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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  September 8, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm EDT

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we want to take a moment and congratulate our producer. she gave birth to -- if i mess this up. aria kayla young during our show last thursday, a healthy baby girl weighing seven pounds and seven ounces. good night from new york. . lisa: all right. hugs and high fives as i watch hillary's slow and constant explosion, i realized she's like that bad movie on cable that you've seen a million times. you never really like it in the first place and you can't force yourself to watch it again. she's you've got mail or cricks. she'll be fitted for leg chains and prison stripes any day now but until then, her and her team are trying to turn a wooden boring by-product into less a.
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the magic and missing ingredient from hillary's complain? humor. of course. according to new york times the campaign said it should show more humor and heart to endear voters to her. they might change her name to hilarity so here's the knee slapping again. here's hillary telling a joke. >> by the way, you may have seen that i recently launched a snapchat account. [cheering] >> i love it. i love it. those messages disappear all by themselves. lisa: more of that, please. and here's the one guy who thinks that is hilarious. [laughter] . lisa: if she wanted to make a dent, she would subject herself to a comedy central roast. i guarantee you it would be
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better than bieber. now, speaking of millennials, the clumsy one, her hillaryness have scans of young yins sign loyalty pledges promising to vote for mrs. clinton at a event overnight weekend but, you know, the kiddoes were just there hoping to catch a glimpse of this guy. yeah. [laughter] but he's too busy pounding the floor. but don't worry. bill will be back out on the road soon snuff we all remember what happens to politicians who authority the aid of bill clinton on the road to the presidency. >> for the sake of our unity of people and the strength of our democracy, i offer my confession. lisa: that's got to sting. hillary can tell jokes that have milk shooting out of your nose, she can be funny, she can particularly your ribs until the cows come home, she
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can be eddie murphy in 1993, nothing little of that will save her once the server scandal comes to the floor. well, tonight i've got former nfl eric colman, going to join me to discuss the film concussion and the dark side of nfl head trauma, did they bend the nfl when writing the movie? and a fat shaming video goes viral after america's political correct people and a group petitioned to rename the ronald reagan airport. find out who they want to change it to. this will shock you. i'm glad you're here. i'm kennedy . lisa: so hillary's algorithm went to the voters, let's talk to our panel. the daily beast washington bureau chief. handsome as ever and so is mike baker, like a male model contest of smart people.
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and covert of operations and i don't even know what that is, and andy, he with the dreamy blue eyes and the song in his heart, welcome to all. >> hi, there. lisa: i'm not a girthist. [laughter] by any step of imagination, we'll get to that. andy, i want to start with you. how is hillary's candidacy like the "fantastic four"? >> they keep rebooting them and they're always bad. every four years you get a "fantastic four" every four years or eight years you get a hillary campaign and they're bad. this is -- we've reached the level of parody now that there will be efforts. i assume on her schedule it says 2:50 to 3:00 p.m. be spontaneous. lisa: organize spontaneous. >> that's right. why doesn't she try to be
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honest? i'm just throwing it out there. taking a shot in the dark her. lisa: wow that's taking a shot where it counts. >> yeah. i don't think her problem is that americans don't know who she is. lisa: no, they know quite well. >> yeah. that's the problem. lisa: well, here's the thing that's so confusing. her campaign is constantly -- and this is the first time they've done it in making election cycle saying they're going to reintroduce the candidate clinton to the american people. why does she knew more introducing? >> yeah. we're pushing the reset button. so just you know next week when i talk about this i'm going to be really funny but right now i'm going to miss the mark here. but she -- lisa: you can do it. >> she's getting awful advice. if, in fact, this is what's happening, her team as an example, they put out a twitter thing, this week. lisa: yeah. >> and it was a picture of a box. cardboard box, and it was -- basically the theme of it was what's inside hillary's box. that's basically what the theme was.
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it's a thank you box, it was going to send out thank yous but it gave the twitter people an opportunity to guess what's in the box. lisa: that's smart. it's like the bill cosby memes. >> well, who in the campaign doesn't feel empowered to say this is really stupid within don't do this. lisa: yeah. >> they don't have any sense of humor and therefore they're not grounded. lisa: you bring up a good point and i have a feeling this is the kind of campaign that would have a focus group just to figure out how many people dislike focus groups. >> uh-huh. lisa: and donald trump for whatever complaints you have about the guy and i have a lot of policy issues with where he stands right now. the thing that people like about him is that he doesn't seem to have a team of advisors. he doesn't listen to anybody and her problem is she listens to everybody. >> yeah. lisa: what would happen if
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fields and then the college. >> yeah. lisa: what i'm wondering is joe biden and hillary clinton on the same debate sustainable, is these going to start the aggressive campaign against bernie sanders. >> right. lisa: and when he drops the glove and starts attacking her, lasers are going to be shooting out of her eyes, that's what i'm going to be
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paying for. >> you and me are in the same spot of where to go, i think there's a very strong move to get biden in and then very early on to establish a biden war and elizabeth warren ticket. lisa: i'm right there with you. >> sand we recognize be voters out there and i think there will be a lot of donors and others who are happy to toss her, hillary clinton, under a bus, at that moment. lisa: oh, i thought you were going to say something else. >> yeah. well-- lisa: quickly my friend. >> yeah. look, the only thing hillary has ever had going for her is the inevitability. it's her term or whatever. that didn't work out in 2008. i think if biden did decide to run, it's not going to work in 2016. lisa: i don't think so either. if he can get the organization down, if he can implement obama's organization once obama gives his blessing. >> he could win. lisa: good night hillary.
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and coming up i've got more with this luscious panel. and donald trump is right on economics. when you've got on your side. and nfl former player here to talk about the movie concussion. and how that stacks up to real concussions. stay right here at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like mute buttons equal danger. ...that sound good? not being on this phone call sounds good. it's not muted. was that you jason? it was geoffrey! it was jason. it could've been brenda.
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lisa: you want to touch you. in a very sweetful way. and economist new york times colonist krugman. i was trying to give him the benefit of the doubt and make it not sound too german. i don't know why. he wrote this week that donald trump is write about economics, specifically raising taxes on the rich. now is trumpnomics onto something? the panel is back, will ron, and andy baker, i believe you're the only person who actually met ronald reagan. >> this may be true. lisa: congratulations. >> thank you. lisa: so let's discuss. what's wrong with krugman in just general? [laughter] >> i'm going to sidestep that question. go to my talking point. lisa: go ahead.
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>> which is that krugman does get something right here which is that the republican party is incredibly bad at selling the economic platform. they have this belief in washington that social issues that hold back the republican party but what was the last time you heard republican give a convincing argument on the lower tax rates on the wealthy. they sidestep it. they fall back and talk about job creators and punishing job and address all of that and everything but they never make the case. lisa: they speak in empty platitudes. >> they do. and now donald trump is benefiting from that because the economic message low taxes on the wealthy, this is not a message that seems to resonate with americans anymore. lisa: donald trump doesn't want free trade, he wants economic isolation. >> exactly. lisa: no surprise there, given that one part of his platform that krugman might agree with him. but isn't it a libertarians job to vote against the person that krugman likes? >> hello i think it's -- it might be a libertarians job to
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not vote for anything. lisa: i knew you were going to say that. >> but imagine to be the kind of person who reads a krugman person and nods. imagine being that person. let's be clear. he's not saying that trump is right, he's saying that conservatives are wrong, he's just using trump as a way to do that. and he also doesn't get it because what he's saying is it -- the theme of his column is that trump is saying all of these and things his voters don't care. lisa: yeah. >> and krugman puts trumps base with the base of the republican party. i don't think they're the same people, i think it's more tea party-ish, more ideological. trump's base isn't ideological actually, it's more antiestablishment and antirepublican party and democratic party. lisa: yeah. >> but they're not really
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ideological and that's why trump can say things -- basically whatever he wants and they and they just nod and whistle. lisa: they do. they're very good whistlers. they're very loud. >> and you know who else? . lisa: before he switched to vocalizing. >> yeah. lisa: and this was him describing donald trump. they called him a loud mouth racist with not an ounce of passion for people. he's the loud mouth that the gop has a base of. why has krugman had a change of heart. >> i think both of these smart guys are wrong about this. i think i know krugman knows exactly what he's doing, he knows what all the strategists are doing, make it appear as much as possible that trump is the republican guy, he's the republican candidate. so i don't think -- scribing
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too much thought to it. he's trying to just push trump out there as the republican guy. lisa: they think that they want trump to be -- >> absolutely. >> yeah. >> i don't know why that makes us wrong. >> i just wanted to say that. >> maybe you're wrong. >> yeah. lisa: are you of the australian school? >> i'm going to sidestep that because, again. no, i'm completely objective journalist and believes in economics whatsoever. lisa: so you're not wearing under blazer. >> again, i'm going to sidestep that question. my personal life is my business, kennedy, thank you. >> what you want to do in the hills is your business. lisa: totally cool. >> a little yodeling. lisa: and with the panel, a youtubeer gets silenced after fat shaming. why did she get censored? why was her account shut down? and eric cold man is going to
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>> i found a disease that no one has ever seen. repetitive head trauma on the brain. >> the nfl does not want to talk to you. you've gave their biggest bogeyman a name. lisa: you can't handle the truth, that's from concussion, a new drama about football head injuries starring will smith coming out from sony pictures entertainment. the movie catching heat as hacked e-mails from sony that the film has softened the film.
8:23 pm
and eric colman former jets safety so, hi, eric, welcome back. >> thank you. lisa: i love having you go. >> me too. lisa: mostly because of the ucla bruins, we'll get into that in just a bit. so let's talk about that movie. did the studio sell out by altering the script? >> i think they did but at the same time they brought the movie on you. and it's going to raise a lot of awareness and people are going to ask questions concussions. lisa: does it help out players? >> it does. it does. lisa: if they were harder on the nfl, would that be better for the player side of the lawsuit. >> yeah. if they were more real on the nfl, it would be -- people would see, you know, what goes on about the nfl and, you know, claiming to not know about concussions and what they do to you in the long term affects of the game. it's hard on your brain. lisa: do you think that the nfl predator sony to soften a little bit? >> i'm sure they did. you know, nfl is a $9 billion business.
8:24 pm
and for a movie to come out and affect that business, you know, i'm sure they weren't very happy about it and that's why you see sony kind of retracting and going back on, you know, the intensity of the movie. lisa: come on now. i mean it's a good story, don't soften it. and if it makes changes in the league and how players play and how helmets are made and it might have a long-term benefit and support the game long term -- >> yeah. well, i think they're making strides to change the game. obviously a lot of the hits are being made illegal. the helmets are getting bigge. lisa: yeah. >> but, you know, at the same time. lisa: the giant lollipop head. >> yeah. lisa: have you ever gotten a concussion. >> i've gotten three. yeah, they're not fun and thankfully right now my brain is healthy and everything. but, you know, the players are getting bigger, stronger, and faster, so those collisions are going to get harder and more intense. so, you know, it's scary for the youth. that's what i'm scared about. i have a son, and letting him play the game is something
8:25 pm
that i'm going to kind of be at odds with when he gets to that age. lisa: because you've been through it. >> uh-huh because people assume naturally you want your son to play but -- >> it's a great way to make a living but a hard way. i've broken a lot of bones playing the game. the game has been great to me. i love the game, i love the nfl for everything that itments of done for me. but, you know, when it's your kid. lisa: yeah. >> playing, you -- lisa: no, it's very emotional and totally different. absolutely. than when you sacrifice yourself. with the nfl season starting thursday, one season is doing things a little bit differently. the seattle seahawks and their horrible coach pete carol practicing his way of coaching and yoga. so are they steeling from the university of oregon playbook because they've had this policy a little while there. >> yeah. they're steeling a little bit from oregon, and phil jackson and i think it's great. i grew up in the era of most people grew up in the era of football where you're getting
8:26 pm
yelled at, drilled, it's all negativity and you're playing out of fear. but this is a good spin on it. i think the seahawks have reacted well to it, the players love it, i got a chance to speak to dan quinn who was the defensive coordinate of seattle and now the head coach of the falcons, the players love it. lisa: they're excited about not being yelled at. >> exactly. that's a big thing. a coach tell me me where he said coach, you never tell us good job and he said you still have a job. that's how you know. lisa: yeah, it's a tough game. thank you so much. >> thank you. lisa: thank you for being here. and coming up. an elephant never forgets. so ruin a picnic and a teacher comes up with a brilliant way to keep his students awake and alert and lessening the chances of a classroom fire. topical storm is next
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lisa: welcome to the greatest part of the day on the
8:30 pm
greatest day of the year. this is the topical storm, topic number one. it has not been an amazing time in zimbabwe and certainly been a little rough for anyone trying to have a picnic, watch the elephant. he's all you eyeballing me, boy? . lisa: yeah, they got the business end of that trunk. they're lucky they only got the trunk. and they're walking away, like, that one's for cecil, jerk. and they're, like, we're not all dentists. and topic number two. i'm just warning you. this video will make you so angry and then it will make you so happy. here is a donald trump supporter beraiding some fast
8:31 pm
food workers for not speaking english and saying you don't speak english. >> you don't eat, breathe, think. i don't have 15 minutes for you not to know english not to get it right the first time. get it right the first time. get it right the first time, okay? lisa: yeah. that was her walking into a door. that is so -- i get so choked up when i say that. so god all i can say is thank you. and topic number three. it's easy to fall asleep at your desk while you're a student and maybe you're pooped from trying to figure out exactly what triggometry is foreor maybe you're recovering from last night's field party.
8:32 pm
sometimes all those snoozing students weigh on a teacher and then the teacher snaps. like in this video reportedly from the netherlands. >> hello. [screaming] . lisa: oh, my gosh. dutch sounds like such a delve language when it's spewed by an angry person. the teacher gets in any administrative trouble, he should apply to become a dutch fireman for that was a extinguisher obviously, that's where his heart lies. topic number four. burning man is like woodstock. except it's in the desert where hippies and artists assemble and otherworldly commune making it the best possible way to learn how to ride a segue. and here's katy perry learning how to ride the gyro coptic
8:33 pm
magic. ♪ ♪ . lisa: did she chase after it? she put that on her own social media. no one was fussing with her. she was not very impressive but give her a week and i imagine what she'll be up to. >> what a day. what a lovely day. lisa: topic number five. charlie is a dog and ms. owners are trying to prepare their four-legged buddy for the rival of their new baby but as much as dogs like humans, adding a new someone to the household can be stressful and here's what happens when the dog got used to the baby scent. >> that's the baby.
8:34 pm
the baby's going to get home tomorrow. yeah. oh. [laughter] yeah. i don't think charlie's having any of it. he might be allergic to babies. but a dog reacting to a new infant is still a better reaction than a cat reacting to a new dog or remember? . lisa: little varmint never killed anybody. if you have any weird stories you want to see -- too soon? you want to see in the topical tomorrow, tweet me @kennedynation, use #topicalstorm. and following mount mckinley name change, some want to rename ronald reagan airport. find out what the name is. and plus this video for fat shaming. is it just more nonsense?
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♪ . lisa: there you go. big day, why wouldn't we? walter palmer is that minnesota dentist when he had the global backlash at hunting cecil the lion, and the panel is back to discuss all things walter palmer, it's will ron, mike baker, and andy. and let us discuss. >> hold on. lisa: oh, really? >> might be. >> yeah,, you know, i'm going to get a message, and i've got options. sorry i can't talk right now, i'm on my way.
8:39 pm
lisa: if walter palmer hired diligence for his security need, how would you secure his perimeter? >> first of all, with clay pointing toward the enemy. and point toward enemy written on them because they're never quite sure if the educational level is going to meet the requirement. but, yeah, this whole thing was astounding to me that there was this outrage over this lion and there in africa when they would talk to local citizens, they would go what? and we were making it sound like this was the island from born free. maybe i'm dating myself. but how do you do with this? he will deal with social media backlash. lisa: should he bring a gun to work? and. [such thing as an elephant gun? >> yes. it's a massive muske. lisa: i think that's legal in minnesota. >> yes. >> stumped me.
8:40 pm
lisa: have you seen his teeth? >> no. >> they're fantastic. lisa: he's a dentist. my goodness. >> if he survives this, he has to be the best dentist in the world; right? like, if you're going to see the guy that murdered that cat in the jungle. you might have to justify that by saying by saying he's the world's best dentist. lisa: so who was better? arnold palmer or jared fogle? >> i'm with mike. zimbabwe didn't care about this, this is americans trying to enforce our values on the third world which i'm told we're not supposed to do. >> of i'm all in favor with normally. >> the other thing you pointed out he has great teeth, that's not good. that means there are others out there that someone should be going to. that is bad advertising for him. lisa: you can't self inflict those two. that's absolutely right.
8:41 pm
i'm always leery -- is it leery or weary? >> wary. you're wary of something. lisa: of a plastic surgeon that has a great nose. and onto the next, youtube blogger went viral this week after a video quote fat shaming is not a real thing. urging people to eat less. >> fat shaming is not a thing. fat people made that up. that's a race card with a no race. yeah, but i couldn't fit into a store, that's discrimination. no, that means you're too fat and she had stop eating. lisa: she's pretty and skinny. did she go too far or is this a comedy video? >> look, the only thing about this, the main point of this is to give salon writers something to do this week. lisa: but you said you were deeply offended by it?
8:42 pm
>> i am offended by for other reasons. she was going around saying it was satire. it was not satire, stop saying things are satire when they're not. >> or ironic they're not ironic. >> it was hackie comedy. she starts offov saying what are you going to do, fat people? chase me? good one. that's a real original comedy joke will. see they're fat so they can't chase her. that's the joke there. but then youtube had to be stupid and take her page for a while and now it's. lisa: so if you can't make fun of fat people, is it just big toothed dentists? >> yeah. who slaughter animal. and i have a problem with youtube and social media in general is that it's giving the people idea that anybody can be a comedian. lisa: yeah. >> and that's not true. good comedy is hard, hard work and should be left to the professionals i think. and the average citizen who decides they have a youtube channel and they're going to be a blogger, and it's going to be funny. lisa: yeah.
8:43 pm
>> yeah, i'm with andy on this one. lisa: she knows what she's doing. >> yeah. lisa: and, you know, she thinks, she knows it's going to be picked up. >> uh-huh. >> i'm just glad cecil is not around to see this. lisa: because that would be awful. finally someone sensitive. >> are you sizeist, will? >> yeah. this country does not have a shame deficit. we can also use a little bit more shame; right? the reality television culture that we have, donald trump is a front runner for the presidency. we all need to feel a little bit worse about ourself i think if this republic is going to continue. >> you're right about that. >> yeah. merits of the video aside, i'm glad that somebody is trying to make other people feel bad. lisa: so she is fat shaming and maybe that is legitimate and necessary. >> yeah. lisa: and i seriously argue that michelle obama does the same thing. it day in and day out she's asking kids when they through away the crappy sawed dyslunches, president obama
8:44 pm
renamed mount mckinley mount denali to move people to alaska. this has prompted a left wing group to call for the renaming of ronald reagan international airport. how dare you? they want to change it to its original name, george washington airport. andy, what should we name after you? >> nothing. i don't want anything named after me ever. just leave me alone. lisa: what about the when the levy breaks? >> unlike you, kennedy, i don't need an airport named after me to make me happy. >> how about a cigarette. >> exactly. >> i graduate you guys. you found the story i'm leased cared about. lisa: this is my criteria. >> yeah. lisa: if you haven't been somewhere like alaska, you can't have a mountain named after you, and if you've never been on a plane, you can't have an airport named after you. sorry, george washington. sorry. >> yeah. i remember when it was called washington international airport. lisa: yeah.
8:45 pm
>> i like it now called ronald reagan airport. i think that's nice. so i'm kind of, like -- i'm with andy on this one. i just don't care. yeah. about the story. lisa: i care about the story. i love ronald reagan. >> oh, i love ronald reagan. yeah, i love him more than you do. lisa: will is probably -- >> i met him. >> i've got my lufa. >> oh, god. no comment again. my personal life is mine. lisa: as you knodid you know the white house has a turkish prison? >> who doesn't know that at this point? >> so in dc, washington, fun fact. lisa: yeah. >> this is how you know if somebody actually lives in washington because if they live there, they call it national. lisa: uh-huh. >> and if they're a tourist, they call it reagan, so i'm against renaming for that reason. so we can tell who all the cool kids are in washington d.c. >> i'm sorry who are the cool
8:46 pm
kids? >> me. i'm, like, symbolic. i'm indicative of -- >> yeah. >> i rest my case. >> what do the fat people call it. >> oh, i don't know. we don't have them in washington. [laughter] . lisa: are you loser shaming right now? >> sure. or just tourist shaming. lisa: uh-huh. >> that's another group of people who should feel a lot more shame with the fanny packs and the subway traffic. lisa: we go hand and hand and greet some of them in time square. >> this neighborhood is awful this time of year. >> depending how you look at it. >> no. it's impossible to move around. everybody moving so slowly. this is new york. move quicker. >> the more people who see this, the better. lisa: i saw a dead raccoon in the middle of 6th avenue, explain that. >> a dead raccoon? . lisa: no. i just made that pick up thank you so much. >> thank you. lisa: a lovely night had by all. i'll speak for everyone. and coming up aaron's brother built a $100 million clubbing empire. life is good. the story behind their manifestly successful company
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lisa: hi. welcome back. brothers john and jacobs started their business in 1994 with $78 and a used van down by the river and now expanded the life is good clothing line into a $100 million enterprise that sells shirts, hoodies, and optimism. quite a price. they've come out with a new book that details their journey life is good, the book how to live with purposes and enjoy the ride. coauthors and founders of the brand life is good. they're here right here.
8:51 pm
this is how you do it. look at you guys. so why does life is good resonate with people? >> i think because there so much energy out there, so it gives them something positive . lisa: yeah. >> also complex world right now with a lot being thrown at people. lisa: really is. >> yeah. so simple. it's very simple. people get it right away. lisa: are you guys hippies? >> we're modern dayippies. but we're capitalists so figure that one out. lisa: it's like john what's his name that runs whole foods. >> john mackey. lisa: yeah. >> he's a hippie capitalist, yeah. lisa: are you libertarian. >> no. lisa: are you democrats. >> no. lisa: who are you voting for? >> i can't you can answer that question. very difficult right now. >> we were not raised on politics either. it was not discussed much. lisa: what was your life like. >> actually our mom, she's the one who looked around at the
8:52 pm
table and said tell me something good that happened today and that's what we remember the most because the changed the energy in the house and all of us started saying things that were absurd, positive, funny, she set us on our path even though we didn't know it. lisa: so that business network where people learn to make money, what is good about capitalism. >> i think combining everything we talked about in capitalism, the path of capitalism in the digital age where the consumers for the first time have taken control from the sellers of the good. lisa: yeah. >> coauthoring the stories. lisa: yeah. >> so for brands that are doing something good for the world, in our case helping kids, our customers have helped build our business. lisa: yeah. >> i mean -- >> trust me. we're not smart enough to build the business on our own . lisa: what was the first cool thing you bought when you realized your company was good. >> mountain bikes. lisa: good mountain bikes? >> yeah. lisa: nice. they contained shocks and electronic shifting.
8:53 pm
>> after we bought the mountain bikes, weng know what to do. >> he bought a box of beers. . lisa: who is better at marketing? >> more creative artist, and i'm probably more on the business side. but we're both balanced. lisa: did you guys always get along? >> no. we're brothers. so i would say that. lisa: yeah. >> we fight like brothers but at the same time we have a real deep trust, we're best friends, we shared bunk beds as kids, you know? so we have the same vision with this business and the nonprofit side. >> the rest is details. lisa: make people happy, make money all at the same time. now, for someone who has a great idea, this is a hostile business infirmity, how can someone with a great idea turn it into $100 million. >> try. try a prototype, bounce it off
8:54 pm
people, you can spend three or four years on a business plan but our years were five years long in a van down by the river and. >> and the art of floundering and stumbling. but we learned a ton. lisa: and now a big stack of cash. >> and being open to feedback. we heard "no," no matter what, it was the wrong shirt, wrong message, wrong price, whatever. but every time we just took our lumps and said what do we adjust? and that was the advice. >> i would also say, like, we had failing ideas for five years. lisa: yeah. >> and then we finally got something that was good. part of the reason it was good, at us commercially viable but we also loved it. we love this message. lisa: yeah. >> so trying to get behind a business if you're selling food out there, make sure you love the food. lisa: amen. >> it makes it easier to work . lisa: and it makes you more authentic and life is good for you guys. >> we were told to test your
8:55 pm
frisbee skills. [cheering] >> give it up. lisa: all right. well, thank you very much. >> thank you. lisa: back to school indeed. i have back to school tips for paints and kids that's coming up in a moment. stay tuned
8:56 pm
8:57 pm
8:58 pm
. lisa: a little salt and desert. and as far as school, common core, the devil, is moving ground. a majority of states don't have test results back from last year's ridiculous exams
8:59 pm
but try not to take it out on your child's teacher. for a while now, and for a while there, there was a stupid word problem or homework question, i would circle it in red and send it back to school. but it turns out that's not the best approach, although it feels pretty good when your third grader is in tiers at the dinner table at 9:00 at night but instead builds an alliance with the common core with the child's teacher and now the biggest ally against the set of standards. teachers overwhelmingly hate it and try to send a cupcake to school instead. it's fine if you're a teacher. and lastly, it's hard to get excited bodies to sleep. but slumber is so incredibly necessary for all of that common core goodness to sink in. until we have actual school choice, you have to do your best to create an arsenal goodness at home and if you're homeschooling, put on a pot of coffee and let your little ones stay up to watch colbert. why not?
9:00 pm
and follow me on twitter, and e-mail kennedy at thank you. good night. . >> from dusty boxes in the attic. emerge military artifacts handed down across 5 generations. >> writing is unbelievable. >> an heirloom that may be a long lot o lost piece of histor. >> i had never seen one before. >> value is rising with everybody fold. >> a war, a map, a mystery. >> i had a momenttary roller coaster there. >> will it lead to a family's hidden treasure?


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