayer dollars just feeding fraud. melissa. >> that hurts, gyre rei thank you. over to you. >> still ahead fitbit still on a tear a day after the massive ipo any fear of a one trick pony. debate coming up next. a real good thing shares of martha stuart living on the media soaring as the diva considering giving up her empire selling it all. details straight ahead.
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>> so fitbits ipo sure hit the ground running no sign of stopping for the wearkt tech
4:41 pm
giants after jumping 50% in the debut yesterday. here now to discuss whether this is just a fad or not of capital big huge fend fox news contradict tore also senior editor jack. i'll let you go first. bad or fabulous? >> i think it is -- i guess a fad this is a company that is commodity hardware company a difference between this and apple watch i don't have that much confidence in this version of the apple watch maybe to get better. but clearly and ecosystem with apple that people want to be part of. software apps with this you have a piece of hardware and a lot of competition out there. without ecosystem there's no real network effect. there's nothing that makes us more valuable. >> i agree -- i agree with jack but you have melissa, a signal brand name unlike kleenex when it comes to tissue take a look at beats with
4:42 pm
the technology but for that brand name alone. you know wearable technology this is biggest wearables as they call it exit ever. and although 50% margins could drink -- >> here's the problem. reminds me of go pro people have had a hard time copying. with fitbit people gave up on it. not using. what is their next trick? >> asia will make bands like this as giveaways unless this company evolves. keep in mind this is ipo. it is guilty until proven innocent. they're selling shares to us, why now? it needs to be a very good reason to be a buyer. >> giant known for supersizing trumming down number of restaurants for first time in 40 years we're talking about mcdonald's, of course.
4:43 pm
so jonathon i'll start with you amazing to me because i was thinking back to my entire life. i can't think of knowing a mcdonald's near me or along my path that closed. other stores go away. you never see that. this is amazing. truly this is a story of the second half half of the 20th ce. but think back to first pass half of the 20th century big boy in white castle those are major chains right now. mcdonald's they rest on morals let upstart like chipotle eat their lunch and a mcdonald's is in serious turning around to do seeing it in terms of stores cut and whole industries being uprooted. >> jack so sad when my kids want a reward they're like mcdonald's, mcdonald's only one they go to. that is what they want is their guilty pleasure. >> they don't feel bad about a happy meal. >> no growth they need smaller
4:44 pm
not bigger. i don't see stock doing well from here. >> martha stuart saving empire nearing a takeover sequential brands is circling companies to buy martha stuart living on the media. they have to take the whoat name part of the price. investors think is a good thing shares hitting five-year high. this is an amazing story to me jack because i feel they don't have's sets to sell. >> it is remarkable. i mean, it is a company that had been in media which has been a tough business. it is a company who is, you know, founder was away from the businesses for a wool. and name was on the company. so clearly has been a company that had been in decline. but last couple of years they've made cuts and they've made it much more of ans asset like comy and working with. >> all they're buying jonathon i would say is what people remember about the brand i'm
4:45 pm
into home decorating and what she does and i like style of her things. you can't find it anywhere anymore. it never made transition into modern world it is not digital in any way that is appealing. >> but brand perseveres melissa. wouldn't you love to own the brand that julia child right now. that is what this is. you have to hand it to martha stuart as you pointed outside lived insider trading sense by its founder. so 5, 10, 15 years from now people about are martha stuart and see this deal pay off if a small cammed company right now. but it is a big profit to use down the line. . interesting to see. thanks to both of you. david. >> new detail on maisessive chinese hack of personnel management now appears to hack took place more than a year ago. and these were weren't your typl group of hackers. deirdre joining us what makes this different? >> kind of information. first of all the length as you
4:46 pm
mentioned that is to say that these hack rs were in the system more than a year and some of the security experts say listen the chinese in particular are good for this. they don't make a mess and make themselves be conspicuous they're in there quietly getting the information that they like. i should say david you've been covering this. china saying wasn't us and no hard evidence that it was them in the meantime about 14 million employees current, federal of the government, have had their information exposed versus what we originally thought which was 4 million we're speaking with the former white house cio about it. >> i didn't know 14 million government workers. what else is coming up at the tom of the hour? >> some are former. we're also speaking with the head of a production company david that will let you go to the movies to pay for that ticket in bitcoin this is matter because part of the film spot also has to do with exchanges
4:47 pm
based on bitcoin there you go. a good friday summer theme. bit koinl lives. rand paul will be happy about that. sky high tuition prices have more young americans saying no thank you to the four-year degree. we'll tell you what they're doing instead that is spending that money and getting a cap. if you're looking to own one of the infamous deflat balls you're in luck. it is for sale. we're not telling you how much it is going for right now. but we will, coming up.
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>> whether it is on wall street or main street here's what is making money today including tom hanks, academyward winning actor set this stars american hero sully sullenberger captain sully
4:51 pm
landed his u.s. airplane in the hudson river back in 2009 after it hit a flock of geese. not making money pablo sandoval boston red sox bench first baseman after admitting to using a cell phone and likes woman photograph on instagram during wednesday night's 5-2 loss to atlanta. if they won it might have been different but they lost. looking to cash in on deflate-gate the couple that got this patriots used ball during afc championship game put it up for auction on leyland' starting bid is 25,000 but some expect the ball to sell for six figures it ends july 17th no word the ball is deflated melissa they caught it that way. that selling point. >> i can't wait we have to follow that story. we've all been told that having a college degree is a must for a successful creek but a new poll shows many americans feel that being skilled in different aspects of life beats having
4:52 pm
that four-year degree here now to discuss it you'll is founder of jen lee. jack how is back with us as well. prin stoppable reviews senior vice president and a author of colleges that pay you back boy we're going to put you only the spot. let me start with you rob. what do you think about this study? >> college is noting right for everybody but forecasting for job creation does not lie. and students graduate with jobs that i taig on in next 20 years. >> in it is a technical job i see that or being a doctor or lawyer. but jobs out there that are paying very well are not necessarily needing that college degree or education that comes with it seeing a trend right now on businesses i'm consulting with and they're not looking for that but ability to lead a team. being relevant in their industry, bringing new fresh
4:53 pm
ideas and fresh perspective to their companies. >> these were skills they said jack matters understanding computer technology working well with different is too of people. skills current, these are thinkings that they're looking for ahead of having a college degree. >> they're totally wrong. if you're -- you need a degree if you're 16 wondering if you have to. people tell you college degree is a great financial deal. they're wrong. it is very much in doubt, in fact, easily you can blow money on a college degree you will never get depends where you go to school an how much you borrow. buy rob's book and don't spend too much money but it is your ticket in the door to get jobs you can't learn how to warning well with others unless you can get into the door to begin with. >> maybe what they're saying is that it is not as important as oh skills but you need to have it so invest in it but don't think that it is beginning to be the ticket to get you ahead. you know, a lot of people that go deeply in debt because they
4:54 pm
think it is the ticket and wasn't work out it is one of the elements smaller than before. would you agree with that? >> totally agree when we think about navigating that -- debt as jack was saying there are so many schools that you can pay a high sticker price but great values. 80% at a four-year college with state or city school that is about 18,000 dollars on average for one year of public school tuition. there are affordable schools out there learning intern shies are part of that. that is in this book. >> you're out there helping people get placed do they say check the degree -- can you get hired without having gone to college? >> no, not any longer. i'm starting to see a trend i got finished speaking at a conference for credit unions here in florida. and they've had a whole session how they nied to look to the right and left to those who don't have college degrees starting to hire people with degrees because you have to do that. put them in position and they
4:55 pm
don't have other skills. maybe sally there without a college degree with no chance, because of job description requires is the right the. i'm seeing trend different than from what you're saying not antieducation. not antieducation. but i'm properformance we have talent out there and you don't need a degree to be that. sorry. >> i'll leave it there. thanks guys, david. >> melissa we have breaking news that your husband is particularly interested in all golfers crossing now australian golfer jason day has collapsed on his final hole of friday second round at the u.s. open. again, it is extraordinarily hot out there. that might be the reason. but we don't know all of the details we will share them with you as soon as we get them right here. arnold schwarzenegger pulling out stops to promote upcoming movie giving fans surprise they will never forget. we'll show you what that is, coming up.
4:56 pm
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. >> arnold schwarzenegger got the word out for his latest installment in the terminator franchise while raising money for a good cause. he posed as a wax figure in hollywood. and when tourists tried to take pictures next to him, he sprung into life! startling and maybe delighting fans of all ages, watch. >> my god! >> thank you! [ screaming ] . >> you scared us. >> sorry. >> that was so funny. ran away with the baby. the former governor teamed up with omaze raising money for children's after-school programs. that was amazing. more news about jason day, the 27-year-old australian golfer who apparently slipped and collapsed playing in the u.s.o. he is apparently okay now. he is back on his feet.
5:00 pm
i think was that footage. that's him there. he's in the golf cart there. but apparently he's doing okay. he's had experiences with dizziness in the past, melissa. >> wow, quite a story. yeah. there you go. >> watch it all on fox broadcasting network, we're proud to show that. >> that does it for us, deirdre bolton is here to take you through the next hour. >> melissa and dave, thank you so much. welcome to "risk & reward." the hack is worse than thought at the equivalent of the u.s. government's hr department. former white house cio is with me. greek citizens withdrawing as much cash as possible ahead of a possible default. what it means for your money here? a major artist is snubbing apple's new music service. we'll tell you why. "risk & reward" starts now. . deirdr w


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