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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  September 2, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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sandra: breaking news this morning. china for the week with more losses as beijing prepares for a massive military parade. we will have a live report from beijing. good morning senator smith. lauren: good morning. i am lauren simonetti. u.s. stock futures point to a higher open for wall street after yesterday's present losses in the dow fell 400 xt nine points. what show you how we shape up this morning. the dow was up 69 points, s&p up 7.5 and the nasdaq 20 points. sandra: looking at asia right
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now. stocks down this much is 4.5% but ended the session was slight losses as you can see the same thing, shanghai and nikkei off a little bit. lauren: european stocks that have been hired for right now they are falling back to the ftse benefits of 1%. the same percentage loss in the german dax is relatively flat. train to the wild ride in the oil market i watched very closely is not slowed down one bit after some rain over 7% in yesterday's trading oil prices fall again today. you look at oil off another 2% this morning. more on that coming out. sandra: yesterday they gave it a relatively flat. after he skidded more than 1%, the dollar and other major currencies looking at the euro right now at 112 down against the u.s. dollar.
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lauren: the yield on the 10 year treasury relatively flat. sandra: welcome to "fbn:am" come your first look at what's new in today's markets, the latest breaking news in what to expect that they had. lauren: it is wednesday already. that is the last gave the trading week. before crime it back, the final day of trading for the week as beijing prepares for a massive military parade. a closer look at the asian market business reporter tracey chang. tracey is a reporter for chinese state television. good morning. nicole petallides and good morning. like you said, asian-americans see a lot of red. opening down about 4.5% before rallying into positive territory. ending the day down two tenths of 1%.
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financial institutions by length gains and that may or may be my time because the massive military parade will be shot for the next two days. the hong kong markets moved lower as well down about 1.2% and tomorrow the public holiday market will be shot. trading will be on friday. japanese shares moved lower. the nikkei down for tenths of 1% following a slump overnight for a summer entrée pharmaceutical trend. the crosby had a lackluster trading days while slightly below the breakeven line. lauren: it'll be interesting to see how it does about china setting the stage over the next couple days. >> indeed it will. as they look a u.s. stock futures now pointing to a rebound on the opening bell at the stocks posted their third worst drought this year.
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what started the day as the weak chinese data on manufacturing that came out. here we are bouncing back with dow futures currently up 63 points, s&p up seven, nasdaq company team. when can we expect wild rice to come to an end. let's ask the president of capital management and fox news contributor. good morning. what do we need we need to know to start her day this morning. one day up, one day down. >> the bass is as china is on holiday now so we can relax a little bit. the direction come at the nature trend is down and if you notice in the last couple days how easy sellers get the upper hand. that is a complete change from what we've seen throughout the last two or three years. maybe we can bounce up, but i think we are going nowhere. last monday's low we have the real ugly open. that holds for now. in the days and weeks ahead we
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are going to break that and go for another down. i do believe this is a bear market. we have at half one in six years. we are overdue because of the time type are before you discuss anything else and typically it's a 25%, 30% drop. lauren: traditionally corrections become bear markets. i will quote you. the bearish markets where unknown price and times. you want to put some execs on the unknown. >> everybody has this idea we are going to bottom in october and nobody knows. but we can do is get the direction right and when the market decides the bottom that will give us all kinds of clues. believe it or not it full text going down. >> you see no relief in the up or do we look at right now. >> right. i think we are up to 60 now. we were down 584 points the last two days.
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it would be normal to balance a couple hundred points, and maybe even a little bit more. you'll see them coming in again and eventually i don't know if it's any time in the next two days are couple of weeks but we will break the lows and that is when the realization from the rest of wall street will come and say this is that for real and not just a correction and we are not hearing too many people call it just a correction. the starter with commodities 13 minutes ago. transports topped out in march. >> we are looking at dow futures out. on the bottom of this great oil futures down 2%. jerry called bob, thank you for joining us. lauren: under pressure once again after thinking about 80% yesterday on renewed concerns about china's economy and the seasonal decline right here in the u.s. who's best to talk about this?
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a fox news contributor joins us with the latest. so, the government is expected to report this morning an increase in supply. is that what is pressuring today? >> really if you look at oil prices yesterday it was about to move in the market. we were following the oil fundamentals. the stocks were getting hammered and it made out hard for oil to get it in. we saw the forecast last night from the american petroleum institute showed the crude almost increased by over 7 million barrels last week to rebound from last weeks report but basso was a negative fact or disconnecting oil this morning. >> that inventory report was huge. really spending prices much lower as we continue to sell off this morning.
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i reiterate we move back to that level and there's still a lot of cars out there for 35, $30 oil. the volatility index also spiked about 10% in yesterday's trading session. is that all a contrarian indicator? spike in crude oil volatility. could not be in this selloff is well on its way to continue? >> you know, i am not so sure because this market has been so erratic. look at the near term, there is no doubt we have a lot of supply. it is really what will happen the second half of the year. we will see the biggest drop in u.s. production over the last 30. a major drop in shell output. we will see a decline in a boat from non-opec reduce nations.
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that's assuming the global economy. lauren: phil flynn, thank you for your day. >> all right. we are also waiting on another round of critical economic data. markets are data dependent right now it's all going to get started with the first labor related reportedly been up to friday's big monthly jobs report. the estimate is for 1000 jobs to be added up from 185,000 added in july. a check on manufacturing that the factory orders report out for july the number expected to rise by nine tenths of a percent although it would be down from gene's reading of 1.8%. who will also find out how the economy performing across the country and the federal reserve releases the latest niche book economic survey.
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all of that out later today. lauren: let's say you caught up on global markets. the shape that was down about 4.5% and a lower and a molar excess of 1%. one green arrow and south korea this morning. sandra: not big losses but the first ftse leading to the downside up 11 points. lauren: the u.s. is looking better. the dow jones industrial average within 80.0 pen though. sandra: let's look at key commodities this morning tacking about oil prices. a big story developing with oil at 2% and a look at gold. lauren: gold price is relatively flat. now after slightly $1140 a troy ounce.
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train to many commodities dependent on the euro .12 now down against the u.s. dollar as you can see mixed action as far as the global currencies are concerned. >> videos stands at 2.15%. train to an intense manhunt in northern illinois after police stopped the shooter was shot until yesterday. fox lieutenant joseph runaways was chasing three men and suspicious at committee all happening yesterday morning. >> he advises radiocommunication he was out for suspicious objects. two male whites and one male black. shortly thereafter informed communications he was in a pursuit. as communications lost contact with him. sandra: we have learned the the lieutenant glenn lewis was married with four children. his death is the third one for the third law enforcement fatality in illinois this year.
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lauren: so sad. let's get to politics. carly fiorina to get in the main primetime presidential debate hosted later this month after the network amended its criteria for the debate followed weeks of pressure from the fiorina campaign. the old holes in july and early in august but the new terms that any candidate who ranks in the top 10 between the fox debate august 6th and september 10th. that is it. that better reflects fiorina's recent polls. the republican national committee as saying i love seeing him for recognizing the historic nature of the debate and support the decision to amend their criteria. the debate is scheduled for september 16th in california. sandra: republican presidential candidate jeb bush releasing a new online video attacking
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donald trump. bush is painting trump is a fake conservative. >> i've been living in new york city half of my life. so my views are a little bit different. >> partial-birth abortion. i am pro-choice and never respect as far as that goes. sandra: trump is fired back with this video attacking the former governor as well as his brother, president bush. >> we recognize that commitment to someone who has devoted their life to public service. thank you to secretary clinton and president clinton. >> my sister-in-law. trying to bush only resorts to insults because they can't talk about the issues. in response to call in another week it by a candidate with a failing campaign. lauren: it is getting interesting. president obama closer to
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opposition in congress. democratic senator bob casey and chris can add their name to the 31 lawmakers in favor of the deal bringing the president within just one vote to sustain a potential veto. senator lindsey graham condemning the deal of a protest yesterday. >> we are americans and the ayatollah hates everybody here. president obama said the crazies will vote no. let me tell you, you are crazy if you vote yes. we are going to stop it over time. don't quit. we will have more votes. this is not over. lauren: meanwhile, iran reportedly intensifying around the nuclear facilities. in addition, the elite revolutionary guards says the u.s. is still a great state regardless of the nuclear deal. sandra: in china, preparations for a large-scale military parade tomorrow.
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stock trading has ended for the week. a live report from beijing. we are tracking a roller coaster ride in global stock markets. i feel like i just about now. loss as we saw yesterday at 500-point drop in the dow. looking at futures this morning suggesting they may bounce back a little bit. you are watching "fbn:am." we are glad that you've are. this is your first look at morning market and breaking news. ♪
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sandra: breaking news this morning. china and its stock trading for
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the week early with my losses as the country prepares for a massive military parade. a live report from beijing. i'm sandra smith. lauren: im lauren simonetti. u.s. stock futures point to a higher open after yesterday's bruising losses. we will show you a stock market futures up 70 points on the dow. s&p at 37 and three quarters tacking on 20 points. sandra: so much focus on asia as we continue to watch trading at shanghai stocks have been down as much as 4.5%. and at the finish with slight losses. the cost be with a slight gain. lauren: any follow-through. major averages in europe to the downside. you have the ftse and the cac down .15%. sandra: this wild ride in the market unbelievable. it is not slowing down after 7% yesterday on the inventory with
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poorer. oil prices back down again this morning. looking at a selloff down 2.25%. lauren: other commodities gold with the down oil is still relatively flat. sandra: after skidding more than 1%, the dollar against global currencies. the euro of 112 against the u.s. dollar. mixed action across the board. lauren: as for the outcome of 2.15% right now. sandra: welcome to "fbn:am" come to your first look at the latest breaking news and what to expect that they had. lauren: let's get a closer look at asian markets. business reporter tracey chang. tracey is a reporter for chinese state television. good morning to you, tracey. reporter: good morning, lauren. overheard in china come in the nikkei composite with the government and a series of support measures to shore up the market before the military
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parade but it wasn't that successful. the market opened up down to positive territory but it couldn't hold onto the gains about two tenths of 1%. financial institutions piled on gains to limit further market downside. people suspect national team state of investment vehicles or buy new shares for two tenths of 1%. the hong kong market traded to the downside as well. the hang seng down 1.2% to mars a public holiday by trading on friday. in tokyo japanese shares down four tenths of 1% following the wall street slumped lower. the pharmaceutical companies spot the trend over there in south korea that kospi had a lackluster trading day finishing the day slightly below. back to you. sandra: thank you, tracey. investors get another round of
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economic data today with the first in a labor related report leading up to the big government jobs report out on friday. i was a good market mover. the adp report on private-sector hiring for august. the estimate 201,000 jobs to be added would be up for 185,000 added back in july. we've also get a check of the manufacturing sector with orders for july. the number expected to rise nine tenths of a percent of those that would be down from june. the reading dare, 1.8%. will also find out how the economy is performing across the country when the federal reserve releases the beige book of economic activity up later today. markets will certainly be listening. lauren: a lot coming up. a legal set now for uber. a suit filed by three drivers can proceed as a class action. the case will now about 160,000 other drivers in california.
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the lawsuit claims uber treats its drivers like employees but doesn't provide the necessary benefits that come with being an employee. the ruling sets the stage for a legal battle with major implications for uber's business model and dozens of other startup companies. sandra: coming up, a wild day. it has been a wild week for stocks on wall street. what has it been like to be on the floor of a stock exchange. more activity than we normally see down there. a lot of talk about the need for specialists. i digress. we will get the perspective of one floor trader and what they are saying. he may be in for another busy day checking u.s. stock futures currently up 40 points. you are watching "fbn:am." this is your first look at morning market and breaking news. ♪ you pay your auto insurance premium
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sandra: what do you conduct a global market action because there's a lot of it. asian markets trading mostly to the downside with another wild ride there appeared to cost me managing to sleep in it nonetheless selling continues in a ship. lauren: beijing's final day of the week. let's see how european markets
5:28 am
are reacting. one day down .18%. a third of a percent loss in a 60% loss in germany. lauren: that's how things are shaping up here. u.s. futures point to gains on the open. anything in the next few hours we look at dow futures currently at 64 points pointing to a higher rope in. lauren: i say it's about time. oil has been the big markets during the past couple days. another seller for the price of crude oil down almost 2%. 4458 is your quote. sandra: a lot of people talking about cold lately. look at that this morning. up 30 cents at 1148 troy ounce. lauren: that she had the u.s. dollar is trading against key currencies. weakness of the euro, pound a japanese dollar. sandra: 2.15% this morning. lauren: exciting and volatile.
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traders try and keep up with the stock market twist and turns. the roller coaster video we've been showing you. let's get the thoughts of the managing director of the nyse operations for deep value execution services joining us from our newsroom. thanks for coming in earlier. >> good morning, guys. happy wednesday. tran for what like to be on the floor of the new york stock exchange? >> over my career i've been on the floor long time. it still feels exciting. it always feels like tumultuous news. we are still rubbing shoulders and elbows and we still get that rush of adrenaline when market move. lauren: sandra, do you want to? sandra: yeah, steve and i am listening to you and we know you and win a large absence of trader from the floors as everything is primarily electronic. more than 90% of trading. this is still something you deal
5:30 am
with. how do you position yourself? how do you protect yourself and your client and is really historical times for the market? >> you know, what investors have to do these days, they have to be sophisticated. you can't just have equity. you have to have options and position and you have to know what stocks are what debt instruments move against your position. you really have to be more intelligent than they had to be in the old days because of the old days you could make it up with commissions and sheer volume. these days you have to be intelligent and know what you're talking about when you talk to your clients and you've got to help them through these things. lauren: steve, what are you looking at today specifically? >> of the little nervous. he opened to the upside, the club over.
5:31 am
they're pretty volatile. i don't think we'll find a direction until the adp number comes out. lauren: tomorrow we had the ecb meeting i spoke. >> they were starting to talk at the marriott drive you will have to go easier than they've been going. if that happens, all bets are off. we cannot buy that mr. is end of the week. sandra: we're turning the central bank center jobs. managing director nyse operations for execution services. sandra: coming up in politics, jeb bush fires back at donald trump with an internet video using his own words against him. >> hillary clinton is a terrific woman. i'm a little biased because i've known her for years. sandra: we will tell you what else is in the videos we are focused on wild ride in stock market. stock prices and lower for a third day of the u.s. stock futures are up right now signaling a higher open this morning. we will keep watching them for
5:32 am
you. dow futures up 52 points. james led by the tech heavy nasdaq up 310th of 1%. you are watching "fbn:am." this is your first look at morning market and breaking news. we will be right back. ♪
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sandra: breaking news this morning. china and in stock trading for the week with more losses as beijing prepares a massive military parade. we'll have a live report. i am sandra smith. lauren: hey, sandra. i am transfixed. despite the slight in china, u.s. stock futures point to wind up wall street looking good this morning. dow futures indicated 51-point when it does sound for hours sound for hours from now. the s&p up five and three quarters getting about 15
5:36 am
points. sandra: in asia, shanghai stocks data such as 4.5% that ended the session the slight losses. pretty much down across the board, the cost view at slight gain. lauren: how about your up looking like this. my man down. the cac down half of 1% in the german dax has a 1%. >> we head towards the u.s. in the wild ride for the oil market as well. you are looking not for the $44.47 a barrel off more than 2% to start the session. lauren: there you have both lower. $1139 a troy ounce. sandra: the dollar firming up against global currencies. the euro at 112, down against the greenback with mixed action across the board. lauren: in bonds, 2.15%.
5:37 am
sandra: bulk of the "fbn:am," your first look at moving markets today, the latest breaking news in what to expect that they had. lauren: the shanghai index shipping 4.5% and clawed its way back to positive territory but down a little bit. today was the final day of trading for the week in beijing as china prepares for a massive military parade that kicks off tomorrow. a closer look at asian market activity with business reporter tracey chad live in beijing. good morning to you. reporter: did mourn and. a lot of red in the nikkei composite in a tug-of-war despite a government support measure for the top companies to shore up the market before the parade the nikkei composite down flat they also were than 4.5% as we rally into positive territory down two tenths of 1%.
5:38 am
basically the national team from the state investment vehicles coming to the market to buy shares again and we certainly saw the institutions rallied to them at market downside. markets will be closed the next two days in celebration of the military parade. hong kong markets was lower as well. the hang seng down 1.2% as far a public holiday markets will be slowed. trading will resume on friday. check the shares have much lower. the nikkei down for 10 to 1% following the slump overnight. pharmaceutical companies still over there. and south korea the coffee hot it is finishing. today's trading slightly below the break in mine. lauren: sounds like you'll be busy. thank you so much. sandra: investors brace as the stocks tumbling over 3%. read chinese data. u.s. stock futures pointed to days when trading resumes this morning. what should investors keep in mind in the face is extremely
5:39 am
volatile market. gary smith, president catena group and fox news contributor joins us on the phone. thank you are rising bright and early in getting us ready for a day. as many people awake across the country, what is the most important thing they need to know to start off this wednesday morning? >> one, the wisdom is be patient, don't be scared. i think every investor to be honest with you always needs to have a little scare in them. they need to think my gosh, the market could go down a lot. i'm not trying to put fear in the air, but if you have all of your kids college money in their, make sure you have at least some way to make sure they can still go to college if the market goes down. for me to get two perspectives. number one is we have been down now about 10%, which feels
5:40 am
awful. remember even in 2011, which was not terrible, the market was down 17%. the good news is whenever these type of things lined up invariably, a year from now the market is the period unless it is something like 2008 and then the market was down another 4%. we should be in good shape. sandra: real quickly, do you see the correction now come in at a bear market? >> you'll end up in china. china is tracking in places like south korea sought exports down 15%. even in our case that china went away, less than 1% of our gdp. china is not going away. a much smaller percentage than most other countries so china
5:41 am
contracts a little bit. we should only see a manner as. i think it is more emotional at this point than anything else. sandra: gary b. smith, thank you for joining us with your perspective. lauren: oil prices under pressure after sinking almost 8%. of course a massive three-day runoff they felt substantially yesterday afternoon concerned about china's economy and a seasonal decline in demand in the u.s. phil flynn, senior market analyst on fox business contributor joins us now with the latest. >> good morning, guys. i think the crude goes back and forth a little faster. we are down today and obviously because of the private forecast of the american petroleum institute showed a 7 million barrels drawdown. i do think they are correct in last week's number where he saw
5:42 am
a 7 million euros withdrawal. we are bouncing back. imports are back because of the pushing issues and the growth probably slowed imports. if you look at other numbers like gasoline pushing supplies, they are pretty steady. surplus stocks stay stock stay strong, crew should rebound. sandra: yesterday in the middle of the telephone is looking for something that was created or updated date of the airlines were doing so well. i assumed that was because of the south in the price of oil. it is amazing how much oil plays a part in our stock investing as well. so what generally is a direction for oil? are you going to start talking about a bottom here? >> i think it is a little too early to call for a bottom but i think you're at the lower end in
5:43 am
of trading. unless you believe the global economy will totally collapse, anything in the low 40s is closer to a low than high. i think the average range for most analysts so the truth is probably somewhere in the middle around 50. lauren: folks are driving for labor day this weekend, we see the cheapest gasoline prices in 11 years. with the lower oil prices we will take that. thank you, phil flynn. >> thank you. sandra: here is the global market action. stocks have another wild ride i should say. the shanghai finishing the day down. the cost be finishing to the upside. some big screens in the asian markets. lauren: in europe, a little bit better. london is down only two points.
5:44 am
>> hello things up enough? it looks like we will have a positive opening on wall street. several hours until her brains. dow futures of 83 points. >> i was looking about the dow jones was sunday night teams. caches you how low we've gone. down a solid 2%. trade to remember when their triple digits and they said oil would never be double digits again. gold 1139 a troy ounce, down slightly. transfer the dollar trading against key currencies. the japanese yen this morning. sandra: the treasure is a kick up the morning looking at 2.15% up slightly. lauren: and intense being hunted northern illinois after a police officer was shot and killed. fox lieutenant joseph on the list is chasing three men
5:45 am
involved in suspicious at 230 yesterday morning. >> he advises radiocommunication he was out of three suspicious subjects. to my wife and one male black picture is thereafter botanic glenna woods informed he was on a foot pursuit. it had lost contact with him. lauren: the lieutenant was buried with four children. his death is the third law enforcement fatality in illinois this year. sandra: turning to politics, carly fiorina are expected to get in the main primetime presidential debate hosted by cnn later this month. this comes after the network ended volatile mix of pressure from her campaign. i have a way to pull in july, but the new terms at any candidate in the top 10 between august 6th and september september 10th. a. that better reflects fiorina's
5:46 am
recent surge. the chairman of the republican national committee say and i applaud cnn for recognizing the historic nature of the debate to amend the criteria. the debate scheduled for september 16th in california. lauren: things are getting tense. republican presidential candidate jeb bush releases a new online video that attacks the front runner donald trump as a fake conservatives. >> who would you like representing the united states in a deal with this regime? >> hillary would do a good job. >> i know her very well. she's very talented. >> i've known her and her husband and i like them both a lot. trains were firing back as well as his brother, the former president bush. >> we recognize that commit and
5:47 am
as voter to public service. >> what does that make hillary clinton to the bush family? >> my sister-in-law. train for bush trample the resource to themselves because they can't talk into the issues. >> trump calling it another hit by a candidate with a failing campaign. sandra: and china, a large-scale military parade ultimate stock traders there end early. u.s. stock index futures pointing to games right now. dow futures up 83-point pokémon red is a kick up the morning and we will update your sports for you. roger federer keeps on rolling. you are watching "fbn:am." this is your first look at morning markets and breaking
5:48 am
news. ♪
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lauren: alaska yukon up in global markets. restart and asia appeared mostly down arrows but a rebound for the shanghai composite down 2%. the costa has an up arrow. sandra: positive area on trent aero on the ftse. a chastened sentiment not gained but at least most things have turned positive. transfer that is for the first time all morning. that is building their futures in the u.s. dow jones futures up almost 100 points. s&p up to the monastic 27.
5:52 am
this is your hide the free market session. lauren: crude oil to the downside. within 2% they're looking at $44.46 for a barrel of oil that's a big number this morning. sandra: gold down almost 1 dollar. in the currency markets the next action as well. a lot of red areas as far as the global currency trading right now down against u.s. dollars. the greenback strength this morning. lauren: is off the action is another treasury yield now 2.6%. let's turn to sports. at the u.s. open yesterday, andy murray had little trouble. 18 aces in the match with the first match since he was put on probation for misbehaving on the court. roger federer got past argentina. he needed only 77 minutes with
5:53 am
the wind. on the women's side, caroline wozniak took 67 minutes to win her match against jamie low. the fourth and last year's runner-up was never in danger again a champion. in baseball, the phillies embarrassed the mats 14 to eight last night. and a friend sixth and eighth. they still led to mass by six and a half games. rep or so of the red sox struck out 13 yankees and gave up only one unearned run. he allowed two unearned runs and that was the difference to the yankees. toronto blue jays kept their lead with attempted bank homerun against cleveland. that's where you have the spores. sandra: by the way, we see an uptick in stock index futures. we are checking on global markets as well which continue
5:54 am
to move higher. a bit of a change of sentiment. it is still early, several hours before the opening bell. w-whiskey you're looking you're wednesday forecast. fox meteorologist maria molina joined us. reporter: good morning, maria sandra. good to see you. look at temperatures above average across parts of the plains and portions of the east coast. it's hearty toasty in some cities in memphis and new orleans the current temperature is 80 degrees further west than phoenix at 89 degrees and as we head to the midwest, chicago already in the 70s and temperatures continue to climb today making it to the 90s from rapid city to denver and present the east coast in raleigh, north carolina. we're already dealing early this morning and ran across parts of the pacific northwest.
5:55 am
train to another hot one. maria, thank you. lauren: was over and done global market action as we see stocks rise a little more before we hand it over to maria bartiromo. dow jones industrial average of three points this morning. stay with us.
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sandra: a quick look at global markets because we as markets because leasing markets in europe turned positive the past few minutes. the ftse holding on to his liking was continued volatility with the cac dax slightly lower. stock index futures after the selloff yesterday. looks like we not only have a positive open on wall street, but if we maintain games with the dow futures up 90 points. another big day ahead. it is time now for maria bartiromo and monitor its maria. maria: hello, sandra. thank you very much. wild ride in the market continues its futures jump
5:59 am
better than 100 points earlier. maria bartiromo. it is wednesday, september 2nd with me this hour, dagen mcdowell and barron's online editor jack otter. future show again after the big selloff yesterday. the dow industrials down 469 points yesterday. we are set to take some of those losses back with a gain of 100 points. we will be watching off her shirt today. a big component over the last two weeks. one dollar or so a barrel. 4438, and europe the average joe and some wild strings. certainly the volatility has been amazing. britain, france, germany started the day higher now trading close to flat on the session. future show gains to the open of trading. dow futures are off of their earlier highs but nonetheless
6:00 am
101 points right now. the dow and s&p both coming off of their third-biggest decline of the year. the dowd correction territory down 12.5% from the high reached a couple months ago. jack otter cover story last week in spirit magazine. the stock market saying the worst may be over. >> i wouldn't put a whole lot of money, but what i will say is played these strings is dangerous. people said the market breaks the maximum number of cars. today we arrive. anybody who sold at the bottom yesterday, i just lost money. if we go up far it wouldn't be surprised to see a down day tomorrow. this is a roller coaster ride. frankly a lot of people with real jobs in the families have time to track the market should get in and make sure there's an asset allocation and watch us


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