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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  September 1, 2015 6:00am-9:01am EDT

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looking at a 2% decline right now. a rush to buy gold as a safety play this morning. pulled up almost $9 an ounce. right now you can see it is that ninth 60, almost 1%. a fire sale on stocks under way. major average in britain, france and germany at triple digit losses with the decline of 2.5 and two and three quarters of a percent. asia has become a daily waiting game sitting on their hands waiting for the government to come in and stimulate the market by buying stocks. the shanghai down one and a quarter% overnight. the other asian markets to japan's nikkei average getting flamed. 700-point loss in japan. the hang seng index nearing 500 laws. looking at sharp declines on the asian markets.
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we want the latest batch of hillary clinton e-mails out. some details about our relationship with israel and the prospect of a college be named after the presidential candidate. 125 e-mails on the account of the former secretary of state later deemed classified and the i.t. crew knew little if anything about the private e-mail server. >> they may be changing tactics. if i get to 15 questions in a row, count them. he's going to go nuclear now. maria: presidential candidate chris christie telling jimmy fallon the plan to out trump donald trump. a huge week. drives underway with a lot of money on the line. one of the big questions is if you should take tom brady in your draft with the deflategate scandal hanging over his head. get back to the market seemed huge losses.
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big moves as u.s. stocks sell off this morning. a 350 points out that the opening of trading this morning. this morning adding to the one at triple digit swings over the last week and a half. oil prices upsetting investors with a big part of the story. the market erase the month of losses in the last few days. you can see what has been going on. would decline as much as 4% overnight as the wild swings in oil continue. the kinetic decline of 4822 where oil is this morning, down 2%. weak manufacturing data really setting the tone for the market and oil. september historically. you've been negative for a while. finally, you're looking for. >> is pretty negative. not a lot of news out there. where is the growth. you've got to have tell the
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government comes in and manipulate the market so we might see a potential about. transfer the jobs number on friday in the saw comes back to the growth or lack of roads in the u.s. i keep mentioning corporate earnings because it's a big part of the story. dagen: growth expectations going into next year. the estimated have been falling. more pressure on the stock market. is it a good time with other reserve move sooner rather than later. an indication of the weekend that the federal reserve is on track to raise rates. maybe not september but they've got two more meetings to make the move. if they don't raise market tumbles because it sends a signal the u.s. is weaker than they thought. >> i think that's a bigger negative because people would say wait a minute, we can't raise interest rates because the economy is so weak.
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>> that's the point. dagen: i will bet you $20. the >> there's no chance. maria: let me ask you. we have the jobs report on friday. how would you characterize the economic picture? >> it is tough. the political side we've had chinese skeptics and there's no way they will overtake the u.s. economy precisely because the political situation is so precarious. i wonder from the economic side, do you think the argument will come back strong after what we see in past month? maria: the chinese market has been front and center. >> we know a time in this country -- dagen: as a reminder there is nothing free in the nation, 200 people were arrested in may announced on monday talking about analysts, journalists were
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basically talking on the market and confess their sins. >> it is so outrageous to buy my stock market selloff with trillions of dollars lost on the journalists. maria: but that is what you are contending with. manipulation from start to finish. the >> which you can't >> which it happens they were the passengers, people like tom friedman admit to a twinge of jealousy over the chinese economy. you can't really build the free market economy from beijing when you have status they are every day. this is not the way you need to have a stable domestic -- stable and free domestic political situation that the two are inextricably intertwined. >> the bottom line is -- maria: communism is not the same. capitalism different than communism.
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maria: we hitched our wagon to that. maria: meanwhile botching the state department watching 7000 additional pages are 125 e-mails contain information the state department says is classified. blake burman has the details. good morning to you. reporter: good morning to you as well. many of those e-mails are heavily redacted. they've now been deemed us classify and contain messages from hillary clinton's advisers discussing a wide range of foreign issues and leaders. upon the release of the 7100 pages made public last night, the state department continued to come to put aside by saying that it is routine to upgrade classified information. but in defense of practices by saying nothing she e-mailed was marked classified at the time. the new e-mails might question clinton's claim that her one device setup was done for convenience. it appears she also use an ipaq.
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your has arrived. could respond by saying that's exciting news. do you think meat entre nous can teach me to use it on the flight next week it she joked about having multiple e-mail addresses. shell server to addresses. shell server to susan rice, feel free to use whatever current address any time. maria: thank you so much. taking a hit from the aim of controversy. there is a debate among her supporters. >> you have seen it happen to a couple of previous presidents that she has been tagged as dishonest, untrustworthy in the american mind. once you get tagged as that, it is difficult to shed the label. but as happens with a couple of previous presidents by richard nixon and bill clinton. tricky and slick willie. that is what is tracking her down in the polls and that is
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why you see joe biden contemplate and bernie sanders and barack obama ran on bringing bipartisanship to washington and cleaning up the place. nobody is going to save let's elect hillary clinton. she will come in and clean up washington. maria: you've got some laughs i'm not one. dagen: that would help her given her current situation. train to the poll that came out the other day, the first three words that describe hillary. what was that? lauren: liar, untrustworthy -- >> they are all true. maria: entre dagen: the point being they earned the moniker is in office. she brings this and is trying to run for the president. and once again prove she did not have the e-mail account for convenience.
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it is going to take something much bigger to blow up in her face beyond the week off from these e-mails. maria: is a piece that you wrote, also writing big donors are still hoping that romney will enter the race. what are you hearing in terms of that romney and do expect him in the race? >> i think it is unlikely romney will jump in the race. i think it does speak to the absolute chaos on the republican side and how much it is i'm doing the republican establishment. outsiders at the top of the polls and right now the political candidates for scott walker candidates for skop awkward candidates for scott walker and mark or rubio is not to engage with those people. it's simply not working. maria: pretty unbelievable in terms of the outrage on the the people. >> people act like they're tired. everything goes back to when you're not part of the establishment you can't be the president. why can't you?
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why can't someone from the outside step in? >> that is that people are waiting for with the outsiders are we haven't seen that yet. none of them have engaged as candidate whether it be donald trump or ben carson and make the case about why they are better qualified to be president. the same jeb bush comeback of donald trump as they are not ideologically conservative. i don't know if you've noticed but donald trump supporters are supporting him because he's ideologically consistent. we haven't seen people come back at them with regard to the argument they are making to the american people. >> recognized the united states is a business in the corporation and not something we have to worry about. you can't go in and start randomly firing people, which people say donald trump will be able to do. you've got to get along.
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you don't like the speaker of the house, task. maria: it's not a reality show. don't miss my interview with michael moore case in the hillary clinton e-mails. he's coming out. we will bring it back. can ex we continue to follow the selloff. futures of major losses. we are expecting a decline for the dow jones industrial average of about 330 points, 2% lower. apple may be the newest name to get into the original content being taken on the likes of hulu at netflix. we will bring you that story when we come back. stay with us. ♪ can a business have a mind?
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trained to do is futures pointed to a triple digit selloff at the open for the dow jones industrial average actors saw their worst august in two decades. expecting a decline of 300 points if you didn't. apple in relation to markets in just a moment. first, cheryl casone with a look at other headlines this morning. >> good morning, maria. wrapping up the african coast hurricane fred now a tropical storm again. the first to hit the cape verde islands since the 1800s. fred is not a concern for the u.s. eastern coast. via chrysler with a recall of the jeep grand cherokee. more than 200,000 of the 2014 models have a static call them that makes windshield wipers take. he was making money and off the market volatility. that would be different would be the front man of you to come of the world's wealthiest popstar
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because he had a 3.6% of facebook's ipo and investment valued at $1.4 billion. ideally, you mentioned apple, the stock bouncing around with the $112 mark as it ramps up later this month. but how about that first piece of original programming from the company. apple has been holding talks in recent weeks with hollywood executives to explore as hers to produce entertainment. they want to take on netflix. of course they need to do something about making content. i think they might be late to the party on this one. >> it's interesting to think about apple creating content. trained dagen: at his bio is up for so long negative on netflix because the content is not scalable to a other technology companies are.
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you've had more and more players come in to buy content. apple to the report made an unprecedented bid for the himelfarb after they were fired from the bbc and amazon came in and paid jeremy clark $56 million. >> they have all that cash. forget trying to make shows or movies. >> netflix -- i did upgrade. when it's all done, they will swallow them out. either buried them, but eventually they don't have enough money to compete with these guys and they'll get knocked down. it is scary for netflix. >> it even though apple is not a content creator, taken by. >> they have more than netflix is worth its >> sony pictures could be a
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steal right now. the same as the root for that they talk about creating divisions that could look at content. that is like three years away. dagen: i just hope we've maintained a high level of con 10 because some of the stuff -- >> the house of cards, wasted my time. >> good story. straight ahead, the biggest three-day rally since 1990. we'll make in a major to the downside it will take you live to chicago in the cme group next.
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maria: welcome back. a lot of shocks this morning. oil prices and stop prices down sharply. oil done on somebody's chinese manufacturing data this morning after crude fall entrance of the biggest rally back in 1990. phil flynn is that the cme group with more. weather moves in oil after the last couple of days. >> it is incredible, maria. a huge selloff overnight after the chinese data came out. leave it or not we're sitting in a good rebound over the last hour or so. part of that is because the european manufacturing data was also weak, which would really mean because of low inflation and weak data in europe we may see more stimulus and at the same time. some doubts about how weak the manufacturing number really was in china. "the wall street journal" came up with the report does that beware about reading too much
6:23 am
into the number. part of that could've been because of the shut down a factory because of the explosion as well as the possibility of the soviet manufacturing neck today. maria: phil flynn at chicago. what do you think? >> oil had a major short squeeze. once we had 3750 last week, that was the magic button market exploded. we are basically parabolic. but you've got to watch as the $50 level. if we get through and sustain it, i think we could go higher. otherwise we are not going to be surprised to see the lowest tested once again. overall longer-term and i think you seem to play out in the oil service. maria: is in that the because china is going down and also because there's so much oil on the market. longer term, would not mean lower oil? >> you would think so.
6:24 am
if we are going to be a growing economy, we keep getting numbers from people here. if you think that would create a bigger demand and we would use the oil. but the growing population, you will see oil somewhere in this area. maria: we've been through over the past several decades all of this volatility in oil prices. for oil independence, energy independence for the u.s. senate that protect the country from all this volatility in oil markets. >> this is one of the reason it's down below because of the vast amount of production out of the united states. it is healthy and the bomber and can assure from an oil price is greater because of the supply and the new technologies. it does hurt job creation and does hurt a dozen states in this country. i will say people always blame
6:25 am
the speculators when oil is spiking. because a lot of -- i would argue a lot of this downward pressure and oreo is because they anticipate the federal reserve and other banks pull back the cheap and easy money. >> listen, commodities always goes too far one way or the other. everybody loading map saying this will happen. way too much supply. all of a sudden there was nobody left to sell it. maria: how much of the selloff is due to the federal reserve and how much is due to the global slowdown worries? there is also a transition we await for is the fed is about to raise rates that is also unnerving investors. >> i think a big percentage of it is just really the supplied model. i think the slowdown we don't know we still use a lot of oil. still driving cars.
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maria: will take a short break. futures are tumbling. grander points lower so we're expecting. thousands of hillary clinton e-mails released. they do not touch on policy only. we will tell you all about it next. ♪ these two oil rigs look the same. can you tell what makes them so different? did you hear that sound? of course you didn't. you're not using ge software like the rig on the right.
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maria: tough morning for markets. another sell-off on the way to the stock market. i am maria bartiroma. it is september 1st at 6:30 on the east coast. with me is dagen mcdowell.
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todd horowitz of average joy of options and the "national review". it is shaping up to be a tough day for the markets, those looking on a radio futures ended the the u.s. stock market is primed for a decline of 300 points on the offending of trading, looking at 2% decline for the s&p 500 and the nasdaq as well. we are seeing oil down as much as 4%, now down 1% as you can see off of the lows of the day on oil. we are looking at weakness in oil, weakness in stocks, a rush to buy gold as a safety play, almost $9 an ounce. it is $10 as you can see, almost 1%. and stocks under way in europe, major averages in britain, france and germany booking triple digit losses down between 2%, 3%. the latest batch of hillary clinton e-mails came out at
6:31 am
9:00 p.m. last night, details about the u.s. relationship with israel and the prospect of a college being named after hillary clinton. more damning are the 125 e-mails on the account of the former secretary of state that would later be deemed classified. the i t crew and the state department knew little if anything about her private e-mail observer. the draft under way with a lot of money on the line. one of the big questions is if you should take your time brady picking your draft with the deflategate scandal hanging over his head. that is coming up in the program. breaking news the first trading session of the month shaping up to be a tough one for the markets, futures showing stocks primed for triple digit loss, crude oil all over the place but accused rally yesterday. it is down 4%, oil down as you can see at $48.75 a barrel, september historically tough month for the market, a will be
6:32 am
tough with uncertainty around the federal reserve's next interest rate hike. muhamed gave me his thoughts on the sunday morning futures. >> the timing matters. my gut feeling is the won't go in september, there is too much uncertainty. as much as i would like it, they will not go in september. maria: as we get weak economic data you see more people going in september. >> they won't raise. and dagen: this year was the best. >> in 2000 -- merrymaking berets in december. >> going to a presidential
6:33 am
election year. >> is the third political? does dagen mcdowell have a point mayor? they want to raise up presidential election. >> there is a debate whether they would get political. >> the whole situation, it is scripted in 1913, not whatever you see today. this has become like the rest of the government. you get an arrest because everybody is concerned about everything else, $4 trillion, got a lousy growth, no jobs, nothing. >> it is difficult to silo one part of the government and people tend to stay economics happen over here and politics happen here but everything is inextricably intertwined. maria: we have had monetary policy, lower interest rates,
6:34 am
stimulus from q e for several years. we haven't seen that kind of fiscal policy. obamacare was the last major -- >> great program too. we have $4 trillion. >> tax reform, so much to be done and it hasn't happened. dagen: one of the greatest drags on growth in years to come will be obamacare trying to manage the that. we have not seen attacks on cadillac health care plans. that does not kick in until 2018. we have two years before that hits. maria: you wonder if dad and the other regulations out there that have become more stringent, that is keeping the economy in check and not creating jobs you would like to see. >> the banking legislation rolls out, they are preventing american farmers who used to
6:35 am
depend on community banks to borrow money and things that came to get money. they are having trouble staying in business. the fed manipulated as commodity crash? dagen: this economy would be in worse shape in 2008, the ensuing years if they had done jack all. maria: it hillary scandal is growing, another 125 e-mails containing inflation now being classified late last night including in those e-mails conversation with top aide about a u.s. hostage being held in iran and an unflattering conversation about benjamin netanyahu. with sydney bloom and fall. joining the republican side chris christie intelligent jimmy fallon that he may borrow a tactic from the front runner donald trump and go, quote, nuclear at the next gop debate.
6:36 am
>> maybe changing tactics. if i get 15 questions in a row count them all. he will go nuclear now. maria: i want to bring in former clinton adviser richard goodstein and proactive communication president mark e soea soeano. let's talk about the latest dump of e-mails. what is your take on what we learned last night? >> there are lots of this to be looked over the we will hear about today. what is more significant is we are going into labor day and having the same conversation we had on memorial day which added deleterious effect on the polls and hillary clinton's standing in the eyes of viewers. put this in business terms politics is a marketplace like any other and hillary clinton is a defective product that has
6:37 am
been launched recently and when you have a defective product in a startup investors get worried so the question is will hurt investors stay on for look for a hedge to hedge their bets going forward? >> it could be joe biden or bernie sanders. thanks for that. what do you think of power hillary takes her campaign from here? does she act like the e-mail controversy is not a big deal? >> hillary clinton will keep doing what she's talking about, college affordability and revitalizing rural america and tax changes that might help the middle class in clean energy and her political opponents are talking about e-mail and then gauzy. that is the debate, one side talking about ways to help people's lives and the other is talking about things that have nothing whatsoever to do with people's lives. it is through what mark said she wouldn't be beating every single republican in the politics
6:38 am
averages from kazan, memorial day, if everything he said was true, she is running ahead, because she is talking about what man is in people's lives. maria: what is she talking about? >> the fact of the matter is -- maria: what it topics hillary is focused on? >> she talked about revitalizing rural america, she talked-about exchanges. maria: what is your plan for tax changes? >> she is changing corporate tax laws, the run-up and values of these companies as executives have. there is the virtue of 4 company executives, higher and maintain, and salary increases, that is what she is trying to accomplish, that is the bipartisan objective as well,
6:39 am
not just democrats. maria: i am trying to get granularity on what is important to the american people. talking about e-mail scandal, richard is making a good point, things that people care about and others are not but the truth is i think people do care about the overall -- of writing e issue which is integrity, honesty, not being called a liar. >> >> every republican, if people don't care i wonder why the latest pullout of iowa chose bernie sanders that 30% and hillary clinton at 30% and same with new hampshire numbers are very similar, the question is what is the defective product, the best product out there democrats are facing.
6:40 am
>> those people polled in iowa were asked this e-mail controversy bother you and by overwhelming percentages the answer was no. that raised the question why hillary's margin would shrink but not because of e-mail. >> she is a terrible candidate. >> let me talk about a terrible candidate. we think of barack obama as a catalyst candidate. in 2008 hillary clinton got more primary votes than barack obama did. she got more primary votes, won california, new york, texas. i understand she lost but if she was that bad a candidate why would she have been the best candidate of all time in votes? >> the new york times, washington post, and as nbc, these right now are hillary's opponents because the republicans don't have to say anything. it is democrats, the media
6:41 am
taking a closer look at the fbi investigation. i can't imagine having a front runner being investigated by the fbi, lost nt points in the polls since may, miserable candidacy and she is going to be challenged by joe biden because the donors in this race are going to be nervous supporting her moving forward. democrats. dagen: if joe biden doesn't get in the race she has the hot breath of bernie sanders. the important thing to take away from this, do you care about the e-mail scandal, the thing is a candidate is honest and trustworthy? if they're not blowing -- >> great to have you on. thank you. oil prices one of the biggest, the big games falling into the red capping a strong as three day rally in 25 years. opec is ready to talk to while other producers, will the cartel
6:42 am
change its stance? keep it right here. ♪ is it the insightful strategies and analytical capabilities that make edward jones one of the biggest financial services firms in the country? or is it 13,000 financial advisors who take the time to say thank you? 'night jim. gonna be a while? i am liz got a little writing to do. ♪ it's why edward jones is the big company that doesn't act that way.
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maria: u.s. futures point to a triple digit sell-off. look at where we stand with the 2% sell-off in dow futures, we are also about weakness in the s&p and expecting the defendant to present some ofs, apple in
6:46 am
relation to these markets in a moment and cheryl casone has a quick look at other headlines. cheryl: after ramping up hurricanes of the coast, fred no tropical storm, the first hurricane to hit the kitty bird islands but now it is not a concern for the u.s. eastern coasts. chrysler with a recall with the jeep grand cherokee, 200,000 of the models have a static problem that make the wind chill wipers stick. another big story, who is making money and market volatility? botha, the front man, the wealthiest pop star bought 2.3% stake in facebook's ipo. that investment valued at roughly $1.4 billion. you mentioned dapple, that stock actually bouncing right now about the $112 mark in the pre-market ramping up for the company's event later this
6:47 am
month. forget the iphone and one of arouse, first piece of original programming might come from apple, up reporting apple has been holding talks with hollywood executives to explore efforts to produce original entertainment, apple is not commenting on this report. maria: stocks not the only thing selling off, oil prices down on heels of factory data out of china. weak manufacturing set up the challenge which was negative. we are off of the lows of the session. >> pretty dramatically. if you look from when i was on the air we have seen the oil market moved dramatically. we had at $50 rally, making a new highs and it is incredible because there are a lot of side stories going on. it is about china, china news has bad as anticipated maybe
6:48 am
not. will opec cut production? it could change the dynamic and also of a report from energy information administration that says u.s. production numbers are not nearly as strong as anticipated and a lot of traders i talk to still think it is overstating the case when it comes to you as production. a lot of stuff happening. maria: phil flynn chicago.plai. connect the dots. oil prices, stocks, wyatt they always moving in is in direction. >> we have a growth effort, supposedly better earnings, the growth, cap-ex spending, it would leave that we have bigger demand, traders chasing yields, through stock market you want to buy, you want to invest, now you have the chase for real, it changed the game because the
6:49 am
overall program we have, and forced every mom and pop, but -- dagen: buying energy stocks and the market is down, it is led by energy stocks. >> the worst performing sector was energy. chasing oil down energy stocks. >> chasing dividend yields, they have no place to go. dagen: you would think lower oil prices are positive for earnings, it will help the transportation. and yet initiated not helping anything. job cuts. >> it will not. dagen: already seen it in target earnings. her >> how do you explain? dagen: macy's has a problem. how do you explain best buy
6:50 am
which did well other day? dagen: retailers in specific pockets, talked about lower energy prices helping their earnings and sales so i think to diss this lower gas prices is foolish quite frankly. you watch christmas. >> walmart is doing away away already. dagen: walmart has been struggling for years and they had increases in sales. >> the spot you're seeing weakness in terms of earnings and that is bothering the market. fantasy football draft is here. biggest wild card is tom brady will be a big stand out or will he deflate way? we will break down for your next, back in a minute.
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6:54 am
maria: powerful new trailer of wills with's new movie titled concussion taking twitter by storm. the nfl community expects to your ruling on tom brady's suspension appeals this weekend as millions of fantasy football fans track 13 for the season do you draft tom brady, the deflategate scandal? >> tom brady will come to apply a. he would not be my early pick, pick round by round, i would pick him in the later rounds.
6:55 am
remember he has four games maximum, maybe two and the bye week in the first half. in my league especially which might be next tuesday, we are going to be drafting him later because we have two have of the year. maria: you are doing it with week by week i guess? >> we keep a sum total and a little different because we play for more money but sold thing going on and drafted for sure in the third or fourth round of our draft. in regular draft he will be drafted because people have something to become a because why not grab probably one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time ever. dagen: tell little old too. long in but to. >> one of our producers, you have three drafts.
6:56 am
>> tom brady, i picked tom brady in previous years and he has always done well for me. the first is pecan late in the rounds, keep him for the next season, does well for robert: auction, will cost a lot less because he missed the sport and he has done well, inconsistent points, fantastic. >> you make a good point. you are doing fantasy football? dagen: i watch games religiously, but i have better things to do with my time. >> thank you for joining us this hour. pleasure to be with you both. take a short break. michael mckay with the latest on the clinton classified e-mail controversy whether she is in a more than political trouble, back in a moment.
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maria: another sell-off on the way for u.s. stocks, happy maria: another sell-off on the way for u.s. stocks, happy tuesday, and during september, it is sept and der 1st on the e ay, st. with me is sandra smith. keith mccullough and massachusettsepenator scott brown. a tough day of those listening on the radio. futures indicate the market's climb for a triple digit loss at the opening of trading with the decline of 2%, the dow, nasdaq and recipes this morning, looking at weakness in oil, months of limses wiped out over the last three days in the oil market, on the heels of a huge rally but this morning is back to selma. we looking at a decline of 2% off of the lows. a rush to buy gold as a safety play, gold up as you concede,
7:01 am
$0.40 with stocks underway. major averages looking at double-digit losses and it started in asia where it has become abrily waiting game, waiting for the government to come in and stimulate the stock market by buying sharesruid the shanghai composite was down just 1.23% overnight. the bigger sand
7:02 am
>> stay tuned on september 16th, may be changing topics. if i get 1h-questions a row count from that home. he will go nuclear now. maria: presidential cathe rdate chris christie and jimmy fallon plans to out from donald trump in the next debate, ls thi for fireworks. draft well underway. on you should take tom brady i the draft with the deflategate scandal. there are questiochr abt. keith mccullough talking about nigp-t europe b1 >> it is importanwoontextualize why the market bounced off lows
7:03 am
largely led bylkl. th. kealance. that is why features are down. horse is a peculiar place. maria: it has been smart to sell into any strength in this market. do you think that will be the case again? we have a sharply lower opening this morning but do we see bounces you can sell into because more losses are coming? >> we have been saying that since friday. at mm-hmm end, in people's marketing plan not to kill as much or impose their own pressures so i thought this is we got for months end we would
7:04 am
go back to the gravity of the dollar and gravity is a problem. maria: right before the's that happen, we expected a 21% sell-off, and want to sell into any strength. sandra: it would be a problem this morning. we have not had labor day but volume is decent and heavy on the sell-off which would tell me this isn't over. >> that is a basic point for people to understand about markets. don't just look at price. we affectionately call them the moving marquees, the 50 day moving monkey you are just seeing price. looking at price versus volume. when pricing is going up on down volume that is called liquidity. price is going down and volume going up, people getting out and there are more people the need
7:05 am
to get out today. that is what i fear the most. people got on there from that perspective particularly hedge funds people are exposed to the downside. >> we saw the sell-off at the opening of trading it was so indiscriminate. look at certain stocks the way they opened they were selling what they could sell on heavy volume. >> there is a lot of technicals involved in that move, the disconnect between the way reality is positions but phase ii is going back to what are the factors that got us that green of sand to drop the mountain down. forget what you were doing in the moment, what got you there? gross, deflation, earnings, liquidity, credit cycle. i don't want to scare anyone but i kind of an. dagen: politics, state department released 7,000 additional pages of hillary clinton e-mails last night, 125
7:06 am
of those e-mails contained information said it reclassified. plague berman in washington with details. >> many of those e-mails are heavily redacted. they have been deemed by the state department as classified and contain messages from hillary clinton's advisor is discussing a wide range of foreign issues and leaders. upon their release among 7100 total pages made public last night the state department continued to come to clinton's side by saying it is routine to upgrade classified information. quintin defense theory malpractices by saying nothing she e-mail was marked classified at the time. these new e-mails might question clinton's claim that her device was set up for convenience. it also the is she is an ipad in 2010. one adviser rights, quote, or i can has arrived. clinton response quote makes that is exciting news. can you teach me to use it on the flight next week to kiev? clinton joked about having
7:07 am
multiple e-mail addresses in 2010 as she rode to susan rice, quote, feel free to use whatever my current address may be any time. maria: thank you, blake berman with more on what these e-mails mean for hillary's campaign. let's bring in former political pollster mike for a lander, joining the conversation state republican committee chairman jennifer warren and we are with senator scott brown. i want to ask senator scott brown, you have mentioned in these e-mails and e-mail hillary was talking about about did kennedy at sea. competing against martha. tell us what was in this e-mails. >> sid blumenthal pointed out they were about to lose the seat and there was frustration. headline was def con 2. appropriately named. it shows me a lack -- incompetence when you have her own team saying we didn't know she had a private server.
7:08 am
the fact there are two sets of rules for the clintons, one for that and one for everybody else. she is secretary of state, she knew or should have known that everything that goes to her is classified. it is basic classified training 101. you get it as a senator, congressman, staffer, secretary. >> a badge of honor he made it into hillary's team, congratulations. >> weird to read and e-mail about you that of a row. >> should be proud of him but what we are seeing here is, recant get away. she can't get away from the e-mail, she can't get away from barack obama and particularly couldn't get on vacation this weekend, had cut her vacation short. he was raising money and having a good time but hillary is back on the campaign trail. why is she doing that? when hillary went on vacation, all the positive conversation about the events she was doing
7:09 am
and her ideas went away and all we were left was negativity. erica payne stopped, her idea about policy and all that sort of diminished and all we had left. >> i wasn't joking. positive thoughts on which policy? >> as an events in the midwest. >> dropping in the polls the entire time. >> dropping in the polls is the concern but more importantly if you have issues happening with e-mails which i think we will find another play out, also got her vision for the future accomplishments and what is going this is what clintons do, they denied and she started denying in march, then they argument they have menard joy all summer and what we're going to see if she will beg for forgiveness and this last batch of e-mails is going to make every attempt to be that figure.
7:10 am
she is thrilled these came out before labor day because this will all play out, she did that everyone is on vacation and luggage that it hillary will apologize. maria: what do you think of all this? >> senator brown honestly is being generous when he says incompetence. what we are seeing the one 25 classified e-mails across the server her behavior is dangerous. she put the nation in danger. the other gentleman late out her history from the beginning of this conversation in the spring is why the majority of americans look at hillary clinton and thing she is a liar, dishonest, not to be trusted and that is what we see play out with this e-mail scandal. hillary clinton has not been forthright, she has not brought the true forward and the american people said we did not trust her. >> the sheer volume of e-mails and the fact that it is so mundane as the new ipad has arrived, hillary clinton like
7:11 am
all of us dealing with technology she is going to ask for forgiveness and say she made a mistake. she already hinted on august 26th, august 15th she said look, i probably should have done it differently and that will give her permission to make -- we really don't want at -- >> the point you are saying she is completely clueless from a technological perspective and she will go with that but you should trust. >> she is secretary of state. the clueless i am star doesn't pass muster because you are the leader and protector of the country's secret and dealing with world leaders and still have the state department -- >> the state department, the state department will stand her. >> is anyone surprised there was anything classified? the secretary of state. i expect everything to be classified. >> what we really --
7:12 am
>> go ahead, final word from you. >> you are making the important point and that things are classified, if she is telling us the common process is things are classified after the fact that that is the greatest argument right there why she should never have had a private e-mail server to begin with. she is not just incompetent, her behavior has been dangerous. maria: we will leave it there. joe biden. >> he is in the wings in case it gets worse. >> good to see you, thanks for joining us, great to have you, don't miss my interview with attorney general michael mckay c.. bono goes billionaire. the mercurial use of the joy of front and make a social media investment that reportedly makes him richardson paul mccartney. more money there than in music. other headlines topping the wall street journal, all oil is surging, estimates shrink, august three day rally since 1990, looking at weakness in
7:13 am
oil. inside kelloggs's effort to cash in on the health food grains. kelloggs at ceos is fixing its brand is key to bulking up sales of organic food aisles and she chaos in europe, german chancellor angela merkel calling on your to tackle this migrant crisis. back in a minute. but you are looking at two airplane fuel gauges.
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so you see, two things that are exactly the same have never been more different. ge software. get connected. get insights. get optimized. maria: following breaking news, futures point to a triple digit sell-off for the dow jones industrial average, stocks sought their first august in two decades, we begin sept. rough spots, down 300 on the dow this morning, a spokane relation to these markets in a moment but first cheryl casone with a quick look at the other headlines including facebook.
7:17 am
>> after ramping up on the african coast, fred and our tropical storm, the first hurricane to hit the kid third island since the team hundreds but now fred does not seem to be concerned for the u.s. eastern coast. the out chrysler with a recall on the jeep grand cherokee, more the 200,000 of the 2014 models that the static problems that makes the wind chill weicker's stick. at comstock bouncing around and went well dollar mark, red ink of the company event later in this month but forget the new iphone update. of first piece of original programming variety reporting apple holding talks in recent weeks with hollywood executives to explore efforts to produce entertainment. who is making money in the market volatility? not keith mccullough but bono. youtube front man bono, the willkie's pop star by 2.3% stake in facebook's 2009 ipo, that investment through the elevation
7:18 am
partners group, $1.4 billion. i about cried when i saw him in new york city a few weeks ago but making $43 million of figuring out if he is worth more than paul mccartney but there are reports that because of the facebook ipo has jumped higher. >> rich people get access to really good ideas. paul mccartney did have access to the microsoft ipo, when he was -- >> prime example of the rich spending his money on philanthropic efforts. if anyone is an example of that bono has been. at the same time he has made all of this many this investment in fiscal he collaborated with the group of foreign investors on facebook at the same time but that fickle clothing brandy and
7:19 am
his wife started in 2005 they reported has lost. a lot for women's rights. bonus sitting next to me. >> we're watching oil down in negative territory on the heels of weak manufacturing data as opec says it stands ready to talk to all other producers. we will see that means more output. how this will impact you and what you pay at the pump, live to the cme group, stay with fox next on the fox business network. but
7:20 am
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>> features point to triple digit sell-off at the open of trading. the dow jones industrial average, look where we stand, looking at weakness all morning, stocks not the only place you are seeing heavy selling, oil prices pulling back on the heels of weak chinese manufacturing data, the p.m. i at a 6 year low, this was after crude saw the biggest 3 day rally since iraq invaded kuwait in 1990. phil flynn and the cme with more. >> amazing this oil market is trying to find its way back, it held the $47 a barrel support, we rallied back to 4880, back at 4819. if you look at the rest of the commodity complex it seems they are trying to shake off the initial shock of that week day out of china. part of that is that a lot of people believe the numbers not
7:24 am
as bad as potentially reported. the reason they think that is the shutdown of the chinese factory and because of the slowdown ahead of the big military parade that we are hanging in and have to wait for more news. maria: what does this mean for your money? keith mccullough has concerns. >> when someone is sitting at home working out, waking up with a cup of coffee, 350 points going down, what do i do? do i pick some stocks always wanted cash heavy, pick up an apple or phillips or do i just sell? that is how we should be talking to the average person. >> we are pretty clear, the bounce is one to sell, not the first to buy and if you look at baron's, the worst may be over, u.s. stocks to buy now, people have a central tendency to buy on the way down and you paid to buy the debt.
7:25 am
global growth is slowing and u.s. growth is not priced in as low. uconn by the lot lower. i continue to say this is 18, 25 in the s&p which is lower, 100 points lower than the futures, get back on a treadmill and thanks for that level. you will get some capitulation. maria: you are talking an investor who is long-term oriented and should necessarily trade. >> i am talking not every second. maria: you don't have to tell senator brown to get back on a treadmill. you mention exxon mobil land the energy sector is the absolute worst performing sector in the s&p 500 this year because of a sell-off in oil, energy stocks decline. if you were to look at a group of stocks exxon, the big oil
7:26 am
giants are a good place to look. >> they have been the best performers since stocks performed the best but i go back to why we're going down, the factors of deflation continue to be a main concern. i would not buy oil stocks here. >> we will talk about hillary's classified conversations with top aides on it e-mail server having president obama's state department playing catch-up. scott brown was in the e-mails, we will find out what they said about the senator be u.s. attorney general michael casey whether or not hillary broke the law, that is next. can a business have a mind? a subconscious. a knack for predicting the future. reflexes faster than the speed of thought. can a business have a spirit? can a business have a soul?
7:27 am
can a business be...alive? so jill, i know the markets have taken a hit lately. mm hmm. just wanted to touch base. how did edward jones come to manage over $800 billion dollars in assets? huh. okay. here's our latest market outlook. two things that i'd like to point out... through face time when you really need it. so that's interesting, you know we had spoken about that before. it's how edward jones makes sense of investing.
7:28 am
7:29 am
. maria: welcome back. breaking news another o sell-off on the way for the u.s. stock market, welcome back i am maria bartiromo, it is tuesday, september 1st, still with me anchor sandra smith, hedgeye keith mccullough former massachusetts senator scott
7:30 am
brown shaping up to be a tough day at office for markets those on the radio right now futures indicating, that we are looking at a triple digit loss for the dow industrial expected to see a decline the open, about 297 points on the dow, almost 2% to the s&p and nasdaq, by the way, those numbers are off the worst levels of the morning, month of losses out of last three days oil market, this morning we are back to the -- oil down as much as 4% earlier, though off the lows as well, oil looking down about 2%, there is rushon to buy cold as safety play gold up over 10 dollars an ounce this morning, right now trading up 9 1/2 dollars at 1142 there is a fire sale on stocks in europe this morning, the major averages in britain france germany triple digit losses, as we speak, and asia a major -- japan down sharply overnight latest batch of hillary clinton e-mails out, details about the u.s.
7:31 am
relationship with israel and prospect of a college named after the presidential candidate more damning the s 25 e-mails on the account of the former secretary of state. that would be later deemed as classified, the i.t. crew state department telling little if anything about clinton's private e-mail investor a huge fantasy football drafts under way lot of money on line one of the big questions, of course, if you should take tom brady in your draft, about those "deflategate" scandal over his head we are going to talk about settlement that we are expecting other perhaps lack thereof, latest and largest batch of hillary clinton e-mails from her private server, are out released last night, here is what we know, up to 125 those eels contain information that is now deemed as classified. among the discoveries conversation with top aide huma abedin, about an american hostage anywheran, another exchange with sydney
7:32 am
blumenthal refrigerate benjamin netanyahu none favorable light joining us right now former u.s. attorney general michael meaux moou good to have you on the program thank you for joining you -- >> mukasey. >> do you think hillary clinton broke law. >> well -- that depends on what her state of mind was at the time, we are not going to know until this investigation is pretty well completed but, e-mails show and there is one that includes a communication from tony blair in which he discusses his exchanges with bibi met hugh says one point we ought to talk about this on a secure line, now -- it is about anyone conceivably would not have known that contained classified information an executive order to all departments saying that kind of stuff, is supposed to be classified from the get-go. >> when you say state of mind, general, what relevance does that of especially because when you are senator congressman staekt anyone in government you are grilled in
7:33 am
they tell you what to do what not to do she knew that she was not supposed to do this yet did it how is state of mind relevant staekt she has an affirmative obligation to make sure that she does it the right way to set the tone for everybody else. >> by state of mind i meantime exactly what you said that is knew that what she was doing was -- was not -- >> secretary of state if she didn't know she is incompetent. >> incompetent is not a crime. but -- >> okay. >> in politics it is. >> the fbi investigating her, and this whole e-mail situation, i mean that is criminal investigation right. >> of course, criminal investigation don't you investigate civil cases for crying out allowed. >> how do you link what she is sayings to husband how husband providing access in conferences, and everything that is never happened before, about those is there something that you see developing, here where hillary has got a lot of tuch points that are not hillary. >> there are a number of problems with that, number one
7:34 am
her husband was getting, speaking fees from foreign governments. >> exactly. >> big ones. >> big ones, if they were filing joint returns, that violates the constitutional provision that says public official may not get gifts from foreign governments. >> really. >> at all. >> wow. >> o to that hasn't been discussed very important point that you made. >> at the time she did it impeachable offense, passing that if it turns out that he was getting speaker fees, from countries that were involved in that issues she was dealing with as secretary of state, that raises a different -- >> then, transferring e-mails to her employees, to folks in the state department, that were deemed classified -- >> we've known for quite sometime, but new about this other device she had an ipad, too, it i like how much more is going to come out of this, by the way, fox news, as i
7:35 am
said. >> it is not a crime to have ipad, of course. >> it is a crime if you are exchanging -- state department e-mails on it not a secure device. >> embarrassing if you say i did it for convenience that turns out to be at least the second device. >> you can't -- >> three, also had blackberry. >> this -- >> just saying. >> negligence there she requested use of ipad early on in her tenure as secretary of state, investigators told fox news in you march the device had been certified, had not been certified, as secure by the state department, she then went on and continued to use it in her memoirs wrote how she used ipad everywhere carried it everywhere. >> this i gos more to follow. >> this is a tip of the iceberg. >> what do you mean by that tip of the iceberg you think this is going to get much worse. >> yes. >> because i think we have not yet heard what was on the server that was scrubbed. >> and will we hear it judge? you know. >> we might --
7:36 am
>> we were load to believe that e-mails never go away. >> server, you know has been potentially out there. >> the company that was running this said there may be backup, also, fbi is very good at retrieving information that somebody tried to a little bit rate if we find outlets find out what is there -- my view probably going to be a lot more. >> if there is a lot more, i mean, does this impact her 2020 candidacy. >> i am just a lawyer. >> i think it does first words when what do you think about hillary clinton. >> liar, not trustworthy, dishonesty means a lot. >> you can't trust her just not that smart with technology. >> right, right, and that is. >> secretary of state. >> legal issue you are really not in a smart if you understand the law -- >> he she is lawyer she also
7:37 am
worked for -- the impeachment committee when she was -- >> what are a catalysts we should look for in coming months to -- >> look for additional e-mails, look for what was on the server that can be recovered, that was taken off. the -- supposed 30 thoir personal e-mails of that yoga. >> yoga and daughter's wedding. >> good to have you on the show michael mukasey joining us, last week's market volatility we show you why next later with tom brady "deflategate" decision expected any moment how are fantasy football league owners preparing for their draft all coming up back in a moment. expect
7:38 am
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7:40 am
coming up back in a momencoming.
7:41 am
>> welcome back you have to morning for markets we are following breaking news, u.s. futures are point to go another triple digit he sell-off for dow jones industrial average opening of trading worst august nearly two decades begin september not very different first pressure mounting on mexican bureau righto giant chipolte the headlines. cheryl: that is right a california woman is accumulativelying chipotle of deceiving ask consumers into
7:42 am
paying more for food according to lawsuit in california, the chain falsely claimed it was the first national restaurant company, to use only gmo-free foods, another -- clip for you maria check out wild weather would you have the phoenix arizona heavy flooding to roadways knocking out power for thousands damaging trees dod homes in that area -- expecting, twin girls, a post on firnl tumbler page meyer said twins quite a surprise says she plans to take a limited amount of time away from work especially during quote unique time in yahoo!'s transformation twins, surprise, congratulations to her, thank you so much, markets experiencing record-breaking volatility many experts blame turmoil on china some point in the first place, amendment tf xaimg trade funds swings investors
7:43 am
saw in what they expected save for money in part caused by way funds are traded on wall street i want to bring in mike our dagen mcdowell, mike good to see. >> you nice to see. >> you thanks for joining us, explain what happened last week for exchange traded funds. >> exchange traded funds are equities they trade like equities unless there is information on how they are going to open, they don't trade the way they should trade without any question. this goes back, to if i can go through the history, of the exchanges how we got to this point, first have you stock exchanges themselves, when you have stock exchanges, you had new york he american stock exchange, followed then by the intermarket trading system which started then you had online trading then high frequency trading let me go in order on those, first of all the stock exchanges specialists had approximately 100 stocks responsible for everything that went on those markets, every single
7:44 am
traction, was recorded. when it was recorded they had the responsibility, of a fair and open market, meant that if they did not supply department and liquidity to the marketplace twhoent get more stocks, they wouldn't get more stocks would go out of business, and during very difficult parts in the market themselves did go out of business because they were the buyers of last resort. >> right. >> now, then you started the intermarket trading system what was that they said they had to have competition, between new york stock exchange and american stock exchange chicago, pacific coast stock exchange, orders had to be then transferred order came down to new york stock exchange was not the right outside would get transferred to one of the other exchanges. >> that was the beginning. >> okay. >> followed by online trading, when nobody had any responsibility to the market, because it was just public orders institutional orders that came in. >> connect dots. >> what happened monday you
7:45 am
had some basically pricing problems with etf multibillion-dollar supposed to be sue safe mutual funds that trade like stocks, that. >> not really mutual funds the -- >> funds much lower much more traisht different than mutual funds. >> right but they also sold them, ethe tf providers sell them as tradeability one of the benefits of a mutual fund these funds lost at the bottom, 35, 45, 50% with many of the largest etfs in the country. you have a giant dividend etf down 35%, underlying yes problems with individual stocks, a lot of this related to the criteria breakers limit up limit down put in place after flash crash made it hard for people to price these things, the regulators are looking at this sec at market structure to prevent this from happening again i will say this that some of the people in the business, that i talked
7:46 am
to in the etf business tried to put blame on individual investors for using market orders and using stop orders that turned into market orders, you should have known better than trade them at open, i think, that that -- maybe the wrong way to go. >> this is mike's -- main point don't use market orders if you are a little guy. >> absolutely you can't use market orders you shouldn't use stock orders, you can use stock limit orders, then have the ability to adjust those limits, but a pure stock order you don't know what it is going to go -- >> a lot of people were sold these, in exchange trade funds thinking they could trade out of them when it was in market volatility i go at a fund don't have to wait till 4:00 not a regular mutual fund i put it in order, and guess what it didn't work the way that it was sold to and i will argue that if you've got etf it has low volatility in the name or minute volatility you loss 35, or 45% monday morning, you got a problem.
7:47 am
>> the selling was really indiscriminate monday individual stocks to etf talking to one buy trades only financials, he mentioned kkr, kkr opened down 40%, so it was closed friday at 19 opened at 10. >> you are point -- >> specialist would be responsible for. >> absolutely, because non is responsible, before opening, if you had a very big discrepancy you wouldn't open would put out a pure indication on the stock. >> etf -- >> no indication would show, exactly a parameter let's say 40 indication is 25 to 30. people would rush in and buy because it was too low, it was way off -- >> kkr. >> opening down 40% back to 19 keith. >> yes. >> i will point out one of the issues with etfs you had one down 35%, but underlying, the worst drop for any of the
7:48 am
underlying stocks etf was 21%, something like that there was even a disconnection between underlying and over all etf -- >> you don't blame etf -- >> no, i don't blame etf. >> you say lack of specialists that is important because so many in etf you are not blaming etf -- >> what i am blaming is a system the regulators did not understand, why the flash crash happened. >> still don't. >> the rules that -- during that period, when they did the global research analysts settlement from 2003, 2008, people i worked with sec i called right after, 15 minutes after the flash crash, i said do you know why this happened i said it happened very, very simply because when you have decided that orders have to go from one exchange, to another exchange, and the new york had closed certain stocks at that point in time, all the high frequency traders had pulled everything out, so -- 60, next figure 20, no public orders in
7:49 am
it would sell at 20 -- >> i have to point you the a lot of people in etf business privately i talked to sent me e-mails blame the investor, people in media some writers yahoo! finance writer blame investor say you messed up i take issue with that, because they didn't know it could ever happen. >> quick, how worried are you, about this selloff. >> i hate september, i hate september, worst. >> because you are a bull on stocks. >> no, because september was always a did i month in market period. >> so am i concerned, yes, i am concerned. keith has much more expertise, fares the markets themselves are concerned, i am more the trading spoke of it what makes it operate the exchanges sec need more rules, to be able to put show exactly. >> they are not implementing the rules they have on books, a the futures market emulate those functioning, they say they need more people, they need more resources. >> depends on how talk to. >> -- that we set --
7:50 am
>> joseph wall, oh, my gosh. >> understand trading from the bottom up. >> that i agree with that i agree with. >> high frequency trading rolls they have a great computer system, unbelievable, they hit a button all -- are out. >> can't blame -- >> the ones benefited from this crash, not the individual investor. >> thanks for joining us mike joining us especially chairman ceo, fantasy football upon us, gearing up for the draft one notable name no longer on top 5 qbs off the board, is tom brady a player to avoid this year? back in a minute.
7:51 am
7:52 am
7:53 am
ridiculous the way they a friend of mine a great friend of mine great guy, and i think
7:54 am
it is terrible the way they've treated him, you know to go to send 10 million dollars in legal fees now probably much higher than that, it is crazy what they are doing, great star -- left he ought to play football this country has bigger problems. >> that was donald trump on this program, about a week and a half ago talking about tom brady, decision on super bowl quarterback four-game suspension expected any moment, if you are a fantasy football league player should you draft brady on phone fantasy sports network he chief strategy officer, allow good to have you thanks for calling. >> what do you think tom brady in this year's draft. on the phone: you know that is the big question, everybody is asking it will, it is lighting up boards radio tv internet questions excited about it i tell you under assumption going to misfour games, on average -- 70th
7:55 am
player taken over all, are so. >> that is current standing. >> -- >> we did our firm, friendly fantasy but you look at it yesterday he went number 156 in draft, kind of surprising, last year kaepernick brady would have gone one of top picks, what who do you think is most overoverrule pick in this year's fantasy draft qb side. >> people taking andrew luck number one i don't believe he should be there but, again, i leave that to you know nelson all the stuff going on, with aaron rogers i guess i see him number two i have the business of fantasy i leave expert picks to my boys. >> like, the season ticket holds fans senator scott brown. >> fantasy ticket he holding we don't want any games, we think people who are in new england in particular who has been railroaded he is new
7:56 am
should have season sort of kind of knew. >> we agree on this. >> a is it the way nfl handled this atrocious. >> is fantasy football like the new online poker? i mean are these actually football fans? i mean i know keith is. >> yeah, no, no, listen, it is -- >> yeah. draftkings. you got to love draftkings of the world one of my favorite platforms to play on if you look at it from a business standpoint, draftkings is like new york stock exchange what are we the fox business news cnbc bloomberg. >> credit suisse research. >> we will see you soon. >> -- next hour -- back in a minute.
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
. . maria: welcome back. breaking news in sell-off on way for u.s. stocks good
8:00 am
morning. i'm maria bartiromo it is tuesday, september 1st, with me once again anchor sand had a rith hedge eye keith mccullough former massachusetts senator scott brown fox business network dagen mcdowell, it is shaping up to be a very tough day for the marks, this morning, for those listening on radio futures are indicating, we are primed for a 300 plus point sell-off in the dow industrial down almost 2%. >> a month of losses winds out last three days in oil market we are still in sell mode, back in sell mode oil prices down 3% right now, it is still, off the lows. let's talk about oil for a minute keith mccullough this is one you are your key points this morning in your notes. >> yeah, look at i mean you got to look at the volatility, of the price in as much as price itself, so again, people we don't look at vix all day long for no reason people look at ovx oil volatility index tracking forward 60 a marketing trading with volatility 60 you have to go
8:01 am
back to u.s. stock market in 2008, again that is not a buy signal that is oh, my gosh signal this is people getting whipped around going out of business a lot going on hour to hour would i not until i see volatility in the oil markets break down at least below 25 i wouldn't consider that a buy signal for any stocks energy that we don't like or oil itself, you can day trade that is volatility allows to you do. >> sell-off in stocks, sanitiedra once again starting in asia, continued in you were i wouldn't, here we are looking at 300 point sell-off for stocks. >> buying in gold, when you -- >> i know you like that, becauseing you've got 75 your clients 75% cash. >> i went to 65 because i bought more gold more -- >> you are winning on that. >> people forget buy other things, other than netflix. >> all right. >> well, gold hasn't exactly come out -- >> do you think gold is going higher. >> i was not liked gold i think set up for gold plays to my call which is one bad jobs'
8:02 am
report away from federal reserve fading like a flower on that -- >> nikkei average we have got to look at japan 700 point sell-off overnight. >> this is the other thing again, it is we are indeed if market is right bond yields right dollar going to go down classic he growth selling signal in u.s. i think next 3 to 6 misunderstand not china what does japanese get a strong yen, last thing you want if you are along nikkei to be a strong yen up 1.2% plenty good for 4% with decline in nikkei down 13.3% in a month, that has been a market we like on to -- balance, gold on the bounce sell japanese stocks you have to be able to sell the bounce if you don't i think you are having a headache. >> bob schiller talked about this tuesday of a major sell-off monday, selling, selling, rebounded later in the week said something changed in psychological in this market, will continue to weigh on markets you couple that with valuations still high based on his own measure of -- of price, in the market,
8:03 am
and how expensive they are was concerned four months ahead. >> china asia in particular the markets, being down, but we have not mentioned europe much. >> right. >> europe this morning has pmi numbers came out a lot of people say don't pay so much aattention one competitors adopt pay attention to the data until good. >> the managers index, indication of manufacturing. >> you are just saying, i agree, it is but if you look at european complex what we call european slowdown, so bonus a bounce very low level now weaker economies tried to oil norway pmi 43 what is pmi if 60 high if 40 low, we are tracking back towards the lows, frank said 48, a slowdown in italy germany in line, so again you are seeing a european slowdown this is a global slowdown imf woke up this morning christine lagarde said news glash global growth is slowing i don't think u.s. can be precluded from that. >> obviously, but month and a half ago we would agree, all
8:04 am
the time greece we have not heard about greece china. >> i think, the markets didn't care all that much about greece. >> they did when it was when they have to care, that is the thing greece is coming back, they have september 20th, people will care about greece about november going to care about spain -- >> -- debt payments. >> then you have in spain actually have issue socialists rising up tsipras gave a voice a big problem not headlined news. >> state department refutation 7,000 pages of hillary clinton e-mails 125 was e-mails contain information that is now being classified. make in washington right now with the details, good morning. >> hi maria good morning many 125 e-mails are heavily redacted since deemed by state department as classified, and tape messages from hillary
8:05 am
clinton advisories, discussing a wide range of foreign issues and leaders, among them, intelligence involving iran, russia, china. and organizations like the international development bank atomic incoherentlying agency the pages made public last night state department continues to come by clinton's side saying it is routine, to upgraded classified information. but a spokesperson yesterday, would not say if clinton broke any rules, involving the handling of classified information, take a listen. >> you say from that podium categorically secretary clinton followed ruled an law. >> i am just not going to answer that question not our goal not functions in this regard releasing these e-mails. >> of course hillary clinton continues to defend hurry e-mail practices last couple months or so by saying nothing she e-mailed was marked classified. at the time. >> thank you blake berman
8:06 am
d.c., chris, fox news digest politics editor polls showing hillary clinton losing support is this e-mail scandal finally impacting her candidatecy. >> it has been, for a long time you know when we talk about somebody as well-known as hillary clinton, person essentially has a hundred percent name identification, has more than 20 years, it is hard to get people to change their opinion about them, movements are slow, and hillary clinton's case we started to see take effect in spring april and may when we look now, what we really care about right now is your favorability rating how do peel feel about you sentiment towards hillary clinton collapsed, we see in iowa, even when we look at horse race where she was upended in 2008, when we look even at horse race given back a third of her lead since end of may, in "the des moines register" pol that is pretty bad. >> beating republican
8:07 am
candidates right. >> no beat -- a lot of the republican candidates is essentially point of parity when we look rat broad average of polls she fairs worse they don't do head-to-head with all republicans but fairs worse against marco rubio a draw maybe slight advantage over jeb bush. >> i am stuck on ipad thing forgive me didn't she -- >> didn't she originally say she -- she went to the private server so ma she could only carry one device for convenience purposes. now we find out she has been toting around ipad everywhere anywhere in addition to that device -- blackberry, so, doesn't that dispel reasoning behind getting private e-mail server first place. >> farther we get frustrate march press conference that hastily arranged press conference with united nations in march i think the technical term in political steines it becomes a lot mess cannot clean it up a disaster she
8:08 am
tried, new spin, to say in favorite was when she said i get it and there was like you need to say you get it that you screwed up this was a mistake that you took unnecessary risk, and yeah she is to your point, reached a point now where you do this when there is a threat of legal problems, reached the point where she basically is saying, i incompetent is the explanation i didn't know what i was doing. >> when do you think, are will joe biden john kerry al gore, decide to get in or not get in because right now, this is the field, it is hillary clinton as nominee damaged agency she will be not going to be a about socialist bernie not red not chafe you know hillary what point do you think they will have those decisions. >> if i may refer you to now as i will always refer you to senator as def con 2, having
8:09 am
described by sydney blumenthal, def con 2. that is your moou money ker. >> hard-core. >> it is a hundred percent true that there is no reasonable scenario today that hillary clinton is not the democratic nominee you have joe biden who is a viable candidate could be a viable candidate can get enough resources well enough known well enough liked by democrats, so what he is waiting for is can she survive two to three weeks if she can't get it together next two, three weeks her favs sliding sliding sliding she is still losing ground, let's say august fund-raising stinks joe biden could get in up ebd the applecart. >> what does getting it together look like with hillary clinton though? >> getting it together for hillary clinton enormous august fund-raising needs to say i have raised more money than everybody else combined times five let's say needs
8:10 am
this giant you fund-raising month and also needs to stop the bleeding, she needs have to at least s stabilize has done it before needs to stabilize at this point not continue to slide, innet sentiment or horse race. >> def con 2, scott brown was a subject matter in some of those e-mails that were released the def con. >> badge of honorer. >> it is a badge of honorer did he have con2 comment because you were gaining ground on martha copley. >> shows that i was up going to win, so it is a little bit interesting. >> let's not get crazy you weren't def con 1 nuclear war if a real threat you are def con 1. >> going upon interesting the thing i find as innating fact here she was going to be correspond onated ano opposition toed now struggling to hang on i don't think she is able to raise those huge numbers. >> kind of looks like u.s. stock market no have a will.
8:11 am
>> a campaign -- got to shake up campaign shake up campaign apologize. >> your hosting a number of candidates at your home. >> everybody pretty much accepted we have kasich on monday, we've got christie on tuesday, i spoke to trump yesterday said he was going to come jeb bush yesterday they are going to come. >> what are you trying to do having a. >> now come they are getting a check 1,000 dollars sign up from for the presidential primary in new hampshire, and meet 07 to 100 people truly undecided voters in new hampshire, 15-minute presentation question and answer called no bs barbecue, beer, kind of -- go for. >> it no bs barbecue i like. >> it if you invited trump going to be -- >> all of the politicians still are toting a big bag of it. >> thanks for joining us. >> you bet. >> have a great day.
8:12 am
>> chris, now battle for your television heats up apple reportedly eyeing original programming should netflix watch its back the details next. back in a moment. ♪ don't stop thinking about tomorrow, don't stop thinking about tomorrow ♪ ♪ coronated.
8:13 am
8:14 am
8:15 am
. maria: welcome back global sell-off under way u.s. futures pointing to a triple digit loss to the dow jones at the hope tropics heating up peak perfect hurricane season begins cheryl casone with more on that good morning. cheryl: good morning, maria good morning, everyone. we have three confirmed hurricanes in pacific ocean one fred is in the atlantic, this is the most powerful hurricane season in pacific in more than 20 years, so far none of these are expected to hit the u.s. the fiat chrysler recalling
8:16 am
more than 200,000 jeep grand cheer keyes due to problem with windshields affects 2014 models a report from bank rate ranks best states for drivers financially speaking the top of the list, idaho commutes are short, gas insurance cheap, the worst offenders include get this louisiana california, of course, texas maryland, and new jersey. finally for you maria variety is reporting that apple is in talks with hollywood executives to explore efforts to produce entertainment content to take on rivals like netflix maybe come up with something better than "house of cards" next year. >> thank you, dagen apple original content what do you think. >> i think that this is playing out you we talked about netflix i said why netflix was overvalued because you had so many players into the original content business. and it was competitive these
8:17 am
are companies have a lot more cash on balance sheet than netflix now that apple is in it worrisome hulu getting more competitive, you have showtime -- >> amazon. >> hbo amazon prime, amazon paid up for the top guy, that is big money. >> you have to expect that apple is all of a sudden creative you know, like coat provider just buy it. >> they want revenge netflix has done so well. >> when apple buys we haven't seen what happens when apple buys something big. you know whole, organic returns return on invested capital a hallmark of the apple story if to turn around and supply something big i think would change story. >> what was big acquisition. >> beat -- small -- >> small o i don't think they will buy studio they take on creative burden instead people coming to you production companies saying we have this ensue show we have new show,
8:18 am
we really want to push the envelope. >> what can is going to dictate the winner, netflix sees competitors price, content? >> content, price all that. >> apple doesn't actually have to win just eye balances popularity buzz this you don't need to make off this netflix needs more eyeballs central -- content is netflix' business isn't apple's that is why -- >> go back to the prior to you know when we had four horsemen stock one in respect of in motion no prolonger a horse now -- again facebook amazon netflix google, if you had to pick one of four most likely to not success, i would have to say netflix netflix is ruined to me three clients are going to -- fire me -- >> that is a big statement. >> netflix would get bought if it had serious -- >> say, if they stay on edge
8:19 am
hungry creative, they bring in that new viewer that you know young 18 to 20, 30, 40-year-old, millenials. >> appetite more expensive than used to be eating cheetos now caviar because apple getting in the business, they didn't have money to eat that way. >> you can they can get i think what is rim trade at now a long way, from bought when you talk about something that gets -- >> thinking aloud probably bad idea. >> i like it want to know what you are thinking oil prices giving back some of yesterday's gains on heels of a weak manufacturing data overnight, out of china, how low will prices go next more on that coming up stay with u us.
8:20 am
8:21 am
8:22 am
8:23 am
. >> welcome back crude oil prices pulled back this morning on heels of weak chinese manufacturing date, out this morning, 6 1/2-year low for that purchasing managers index in china check ins guest says worst not over for oil calling for a slide into mid 30s, joining us right now steven, the yesterday tore of the report nice to you on the program. >> great to be back thank you. >> do you think oil goes from here into the 230's how o low can i got? >> well, we have gotten down to levels i thought we could get down to, now given the volatility, the sanctify over the last few days, i think the real concern has oil bottomed at this point, i want to start off with the demand side, maria. because what we have to appreciate is the fall in oil prices this year along with fall in industrial metal prices is the canary in the coal mine, so now it is coming to fruition. what have we seen over this past summer? well essentially china central
8:24 am
bank has become the world's largest specialist firm china propped up that country's stock market, valuation of we have seen valuation of the -- now here in united states, yes q2 gdp came in like gangbusters let's not lose sight of the think a readjusting adding another seasonal adjustment to the gdp configures in that number, so wall street really did not have a -- history at how to gaming that report. hence, now you look for q3 gdp, atlanta fed growth estimate 1.3, 1.4%, so clearly, on the global stage, it is not all rainbows in uniform. >> that rainbow -- >> keith would like to say. >> almost got -- >> yep that is -- >> i think you are right, steven if you look at markets clearly they look forward not backward q2 yesterday we are two-thirds of the way through
8:25 am
q3 how about yesterday in connection relative to past four i agree i think could be as low as zero if you look the way headlined looks as it estimate about that level looking the wrong way here in back of you, that is the question, what would yesterday's move relative to the past q-- 4 a complete fade or not? no, the two with things, if all we had yesterday was that opec bulletin, reporting catalyst that is a joke that has nothing to do -- >> run-up in price. maria: -- >> a class. >> sorry a quick question for the average investor, they are asking a couple questions, what is driving this depression in oil and energy stocks and what is the upside when should the average investor regular person as i keep referencing, get involved or tell their advisor to, say you know what i really feel good about getting in, what point -- where is the value,
8:26 am
beginning? >> well, in the energy sector the value is going to start is to appear on enp side about to get slaughtered at this point what we have what we have now is to go back answer first question yesterday's drive was eia threw market a curve balance, they changed the methodology how they estimate crude oil production starting with yesterday's report, essentially, based on the implied numbers on weekly data the report was about 250,000 barrels per day lower production that is conclaves the -- cat lit the banks on credit for emp unlike spring when you had a rally in prices, and bounce in prices you had very by back end of the curve, the eps to hedge hedging is collateral therefore able to continue to see fed's easy
8:27 am
money. >> this is really. >> not going to happen. >> this is a really, really important point in fact one manager i was speaking with in the week said to me the knock on knock on knock on effect of weaker commodities prices that is going to keep selling sharply lower for stocks thanks for being here. >> we'll be right back. >> thank you maria. can a business have a mind? a subconscious. a knack for predicting the future. reflexes faster than the speed of thought. can a business have a spirit? can a business have a soul? can a business be...alive?
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8:30 am
>> good morning, welcome back. we're following breaking news. another selloff on the way for u.s. stocks. welcome back, i'm maria bartiromo and it's tuesday, september 1st. sit with me this hour, sandra smith. hedgeye's keith mccullough, scott brown and dagen mcdowell. it's shaping up to be a tough day at the market. for those of you on the radio, the u.s. stock market is primed for the triple-digit loss when the market opens in about an hour. we're looking at a decline of 350 points on the dow. better than 2% on the s&p and
8:31 am
better than 2% on the nasdaq. a month of losses wiped over the last days, in the oil market, down as much as 4% and earlier looking at a decline of better than 3% on oil right now at $47.63 a barrel. that's off of the worst this morning. there's a rush on to buy gold as a safety play. gold is up over $10 an ounce at times this morning. right now trading up 8.30 at 1140. there are stocks on sale in europe, major, france, germany, looking at 2 1/2 lower on the ft, 2 1/2 lower on cac quarante and germany down almost 3%. the latest batch of hillary clinton e-mails are out. and details our relationship, the u.s. relationship with israel and the prospect of a college being named off the presidential candidate. more damning are more than 125 e-mails on the account of the
8:32 am
former secretary of state later deemed as classified. and the crew saying they knew nothing about the private server. and if you should pick tom brady in the draft. >> no. maria: with the deflate-gate scandal. >> just on principal. >> cheater. maria: over 7,000-- >> over 7,000 e-mails from hillary clinton's private server have been released. rich edson with the details right now in washington, good morning to you. >> good morning, maria. and among them john boehner, boehner is despised by the younger and more conservative republican congress and repelled by his behavior, and
8:33 am
alcoholic, and she says she used this for a single device. and 2010, there was an h-pad as in hillary ipad, writes, your ipad has arrived and clinton responds, that's exciting news, do you think you could teach me to use it on the flight to kiev and they classified that as confidential after clinton sent or received them. the federal bureau of investigation is looking into whether classified information was mishandled here. maria: that wasn't one of the classified e-mails about the ipad. >> right, that part wasn't, but there are 125 e-mails add today other ones, portions of the e-mails are redacted. maria: all right. rich edson, thank you so much. senator brown is with us, more than 125 e-mails on a personal
8:34 am
server have been deemed classified. there was one e-mail that mentions your name. let's talk to def-con 2 right now. >> and my buddies say that that's my new nickname. it's like a fighter pilot. maria: and here is the e-mail. >> enough about me, i'm honored that i would be in the e-mail of-- >> you've arrived, badge of honor. >> there's a gentleman in jail for misplacing for deleting one classified e-mail from the state department. we're at 125 and rising, there's potentially a backup server where she deleted 30,000 e-mails and i've said this before as a senator i served for three years. we are, our staff, we are, every member of the senate and congress are debriefed, e-mails, blackberries, and she is the secretary of state. she knew or should have known.
8:35 am
if she new and did it anyway. >> and look at the name on the banner there. maria: we've been calling you defcon 2. when you scrub the server clean, why did you scrub it, what are you trying to hide. sandra: what do you mean, wipe it with a cloth? . dagen: she fell on her sword last week hoping this would go away and i think that her trouble is a lot of her advisors and people who are loyal to her are blind to this. i don't think that they fully understand. maria: it's an important point. >> there's going to be a shake-up. maria: a lot of yes-men and women around her and maybe they're saying to her, oh, employ it down. just, this is unimportant. >> ride it out, you're a clinton, ride it out. ride it out. >> i do want to correct something i said earlier. slick willy and tricky dick nixon they earned those nicknames well before the presidency. 1980 that bill clinton was
8:36 am
called slick willy. it was in the pine bluff commercial by the editor of the editorial page. so, i think that slick has a different connotation than liar. >> i'm most concerned about the link between her, him, wall street, and all the money. maria: why, tell us? >> and the foundation. maria: yeah, and the foundation. >> you live in my world, independent research or research otherwise, people pay for access. they pay for access and that's why they go to the milken conference and the clinton event. they want specific information and they want that and this is as close as you can get without doing-- you're basically saying it's not legal, right? this is not legally permissible to get this information and there's a whole waterfall for that, who got the information and traded on the information. maria: it's all about access. >> that's what bernie sanders is talking about and elizabeth warren, wall street, she's tied in. in new hampshire, you have the independents going to play in the primary, because it's an open primary. the liberal democrats are
8:37 am
staying home and look at hillary clinton, saying we don't trust her, don't like her and she's in with the-- >> who said-- >> john mack says his support is not wavering. maria: he says it's not important. >> i'm not saying this is why john mack supports them. an unbelievable number of people support democrats on wall street, access, i'm telling you, access is critical, it's critical. dagen: some of the supporters of the of hers at the fundraisers out in the hamptons, the sprinkler system went off on them as hillary clinton began to speak. i don't know if that is an indication of what's going to happen in the future. maria: where did you get that story? the sprinkler system went off? i didn't see that, i'm sorry. dagen: there you go. and anna wintour introduced her. we all want to president that anna wintour is behind that's so critical. >> maybe futures are down 46 handles on that. maria: bottom line the futures are down 46 handles thanks for
8:38 am
bringing us there, keith. the dow jones industrial average expected to open down almost 400. this, we are at the lows of the morning right there. >> we are off the lows as people like to say, we are off the lows, we're off the lower highs. maria: we are at the lows right now. >> this is the main problem. you could see this coming from a country mile away if you measured the risk in the market already, the risk of the range. 1822 to 1845 in the s&p and that's not there yet. maria: we've got to connect the dots on oil and stocks and oil prices are down on new worries, china, preparing to prune recent gains. we'll take you to chicago and the cme group. keep it here on the fox business network. >> welcome back to another tennis channel court report. a special presentation for fox business network. serena williams is trying to make history at the u.s. open. the world number one can equal steffi graf's record of 22
8:39 am
major victories in new york and complete the calendar slam. and serena barely broke a sweat. the russian retired. and serena won the first set 6-love. the biggest upset the last year's finalist, beaten in a five-set marathon. and don't forget tennis channel's extensive coverage of the final grand slam of the season continues tuesday, 8 a.m. eastern with u.s. open tonight wrapping up the day's action at 11 is p.m.
8:40 am
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8:43 am
>> welcome back. a tough situation underway right here. the dow jones industrials arj is now at the lows of the day. we're expecting the market to open down better than 400 points. take a look where we stand. the s&p and the nasdaq. performances have weakened quite a bit. it's the biggest week of data, the ism out at 10 a.m. and later on the jobs number and ebc meeting on thursday. we will see if something comes out of the ecb. >> some people say you can't pay attention to the economi da we're look look at a cycle-- >> how do you rationalize an
8:44 am
over 400 point drop on the first day of the month? you have to look at some data, china or-- >> you asked the first day of the month. s people do keep their months in line as long as they can into month end so i think they wake up this morning, don't forget that august was the worst month, worst august since 2001. so for those of you who are following economic cycles, that was a-- the market was cycling. the futures are down 20, down 30, down 50 and futures, you can see at that point there, 51. you can see it. and i call them handles, 51 handles where we're at. that's a huge move. this is actually where last monday's move started with a 50 handle or point drop in the s&p 500 futures. that got people uncomfortable. dagen: is a good jobs report good or bad at the end of the week? >> that's a good question. at some point we say bad is is
8:45 am
bad. sandra: a lot of this is energy. the s&p, you accurately point out, is on a percentage basis down more than the dow. what's the biggest weighting, energy. what's down right now, oil. dagen: bounceback in oil in 27 days was hooey and that's-- >> that's the problem. the market wants to go down and people want to see a washout. when you see the mini rallies and people are buying on the dip, that doesn't mean it's over, that means it's going to come next week and that's what we're seeing. >> markets have an uncanny ability to be, a, nonlinear and look for a catalyst. you pointed out, the ecb has a make a call here. look at this, draghi, the mario draghi has to revalue. if you're looking for a catalyst, we'll be here tomorrow and the next day after that. i won't be surprised at all if oil is going down in a down euro move, rather, because it's
8:46 am
up for the dollar. so there's a series of steps when markets go into the phase transition. they'll go to that catalyst. maria: let's bring in frank keating. thank you for joining us. how are volatile oil prices affecting people in the states. he said knock on, knock on, knock on effect of these weak commodities prices are going to be the undoing, a continuation of the undoing of this market. >> well, good morning, maria. i've got to say after listening to the conversation, we ought to return to the discussion of fantasy football, it's more of a signs. [laughter] >> and a happier subject, isn't it? >> much happier subject. for those of us from energy states and background, obviously the oil patch is suffering and suffering severely and things will get worse. the reality is all of this bad news is a result of the good news of american genius and
8:47 am
technology. right now the conversation is not-- last weekend we're the fifth largest energy producer. the question is what happens when the nuclear deal is done and iran puts a million or 2 million barrels, maybe they already are, but when that formal increase in oil on the markets hits the markets, but also, the question is, what's the breaking point for the russians, the venezuelans and the iranians. maria: how about the saudies. >> we own it generally ourselves oil and gas. over there the government does and use it to prop themselves up. a lot of questions in the marketplace and a lot of questions in the foreign policy and internal security field. maria: we've got a jobs number out this friday. if it's a bad number. maybe the fed doesn't raise rates in september. many people are not expecting the fed to raise in september. if the market views that as a--
8:48 am
>> i think that the banks have done well, they're capitalized and even the community banks, all the suffering they're receiving because of 14,000 pages and proposals of dodd-frank rules, if it slows, banks will as well. i'm hoping that a lot of this volatility is just that, volatility. and we'll get our act together. it's almost reaganesque if they're the past quarter, but a lot of uncertainty and a lot of fear. maria: thank you. appreciate your time. >> thank you. maria: patriots a fans on edge over a decision on tom brady's deflate gate. that's next.
8:49 am
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and learn more about the kinds of plans that will be here for you now - and down the road. i have a lifetime of experience. so i know how important that is. >> welcome back. the nfl community waiting for a ruling on tom brady's suspension appeal. should brady be on your radar in your fantasy football draft. scott angle is with us on the phone. what round are you drafting brady in? >> thanks for having me this morning. a busy time of the year. right now, my current ranks and roto and exclusive edge fantasy football package i have him ranked 13th at quarterback because four games, that's a significant chunk of the season to miss. you know, if this is upheld, but still, if you get brady later on. maria: yeah, what round is that? >> it really depends. 13th overall, that could be
8:53 am
anywhere, you might see him go anywhere between the 8th and the 11th round depending on the draft. right now in the national fantasy football championship, he's going in about the 8th round and 9th quarterback overall. i have him ranked lower, four games is a significant chunk to missment if something changes here, i could bump him to 7th. you want to focus on runningbacks and wide receiver and you only have to start one quarterback in a lot of fantasy football leagues. >> it's interesting that you say that, we have an arsenal between gronk, obviously, and the pickups that we have. and you're not drafting brady high. four games, i don't think he's going to get four games, i would draft him in a second. >> isn't that the best. you're betting on-- >> there's no way i'm taking a quarterback in the second
8:54 am
round. you've got to wait-- >> not 7th or 8th round either. dagen: he's getting four games, i bet you $20 he gets four games. maria: there are wagers all over the place. you're going to owe 40 bucks and owe scott. and shauna smith, one in the control room. how did you do. >> i came back strong and went with peyton manning a safer bet, but i think he's a smart choice, if you pick him you have a lot of potential there. maria: keith, do you like that? >> scott is making that point, too. you usually pick wide receivers and runningbacks. and isn't that the point that if you're not picking brady first you would naturally not pick a quarterback first anyway? >> you sound like an experienced savvy fantasy football player.
8:55 am
i don't think about a quarterback until the 5th round and brady, let's say the suspension doesn't hold maybe 6th. peyton manning is 39 years old and going to run the ball more, so probably would have brady over manning. maria: all right. >> you could wait on quarterback. i don't think, unless you play in a two-quarterback league, i would wait on aaron rogers and andrew luck and let somebody else take them. bet a russell wilson and get a ben roethlisberger or something like that. maria: great, great. and on the phone, this is great, i love fantasy football, but we've got the market. >> bracing for a big selloff at the open. looking at a 400 plus selloff. stay with us. we'll be right back. i asked my dentist
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to break up plaque, and rotates to sweep it away. and oral-b delivers a clinically proven superior clean vs. sonicare diamond clean. my mouth feels super clean. oral-b. know you're getting a superior clean. i'm never going back to a manual brush. >> breaking news, futures are sinking ahead of the open. take a look where we stand. the market is expected to open done 450 points. final thoughts.
8:59 am
sandra, this is obviously part of the story, is oil. sandra: a huge part of the story. it has big implications for the united states, for the jobs, for the economy and for specific things, you were talking about. maria: texas. sandra: the struggling economy in texas. these are interesting levels, the fact that we've sustained these for a long time. to sell off 5% is something to watch? a slowing economy globally. it's not just china. >> you can sell oil and by thursda thursday-- the possible market prices, i'm unnerved about this, i've written for the first time i don't want to be right: if i'm right, the longer term growth call. there are going to be some people in pain. maria: of we've had sharp pain already. >> that's what the average investor is wondering, what do i do.
9:00 am
>> do nothing. >> listen to maria and she'll tell you what to do. maria: take to the sidelines. >> watch the 10-year treasury to watch how much fear theres and how low they go. maria: keith mccollough, senator scott brown, dagen mcdowell, thank you for joining us, "varney & company" is next, have a good show, stu, a tough opening. stuart: we're not going to trot out the usual cliches, buckle up, it's going to be a bumpy ride. we're not going to do that. we're going to tell you straight, a half hour from stocks are going straight down, it looks like a 400 point drop right there at opening bell. the big names will be down 2% or more all across the board and it's september 1st and we're starting as we left off in august, which was the worst month in years. what's the problem here? primary target, china, more market support measures which didn't work and more detentions of people involved in the markets and slowing in the


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