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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  September 3, 2015 6:00am-9:01am EDT

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two of her top aides are set to testify today before the house panel investigated the 2012 benghazi attack. the worker who helped set up a private e-mail server says he will plead the fifth. committee members returned early to participate in the closed-door hearing. we will bring it to you. pressure mounting on donald trump to pledge to run as a republican. the gop is serving a loyalty pledge to ensure trump does not attempt a third-party run. trump all made with rnc chairman race previous to then hold a news conference at 2:00 p.m. eastern. more on that coming up. bias continues to build for "star wars." the first choice from the movie and got yesterday taking off an 18 hour live streaming event on youtube showing and opening up boxes and looking at toys. it starts in the u.s. at 8:30 a.m. eastern right here in new york city. a quick check on the markets looking at a pretty good opening
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for the broader averages after what has been clearly an incredibly volatile month. bill stone, let's talk about these wild swings. >> is trying to tell people some of it should've been expected in the sense that the fed coming up, franka we always do the lower oil is a good thing that tends to the volatility of global divergence in the economies but the biggest names in china feeding into that. as much as you can make it that's a little bit normal and you do have to get through this to get better returns than we think will happen is kind of how to play it. train to the backdrop is really bothering people. we look at bar evidence of how these have been on the u.s. when they get the jobs numbers tomorrow. >> absolutely. and how soon the federal reserve moves. i've been pointing to this for about this for a while to lower gasoline prices tripling or to the economy and how people feel and how much money they are
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spending. come closer to knows all things gas prices, south carolina is not the first day of glory $2 a gallon average. you'll get a lot more space in the next 90 days for the average is below two bugs. labor day weekend is the first holiday bill under $4 billion in 11 years. you are going to start to see these numbers add up if you have an immense amount of tinkering dignity and the next month and a half is also going to bring prices down. maria: just a trickle into the economy. do people use the savings? >> we saw the auto sales highest since 2005. that has shown that. you are right in some other places not quite as much. they can say is going to get retail sales numbers because of those autos. maria: is the worst still behind her was still in the uncertainty selloff modes.
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would you be believing in this rally? >> i do think the worst on at this moment. i'm hoping it is because i don't think we get the 20% down because i do think the economy and the u.s. is strong enough to support our names and globally as well. global is a little weaker than the u.s. maria: do with a sickly of a mentor is maybe we are close to the bottom. >> i do think so. it's wild to watch these markets. dagen: now we have to watch asian markets, mario draghi, what he says to paraphrase the keith mccullough would say do you get more cowbell. what are they going to do with the program? are they going to ramp up the amount of money they are buying, extend what they are buying. that is the speculators and investors look for. they just want more from central bank. you will not get it from arafat
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but around the world and this other harder hit commodities to my. maria: we will see if we get it. turning to washington, two former aides for hillary clinton will be questioned by the house today. the hospitality committee. blake burman in washington. reporter: hi there, maria. lots of questions mainly because they will be behind closed doors. this is the first to back to back days of testimony but it has benghazi committee involving two of hillary clinton's top aides during her tenure as secretary of state. armor chief of staff cheryl mills will testify today. former deputy chief of staff jacob sullivan tomorrow. depositions like we framed by committee attorneys expected to take several hours. clinton confidant expected to face tough questions regarding what happened the night to end the days following september 11,
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2012 when four americans including chris stevens were killed along with potential questions about their bosses e-mail part is this. clinton will testify before the same committee later next month. maria: we will be watching that. it's a biggie. donald trump making headlines this morning. he's set to hold a news conference at 2:00 p.m. today. what are you expecting? do you think he will say he wants to sign a pledge that he won't do a third run? reporter: they sent out a press release last night about 7:30, 7:45, giving a heads up. there wasn't an exact reason giving, but as you just mentioned, the backdrop quite interesting because he will meet privately with the head of the national committee who has been recently pushing candidates to sign a pledge that they won't make a third-party run should they lose the nomination. trump refused to make a pledge last month. the timing could be
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coincidental. either way it is something trump will be asked about again by the media later today. maria: blake, thank you very much. blake burman in d.c. trump is facing growing pressure to advance his loyalty to the gop. dagen, your reaction to this. the debate. we remember what he said. he couldn't do it. dagen: he is leaning in that event he had last week in south carolina. south carolina republican party to be in the primary requires you to sign a pledge to basically back the eventual -- he said we will make a decision about that shortly. i don't know. i am getting the feeling he's backing away from the whole third-party candidacy. he can fight with everybody, but
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it takes the fun out of the fight. maria: if he were to go into a third-party, that would be very negative for the republicans. >> you so. it's kind of difficult being the front runner to go independent. it's different if you were backing the pack. it's a little odd. dagen: any reason for him to call it press conference. jeb is getting tougher with them in terms of what the campaign put together. there is a poll they had on the jeb bush website. it was like would you rather and you had to make one of two choices and do as they reference to which you got there back a candidate who wants to shake everyone's hand or a german folk who doesn't like shaking hands. they are not quite trump style, but in their own way. maria: it is all politics.
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though, does it matter to markets? >> i don't think so yet. you can kind of it or what they say. later on when we get onto the nominees nominees it gets more interesting because you have to start saving this person could actually win and these policies will impact this business. dagen: everywhere i go, liberal, conservative, republican, democrat or green party member, when they find out on the media, the only thing they ask is can trump when, can trump win. maria: people feel at trump can be the gop nominee. he's been handling himself in many ways resonating with the people. i would not have said that a few months ago. but now people are saying this could actually -- dagen: i sat on the curb with osha yesterday that your words bounce off me and stick to you.
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nothing can touch him. maria: oil prices surge in the oil prices searching this morning after a 2% gain should loss during embrace another roller coaster section there. take a look at other headlines we are watching today. apple's latest challenge topping its own success. analysts predicting that a growth for the latest iphone model throughout next week. obama secures the iran deal guaranteeing that can advance despite opposition in congress. china sent on the military reducing the number of trips by 300,000. we will be right back. ♪ can a business have a mind?
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maria: welcome back. what a wild ride for oil. 49 barrels a barrel earlier this week before bottoming out at around 46 and change. prices for gasoline still going down 10 cents for a week ago. right now looking to 43-gallon of regular going into the holiday weekend. phil flynn in chicago with more. if we break $50 a barrel? what is the reason for the discrepancy between crude oil and gasoline? >> no doubt it has proven resilient, especially yesterday's stories you think would be bearish. u.s. inventories and ed are high for this time of year. also reports of course that president obama sealed the deal to overcome the veto of the iranian nuclear deal.
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usually that would be very bearish. what we see inside the number is the demand for u.s. gasoline remains resilient. global demand continues to stay strong and that brought us back up. the geopolitical story about the chinese ships in the bering sea showing that as well. the good news if you look at wholesale gasoline prices continuing to plunge and you will see labor day weekend prices continue to fall. this is the best labor day in almost five years. get out there and enjoy it this weekend. maria: maybe people have a bit of a vacation after the wild week. we got into a great debate yesterday about what this brings to the broader economy and there is a real feeling that the energy markets represent the real wild card here. if we see bankruptcies and prices dropping, leading to new credit facilities, that would be a major negative to the economy.
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do you think this is a wildcard? >> you have to get through the short-term to see the consumer. just every number we run, the fact is a net positive for the u.s. cover for china, europe and japan. the problem is in pockets. you and i talked about cap from time to time. take apart cap from the last two quarters in the u.s. the only reason to discount that much is excessive oil and gas has just plunged. you can see that coming out. we look through financials around exposure to oil. most of the specific ones with more exposure are not overly exposed to oil. i guess we are not worried about it causing a bigger crisis here. >> what i'm worried about his cutbacks.
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when oil prices dropped a couple months ago, was i the company shedding jobs, cutting ip budgets, r&d budgets and as a result the impact of the broader job story. has some of these guys go bankrupt, that is going to be a big negative for the job. i'm looking at a different angle because i know you're looking at the todd. dagen: i don't have the answer to that question, but how many more jobs are coming down the road because of the continued drop down in oil prices and the companies that are financially shaky due to the larger players coming to snap them up and save those jobs. to what extent do those jobs get wiped out and he did wind up in bankruptcy. that's a question hard to answer. the benefit would be you have a healthier economy outside of oil and gas. industrial firms get head and
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anybody that has supplies. maria: i don't know. i feel there's an effect that could be a negative. dagen: at every negative thing about the economy and market earnings, job losses, regional weakness has been simply because of oil and gas business. maria: chinese markets closed today and tomorrow. the military showing the massive parade. nicole petallides here at the details. >> good morning. that's absolutely right. the house to commemorate the event river japan in world war ii 72 years ago and during the event chinese president, xi jinping, an ounce and a reduction by about 300,000 troops. that brings the size of the army down to 2 million people, so really huge. the migrant crisis in europe with officials from countries across the region pushing for a faster and united response to the crisis. would the past train station did
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open overnight. refugees flooded the station but trains are running to than the destination. a manhunt for a cop killer widening in northern illinois. officer joseph gliniewicz from the 30 year police veteran was gunned down tuesday while chasing three men. a woman called in with the late this year since been charged with falsifying police reports. she reported to them in a cornfield by detectives later learned she lied about the entire account after authorities sent out dozens of law-enforcement officials to the scene. trade to thank you so much. we will have repercussions that stretch far outside of wall street. the insurance industry race he would not move. a fox business exclusiveness arpanet. -- up next
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maria: welcome back. we are looking at a pretty good market this morning. market higher in the volatility. features indicate the data will be 70 points. s&p 500 also stronger. i spoke with tom wilson in a fox business exclusive. we begin with the underwhelming quarterly earnings report and reasons behind it. >> second quarter we didn't earn as much money as they wanted. dallas and focus on our auto insurance business. the rest of businesses are doing great. the added insurance business started all of last year, people started driving more. more accidents, the customer to fix them because the cars marks ensued. as a result, we are raising prices of auto insurance. maria: it is interesting you say that he has the auto claims arising of people scratching
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heads. and we have foreseen that the issue would see that on the road and that would mean an increase in claims? what are you doing about that? >> well, what we are doing about it is improving pricing, increasing prices. if you look out in your life so far, it would annualized a little over 5% increase in prices over the course of the year. we will see how much the regulators allow us to increase prices. as it relates to competitors, you see to competitors come the cmx back there. a number of large competitors have the exact same results. we think it is environmentally driven. we still need to raise prices to cover the increased costs. maria: where does the growth comes from next? you've got a solid market position in the auto business is so important. tell us where the growth comes
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from in the coming years. >> first and foremost we can grow the businesses we are ready. in terms of auto insurance, home insurance, we ensure 10% of the market depending which state you look at. an average of growth and we intend to grow there. on a longer-term basis we do a lot with the connected car. people spend a bunch of time in the car. they are the reasons we have accidents. they spend an hour a day versus three hours a day watching tv. we can help them be safer, to a cheaper and have a better experience of their connected car operation. maria: i'm so glad you mentioned that. this has consumers and watchers of your connected car created in a debate. the same debate throughout technology. when you do with all of the information? is allstate now spying on me because you have sensors telling me who was in my car, driving habits in all of this report are you trying to ascertain with
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sensors that are telling so much information about the car in who is in it. >> it's a really good question. we try to give people the right price for them. you're obviously trying to determine how good is some of the driver, will they have an accident. we have to estimate whether you will have the next thing and we charge you the appropriate price. if you are a good driver you save a lot of money. about 60% of people and with lower insurance premiums as a result. what we find this while initially some people say a noninterest didn't have any know how i drive, if we say we think you can save or $2 to $50 every six months, people say i'm interested. maria: you will know a whole list of things about people driving cars we didn't know before. where does the data go? what do you plan on doing with the data other than creating a
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pricing strategy? >> in addition, we try to help people a safer, better driving experience. for example, we tell you where there's traffic alerts, places with more accidents or you should try to avoid those are paid more attention if you get the particular intersection. we also find ways to help people have a better experience. you can compete with family members to see who is a better driver. we can tell you how your teenagers driving. we use the data for a better customer experience. maria: tom, great to have you on the show. thank you so much. donald trump under pressure to declare his loyalty to the gop. though he finally trumped the third-party rumors. our all-star panel is with us next. stay with us.
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welcome back, it is there's a,
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september 3rd. joining me is dagen mcdowell jeff: asset management's built stone. 6:30 a.m. on the east coast, a futures point to the day of gains on wall street, looking at a firm market after an incredibly volatile were, dow industrials expect open up the points, nasdaq, s&p 500 firmer. later this morning a weekly reading on jobless claims leading to tomorrow's jobs report. mario draghi will get questions about the ripple effect from slut china. the slowdown in china could threaten the overall economy. we will see if mario draghi says anything about it quantitative easing program. in asia, markets in china and hong kong, closed for holiday but the nikkei average in japan was up 1/2%.
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firmness there as well. more trouble brewing for hillary clinton. two of her top aides are said to testify today before the house panel investigating the 2012 benghazi attack but the worker who helped set up a private e-mail server says he will plead the fifth amendment is some committee members are returning early from recess to participate in a closed-door meeting. pressure mounting this morning on donald trump who pledged to run as a republican. the gop is circling the loyalty pledge to insure trump does not attempt a third-party run. john kasich and george pataki will sign the pledge. elon musk in the spotlight revealing a price tag for 10 laps long awaited mass-market car, the model 3. he tweeted out the $35,000 price tag but also said production will not begin for another two years. tell us stock up 3%, take a look, expecting some gains.
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on the campaign trail republican national committee reaching out to gop candidates to ask if they will sign a pledge not to run as an independent in 2016. fox news reporting donald trump will meet in new york eastern today, no word whether trump will sign a pledge. want to bring in political consultant basil michael landon washington, wba and research's lease a boost. let me begin with you. the press conference. >> we shouldn't expect anything from donald trump because we will be disappointed. that said there is going to the mounting pressure to sign this pledge because as long as he is in the race republicans have great messageing it may appeal to large swaths of voters and different set of them. they will have to tiptoe around his message so the key is to force him into position where if he is not gaining any more in the polls he looks like he is
6:33 am
losing steam you'll get out. maria: how damaging would it be it from port to go and do a third-party run? >> it would be damaging to the republican party. the rnc is doing their job which is to try to get republican candidates to commit to the party and not run as a a third-party candidate because the reality is if hillary clinton is the nominee we have our third-party candidate on the ballot, that could be incredibly damaging to the republican party. b r n c is doing their job. donald trump, he is not the golden to anyone, not the golden to special interests or donors or any one. i don't know if i see him signing a pledge. i think it is to be seen what he does. we certainly know he will play out for the cameras and headlines. maria: it seems he has softened up on this. dagen: it does. we talk about him being
6:34 am
bulletproof, he went after jeb bush again and that is the focus of his verbal war at this point. jeb is trying to give some punch is back. cheese said in injured yesterday the dead should set the example by speaking english in the united states. i am waiting for trump to start asking for jeb bush's wife's papers to make sure she is in this country because -- that is how far he is pushing it. people don't care until they go to the polls and the republican party whether he is the nominee or not get so little of the latino vote. they can't win next year without a good chunk of the latino vote. has he driven them away? >> are you talking ideology? they want to win in 2016? from the democratic side we love this.
6:35 am
>> here is the thing. i find it a little bit ironic that democrats talk about hurting the republican rant, but they -- their presumed nominee is facing a federal criminal investigation and the other data is a socialist. let's be honest about that, the democrat brent isn't troubled. >> i would push back and say there is no criminal investigation here. number 2 hillary clinton and her husband bill clinton have been with the democratic party last 20 or 30 years. i don't think that is the problem. anybody could get in this race. what is appealing -- >> democrats have zero bench. hillary clinton, martin o'malley and bernie salinger's, let's talk about a diversity in the country. republicans are the ones that have a diverse bench, we have
6:36 am
two hispanics running, african-american running and the women that are all running, they're all young so we have an incredibly diverse -- >> can i interject? of black man, we are incredibly diverse, this is nothing about democratic talking points that appears in the wake of a community or latinos or folk of, nothing is doing that the delay airing only that from the republican party. >> you're not an inclusive party because all you want to do is it -- all you want to do is say it women voters are single issue voters and hispanics are single issue voters. when you look at the polls the number one issue of hispanic voters care about are the same as every other american, they care about jobs, the economy, they care about education, health care. what democrats want to do is say women are single issue voters and his success in the issue voters and economic is. >> as wrong as republicans talk
6:37 am
about the funding planned parenthood and saying her babies and using that sort of authoritarian language led by donald trump, as long as you talked-about issues that way all you do is put people off. you want to win a general election you have to be more inclusive. i don't see that happening. >> let slip an issue like abortion. if you look at this, the hillary clinton is not in favor of the 20 week then that 80% of americans are. i think hillary clinton is a little extreme on the issue of abortion. >> use in favor of the 97% of the work that planned parenthood does do. immunization, prenatal care, all the things republicans for period of time have been talking about the funding. maria: those videos were damning, don't you think? from planned parenthood and that has shifted. >> it changed the debate. but i don't think you fix the problem by defending a
6:38 am
organization that is providing support for women. >> joe biden enters the race? >> 75% that he actually gets into this race. i am 75%. maria: does the party get divided the way trump would divide the party if he went for our third run? >> i think it makes a fantastic contest. you have hillary and joe biden pushing to the top of the ticket, bernie sanders is going to be up there also. but you are talking about ideas. dagen: he can connect to, quote, what frank luntz said yesterday, this would be the best announcement speech ever if he touches on what he has been through as a man, an individual, in a father and a husband and he has the ability to tapping to demotion and his real self which hillary clinton is struggling with. >> i do agree with that.
6:39 am
there's an authenticity about joe biden. i wouldn't discount hillary clinton. last week in minneapolis she had one of the best speeches of all time, talking about mass incarceration, black lives matter. we talked about that a lot in the last few days and she is talking about opportunity and she pushed against the republicans. she internalize a lot. dagen: the red light goes on on the camera, she had read cindy brady moment and turned into a parody of herself. >> hillary clinton is incredibly, look at the issue of the economy. hillary clinton, nothing differentiating hillary clinton's economic policies from those of president obama. what have we seen? food stamps increased exponentially, the middle class families making less than they were before president obama took office and the problem hillary clinton will find is the number
6:40 am
one word associated to her is liable majority of americans did not trust hillary clinton and you get critical swing states not only is she losing to republican candidate but folks like joe biden and bernie sanders i gaining ground on her. >> flyer, and trust worthy of the words. >> that is tough but i would argue when you talk about what the president has done, brought unemployment down, i like the economic message the democrats put forward. >> even though the african-american community -- >> that is a horrendous. >> your comfortable with obama's policies. >> he presents today the best argument for opportunity and education. >> we have not seen -- maria: kept business sitting on cash and unwilling to hire. >> it has happened and that is upsetting to me as well.
6:41 am
i want to hear more from the republicans that democrats have the best policies. >> we have always work force participation rate since the 1970s, people are not working and president obama has done everything he can to stand in the way of economic growth and punish businesses across the country. maria: we will get a latest numbers, the jobless claims and tomorrow we get the labor department report, good to have you both on the show. please come back soon. see you, up next with 32 weeks of wild market swings and no end insight what does this vacation time, where investors want to shake, peter kaufman will be with us talking markets. (vo) rush hour around here
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has taken this is joy during the pyjamas report, this is a crucial data point for the federal reserve as it mulls over the timing of an interest-rate increase. joining the conversation now is peter hoffman. good to see. thanks for joining us. think the fed raises rates? >> i think it should. i don't know if it will. >> what you think it should come into is to get off zero? >> it has to get off zero. there hasn't been an interest-rate rise in nine years. the economy is being
6:46 am
artificially clampdown because of the interest rates. i don't think the fed should be in the business of providing crack cocaine to the stock market and if your doctor prescribes an antibiotic every time you had a cold or cool muscle by the time you really had an infection the antibiotic wouldn't work so there is no gas left in a tank, no bullets left in the gun. however you want to phrase it the economy is doing at least okay. everyone can agree is at least okay and it has to come up. lower rates, you hear a lot about the bogyman of inflation which hasn't happened yet but lower rates have been hammering seth shippers and no incentive to save, hammering pensioners and those on fixed incomes and you don't hear a lot about i think a real contributor to income inequality. people get to speculate and that further divides things and there is an incredible irony because
6:47 am
those who praise this administration for the economy turning around and unemployment going lull, maybe it is time to rest of this economy is fragile, and employment is illusory, they tried to have it both ways. it needs to rise. >> we are on record we think it will be september all the law will say a it is probably still may be a little over 50% even though futures are significantly lower in terms of that. we do think the economy is strong enough to take it and it makes sense to move. it is hard to know because some of the academic studies would save the fed does consider the volatility of the market as part of their decision. it matters what is going on. in one since you would think they wouldn't because the numbers seem to me good enough to move the it makes sense to
6:48 am
get off of zero, and to set the precedent they're going to be slow in going up so come september, don't do anything for the rest of the year. dagen: peter is an emergency room doctor for a company in bad financial straits. talk about hot topic, the energy companies, the ones that are highly levered. how much of the danger are they to the financial system and broader economy? >> start with the big picture. to me there has been a conspiracy going of is 60 years, the middle east raises prices, raises prices on oil until the country gets an edge about maybe we should explore alternative energy and is in is that gets ahead, prices lower, the alternative energy goes away. >> solar and wind are taking market share. >> they are not ready should have been or where they could have been. conversely now that prices are
6:49 am
so low they will keep those prices artificially low, they're going to drive a lot of u.s. oil companies out of business and so the problem for a lot of oil companies icy the we work with, banks are reviving collateral twice a year and that is a problem. their hedges for most of them have run off or are running off and the fed is basically telling regulated financial institutions i don't want to see any more loans and highly leveraged oil companies. they want money to drill, but they don't have any and that leads to the opportunities. maria: these oil companies are leveraged and as we see oil prices continue to come down economics will not make sense, some by big issues i think this is sort of the really and talked not talked about in of the issues that could be a much bigger issue for the economy. how many oil companies do you estimate? >> a lot.
6:50 am
we talked to them, we are hired by some of them, the opportunities that are here are for stronger, better yield companies to buy -- i think you will see deals, makes a lot more sense for them to buy reserves rather than to drill for them, and i think there's a lot of private equity money on the sidelines ready to come in to try to take a vantage of this as well. oil is a commodity at the end of the day and there are opportunities. winners and losers. it is an incredibly cyclical business. nobody should be surprised that it is a cyclical business. to your point you made a minute ago when companies were making money at $100 a barrel now that it is $50 a barrel, they have to do twice as much to do what they were doing before. >> which is why i think this is a dangerous story and quite troubling. we will talk more about it.
6:51 am
please come back soon. peter kaufman joining us, star wars fans all over the world going nuts today, first-ever "star wars: the force awakens" toy extravaganza has begun. more on that coming up, stay with us.
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maria: caller read our alert, disney hoping to drive more height for its upcoming star wars film, star wars of force awakens, and boxing toys around the world, they go on sale friday at midnight. give a is your expectation, disney building up the hype, but still three months away. >> exactly. the premier of the film is december 18th the star wars fans are rapid and coming out in
6:55 am
droves for this massive and boxing. disney started releasing some wednesday with the global live streaming in australia but retailers in the united states are selling some starting midnight tonight. toys r us, wal-mart, target call open at midnight for all the fans to coming, times square in new york city, having a big party in times square. dagen: if you are doing this you later on a dating apps, near disney nerd some it is okay to be nearly 40s losing your brain -- >> is this going to be enough to break media sites out of the fund, they have gone smashed this summer. a whole host of reasons. >> you would think i would think disney is hoping it drives those theme park action.
6:56 am
certainly the film itself, maybe to accompanies -- >> star wars is major and this is the first star wars film disney is doing since purchasing lucas films so that is a big moment for them to come, the bank. >> good to have you on a program. great to see you today, come home. we will be right back.
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maria: it is thursday september 3rd. with me this hour, dagen mcdowell, a diversified financial's domenic to bell and scott martin. chris your top stories, futures point to a day of gains for the market. take a look, we are bouncing with a gain of 70 points on the dow jones industrial average expected at the open of trading, nasdaq, as the 500 fractionally better this morning, just over
7:00 am
an hour we get the latest reading on jobs, weekly meeting on jobless claims will lead us to tomorrow's the report, the monthly jobs report from the labour market. analysts expect 20,000 new jobs to have been created in the last month. in europe this morning markets are higher, european central bank, we are awaiting a decision, we will hear from ecb president mario draghi and people likely get questions about the ripple effect from china. the slowdown in china could threaten its outlook on the global economy, waiting to see if there's more stimulus to come out of the ecb. in asia markets in china and hong kong closed today and tomorrow, the nikkei average in japan is up over night 1/2%. more trouble brewing for hillary clinton, two of her top aides set to testify on the house panel investigating the 2012 benghazi attack but the worker who helped set up a private e-mail servers says he will plead the fifth. some committee members returning
7:01 am
early from recess to participate in a closed-door hearing. pressure is mounting on donald trump who pledge to run as a republican, the president is circlingoy pe rempotem d y ump will meet with the chairman of the are in see today and hold a news conference at 2:00 p.m. eastern. more on that coming got. the buzz for "star wars: the force awakens," first was from the movie unveiled yesterday, ntt our lives dreaming event showing fans opening boxes excited about joel is coming out of the movie, it starts in the u.s. at 8:30 eastern in new york city today. a wild ride for oil, trading as high as $49 a barrel earlier this week before bottoming out, price of gasoline continues to go down $0.10 from a week ago going into the labor day holiday sitting at $2.43 a gallon for regular. phil flynn standing by in chicago and the cme group.
7:02 am
good morning, what are you seeing on oil? >> we have been higher, lower, now we are on the downside. selling off as the dollar starts to rally a little bit we are seeing a sell-off in gold as well but the oil market is really waiting for mario draghi and that is the next issue and the lower oil prices create a situation where the pc be potentially could be more accommodative and add more quantitative easing. the reason, low oil prices have fallen dramatically, put downward pressure, downward expectations on inflation. said that made mario draghi more accommodative. if he does turn out to signal the ecb is going to get ready to act, that will be bullish for oil because oil traders love stimulus. back to you. maria: thank you, oil down 13% in 2015, that is an amazing number, thank you, we will step
7:03 am
back and look at these markets of the features point to higher open, we are seeing money moved into equity, joining us to talk more about it is tom lee, head of research, good to see you, thanks for joining the conversation. how would you characterize markets, what you telling clients as we come everyday? have we got gains this morning? >> it is a tough environment. markets took on the gym in the past month. we are telling clients underlying data is a lot better than what you think and catalysts are developing in the next few months that will help markets. we think this is ultimately going to be an opportunity even though it doesn't feel like a. maria: a close to the bottom? >> bottoms are tough to call but i would say a lot of reconditions and already taken place. we had a decline, sentiment has turned bearish. we have seen huge outflows,
7:04 am
things like volatility, what we call of vix term structure has inverted. those are preconditions so the stage is set for the bottom. maria: we are down 12% from the high. that is correction territory. is there more selling to go? >> market is looking for leadership right now and maybe it is oil, may be is the turnaround in commodities because that is what it will show, nasdaq had a good day yesterday but it is rough on the downside as well. if the market starts to follow oil or galleys from commodities that is the draw down. dagen: this led the market down, like when pmi it fell in that thousand that the drop at the open it seems like it was two months ago but was up week ago. and pull them down and you are going to get the knock on affect through a variety of different industries of these lower oil and gas. >> surprising for me we deal
7:05 am
with primarily with the retail consumer out there. you would think we would be getting panic phone calls, need to get out and can send the volatility. seven every ten phone calls is is this the time i should be buying. it is shocking to me because they have seen this wing before and are tired of it and going i am not going to be upset about it. we have seen huge outflows but most of our clients and going is is a buying opportunity? maria: i read today that millennials opened more accounts. dagen: yet 3:00 in the morning as i am getting to work on the fox news channel. comment on the show said that he bought the first years of the mutual-fund for retirement the friday before the market downdraft. maria: don't know that as a positive indicator. >> is reaction was what you going to do about it. it was like for my retirement. >> joy bottom is not in.
7:06 am
>> nobody wants to buy a single share of stock. that is when you know. >> when everyone is thinking -- >> you need to go. >> the panic may be more on the institutional side. there's a lot more fear among professional managers, you can see in a lot of measures whether it is the vix or the vix term structure and a lot of talk about systematic funds behind a lot of the signs, it is interesting. i would have expected more public panic. >> one of the top stories in the journal this morning, they're considering shifting 12% of the pension fund portfolio away from stocks and bonds, looking at hedge funds, real-estate, looking at alternatives. >> they are not getting value in the market. it has been a rough year for 18 months, they're looking for alternatives to put their capital but the average investor
7:07 am
is looking at a mutual-fund, that is all they have available to them. dagen: fed funds got taken to the woodshed this beer. good luck finding a decent hedge fund manager that they are out there. >> there's a ton of volatility and in the alternative space, not necessarily provided at a value. >> charging 2-20. dagen: at least if not more than that. 2 and 20 is your minimum, isn't it? >> not every style is going to shine. i think hedge funds to provide a lot of that. >> what i would say is the big turning points, what hasn't worked ends up being the big thing so i think it is possible that certain types of hedge funds and going to have a great run because it has been a tough
7:08 am
couple years it is all encouraging to csn allocation away from equities and retail pulling money out because that is -- >> maybe it is the energy commodity turn the you don't want to touch. investors didn't want to touch it for 18 months. >> you may have hit it on the head. that might be the key point because energy is acting a lot better, 20% of industrial production here, it becomes a huge tail wind from people's processions -- perceptions. >> you want to buy energy? >> i think energy, again, we advise our clients on 12 months out, energy is a smart buy. basic materials and commodities are. but the is and be is a good buy here. we're bind at 14 times earnings. >> we are telling clients we are trying to buy the debt and when we see the volatility trying to take out witness and to buy stuff we think is cheap so we
7:09 am
love up on health care ten days ago and at this point we thing we have a bargain. we will see how the rest of the year comes out. >> these guys buying on the debt. >> that is what you have to do fear committed long-term. we have been buying consumer staples, tried and true earnings and business as well. >> using the consumer comes back. dagen: you will see a lot more life in consumer related stock and any industries that would benefit from dramatically lower oil and gasoline prices, other than oil and gas and industrial companies. >> chemicals, this is a tax cut for chemical companies. >> star wars toys. >> better margins on star wars toys. >> thanks for joining us. star wars fans all over the world going crazy as the first-ever "star wars: the force awakens" to why and boxing extravaganza gets underway. we will tell you about it next and look the other big headlines
7:10 am
topping the wall street journal. apple's latest challenge, analysts predict negro for the latest 5 a model due out next week. obama has secured the iran deal support guaranteeing it can advance despite opposition in congress and china wants to slim down its military reducing the number of troops by 300,000. they still have 2 million. back in a moment. so what about that stock? sure thing, right? actually, knowing the kind of risk that you're comfortable with, i'd steer clear. really? really. straight talk. now based on your strategy i do have some other thoughts... multiplied by 13,000 financial advisors
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it's a big deal. and it's how edward jones makes sense of investing.
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sup jj? working hard? here at the td ameritrade trader group, they work all the time. working 24/7 on mobile trader, rated #1 trading app in the app store. it lets you trade stocks, options, futures... even advanced orders. and it offers more charts than a lot of the other competitors do in desktop. you work so late. i guess you don't see your family very much? i see them all the time. did you finish your derivative pricing model, honey? for all the confidence you need. td ameritrade. you got this. maria: chinese markets closed for holidays and a gigantic military parade there. nicole petallides has details. nicole: the parade held to commemorate the victory over
7:14 am
japan in world war ii, 70 years ago, china's president announcing a reduction in the country's are read by 300,000 troops of bringing the size of the army down to 2 million people, one of the largest in the world. the migrant crisis in europe getting worse. officials from countries across the region pushing for faster and united response to this growing crisis. the budapest train station reopened overnight and refugees flooded that station. the trains are running to limited destinations. disney hoping to drive even more hyped for its upcoming star wars film, "star wars: the force awakens" kicking up a two day--and boxing of toys around the world where fans can get a first look at everything reform cool light sabers to legos. the toys will go on sale at midnight. disney is building up all the law i. we are still months away. the premier isn't december. the movie starts december 18th. i know that day because my
7:15 am
children and husband have marked on the calendar. star wars fans. >> when they had the lion king, as in is in come out of the lion king play there is a store that opens up worry you can buy all the product. you have seen the lion king. >> it is all about marketing, the product. i went into the store, ice pops, everything is star wars everywhere. it is really looking -- >> that is cool about the toys because supposedly revealing plot points in the toys. some new characters in things you and by a head of the movie three months from now that are going to give you some keys that people are interested in. >> in the theater or are you going to see it at home? dagen: i might be big enough of a nerd to line up. >> when michael was here and he showed the trailer there was a new little something in that
7:16 am
trailer, the light saber with a different, which could mean -- she totally -- that might be something. dagen: back to old school, this is the empire strikes back, this is live action, this is not the george lucas i ruined my legacy by messing with the last three films. maria: will this be another to create market share gains for disney dq these stocks have been smashed? >> the company, and bought the company for $4 billion. is it is an amazing franchise. stock, disney has gotten be a pretty good in this environment, but buying point. >> it is down big, a lot of the media too. good things coming out for disney. >> the stock is up. >> media stocks are in bad shape
7:17 am
said disney has been dragged down with that and with star wars coming out obviously the buzz about a toy is is good for the stomach. >> all the hype everywhere, star wars on almost equate with the way people love apple people love star wars. they will get anything star wars, do anything star wars. >> i think -- >> you compare frozen to star wars? >> look how many toys got sold. >> there has only been one frozen. >> i should do -- >> in the 70s, the greatest tale of good versus evil and it continues to this day. it has got cool gear with it like light saber is. >> frozen is halfway gone. every little kid can sing all the frozen songs.
7:18 am
dagen: that women's voice makes me go into convulsions. >> she was great in fat. dagen: i am have and i spasm every time i hear that song of. >> coming up up on is figuring. a key figure in the clinton classified e-mail scandal, will plead the fifth to protect himself from incrimination. we will tell you about it next, back in a minute.
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maria: breaking news of higher open for averages today, economic data out of your, markets of higher after yesterday's nearly 300 point rally. we are extending that with the dow expected to open 60 debts, nasdaq opening 15, the is and be at 6-1/4. the jobless claims ahead of labor department report on jobs tomorrow. turning to politics the hillary clinton classified e-mail controversy taking a turnover night as one of the men responsible for installing her personal server is vowing to plead the fifth. blake berman is in washington with the latest. >> good morning. that is right. his name is brian, he was involved in helping set up the 2009 private server hillary clinton used throughout her tenure as secretary of state. his attorney told the house ben got the committee yesterday his client would plead the fifth to any and all questions should he be forced to appear before them. that committee will hold two
7:23 am
other hearings over the next two days involving two of clinton's top aides during her time as the nation's top diplomat. cheryl mills will testify today. former deputy chief of staff jake sullivan tomorrow. they will be behind closed doors with questions like coming from the committee's attorney. the clinton confidantes will face tough questions about security been it up to the september 11th, 2012, benghazi attacks that killed four americans including ambassador chris stevens along with questions about clinton's private e-mail server. so far for example, his name appears 2200 times in the e-mails released by the state department. clinton is set to testify before that very committee at the end of next month. maria: thanks very much. the story is getting bigger. hillary has been making light of the scandal on the campaign trail saying that i wipe it clean with the rack or towel and
7:24 am
talk about her snap chat account. will this forced her to take it seriously? you never want to hear someone say i am pleading the fifth. dagen: that is training and should be frightening to her. the clinton campaign will take it seriously when she has to appeal to people beyond our most loyal fans who are of out democrats, about hillary supporters. wall street journal editorial page today, hillary's classified is the title of the editorial, i encourage people to read it, quote, is there anything she has said about her private e-mails through? anything she has said that is true? they point out that weather the classified material she was sending and receiving was marked as such it was her obligation and responsibility to the national security of this country to know whether it was marked or not did not matter. >> i point to monica crowley's, in washington times, she told us about the column yesterday and today the headline on the column
7:25 am
is the clintons plan to counterattack obama. >> i would like to take out general david petraeus, director of the cia convicted for two years, was suspended but removing and retaining classified information two years, had to resign as director of the cia for removing classified. i don't know what you call this. i'm not the expert but my god they should be worried. >> that is amazing. when you compare it to the general betray is handling, some people feel it rolls off her back. >> he is trying to have a roll off her back, you are talking tens of thousands of e-mails that wedge to this server the we couldn't find for the longest time and we're hearing maybe they were or were not classified, it is unbelievable to think this is gone on this long and she has managed to push it off. >> she scrub the server clean this that gets me, that she cleaned it out. dagen: when did it get scrub is the central question.
7:26 am
maria: coming up donald trump and -- midafternoon stand off. potential third-party candidacy for the billionaire front runner on the agenda. back in a minute. can a business have a mind? a subconscious. a knack for predicting the future. reflexes faster than the speed of thought. can a business have a spirit? can a business have a soul? can a business be...alive?
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> . maria: good thursday morning i am maria bartiromo it is thursday, september 3rd with me once again fox business network dagen mcdowell, dominique, fox business krshth scott martin top stories 7:30 on east coast, futures pointing to another day of gains stock prices expecting a gain for the dow jones industrial average about 50 points, this is certainly, off the best levels of the morning we have seen the gains cut in half so far, firmer though also this morning weekly reading on job rest claims about an hour that levers us back to tomorrow's o monthly jobs' report from labored, economists are expecting 220,000 new jobs to have been created last month in europe markets there are higher ahead of ecb decision meeting today
7:30 am
we will hear from president mario draghi will likely get questions on ripple effects from slowdown in china imf warning the slowdown in china could threaten its outlook on global economy about, of course, a lot of people expecting him to also talk about, further stimulus in europe, by the way, we got economic data this morning pmi, services pmi retail sales better than expected in europe this morning in asia overnight markets in china hong kong closed for holiday today and tomorrow in japan average up about half of 1%, more trouble brewing for hillary clinton meanwhile, two top aides set to testify today, before the house panel investigating the 2012 benghazi attack the worker helped set up private e-mail server he says pleading fifth home in returning early from recess to participate today. >> pressure on donald trump to pledge to reason i as republican,gop circle a quote loyalty pledge to ensure trump does not attempt a third party
7:31 am
run. we've heard candidates indicationic, pataki will sign that trump will hold a news conference this afternoon. >> eli about musk in the spotlight for modeled 3 tweeted out model 3, 35,000 dollar price tag, is also production will not begin for another two years, for that car. stock up nearly 3%, in the premarket as you can see that will be a winner today, we are on to politics right now republican national committee soliciting pledges from presidential candidates they will support the eventually nominee should they fail to become candidate chairman reince peeb us will meet with donald trump in new york, trump has not confirmed not his intention to run as third party candidate if need be. >> john mccormac harvard law professor, good to have you on the program thanks for joining
7:32 am
us. >> nice to be here. >> what are expectations from the meeting this afternoon, with reince priebus and donald trump. >> i think trump is going to tell them he won't sign any pledge i think what he is going to say is he is here, because the party has got to change, not that he is going to change i think what he ought to say that is the party ought to take plaej to follow the republican voters, too many times what we've seen, is the party note reflecting what republican voters want s instead as donald trump would say following what funders of the campaigns want i think that is the thing she be pressing. maria: interesting you been you've been talking about the fact as many somebody wi prominence needs to take on this issue donald trump has done that. >> i on democratic side arguing about this with many democrats a long time refreshing to flooin have someone pull back the curtain on this issue, and reflect the what many republican voters feel which is the system is corrupt we have to find commitment to end that if we are getting a democracy the people can be proud of. >> what is your take about the
7:33 am
upcoming meeting with trump and his potential third party run? >> well, i doubt trump will sign this if for no other reason it would appear backing down one thing trump doesn't do is back down i think reince priebus is under pressure from donors to at least draw attention to the issue as in first dean i think what is what is going on wants to make it clear to all other republican voters, 70, 80% have not backed trump so far he is not sure if he is going to support the eventually republican nominee not about degrading it is about telling the rest of the party this guy might not be serious about backing a republican candidate. >> trump is not going to do anything anybody asks him to do. he is not maria he is going to continue to muddy the republican nomination that is have a he what those been doing whole time this is further proof of that. maria: wow. >> the idea donors telling them, this is exactly the point that he needs to be -- >> you know make himself a party to, either.
7:34 am
>> growing most of the votes him, carson fiorina, known traditional politicians average person is tired of politics really are looking for alternative. >> speaking of nontraditional are you going to run. >> yeah well you know we are doing a kick starter if i get to a million-dollar would i run a referendum candidacies on this issue alone of corruption in washington pass a statute, to fix this i would step down. >> are you going to run then as a democratic. >> yeah, that is who he many i am i am a democrat would run democrats but in the party i would make this central, just like donald trump is making this issue really prominent in the republican. >> is that best use of american dollars so that pretty good use if it raises the zpans of this issue in the political debate right now both parties i think want to hide from the fact the donors are making the calls knew trump is already doing it. >> republican side but democratic side too we ought to have places we both agree,
7:35 am
we've got matching issues. >> hillary -- >> i think that the issue would be very significant, in the race with hillary especially given other thingsing that on in the race with hillary right now who knows what is possibly predictions what is possible in politics turn out silly as predictions about by these by these not possibly having peel in the democratic party. >> what about john the clinton staffer who signaled that he wants to plead the fifth amendment rather than answer about his role in installing her personal server in west chester. >> i think a lot questions he doesn't want to answer why exactly did hillary clinton ask him to do this what security did he put in place staekt asked him to set this up i think all sorts of technical questions this guy doesn't want to answer maybe concerns about getting himself in -- former secretary's life you don't know the one not willing to testify a few others are willing to do so. >> i think the other question for him is there a second server.
7:36 am
>> one scrubbed clean. >> you know, think about hillary is for a second you know there was more than one server there has to be it is hillary clinton, come on i think would put everything on one server let it o a faster facilitator. >> in front of bone ghazi committee in october has to have like teeth crossed ice dotted in terms can have performance her performance has been so lacking on the campaign trail. >> the hit to beat hillary will you beat joe biden. >> i think if this becomes central, inside politicians will be weak, compared to people on the outside, who are talking about this issue that is exactly your point, republican party same thing outsiders are appealing to voters the voters are so tired of the system where insiders and money calling the shots. >> interesting great to have you on. >> great to be here. >> we will be watching john mccormac great to have you as well thanks for time we will
7:37 am
see you soon up next rate night season start uncertain status for tom brady leaving my fantasy football players determining who to draft and when don't miss it fantasy football. ♪ ♪
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7:41 am
. maria: welcome back rets look at futures pointing to modest gains off best of the morning nonetheless a gain opening of trading about 60 on dow jones industrial average, we are watching anticipating the jobs' report, for tomorrow, the labor department reporting the jobs picture for the month of august, first the manhunt nor three suspects wanting in fatal shooting of illinois police officer intensifying this morning, the headlines next. >> officer joseph gliniewicz 30-year veteran gubdz down tuesday chasing three men a woman called in with a lead, has since been charging with falsifying a police report, she reported seeing two men in a cornfield detectives later learned she lied about that entire account, and this is after authorities sent out dozens of law enforcement officials, to that scene, hulu look to go become competitive by offering the option to
7:42 am
stream television shows movies without any ads you like that advertising free option, puts video company on even more direct collision course, with some of those rivals netflix, amazon, the new deal costs 1199 a month, hey, check it out, serena williams one step closer to becoming the 6th player ever to win a calendar grand slam calling it a serena slam kwhamz off kiki burton second round u.s. open last night maria, i heart tennis good luck usa, williams accomplish goals. >> tennis, thank you nicole, how will that impact your fantasy team streef surcharge officer lou and roto senior faernt sports analyst mike, good to see you both thank you for joining us mike how big an impact is this tom brady case of fantasy football.
7:43 am
>> right now he is about the tentedth quarterback being taken in drafts on average, so if suspension is wiped clean he will probably move up maybe four, five spots not one or two, if he gets cut in half to two probably maybe two spots, but the receivers wide refers not. >> the backup draft, are getting deeper in the league. >> it is wide receivers going to be where he is the wide severs a bump off if suspension rood. >> almost like nowhere to go fwupt they get kit reviewed a good value at 10, i have known them as low as outside top 12 believe it or not, because that four-game suspension if held up players don't want to have a guy sitting on the bench four gales when they should be playing maybe ben or somebody else. >> i don't snow who is is playing this i am amused how many people play this, are
7:44 am
involved. how many people know the lineups on this, i radar ask how many do you think a lineup np 401(k)? >> what do you say. >> yeah i think fantasy now, with 57 million people playing, and the next few years reported to go to 100 million, i would say there is more people that know be fantasy in there. >> fantasy, that is -- >> imagine how often would somebody tradition i had in son long leads every week people are trading you know, the daley fantasy draftkings play every night pick players multiple different player and teemz each and every night i think really exciting good for our network the content we want people coming to the tv network as well as our web sites, and listening to the audio every single day. >> you might be only not playing. >> listen, it is statistical
7:45 am
just statistic here 8% all 4012k participants made a single investment change in the last decade, we have 50 million people looking at this thing maybe trade a week. >> i -- don't see it as money that is not my -- my nest egg. >> they might want to. >> people are making a living out of this, so you know, if you see some of the players playing each and every day they are making a living doing it if research the content is important the marketing the content marketing to platforms very important because it brings down the acquisition costs, and also allows people to turn, and continue to play each and every night. >> have plutonium up in a good way the cool thing i think about them when you join a fantasy league the tough part a league long commitment in sense you got to go all the way through nfl, in 16 weeks 17 weeks i guess it is to play that out most cases, right but in daley leagues you can take weeks off kind of nice you go
7:46 am
down a weekend busy one weekend don't have to draft a team, you can skip a week join in again that next week i think nice flexibility. >> gambling component right. >> no -- >> aspects the most fun part of -- of fantasy sports is draft day, that is what people look to, you get the draft every single week, so forget -- the fact you can win money, that is the part that really grabs people every week, if you are you are player is hurt draft him. >> get that guy you want let's say somebody blows up. >> salary you can go after him get him for the next week not like, pull up crazy trade form in a league long you know -- fantasy league. >> that is nice. >> gut feeling is brady in uniform next thursday night. >> what do you think. >> i say no. >> you don't think. >> no, they have a collective bargaining agreement the ruling is what it is. >> i think suspension is
7:47 am
reviewed. >> will appeal. >> exactly plays next week at the end of the day. >> you think he plays. >> whoever wins the other one is going to appeal he plays next week were. >> collectively bargain i don't know judge has the right to rule, you know getting a compromise, because i think he doesn't want to rule. >> bottom line i think two-game suspension i think he does play next week i think you can't leave out mr. brady, i mean the guy is -- >> the hero. >> i am a jet fan at the end of the day this is about money this is about sports, this is what is good for the people he needs to be out there playing. >> thursday night football. >> absolutely. >> very pc of you, good to have you thank you so much see you soon, next we have breaking news european central bank keeping key interest rate unchanged the breakthrough in fight against diabetes revealed headlines from ecb coming out on the tape back in a minute.
7:48 am
7:49 am
7:50 am
7:51 am
kocherlakota. . maria: welcome back. breaking news the market is higher this morning, we are expecting a higher opening from the broader averages after yesterday's nearly 300 point rally breaking news ecp european a central bank saying they will keep interest rates unchanged at .05% that is a key interest rate that people were wondering, now we are wondering what mario draghi says in news conference, that he is going to have about 30 minutes or so, scott martin will he hint at more qe obviously -- >> listen if he is talking to christine lagarde as beautifully tanned from imf saying more stimulus daying draghi the data out of ecb eurozone, says you know things are not falling off the table they need good data, today's numbers weren't bad. >> we have good data out of europe we have the retail sales number.
7:52 am
>> best in four years. >> best in four years yooun markets all up 80 points or me two are you expecting out of draghi's conference. >> i think more same do diagnose quantitative easing i think going to continue is he oh, it had beening further than committed to 2016, so that is really what market is looking for does he extended it out. >> is he also going to pooh-pooh the eurozone economy scott martin people want to know, on gdp, that may pressure the euro. >> it is going to depend on his agenda if he is thinking about more stimulus could' pooh-poohs out saying we need more to get economy going, today has something to stand on to say this thing, quantitative easing guess what it is working because showing up in the data. >> a feather in cap arcing for a long time actually working. >> it is working you saw pmi today the retail sales, very good, we will watch for headlines out of news conference that mario draghi will hold in about 35 minutes
7:53 am
or so from now, diabetes affects millions in this country back in the u.s. almost all of them have type two diabetes my next guest received very good news about latest treatment for diabetes, joining us right now, is the head of the diabetes business, eli lily, and good to have you on the program thanks for joining us. >> maria it is great to be here, thank you very much for invitation. >> we are -- thrilled you are with us because this is a big issue, for many people. many of our viewers as well, first of all, characterize for us the state of diabetes today, which as we know leads to heart disease number one killer. >> absolutely, well, unfortunately, diabetes today, truly an epidemic. as we look in u.s., over the last 20 years, we had a tripling of the number of cases, of diabetes. china alone estimates to have about 100 million people with diabetes.
7:54 am
and as we know, the complications are of not managing he diabetes adequately very significant. >> for sure, as we know heart disease stroke number one kaugz of death disability among people with type two zooebz tell us about this on the market a year you have new data that came out two weeks ago. >> absolutely we do have remarkable results truly. jardin was involved in a large trial evolving more than 7,000 patients with type two diabetes, we basically saw the cardiovascular risk reduction -- >> this is most relevant as you said heart issues are the number one cause of death for people with diabetes. >> i know. >> and -- >> go ahead please continue, sir. >> i was going to say this is
7:55 am
the only product to have shown a reduction in cardiovascular risk of diabetes medicine. >> i know you have full details september 17 that marriage european medical conference you are partially in, 380 mill people have diabetes is thereth going to be a blockbuster drug forelli lily. >> we certainly -- are -- very excited, we clearly see these type of results, as one if a kind first product to be able to show this, we will -- extremely good news for patients, extremely good news for lily extremely good news for pattern in in venture. >> you have been buying health care, one of the reasons. >> we are getting older this is clearly something that as population we are going to need more going forward gets more expensive every day. >> sure does. >> i think health care and a great investment congratulations enrique good
7:56 am
for the industry. >> great to have you on the show we are going to watch elifor further announcements we weigh will see you spoon great having you thank you for joining us scott here sticking around with us next hour lot to talk about with you back in a minifox news countergeraldo riviera will join next. gerald.
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
. . maria: good morning welcome back i am maria bartiromo, it is thursday, september 3rd with me fox business network dagen mcdowell scott martin top stories at 8:00 a.m. on east coast, futures pointing to a day of gains on wall street after all volatility we've seen in about 30 minutes we will get the weekly reading on jobless claims, that leads to tomorrow monthly jobs' report from labor department economists expecting 220,000 new jobs add to the economy gains in the marketing on heels of strengthen in europe take a look at markets in europe after the european
8:00 am
central bank decision, to keep interest rates unchanged abouted 30 minutes we will hear from mario draghi president of the european central bank will get questions, about the imf, there is a slowdown in china could threaten its outlook on global economy whole question is whether or not he will talk about further stimulus and hint at an extension of the qe program going on in europe. in asia markets in china hong kong closed for holiday, the nikkei average in japan was up about half of 1%. back in u.s. more troibl brewing for hillary clinton. two of her top aides set to testify today before house panel investigating the 202012 benghazi attack her former chief of staff cheryl mills arriving moments ago not answering any questions but worker who helped set up private e-mail server says he is going to plead the fifth on this one, pressure mounting on donald trump today, to pledge to run as a republican, gop a loyalty pledge to ensure trump does not attempt third party
8:01 am
run that trump will meet with rnc chairman priebus a news conference 2:00 pm eastern geraldo rivera will join us in a few minutes, "star wars: the force awakens," the first toys unveiled yesterday, kicking off 18 hour live strategic event on youtube showing fans opening boxes checking out toys later in new york city, this hour, are we looking at higher opening for broader averages that is off best levels of the morning scott mart i want with us you say what you want to sell -- >> i think we could stain it china is closed not screwing anything up he next couple days a relief i will tell you what is funny your probably going to see the market lead in as far as going a little bit higher in this jobs number tomorrow because what we finally are getting boys and girls gdp numbers, maria that are backing up what has been a good jobs market, right, i mean jobs are averaging a
8:02 am
couple hundred thousand per month gdp lackluster until the revised a couple weeks ago i still think, that jobs are going to hang in there and that is the reason to probably own stocks. >> keith mccullough a regular on this program says the reason gdp was up 3.7%, was because it was down and so horrible, that the revision before quarter before probably horrible the next one. >> -- >> at least we got boy onsback though unlike last year we struggled to get any kind of bounceback after slowdowns in gdp job backed it up wage growth is the number to look f d. dagen: in the beige book i am a loser that is what i was doing. >> seriously. >> nobody reads that. dagen: i lofr reading it anecdotal -- there are wage pressures to upside in some
8:03 am
regions, not a lot, but new york area, some parts of midwest not in beige book sometime that is data that points me to think gosh is there a chance fed hikes rates later this month or in december, because of the wage pressures mentioned in that very beige book. >> you have to get for the fed to back off at this point based on the commitments, kind of verbal commitments that you've gotten from likes of stanley fisher -- we have not heard from her since testified in front of congress in july, the headed of the new york fed you have to get nasty economic numbers between now, particularly with this jobs' report, not just before september meeting, but in the next couple months to back off. >> jobless claims numbers out labor department tomorrow we've got to ecb for a second mario draghi left interest rates unchanged .05% does he
8:04 am
hint at more qe in press conference kicking off 25 minutes. >> draghi has been runt to stimulate. >> what are you talking about giant qe program, last year. >> yeah but thank you for finally coming to the table ecb took long enough. >> you are right, that is true, i mean for the long -- >> finally bytes the bullet. >> hike rates cut them a disaster i think what you can point to today you can say look the data is responding to the qe that we've provided therefore if we want data to get better i think they do not a totally conclusion -- >> a victory lap after the retail sales numbers. >> euro backed up a little bit, against the dollar. >> stronger. >> do not want to see that. it will. >> down -- >> exactly, because of the exports will you see more, it is about 68 billion dollars, a
8:05 am
month, you going to see more you are going to see a longerer because this bond-buying program expires next year is it september. >> you are going to see it longer or more in terms of euro amount are you going to see them buy even more securities. >> there is also a that problem in the meantime with number one trading partner oh, chino. >> hello. >> might be good for drag toe put pedal to metal. >> market would love it all at a inspect lateors just want more and more juice they want more and more what did peter kauffman call it more crack there is so much now not even crack it is more like sudafed. >> hillary clinton e-mail trofrs another turn one man responsible for installing that personal server is now vowing to plead the fifth, blake berman in washington with the latest. >> good morning to you again a new name appearing bryan
8:06 am
paying pleaano, the server hillary clinton used as secretary of state pagliano's attorney told house benghazi committee yesterday his client would plead fifth to any and all questions, should he be forced to appear. that committee will hold two other hearings over the next two dasprofg two of clinton's top aides, former chief of staff cheryl mills will of it she just walked in to that hearing moments ago. former deputy chief of staff sullivan will testify tomorrow. they will be deposed behind close doors with questions likely from committee's attorneys as well. the clinton confidants expected to face tough questions about security leading up to september 11, 2012, benghazi attack that killed four americans. including ambassador chris stephens and clinton's private e-mail server mills' name
8:07 am
appears more than 2,200 times, in the he e-mails released so far, by the state department, maria when she walked into that hearing moments ago he reporters including our fox people there on the ground, asked her, if she would take the fifth, plead the fifth she did not answer any of those questions because a lot is hidden closed doors, we may not know for a while what might come of it. maria: i know, southeastern congressmen congress women coming back for about closed-door meeting they are in recess right now. >> congress in release most republicans we can tell you coming back for this we don't know how many, if any at all of the democrats on the committee will be back. maria: good point blake thank you in washington now to republican side, following a heated xij over immigration fox news senior correspondent geraldo rivera he oversighted gop front-runner donald trump to dinner at mexican restaurant you can't make this up he accepts geraldo rivera joins us by telephone thanks
8:08 am
for calling in have you set a date for dinner with donald trump. >> going to do it as soon as we possibly can, maria we have known each other for years, our policies, our positions on immigration particularly across the southern board obviously must different but i think in some ways trump because of his own bellicose nature may be being demonized i think, with an soften his rugs accomplish same results in terms of boarded security to like mexican people to know him as i know him vice versa i want him to speak to some ordinary, latins who work in mexican restaurant while enjoying the polly. >> where are you going for the food. >> i got a couple of ideas, audible as soon as the story broke yesterday "the wall street journal," they mexican restaurant starting you know giving me a call, why not why not me, but there are a couple of places it will either be in los angeles or right here in new york.
8:09 am
>> taco bell off the menu i guess. >> [laughter] >> no taco bell. >> -- >> geraldo let's say in a crazy world he gets the nomination, does he run risk of closing this economy off, i mean he talked so much smack and trash against china mexico hasn't attacked canada yet fares i know i gos he at risk cutting off economy if he took control. >> i want humanity his inherent compassion which i think is disguised by some energetic bluster charismatic energy, in terms of trade policy, i submit only this because i am no expert, in international trade trump is the best businessman i have come across i think if you were top negotiating in any kinds of financial deals, we would be okay, trump has always said that it is it is my money, it is my deal it is my negotiation, i am the one in charge and i think that his
8:10 am
frustration vis-a-vis chooifrn specifically is that we're not using leverage to make best possible deal scooping up as many inexpensive products as we possibly can putting our manufacturer you know, our own people i think he wants to level that playing field, i do not believe and just -- a place again i go back to that he caveat that i am a dow jones stay-at-home investor, i do not believe that he wants to use carrots onerous that he styles stifles international trade. >> to a, honey. >> he talked about putting, talks about tuting tariffs on comortsdz products from china "the wall street journal" called him would be worst president since her bert hoover on trade, so -- his my issue about when -- said about protects the border immigrants in this country and about trade. you say he needs to son of it
8:11 am
but he doesn't son of once committed to something he is committed to deporting all illegal immigrations, including children not backing off on that regardless of your beautiful voice and your power of influence. >> you know i am not so sure of that again i am not going to speak for the candidate, i believe that his harshness toward immigrants i believe that announcement off handidly rapist drug dealer comment in same sentence it was unconsistented i am giving him the benefit of the doubt the problem the statement resonated amongst a portion of the republican tloshth very harsh on this issue, and helped propel trump ironically this accidental antiimmigrant campaigner, to forefront of the republican ranks.
8:12 am
now, that he is, i think that he will continue to gain that momentum and that strength i think he can moderate can afford to moderate that power tends to moderate historically you mentioned hoover all the rest you know wishy-washy presidents one thing all of us can agree this will not be a wishy-washy candidate i think that it is intriguing third-party business i don't think it will come to that i am hoping i may be wrong it may be guy i have known all these years is -- as has changed in, some meaningful or substantive way i don't think so i think there is still room for him to reach out, to the left, and asian grant community send your best and brightest strongest energetic i think this guaymas roy guy ha to moderate. >> oil prices searching for
8:13 am
direction this morning, after post 2:15% gain should wall street brace for a roller coaster section we will take you live to the floor cme next in chicago back in a minute as we await a stronger opening for the broader averages today back in a minute. ♪ ♪ ♪ so jill, i know the markets have taken a hit lately. mm hmm. just wanted to touch base. how did edward jones come to manage over $800 billion dollars in assets? huh. okay. here's our latest market outlook. two things that i'd like to point out... through face time when you really need it. so that's interesting, you know we had spoken about that before. it's how edward jones makes sense of investing. the only difference: that little blue thingy. you see it? that's a sensor.
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8:16 am
look at this chart, just over the last 5 days trading as high as 49 collars a barrel this week, before bodily injury out price of gasoline going down, down 10 cents from a we can ago phil flynn in chicago cme group. >> good morning. the crisis twisting in the wind right now waiting for news that is what this market needs right now, they want to see if that rally yesterday, was justified, rebound, and they are going to really find
8:17 am
out when they get initial jobless claims marrow draghi later people loving low gasoline prices maybe lowest in a decadal over labor day weekend going to make a lot of people happy. maria: sure will a long weekend are they going to spend in retail do you think. >> that is a little bit alarming that is one thing holding this economy back the key i think oil is the key to the future of the stock market if oil can hold this bid maybe even trend higher, i think that is going to support stocks here possibly lead them up. maria: dagen? >> i can't wait for all excitement around lower gas prices seeing south carolina first, 2 dollars, average, on a gallon of gas going to be a lot more states probably half u.s. will have sub$2 dollar gas by the end of the year he we've got about 10 million barrels of gasoline headed our way there is 30 ships that are either on the water or booked
8:18 am
going into october that is importing from europe, that is going to drop prices down even more there is no this is a huge upside at least even the confidence spend a little bit of it make people feel better lower interest rates, i am. maria: i am a conceptskepticic savings rate. >> shoring up balance sheet personally isn't bad are to growth at some point you go the to pull that out of savings, saving for nothing. >> down payment on a house. >> not getting interest rate on. >> it housing market has been showing life, phil thank you phil flynn in chicago donald trump said he wants to put them out of business h&r block, wants to respond ceo is responding here first next.
8:19 am
8:20 am
8:21 am
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8:22 am
. maria: welcome back shares of h&r block soaring this week after the tax preparation company posted better-than-expected gains, 3 1/2-billion-dollar share buyback joining us right now first on fox interview h&r block ceo bill cobb, great to see. >> you good to see. >> you thanks for joining us first let's get to business that is a really strong quarter. what is behind it, and why do you think you are seeing such -- such momentum right now. >> yeah, this is a -- off quarter for the big quarter for us we are the most seasonal company in the s&p 500, we do 75% of our revenues in our fourth quarter ends april 30 for obvious reasons nice start to the year within expectation, the big fuse for us was, essentially, that we've finally able to devest our bank regulation had been choking us through dodd-frank act we are now derernld we
8:23 am
didn't need to be a bank extraordinary how regulatory environment dictating balance sheets makeup of the company pretty much, assessings and loan now you see ge, selling 50% of earnings, because they don't want to be deemed as a -- extraordinarily. >> for us it was good because we can still offer financial services partners we are partnering with -- bank of continent from west coast, we are going to still oversame products we will have effectively a revenue share it does earnings 8 to 10 cents for the control of balance sheet the this is important to us, for clients, should be seamless this is more the bank in the back end. >> vr presidential candidate promises for tax reform would mean making tax code simpler do you think this will ever happen. >> fundamental issue dagen the tax code is used to
8:24 am
administrator social programs implications -- >> but they come from dependent care child caper affordable care act, all of these social programs are administered through tax code they know americans once a year have to come fill out tax returns, on a social program comes up i mean like about affordable care act why administered through tax code that is what -- really a lot of our clients were accusconfus about last year. >> going wrong way dagen mentioned presidential candidates i got to think of one in particular. >> want to show sound bite the company made headlines after donald trump said he wanted -- >> to put you out of bits listen toets everybody. >> frankly, what we should do is start off by similarfying our code we can start it off by similarfying our current system put h&r block out of business, knock them out put them out of business, simply
8:25 am
-- people have to go out pay a lot of money to get help, to fill out tax returns i am talking about a simple return, we have to simplify our code bring down tax, but we have to simplify our code, it is complicated. >> put you out of business that was harsh. >> well you know it is it is tough on our people that when they hear things like that 80,000 people make livelihood here, there are ways to simplify code like i said earlier about social programs there are processes for example a child has 5 different definitions in the tax code. you know amt, alternative minute tax, you are doing taxes twice. a. every year we go through the extender piece there are ways to have it you know intelligent conversation how do we make this simpler, it is not like we want complexity i have to train all these people we've been in business 60 years, and even back in 1955, tax code was pretty simple people came to us for help.
8:26 am
>> will donald trump simplified tax code put you out of business? >> i don't think so, because when i talk about henry, talk to henry block who started company people always want help this is an intimidating piece congress makes laws is the one there is going to be 535 people any presidential candidate has to deal with. >> never -- >> it will never be doing taxes on postcard. >> good to have backup good to have somebody kind of double-check everything. >> that is certainly the way we -- we are all about help. >> there is also, but you used the psalm, many, many, many, tells us about that. >> mr. trump did not like i didn't know it was apprentice song, we bought it from oj's he got incense abouted nine months ago part could be about that, we weren't trying to do anything we advertised on his show we were. >> just mad you don't watch the show didn't know. >> the song actually applied better to h&r block.
8:27 am
>> we are -- >> thank you. >> bill cobb ceo h&r block we will be right back. can a business have a mind? a subconscious. a knack for predicting the future. reflexes faster than the speed of thought. can a business have a spirit? can a business have a soul? can a business be...alive? what did iran's supreme leader get in the nuclear deal? to start with, $100 billion. they keep their nuclear facilities
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8:30 am
>> welcome back. breaking news, the latest reports on jobless claims, expectations call for jobless claims at 275,000. that mome number momentarily. 282,000 is the number for jobless claims for the last week, that's higher than you would expect. and the market, actually, has been strengthening. >> and you wonder if this number leads people to believe that the fed may not raise in september. we're tracking the numbers and we're up 80 points on the dow industrial average and s&p higher on the heels of a 300 point rally yesterday. scott martin? >> hey, it looks good.
8:31 am
and interesting thing about the jobs number. this was clearly a handicap on the jobs number. the risk tomorrow, the jobs number is going to be decent and the risk-- . dagen: that's on the low side. >> that's not terrible considering where we had been. you mentioned earlier, about the wage growth and let's just say it's 0.3%, 0.4%. that's putting the rate hike back on the table. >> i don't think that's bad news, i do not think that's bad news. go ahead. [laughter] >> and the direction right now, after diving to the lowest level in years, and keeping investors on edge and what is triggering these wild swings is john who hahofmeister, formerly shell. >> thank you.
8:32 am
maria: what's going on in terms of the price and impact? because we've been talking about this and i find that this is going to be a worrisome trend for the broader economy because you've got a lot of shale companies, oil companies that are highly leveraged ap as prices go down, are we going to see bankruptcies and see, they're going to have to redo the credit lines and does that mean that this is going to have an impact on the broad landscape? what do you think? >> i think there's going to be a lot of negative planning for next year, it starts in september, october, in the industry here this houston. we'll see a lot of companies cutting back their expectations for next year if we continue to see these lower oil prices. and the consequence of that is, yes, i believe there will be an increase in bankruptcy, an increase in companies merging together. there's been a lot of value destruction, maria, over the last eight, nine months in in industry and when i mean value destruction, people have cut costs dramatically and when they set down a drill set, there's a lot of damage to the
8:33 am
tools, a lot of things get lost, cannibalization of parts. anything you can do to not spend money is what the industry is doing, many of them, during this period. when you come back from that, you've got to eat that cost somehow and still find the money to come back. we're in for a rough time, the fourth quarter, first, second quarter of next year, until we see some kind of signal, some kind of trend that says there's an upward swing on the oil price. it's the only way to come back. maria: wow. are you worried that that impacts the broad economy? >> yes, i am. 200,000 people have lost their jobs in this industry and imagine if detroit announced 200,000 job losses. you'd have everybody from the white house to the congress, you'd have everybody saying, what's going on in the auto industry? how can we help them? well, 200,000 real people are out of work in the oil and gas
8:34 am
industry, not a word. the industry is doing the best it can under the circumstances, but inle we see an increase in the price level it's not a good outlook for the economy, as well as for the industry itself. >> john, we've talked about the industry and the companies that borrowed, what about the lenders. maria: bingo. >> what kind of risk lies there as companies that lent the guys the money and they not get paid back? >> well, these are pretty smart people and i think the texas banks and the kind of-- the comeback from 2008-2009 i don't think-- we may see bad loans and write-offs, i haven't seen any signals from any banks that they're overly troubled or worried. it may have that they had liens against the equipment and that equipment may be valueless. if there's serious damage to the financial industry, remains to be scene.
8:35 am
i don't hear anyone talking about it. dagen: you're talking about a need for higher oil prices, but lower prices benefit the individual and any business that's a big consumer of fuel. >> you're absolutely right. and so, what the industry cares about is what's the sweet spot where the consumer feels a fair price, an affordable price and the industry feels a price that returns on investment? i think we have to keep in mind that a lot of the economic growth in in country is that 11, 12, 13, 14 even, came from the massive spending that was taking place in the oil and gas industry. nobody has really recognizan recognizance-- recognized publicly, even though it was anemic growth, were it not for the oil industry. >> and we recognize that on this program. >> and richard fisher was the president of the dallas federal reserve, told us a year and a
8:36 am
half ago that much of the jobs created in the last several years in 2007 have been around energy and not talking shale projects, but manufacturing, a lot of, you know, sort of second tri -- seconda secondary industries attached to the oil industry. >> if we get back to 60, 70, $80 a barrel oil, we are not going to crash the economiment, but what you would think from the oil price, it has impact on capital spending overall. and-- >> go ahead, and tell me. >> i'm worried about 2016, 17, and 18 because of the drop in capital spending and what that will do to the oil price when
8:37 am
demand actually exceeds suppliment that could be a problem for us. maria: you're talking about 60, 70, $80 a barrel oil, we're at 46. do you think it's soon? >> probably next year. i think we're bottoming out now, but we'll be down half a million barrels of production in the u.s. i frankly think that the saudies will let their production let it go down because they're spending an awful lot of money to maintain the status quo and if the production was down a million barrels a day and the u.s. was down half a million barrels a day, there goes the is your mr. us and-- surplus and we're back in e equilibrium. maria: and thank you, john. not calling it the every-man
8:38 am
car, $35,000 in more colors than black. it's no model t. stay with us. >> welcome back to another tennis channel court report, a special presentation for fox business network. i'm jennifer williams. the reigning u.s. open champion took center stage in new york and both sailed into the third round. serena williams is on court for her 22nd major title and the elusive counter slam as she got past a big hitter in straight sets moving on to face an american in the third round. and there was a good day at the ocean. the croatian coming through the russian to book his place in round three. downtown forget tennis channel's extensive coverage of the u.s. open at 8:30 eastern with u.s. open tonight wrapping
8:39 am
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>> welcome back. want to take a look at the markets. we're expecting a big rally in the markets and believe it has to do with what we're seeing coming out of europe. earlier, the ecb president mario draghi held a news conference and the bond buying program could extend beyond september, 2016. the ecb cut the growth forecast across the board and premature, mario draghi says it's
8:43 am
premature whether the recent events could have a lasting impacts, opening the door to what the markets wanted and renewed down side risk. nobody wanted to hear the words. >> read between the lines, i think that's china. i think he's talking about major trading partner, which is china, which is weak and something they count on for growth. china is weakening and that's the weak outlook for europe. maria: dagen, it has to be the reason that the dollar. dagen: yes, we'll see it's critical to what they do here. mario draghi and everybody in europe wants the euro lower because it helps with exports. but in terms here, do we start importing inflation? that would keep the fed on hold. and also the bond buying program in europe did get expanded in a way that it's not
8:44 am
expanded, but the rules were changed at that the ecb can now buy one third of any-- that's the limit on any issue up from 25%. so that gives them more leeway to buy certain issues. >> it certainly is moving markets and the qe is going smoothly and that it could extend beyond. >> the more stimulus, draghi would come at some and maybe not admit to more qe, but they're ready to pump the stimulus over there. that's why you're seeing the rallies in the european markets, they've doubled in the last hour or so on the heels of this draghi press conference and that's stoking gains in the u.s. as well. dagen: that's what investors are saying, we want more.
8:45 am
>> who is your dealer today? mario draghi. maria: that's going on. and big rally for stock prices and the dollar as the euro goes down out of the headlines. they're lowering their inflation forecast, actually, that's another headline here, no inflation to speak of in europe or the u.s. >> you see more of it, starting to see more of it here. you're starting to see upward weight. basically all of the central bankers have been in bed together. does janet yellen get out, take off her jam-jams, and put on her work clothes and-- >> no longer a pajama party. >> it shows the fred-- fed has no pressure on it to tighten the currency or straighten the currency because
8:46 am
it's not running away. maria: giddyup with the markets. the rally is underway. and tesla's long awaited mass market car, model 3. musk tweeted out the price tag of $35,000, but says that production won't begin for another two years, the stocks climbing higher in the pre-market and we're looking at a rally for tesla. >> i feel sorry for john delorean when we talk about tesla and elon musk. he's had the kind of financial markets behind him that tesla does today, we would still be driving deloreans, that's the only reason that tesla is in business because people-- they have very flush financial markets. >> i miss the delorean, he's bring it out again. >> and delorean was trying to go public and failed, he failed at it and that's one of the things that sent the company out of business. maria: coming up, hillary clinton's e-mails and donald
8:47 am
trump's surprising climb in the polls, that's the headlines. is john kasich the next candidate to watch? our next guest says yes. back in a moment. ♪ so you're a small business expert from at&t? yeah, give me a problem and i've got the solution. well, we have 30 years of customer records. our cloud can keep them safe and accessible anywhere. my drivers don't have time to fill out forms. tablets. keep it all digital. we're looking to double our deliveries. our fleet apps will find the fastest route. oh, and your boysenberry apple scones smell about done. ahh, you're good. i like to bake. add new business services with at&t and get up to $500 in total savings.
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8:50 am
>> and welcome back to race to the white house, so far hillary clinton's scandal and donald trump's surprising rise to the top of the polls and even undeclared joe biden polling better than most of them. and the next guest says that ohio governor john kasich will come out on top.
8:51 am
senator al d'amato, thank you for joining us. john kasich is your guy. >> absolutely. maria: why? >> i wanted a republican in the white house and if republicans want and people want a change and don't want a hillary, you must carry ohio and kasich is the only republican that can basically, as much as you possibly can in politics guarantee a victory there. s' beloved. he's done a great job as an administrator. he inherited a state with a $8 billion deficit. this is now a second term and they have a $2 billion surplus. 300,000 more people working. if you poll ohio, you see that he gets almost half of the democrats supporting him, 60% of the independents, and 80, plus percent of the republicans, so they want to win. when he was in congress, and i served with john, he did a fabulous job-- >> he did a great job, you're
8:52 am
absolutely right. >> they actually balanced a budget. do you want to win or you want to have a purist, you know. some conservatives say he's not conservative enough. i say nonsense. fiscally terrific. defense, he knows-- >> how is he going to resonate with the people and go above the din of, you know, trump? >> nobody goes above the din of my friend donald trump. if you try, you make a mistake. >> how does it play out then? >> i'll tell you how. he has to show that he's got something and i think in new hampshire, you're going to see him come in in the top three. remember, he was the last one to enter and as people learn about him. people want a winner. we're going to start looking at this seriously and say, you know what? this guy's got it. he's a hawk on defense. he's a rebuild on military and
8:53 am
nobody understands the budget. dagen: he's a career politician. >> no, he's not. maria: right now-- >> and in the committee 25 years ago or 20 years ago. >> yeah, he did a good job. maria: and how about before that. dagen: one of his biggest jobs has been being a politician, which is what people are not siding with. maria: that's a fair point. >> i agree with you that people don't want the typical, typical one, he doesn't march to the drum that i have to say this in order to get elected. he marches to the drum what is best for the people. and-- >> and he's got the-- >> i think is. >> most people i don't and. >> how do you get above the din? he's got as far as the policies and results, look at the ohio economy. dagen: he accepted a medicaid
8:54 am
expansion and i did it for the people of the state. >> you transform the economy from an economy that was in the dark anales for many, many years. >> and when people realize without ohio and see what a job he did there and that he can win in the state, i want to win there, they will go with him. you're right, people want the nonpolitician, they're tied of the typical washington-- >> that's why you see bernie trump the bernie sanders, because he was a socialist and takes. maria: brings something else to the table. >> something else to the table. maria: one i think liked about john kasich at the debate. he was such a gentleman when asked about trump. look, i understand why trump is soaring because people are so disenchanted and just upset with the--
8:55 am
>> and look at the doctor. maria: dr. ben carson. >> he's not a shrill attacking. >> he's taking a similar about trump as kasich has. >> and in the fullness of time, if he's not the one, he's certainly going to have a lot to say. maria: what's the ticket? kasich who? >> kasich and you have a certain woman. maria: kasich carlie? >> kasich carlie, or kasich-rubio. >> that's the sweepstake out there. dagen: and what i was seeing the three of them vying for the vp slot, maybe not your-- >> i have to make a guess, i doubt very much if kasich would run for vp. maria: really? >> i really do. maria: he wants to be preside president. he's the king of ohio--
8:56 am
i shouldn't say king. >> lebron james is the king of ohio. maria: thank you for joining us on the show today. thank you for joining us. take a look at the market. futures adding to the gains and ecb rocking the market, a press conference in minutes. hint: it's not the one on the left. the speedy guy on the right is part of an intelligent system that creates the optimal trip profile for all trains on the line. and the one on the left? uh, looks like it'll be counting cows for awhile. so maybe the same things aren't quite the same. ge software. get connected. get insights. get optimized.
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>> these markets are rocking and rolling, up 109 points on the dow still average. 30 minutes away from the opening bell. final thoughts here? >> it can be interesting. the jobs numbers tomorrow. if the jobs numbers are too hot puts the fed back on the table for an interest rate hike, i continue is say is not a good idea. maria: sell into the drought. dagen: when world growth is the issue weighing down the markets.
9:00 am
if the u.s. economy looks like it's on solid footing. that's good even down the road. maria: dagen mcdowell and scott, thank you for joining us. tomorrow on mornings with maria, 8:30 eastern, we'll be joined by monster worldwide and see where the jobs are. "varney & company." have a great show. stuart: dare i say that calm has returned? a relatively low opening for socks. maybe up 100 points for the dow industrials, let's see if we hold 16,000 as a baseline for the dow industrials. you'll find out here. perhaps this is the reading nor the card, china closed. it's a holiday with a parade in


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