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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  September 8, 2015 6:00am-9:01am EDT

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in japan, the nikkei down again citing 2% and the move in next release in the games for the entire year for the nikkei average showing a chop of 2.5%. in europe a firmer story with stocks rising there off 105.9 the s&p 100. cac also higher by 2% in the dax of better than 2%. leaders try to find a way to handle the massive refugees. some of the largest countries, france, germany and u.k. promising and pushing back same pushing back saying we run out of room. we plan to resettle refugees as early as tomorrow. congress getting back to work this morning. returning to washington with two top priorities. more on that coming. on the campaign trails, refusing to apologize over the growing
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e-mail scandal. ms. clinton says what i did was allowed. the controversy is a distraction but it is certainly hurting at the polls and not the campaign is looking to recover. "the new york times" reported a different side of her south this fall. clinton will show more humor and heart. check out this. not a bird from another plane. a meteor of the morning sky in thailand. lighting up social media as dash cams caused a meteor during the morning commute in bangkok. along the holiday weekend we are looking at me moving and. the dow futures showing 300 points at the opening of trading. we'll talk about that with anastasia amoroso. this is all because policy was that of china and i want to get your take on that if in fact the issue is believed would come off a weaker than expected jobs
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report on friday. >> you know, i would disagree with the weak jobs report on friday because there's a lot of good news. the unemployment dropping 5.1%. the labor force participation dropped for good reasons which means people stayed in the labor force and down jobs. to me, the biggest positive is the trend. the number of jobs created for the last three months, six months, 12 months is all about 200,000. that goes well for the fed decision to hike rates. i don't think they actually will move on that, but that is a topic for another time. maria: you don't think it will move september 15th and 16th >> know, a lot of the data coming in is backwards looking data. it is good solid data.
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it clouds the output that is becoming far more important. maria: gina martin's, how do you see this? >> the market is due for a bounce after last week. china closed up for the first time. the day-to-day volatility likely continues until we get through the meeting. i'm not reading a whole lot into the scotland date of the next. the market is going to remain volatile until they get more visibility. maria: it is all about the fad these days. where are you? do you agree? >> the economists think they will hike next week. less positive chance that it was a few weeks ago. as long as the market is not off a full 10% and we still see upward progress in the economy. they take the opportunity to move 25 basis points come to get up to zero pounds and have a little more flexibility.
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dagen: until they hike, you will see this flexibility. creating market volatility by not act teams. the jobs report was not bad enough. because -- we talked about this friday. the overall job creation number was below expert haitians. watch for that to get higher next month and the month after that. even if they wait until december, they are basically helping create stock market volatility between now and then. >> that's exactly right. if they hike in september, that would be a bullish sign. the emerging market risk assets, because it would be a confirmation seven years after the financial crisis. that would be a big positive note of affirmation. i still think that if the world's second-largest economy in china is on the cusp of slowing more than people had
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predicted, what does that mean? the fed do admit emerging markets have an impact on global growth as well. maria: emerging markets are just not there yet. we continue to see negative numbers in terms of growth. >> you do have to note every time they start to tighten the sufferer. this is not unique. even the 94-95 cycle basically every time the emerging markets suffer more than domestic markets. the fed does have to produce some sort of balance here. this happens a lot. maria: all right, ladies. oil prices moving lower this morning. a major oil executive has announced it will not work with opec to cut production. though flynn in chicago with more. good morning to you. >> good morning.
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the comment by russia needs we are probably not going to get an opec production cut. remember what the oil minister says and what they do in russia is not always the same. it could be hard negotiation. if you look at oil prices today we are moving on the stock market. oil prices on the labor day weekend were down over $1.50 on concerns about china. but the china rebounded today, oil prices. we are actually trading substantially higher than where they closed yesterday and that is optimism that we see more chinese stimulus. also a report from china even though they fell dramatically last month, they are still importing more oil than they did a year ago. there are some silver linings for me. it will follow stocks up this morning. back to you. maria: geishas darkening outlook clashing with global supply numbers. where are you at oil right now in terms of this drop?
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>> i think we can see a further increase in the oil market. we are going against the bad seasonal here. what i like about the chinese numbers overnight is in volume terms they are not bad. crude oil up 9.8% year-over-year. you've got to me and picked up in china and the united states and supplies in the united states last week it is actually starting to roll over. russia by the way is not the producer out there that needs to cut supplies because they are already falling. it is opec in the united states. maria: we will see if that comes true. >> i think the worst of decline. prices are fairly stagnant or falling. in the broad scheme of things, will let consumers of energy product a lot more than producers and i don't think within the net net benefit to
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the consumer's in stock prices yet. maria: now, we have now. dakin has been talking about this a lot. >> at least a boost. maria: why have always seen it yet? >> it is not a typical not a full year. the stock market trades with oil. what happens in the broader economy to take the late 80s experience when oil prices actually crashed before consumption growth started to recover when oil prices started to recover. what tends to happen is consumption growth lives with oil prices so it looks like a lab response. what you usually get is about a year lag and consumers really calm. dagen: the iran deal could put further down because people expect this to really hit the global market next year sometime. maria: european migrant crisis getting worse as the region's
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leaders scramble. cheryl casone at that story and some others. >> good morning, everyone. france or britain offering sanctuary to 44,000 migrants. latest efforts by european leaders to manage the worst crisis in nearly seven decades. announcements follow pledges $6.6 billion made by germany to care for migrants entering the country. incredible images coming out of washington state. these photos taken by firefighters battling massive wildfires in the region is spreading all over social media. right now six wildfires are burning in california alone. the largest in fresno county has chartered 150 square miles since it started on july 31st. finally everybody, red carpet over. stephen colbert are hitting the airwaves as the new host of the late show on cbs. rapper and hip artists -- hip-hop artist and other
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headliners including jeb bush, george clooney and maria tesla ceo elon musk. maria: what a show. thank you. congress back in session this morning. the first-order business is the every nuclear deal. we will talk about the upcoming vote in a minute straight ahead. ♪ can a business have a mind? a subconscious. a knack for predicting the future. reflexes faster than the speed of thought. can a business have a spirit? can a business have a soul?
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maria: welcome back. congress back in session one of the top priorities being the iran nuclear foe. blake berman with the details in washington right now.
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reporter: congress does return from its monthlong break to quite possibly the busiest month of the year. a budget battle is brewing in the papal visit of ways. the first order of business the iran nuclear deal. debate is expected in both chambers of the vote in the senate will be closely watched that republicans need to recruit six democrats to clear a key procedural hurdle and any threat of a potential filibuster. the number had three when senator ben cardin came out against the deal on friday. joe minchin announced later this morning. should they get to the number, it would guarantee president obama would be forced to details the resolution of the approval. either way, with 38 democrats publicly on board so far, the president appears to have enough to back up and sustain his veto threat. maria: blake, we'll be watching now. former senior advisor to hillary clinton, richard socrates. conservative political editor
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keith koestler. thank you for joining us. your thoughts on the iran vote. >> welcome in the iran deal is going to happen. president obama has the votes he needs, even though she may be forced to veto a resolution of disapproval. it will be another big legislative victory for president obama, for whatever you think of him has proven himself to be clever and the legislative front. this may go through by a squeaker but the reason it is going to go through is because it seems to be the best deal we can get among a whole host of alternatives. maria: it is hard to reverse this. the fact the president does have the necessary votes. >> is not quite there but is very close. this is a major deal and they should be a treaty with 67 votes of approval. here he is struggling to get 41 votes to avoid a filibuster.
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it's an incredible thing when you think about it that such an battery is going to be basically rejected by the majority of the senate even though technically it will pass and much of the vote for him to get a steal. maria: dagen mcdowell, what are the complications of moving forward. it is free to move past any objection by the president at this point. dagen: this is a done deal. however, it is the next president's problem that this deal is implemented. as the embargo on arms sales to iran falls right away. >> donald trump said over the weekend he will make it a great deal. even as he said he would make gray. when he was president it would be great. like everything about donald trump u. don't know exactly how it's going to happen, but it is going to happen. maria: at the fact is you can
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joke about his delivery and the way he has communicated, but is resonating. >> is definitely resonated because he is such a nut authenticity about him. i understand -- dagen: she can be a real person when she gets in front of the press and camera. >> she is being much more authentic than she has at different times. she has historically played relationship with the press. the press go at her like nobody else. i think now she does best when she is an underdog is starting to take him a little bit of the underdog status especially in new hampshire. i believe she will be the nominee and be elected president. nobody has it that an breadth of the support. if she's perceived as an underdog in new hampshire, it may be good for her. >> well, think about this.
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this is the same problem she had last time in 2008. she wasn't having a goodness sense of humor. we were getting to know the real hillary clinton. i'm not so sure how far she is going. e-mail trouble is a serious thing. it's not likely but if she gets indicted with the classified information in some shoe store in chappaqua or something like that she will have serious problems. >> there is no scenario in which she's indicted. there's no criminal criminal inquiry. everything she did -- party you know -- >> storing classified information. with a lot about now? the fbi investigate something that's a criminal investigation. no, listen. they are not investigating the server. they're investigating a person.
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maria: richard, maria: richard cummings said the state department server -- >> what they mean by that, a lot is unknown about the handling of classified information. we will all be educated, but the server, which he could've used alternatively or in addition to does not necessarily the server people use for classified information. this whole idea -- first of all, let's understand that nothing she shared over her private server was mark's classified. >> totally irrelevant. can i say something? maria: dashed e-mails classified at the time. >> i haven't seen not all morning. >> tons of classified or nation. >> the server was allotted she did not share -- maria: i'm not sure whether that is true. >> u.s. classified information.
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you cannot get information -- your spoken aloud. maria: go ahead. >> i would like to speak. this type are impossible to get information that the classified onto a private server. it is a red herring and nothing to do with this. she put classified information many times over the server and she know had to be classified. maria: richard, final word, go ahead here to >> that is not the case. >> yesterday spirit maria: that is the case. >> nothing she shared at the time was mark classified. >> not true. doesn't matter. >> at some point in the future -- >> it wasn't labeled. maria: is that we are doing, you
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are defending her? >> she said she could could do it over again she would've made a different choice. now she's in the scandal got you with the press. i think this weekend in the coming months you will see her dressed as clearly. maria: thank you for joining us. we'll be right back, everybody. stay with us. the promise of the cloud is that every organization has unlimited access to information, no matter where they are. the microsoft cloud gives our team the power to instantly deliver critical information to people, whenever they need it. here at accuweather, we get up to 10 billion data requests every day. the cloud allows us to scale up so we can handle that volume. we can help keep people safe; and to us that feels really good.
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maria: welcome back. small business optimism and an honest sluggish note rising of a half a percent last month despite the key components of the survey still posting strong gains. job openings and earnings trends. germany right now in a fox business exclusive is bill dunkelberg, nfib chief economist. nice to have you on the program. welcome.
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let's talk about the positives first. one positive was jobs and another was corporate earnings, which i want to push back on because corporate earnings in the second quarter frankly has been not great. no growth certainly. they may be better than expectations they are talking about a flat performance year after year. where the bright spots right now for small business? >> we saw several percentage and increase with earnings headed up, but those numbers like negative 20%, meaning 20% more down than up. trends are better, but still negative. earnings haven't been real strong. a lot of pressure from compensation to 24%, 25% of racing column. it is all going to the bottom line and is painful. maria: how would you characterize the small business environment? >> as you pointed out, the job numbers are pretty good.
6:26 am
the tls and the agencies from vacation in august. he don't get to 45 in june and july and then 175 in august. our members are quite good and quite good in what should've have been better than july. i think you'll see a good revision and we will be steady as you go. nonetheless, in the bigger picture the small business sector producing a lot jobs in the 83 expansion for 650,000 jobs a quarter had this recovery averaging 350,000 a quarter. we are way off the mark and job creation. maria: what is holding them back? >> nothing to. you look at the top issues, energy costs, health care costs, regulatory costs, tax code. there's been no progress and i don't expect any progress. 10% think you'll be better six months from now and today, the 24% think it will be worse. that's a very sour outlook.
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maria: good to have you on the program. will dunkelberg is the chief economist at nfib. one of the top priorities of the iran nuclear deal. we will talk with ambassador john bolton when he named. we will be right back.
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eighth, welcome back. dagen mcdowell, wells fargo, jpmorgan asset management and a station. top stories at 6:40, futures point to a sharply higher rally and an opening for stock prices on wall street, hope for more stimulus of china driving optimism for investors coming off of a volatile couple weeks. dow industrials expect to open up presented bullish 307 points, nasdaq opening 81 points, will falling this morning, look at crude expected to open down better than 2% at $40 a barrel. in europe leaders trying to
6:31 am
handle the massive wave of refugees, largest countries, france, germany and the u.k. promising to accept refugees. others pushing back, the european commission unveiling a plan to resettle refugees tomorrow. hillary clinton not backing down over her e-mail scandal. in an interview with the associated press refuse to apologize for using a private server and growing concern has people looking for joe biden to throw his hat in the ring. more on their race to the white house coming that, depending national champions in college football of to a good start. ohio state beat virginia tech 42-24 last night, miller had two touchdowns as a wide receiver. back to top stories, looking at a rally on wall street, stocks of a long weekend with a big
6:32 am
bound, dow futures opening better than 300 points, we have valuations feeling better after the last couple weeks. what do you think? >> before the sell-off we were looking at 16.8 times earnings. is a we are looking at close to 15. that is without earnings the deteriorated or economic data that has deteriorated so this is better valuation. that is compelling. if you believe the fed is not going to disrupt the narrative and china is not going to cause an economic slowdown than this is a nice entry point for the equity market. >> when you look at second quarter earnings they were flat, talking about 0.004%, they beat expectations with calls for decline but you are not seeing growth in corporate earnings. >> true if you look at the index
6:33 am
as a whole but then you find out that this is the majority of earnings weakness out of the energy sector. it is all about oil and has been all about oil and now we talk about the fed. what started as extraordinary oil weakness in the s&p 500 has bled into worries about the fed this year but if you exclude energy sector earnings we are likely to get outside the 6% this year. that is in line with the last several years though in perspective the index looks weak but it looks weak because we have 50% to 60% compression earnings alone. maria: there were a number of sectors that are major beneficiaries. >> consumer discretionary, industrials are great beneficiaries, not been priced in the stock. maria: like a transport. dagen: absolutely but there was to the report that historically speaking stocks, bonds and real estate, dovetails with what
6:34 am
robert schiller has been talking about thinking stock for more overvalued than real estate, it leaves you with a picture of a cheap asset where do i put my money. >> that energy story has been concerning me because a leveraged players, the shell area, if we see oil prices going down the isn't as open as up to even further vulnerability on the jobs picture because of the energy cuts? >> absolutely does. there's not just energy prices down 50% year over year but copper, aluminum. if you look at the credit spreads two reasons they have been blowing out of this year is materials and energy. the high yield space. but the other faint -- >> other groups of high yields like consumer oriented high-yield bonds doing better than energy. >> you see isn't doing better but they're showing wider spread of the issue is not just u.s.
6:35 am
high-yield but becoming emerging-market corporate as well as those some are investment grade or high heels but the bottom line is china dislocation is creating shock waves that is not just isolated to china but impacting quite a bit so we need to be cautious watching those. dagen: the top of lull list in terms of that to do this is voting on president obama's iran nuclear deal with the deal has enough votes to override a veto but that doesn't mean it is dry on the hill. want to bring in u.s. ambassador to the united nations john bolton, great to see you. let's talk about the iran deal. let's get your take on presidential politics. how does this play on said christine? >> it looks like the president is within a dime of getting enough of those to sustain a filibuster which would spare him two weeks of political
6:36 am
confrontation, he would be in a better position to say to our allies and others around the world that he prevailed and if he has to do it at the last fringe so i think it is safe to put a lot into this but one way or another the united states will enter this feeling that will go forward as it will for the other signatories. maria: assess how important the foreign relations and national security is in this upcoming election? >> will be a central issue. the political conventional wisdom that is always about the economy won't be right here. people are concerned about what they see as a bad deal, most public opinion polls indicate that. people are extraordinarily concerned about the rise of the islamic state, russia's adventurism in eastern and central europe, china in the south china sea, there is a a weak president and don't want it repeated but from a republican perspective the candidate who shows he or she can be a leader will have a really advantage. >> this is not just the u.s.
6:37 am
issue. this is looking at the refugee crisis in europe, this is a european issue, united nations issue, is iran a good deal? a bad deal? does it help with national security? >> it is a grave threat to american national security but a basically allowed iran to proceed to a nuclear-weapons capability at a time of its choosing. whether it conforms to the deal or violates the deal and it personally violation, you would have to have 100% faith in american intelligence to believe we know exactly where iran is on the nuclear program. if we have learned anything in the past 15 years it is to have humility about intelligence capabilities and have to assume it will go forward, that won't had been either. even worse, other countries in the region's eyes of what has been going on and we already have a nuclear arms race underway, the saudis, egyptians, turks and others. the most volatile region of the world. >> they all wanted nuclear bomb.
6:38 am
dagen: with refugees going into europe, you have part of the middle east being picked up and placed in the center of europe. how do we cope with that economic burden, societal change, are we underestimating the impact of it? >> we are. this flow now is caused by chaos in the region and populations think they won't go back to their homes so they're determined to go somewhere else, the main culprit is turkey. under the international refugee conventions turkey has an obligation to provide the asylum but it is letting these people flow through, germany is another part of a problem with angela merkel saying she would take a hundred thousand syrian refugees, that is 1% of the german population. if we were to do the same it would be 3 million syrian refugees. angela merkel said adair two ago this will change germany forever and she was proud of it.
6:39 am
these people won't have humanitarian visas, there never leaving germany. you change the fundamental nature of the country. >> this is the region struggling with multiculturalism. multiculturalism has created a lot of the terror you have seen across. >> this will cause enormous political tension inside the european union. if you're hungry or austria or greece the transit routes into germany, this is something that will overwhelm these smaller countries and we see the problem spreading if you look of these pictures of the entrance to the channel tunnel thousands of people trying to get into the tunnel to get to the united kingdom, very serious for the european union. maria: what should the u.s. the doing? >> we have to insist to turkey to hold the people in the camps, everybody has to do more to provide assistance a shelter for people in the camps and what we should be doing is developing a strategy to eliminate the islamic state because unless you eliminate the problem you are
6:40 am
never going to eliminate the symptom which is what the refugee flows are. maria: great at your insight. ambassador john bolton. apple gears up for another big event tomorrow. what will be the standout product is here, we will talk about apple and what to expect. we continue the conversation on facebook, what do you want to see? what you would like to see on this program. get the latest updates from the setback in a minute.
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maria: one day after andy murray got knocked out of contention that the u.s. open another heavyweight battle is set to begin. cheryl casone has the latest. cheryl: it is going to be a good one. serena williams has to get through her sister venus in the quarter finals tonight to blog a coveted calendar grand slam. if she wins the fort and and she will be the first person since 1988 to win all four opens in a calendar year. tropical storm grace expected to week into a tropical depression in the next few days. this form located hundred miles
6:45 am
off the coast of the cave dirty islands, head winds near 45 miles an hour. finally apple gearing up for a big day tomorrow. the company will likely unveil new products including metadata iphone 6s and i phone 6s plus. will feature something called force touch which lets users do different things based on how hard they press on the screen. the company may announce a new apple tv and even a superus eyes i am at and talking about blogs saying that apple may have a function, i talked to my television. y. a little nervous. >> a lot of buzz around these events. you like apple? >> we do like apple. we like tech. it has been inordinately beaten down all summer. looking forward to the event for one reason and one reason alone. tech does a lot better.
6:46 am
typically said as apples goes the tech sector. if we get positive news out of trouble, and we do a lot better going forward and it was one of our over rate regulations. >> the kind of products people would feel there is real innovation going on or is incremental? >> trying to cannibalize its of can this may be the worst quarter of growth for iphone sales and it is fiscal petted is calendar fourth quarter so it is holidays and were in the analyst community that won't get those i phone number is because we all have 5 phones. needs to update to a success if you have the 6 plus. >> it is about china too. china is a huge part of the apple growth story and the summer of the dislocation in china has impacted tech sales of is not just us. it is how oftens the selling globally. dagen: ipad comes out with a
6:47 am
bigger one potentially. the forced touch, anything to make me do something i shouldn't do with my phone in my pocket. >> why would you call it. >> with is -- may unveil the largest i had never, may i did the mini. again the cannibalization. >> when you talk about a customer base, once it indicates how the emerging markets are in terms of growth for american companies. >> apple's sales have been quite strong but chinese sales as well with the crackdown on luxury items. not sure if an iphone or ipad follows into a luxury item but it has hurt the technology companies. one thing are amate be looking for is i don't annapolis tv but looking for a reason to but any
6:48 am
original content has been talk as well, apple through apple tv introducer original content. what will that do to netflix? they are not that far along they announce a deal. i don't think they have linked any deals. >> there is a report they will develop new content but create divisions within the company to spearhead that. that takes a few years to get up and running. i production studio. dagen: can't pick and choose the best stuff. you want production companies to have programs and bid on it. it is the headache and can be of failure. >> these are issues that will talk about and deals with for the other mature economy but when you look at but emerging-market, apple tv, it is plain that telephone service
6:49 am
they expect to see growth. >> that is the good point. they offer a vast survey of product or service and any expansion they make into new markets or emerging-market will grows on top of what is already double digit growth in a zero growth world. put it in perspective. this is an incredible growth story even though we are pushing against it because they will take catalyzed sales. dagen: a sign of desperation, rose gold might be the barometer to come up with something. maria: finally the reason to take a selfy, winning identity theft. all about a new credit card apps that could be the solution to the getting pass words. we will be right back. stay with us. we live in a world of mobile technology,
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but it is not the device that is mobile, it is you.
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maria: credit card pass off, can't forget your own face, mastercard helping selfys to purchase confirmation. the new apps being tested today. >> mastercard's new apps giving justification to the joy in the selfy raised by snapping up photo. gregory -- federal credit union is the first financial institution in the u.s. to catch this application and 200 employees of the credit union will snap a photos of their faces and use fingerprints to make online payments to test this apps. financial institutions have been attempting to cut down on fraud
6:54 am
in light of all the recent data breaches we have been seeing but this is unbelievable. let me take a selfy. my parents--not one of them. talking about basically what are we talking about and how different do people will without makeup? what if you had some enhancement over the league years, here is the question. the it takes a selfy that second? can you have it that? >> it didn't give a lot of specifics. talking about 200 employees of credit union. and use this apps where you can do facial recognition so pictures on your computer, find pictures of murray and and it will bring up all the pictures i have of you, if i want to make you a birthday album or something and that is how it works but it brings up other
6:55 am
people. i am not sure we will see how trials go. >> i prefer anything in this day and age. dagen: complicated nowadays, little slips of paper on the floor with the collapse pass words written on them because they made it so complicated in terms of the types of digits that you have. something like that is real smart. you dropped your password. >> credit cards, another thing you notice are the chips on your card, credit card companies sending this out by october is that the magnetic strip, getting the ship on the card. maria: thank you, we want to thank our guests, anastasia from jpmorgan, thank you for joining us.
6:56 am
see you later in the program. let's start your day every morning with lauren simonetti, nicole petallides and sandra smith, catch it on fox business, weekdays before "mornings with maria". next hour and exclusive interview with royal dutch shell, talking about falling oil prices and the energy sector. back in that minute. hey, how's the college visit? you remembered. it's good. does it make the short list? you remembered that too. yea, i'm afraid so. knowing our clients personally is what we do. it's okay. this is what we've been planning for. thanks, bye. and with over 13,000 financial advisors, we do it a lot. it's why edward jones is the big company that doesn't act that way.
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maria: stocks starting the week with major gains. welcome back, i'm maria bartiroma. it is tuesday december 8th. dagen mcdowell is with me, keith mccullough and michael blocked from rhino trading partners. top stories markets during up for a big rally this morning awful long weekend with big gains on hopes of more stimulus out of china. we will tell you that. futures ended for in the for the dow jones industrial average, 300 points, 2% higher on the dow, 2% higher aeneas and become a 2% higher and nasdaq.
7:00 am
crossing wires this morning latest reading on small-business optimism barely edging higher last month. maybe that is positive for the federal reserve meeting to rally in futures and stocks looking up but crude oil is falling, oil hovering at $45 a barrel. the option, asia kicking things off with stocks in china rising after several days of vacation, the countervailing plans to introduce a circuit breaker for the markets to prevent panic selling. in japan what we saw selling the nikkei average down 2% and the move erase all the gains for the year for the nikkei average. in europe stocks are rising in early trading, take a look as we see many new and equities as well up 2% on the s&p 500, better than 2% for the cac quarante in paris and german index 2%. leaders in europe figuring out a way to handle the massive wave
7:01 am
of refugees. the largest countries including france, germany, the u.k. promising to accept refugees but is pushing back, the european commission unveiling a plan to resettle refugees as early as tomorrow. back to the u.s. congress getting back to work today after a summer recess. lawmakers returning to washington with two top priorities, first the iran deal and next a possible government shutdown later this month, we have that coming up. on the campaign trail hillary clinton refusing to apologize over a growing e-mail scandal. in an interview with the associated press, she said what i did was a loud and sheet called the controversy a real distraction and noise. has turned her in the polls and that our campaign is looking to recover. new york times reporting clinton has a different side of herself this fall as part of the strategy. the times says clinton will show more tumor and heart. check this can't miss quest, not a bird, not a plane, a meteor in the morning sky.
7:02 am
s of a fireball lighten up social media as it was caught during a the morning commute in bangkok, thailand. volatility in this market, foreign-exchange moving differently against the euro and the yen to dance ten year yields. let's talk about keith at stake. >> look what happened friday, jobs report was a little mellow. looking at follow reaction, the fed is getting ready for comments on the weekend basically outlining williams who had been hawkish going dovish, and comes down. after a narrower risk of volatility, and asset classes, and the week before that. a positive signal and good for the economy.
7:03 am
and the fed to give more cowbell to get the markets back where it wanted. maria: you are not expecting the cow bell to ring this month. >> you can talk about it that this continues to be a well-placed fear that you should fear undeniable the and the fed raises rates into a slow down. the number was the -- that number peaked in february and in a tough spot because of late cycle jobs picture that is slowing and the fed is turning to race into it. no september rate hike, i say the market goes up on that. maria: as it goes up the the end of the day, corporate profits as follows. would you see on the trading desk. >> a lot of pessimism makes the move not surprising. ranges are wyatt and why old, up 2%, 1960 on the s&p futures, up we are ten points from the
7:04 am
bottom of where you are selling in the past couple weeks. can't get through 1970-1990, we are stuck. i see a lot of pessimism where folks a damned if we do, damned if whenever the fed does we are in trouble. if they raise rates they will send the wrong message. if they don't do anything they are not acknowledging the economy or telling something is wrong here. everyone saying we shoot short, when anyone says that i say we have a chance to go wild to the upside which is why we have mornings like today on no news. maria: are you a buyer or seller? >> i am waiting, we go a little higher, selling here like i said past couple weeks rewarded for selling. >> the problem is you basically have if you look it futures and options activity which is a good barometer of the crowd you basically take the position to 150,000 contracts. that is very negative. 30, 40 handles to the upside. this water balloon held under
7:05 am
water and escapes to the upside, that is the right discussion. does the fed scare people by acknowledging economic reality and not raising rates? a lot of people talk about that. dagen: i said this earlier. if you want volatility to come down a federal reserve needs to raise interest rates maybe not in september but by end of year to acknowledge the u.s. economy has not fallen off a cliff. >> doing so is a gamble here because we are in uncharted territory. we have been in this for seven eight years and all of a sudden raise rates. there has to be a clear message that we have to get things back to normal. we won't do anything crazier than this. does it work? dagen: angela merkel getting out of the car with all the other bankers in the world. you have you're doing something completely different, japan doing something completely different, she is more on par.
7:06 am
maria: everyone is doing a different strategy than the u.s.. >> that is that good point. this weekend, just them trying to alleviate the concern, not smith and economic gravity which is the main problem, don't ever forget that but the g 20 meeting they agreed they won't get under the car or get up and down and raise rates or provide more cow bells at the same time. that again when you look at asset class volatility does start in currency finding its way to the commodity markets and equities so there is that dance in volatility and a bare minimum but if you're a catalyst is central planning to do that that is a big problem relatively speaking for the growth trajectory. call me by my nickname by the way. i don't know if you missed that. >> i did not know that. dagen: a little tidbit. where does it come from?
7:07 am
>> hockey nickname. was not that talented but do my job. dagen: the jeopardy champion when he was a kid. >> i play jeopardy lost the did badly. as soon as i got there anderson cooper came over to me and i am in jeopardy the geek. and i was. it was horrible. >> a lot of random stuff on jeopardy. in them. >> use your great skills. >> here is the problem. could lead to a demeaning talking about what the central bank's do. angela merkel needs to get out of the clown car. recall the ecb raise rates in 2011, spain was about to sink in the mediterranean, they made a policy mistake. if everything is interconnected all these policies of the makers conferring with each other doing
7:08 am
what they're doing, we're in a situation where i can make arguments in factors in the economy and doing all right, they should raise rates, 5.1, if they do that they will screw up what europe is doing, and they are at a certain level, looks to raise rates, and find themselves up they do that. >> if the federal reserve does not raise rates on september 17th which is a two day meeting people will view that as such a negative. this economy we thought there was growth and if the fed can't move on interest rates they must be worse. >> the free is the future moving up or down but it is gdp, you won't get that number until december, that will have a one in front of it, i can get you to gdp in the first quarter or the third quarter ended is just the technology reality does not change reality.
7:09 am
maria: gdp for the third quarter? >> we have an upside down scenario to 1.5 in a model, that is the lower and slower than a lot of people baked in. and you can't be raising interest rates and change jobs reports and gdp number. i get that people want to settle confidence, i want to sound confident that i am not feeling the aftereffects of my long weekends but that doesn't change the fact that it is what it is. dagen: i like it when people live to me. tell me you can't say this. doesn't look that bad. some investors want that. acts like everything is fine in the u.s. economy. >> looks at the cover of baron's, 10% from here, you forgot to give me the metal, and% down from where we started. we had 10% write-down. there's an optimism that is self-serving clearly. >> it is tricky, thinking about
7:10 am
gdp, talking about his range, towards the higher end of that. but it is a big but. i cannot live. in august and september global market meltdown coming into effect for hiring decisions, as the decisions. we haven't seen those numbers yet. those numbers are on the ropes. maria: when you see those leveraged players this is what the concern has been in the energy sector if oil prices keep taking the way they are, 2 isn't right now, won't that pushed him into a bank of the? pressure and already fragile employment story? >> anywhere in this 60 the cycle is in motion in the oil and gas market. if you look is that for what is it won't change. you have a catalyst in october that bankers have to redo these guys anyway. i just think mike's point is a good one when you think of the
7:11 am
re-elect 70 in markets which is i stopped hiring in the last two weeks of the month and you won't stop hiring in the face of a rate hike when i see the economy slowing? dagen: after 2008 executives and people making higher decisions are quicker to pull the trigger than they were before 2008. >> ac revenues coming down, earnings coming down and the only way to cut earnings is to get people on the downside. maria: an end of the third quarter going into the end of september, what kind of moves the expect in terms of portfolio managers given what we have seen? let's check oil with phil flynn and the cme in chicago delivering this conversation. you are worried what is price the klein will do for the economy. >> it will do some bad things. we already seen 16 bankruptcys in the shell industry and by the end of the month we expect ten more. there will be a lot more pain in this sector. even friday it when prices went
7:12 am
back to 60 a couple months ago, fourth of july, all of a sudden rate started to come back on line. we saw the biggest drop the rate counts than we had seen in six weeks, they fell 13 last week, believe it or not oil prices right now are down 76 but keep in mind that as from friday's close. action believe they would have been higher if they had a settlement price, brent crude is higher right now. maria: we will be watching. coming up congress back in session and its first order of business is to vote on the iran nuclear deal. we will tell you about it next.
7:13 am
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7:16 am
maria: welcome back. the migrant crisis in europe getting worse as the region's leaders a scrambling to find a solution. cheryl casone with the story and other headlines. cheryl: incredible pictures out of europe, france and britain offering sanctuary to a combined 44,000 migrants. the latest efforts by european leaders to manage the worst migration crisis in seven des kids. the announcement follows a pledge of $6 billion made by germany foster care for migrants entering that country. incredible image is out of washington state, these photos taken by firefighters battling massive wildfires in that region and spreading all over social media today. at least six wildfires burning in california alone. largest one in fresno county has tried 150 square miles and started in july 31st. red carpet alert for all of you. steven colbert hitting the airwaves tonight as the new host
7:17 am
of the late show on cbs. rapper and a pop artist going to be one of the show's first guests and other headliners jeb bush, george clooney and head schedule alert, ceo of tesla, elon musk will be one of the guests. that will be kind of an interesting interview to watch. maria: he has so many business guys as guests, you have george clooney but how about the founder and ceo of uber, a founder in ceo of 10. >> once you get these real business people talking about growth as opposed to the illusion of growth, jeb will talk about 4% growth as far as i can see. maria: when do we get there. >> it will be tough for him. this is the problem with all politicians. if you have somebody who models modern economies accurately asking the right questions they would have a heckuva time answering it.
7:18 am
maria: talking about growth on steven colbert. dagen: jeb bush needs to wear a tutu and clown hat because he needs to do something that makes people go hey. >> he will have fun with drivers a less cars and uber and all the engineers. it will be good for cbs. i have been looking at that. dagen: what does steven colbert look-alike not on his former show? what does a host look like? who is this guy? >> a free market libertarian, what is his leading? maria: we will watch. back here, back in session, shaping up to be the busiest month of the year, first order of business will be the iran nuclear deal, details straight ahead. back in a minute. we live in a pick and choose world.
7:19 am
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choose, choose, choose. but at bedtime? ...why settle for this? enter sleep number...right now all beds on sale! sleepiq technology tells you how well you slept and what adjustments you can make. you like the bed soft. he's more hardcore. so your sleep goes from good to great to wow! only at a sleep number store. don't miss the final days of the biggest sale of the year! with the c2 queen mattress just $599.99. ends sunday! know better sleep with sleep number. really?
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buzz, what's up, man? you left some leaves burning out here. yeah. i just-- there was a-- i had-- i just came in just for a second. come on, man. if it's too hot to touch, it's too hot to leave. you could torch the whole neighborhood. that's a good point there, smo...key. 9 out of 10 wildfires are caused by humans. only you can prevent wildfires. maria: lawmakers return to capitol hill with one top priority, the iran nuclear deal, blake berman in washington with details. >> reporter: looming budget battle in people visit will consume the congressional calendar at the end of this busy month. first cup, the iran nuclear deal with 38 senate democrats publicly on board president obama has enough support to sustain his veto threat and seal the deal. the sales pitches continue on
7:23 am
both sides as congress gets back into town today. today alone to give you a little example here former vice president dick cheney, energy secretary ernie mendes, nancy pelosi, john mccain and harry reid of giving speeches or holding news conferences in d.c. to talk about the deal. tomorrow presidential candidate donald trump and senator ted cruz will hold protests on capitol hill and of course there will be the debate in congress that start this week with the votes to follow. maria: thank you, blake berman in d.c. summer recess over, we will see what happens with thought on the iran deal landed implications. >> i am not plugged into it. maria: you don't care in terms of impact on the oil markets for example. oil is down today, more iranian oil on the market. what does that tell you? dagen: expected to come next year, particularly in other
7:24 am
parts of the world, japan and across europe looking at iran as a new market. they sent foreign ministers to that country but what does that do to the global picture. iran's koppers will be filled with billions and billions of dollars. at the same time it is going to be allowed to develop a nuclear weapon and this puts it off down the road. no such thing as snap back. maria: they are trading investable implications. what do you see in terms of investing around joel oil ? >> this deal gets done dealing with the oil markets supersedes policy. i think the deal gets done. i think it gets under and within a couple years due to bad
7:25 am
behavior and swinging public opinion in the u.s. and abroad. dagen: once you have all these other nations to are friendlier with iran have -- nations and co's you have a major company in italy doing a deal for the power plant in iran. they are stepping up, the deal is not signed. >> things happen, bad behavior after a deal is done. i think everything will fall back into out of place. >> when you look at a macro market you have to rank order it and maybe that is why i am a little news on it. it is negative for supplied but if you look at the paradigm that is risk of oil you need to knock volatility out of oil, we are looking at oil volatility which is incredible, if you had 50 on the vix right now you'd have the s&p futures down 80, not up 40, to get that out of the way high don't think iran is the
7:26 am
catalyst, people are going to be quite nervous until oil retests the lows. maria: swings in the oil market, prices down 50% from last summer, up next, fox business exclusive, the ceo of royal dutch shell with us, as well as what is happening on the other side. can a business have a mind? a subconscious. a knack for predicting the future. reflexes faster than the speed of thought. can a business have a spirit? can a business have a soul? can a business be...alive?
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. . maria: hi good tuesday morning i am maria bartiromo, it is tuesday, september 8th, our stop story this morning futures pointing to a big rally for stock prices today, take a look there are hopes for more stimulus coming out of k china, that is driving the optimism for investors across the world some of them she tried to stay, checked prices a rally in the dow 300 poijts 2% again yofb major afternoons oil the other a way you all abouting off the earlier lows in a moment i will speak with cevidentlio of royal dutch shell ceo ben van buren joins us straight ahead
7:30 am
in europe leaders are trying to figure out a way to handle wave of refugees some largest countries france, germany u.k. promising to accept refugees others pushing back eu to unveil plan to resettle refugees as early as tomorrow, former the secretary hillary clinton not backing down over e-mail scandal in associated press interview is refusing to apologize for using a private server fox news now learning a second review of e-mails found two top secret messages on her server the concern over e-mails has more people looking for vice president joe biden, to throw his hat into the ring. >> >>. >> race of 2016 we will talk about it in the program, the national champions in college football ohio state on the
7:31 am
road beat virginia tech 42-24 last night, some -- former quarterback miller two you touchdowns. >> good morning, good morning it has been a wild ride for the oil market, already, this morning, and really if you look at today's net change should be looking at brent crewed today, brent crude up over a dollar right now, and that is really coming out of europe, with some very strong economic data, very important export numbers record high that gave that market a little bit of hope, also, of course, talk of chinese stimulus could actually add to oil demand we are seeing a major comeback, in brent crewed wti that is going to make it very interesting at a strong stocks strong oil back to you. maria: we will belly watching phil, wide movers in crude oil a balancing deal activity in energy space shell recently clearing a significant hurdle
7:32 am
in 370-billion-dollar takeover of bg group joining us is shell ceo, joining is, ben good to see you thank you so much for joining us i want to get to deals with bg, because a lot of your are competitors said wow 70 billion dollars, got to talk about the size of that deal, and what it does for the company, but overly, oil prices, down, 60%, from their highs, how are you coping as a company with this declining revenue? >> well, that is a very important question, maria, of course, we have no crystal ball to the company prices, so we have to look at two things, first of all, long term fundamentals for long term strategy, but what is happening today, with oil prices today, fourth about affordability of investment program first of all, start in a good place we started off, the oil prices low gearing 12.4%, since then we have been cutting operating costs capital compensates considerably 4 billion dollars
7:33 am
outbacks seven billion dollars capital costs a year of dividends that we have saved in a year's time. >> wow. >> basically -- remaining unchanged so therefore, yes, we are responding vigor, determination to make sure that we can afford our investment program. >> you are having an investor day today, and a lot of the investors in your company and in the space, frankly are talking about oversupply, in the market, and the help of the dividend, are you going to tell them today that dividend is safe? >> yes, i will i have why he do
7:34 am
7:35 am
sense makes the company as i said immediately more resilient in terms of capacity to pay dividend it is creative free tax per share under almost any scenario but more importantly, maria making this company into the best company in the industry, a leader and integrated gas, in deepwater moreover we are going to use this as a spring board for change, makinging shell, a much more focused company, focusing on its area of strength, and therefore more resilient more about predictable emotion profitable company for shell. >> tell us aboutdeep water what are the production priorities are for you. right now, at shell, people are trying to figure out where does growth come from at this company in coming five years. >> if you look at the moment a key priority is in the gulf of mexico, we are a leader in the gulf of mexico, we have lead operator lowest cost when it
7:36 am
comes to to direct operating costs probably have the best, expirati expirationo, he. >> 1.3 barrels since 2009 two projects under construction the appomattox project will breakeven 55 dollars brent, very significant focus still gulf of mexico we want to broaden that, and, of course, we have been looking at this before, the liabout i.r.a. project but making it one fellsweep the leader in that as well brazil deepwater is most about attractive on planet you've got approval on this in china, the world certainly in united states, markets nervous over slowdown the idea that china is buying less and less energy, from he
7:37 am
foreigners what is your take, on the impact, of if chinese slowdown. >> well, he first of all, i think, what you see, is that oil demand is actually growing, a little bit faster than -- at this quarter 1.4 million barrels a day of new demand coming on also from china, but if you look at china, per se, what is what is happening, there, in the equity markets is not translating into the economy we do not subscribe to what is out there you a navy that there will be an economic meltdown in the short term. >> oil is required for a long time. >> not only that, of course, oil energy gas, will be an increasingly important mix, component in the mix in china, and i think china is making a long difficult transition from investment growth economy to more you consuming led economy there was amz going down productivity in that maria if you look at fundamentals we have to stop looking at supply side from fundamentals of the chinese economy much more to the demand the consumer
7:38 am
fundamentals this are strong. >> you think demand as has not slowed that much even though seeing slowdown in growth in china. >> no, i think actually what we see, at an uptick in demand one of the parameters that you have to look at when you want to observe the near term outlook for oil markets snoovk congress backed in session, this week, on iran deal what is your expectation in terms of when iranian oil comes into the market is that a concern adding to global supply. >> well, it is i think, the iranian supply will start to pick up -- let's assume that will be in the course next year, a little bit hard to predict for outside cider, let's talk about a million barrels of new oil coming on, actually the world is going to need that million barrels, that is sort of that is less than one year demand growth on top of it you see strength in supply every year, 3 to 4 million barrels a day of shrinkage in sploi of 60
7:39 am
dollar oil. >> what is your take on this other worry, that even talking about recently as prices go lower the shail players are lefrmdz will go abrupt more acquisitions, and in fact that could mean more job cuts, more pressure on the -- u.s. labor story. >> certainly true, that we see more pressure on that segment the segment, of course, is still you know -- in the main this year could understand to growth but running gradually in my mind out of steam out of ring out of cash as well. so you see producers focusing on sweet spots, as we are, i think there are a little bit ahead of the rest of the pack we structured that portfolio, i believe we have a lot of running room left, but also, we are are quite a bit because it needs to make sense, economically we can make
7:40 am
choices much rather investment dollars he is else there will be pressure. >> how much mark share are you seeing, market share gains are you seeing from solar things like wind, ethiopian just anecdotically i find increasingly when you can use solar you are using it i think market greer the grow overtime volar wind will grow inspect think a larly in the mix absolutely determines in percentage it comes from a low pays looking at renewables like one%, contribution to the mix. >> talking about -- >> looking at energy system will need to double in terms of supply, in order to meet demand, so yes, it will play a role, and probably, 30, 40, 50 years time will be very material role, but at the moment still at the -- >> final comment in terms of message you are going to deliver today to analysts
7:41 am
that. >> very much, i think also, a reputation of messages that we gave out q2 and before we are dealing, with the current environment, with vigor determination, i think the company is very, very strong. continues to be strong, can stand by its long term commitments on dividend and also on the share buyback that we are going to work into 2017 the deal with bg is on track, and continues to make sense, both from a short term financial perspective, from a midterm strategic perspective and from a long term makeover shell perspective. >> certainly as a result of that deal becomes stronger that strength behind the dividend, good to see you thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you. >> we appreciate it ben, joining us ceo at shell, coming up latest on the race to the white house what is hollywood's take on 2016 candidates find out we speak with an architect to
7:42 am
hollywood, we've got retired general anthony vinny on the show we'll be right back. .
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7:45 am
maria: good morning 2012 u.s. open champ knocked out of contention in match last night, a bigger battle on tap
7:46 am
today the latest. cheryl: that is right, good morning serena williams has to get her sister venus u.s. open quarterfinals to pull off a calendar grand slam, if serena wins tournament will be first person since 19878 to win all four opens, in a calendar year, going to be don't miss television, also for you, expected to weaken into a tropical depression that storm located 900 miles off the coast cape verde islands has winds nearly 45 miles per hour, apple, gearing up for a boili big day likely unveil neuroproducts updated iphone 6s and 6s plus to feature focused touch lets useers do different things based on how hard they press the screen, the company may also announce, a new apple tv, maybe a supersized ipad we shall see. thank you, michael big day for
7:47 am
apple a buyer in some of this hype? >> i kind of you know. >> did you just -- >> you just did that -- >> i did, that i never this thing the most overowned stock in human history, in july, and it is just is. if you look at it now. >> why is that bad thing that it is -- >> because they have nothing but market cap to give back, i mean clearly not an expensive stock, clearly everybody knows what the catalysts are a new product they didn't have new products? wouldn't that be a problem, seeing growth rather than baby steps. >> if you look absent classic late cycle bubbles we have seen three year 2000, 200, 2015 the gdp pancakes, so when you look at biggest caps you can find metaphor. >> gantic toir telling stocks i like company don't wear it the reality is it is not about
7:48 am
quarter quarterly i am more pof than keith whatever that was. >> you don't know what that is? >> prompter where telepromp ter where is it. >> don't ask me to explain what are that is. >> i am not going to. >> -- if you haven't heard do it arm everything you know -- >> [laughter] >> one on the way. >> back to apple, though, two weeks ago below par this is a gift if you want to trade to stop long sided if you want to -- you know, add to a position a little bit, but, again, you know for trading ranges here, to me upside catalyst iphone is iphone larger ipad is interesting in that i think it can -- you know, cut into the pc market that is going to be interesting. >> upside could also be the number of apple watches selling if better than expectations, because we had a report out that seems to suggest that it is a run on high side, but that is what you are looking at you are looking at like, the all
7:49 am
little things, comquats. >> amazon 50 dollar tablet. >> good point. >> 50 dollar edsel to me. >> the market is dying something apple is struggling with you come out with a bigger one or smaller one not going to do it. >> i find it interesting looking at mobility versus pc numbers for the longest time seven billion followings on market one billion pc's right there tells you everything you need to know, seven billion voenz versus a billion pvpc's growth is mobility you wonderer if larger ipad it has to take out pc market share. >> frankly, i pull it out little as possible, i am using you know a standard sized ipad keyboard with it. -- use them bigger i will use that more. >> let me see you are saying
7:50 am
apple product dagen big than this. >> new ipad bigger than that. >> saying cooler than this. >> thanks, you know i resent that comment this is very -- >> is that so -- >>. >> looks like pc. so i am not -- >> it is, for -- wall look like commodore 64 guys. >> thank you. >> [laughter] >> yes, that is a thank you i was talking tech in terms of apple, broader technology, what do i need to know if i want to think about investing in broader tech. >> i think you got to find the companys that are not going to miss the quarter a good place to start because come from a very gnarly place we talked about this facebook amazon netflix apple from a quantitative expert all four broken they have to deliver numbers if you look going
7:51 am
forward on back to revenue growth expectations a lot lower next year still so again, big problem stocks. >> top of the hour realtored general antonio zinni weighing in "mornings with maria" we will be right back a full packed show today. so what about that stock? sure thing, right? actually, knowing the kind of risk that you're comfortable with, i'd steer clear. really? really. straight talk. now based on your strategy i do have some other thoughts... multiplied by 13,000 financial advisors it's a big deal. and it's how edward jones makes sense of investing.
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. . . maria: welcome back being to 2016 hollywood traditional more liberal is there a conservative movement growing one architect not afraid to be reign in hollywood and supports donald trump joining us right now actor robert, good to see. >> you good to see. >> you you are a spore of donald. >> yes. >> i am why. >> i have written about it on breitbart i think has authenticity resonates i started writing about him watching acceptance peach pundits saying a joke i said,
7:55 am
i want a leader that has bold colors, red, white and blue. >> so he has bold colors definitely is you have to but does he have the goods. >> he has more. >> knowledge, and in terms of of the leadership that is required, to be dealing with foreign presidents, to be dealing with some serious issues that we've go look at vladimir putin who do you want begins a putin i want guy at the table like donald trump going up against leaders also, i respect newt gingrich. all right. there is no one probably more intellectually in terms of our country, and policy than newt gingrich. he even said about that the -- reed an article about trump mu barack the subtlety of trump's ideology there was that stump that is kind of like to me, you need is to have a vision for the kin inspire the country you will get best leaders the best people around, i believe trump would pick like carl icahn china and japan a general says what is
7:56 am
our issue. >> do we want carl icahn dealing with these countries? i don't, i think the -- gets a little dicey, how do you think about the other side of his -- like do you think he has any insecurity problems that he can handle a real person coming at him as opposed to just talking at people. >> do you think he will look like a leader can empathize? >> you know, again, no one talks about this i think his roots were, he went to the church that norman peel went to -- power positive thinking norman vincent peele doesn't talk about religious thing i know his son a great kid. >> great kids. you know the apple doesn't fall far from the tree you have to say to yourself, and i will give you a story, and i don't know pirm personally at all don't want to do apprentice never wanted to do apprentice i have no skin in the game you know what i am saying what are it was i was in -- palm beach i did a charity event there, singing,
7:57 am
and a kid that worked of hispanic kid worked at laga he said how is donald trump before he run goes unbelievable would he come back to the kitchen and give 100 dollars, to the staff. >> he would give guys quietly nobody would know about that, i mean, you know. >> we will read you on breitbart, are. >> robert davi, a moderate republican in hollywood. robert we'll be right back. we've got trouble in tummy town.
7:58 am
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peptocopter! ♪ when cold cuts give your belly thunder, pink relief is the first responder, so you can be a business boy wonder! ♪ fix stomach trouble fast with pepto. payroll. wall street stocks major gains good morning, everybody. welcome back bartiromo it is tuesday, september 8th with me once again fox business network dagen mcdowell, hedgeye risk management keith mccullough, michael broke from rhino trading patterns your stop story markets gearing up for a huge rally expecting dow jones
8:01 am
industrial average to open up better than 250 points stocks off long weekend with moves to the upside, as hoepz expectations further stimulus from china, travel through trading desks, futures something the markets are going to be hot at the openly take a look not only the dow off 300, today, s&p nasdaq, expected off about -- 2 1/2 to 2%, overall, at this moment. oil prices moving the other way, well off early lows the action in asia kicked things off overnight stocks in china up country to droof a signatory university breaker to prevent selling in japan nikkei down 2% with move this he rayses the gains for the nikkei, in 2015. in europe, we are seeing a firmer situation stocks rallying this morning, in early trade as ft100 a gain 1 havd% cac quarante in paris up 1 and 3/4 dax in germany off better than 2%, also in europe, this morning, leaders
8:02 am
are trying to figure out a way to handle the massive wave of refugees some of the -- largest france germany u.k., you will promising to accept refugees some push back the eu to up avail plan to resettle refugees as early as tomorrow, back to u.s. congress gets back to work, lawmakers returning to washington with two top priorities the iran deal, and aveteraning a possible government shutdown later this month we have got more on all that coming up on the program, on campaign trail, hillary clinton refusing to apologize, over her growing e-mail scandal in interview now with associated press, mrs.: says what i did was allowed the controversies a real distraction hurt her in polls the campaign look to go recover new york fiems reporting clinic show will a new side as part of strategy more humor and heart check out can't miss, not a bird not a
8:03 am
plen a meteor in the morning sky, the fireball blythe up social media as dash cams caught meteor in morning commute in bangkok thailand. about revved up you are watching volatility three things this morning the vix, foreign exchange and 10 year yield volatility why wild swings pg to open up 300 is that sustainable. >> the fed was confusion breeding here bringing contempt so again if you can't get clarity on weather or not the fed is going to raise interest rates next week you are going to have a lot of problems in this marketplace again, i think that you get less volatility when they get clear, whether they get clear and go for rate hike i've been in camp that would be a mistake, but if they get clear say we're not doing september fed williams basically said this morning through the article, again i think that that is a lower volatility signal, within a very high range, so what i mean by that, is is that volatility, is basically 22 is low end of the range the high end 36.
8:04 am
good news that it used to be 45 on high end of that range takes top side volatility, out of the market, again that is you can't invest in a market that is 30 to 40 vix you just can't you become a trader, and if you can't trade well then i know go home line about it talk about why you were wrong -- >> long term investors look at curses as well the dollar this morning give us the action. >> the dollar down euro up a little bit, again if fed were to say we are not going to raise rates in september, what would happen that dollar goes down commodities would go up the way i am long that basically long gold doesn't have as much, oomph if you will, oil market or some highly levined energy stocks reality is that is what market is tryings get federal reserve to do. >> of course the u.s., 10 year yield to 2.11%, get your take on that, and then i want to find out what these markets are telling us. >> a bond yield you know a jobs' report that is rate of change terms again flowing and
8:05 am
flowing and flowing the market basically said okay. i will buy bonds sell stocks, on friday about obviously stock market was down 1 1/2% bonds up that is why you own bonds if you haven't owned bonds two mujz apologies for the being clear -- >> a buyer generally a great trade when yield got up to 2.4, but would you buy them here. >> no -- >> or just general appreciation. >> i like to deal with anything in range new range 10 year 198 to 225, at 2235 apply more at 198 sell bonds how you save the range. >> watching or outliers that dunk august 24 one of the interesting things euro and yen spiked against dollar not what people would have expected, except that for what it showed was pain leaving the market, being felt in the market that it will was a lot of trades where, traders borrowing euro yen to, finance leveraged oil trade stock trade netflix what have you, any asset class as we said, fx
8:06 am
quiet look for volatility going to give a lot of signals about up and down. >> really quickly what is you will not the stocks what facebook apple netflix -- google all stocks that individuals own, again, it is the -- people preaching to them apply what you know, ply what you know i like netflix i am long netflix, so if let that be a lesson to you to own a mutual fund, each of you. >> exactly, you invest you know. >> no. >> no -- >> i mean -- >> on top-down final growth slowing i buy bonds if i know growth accelerating i buy bonds. >> can get you into a lot of trouble. >> problem with that. >> any bubble that is -- neuroscience friend of mine will love this quintessential bubble a stock price keeps going up people tell him story, story stocks, these are the things that you know and
8:07 am
very bubbly at the top. >> we will talk more about that look at market trading up, congress back in session one of the top priorities, being the nuclear vote with iran let's bring are in retired general anthony zin fox business exclusive former command in central demanded honor welcome back. >> let me get your take on way congress votes here, doesn't matter general at this point given the fact we know that, the president has enough support for this deal? >> well, you know, i think the deal will be judging on three things. whether we can tell if iranians are cheating, that is not just inspection verification the other countries in this are willing to reinstate sanctions if they do, and then i think the third thing that is not part of this
8:08 am
agreement but is implied that this will lead to other discussions or dialogue with iranians that will be positive dealing with, those americans that they hold, their support for extremist groups in the regional so i think the judgment will really have to be made down the road a bit, as we see how these things unfold a gamble. >> this is a good point, because you know there was a lot of criticism around the fact that four hostages in iran still there no discussion were whatsoever about asking iran to release those people given we just -- you know, lifting sanctions giving them 150 billion dollars, and totally increases the country prospects. >> yeah, memorabilia ai mean alf iran opens up economy begins to you flourish if people then decide they don't want to see hard-liners step back, on this, if the other nations that are with us are willing to hold the line, if we are
8:09 am
able to detect cheating if they are willing to -- open up a dialogue, on many other issues that we have with them, if they want to enter the community international community respectable nations where gamble is should we do it or should we not that is a tough tall at this point again i think that judgment will be determined by how these things play out you. maria: and we all know general that regardless, the implementation and the ongoing relationship falls to the new u.s. president, that we will see, in a year and 1/2 let me get your take on the most important priorities that person should be watching, when it comes to national security and foreign policy for america. >> well, i know, for -- in terms of my personal beliefs i think the ability to be commander in chief the ability to understand foreign policy is critical. in this day and animaling of globalization interdid
8:10 am
dependency there are no did domestic issues separate from foreign policy if you look at immigration, environment, the economy, they all have aspects of foreign policy, that are critical. to determining them so i want to see an presidential candidate, where they stand on all this i have yet to hear it i have yet to see us get into the debate and discussion and i hope the media would draw this out what policies are where is the substance how do they see us dealing with this very confused world i will not saying candidates have the answers would i will he looking for we've get to really get into that depth of understanding where they stand on these issues. >> in pack one big issue for the markets recently certainly, and for the u.s. economy has been china. and you are seeing a real commitment on part of chinese to insert themselves in terms of market activity, they want to make sure stop panic-selling but this is all efforts, to navigating an
8:11 am
economy of the largest -- that second largest in the world, that is actually slowing, from 11% to 5 or 6% how does our new leader deal with china? >> i think we have to be very careful, i think this has been a shock to china. not only that the economy has slowed, but every attempt to remedy problems has not really worked out. the danger with thor tar i know regimes when they get into situations try to appeal to nationalism creating an external potential enemy we've seen china move military around, aalaskan coast the president was there sort of asserting themselves in pacific this is much the kind of of thing you knee north korea do or you see, other nations authoritarian regimes russia putin appeal to nationalism subscribi
8:12 am
subscribing supposed stlaets i would worry they try to distract from internal problems i think economically are significantly now. >> is china a friend or not? >> i don't think so we should look at it as either a friend or enemy. we have interests obviously, economic and security interests that require us to deal with china. putting nations in categorizing them as friends or enemies, is too black and white. obviously there is an enter dependency that is critical we have places where treasurer clash so it is the ability to manage our relationships with china, and not you know, worry about whether we are putting them in one black and white category or another. >> let me ask you general before you go, on the 2016 race, would you like to see joe biden enter the race? >> yes i would. he has tremendous amount of experience, foreign relations committee was head of it ranking member for a long time many years, in senate, obviously, he had time as vice president. i think it is temperature
8:13 am
monetary character are frankly i think that is the best democrats have. >> all right, we will leave there it general good to have you on the program thanks so much. >> thank you, maria. >> we appreciate your time, sir thank you so much, general anthony zinni. coming up apple gears up for a big event tomorrow we will tell you about it. stay with us. jo citations worse
8:14 am
8:15 am
8:16 am
regional leader scram foshl solutions charlie charlie with the story good morning to you. cheryl: good morning, maria good morning, france and britain now offering sanctuary to 44,000 migrants the latest by european leaders to manage worst migration crisis in seven dedicated. >> a pledge 6.6 billion dollars made by germany to care for migrants entering the country, images out of washington state this morning photos, taken by firefighters, battling massive wildfires in the regional, spreading all
8:17 am
over social media, now the dean, of course, taking pictures, but right now at least 6 wildfires birng in california alone burning in california. >> apple gearing up for a big day tomorrow, the company going to likely new products updated iphone 6s and iphone 6s plus expected to feature something called force touched based on how hard you press the screen, unveiling apple tv maybe a ipad, and potentially, they may debut don't know none is official may be a new miniipad. >> i like idea of a supersized ipad feel like you can watch the tv on it, you can. >> that is. >> i just got iphone 6 plus. >> you know that is what people watch, they do watch tv on these. >> that is the issue 50 dollar tablet a little bit bigger than iphone, why do you need that if you have an iphone.
8:18 am
>> that is amazon's way -- >> that is a good one a great. >> you need apple, everything, man! [laughter] >> apple created a phone, that was much bigger that meets the needs of somebody who previously was -- >> i like apple you know again please stop tweeting me, tweets that i am. >> i got 50. >> on right now why was that better than apple watch. >> this is the most basic of reasons, because the iwatch would go dead while i was sleeping i don't sleep that much again i made to a battery on damn thing it is a watch not that complicated. >> knowing what you got in terms of good z's, versus bad sleep so good, i love that feature. >>. >> we wrapped up 109.27 you think higher. >> i tweeted the range the problem with apple that it is
8:19 am
done going up i think so you can get the 116, 119 i think but setting upping to lower not higher if you want day trade day trade everything a lot of money to be made in this market. >> i don't -- >> so easy. >>, by the way. >> making comments saying the market lacks common sense. [laughter] common common i am not making money come on come on man. like seriously, i had to say it i can't watch -- if you are losing you are wrong? it is common sense you had it -- >> you are saying he is losing he is. >> yeah, it nothinging makes sense we can talk about this maybe another segment. >> -- the conversation. phil, thank you, volatile swings in the oil market mow much is it impacting you and your wallet what you pay at the pump to floor of cme in chicago back in a minute.
8:20 am
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morning making money on stocks this morning, but not on oil, they are sliding, after new data, about china and spoo sflie concerns in chicago cme group. >> good morning, they are -- municipalitying a comeback almost even on the day before they pulled back, we are down a half dollar right now, coming back with strong stock market, if you look at the chinese date even though we saw big drop, in oil, imports from a month ago, year on year still above where we were last month, we are also seeing other commodities come back, look at copper really back, that is showing you that chinese data wasn't as bad as at first look, also because of the possibility of more
8:24 am
stimulus, coming your way, so, right now keep an eye on it back to you. maria: we will do that, gold, silver copper all up this morning, want to get your take keith and michael on energy right now i don't know if i should look at oil in drop off in price of oil number one a really good thing a positive for consumers because they are going to save at the pump going to spend it, or oil prices, are down, and that means earnings in oil xaengz down 306%. >> if you lose your job you are clearly going to have to save a lot at pump to make you the for it that is that is an important bridge. >> 70%, u.s. economy 70% of consumers collapsed in oil. will trickle through. >> the problem that people like the math matters mediian concern consumer makes 50 granz 6% what they spend on gas prices, 25% is their rent. rent is at all-time high, and rocketing higher so again. >> the reason why -- scomheerz have not showed up in numbersures they are broke and/or losing job i think you
8:25 am
are right going on right path, wall street wants to find a narrative bullish that is lower gas prices. >> lower mortgage rates because of the drop in u.s. treasury yields lower rates saving a few years got a down payment living at home with parents, buying a new house, boom you got more money because gasoline prices gone down. >> played out, in terms can have housing very cautious on housing, has to do with disruptions in jobs market part energy part manufacturing, peaked a few years ago we talked about that. >> auto is going great guns, auto business and sales great guns that is core u.s. manufacturing. >> it is fine only one piece of it i think a time bomb considering you know we hear about how loans morjz are getting worse people are starting to make things up again, you know auto going on a while. >> isn't there a being noon being noon being noon effect of plunging commodities.
8:26 am
>>. >> we are not stupidest people don't understand that think are stupidest, leon says something else i am telling you right now, that growth in inflation slowing is negative for the economy negative for captor earnings negative for jobs. >> then tesla calling -- a police body cameras ceo smith next. can a business have a mind? a subconscious. a knack for predicting the future.
8:27 am
reflexes faster than the speed of thought. can a business have a spirit? can a business have a soul? can a business be...alive?
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>> good morning, i'm maria bartiromo. welcome back. it's tuesday, september 8th. still with me this hour, fox business's network's dagen mcdowell and trading partners michael block. and showing a big rally in stock prices today and hopes of more stimulus out of china, and the dow jones industrial average is expected up 250 and s&p stronger by 30 points and i should point out this is off of the best levels of the morningme
8:30 am
morningment-- morning. some of the largest countries, germany, france, u.k., are promising to accept refugees, others are pushing back and europe europeans looking for a plan tomorrow. hillary clinton not backing down off the internet scandal. in an interview with the associated press she refused to apologize for using the server. two top secret messages were classified on the server. and many are looking for vice-president joe biden to throw his hat in the presidential ring. more on the way for the white house coming up in the program. two san antonio high school football players could be facing charges.
8:31 am
take a look as they both hit a referee during a marble falls high school game friday night. police are looking to press charges, criminal charges on the unnamed teams. both have been suspended from the team and the school. oil prices last hour, i sat down with royal dutch/shell van buren, what he said about what happened when iran's oil hit the market. >> it's a little hard to predict for an outsider because we've been out of iran for a long time. what's going to happen, talking about a million barrels of oil coming up? actually the world is going to need that million barrels. that's less than one year dema demand. maria: and today shell is holding an investor day. they're expected to talk about the dividend and stock buyback plans. joining us with more, tom closa, thank you for joining us. >> nice to be here. maria: your assessment of iranian oil coming to market?
8:32 am
>> i think it's going to come on the market when it's most messy, which is after the winter time and immediately they'll be able to put out a million barrels a day of extra oil they've had in storage. not all of it very high quality. after that, it will graduate or sell. it will be hitting the market and might set it back again. that's one of the reasons why if you look at prices and go 40 to $60 is probably reasonable through 2016. dagen: what about gas prices? >> gas prices are going down, they are going down. it's a choppy month this month in september. we're 2.39 down. summer ends september 15 in 49 states and the formula changes and you can use all kinds of cheap hydrocarbons to make gas. and thanksgiving, a lot of people will be bragging i
8:33 am
bought gas 1.89 or whatever. >> what happens september 15th? >> we go from essentially a gluten-free gas in the summertime and use-- >> and twinky gasoline, big mac twinky gasoline. >> it's the summer gasoline, but it's not tough to make the winter gasoline. you can use things like butane which you might social with a lighter or somebody free basing, but it's cheap stuff. maria: wow. that's not-- >> how many gasolines, how many states under $2 on average by the end of the year? >> i think we'll probably see half the country under $2 by the end of the year. and i think almost every state, even california in december, so-- >> what's the impact of oil and gas falling to the extent that it is? >> i think the impact has been registered on losing jobs in the shale business, i don't think it's worse than that. consumers have $60 more to spend a month after that, a
8:34 am
family probably a little more. if you use heating oil, talking spending maybe $1200 less than you did in the previous winters to heat your home in new england. >> you said that the job loss has been factored in already. does that mean that the producers, especially in the u.s., with the million barrels coming from iran? >> well,s they're not necessarily accounting for it. and everything is tied up and they won't see the iranian oil, but it was sloppy shale production. you were giving the vendors, delivering hot dogs for let's say the yankee stadium vendors are shot. cost are coming down 25, 30% a year and shale is breaking at 45, $50. a lot of places they're discovering to get it to $25 and they call it a manufacturing process. >> and that also perpetuates drilling. if the cost curve is going
8:35 am
lower they're going to keep producing. >> they are and they'll concentrate on the pretty good plays, one in texas and north dakota. and some of of the stuff in the rockies, i think our dream of discovering shale in new jersey is-- >> can't they use it to get automatic? >>-- oil? >> we had the ceo from shell and he's basically going to say that the dividend is not in jeopardy and buyback plan is safe. all the job cuts through the sector. the oil companies continue to talk dividends. why is it so sacred when the market turns against you, the market turns against you. and in fact, that's the last thing they'll cut. >> yeah, i think they're the sort of bluest of the blue chips and that's why the dividend is sacred. and like he mentioned, as i would say a little 50-50 is
8:36 am
this demand curve. demand has been going up, 1.3, 11.4 million barrels a day. with everybody rubber necking at china that could change the calculus for that. maria: it could go down? >> it could go down. all of the demand growth is in india and china. you look at india and china they have the possibility of 15 million more vehicles between now and 2020. that's where the growth comes. maria: tom, thanks for being on the show. and violence in missouri boosting demand for police body cameras. we'll talk to the ceo of taser, rick smith, back in a minute. >> hey, welcome back to another tennis channel court report. world number three andy murray is out of the u.s. open.
8:37 am
the 2012 champion went down to kevin anderson in the biggest upset of the tournament so far. the south african took the third to keep himself alive, but anderson closed up the match in the fourth set breaker to reach the quarter finals and a major for the first time in his career. and roger federer is also into the elite 8. the 17-time major champion coming through against american john isner in straight sets. up next is richard gaskay. don't forget the tennis coverage continues tuesday at 8 a.m. eastern.
8:38 am
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my mouth feels super clean. oral-b. know you're getting a superior clean. i'm never going back to a manual brush. >> welcome back. one month after facing what seemed to be media backlash, the dentist to killed cecil the lion intends to go back to work, cheryl. >> walter palmer returned to his dental practice moments ago, here is fresh video we're getting in after spending one month out of the public spotlight and threats and protests. palmer believes he acted legally and is shocked to find out that his hunting party killed one of zimbabwe's treasured animals. and a woman in a car accidents with inches to spare. the woman was outrunning a car and also a falling traffic
8:42 am
light. amazingly, she didn't have a scratch. and well, cucumbers from andeder and williamson's fresh produce part of a nationwide recall after an outbreak of salmonella. the tainted cukes are blamed for cases in many areas. maria: children all over the country are returning to school. we thought we'd give out our own report card and global growth. michael, how do you characterize the different globally economies, let's start with the u.s. >> ring the bell, school is in. we'll look at the jobs number and friday, the mfp is a miss and that's been slowing down, overall a b-plus. we know that labor has been, labor statistics have been getting better and slowed down recently and it's almost like underachiever.
8:43 am
i'm not sure how much further it has to go. wages ticked up. only a b-plus, classic underachiev underachiever, maybe it's a will hunting problem, got everything going for it, but still got in fights in the third grade. maria: you don't see issues with housing? >> the data has gotten better and keeps getting better and multi-year high and permits came in terribly. a horrible sign to me. as we alluded to earlier, i think that some of the energy in manufacturing, and we'll get to manufacturing, are going to be in the housing market. the risk is to the down side where you see the data get softer. i'm not looking for a crash here, but i think that a-minus talk in a few months is going to be a c. maria: you can add on the jobs cut from the energy sector into the manufacturing. and cap x and-- >> yeah, the energy and cap x. i'll go i having--
8:44 am
i'm giving that a d. manufacturing peeked in 2011 and it's wobbling and floating and not doing much. like in energy, a capex that's not going to get better. services, this is a mature part of the cycle. ism manufacturing looking good, now what? i can't get much higher. maria: keith mccollough, your report card. >> if you take a look at what michael showed here and pro sickle that happen at the end of the cycle. high highly-- what i would characterize is the rate of change as well. we can put a grade on something, i think that mike said this, too, i don't care about whether things are good or bad, but where it's going. we have been bullish on housing, for example, the data has been nothing short of fantastic.
8:45 am
when it goes from great to good, you want to get out of the stock. dagen: grade the direction of those four, do it. >> give you back to the top of the list, the top of mike's list. dagen: jobs, housing, manufacturing and services. >> and the u.s. labor market and services, again, they-- that's what you got. it is for back to school like i say to my little kids at home, you get what you get. you don't get upset. we're never going to have an a-plus in this economy. u.s. labor is going from a b-plus to a c and u.s. housing could go from an a to a b. manufacturing, i don't know if it's a c or a d, but it's down right depressionry if feds get down to pricing pressure and u.s. services peak at the end of the cycle. we're 76 months into the u.s. economic expansion. consumption peaks at the end. expansion. the average of the u.s. expansion is 58 months. this is by any order of magnitude, a very long
8:46 am
consumption, you know, consumption economy that has reacted quite positively. >> the way the cycle has been distorted, it's like a taffy pull. 58 months, now 76. heck, it could be 106, we don't know. >> why did manufacturing peak in 2011? well, the fed created a 40-year low in u.s. dollar index. that's when gold peaked and pricing peaked. they get leverage at the peak of money printing so they created a ton of distortion. >> i like you get what you get, you don't get upset. you could learn something from your little ones. >> you should hear some of the one-liners i have. [laughter] >> take a short break. riots and violence in ferguson, missouri a boost in body cameras. ceo rick smith is joining the conversation next.
8:47 am
8:48 am
8:49 am
8:50 am
>> welcome back, 40 minutes after the opening bell. on the floor of the new york stock exchange. it's going to be a winner this morning. nicole: no doubt. the dow is up over 265 points for the future and we have a name that's going to be a winner here. we're watching fitbit in particular. it's only a couple of weeks ago that the research from idc said that apple was within striking distance of fitbit. it has an overweight and targeted dollars and based on their checks they're loving it. this stock is going to soar at the open. keep a keen eye on fitbit ahead of apple day. maria: of course, keith mccollough has his fitbit on all the time. it's not the stock, but it's certainly the product. don't forget to start your day
8:51 am
every day with nicole and lauren simonetti here on the fox business network at 5 a m eastern right before mornings with maria. since the riots in missouri, there is a call for officers to wear body cameras. and announcing all city police officers have wear body cameras by the end of 2016. joining me is taser ceo rick smith who is seeing a bump in business because of this. thanks for joining us. >> thanks, great to be here this morning. maria: how would you characterize the last, i don't know, i want to say year or two in business as this increasing movement toward body cameras take shape? >> well, you know, i started tasering in the garage 20 years ago and i was here with the taser device that exploded, the biggest in law enforcement over ten years ago, but nothing like in the past 12 months with body cameras. it's just gone-- the interest has gone from sort
8:52 am
of tepid to all of a sudden, virtually every police agency saying that they want every officer wearing a camera. maria: what would you be, do you think, the portion of business coming from government for taser. this is obviously an incredibly important segment. how do you break up or break down, rather, the revenue or the market share from law enforcement, versus others? >> you know, we're about 90% law enforcement, and military. maybe a little over 90%, we're very focused. our customers face a lot of challenges in deploying technology and that's, frankly, where we shine. we see a lot of opportunity to build a very big business in the public safety sector, where we are expanding, is a lot of focus internationally. it's not just an american phenomenon. maria: that's a great point. what are you expecting in terms of where the business comes from internationally, putting the u.s. aside for a moment? >> we're seeing a lot of interest out of places like the
8:53 am
united kingdom where the london metropolitan police announced plans of putting 20,000 cameras on every officer, interest in australia, new zealand, pretty much across the globe. maria: i'm looking at a report right now, where a westfield police officer used a taser on one man refused to cooperate and tossed a heroin packet out of his window. give us an indication of the impact of the tasers? what's the impact of getting the tasers. >> i've done it seven times. it causes your muscles to contract uncontrollably. if you look at the actual injury rate, without a taser police use a baton or a fist or some other way to subdue someone and 50 times higher injury rate than a taser. it's much safer, but there's still some risk and controversy how they're used and that's why we're in the camera space. maria: it softens the muscle
8:54 am
and how long are you in that state before getting revitalized. >> it hardens the muscles and puts them into contraction so they're so contracted you have a hard time use you go your own muscles. maria: i see. >> it lasts about five seconds unless the police officer deploys it again, it's very temporary. dagen: in north dakota, it looks like basically the drones will be able to carry weapons, although not deadly weapons. what do you think about a taser drone? do don:. maria: that's a great question. >> a lot of cases that makes sense. and if someone is holed up in the house, and the option to send in officers or a drone with tasers, that makes sense. maria: do we need training in terms of the people using these? i'm looking at a report from the boston herald who says there are state wide, there are 3,300 tasers and nearly 200
8:55 am
police departments had training programs for the weapons. the training programs, how do they work and is that necessary? >> oh, yeah, any police department that's deploying any weapons, whether it's a taser or something else without training would be frankly crazy to do so. so, training is a huge part of rolling these things out to make sure they are used properly. maria: yeah, i think that the taser on a drone to me sounds scary, rick. >> yeah, my neighbor has got one, and tasering the dogs or-- >> your neighbor had a drone not a taser. >> it's crazy for consumer use, but i can imagine for police officer applications where it's really high risk and keeping people out of harm's way. maria: rick, where does the growth come from the next few years at taser? >> we're seeing a growth in the cloud business. everybody talks about cameras, but really where cameras become important, what do you do with
8:56 am
the thousands or millions of videos that come off of them? so our business, and think of it like itunes for cops. apple sells the ipad, the ipod, the iphone, and services are interesting. with we enunable-- enable these agencies to share things without burning cd's. we're bringing the whole police industry on-line and that's a big sector. maria: that's a big story and of course, you've got that data to mine. thanks for joining us this morning. >> thanks, great to be here. maria: we'll see you soon. rick smith is the ceo of taser. we'll be right back. technology empowers us to achieve more.
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it pushes us to go further. special olympics has almost five million athletes in 170 countries. the microsoft cloud allows us to immediately be able to access information, wherever we are. information for an athlete's medical care, or information to track their personal best. with microsoft cloud, we save millions of man hours, and that's time that we can invest in our athletes and changing the world.
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>> all right. real quick, the market opens 250 points higher. are you a buyer or seller, michael? >> i am watching. trade the market we have. maria: keith. >> wait and watch. maria: dagen. dagen: pumpkin spice latte today. maria: thank you for joining
9:00 am
us, keith, great to see you. michael, great to see you. charles payne is in for stuart varney today. going to be a big show on "varney & company." charles all yours. have a great show. >> that's why they brought me in. i'm charles payne in for stuart varney. the long break is over and wall street gets back to work. as a result we've got a big rally coming up. futures have been up as much as 300 points. the question know you, are stocks cheap? and bernie sanders takes a big lead over hillary clinton in new hampshire. 9%. and chants of run, joe, run. and the presidential pen strikes once again, it's a big day for your money. "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪


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