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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  September 5, 2015 3:00am-4:01am EDT

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inheritance" story you'd like to share with us? we'd love to hear it! send me an email or go to our website, "strang now they're at 30 million dollars. and we salute the american success, and we salute lou dobbs. he's next. lou: good evening, everybody, i'm lou dobbs. donald trump's presidential candidacy looking more and more like an unstoppable juggernaut. trump may not be everyone's cup of tea but certainly running strong. phenomenally so. he not only continues to run strong in the polling, he's number one in every single poll. and not only that, with his blunt language and straight talk about, well, every issue, he's become not only the strongest candidate in the republican field. he's also becoming, are you ready? increasingly more likable. in fact, the latest polling shows just how wrong just about
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every pundit in the country has been about trump, the candidate. the new gallup poll shows his favorability among republicans is not only rising, but has doubled in the past two weeks. and so with all of that, how does trump spend part of his campaign day? not only going after his detractors on the campaign trail, but today, denouncing what he called gotcha questioning by talk radio host hugh hewitt. we'll have a few report and take it up with lisa boothe and washington examiners david drucker. also tonight, president obama finally getting down to work after spending much of the week renaming a mountain and getting survival tips in alaska. from a tv host. no, not me. saudi arabia's new king meeting today with president obama and giving mr. obama his reluctant approval for the nuclear deal with iran, at what price and what recourse do critics of the
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deal have? the answers coming up here tonight. and wall street, suffering the second worst week of this year. stocks closing sharply lower after a mixed jobs report gave investors more than a few clues about what the fed can and will do on interest rates. moody's chief economist john lonski will join me to tell us what we can expect from the fed, from the markets and how troubled is this troubled economy of ours? our top story tonight, a high-energy, high-performance candidate, who despite all of the attacks from the left and the right seems to having the time his life as he seeks the republican presidential nomination. he is still atop the polls, all the polls mind you and his lead is growing in most of the polls, and he seems with no sign of strain whatsoever to be everywhere. and the democrats are apparently getting more than a little concerned about in
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donald trump. hillary clinton launching her most scathing attacks yet on the republican front-runner. >> his campaign is all about who he's against. whether it's immigrants or women broadcasters or aides of other candidates. he is the candidate of being against. lou: as of today, she'll have to include male broadcasters. carl cameron has our report. >> reporter: donald trump stumbled on journalist hugh hewitt's policy questions confusion the kurds with al quds forces let by soleimani. >> kurds, kurds, i'm sorry i thought you said kurds. >> reporter: trump admitted he could not identify terror leaders between hamas and iran
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backed terrorist group hezbollah. >> the difference between hamas and hezbollah does not matter now, but it will. do you know players without a scorecard yet, donald? >> by the time we get to office, they'll all be changed, they'll be all gone. i knew you were going to ask me things like this. >> reporter: hewitt defended his questions.. >> reporter: carly fiorina went on after trump, said she did not answer his question. >> we have a leader in the white house who understands the world and who's in it and how it works. >> reporter: jeb bush pounced last night. >> you got to know who the players are, you need to know what the capabilities of the united states are. you need a strategy.
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all this stuff, you just can't flippantly say, well, i'll hire the best people. >> reporter: david gergen agreed with trump's gotcha complaint. >> many foreign policy experts don't know all the names. i don't think that's the standard. i think that's a gotcha. trying to reveal gaps in his knowledge. >> reporter: trump called msnbc to trash hewitt this morning. >> this third rate radio announcer they can a show, a gotcha, gotcha, gotcha, every question was do i know this one and that one? he worked hard on that. >> that's my trump tattoo and i'm always interested in critiques, take them under advisement. i don't think it's a gotcha question to ask about the forces surrounding israel. >> reporter: hewitt's hardly third rate, gop candidates flock to his radio show and he'll be posing more questions as part of the next debate in 12 days. something arranged long before trump's interview. lou? lou: can you bet trump knew that before he went on hugh hewitt's show as well.
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a third senate democrat bucking the president on iran. coming out against his nuclear deal with iran. but senator ben carden's no vote won't affect the outcome of the deal whatever. since president obama has enough votes to uphold any veto of any resolution against the agreement. fox news chief white house correspondent kevin corke with our report. >> reporter: underscoring the unique relationship the men and their country share, president obama personally greeted saudi king salman welcoming him to the oval office on this, the first trip to the united states since descending the throne in january. >> let me affirm not only our personal friendship but the deep and abiding friendship. >> reporter: a friendship strained because of the obama administration support for the iran nuclear deal. >> we'll discuss the importance of effectively implementing the deal to ensure that iran does
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not have a nuclear weapon while counteracting its destabilizing activities in the region. >> reporter: the u.s.-saadi relationship is a complicated one. while the countries share interests like keeping iran in check and energy cooperation, it's the iran deal that afraid the friendship. >> the relationship between the obama administration and saudi arabia wasn't very good in the first place. the u.s. is disengaged from the middle east and the saudis have been very upset about. that the iran deal was the icing on the cake. >> reporter: the saudis and other gulf partners fear the agreement could gift iranians billions in cash to further destabilize the region like propping up the syrian regime and the houthi rebels. with increasingly heavy costs as 22 uae troops were killed when a houthi missile hit a weapons storage depot near their position east of the yemeni capital of sanaa.
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demonstrators protested outside the white house citing the growing humanitarian crisis worsened by airstrikes. adding to the griff, the saudi government made notable overtures towards moscow in recent months. >> the saudis are reaching out to the russians because they understand finally after seven years of the obama administration they're not going to get what they need from the united states in terms of help. >> reporter: lou, new tonight, the white house and saudis released a joint statement. in it king salman expressed support for the iran nuclear deal. that's a bit of a surprise. also the two countries plan to significantly elevate their strategic partnership in the years to come. lou? lou: that means buying more saudis buying more u.s. weaponry, correct? >> you called it my friend about. a billion dollars in that partnership. again trying to bolster the relationship between the two countries. lou: kevin, thank you very much, kevin corke reporting.
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a divided europe tonight struggling to deal with an illegal immigration crisis, larger than our own and more urgent. the worst refugee crisis since the end of world war ii, in fact. 60 million people have been displaced by war and poverty in the middle east, afghanistan and africa. millions are headed to western europe where officials are deciding how to respond to the influx. fox news senior correspondent greg palkot. >> reporter: crisis to chaos as thousands struggle for survival, the situation getting explosive outside of budapest hungary, hundreds climbing fences and breaking out of a holding camp. some holding out in a train that stopped near the camp yesterday. >> don't leave us here! not now! not tomorrow! we need to move.
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>> reporter: another thousand leaving on foot from budapest heading to the border with austria more than 100 miles away and hoping to get to germany. the goal of most, the u.n. saying today european countries need to share the load with germany and take in some 200,000 refugees. >> i don't think it is possible, i don't think it is sustainable to have together with a few other countries that are contributing to have a german solution. >> reporter: in a meeting today, the leaders of hungary and other central european countries rejected refugee quotas. more help was offered by u.k. prime minister david cameron. >> given the scale of the cries and its suffering of people, today i can announce we will do more providing the settlement for thousands more syrian refugees. >> reporter: still, the refugees keep on coming, a few thousand leaving a ferry in greece after making a short and perilous journey from turkey to a greek island. it was the route that proved deadly for the three-year-old
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toddler found on a turkish beach this week. he and his brother and mother who also drowned were buried by their surviving father in war-torn syria where they and many others fled. the children's aunt, now in canada spoke out. >> they didn't deserve this. they didn't. they were going for a better life. >> reporter: the hungarian government is saying it will provide 100 buses to help the refugees get to the austrian border. no doubt, there will be many more to come. lou? lou: greg, thank you very much, greg palkot. some republicans on the presidential campaign trail are also reacting and speaking out about the crisis, saying while the united states has its own immigration problems, something does need to be done in europe. >> ultimately it will impact us as well, it destabilizes our allies. some of the countries are nato
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allies of ours who are also being threatened by this. >> it's a huge problem and we should help as much as possible. lou: turning to today's jobs report which showed disappointing growth last month. the economy adding only 173,000 jobs in august. fewer than expected. but the unemployment rate fell from 5.3 to 5.1%. that mixed report giving a lot of evidence to both supporters and opponents of a prospective federal reserve interest rate increase likely this month, some say. investors didn't like that at all. the dow slid more than 3% for the week. stocks suffered their second worst week of this year. we'll have a lot more on the market sell-off later. we're coming right back. stay with us. saudi arabia's king at the white house. oil, iran and nuclear bombs high on the agenda. the president promoting his nuclear deal with iran.
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we take it up with former pentagon official k.t. mcfarland. and defense of democracies john hannah. a california life guard a california life guard saves a girl drowning in the ♪c
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. lou: we're learning more about those five chinese warships that have been operating off the coast of alaska for the first time ever. pentagon says those warships actually entered waters within 12 nautical miles of alaska's coastline, passing through u.s. territory. the move is significant because president obama was in the region, china has long objected to u.s. navy vessels transitting its territorial waters and has made that disfavor well known. joining us john hannah, foundation for the defense of democracies senior counselor, former cheney national security adviser. and former fox news national security analyst k.t. mcfarland. 12 nautical miles and the idea
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that the government doesn't respond whatsoever, your institutes don't be surprised at this, it's only going to get worse. the russians, the chinese, the iranians, north koreas understand this is a lame duck and weak president. they will try and exploit and get as much out of it as they can, worry that the next president is much stronger. why? president jimmy carter similarly weak was pushed around by other countries and once ronald reagan came, in everything changed. the chinese are going to do this, the russians are going to do this. lou: what happened to the second to last year of the carter administration, it seems it was iran, was it not? >> it was iran and hostages and we couldn't rescue them, we couldn't negotiate their release. lou: again that we -- >> we is president carter couldn't get his act together. lou: john hannah, the president is good enough to consider sanctions against individuals
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and some corporations that have benefitted from chinese cyberattacks but doesn't muster the courage to actually respond to the government of china which is behind these attacks without any question whatsoever, or to 12 entering -- five ships entering within 12 nautical miles of the united states, in the bering sea, for crying out loud? >> almost worse than that, lou. the administration actually was making excuses for china and actually explaining away china's encroachment on u.s. territorial waters for the first time. i think it's a watershed moment. i think k.t. is exactly right, that this is american weakness provoking this kind of response from the chinese. these kinds of challenges. we've seen it not only from china but russia, iran and others. this is the kind of situation that you get in where people begin to miscalculate and the
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risks of war actually go up, appeasement almost never works, weakness is almost always provocative. lou: saudi arabia, the king of saudi arabia today reluctant endorsement of the iranian deal but nonetheless, with a billion-dollar boost as our white house correspondent kevin corke pointed out for weaponry that will be purchased from the united states, at the same time, a $10 billion investment in russia? >> yeah, the geopolitical chess board is moving all around. in the middle east, with the saudis, the egyptians, they don't think they can count on america as an ally. we're getting squeezed out of every place, lou! >> we may be getting squeezed out. i don't hear a single member of the republican party or single member of this administration talking about this in a geopolitical, strategic sense to explain to the american people what is happening, whether it be in asia, the
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middle east, europe? i mean, this is a period of -- it is an opaque cloud that is settled over washington, d.c., and it seems unable to perceive anything that's happening in the world and to explain it. >> i think you've said it very well. i completely agree. not only is the administration decided to take america down a notch and withdraw america's leadership in the world, but the other people on the national scene have yet to come up with an aide kuwait explanation what we should do next. lou: john hannah, where is all of this headed? what is the strategic nexus for china, for russia, the united states, the european union and iran in the case of the middle east? >> it's one great big mess. the global order that the united states has stood behind for 70 years that served us pretty darn well economically and in terms of our national security is coming apart. we are watching it unravel. and when that happens you reach
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hinge points in history, whether it's world war i, world war ii, things like 9/11, really bad things happen that actually shock the system, and the question is, is the united states able, then, to pick itself up and actually respond and defend its interests. lou: with a pentagon that's become compliant to politics, that it tolerates, even when it influences military readiness and its engagement, a political structure, a government that has been one of checks and balances, republicans controlling two houses and a president who's a democrat in the white house, and people talk about there's a stalemate here that there's some sort of gridlock. this seems like utter paralysis of leadership. that if one were not there, it would be still the same result,
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the republicans unimaginative and unorganized and lacking energy, and this president passive to the point of peril. what do you think? >> i think that the alternative to american leadership in the world is not some kumbaya police. lou: john hannah? >> i don't think it's deliberate or by accident, the fact is it is happening on his watch, and the question is, is the country going to be able to pick itself up and respond and put together the pieces after he goes before it's too late. lou: we don't have timed for the answers, even if they were at hand, the fact the question has to be asked seems to me to be a sufficiently troubling answer to it all. john hannah, thanks for being here. k.t. mcfarland, thank you. be sure to vote in our poll
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tonight -- cast your vote at we'd like to hear from you on that. breaking news on that illegal immigration crisis in europe. germany's chancellor angela merkel tonight saying that germany can cope with a record-breaking influx of refugees this year without raising taxes and not jeopardizing its goal of a balanced budget. germany expecting to receive the most refugees and asylum-seekers of all of the eu member states up to 800,000 by the end of this year. a footnote in some context. now, as of right now, of all of the u.n. resettled refugees in the world, the united states is bringing in 70% of them. 70%. dramatic gopro footage
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captures california life guards in action. there it is. saving swimmers who are drowning in the waters off huntington state beach. this is one of nearly 500 rescued performed last weekend. one weekend, as dangerous riptide currents tore through those waters. lifeguards put out the video to warn swimmers and to be safe over this holiday weekend. up next, a few thoughts on the practically bulletproof donald trump. and nascar races are certainly thrilling, but sometime the most exciting events happen before the race. really? we'll show you. next.
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. lou: a few thoughts now on donald trump and the vast numbers of folks in the media, who are obviously still struggling to come to terms with his front-runner status and who he really is. among them, radio talk show most hugh hewitt.
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a fellow i've always liked, much admired and respected fellow. but trump is lambasting hewitt tonight accusing him of asking what trump called, quote, ridiculous gotcha questions during an interview with trump. >> are you familiar with general soleimani? >> he runs the quds forces. >> yes, okay, all right, i think the kurds have been mistreated. >> not the kurds the quds forces, the iranian backed quds forces. >> i thought you said kurds. >> i'm looking for the next commander in chief to know who is al zawahiri and albaghdadie. >> by the time we all get to office they'll all be changed and all be gone, i knew you were going to ask me things like this. there is no reason. lou: i have to tell you, i'm laughing, sometimes you see in the media a contest where one or the other, the candidate or the interviewer is trying to
3:31 am
prove he's the smarter fellow or woman. trump today continuing his attack slamming hewitt as a, quote, third rate radio announcer. >> when you say quds versus kurds, i thought he said kurds, this third rate radio announcer that i did the show. a gotcha, gotcha, every question was do i know this one and that one? it was like he worked hard on that. lou: he probably did. carly fiorina, who hewitt interviewed right afterwards, acknowledged she couldn't always sort out successfully which individual with which name was running which terrorist group, which i thought was modest and humble of carly fiorina. even one of trump's most frequent and insulting critics and rivals none other than senator rand paul shocked everybody when he stepped up to defend the front-runner. here's what he said, quote --
3:32 am
so there you have it. hewitt will be asking some questions at the next gop debate in two weeks as our carl cameron reported here earlier. hewitt says trump's attacks will not change the questions that he asks, but maybe, if i may, the reaction of even some of trump's rivals and most severe critics suggest that hugh might want to reconsider. our quotation of the evening, the flap over gotcha questions, it seems to me comes down to a matter of respect. none other than elton john put it this way --
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elton john is my cup of tea. how about you? we're coming right back. donald trump calls governor jeb bush a low energy candidate. bush says that's not true. but why do some folks fall asleep at his rallies? and a teacher interrupts a u.s. open tennis match. you would think a teacher would know better. we'll tell you all about it and show you ball it after these @
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. lou: joining us tonight to talk about what is an intensifying atmosphere in washington, d.c., presidential politics at its best, washington examiner senior congressional correspondent david drucker joins us, vice president of wpa research and conservative strategist lisa boothe. good to have you both here. >> hi, lou. lou: how are you doing, guys. start, lisa, with you, donald trump is on top of every poll in the country. he is expanding his lead in most of those polls. is he unstoppable now. >> he is not. there is a recent poll that shows in a head-to-head against ben carson. lou: you know the head-to-heads, whoa, whoa, whoa, whether it's with clinton or biden, let's be honest about those.
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>> but did you mention the polls. lou: okay, i'll be specific. in the polling of republican candidates for example which you see major samples and the results. >> i think there's no doubt about it right now there is an anti-establishment sentiment, lou, we're absolutely seeing that with the rise of donald trump, with the rise of ben carson, the rise of carly fiorina and seeing it on the left with the rise of bernie sanders. i think there's a lot of voters particularly on the republican side that are angry. lou: at this point, how will any candidate stop him? how will any candidate catch up to him? >> lou, if you go back and look at previous -- lou: no, no, no, i'm not asking about history, i'm asking about trump, these candidates right now, how will anyone catch up? . >> the polls don't mean anything right now. lou: let me ask david if he seeing meaning in any of it, and if you see any way another candidate can catch up to him.
3:39 am
>> lou, in any poll that is taken the candidate that's ahead is much happier than the candidate that is behind. but i think lisa is right in this, it is early and there is room for other candidates to leap ahead. so how do they do it? they do it by increasing their name identification in getting out there before the voters. i think you're going to see a lot of actual real campaigning as we get closer to primaries. what does that mean? it means running positive and negative ads. some of the candidates are beginning to hit the airwaves, they don't have the name id and the celebrity that donald trump does. i think some of them have to step up their game, i expect a handful to do in terms of talking to the voters where the voters are about their frustrations with washington and worries about the future for them and their families, and i do think you will see movement and shakeups as we move ahead in the coming weeks. >> great. because that's what the public arena is supposed to be about. what we've seen so far is a juggernaut. and in the democratic side,
3:40 am
hillary clinton buffeted by every kind of head wind possible, it seems to me, at least, in terms of the clinton e-mails, her own baggage that she brings with her, her husband, she is managing to be the front-runner and standing up? >> well, she is, but the democrats don't have much of a field. it's not the same as the republican side where there are 17 candidates and a lot of strong candidates on the republican side. democrats don't have a bench, it's between hillary clinton who is facing a federal investigation and a self-avowed socialist. that's what the democrat bench looks like right now. hillary clinton's biggest problem is the fact that the number one word associated with her is liar. and she's going to continue to face the allegations and continue to see reports about her e-mails surface, and that's going to be very difficult and damaging for her campaign as she tries to move forward. lou: david, two of her aides testifying behind closed doors on capitol hill about that
3:41 am
e-mail server. what do you think will be the outcome? >> well, i think a big day for hillary is going to be when she testifies before the benghazi select committee. i think look, she's got a huge problem, and it's not so much the e-mails anymore, it's the fact people think she's hiding things, they don't trust here, and a big deal for her and i keep saying this is how she handled classified material. the perception how she handled classified material. you may not like hillary all that much, the biggest selling point is she knows what she's doing, she's competent and even if she's not the most touchy feely person like her husband, she'll get in there and she's smart. when she can't handle classified material properly, it undercuts her biggest strength, that's her big problem. lou: real quick does, biden get in the race? >> only if she falters. only if he's the party savior. i don't think he tries and
3:42 am
blows her up. >> it will be damaging to her if he does get into the race. lou: no, no, do you think he'll go into the race? >> i think there's a lot of chance he could. there are a lot of democrat donees who are are concerned about hillary clinton's chances and see the chances diminishing. lou: lisa boothe, david drucker, thank you for being here. >> thank you, lou, happy labor day. lou: breaking news, northern illinois investigators say they now have several videos to build a timeline around the fatal shooting of a veteran police officer in fox lake illinois. this is day four of a massive manhunt where the three suspects who are responsible for the death of that officer. a $50,000 reward is being offered. take a look at the top left corner. are you ready? the top left corner of your screen. there you go. that's a drone, that's a drone crashing into a row of empty seats during a second round match at the u.s. open in new
3:43 am
york. it turns out a new york city schoolteacher was responsible for the drone. he was arrested, charged with reckless operation of a drone. the result was the match was interrupted. they thought, for some time this might be a terrorist attack. and as if skydiving isn't thrilling enough. what about making your landing in a nascar stadium filled with 160,000 screaming fans. talk about drop-ins. this video just in of a stunt pulled off last week showing the bird's-eye view of two daredevils jumping out of a plane thousands of feet above a nascar track in bristol, tennessee, there we go! all part of an effort to rev up the crowd before they race. and as you can hear, they were successful. up next, a mixed bag jobs report, keeping investors, well, anxious about what the fed does next. we take that up and more. stay with us.
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. lou: on wall street, stocks close sharply lower after the august jobs report. the dow fell 272 points, it had
3:48 am
been down about 350. the s&p lost 30, the nasdaq down 50. volume on the big board, 3.2 billion shares. for the week, the dow, s&p and nasdaq all down about 3%. the second worst week of the year. joining us now moody's capital markets chief economist john lonski. i thought it was over. i thought everybody assured us that the volatility had gone away and we have the second worst week of the year. >> you get rid of it. now experiencing the longest bout of volatility since the summer of 2012. how did we get out of that? mario draghi made the promise to do whatever it takes to save the euro and had the introduction of qe3. lou: well, and qe3 long dead, and mario draghi this week stepped up and announced he's doing nothing! >> right! >> god bless the europeans, they're so helpful on everything as they sit over there just basically sliding into what looks like another bout of recession.
3:49 am
>> if it's not a recession, it's stagnation, and that's something -- >> even better. >> even better, stagnation, recession, what's the difference? this has been a very disappointing recovery for too many americans. somewhere looking at the unemployment rate, 5.1% for the month of august and stand up and cheer. but what they don't realize if we didn't have so many labor force dropouts and participation rate, the unemployment rate is at 7.5%. lou: and it is inclusive of discouraged workers, those seeking full-time or part-time in addition to those unemployed, you're talking about over twice as many people and twice the size of the unemployment rate, something over 10%. >> and the takeaway from this is you ought not to get optimistic about the outlook for consumer spending and home sales. >> everybody is saying, good, i don't have to be optimistic.
3:50 am
john lonski says you don't have to. [ laughter ] >> i think on the housing front and auto sales you have a release of pent-up demand, at some point that pent-up demand is exhausted and you start to flatline. lou: is this recovery? is it aborted? dissipating? is it dying? . >> going out with a wimper, that's my best guess. you're going to see it slowly disappear like no other recovery did in the past. lou: two groups of people who really need help and want help, those are the folks who have homes they want to see appreciate in price. the other group of people are those who are retired. looking for returns from the equities market. they're looking for higher interest rates on their savings. those who have savings. >> well, talking about the interest rate on savings accounts now looks as though the fed is not hiking rates in september, and perhaps the hike rates at the earliest december. we've been saying this for the
3:51 am
longest period of time. that first rate hike may not occur until 2016. if then. lou: that part of the equation, for crying out loud. >> we don't want to forget about the equity side, so long as profits grow, the equities will be made. lou: where are the profits? >> have you profits growing outside of energy, 4-5%. that's on top of sales growth of less than 1%. and that's quite a fete to keep growing profits that much faster than meager sales growth. lou: john, i want you to get really rested up over this labor day weekend. i want everybody at home to rest up and get ready. we're going to have really good news for you come next week. i hope. appreciate it, john. thanks so much. >> thank you. lou: and promise not to get overly optimistic. up next, new developments in the case of an illegal immigrant who touched off a heated debate over sanctuary cities. we have some of the best attorneys in the business on that case, wendy patrick joins that case, wendy patrick joins us next.
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♪all god's children we got to come together♪ ♪and share the good feelin ♪cause nothin ever gonna make this world better♪ ♪if we don't start believin ♪love really really really is the answer♪ ♪everybody join hands cuz it's time now, you know♪ ♪spread the love, spread the love♪
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♪all over the world ♪spread it all over the world ♪if we just love each other ♪and lift up one another ♪shine a light from every heart♪ ♪spread the love, spread the love♪ ♪all over the world ♪we've got to spread the love lou: joining us tonight is wendy patrick and whitney bone. thank you both for being here. starting with whitney. the defendant in that case, one can cisco lópez sánchez says that he fired the gun that killm by
3:56 am
accident. >> if there's not evidence to the grand jury to the contrary. because the way that the bullet entered her body is that it's consistent with that record shearing off the building. he did not feel the gun from the federal agents, they do not suspect him of that. there is no inconsistency that he founded under a bench and there was no safety on it. i don't know if that is true or not. and i think that it is incredible defense. lou: when the idea, are those the appropriate charges in your judgment?
3:57 am
>> here's the deal, you have a guy that is firing a gun. it's true that the ballistic support the fact that it ricocheted but that does not mean that it absorbs them from a murder charge. as we used to call it, it used to be a depraved type of murder. this is the level that they are going to have to prove. firing the gun in that area will support the charge in and of itself. >> or if it was an accident. lou: the lawsuit filed against immigration and customs enforcement and the sheriffs office in san francisco. do you think that those charges will stand up? >> i do not. i think that even if you put aside the fact that there will be governmental immunity and aside the fact that they were
3:58 am
following the correct policies and procedures for the respective agencies, when you look at it from the perspective that this could have been an accident it becomes even more attenuated. when you combine the factors come there's not a good chance that this will stand up in the long run. i feel very horribly for her family. but i'm not sure that this would have legs. lou: the only thing i can say is that someone has to be held accountable for this. an entire city is acting in violation of federal law. a sheriff has acted in utter disregard for an i.c.e. detainer. surely there has to be an account. >> that is the tricky thing about this lawsuit and this is what is important that it happened in a sanctuary city. there's a lot of anger pointing
3:59 am
and rules that don't apply, a little of discretion that other cities do not have. but litigation may lead to the legislation. and that could be part of it. lou: i'm sure that they want to do the same thing and take on this issue and i want the legislature to pass caselaw. but this is really, it is just disgusting to most americans that entire cities can act in blatant disregard. we have about 30 seconds, did judge richard berman get it right? in regards to the deflategate ruing. >> i think that he did the right thing. tom brady has already scored his vague win.
4:00 am
>> you know, thank you both for being with us. we want to say thank you for you have a great labor day weekend. we thank you for being with us. good night from new york. >> so you believe that they are losing? >> no, i do not. lou:. stossel: the world has big problems. water shortages, overfishing fishing used to be big but not anymore. the cost of health health care, poverty, and people who cheat people. >> you are a piece of work. >> americans assume that there is another way. private solutions. >> the person that goes to syria or iraq or egypt to help.


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