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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  August 12, 2015 6:00am-9:01am EDT

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crime? >> she committed a crime. the problem everybody has in terms of finding out his democrats are all the prosecutors. does she committed a crime? yes. both of prosecutor? perhaps now. he joins lou dobbs at 7:00 p.m. eastern right here on spn. alibaba care enough to report earnings before the start of trading this morning. fifty-eight cents a share of $3.4 billion for the first fiscal quarter. another retail name, macy's reporting 77 cents per share on revenue of 6.23 billion. we will have those ceos on the fox business network this morning. i will talk with terry lundgren on the adm alert and later on, alibaba ceo daniel is saying. after yesterday's move by the
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government, the shanghai composite closing better than 1% of 42 points in china. the u.s. looking at a pretty good sum up this morning. it is a global selloff. stocks under pressure, big drops indicate a triple digit loss for the dow industrial markets this morning. after a 200-point decline yesterday. heavy selling in europe as well. england, france, germany all down in the double or triple digits down two and a 3% in germany this morning. chevrolet are continuing to nevada financial services the latest is health care lending operations. the deal valued at $9 billion. environmental protection agency administration gina mccarthy headed to colorado to the damage done by her agency to the colorado river. mccarthy apologized for this
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bill for at least an estimated 3 million gallons of toxic sludge into the river system that also is a new mexico and utah. we will be talking with the governor of colorado. new england patriot quarterback tom brady will attend a hearing ordered by new york judge who wants to quarterback in the nfl to negotiate a settlement over the suspension for allegedly deflated footballs. new york jets will do without their quarterback of the gina smith the next few months. smith had his jaw broken by a teammate in the locker room overate that dispute amounting to $600. kim kardashian under fire from the food and drug industry should this morning. ms. k. posted her support for the morning sickness drug on mr. graham. fda says she failed to communicate any risk information about the drug. the campaign for a media blackout on the kardashian hands. back to this morning's top
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story. hillary clinton turns over e-mail servers during secretary of state after months of pressure. federal investigators found two of the for classified e-mails discovered on her home server contains classified material. judy massey senior judicial analyst judge andrew napolitano. great to see you. how serious is this question a >> hillary clinton's problems are grave as a result of this. there are three categories of classified information under the federal system. top secret, secret, confidential. if revealed it is likely to cause grave damage to national security. secret means if revealed it is likely to cause serious damage to national security. confidential means it is likely to cause some damage to national security. when a federal judge presiding
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over the freedom of information act request against the state department to begin releasing e-mails. first release was the inspector general of the state department inspector general of the intelligence community. they randomly sampled 40 of her 55,000 e-mails. among the 40 day found forth over classified. among the four they found two that were top secret. the highest classification we have. general petraeus was indicted in convict did for keeping in a desk drawer in his house loose loose containing confidential information, the lowest category we have. mrs. clinton has apparently diverted to her own server outside of the venue the highest category of classified secrets we have called top secret. maria: unbelievable. though this means she will face a similar fate or worse than general petraeus are what liberals be different?
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>> you managers think that the donald trump or sean hannity. donald trump as usual as capture the views of many people. she would get away with it because prosecutors are democrats and she's a democrat. i suggested to be a little more subtle than that. there is many democrats in the justice department. there's also many career justice department prosecutors totally devoted to the rule of law and devoid of politics. this is now says there is they cannot let this go and they must return as they would treat anyone else who wrongfully diverted classified secrets out of the government. maria: let's not forget this is president above the justice department. the administration is leaking this to "the new york times," better. >> it's inconceivable she could be prosecuted without consent. she certainly investigated at the same level of professionalism as anybody else to be investigated who did this.
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she took 33,000 e-mails and destroyed them on her own. no one has the most 33,000 et cetera people if they are still on the server, the fbi now has those. according to the people with whom i spoke three hours ago they are still on the server and the fbi experts can extract them. maria: is it conceivable she has an untouched campaign for president while this is all happening? >> only if the justice department is highly political and doesn't do its job. i suggest they are giving every indication of doing their job properly. first thing was go to the lawyer david kendall and say did she give you a thumb drive with all her e-mails? you don't have security clearance. here it is, give it to them. they went to her and said where is the server? she knew she resisted it would be front page issue of those persistent so she coughed it up.
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right now the fbi has everything it needs to determine the level of classified information, how was diverted, what she knew and when she knew it. maria: this story is getting worse and bigger for her she tries to gain traction. >> i just wonder what you think is going to vice president joe biden fined after that test the limits floated a couple weeks ago about him potentially running and the fact he is a close relationship with the president and there've been reports relatively unconfirmed the clinton's and obama's are not always on the same page. >> if you add to that the latest respected poll in new hampshire showing ernie sanders leaving mrs. clinton and if you add to that the following. a friend of mine called me yesterday and said he saw al gore on a treadmill. [laughter] break some news. are you suggesting al gore is a
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likely candidate? >> and suggesting people are asking him to consider it. maria: joe biden out they are living and now al gore. >> ran against president bush in 2004. maria: john kerry also out there. both be watching. thanks so much. see you later in the day, judge napolitano. global markets across the board this morning. china's central bank devalues those television reporter on the ground where it is -- good morning to you, rachel. reporter: good morning, maria. investigators rattled that sent the asian markets lower. the shanghai composite fell 1% of chinese airlines suffered
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heavy losses. we did see some fresh economic data coming about china's afternoon but missed all estimate that didn't have much of an effect on the markets. there is to focus on what was going on with the yuan. the hang seng fell for it nine week low and japan's nikkei fell to 1.5 week low with stocks sensitive to china plunging the south korean pass because close negative territory as well but did recover losses late in the day there is lowest level since mid-march. maria: thank you very much. rachel ruble in beijing this morning and of course the devaluation in china has sparked a selloff across the board this morning. the major policy is felt across the world. the dow, s&p and nasdaq closed in the red on fears the world's largest economy is falling down in u.s. companies locate hay. names you know getting hit hard
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on this demand fear out of china, u.s. steel, apple, intel, alibaba among the largest exposure in terms of multinationals to the chinese economy. take a look at futures this morning pointed to a trickle -- a loss for the dow industrial. a 200-point selloff navigated markets right now joining the conversation is the chief investment officer randy david. good to see you. thanks for joining us and turning the conversation. the talk about china and the devaluation here. >> it's a lot of uncertainty added to the marketplace. what we see is that bp is the getting ahead of the fed a weakening currency further. what we will see continued uncertainty. we need to see if they were china comes in and does not intervene. that could be tomorrow. it could be a week from now. traders are getting ahead of
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this and will move the money run faster because it's a second day there doing this. maria: what you do one a day that you know it's a tough day at the office with a triple digit mood this morning? >> obviously try and get as much safety as you possibly can. it's difficult. china is looking up as is looking at this as a long-term competition. i lived in montana and texas and we had a president -- that was the guns and butter creation of great society. when ronald reagan came in and told gorbachev to tear down that wall, he had no choice but to do so because what we had with an economy that was better. garb writer was better than america and the chinese will learn something from that and they situate themselves so they can have the degree of power so there will be a major force going forward. maria: to be clear, jo ling
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kent, when you see the valuation it is making china's product more affordable for the products become so much cheaper in our products become that much more expensive. jo: right. they're hoping to drive more external demand. watching the pbs the changing rate and looking externally in a lot of ways that these lessons. you see they look more global markets and make these decisions or does informed by not just the internal situation in china but we have to remember every single move they make is predicated on the fact you need to maintain political stability to keep people consuming and keep their party in power. maria: not a lot of stability. we will follow this and look for ways for keeping us safe. young newlyweds allegedly trying to join isis. cheryl casone with that headline right now. >> that's right. good morning, maria.
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newlyweds in mississippi appeared in court to face criminal charges accused of trying to join isis. sean young and mohammed delisle love were arrested on saturday. they were very good plan to use their honeymoon as an excuse to join jihad. st. louis county police release issued names have had to drive a gun from his pants. he is accused of firing on police during a protest in ferguson and he was shot and critically injured by officers. contender jeb bush will be the first guest on cynical bears a late night show. paul bair replaces david letterman will debut his show on september 8. back to you. maria: oil prices the six-year lows. we will tell you what it means for gasoline prices straight ahead. stay with us on a busy morning here on "mornings with maria." can a business have a mind?
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maria: welcome back. bouncing back from a 60 year low. china devalues the currency again. what is in crude oil this morning. >> report from the international energy agency raised its demand forecast will see the strongest demand growth in the last five years according to the international energy agency. another thing that was bullish in disturbing to the market is a drop in non-opec production growth. show producers taking it here and the production will fall in the market taken at his word oldish looking towards opec to make up the difference for wealthy lose. right now the market is not short opec can do that. maria: phil flynn in chicago this morning. aaron, randy, let's talk about oil prices. the
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>> i think it could move higher. we are in this equilibrium of $40 to $60. right now your 20% away from the mid-point to the upside. not a bad place to progress on the market. looking at the overall market and the s&p entering the choppy assigned p. at august the show were, a lot of rotation out of stocks. preparation for next year, people lowering earnings estimates. all that creates volatility. maria: you expect the market to trade god in the next couple months. the volatility that is china is impact in a whole host of things. >> i believe it will impact the federal reserve. volatility will push the fed out to december and that also is a contributor to volatility at this time.
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>> to trade a stand even though the hike is pushed out. from an economic perspective there's some good news because of the pump that will be like a tax code that is certainly good for the consumer. the double whammy of china does devalue it will import goods. they'll benefit from all of this. maria: to retail sales number coming out tomorrow. we've been waiting for some time to see consumers money they saved at the casting. >> not in new york or new jersey, red they came up with this statement and we still need even if gas gets cheaper, demand for electric cars will not go away. two dollars gas is available. >> are consumers using the savings and putting it in the economy? the retail sales to mark
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indicates that. >> especially for retailers banking on the back-to-school holiday season which is second strongest of the year in the holiday season shopping coming out. that's been a big surprise. people paying back debt instead. maria: kim kardashian answers often hop water after the fda posted the histogram picture promoting a morning sickness drug. paris hilton -- here at the td ameritrade trader group, they work all the time. sup jj? working hard? working 24/7 on mobile trader, rated #1 trading app in the app store. it lets you trade stocks, options, futures... even advanced orders. and it offers more charts than a lot of the other competitors do in desktop. you work so late. i guess you don't see your family very much? i see them all the time. did you finish your derivative pricing model, honey? for all the confidence you need. td ameritrade.
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you got this.
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maria: welcome back on this wednesday morning to "mornings with maria." the hunt for escaped killers may be over but the story certainly is a picture of the sun with a headline. >> the never-ending story. the reports that inmates to knew the convicted killer were beaten, should do the same because the walled.
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this is according to complaints filed by prisoners. whether 60 prisoners filed complaints about alleged abuse. mcdonald's testing its new mobile app focusing on coffee for now. president san diego cannot get a free drink after buying my ethnic tamils says it will be nationally available by october. the stranger to promotion, kim kardashian uses celsius to promote herself. the latest has landed her in hot water with the fda. it brought about a formal fda warning for not labeling the risk for this drug. she's always made a lot of money and promotions, but this time the fda for the side effects. drowsiness, dizziness, intestinal problems. she did mention that in her and superimposed. maria: it is one person talking
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about one day and the fda gets on her. the fact is all of the following she has whether twitter, google, and is grand. transfer 42.5 million followers on his grant. she has the impact of peak oil who are like in the photo from 300,000 to a million people. the impact when she's not talking about the other side of things is huge. maria: is like it or not, she has a huge influence. this is in the first time she's got them a little bit of hot water. the diet pills with her sister i think there was a $5 million loss. also a hair removal case you guys did and the kardashian and card sponsored by microsoft. her network is $85 million. >> this is a canadian pharmaceutical, and they have been warned before about making
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false claims. they potentially could just let her and her people. maria: amazing. what a following here thus the reason the fda gets on it. hillary clinton's personal e-mail storage cap. -- story up next.
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at, happy wednesday, jo lin kent, and randy bateman of huntington funds car "risk and reward" coast dierdre bolton. the online retailer ali baba earnings at the beginning of the trading day. $0.58 a share, $3.4 billion for the fiscal first quarter. macy's reporting earnings, $0.76-share, both ceos coming
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up. i will talk with carey london on mornings with murray and later on "varney and company" jo lin kent sits down with ali baba's ceo. the shanghai composite closed better the 1%, 40 to points on the session but the global market action this morning showing a sell-off, stocks under pressure, big decline in futures indicate triple digit loss for the dow at the open this morning after a 200 point sell-off. selling in europe as well, again the numbers, the benchmark index, down between 2-2/3%. general electric moving out of financial services. the latest, capital one. big deal valued at $9 billion. ge shares looking lower once again this morning. the environmental protection agency administrator gina mccarty will head to colorado's
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to review the damage done by her agency in the colorado river. majority apologized for the mine still there released in estimated 3 million gallons of toxic sludge into the river system that spans new mexico and utah. tom brady back in the city today, will attend that hearing by new york judge, to negotiate settlements. allegedly deflating football. breaking news, hillary clinton handed over her private e-mail server used during her tenure as secretary of state after months of pressure, her decision just hours after federal investigators found two of the four classified e-mails discovered on her home server contained classified material despite denials as recent as three weeks ago by mrs. clinton. >> let me say i am confident i never sent or received information that was classified at the time it was sent and
6:32 am
received. maria: want to bring increased from bedford who joins me from washington d.c.. thanks for waiting in here. your thoughts on the clinton e-mail server story? >> she is a lot of trouble here. he pledged to fully cooperate but she said that over and over again and it's the inspector generals from the department of state and intelligence community, confirmed by democratic senate. the fbi is in control of her servers. judge apologized no -- judge andrew napolitano says she's in serious trouble because it is top cirque read, a grave danger to the national security, information that could be included in this also stuff that was brought from space communications and monitoring of 4 national communications and all of it is not allowed to falling to foreigners's hand. interview yesterday john kerry said he is almost certain it is likely the chinese and russians are monitoring his communication
6:33 am
and keep that in mind when he sends an e-mail so for hillary to do this puts her in trouble even with democratic nominees. maria: in terms of that trouble lot of people are comparing this to with general david petraeus went for by keeping classified information in his desk drawer. do you think it will be a similar fate or different rules for hillary clinton? >> i don't think the hammer will come down as far or fast as a data general david petraeus who had fallen out of pleasure with the administration and had an affair. i think it will be a much slower process. she is able to write this out longer, has more power and is out of her position, no longer involved in government. this is going to stick to little more than the unseemly scandals the clintons have weathered in the past. now for the first time they can't blame a conservative conspiracy, they can't blame the media.
6:34 am
she is in serious trouble here and is in trouble with the government for breaking the law. maria: i want to get the panel's thoughts because we are here in campaign season and i wonder if anybody thinks this will impact her campaign for the presidency. >> it will definitely be a speed bump. there is growing momentum behind bernie sanders, i would also add that there is video of her saying there's no classified information and there is. that is never good. >> this happens at a worse time for her. we have donald from taking a little bit of the heat off of her and all of a sudden this is coming back to the forefront. it will be -- >> very happy by the way. >> i am sure he is the issue will be on the hot seat next? the next determination as to where we go in this. it will be an intriguing year.
6:35 am
maria: to your point she already had credibility issues. one of holes went out as she trust worthy? that was pretty low so to your point saying i did not put classified information on my server and there are at least two e-mails that were top-secret. we don't know what was in the e-mail. the contents, christopher. the fact the justice department has the server and the fbi has this criminal investigation going, this is quite serious. >> they have taken it out of her hands because for months and months he kept in her hands and given it to her attorneys in washington d.c. and it looks like the only reason they handed everything over is to avoid how horrible it looked if they had to launch a raid and confiscate her servers. >> information about the kardashians. maria: thanks for joining us, see you soon. coming up we will talk markets with our panel, tom brady and
6:36 am
roger goodell taking battle to new york court today. we have a preview of that coming up, since the reports earnings tonight. bacon prices are soaring. the answer may surprise you. check out click on the like button to get the latest update on the show. we will be right back.
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maria: a few minutes from major earnings news, joy has been covering this. >> we expect $0.58 a share, $3.39 billion on revenue, pretty healthy jump over all. investors want to know what daniel joy on thinks about the chinese macroeconomics picture. how will this impact the commerce. ali baba not expected to deliver a massive quarter this time around and begin vestments in food delivery, mobile maps and all of that expected to put pressure on margins overall. we will be looking ahead on the call but also looking back to see how they actually performed. stock performance since the company went public hit a new
6:41 am
low yesterday and did a lot of jitters surrounding what this could do to ecommerce and average consumer. ali baba's platforms dominate the entire ecommerce platform in all their different services. maria: it revolves around the chinese economy slowing down. why is this devaluation affecting markets so negatively for the last two days. >> just adding uncertainty to the mix. what you are doing is kidding cheaper products in the u.s. from china. will be an issue for u.s. producers of products in the u.s.. as far as chinese adrs the will be in liquidation mode the last two months, we start to see economic weakness out of china, the fact they don't have control of the economy which is reflective in their actions is why you see uncertainty. maria: con un day you have a market probably of the 200
6:42 am
points you have 2 under point declines in europe, sell-off in china on this devaluation. where do you hide? is there anywhere to hide today or deal with opportunities? >> going back to joy and that they have been so manipulated for so long. everyday it is something new and so much uncertainty associated with that whether they have the exchange or stimulus of in their monetary policy or do something with their stock market in terms of how they promote themselves with the public over there in seems every day something new and that uncertainty has not done a lot of confidence. it their actions spill over to our own as well. maria: confidence affecting spending and there has been a tacit agreement between people and the government we accept communism as long as the middle-class, my everyday life gets better and it is not clear that is happening. maria: this movement to attack
6:43 am
or arrest people who are showing too much excess. >> anti-corruption campaign, he is not afraid to take down the biggest leadership in the central government and they are going after these provincial leaders as well. you see that consumption optimism being pulled back not just because of the economy and demand but political reasons. maria: for countries and loves brands and wanted to wear logos all over it that is no longer the in thing to do, you don't want to show that. >> you don't want to show the excess. you will be in the weeds right now. maria: how do you want to allocate capital? federal reserve meeting, due rates go higher? says the reporting "after the bell" tonight. >> not sure i think since the numbers will be that great. we have seen a pullback in business and businesses are obviously stock buybacks, we are having dividend increases, they
6:44 am
can't find good ways to employ their capital and as a result, this has been more sluggish than you would expect and we have a solid economy, demographics point and that direction and that won't change. >> grade point. the clay christiansen thing, can a big company innovate and a lot of people actually not under their breath mumble mumble but am mandate is the way to do it. maria: a lot of people expected capital expenditures to create an environment where the economy bounces out of that stable, slow growth story. is not happening but cisco numbers will let us know. >> absolutely. we will see what they come up with. you have a lot of them and they going on in the cable telecom environment. a lot of that spending has been put on hold so you get closure on a lot of these deals. defectors you could see more spending in the future so we will see what happens. maria: three numbers to watch, ali baba, stay tuned for the
6:45 am
earnings coverage and her interview talking with the ceo of ali baba later it today. we will talk with the head of macy's coming up on the program. later on "mornings with maria" i will talk to terry lundgren to find out what he has seen from the consumer and we are watching us is going after the close tonight setting the tone for tomorrow's market. this is for all of you for lovers out there. the cost of your beloved bacon is skyrocketing and it is your fault apparently. nicole petallides with the story. nicole: nice how we blame the viewers and that is right with according to the department of agriculture the wholesale cost of bacon spiked 174% since april and there is no one to blame but you and that is because americans love for bacon has created demand pushing up prices and getting out of control. traditional bacon and eggs is not enough anymore. now you can enjoy bacon milkshakes, bacon doughnuts, bacon lollipops' but not to worry, retail prices remained
6:46 am
relatively steady and still jeepers and at this point last year. those work very spot prices were at five year lows when we saw it surge 174% which is a 1-year high. maria: start your day every morning with nicole, sandra smith and lauren simonetti on "fbn a.m.," they give us a first look at global markets. this morning they told us the global markets were selling off, getting an e-mail from one source who is noting that yields are plummeting on the chinese devaluation once again. what do you want to do as an investor? >> it is a defensive trade, people rotate out of high-flying growth names and put them into the rates, the utilities with high yields returns so as a result you will see stocks trade up consumer staples are probably going to trade up and when you think about macy's and other retailers their costs go down.
6:47 am
all those things being equal, those are places to look. maria: that is what we will see today because of a pretty good sell-off on the chinese evaluation and there has to be some areas high as interest rates move lower yields plummeting across the board. >> the swiss had a bond issue that came out earlier this year with zero interest rate and to be that tells you the only reason you would want to buy denny's if you think the currency will change. external e has with swiss franc versus let euro and the swiss franc versus the you on as well. maria: in an environment where you have rates in the federal reserve with his environment at rock-bottom levels people are looking for yields. there has been a surge for yields as rates of gone down. >> one of the things we tried to do is to buy reasonable stocks, good names, reasonable yields and covered them with options strategy is that that seems to work a little better. the asset allocation conundrum
6:48 am
has changed dramatically since 2008 and the third movement on the money supply efforts and the stock market is the only place you get yield anymore and if you can do it hedges is good. >> a good way to increase your income or return cash flow. maria: great having you on the show. coming up next tom brady and the nfl back in new york that may not make it to court, the latest developments back in a minute. technology empowers us to achieve more. it pushes us to go further. special olympics has almost five million athletes in 170 countries. the microsoft cloud allows us to immediately be able to access information, wherever we are. information for an athlete's medical care, or information to track their personal best. with microsoft cloud, we save millions of man hours, and that's time that we can invest in our athletes and changing the world.
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kerrimac new england patriots quarterback tom brady getting his day in court in new york city attending a hearing this morning, a judge wants the quarterback and they nfl to
6:52 am
discuss the suspension of brady for allegedly deflating footballs. joining us, robert is with us, manager at accounting firm o'connor davies. thank you for joining us. what are your thoughts? >> there will be some settlement talks. there have been tough settlement talks that this has dragged out for a while, and deflategate is in the news ended doesn't happen today there's always next week and they will get something done in one of four games. maria: in terms of this tax what will it cost tom brady? >> $8 million, every week it is $474,000, and they get paid during the week in those professional sport so four weeks paid is one by week, about $1.9 million of after-tax is a mere million to him. tom has made $149 million on the fields joy drop in the bucket.
6:53 am
high-profile, high egos, a lot going on and hopefully they get something settle. maria: how does that impact long-term potential, is tarnished regardless what is decided after the situation. >> he has a couple more years on his patriots deal in his beloved with the patriots but it might hurt him off the field. so much money on the field, his endorsement deals, people might pull back on fat but to him his reputation is everything. that is why he doesn't want to admit anything, the paint before we get the game, want a more two games but what might happen here is we are not going to suspend the four bombs but fine you four game checks, which gives them a better start. maria: can't say this in new york. i have no dog in a race but a lot of people say tom brady was used as a poster child because of delinquent patriots put the envelope so many times whether
6:54 am
he did it or not, he will be used as an example. >> that is part of the equations, bill belichick and the other things that happened there reputation preceded them. it is interesting how bill belichick stayed out. >> when you say it and number of games tom brady is 38 so the question is if they won't be in it this year because he is out four games that is a big issue. >> roger goodell 4 works for the patriots, he makes a little money, i think what is going to happen, they reduce his suspension but there's a lot of pressure from other and is not to take it down to zero. we have a lot of terms, making the news that they will get something done. 11 million people watched the
6:55 am
preseason football game. >> on meaningless game, the other interesting thing is these guys don't get paid, the rookies get paid $1,000. maria: you don't think this four game suspension will hold but they will come of with the settlement to change that. >> the people i'm talking to. all the lawyers following this case closely saying there is a hang up one or two games something will happen but i think it will ultimately does not -- it won't get overturned totally but it will get something. maria: shot for the backup quarterback as a star here, looking at the legal side. tom brady is off and someone plays in his place and there have been football players who came out of the woodwork and gone on. >> tom brady. maria: tom brady. >> he will always be revered by patriots fans, he has the pretty
6:56 am
boy life come all these endorsements. please successful wife in her own profession. backup quarterback may have a shot, third string quarterback, always tom brady. maria: great to have you on the show. stay with us, a lot to come, major league baseball special castle is with us.
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maria: the fbi sees as hillary clinton's personal e-mail sarah, chinese currency hits global markets and tom brady and roger goodell face off in court. this is "mornings with maria". ♪ >> from fox business headquarters in new york city here is maria bartiroma. maria: good morning, welcome back, i am maria bartiroma, it is august 12th at 7:00 a.m. on the east coast. fox business network's dagen
7:00 am
mcdowell land david jand david america prize financial. the government's-classification rating. representatives for clinton's presidential election campaign say mrs. clinton will cooperate with government security inquiries. /sean hannity donald trump said he had problems with people doing the investigation. >> the e-mail scandal is general david petraeus for doing a tiny fraction of what she did his life is destroyed, he is ruined. they found four classified mean and e-mails, she said there weren't any money, there are 60,000. the thing she committed a crime? >> i think she committed a crime. the problem everybody has in terms of finding out, you have democrats are all the prosecutors and they don't want to prosecute. did she commit a crime? yes. will they prosecute the key
7:01 am
perhaps not. maria: he can hear more from donald trump tonight on the fox business network when he joined lou dobbs at 7:00 p.m. eastern. selling pressure this morning in china. overnight in shy at, we are learning government intervenes to prop of the yuan once again after moving to devalue its currency. wall street journal says joy's government told state banks to sell the dollar in an effort to prop up markets. shanghai composite closed better than 1%, 42 points. chinese authorities devaluing the currency, the cause a sell-off across the world this morning, stocks in the u.s. under pressure in the joy and triple digit losses in order for the dow after a more than 200 point sell-off yesterday. heavy selling in europe this morning, take a look at the benchmark indexes in england, france and germany down between 1 hi, and 2-1/4%. general electric moving out of financial services.
7:02 am
the sale of land operations announced later yesterday from capitol one valued at $9 billion. indicated lower. environmental protection agency administrator genomic carthy will head to colorado to view the damage done by her agency to the colorado river. mccarty has apologized for the mine spill that released 3 million gallons of toxic sludge into the river system that spans new mexico and utah. tom brady back in new york city attending the hearing ordered by a new york judge who went to let the quarterback and the nfl to negotiate a settlement. suspension of the quarterback for allegedly deflating footballs. geno smith for the next few months and his jaw broken by a teammate in a fight over a debt dispute amounting to $600. let's take and ali baba, the company coming out with earnings
7:03 am
and revenue, $77 where the stock closed yesterday. looking at a big decline. $27 billion. on this screen, and it does look like we are looking at a mess. that is taking stock down and that may impact other chinese companies, one of the top stories today, the chinese government intervened and devalued the yuan. numbers coming out, they are weaker than expected. hillary clinton turned over private e-mail server used during her tenure as secretary of state. blake berman covering the story in washington. >> hillary clinton's e-mail server will no longer remain private. her campaign says that along with related fund drive will be handed over to the fbi. clinton said she would not turn over the server for independent examination but the change in course comes as the fbi
7:04 am
investigates the e-mail system. the intelligence community inspector general lawmakers that two e-mails and clinton's server were top-secret. end clinton defended those e-mails existing. >> any information classified at the time it was sent or received. >> the information in those two e-mails contain cia intelligence. on the legal side, a lot of folks are asking what might come of this, we continue to see the damage in boston herald poll this morning, shows bernie sanders leading clinton by 7 points in new hampshire. that right there the numbers is a first.
7:05 am
maria: it certainly impacting the campaigns. veterans for americans ceo, federal prosecutor and fox news legal analyst. legal troubles are we looking at? >> state department, you can't put these, of private server. she is skirting the rules, broken the law is unclear. criminal investigations are going on here. i disagree with donald trump, and i don't think the fbi will look at this politically. as the fbi agent grew up, got to believe we are looking at this seriously because, she skirted the law from what we have seen. that is a nice way of saying she might have broken the law. >> a lot of this happened as
7:06 am
general david petraeus. >> a few confidential classified e-mails and documents seagate to journalists and the few he had just in his desk or bed room and he is punished with a criminal charge. he didn't get any presents aiso inside joy for call, and they won't confirm anything what hillary clintonsentence joy for won't confirm anything what hillary clinton did is much worse. maria: can she be president? >> two words, top-secret.
7:07 am
everyone knows what top-secret means, you know when you look at something, giving a public resonance. that is our real problem. maria: could there be perjury charges. i didn't know they were there. >> secretary of state -- maria: both had get clearance. you know when you send information out, you have government clearance, what you are sending out. >> it was personal. it was commonplace. this was her e-mail. it was at home. >> she said repeatedly she never sent, no information she sent. >> that is not true. >> at that time. >> the pricing of those words.
7:08 am
that. classified -- left her level, she would have known that. there is no way not even intuitively. >> when you are trafficing, and -- >> chelsea's wedding. come on. did not have sexual relations with that woman. >> they don't trust her because of the history of stretching the truth, bending the truth and our right wind by the clintons. on your legal person, when you say lying i think perjuries. and legal under oath, lied about it versus --
7:09 am
>> you don't even need to be under oath. if you lie to federal investigators they will -- file charge is. one thing her private attorney david kendall told house committee, in march, server no longer contain any e-mails. >> cleaned the servers that much? >> never can. you can always come back and find what was on that. that is bogus as well. >> and an important point. breaking news, ali baba moments ago, jo lin kent is in the newsroom it appears this is of miss, weaker than expected. >> we got $0.51 a share the beat for eps the revenue came in and was amazed at $3.27 billion, we are watching the stock trade, it is down 5% more, 5.6% in
7:10 am
pre-market. the numbers jumped out at us, $3 billion in stock buyback as ali baba announced the dilution of shared basic compensation. mobil makes up of 45% of all their ecommerce, you see a serious subject, and you see mobile active users up 63% with bigger investments we expect to put pressure on their profit margin are actually paying off all little here. active buyers are up 32%. this comes as ali baba continues to compete, and a dominant player, we are looking at how the devaluation will impact, a ceo interview at 9:50 with "varney and company" and i will interview the ceo of ali baba. maria: we look forward to is that.
7:11 am
of $5 sell-off with the stock at the open. we are looking at what they say about the chinese economy and the other top stories we're covering and there and fill wall street journal, credit suisse, barkleys, settling dark pool allocations, the largest settlement of the trident venue. e g-8 cheese apologizing for the toxic spill as a here is growing. genomic mccarthy will head to survey this bill. retailers teach new tricks in stores, retail is experimenting with display only, we will talk to the ceo of macy's getting into retail next. (vo) rush hour around here starts at 6:30 a.m. - on the nose. but for me, it starts with the opening bell. and the rush i get, lasts way more than an hour. (announcer) at scottrade, we share your passion for trading.
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maria: incredible story of mississippi were young newlywed allegedly tried to joy in isis. cheryl: good morning.
7:15 am
newlywed in mississippi appeared in court to face criminal charges accused of trying to joel in isis. sean young, muhamed, arrest on saturday, they were married and planned to use their honeymoon as an excuse to joy in jihad. and sunday night's shooting suspect drawing a gun from his hands. firing at police during a protest in ferguson, a shooting -- critical injured by officers. you were on this a few moments ago, numbers out a few moments ago, chinese eat, reported revenue of $3 billion on adjusted earnings. that is being the bottom line, miss on the top. stock in but free-market is doing better than it was. that is a 7% almost 7% drop. $4 billion share buyback announcing share buyback will go
7:16 am
over the next several years but will cover themselves unemployed compensation, and hired michael evans from goldman sachs going over nationals. maria: your thoughts on ali baba, with the u.n. and investor, to dictate? >> i is concerned about the slowdown in their economy. their officials stories they're doing this to satisfy the requirement that it fair currency is more flexible but the issue is the economy is slowing down, out with the industrial production retail sales once again week. they are trying to export their weakness overseas by devaluing the currency. the central bank stabilizes the downdraft last night, we will see if that is successful. you don't want to get in front of this if it continues for a while but once it settles, in
7:17 am
the domestic market, you have to be careful in commodity countries and europe. the euro is down 5% against the you on in the last two days and that will hurt them because they are more dependent. >> for the time being. >> it is a huge move in yields, interest rates plummeting across the world right now on the second day of devaluation. dagen: look at u.s. treasury, the potential inflationary pressures, 17, 7:17 in the morning, you pull prices down with the decline in terms of goods the we import from that country with the federal reserve, will it be enough not just the devaluation in the you on but also the fall in yields and other pressures to the downside is it enough to keep the federal reserve from living?
7:18 am
>> revenues from the retail chinese consumers are up 40%, international 60%, that is where the revenue is coming in. year over year the problem is can you depend on the chinese consumer. the actions by the chinese government in a dissatisfied middle-class chinese consumer everyone is dependent on. our company, don't forget general motors and all these other companies, coca-cola depending on the consumer. >> they devalue the currency to make chinese products more affordable cheaper than u.s. products and as a result yields plummeted, stock markets across the world plummet. >> one of the issues is the chinese consumer is not stepping up and creating that transition the government would like to seize the they're falling back on the old standby devalue the currency. dagen: south korea and japan two critical competitors of china do they follow suit?
7:19 am
it is notable that the central bank in china moved in to stabilize the drop so quickly. maria: china was the jewel of the world. everyone wanted to be in china because that is where the growth in the economy was. that is not a case any more. >> the old command economy is not as easy as people said it is. in reality a lot of marketplaces drive things. >> communist country. still making some troubling moved. >> china will be responsible for 25% of global growth this year because of the sides of the economy and its loans to 6%, they're extremely important. this is the story with worldwide implications. maria: take a short break. when we come that oil prices, we head to the cme group to find out what is behind this move and tom brady get his day in court.
7:20 am
we will speak with one of his biggest supporters. >> i am not sure what this is about. every team does this, every officiating crew has their own way to measure. how this is a case without standards at all.
7:21 am
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maria: crude-oil bouncing back from a six year low yesterday, phil flynn at the cme in chicago, we have more weakness out of china. what is supporting out of china? >> it was a surprise, rates of demand, this year. global demand is the fastest rate we have seen in the last
7:24 am
five years. they are shocked by how quickly non-opec producers cut back capital spending in response to drop in oil prices and even dropped it faster than the demand expectations would have the believe but not to worry. even if u.s. producers pullback, it will make a difference in iran. no more iranian oil. maria: thank you, chinese currency manipulation, better reserve is closer to raising interest rates. we will talk about it next. can a business have a mind?
7:25 am
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petraeus. jooid he welcome back i am maria bartiromo it is wednesday, august 12, still with me fox business network
7:28 am
dagen mcdowell, pete of concerned veterans for america and david joy of financial, alibaba stock under pressure earnings mixed on top line revenue 3.27 billion dollars, below the analysts expectations 3.39 billion, alibaba beat earnings per share 59 cents share expectations for 58 cents a share, jo ling kent will interview ceo of alibaba on varney and company this morning china the story all morning devalued the yuan a global sell-off the government inteefbd to prop up the yuan end of deregulated after moving to devalue the currency "the wall street journal" this morning reporting that china's government, told state banks to sell the dollar, in effort to prop up the market, a lot of people saying they want to get ahead vlt federal reserve shanghai composite down better than 1%, 42 points overnight, meanwhile, the movers in china have sparked global sell-offs take a look what we are looking at a rough day at the
7:29 am
office futures triple digits losses in order for the dow when markets open this morning after more than 200 point sell-off yesterday, heavy selling. >> europe as well take a look at europe benchmark index there england franz germany down between one and a that i heard and 2 1/2%, hillary clinton eernl e-mail server in the hands of the justice department, the fbi seized the server after two e-mails that went through clinton's personal system you been given one of the high west classification ratings, top secret. representatives for clinton 2016 presidential election, campaign, saying mrs. clinton will cooperate with the inquire last night on hannity, ox news, gop candidate donald trump told shane he has problems with people doing the investigation. >> to me e-mail scandal, hey general petraeus for doing a tiny fraction of what she did, his life is destroyed, he has been ruined. >> four classified e-mails she said there aren't any out of
7:30 am
40, there are 60 though i e-mails total do you think she committed a crime. >> i think committed a crime, the problem see that -- that let's say, everybody has, in terms of finding out, you have democrats over prosecutes they don't want to prosecute her a crime yes will when he prosecute her? perhaps no. >> you can hear more from donald trump tonight on fox business network when he joins lou dobbs 7:00 pm eastern right here tonight. >> china jumping into prop up the currency after country central bank devalued yuan a second day putting pressure on federal reserve gearing up for september meeting, u.s. president keith banks from boston hayes miller berg asset management headed of multiasset north america thanks for joining the conversation. >> good. >> observations what went on in china overnight. >> you know very complicated, we anyway actually, the -- the initial devaluation was more planned than not, in our mind what china needs to do wants to do, is to create more
7:31 am
transparency in flexibility with respect to to having yuan set goal of becoming part of ims special drawing rights process, important to them, ultimately. >> you've got high net worth inclinationr clients what condition you tell us about client base on day the particulate is going to open down 200 points what do you do. >> interesting right now, we've seeing clients i think the market in yen starting do liquid fixed income because fees are of the fed beginning the process of raising rates, but rather than moving that cash, into equities or leaving it sitting in cash. we're trying to a get people back into equities, we still think the equity markets will outperform this year, next year certainly relative to bonds, but the problem is people are very nervous we are also trying to get people into or he alternative investments farm landed timber landed oil and gas properties, physical
7:32 am
asset, that noncore related to the financial marketed also just hedge funds as well maria: interesting commodities have been selling off, you are saying you want to look aet alternatives, as a culture more than like an iron other copper. >> more farm landed we think he long term has great value a rost people like it because ultimately people do believe inflation is coming back, and so it is a great hedge against inflation the noncore inspect peeling. >> hayes miller, in here do you agree is in a you -- you are seaing sort of a little bit of a risk adverse people worried what do you advise clients right now? >> sure, maria i think that i would agree with a lot of what has been said the last half hour about what is going on in china. i think there is going to be short-term effects, i think there is going to be medium term effects i thir long-term effects, we are going to try to continue to focus on longer term effects you know what is going to happen over the next year. you know, i think, that if you look at -- the primary goal
7:33 am
that chinese have, it is really not about joining o ifm it is about trying to -- deal with the -- the impossible trinity so that you can't control current account currency interest rates at the same time i think trying to allow you currency tro freely flow, and that allows them to manage their monetary policy more they are trying to introduce a qe, specific kind of a chinese qe, and i think in long term if markets bought off on u.s. qe and then bought off on qe, on draghi's qe not sure why we should not sake xhooinz at word think that a reserve requirement cuts that are likely to come should not be positive for the chinese market, so i think we have to think very hard about whether china doesn't become a buy at 13 and one half times -- >> wow, wow, buy china, dagen first they devalued the currency he can day in a row
7:34 am
central bank tries to prop up currency. >> gentlemen can disagree with me sending a message they are not going to let this currency continue to decline, that they are prepared to step in, and do something about it but i think overall, the picture, i wanting to raise something with you keith, in terms of you talkeding about fixed in being selling fixed in being if you are a seller of ebb treasurys longer term interest rates moved up that was worse move possible last six years because it -- buying opportunity every time a little bit of a sell-off in treasures you've seen again this year. >> i think this time people are getting more kwibd that rates are actually going to begin to move up, though. every time we think we're getting closer something happens, like what are is going on in china may in fact push it out further we would still say by the end of this year you see first hike in fed funds rate. >> people talking about greet bond bubble for at least six years. >> 2009, like the sky is going
7:35 am
to fall you have nothing. >> again not saying the sky is going to fall but we are saying rates are going to start to move up going to be part of a long-term rate normalization process when that does happen bonds prices will begin to come down so i think people are just anticipating that, beginning to lighten up because a lot of people have very heavy fixed income xours not running from fixed income a lighterening up in cash letting the world spin a few times figuring out where to go from there ultimately we think will be equities again. >> does everybody here on panel, the investment guys, hayes you included expect federal reserve to raise rates by end of the year keith? september or december. >> -- you think happening doesn't matter. >> doesn't matter by the end of the year. >> what do you think i still say odds are september. >> hays your thoughts on that, does fed -- change the fed's plan? >> quarter point, this year, a quarter point early next year, and then i think we are going to sit and watch it will be data dependent. >> all right.
7:36 am
>> one last guy not here antonio at home watching the program, he tweeted, the fed will move because the kroeblt labor data called for it despite juan devaluation, in terms of about kroebcredibility get out of the zero move. >> i think they want to i think they are very much looking to justify that first enumerate increase would like to get it over as he dave repeatedly said it trace just a second trajectory of subsequent moves. >> near full employment next year probably by middle of next year, unemployment rate below 5, maybe looking 4. 4.7 we think eci next year will be more relative of tightness you can see 3 to 4% pickup in the eci, good for workers. >> the employment cost index you say wages will go up. >> wages go up that is something fed watchess closely kind of the beginning of the process to begin to see it
7:37 am
translating back into inflation more broadly. >> keith good to have you -- >> good to be here. >> keithing banks hayes miller good to see you as well a, berg asset maith headed one of multiare issue national guards tom brady roger goodall for kain court, about those . >> the lifetime ban of pete roast calls treatment offed by a. sandra: injuries, back in a minute. here is a simple math problem. two trains leave st. louis for albuquerque at the same time.
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maria: welcome back keeping on to some stories tracking cheryl casone with headlines. cheryl: good morning. we are keeping you up to speed on latest coming out of colorado. epa administrator mccarthy heading to colorado this morning to view the damage, done by her agency, to the colorado river, apoll apologized for the mine spill that released estimated 3 million gallons of toxic sludge in the river system that spanned into new mexico and utah. expect out this -- potato chips the arcade game coming to life you can see this strapped into a harness. metal clasps, would be dipped in potato chips try to get something good out of there as
7:42 am
you can imagine, vooiriral this morning. >> turning to the never ending "deflategate" saga, tom brady sand roger goodall to appear in courtroom this morning o in attempt to revolve dueling lawsuits next guest says goodell committed a terrible injustice braided not treated fairly or with credibility former major league baseball special counsel john dowd authorize of the report that led to pete processes rife time suspension great to have you on. >> thank you nice to be here. >> go through what you expect to happen today how this may play out. >> well, you will all notice that the judge took ahold of this case, right from the beginning, as soon as it was filed. he laid down the law as to how he wants them to behave, he wanting both parties stipulated as to filings, deadlines, et cetera. and then he he ordered them to negotiate in good faith.
7:43 am
that is a very important thing federal judge tells you negotiate in good faith you do it, because the consequences are significant he can rule against you, down the line. so he has the ultimate hammer because the case is submitted to him for decision, he could decide it the facts are stipulated what hands today, as you recall yesterday, he issued another order, it will go them he is now three times i have never seen a judge do to negotiate in good faith. i am told that the parties have did you go in, although i think the players association have an you are a on the table a smart thing to do particularly in the face of a federal judge, what the judge will do this morning, is he will meet with them, in chambers together. and then he will take them by party. perhaps the commissioner and his lawyer, and he will do it privately tell them let hair
7:44 am
down say what is your position. >> huh. >> and then, and -- have you made an offer, no we haven't, we think we are right. >> well i asked you to negotiate in good faith, did you put anything on the table. >> no, we didn't just doing this hype tetically he says let me tell you i don't think those penalties will stand that is my position right now based on reading the briefs. >> okay. so commissioner why don't you go out talk to your lawyers again, and decide ally you want to make good faith offer meanwhile, i am going to talk to mr. brady and counsel. >> as suggested this is the way i am going to rule better do something about it. >> he told you privately, may not be as blunt as that i am doing it shorthanded for the show here, but he lets you know where he thinks the issues are, he may say you know, i don't think -- i think you made up offenses here penalties never issued, no notice, on the phone, just
7:45 am
tick off i don't care for that i should not overrule an arbitrator this is what is bothering me, so he sends them out, so they know now what is the this cans tom brady comes in with counsel they go through the same thing, and then he goes and then, if they are come back say well you know we will cut it to two games put offer this on the table go back back and forth like a tennis match the judge will talk to them prooi. go back and forth, back and forth, and tell them to consult if making progress, if they are not -- um, you know he will issue an order that i have odeed ordered them report to me three days i want offers on the table this case is going to settle if not on 19th, he is going to have a hearing going to rule. maria: then -- >> they know, what train is coming, so -- he -- >> how quickly could it impact
7:46 am
for being sports fans tom brady not on practice field okay with me, viking fan -- >> but how quickly could this have impact on on field ramifications what it comes down to legal hearings back and forth with judge talking about amount could this impact day one? >> it could if -- if the parties dig in don't make deal. going to have tom brady missing first four games absurd. maria: absurd, you think he was ambushed? >> he was -- he didn't do anything wrong. >> they have no hard evidence, right. >> no hard evidence. who deflated the football. >> fairs know the weather did. i mean it is evidence, but from the second half maria, the footballs were a-ok to go -- they beat them 45-7. >> 45-7. >> even colts concede they got whipped the ball or the
7:47 am
pressure of the ball didn't affect outcome of the game no prejudice -- >> as i said original on your show, this is about nothing. >> but if they are in negotiations of a settlement includes even one-game suspension that says he cheated it seems to say he will not accept that he will not accept anything but basically zero punishment right? >> i am judge i am going to tell the commissioner, look commissioner, there is no case where you suspended anyone a clean record tom unblemish i should record. >> not so much the operat appendicitpatriots. >> non has been suspended for nonsense assuming true. >> trying to make a message of the poster boy nothing is tolerated because you've had so many other issues in the nfl. >> i think so, i think it was
7:48 am
a big show it was a soap opera, he gave it away by the big headlined he destroyed the phone, was not true. and left out the facts that -- that didn't want the phone, he actually cooperated, so to s object structured the investigation was nonsense best thing that happened tom's transcript his testimony you don't know if you read it but terrific you read it you know from talking to people here, whether telling the truth, tom was straight up straight at it, and goodell was questioning him, he could not handle tom's answers he did a terrific job releasing that transcript, by the way, the judge ordered, make this stuff public very important. >> from the pan who was the author of a report that led to banning of major league baseball pete rose good to have you on the show. >> thank you very much, nice to see you all. >> john, meanwhile, drug
7:49 am
kingpin "el chapo" on lam after escape from a mexican presides was it more planned than escape we talk to a leading expert on the mexican drug cartels, you are watching "mornings with maria" back in a minute. >> with the radio blasting goes through as fast as she can now, and she will have fun fun fun till her daddy takes the t-bird away, fun, fun, fun, till her daddy takes the t-bird away ♪ we live in a world of mobile technology, but it is not the device that is mobile,
7:50 am
it is you.
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7:52 am
. maria: welcome back so one month ago notorious criminal perhaps world's most powerful drug kingpin he "el chapo" guzman allegedly escaped by up theel from he holding cell in mexican prison we learn a mexican court ruled to suspend an arrest warrant to extra indict "el chapo" to united
7:53 am
states, mexican cartel expert author of the cartel don winslow great to have you on program one of the foremost authorities on "el chapo" we are thrilled you are here allocates move by mexico to block extradition leaves many to say the government is protecting him. >> i think that is absolutely the case. >> okay. >> really, there are several things to lack at here, "el chapo" organization signing lowa cartel a cozy relationship with mexican government since at least 2001 so this is nothing new the mexican government blocked extradition two weeks before the so-called escape that is second thing, meaning, their protecting chapo chapo does not want to be in united states prison, and three, the mexican government, you know refused our offer of help, for resources, in finding "el chapo," and so when you look at those three things, it tells you an unfortunately story. >> you don't the think this is an escape at ail you called it a departure before we came impact from the break.
7:54 am
>> checked out of this prison, maria basically,. you know. i have said i had harder time checking out of hotels, than chapo had getting out of this prison. >> wow unbelievable. >> you are you believe mexican cost was complicit in that escape some point yes, sir about inevitable that they weren't a-mile long tunnel so months to dig into a maximum security prison identical to the prison, by the way, escaped from in 2001 there is no way that you don't have complicity with the government you might safe simply bribery but more complicated than that, because the government really is better off in some ways with chapo on the outside an inside, because his organization is now by far the most powerful drug cartel, and so that enforces a peace in he mexico they have been desperate to have for years. >> you consider the fact since "el chapo"'s arrest mexico
7:55 am
illegal drug trade was thrown into chaos rival gangs from central america trying to intervene, more chaos and there is a theory the goest released chapo to restore trade get stability back in if drug trade. does that make sense. >> absolutely makes sense. not so much government wants to restore stability for financial purposed but in 10 years chapo starting a war in mexico. >> people in this country have no concept of the level violence among cartels headless boards littering the streets. >> bodies hanging from bridges in the streets, in 10 years of chapo's war if you will over 100,000 people in meks coo were killed, 22000 missing, not coming back. sin looa cartel ibrief passive aid of the mexican government won that war because tdevil they know.
7:56 am
>> famous thought ep challengeo bailed government out in 2008 from financial crisis. >> absolutely. >> that successful with drug trade. >> yes and done it twice they crashed the mexican peso in 1997, to show the government what they could do if they wanting to, in 2008, who was liquid who had cash the cartels had cash, and that money went into real estate, banking stock broeksdz energy all those things. >> how does this play out. >> well, you know it doesn't make a lot of difference at the end of the day. whether it is chapo or somebody else the drugs just as keep coming, so long as the drugs cost 3,000 dollars one side of it border, 30,000 dollars on the other, 80,000 by the time they come here to new york, it will be the same old story. maria: fascinating story, great having you on show final question. >> i am watching the american consumer talking about china, the he american consumer is more important to us we will find out how doing with tomorrow retail sales.
7:57 am
>> out tomorrow john great to have you on show thanks so much expert knowledge on chapo david good to see you as quell day ago ann see you next hour pete, thank you so much colorado governor john hickenlooper on the epa spill.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
hillary clinton personal server discovering highly confidential e-mails alibaba stock punished after mig revenue expectations, macy to report the ceo with us colorado governor john hickenlooper, on the devastating toxic spill caused by epa this is "mornings with maria maria". >> from the fox biers headquarters in new york city here is maria bartiromo. maria: good he wednesday morning welcome back i am maria bartiromo, it is wednesday, august 12, 8:00 a.m. on east coast, with me this hour fox business network
8:01 am
dagen mcdowell and john, of the "the wall street journal." alibaba stock under pressure earnings earlier this hour, missing expectations, on the top line, revenue 3.27 billion dollars, was weaker than analysts expectations, which 3.39 billion republican alibaba beat estimates on earnings per share 59 cents a share, better than 58 cents a share, estimate. jo ling kent of interview alibaba che eooh in varn yea and company this morning, selling pressure across the world, today in china, overnight, we are learning now the government intervened again, to actually prop up the yuan, just after moving to devalue the currency "the wall street journal" says china's government told state banks to sell the dollar, in an effort to, prop up the market. john buffy here to explain it tall, the shanghai composite down better than 1% overnight about 42 points, all news out of china sparked a global sell-off this morning, going to be a tough at a at the eaches take a look at stock market about this morning, under pressure, futures
8:02 am
indicating are a triple digits lose nor dow jones industrial average the open after he more than 200-point selloff yesterday heavy selling in yierp as well tony set overnight in asia has moved throughout the world benchmark indices in england france germany all down is between 1 1/4 and 2 1/2%, hillary clinton personal e-mail server in hands of the justice department. the guy he seizing device after two e-mails through clinton's personal system given one of the government's high west classification ratings top secret ret representatives the 2016 presidential election campaign says mrs. clinton will cooperate with government security, last night on latinity fox news gop candidate donald trump told shane he has problems with the people doing the investigation. >> the e-mail scandal is hey general petraeus for doing a tiny fraction what have she did, his life is destroyed, he has been ruined they found 4 classified he e-mails she said
8:03 am
there aren't any out of 40, there are 60,000 e-mails total, do you think she committed a crime. >> i think she committed a crime the problem that she -- that let's say, everybody has, in terms of finding out, you have democrats the prosecutes they don't want the prosecute her did she commit a crime yes will they prosecute perhaps no. >> you can hear more from donald trump tonight on fox business network, where he joins lou dobbs the 7:00 pm eastern right here tonight blake the latest developments in this deviation to hillary clinton e-mails in washington right now where the very latest blake good morning. >> good morning to you once again hillary clinton e-mail server will no longer be private, her campaign says that is along with related thumb drive hand does over to the fbi, clinton as you probably remember previously said she would not turn over that server for independent xapgs, but the changes in course as now fbi investigates the security of clinicupon's e-mail system announcement came on same day, of the he
8:04 am
revelation that tejs community inspector general told lawmakers,that two e-mails on clinicupon's server were top seek ret highest classification for intelligence a source familiar with the pat tells fox the information contained cia intelligence, as recently as two weeks ago, clinton defended those e-mails, existing on her server. >> i am confident that i never sent nor received any information that was classified, tote it was sent, and received. >> however, the calls for accountability continue to grow, house speaker boehner for one saying quote, secretary clinton's oppressive statements that she possessed no classified information, with pat ently untrue, from handling of classified information must be fully investigated, on the political front headlined in the boston herald this morning is this poll, shows bernie sanders with a 7-point lead over
8:05 am
clinton, in hampers, that maria, is a first, and the first time if boston herald conducted a poll a few months ago earlier this year schee had 25-point lead. now that pass flipped. to negative status. >> unbelievable that bernie sanders is leading mrs. clinton, thanks very much joining us in fox wisconsin s exclusive former whitewater independent counsel former federal prosecutor robert ray we appreciate your time what are observations about this server in the hands of the justice department. >> that is a significant development that means in the hands of the gi, fbi doesn't do anything other than criminal investigations. and i don't think donald trump is quite right, because the headed of the fbi is jim combee the former deputy attorney general in the bush mix. >> that is an interesting point i am glad you brought that up yeah. >> it is a significant development, although a little early to jump to the conclusion about what could be made of this as far as a
8:06 am
criminal case is concerned, the first question and mrs. clinton points to the rissue wae time. and as far as criminal case is concerned, the people that had access to that information, transferred it did they know that it was classified. >> i mean if those were classified two e-mails, i understand what you are saying maybe are weren't classified at the time, wasn't everything sending, how do you get around not having classified information if it is all coming from the same server? >> it is tough, because this looks a little bit like a private government going on. >> right. >> dangerous thing presumably why we have all these rules in the first place she is secretary of state so operating at highest lelz of government has access to classified and top secret information so a problem, particularly a problem, as again donald trump points outs and others have pointsdz out, including at the time, senator john mccain what unfairness this is when you compare that to the situation about how this matter was handled
8:07 am
relative to general petraeus. >> i am glad you brought that up everyone comparing to general petraeus general petraeus treated more harshly. >> it is. >> so far. >> it is a question of equal treatment under the law. >> john. >> talk to us about the server, at the e-mails were erased from server, clinton has said that look we have taken everything off, that was -- that was -- kind of related to this issue, and personal to me, and that wasn't done she says, with any mall ev lens can zbi reconstruct that. >> they maybe able to in today's world anything that is on a server, or trafficked you know electronically is never foyle cable of being deleted, to say the fbi has access to pretty sophisticated techniques to recover anything that once may have been on that server even if attempts made to deleted light.
8:08 am
>> if steps not being covered you mean. >> i think lyle to find out the something now you know there are people, who are sophisticated capable of erasing without a trace not something average person is capable of doing. >> politically how much does this hurt her how far goes does it needy to go to do real damage to her campaign maybe look at bernie sanders poll about new hampshire, say it is already hurting. but with justice department bigger question how far do they procure this particularly election year one controlled by a democratic president. >> that raises the political question a far more klt thing to determine one thing to have fbi investigating as they appropriately should do, because they are a national security implications involved it is quite another thing to it is quite another thing to talk about entering the higher security implications involved it is quite another thing to talk about entering the higher reaches of the justice department, and prosecutorial authority to decide whether or not a case should be brought begins a her or against any of
8:09 am
her people it suggests dwifb the signs that we're seeing many of the people that you know her staff, are now getting lawyers, they are obviously, concerned about the potential can complications. >> server over to a avoid the fbi going in taking it, that is the -- >> she was saying that server will stay private now it is not. >> this thing, this thing led with her lawyer david kendall apparently had access at least to coast of a portion of that server on a flash drive, and he is now you surrendered the flash drive to the gibb when lawyers get involved it is complicated flurry concerns a lawyer would be legitimately concerned about infomercial angs of objectstruction of justice. >> bottom line getting icatrse. >> a serious. >> good to have you on the program. >> thank you so much about ro either are ray joining us breaking news in earnings alert, macy's second quarter numbers moments oserver o cutti guidance cheryl casone with the numbers cheryl this is one of the first looks at once again, a weak a retail
8:10 am
environment. cheryl: absolutely, macy disappointing, dis chpointed in second quarter numbers we got numbers moments ago let me go through retail giant reporting sales of 6.1 billion, on earnings of just 64 cents a share, the stock, getting hit a little bit in premarket right now watching it for you, down about 2 dollars, macy's cutting outh for are 2015 couple things to wouldn't it point out question marks what they would do with real estate he hoelthsdz they announced a deal with -- to sell part of the brooklyn real estate holthsdz also making other moves with tissueman, also quick arkounced macy's china this is big macy's xhooin they have announcedjoint venture to etisergz market in china ticat headlines i pulled out of the earnings report. >> that is the big point, because after this trying to get macy's to sell some real estate we will talk about ceo
8:11 am
mang n's terry coming up to ask why he is cutting guidance for 2015 what is going on there, in the retail world an important one, thanks very much cheryl, up next jeb bush unveils aughressive plan to e.ow u.s. economy we will lay out his vision, tell you the what he said last night that is next.
8:12 am
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8:14 am
maria: formerfully governor jeb bush setting the bar high speaover ng about job creation, in his goal to double the current u.s. growth rate during last week's debate. >> a 4% growth strategy means you fix a convoluted tax code you get in and you change every agovernect of regulations that are job killers you get rid of obamacare, and rers mlac it with something that doesn't as you press wages, and -- kill jobs brace the energy re grolving in our country in president hillary clinton can't even say she is for pipeline even at oer she left? give me a break. >> to talk about where the jobs are former apple csell john
8:15 am
cully former ders muty assistan secretary, global finder president david, this you so much for joining us first david what do you think about jeb bush's 4% growth lacpectation is that even doablctio >>. >> hi maria yeah i think doable, in fact most business ng ncles do you get to u. grogoh so not a big stretch at all that is basically, a statement, on how slow grogoah has been, in this recovery cycle, so if you have tax g $g ig ig ig ig ig ig ig ig i ! simplification don don that line great get rers mover nlica obimact same line of tax simplification, adds to growth i think ironic obama's polins aes have basically tserv from the middle class given it to the top 1% you know we have this gianled save over ng sound around the economy, from -- because of the zero percent g his rig ig ig ig ig ig ig ig ! suunvidy for issueers big bond
8:16 am
issueers subdivided by what the fed is doing held dorig, the -- the median income, is to this is certainly doable and the details one thing i like about what bush is doinis c is just sticking to message, there is a clarity in tapeling about e.owth and strength abroad. >> john scully you are all about growth the way you invesled and where you are finding, investment ideas you were ceo of apple, where are the jobs in the grogoah stories tgyay in this new modern economy. >> i think, we're seeing technologu. is entirely new character what a job is, for example, in independent contractors, really work on a project csis, are becoming a larger part of the workforce, so we're seeing that contingent work will be maybe upwards of 30, to 40%, of the workforce. over the -- over the, going to have a huge impact in terms of lifestyle where people ligu, becs gise they can ligu wherever they want able
8:17 am
to work remotely using technology. >> you mentioned unicorns whao those are you rclinerring to why can important in terms of job creation. >> unicorns, nceo companies cermsed by huge amounts of capital quickly reaching multibillion dollar market values the reason is that they are going into giant industries, that need clinfins aenns aes that need hao ã caet the old ways of doing business uber, takes out the inefficniency of panhandler trangovernortation air band b inefficiencies of hospitality industry i am involved in a isenicorn in consumer c finance empower credit a different way of bringing technolorin that simplifnies how thank you get your credit finance improved immediately load by a brilliant invent other of technology that is changed the game. >> top story in the "the wall
8:18 am
street journal" yesterdau. a story about health care, and uber for health care, where you basically it is lyings medical professionals on did he man number one read story. >> the mgyern econobus technolorin healtavicare do you think jeb bush understands moerndz econobus knows where nea bijounv are that is not lik any other economy he we've seen. >> i think he does, we will have to see, how you actually -- bring the government, i mean one of the thinptg youmbee been discussing here not cost created jobs we are talking about unicorn econobus in a way, it is the -- the freedom to actually and an. >> right. >> so bush is all about that i thinum some other rers mover nl candidates also have done that, meaning that is a theme that is running through this deers m bench that republicans have in the candidates.
8:19 am
ú . >> of you companies all this
8:20 am
money, do you think they will bring that money back, if a change in the -- >> a huge opportunity to get this 4% growth four trillion dollars overseas, that money is brought back, and negotiated to get some of the infrastructure investment, i think you will see a big change in terms of the up lift of growth in the economy, just going back to health care, because we hit on a really important growth opportunity 3 trillion-dollar industry that is unsustainable bring in unicorn opportunities for consumer virtual care a booming year of growth, all of the people in ecosystem health care realize you've got to give consumers more of a roll in their own. >> here is the -- i will look like kate upton before we get tax reform in this country. >> i think it is beautiful. >> this you so much want to have you on the program john,
8:21 am
david malpass we will be right back, stay with us.
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
. maria: welcome back, back to g nfl commissioner roger goodall in a courtroom to resolving dulying lawsuits, good morning. >> good morning waiting for everybody involved to show up, you talk about tom brady, roger goodall the lawyers for the nfl players association they are going to be 10:30 having a private conference, the judge in this case berman asked them to try to come to a segment at 11:00 there will be the public segment conference, a hearing to see if they made progress if they have not, they will have to file motions on friday, and then there will be another hearing, on 19th of
8:25 am
august. the very simply one sentence statement about what is going on here is did the nfl goodall overstep bounds, their authority under collective bargaining agreement trying to revolve when you look at previous cases about punishments executed by nfl overturned for instance ray rice everybody remembers that situation not too long ago he actually had an indid he have net suspension two-game suspension the suspension was overturned by an arbitrator that is what is at play here not only what goodale did did he overshep bounds of the collective bargaining agreement, you spoke with john dowd who said this. >> i think it was a big show, it was stop a opera, he gave it away by the big headlined he destroyed the phone which
8:26 am
was not true. and left out the facts that -- that he didn't want the phone, he actually cooperated, so to say object structured investigation, was nonsense. >> no light a wet in matters lawyer consulted for instance major league baseball, on similar kinds of matters was involved in different investigations, projecter goodall speaking last night in illinois the judge is known for getting to matters quickly, he doesn't drag things on he told these two parties to, try and come to a segme settlement goodale said we will cooperate fully with that allow the judge to handle the process from there. >> we will be watching, citigroup equity strategy with us on u.s. global markets in fives chinese pressure retail sales numbers out tomorrow we will be right back ♪ ♪ can a business have a mind?
8:27 am
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>> good morning, welcome back, i'm maria bartiromo. macy's reporting disappointing second quarter numbers. sales of 1.6 billion dollars on earnings of 64 cents a share. the stock taking a hit in the pre-market and cutting its full year outlook for sales for 2015. in a few minutes we'll talk with macy's ceo terry lundgren and a new exclusive deal with alibaba to bring macy's to china. and speaking of alibaba, missi missing. and better than expected 58 cents a share. and jo ling kent with interview them later this morning on "varney & company."
8:31 am
a global selloff. we're learning that the government intervened to prop up the yuan, after a move to devalue the currency, the government told state banks to sell off the dollar to prop up markets. and that was about 42 points. stock in the u.s. under pressure, indicating triple digit losses for the dow jones industrials after more than 200 point selloff yesterday and seeing heavy selloff in europe, the benchmark indexes in england, france and germany down between 1 and 2 1/2% right now. hillary clinton's personal e-mail server now in the hands of the justice department. the fbi seized her server after two e-mails that went to the personal system were giving one of the government's highest classification ratings. that rating top secret. the representative for the 2016 election campaign say that mrs. clinton is cooperating with the government security inqueries. last night on hannity on fox
8:32 am
news. g.o.p. candidate donald trump told he had problems with the people doing the investigation. >> to me the scandal is, general petraeus for doing a tiny fraction of what she did, his life is destroyed and ruined, classified e-mails, she said out of 40 and there's 60,000 e-mails total. do you think she committed a crime? >> i think she committed a crime. the problem that everybody has in terms of finding out, you have democrats are all the prosecutors. and they don't want to prosecute her. did she commit a crime? yes. will they prosecute her? perhaps no. maria: you can hear from donald trump when he joins lou dobbs. the markets, the china sparking selloffs across the world and after the country devalued its currency once again. and the city's research chief,
8:33 am
the u.s. economic strategist, it's nice to have you on the program. >> good to be here. maria: why is china causing an upset on the global markets? >> china has three different aspects. one is, if there's a significant economic problem in china and the growth isn't there. you have a glut of everything, not just iron ore in the world and that will undermine corporate profits. number two, it's an important part of the growth story for a number of companies beyond just the gdp type growth. china can grow your business even faster so they've invested in there. and the third thing is, it's the beginning of a currency war, disinflationary factors and that's what they're grappling with. the interesting thing is china has done a few moves before and it doesn't seem to be taking root so people are getting more concerned about a deeper kind of china. and nonetheless, is the concern is the markets and that's why you're seeing the pullback. maria: for a time china was seen as the growth jewel of the world and everybody had to have
8:34 am
exposure in china and had a chance to sell with the china people. it's moving from an export economy to a consumer economy from china. when you're trying to move people to say, turn left. a few people forget where left is and get trampled by it. the notion that you can even in a command economy shift that rapidly is probably going to see a few bumps. it's probably going on and nonetheless, the fear is deeper than that. >> and your clients who have a portfolio to worry about, a 401(k) to worry about, what do you do on a day when you know that the market is going to sell off at the hope? >> you take advantage of it. and something that we call our panicky model. it's proprietary model factors in it and it's 90% probability that you're going to make money in the next 12 months which is way above average. we look at the earnings environment and the u.s. economy is gathering some steam. is it going to be robust growth? probably not. probably need a little bit more on regulatory understanding,
8:35 am
fiscal restraint. that would give it more confidence, but things are getting better and therefore, we see earnings carrying the u.s. market up 4% by the end of this year, 8% in the year's time which is a respectable concern. we've got the retail numbers coming out and that's the fiscal earnings tonight after the bell. that's an indication of of corporate spending. those two elements are supposed to be very important for the global recovery to actually pick up some momentum. what are you expecting in terms of corporate spending and consumer spending? >> we track 640 companies, noncapital spending trends and they are growing ex-energy. one area you're seeing the pu pullback and they're not demanding as much equipment and services, beyond that we're growing 6 of% on corporate capital spending, so, this is what companies tell us they intend to do. number two, on the consumer side, i think a lot of people have been kind of disappointed
8:36 am
that we haven't seen this, if you like tax cut benefit from-- >> now we haven't seen it. >> there's usually about a 18 month lag. and people see that and yet it takes longer for consumers to ind coo-- kind of, if you want to bake in the budgets. and we're probably on the verge of the same wage increases. it's nice to have 250,000 a month. that's great. we want the people to be working, but you actually want the 129 million people who are working getting in the wage increases and it does seem that we're on the cusp of that and a decent holiday selling season. as wages go up, you think they're going up and people are putting that money in the economy and two-thirds of the economy is spending and those important for the recovery? >> and i would joke around and say i didn't understand the american consumer until i married one and hopefully my wife isn't watching, but the resilience of the american
8:37 am
consumer generally is pretty profound and you give them the ability to buy some stuff. we track pentup spending and discretionary consumer spending and total consumer spending darn low. >> you like the u.s. stocks? >> i like the u.s. stocks, there's upside here and it's going to be earnings driven, that's the key. >> sure, tobias, good to have you on the show. >> good to be here. >> coming up next, epa administrator jeanie mccarthy headed to the seen of her agency's disaster. governor john hickenlooper is responding to the dirty water in colorado in a minute. ♪ these two oil rigs look the same.
8:38 am
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>> welcome back. epa administrator jeanie mccarthy apologizing for the mine spill, taking responsibility for the cleanup. mccarthy will visit durango, colorado and meet with officials later today. joining us on the phone is colorado governor john hickenlooper. thank you for calling in. >> nice to be on the show. maria: can you characterize what has happened and how bad the river is? >> well, the -- excuse me, obviously, we're very
8:42 am
frustrated by the time, the response time that, you know, it took more than a day to get involved and be aware of this. but you know, we've moved past that. like there was a lot of anger and frustration. before the surge, the heavy metal got to durango, we had groups of nine pages, each of them with a dozen in it, three groups at the front of river, three groups in the middle of durango and three further down. the cages were in the river as the surge went of those 108 fish, 107 are perfectly fine. one is dead, which is typical when you move the fish around and we looked at invertebrates and bugs on the bottom of the river that fish eat, no killoff there. we looked at the acidity, for six or eight hours was very,
8:43 am
there was a surge of high acidity heavy metal water through the river, but that seems to be almost back to normal or we'll be reopening-- or suggesting to the local sheriff, he's the one who decides to open or close the river, but soon, my expectations will be if they go back and open the river and get back to rafting. durango is one of the most beautiful places on earth and it's hard for them and we want the world to know it's open for business. maria: everybody is looking at this in horror. particularly after the new rules from the epa. it feels like if this was business who did this this would be all over the place and massive attacks, we know that mistakes happen, but what is this river used for predominantly. is this drinking water, is this for crops? what are the ramifications of this drudge in the water?
8:44 am
>> well, the amimas rivers is one of the most beloved of many rivers in colorado loved by the people durango, it's used for irrigation, whitewater rafting, some of the greatest fly fishing in the world. i don't think there will be any long-term effects from this, you know, it did washed through and it's almost back to normal right now. so, we didn't see any kill yoo of of aquatic life of any sort. we might have dodged a bullet and gotten very lucky here and this is one of the things, i don't think there will be nagging problems. the imagery is probably the worst people look at that river that, you know, for about six or eight hours was kind of yellow orange. well, that's a terrible image to broadcast to the world. maria: it's a bad image. here from wall street wall street journal.
8:45 am
>> the epa was trying to fix a problem and the mine was already leaking this stuff. they blew it and this is a breach. this is one mine among thousands in the west that have been abandoned in which you have in many cases a similar kind of collection of toxic materials. are we looking at something happening in colorado now that is going to be happening elsewhere and this is a harbinger of problems that we haven't solved that are going to come back to haunt us? >> with he will-- well, you're exactly right. this is a legacy of a lot of the economy in the west and going back more than 100 years was mining and getting gold and silver and other minerals for many, many decades. we don't think there's going to be a whole-- you know, you're right, there are thousands of other wells that are leaking polluted water in the stream that we are-- we have them ranked and assessing each of them and go back with the epa and review
8:46 am
the assessments and look at where are the priorities and revisit that again, some that we haven't looked at in years, maybe even eight or ten years, but i think that if there's a silver lining here, it's a wakeup call that we've got to go out and maybe look at the new legislation, there's a good samaritan law that has been talked about for many years, in many caseses company that did the mining and bankrupt has been long gone. anybody who does anything to try and reduce the pollution becomes liable for all the pollution that's already there. >> wow. >> that doesn't make sense, right? so, i think our senators, michael ben knit and gardner are going to look at that closely with our congressional representatives to the well and how do we make-- we've had a lemon here and how do we make lemonade. maria: sure, thanks for weighing in and we hope that it's kind us at this point. thank you. >> thank you. maria: colorado governor john
8:47 am
hickenlooper there. and the ceo and chairman terry lundgren is with us next. ♪ ♪ and i am a material girl ♪ ♪ you know that we are living in a material world and i am a material girl ♪ when sends craig wilson a ready for you alert the second his room is ready, ya know what he becomes? great proposal! let's talk more over golf. great. how about over tennis? even better. a game changer! the ready for you alert, only at
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>> welcome back. a lot of news out of macy's. the second quarter earnings earlier this hour. disappointing sales on earnings of 64 cents a share and the company is cutting its full year outlook for 2015. they're entering with alibaba to sell in china. terry lundgren is joining us. thank you for joining us. let's get to the quarter and what happened and what you're
8:51 am
seeing in terms of the consumer. and why cut guidance? >> we're cutting-- first of all, tough quarter top line, down 1 1/2% and same-store sales for us, not what we expected. clearly, this quarter was our toughest, going against a 4% comp. maria: a year ago your best quarter comparisons. >> the international tourism, maria, they're not here and because of the strength of the dollar and when they're here, they're not spending on discretionary items. they're going to hotels, but we can track by stores, i can tell you in las vegas how much they spent in brazil versus in canada, versus china, versus germany because of the way we can track this information and they're all down significantly. it's a number for us. maria: the dollar is making everything that much more expensive. >> frankly we benefit more in
8:52 am
good times when the dollar is weak and tourists are here and we're hurt more in times like this and frankly the consumers are spending money in different places. they're buying houses and automobiles and health care is more expensive and they're downloading every possible app. at some point in time they're going to be finished with na and get to the categories and hoping it's going to be the second half. maria: and you see some weakness on important brands so important for macy's like a michael coors, like a ralph loren. >> we're growing, but not as fast as we were last year and the year before. so that impacts us, we're the largest seller of all the brands. i would not count those guys out. consumers like the fashion brands and would i not count them out. we're in a fashion business and those guys, i believe, will be back. dagen: there any way to tweak the product lineup, and the stores come the holiday season to juice the interest in products? in terms of your turn around time, can you do that? >> yeah, first of all, it's
8:53 am
about a six month turn around time, if we haven't done it, we're not going to do it for the holiday season, the good news is that a couple of the key categories that are working, athletic, we talked about, athletic apparel and footwear. >> that's hot. >> that's very, very hot, it's great for that category if it's replacement for the dress and jacket you're wearing, not good overall, but for the category it's very, very good. denim is new for us in terms of its growth. we're a powerhouse denim retailer and we attract a young consumer and back to school started out well for us. but the apparel has been challenging, but at some point in time every woman in america is going to say i need something. >> only have enough leggings and i need to move on. maria: john bussey. >> let's come over to the mood of the consumer, we had tobias on talking about resilience of the american consumer, very positive and operate m is-- optimistic. you're seeing another mood,
8:54 am
distracted by purchases. give us a trajectory, wages are stagnant, slightly rising. what happens in the section six or 12 months. >> the savings rate is strong so i think that consumers are saving more than they have in the past. maria: they're saving money. >> long-term that's a good thing, but if history repeats itself and they have a tendency to do that, they will break into the savings and spend particularly around the holiday season. if that happens the way i suspect it will, it should be, should put retailers like ourselves and others in a better position for them to break loose with some of those, and now they have their home and their automobile and spend it on sweaters and apparel and accessories. maria: we've got to get to other topics, in brooklyn, selling real estate. i know an activist investors wanted you to sell some of the real estate. are you responding to them? explain what you're doing in brooklyn. >> the reeal estate-- we've been working on a
8:55 am
transaction in brooklyn well over a year. jerry spire and myself originally, but his team at tischman and the macy's teamworking together with multiple bidders in the process to redevelop the brooklyn market. we started to give out a remodel of brooklyn. why remodel brooklyn, brooklyn is on fire. let's transform the neighborhood, this deal is going to do that. we're selling the top floors we're not using in the old building. we're selling the garage next door so they're going to redevelop this whole area into, i'm not sure exactly, but upscale office and the like. that's more customers for our store and we're going to invest in that sort and plus, have 1100 million on the store investment and 170 million we can return to shareholders. so, this kind-- and we still own the store, we still own the store. >> sounds like a great deal. >> this is the kind of deal, maria, i would love to see us do more of. and you're going to hear more about these kinds of transactions from me. >> and a quick deal on alibaba
8:56 am
and china? >> yes, victor and his daughter sabrina, they have a great relationship with fung retailing group and see us with a joint venture, partnership. the difference, we're going to own the inventory in hong kong so there will be no 40% duty. no major shipping from america, this is a big transformational opportunity and we're going to sell it on the team on alibaba. maria: you're not worried about what the chinese government are doing, in the market? >> i'm new there, i have an advantage i'm starting fresh, not last year's numbers. dagen: that was said like a retailer. maria: thanks for joining us, terry lundgren, chairman and ceo at macy's. we'll be right back. and automation. digital life gives you round-the-clock monitored home security for your family's peace of mind... plus with the easy-to-use app, you can access your system remotely from your smartphone, tablet or pc...
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>> welcome back. take away for the day, john bussey. tobias pointed out rightly that the issue isn't where exactly the yuan is going to end. is it up a percent, down a percent?
9:00 am
what it means for the health of the chinese economy and is china now going to export deflation to the rest of the world. maria: that's the story, dagen, where we're seeing global selloffs. dagen: exactly, how week does the world look at this. it's shocking and if you're a jets fan, i'm sorry for you, the quarterback with a broken jaw. maria: thank you, dagen and john bussey for joining us today. have a great day, stuart over to you. stuart: thank you, maria. china at it again. has the big stock slide started? hillary in trouble, has her slide started? good morning, everyone, 30 minutes from now, stocks will come down again big time. it's about a second china devaluation, we're close to 16,000 on the the fbi will have hillary clinton's private e-mail server. if there is a smoking gun, it's on that server. she's got a big legal problem. and a political problem, too.


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