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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  September 9, 2015 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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about her mother later on. jeb bush unveiled his tax reform plan in an op-ed in today's "wall street journal" bush lays out the details cutting individual and corporate tax breaks and closing corporate loopholes. a great lineup this morning. bill daley joins us from the white house chief of staff. former new york city mayor rudy giuliani but that's an rnc chairman governor haley barbour all on deck this morning. stay with us for all of that. apple to focus on wall street and main street. the technology giant to announce its newest found the debris than product later today. check out the cabinets clip. a british just suffering engine failure before taking off in las vegas. of the 172 passengers, 14 people were injured on the fire. serena williams quest for a grand slam continues. the u.s. open. serena winning and moving on to
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the semi finals. >> thank you for all joining me for my first episode of the late show starring stephen colbert. im me. you are witnessing television history. unlike most history, it's not on the history channel and i'm so excited to be here right now. maria: stephen colbert making his debut and positive reviews and details of the interview with jeb bush in george clooney coming up. the market on fire this morning. yesterday's big move with u.s. stocks coming up with the biggest one-day gain in two weeks with the dow industrials up 309 points yesterday. they snap back rally in wall street igniting a huge rally in japan. the nikkei average soared nearly 8%. 7.7% higher than the nation stock sharply higher in japan.
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and china was a big move of 2% higher on the shanghai composite index. fox business dagen mcdowell and mike hollinger with us for the hour. would you buy into this big move today? >> when fanfare i'm supposed to say no. i love this market. the market is really set up going into the end of the year because of all the stuff we just experienced. and market experience an economic experience going on in the economy. the rebound so much last week and a thousand winds that left mondays ago. dagen dagen: does it drive investors away, how does it change now?
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>> japan in the last five days has had a record amount of short selling. this is 7.7% increase. the hang seng index, maria talked about the shanghai of 2.7%. the shanghai was overshadowed in a major way by the hang seng up 5% which is up 4% the day before. a lot of short covering going on. people are so negative, particularly in china what is going on setting us up for bowling sure. dagen: portfolios are underway. i've been a chat with individual investors going on since the crash in 2008. you have that as a possible upside. where are you going to go? keith macola will shoot me down i'm not one. maria: that is the bottom line.
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where do you go with the world's interest rate is zero. you can't get you anywhere. >> 2.2% in 10 year treasuries in u.s. is overshadowed by apple's dividend and potential dividend growth. it's not a fair play. maria: the fundamental story hasn't changed. what was this awful week and a half ago? >> markets do crazy stuff. we have this perfect storm and lack of liquidity, knowing the machine is doing what they're doing. china has been slowing for two years. for% devaluation is nothing. >> utah about earnings at least for the current quarter. estimates coming down and stocks
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were not cheap. they were overvalued by some people as estimates. >> donald trump and ted cruz teaming up against the nuclear deal with iran. blake burman at the details in washington. reporter: good morning. the capitol building as the backdrop will be deciding today for the every until protests. donald trump will fly into town and headlined the event with ted cruz. trump gave a bit of a preview last night on "the o'reilly factor." >> that deal is a disgrace. it should've never been allowed in how obama got away with it is beyond anybody's comprehension. reporter: hillary clinton will be in d.c. today talking iran. she will defend the deal at a think tank later this morning. congress takes up the debate this week with president obama already have been not been enough votes to block that resolution. disapproving the agreement.
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maria: donald trump and senator cruz not the only 2016 hopefuls. hillary clinton on world news tonight. last night apologizing for use in a private e-mail server during her time as secretary of state also shedding some tears. >> i think about her a lot. i miss her a lot. i don't want to just buy it for me. i can have a perfectly fine life not being president. i will fight for the people like my mother who need somebody in their corner and a leader who cares about them again. that's when i'm going to try to do. maria: unterberg and senior editor molly hemingway. thank you for joining us. your observation on hillary clinton's interview last night. >> she told her she was going to humanize yourself and this is clearly bad attempt. it is something she's been doing for years and has that worked well for her.
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maria: you don't think a softer side will work? >> even as first lady. the problem issue is not addressing the fundamental underlying problem, the people of a hard time trusting her, believing she is a truth teller. maria: she said she was going to be more truth parent and that she was sorry. >> she did use that password because the day prior or two days prior she wasn't going to apologize. here is the problem that now that she wants to appear more human, softer, humorous, people won't believe it because that's not the person they see before us and looks like she's back in. whether it's real or not. >> people on television all the time. you know more about this stuff including viewers themselves. they know who you are. they know who you are. after 25 years, they know who she is.
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maria: that is true. molly, that is the point you were just making. how does this play out? the e-mail server is masking any of the messages she is trying to communicate. >> everyone keeps saying she apologized and i don't think that's true. she didn't even mention the private e-mail server she said. she did mention that she wiped it clean or delete all the evidence and she gave this very clintonian apology. she said nothing was marked confidential or classified. this is such a clintonian defense. no controlling legal authority and that's exactly what we are used to hearing from the end but we don't like to hear. maria: to make a really good point. that is true. she said she was sorry, but no follow-up in terms of why did you wipe it clean. dagen: this campaign doesn't think it's a big deal.
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they don't believe for one second that will hurt her chances of winning the nomination of president v. they don't believe it. but bernie sanders is moving up in the polls. so clearly something is hurting her, even no one dumber craddock voters. joe biden has not declared yet. watch it because that happens to her poll numbers. i've got one in to say. you have a guy on her payroll who's running her server was pleading the fifth and not talking to fbi investigators. she talked about this is not a criminal investigation. if they gave him immunity, look out below. >> i wish you fsf broadly speaking with hillary clinton, donald trump and the rest? >> nobody thought hillary would be this vulnerable. joe biden is a tremendous threat
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and he hasn't even entered the race. everything is in the air and people are trying to express anger and disappointment and that explains a lot about trump success, too. maria: really resonating. thank you. molly hemingway, et cetera editor. is the economy is strong enough to handle it? we will bring you the comments yesterday on air and talk about it. ♪ can a business have a mind? a subconscious. a knack for predicting the future. reflexes faster than the speed of thought.
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can a business have a spirit? can a business have a soul? can a business be...alive?
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on the internet... of things. what we're recommending as your consultants... the new consultants are here. it's not just big data... it's bigger data. we're beta testing the new wearable interface... ♪ xerox believes finding the right solution shouldn't be so much work. by engineering a better way for people, process and technology to work together. work can work better. with xerox. maria: welcome back. big move in markets this morning expecting a pretty good opening.
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features point to a triple digit gain of 186 in the dow jones industrial average. not that better than 50 points. top headlines this morning. cheryl casone without. >> good morning, everyone. the latest development in the crisis in europe. german chancellor angela merkel regulating all members must agree to spare rules on relocatinrelocatin g refugees. the president of the european commission presented a plan to resettle 120,000 additional migrants. a change in the top united airlines. just my sick stepping down for roles as chairman president and ceo effective immediately. the move among federal investigation over dealings at the agency that operates new york area airports. warren buffett weighing in on the rate increase with liz claman yesterday. >> i probably wouldn't. i probably wouldn't, but they've
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done an extremely good job in getting us to this point. they sure did announce that they are going to almost raise them. at some point you can't keep saying it and not do it. i don't think there's any necessity of moving rates a lot. >> this comes with a mixed bag of economic data at the world bank did issue a warning for the feds say they don't want the interest rate raised in this country. i watched the interview with mr. buffett and he took the golly gee whiz, but he did say maybe now is not the right time. maybe it's time to chill out a little bit of wait till december. >> road and comes out and pushes back with christy and the guard at the imf also has been more named. be careful, don't raise rates than what the u.s. is sort of getting traction. what do you think?
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>> on wall street recalled that talking his oath. >> raising rates. that is a problem. let's just say it's not 2008 and at the end of the day if they did it in september the markets might actually rally. maria: that is true. it is not too bad to me. economic data is better and better. even if we are not where we should be at this point in the recovery. dagen: to your points again, it's about credibility that it also will send a signal to the market. if they don't sometime between now and the end of the year, says the economy is in much worse shape than any of you people think. we are confident enough we can hike a quarter of a point in the u.s. economy can withstand it.
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>> i think stanley fischer, bought the people he's smart enough to figure that out and do something about it. maria: you think we see a quarter-point in september next week. >> i would like to see it by december. in large part because of stan fischer. maria: she also asked mr. buzz said, is the u.s. economy brio or inflated economy fed fuel. he's pretty adamant. the economy do see the opening. >> the businesses reflect -- it's not great, but it's okay. maria: at the top of the show you said you would by fox. is that which you would want to do in an an environment where the senator raising rates? >> i own apple. dagen: financials --
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>> all of the above, yes. maria: thank you. oil prices stabilizing after a strong performance in asia overnight. we will have the latest on news in energy. stay with us, we will be right back. technology empowers us to achieve more. it pushes us to go further. special olympics has almost five million athletes in 170 countries. the microsoft cloud allows us to immediately be able to access information, wherever we are. information for an athlete's medical care, or information to track their personal best. with microsoft cloud, we save millions of man hours, and that's time that we can invest in our athletes and changing the world.
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maria: welcome back to oil prices holding steady. just about $45 a barrel. gasoline prices down again overnight. another penny lower. right now to 30 per gallon of regular. phil flynn in chicago. >> good morning, maria. a wild ride yesterday. we are stabilizing with a huge rally in asian stock markets,
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huge rally in japan. it cap prices but we did get it out of the u.k., which did show a little bit of weakness. we also got an important report from the energy information frustration today called the short-term energy outlook. traders focus on not looking for a big drop production. maria: thank you so much. phil flynn in chicago. what is your take on oil right here? >> i see a continual flood of supply as far as the eye can see. i am exxonmobil and i'm looking for any help in not holding that the price of oil. dagen: gasoline i can't wade because bullish on the impact of gasoline prices. you'll see have to stay below $2 by the end of the year. you will find gasoline with a one in the front of it and probably every state.
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>> talking about other than the tax cut effect. dagen: gasoline has been falling and you haven't seen the impact. it takes time to catch a period for people to believe the drop in gasoline this year. >> you are saying you are expecting the supply to continue and you still am exxonmobil. you're not counting the price of oil to move stock in something else. >> i don't trade it. they know how to take advantage. smaller companies going out of business. in the meantime the strong will get stronger, survival of the fittest. great time to take it and it showed the weakness of other people. it is a dividend two to one. 4% yield.
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maria: 4% is 4% is nice and a 0% interest rate. dagen: particularly if you bought it after it's sold. u.k. law into a sense of security that they knew this capital of the decline. >> the oil stocks have taken a hit because of the price of oil. management teams are forced to go out and tell investors we protect the dividend with the ceo. the dividend and the buybacks are safe. >> is that what it was? it is probably then cutting and. in the case of exxonmobil versus shell, it covers its dividends two to one. no other company in the industry does that. shall cannot do that. dagen: i just can't wait. i'm very, very optimistic. they bought what the consumer
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will spend come christmas. even macy's is closing its doors. maria: that is the thing. the consumer has been sitting on cash. i% at this point. you wonder if the booster of gasoline would get some traction. >> stability in the market that actually helps cause prices to go higher. the last couple of weeks cause people to say i would never own the stock market, et cetera. people have to believe there has to be a period of getting used to it is going to stay this low when i had the extra money and i will spend it on christmas presents. maria: that would be nice. imax, hillary starring, trump is not a job is talking taxes. it is all coming out, back in a moment. ♪
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kabul is wednesday, september 9th. with me this hour is dagen mcdowell and mike collins with us this morning, it is 6:30 on the east coast. stocks poised for a big rally this morning as china promises more stimulus and the market continues moving higher across the world. gop presidential candidate jeb bush unveils his tax plan in wall street journal, under the headline my tax overhaul to unleash 4% growth. he is proposing reducing individual taxes to three brackets and lowering the corporate tax rate to 20%. democratic presidential the full hillary clinton of apologizing for her private e-mail server in an interview last night, getting emotional while speaking to abc saying i take responsibility, i am trying to be as transparent
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as i possibly can. clinton posted an apology on facebook saying i know this isn't a complex story. i could have and should have done a better job answering questions earlier. fromes to iphones a big day for apple, the company said to take the stage in san francisco later today to unveil several new product. among them expected to be a new iphone, and revamped apple tea. the rules apply to everybody at the u.s. open. even kim kardashian. she was stopped by a security guard when she tried to bypass a metal detector at the match between serena and venus williams. 2016, former florida governor jeb bush in the wall street journal this morning with the headline my tax overhaul to unleash 4% growth. he appeared on cbs at late show with steven colbert last night. >> imagine if we fix how we tax and regulate, brought people
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together again rather than constantly trying to divide as we could grow the economy faster and have people rising out of poverty and the great middle that defines this country would get a pay raise for the first time in 15 years. maria: joining us is political economy editor and author of popular economics, thanks for joining us. let's talk about the tax plan first in the journal today. what are your thoughts on 4% growth? is that viable at this time and what do you think of his cutting taxes? >> at first glance i like it. taxes are nothing but a price or penalty placed on works of in an ideal world we would lower the penalty to get people to be more productive. my question about the 4% is why is he thinking so small? if apple grew 4% the year it would sell off its shares, so what a lot of companies. economy is just a collection of individuals and companies. let's remove the barrier that is government so we can get much
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more growth than 4%. maria: let's not men 4%. we haven't seen it in many years. it is tough enough. >> i would be delighted with 4%. >> we are looking for ways to remove the barriers. americans can do better than 4% and what we have seen in recent years is the simple truth that republicans and democrats but too many barriers to that and that is why we have had slow-growth. maria: what do you think the secret is to stronger economic growth? what barriers are you mentioning? >> to meet the economic answers are easy. i despise many economists saatchi is going to be difficult, require tough decisions, redos the barrier to production which is taxes, regulations by definition do not work. the dollar is a measure we use
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to trade our production and the purpose of our work is to trade freely. those basics, 4% seems small. maria: we will see about the regulatory environment, that is one of the barriers. dagen: one thing interesting about a tax plan is it looks like he will go after hedge fund managers, and get favorable tax trade which it seems to be taking an approach from what donald trump was talking about although it seems jab was on this idea earlier in the year but always looked like he was following. there is a line in the wall street journal about jab was under fresher to put something together in order to help win the gop nomination. do people care about details and minutia? >> i don't think so. shame on jeb bush, it is not
6:34 am
traditional income, and they are putting capital at risk, only paid of their investments, why would we penalize to provide capital that make it possible for businesses and jobs to be created, jeb bush miss the basic point that this is not ordinary income and high economic growth and shame on him for following someone like trump whose ideas are so inimical to prosperity. maria: doesn't bother you about of low tax of hedge funds and private equity guys? you say it is warranted? >> of course not. why should it bother you, when the most talented people on earth. and capital for businesses of tomorrow that are going -- dagen: just to be clear, to
6:35 am
treat all non investment income, state capital, the capital gains tax on market gains. >> let's hope not. that would be very anti growth. the republicans have chosen to nick donald trump, they have seen a success and the making this concept whereby maybe we got to get tough on china, protectionism's there's daylights out of investors. the equivalent of all-american setting about trying to get their own hair. free trade is what rich countries do. poor countries will themselves off. the fact that people are trying to act like trump is going to scare markets. maria: thanks for your insights. investors and technology enthusiasts gearing up for a big event at apple. we will tell you what to expect from tim quote's big
6:36 am
announcement and continue the conversation and face book. what would you like to see if? let us know at "mornings with maria," what you would like to see on this program and click that like button for the latest updates on the show. we will be right back. stay with us.
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everyone loves the picture i posted of you. at&t reminds you it can wait.
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maria: panic on the runway after british airways flight caught fire in las vegas sending 14 people to the hospital. cheryl casone has the story. cheryl: what happens in vegas doesn't stay in vegas. a boeing 777 operated by british airways severing major engine failure after beginning to take off in vegas yesterday triggering a massive fire and emergency evaluation. thankfully no one was killed in the accident. 14 people are being treated for injuries right now. the ntsb investigating this incident. another story, macy's cutting back its number of stores. the retail giant planning to close 40 stores early next year. that will be announced at a later date. finally apple gearing up for its annual media event likely unveiling several new products
6:41 am
including at the iphone 6 and 6 plus, thes version, packing for such technology which lets users do different things based on how they are pressed on the screen. we also get a sneak peek potential at a super sized i d pad. maria: what can we expect from apple? >> could their biggest event in years. cool features in them. upgraded mega pixel cameras, new technology for selfys which is huge with everyone and we will see news around the apple tv box. maria: is this too soon after the latest upgrade the joy i feel like i just got the iphone 6 and now they want iphone 6 plus. >> this is the apple world.
6:42 am
new product and upgrade the following year. if you want to wait for an iphone 7 look at next year. you love apple. >> i do. a lot of money over the years. it is interesting. this could be interesting today and yet the market is the opposite the last couple years, always had the stock going up, into the event, you bought on a rumor, sold on the news, the stock is down 12% year to date, expectations are very low relative to what you said, in the tank but we could get a positive surprise. maria: how much bigger can these announcements get? is incremental growth? >> we have seen incremental over the years, the apple watch event was huge, that was something completely new but we will see a lot around apple tv today. i don't think it will be the big subscription tv set we have heard about for years.
6:43 am
a lot of stuff around game and answers some new areas, control technology for apple tv so there will be a lot of people talking about that. >> apple is obviously playing catch up with a lot of this tv stuff. they will target new areas together. we could see sheep council games on the apple tv, a big deal will open that apple tv and huge customer base. >> explain how it is supposed to work? i do talk on my television sometimes yelling at it. will let talk back to me. >> the whole idea really was -- one of the issues with apple tv is the issue of search. dagen: roker has an incredible
6:44 am
surge. >> we get a new feature today called universal search which will go across different areas and that will -- dagen: they are playing catch up. dagen: isn't the pad and tablet dead? there is a dying breed. >> i would prefer mature. we could be getting -- dagen: calling you on the phone. >> talk about 12 inches green. geared toward the enterprise a big deal and the business -- and education. >> one of the large new york law firm. >> that makes a lot of sense
6:45 am
because we are going astrologer -- smaller. dagen: you got a $50 tablet now from amazon coming out, doesn't have any bells and whistles at all. >> the whole apple world's, the apple tv, a world where you get cross platform gain and someone is playing on a tablet or apple t v, they don't have the ecosystem, that world and we will see a lot more for that. >> thanks for joining us. coverage and analysis of that last big event, jo lin kent is there all day bringing up the regular broadcasts, coming up as the 2015 school year begins prospective college students of looking at early admissions for next year and the best schools and best deals will be revealed next, back in a minute. what we're recommending as your consultants... the new consultants are here. it's not just big data... it's bigger data. we're beta testing the new wearable interface...
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♪ xerox believes finding the right solution shouldn't be so much work. by engineering a better way for people, process and technology to work together. work can work better. with xerox.
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maria: take a look at the stock market in the u.s. indicating much higher again adding to yesterday's big rally of 163 points on the dow jones industrial average, oil prices lower again down 3-quarters of 1% on light sweet crude. is time for prospective students to start the college search if they plan to apply for a 2016 readmission as bullish u.s. news and world report is out with its 2016 edition of the best college rankings to ease the process. holding number one spot on a list, public schools, princeton, williams and berkeley. joining us now with her take on this is founder and ceo cat cohan. thanks for joining us. what do you do with i b y? >> we are in educational consulting company. we work with students domestically and all over the
6:50 am
world helping isn't gain admission to the schools of their choice. >> gaining admission to schools of choice, not just about your grades, not just about what you are doing in terms of extracurricular. >> we advise students to apply to 10 to 15 schools and the balance list targeting schools, and likely schools that are academic, social and financial which actually plays into college rankings because people get crazy about the rankings but it is important for students to create their own rankings based on what is important to isn't. all these lists have different criteria and methodology. dagen: how much does it cost to apply to 2015 schools? >> it costs a lot and this is something families don't think of early on because you are taking standardized tests, you might be visiting colleges, preparing for standardized tests and also paying the application
6:51 am
fees so is important not just to save for tuition? dagen: any college that is decent lowering the cost? are they lowering the cost of going? it is absurd what it costs particularly like these middle of the road liberal arts colleges, you get out and your burden is $2,000 in debt and you have no job. >> it depends. the most expensive college in the country is harvey medved college, tuition room and board is $60,000 a year. however if they have about highest average salary for their recent grads, over $78,000 a year. important to look at the flip side too. maria: if you are lucky enough to get a job. they are harder to get. >> schools like stanford and harvard have special programs, stanford offers free tuition for
6:52 am
families making $125,000 or less, harvard offers free tuition for families making $65,000 or less, we'd tell students don't just look at the sticker price because colleges -- dagen: no one is thrown off by paying that much for a top-notch school. it is all this though colleges people go to. a lot of liberal arts schools in the northeast for example. and the cost benefit make zero senseless >> students and coming out with an average of $30,000 in student loan debts. but the are of a -- dagen: put the kid through school. >> return on investment still pays off. there was a study by georgetown university's the chose college graduates no matter where they went to college will earn
6:53 am
$1 million more over the course of their lifetime than high school graduates. what is important to look at is the major your coming out with. they will be higher paying than others. >> hard to know what to major in when you are in college and don't know what you are good at or what you love. look at in and you can see higher-paying majors and $3 million differential over the course of your lifetime, two of the most popular majors are stem, science, technology, engineering, mathematics and business and those of a highest paying majors post graduation so it is still worth it. >> as an employer looking for the rights students to work with you, is there something you look at? >> i would go back to pushback with everything dagen mcdowell was talking about, true be educated person who can think on her or his feet, large
6:54 am
background, some people, not all people, trade school as well, but at the end of the day is a truly educated person. i think people have a good instinct, make more money to get college education. >> unemployment rate for college graduates. >> a huge mistake in the education system today the dolphins people have been left behind. dagen: people who ship and go to college, could learn a trade and go to college and are paying 35, $40,000 a year and get out with no dad and end and field, they don't need a college education for. a lot of people in this country have been hoodwinked into thinking they need one. and the brokerage firm, at least you are good at cocktail parties.
6:55 am
>> i will push back, successful proficient. dagen: not because of my degree. >> nothing for you. >> let me ask this, how do you stand out? a lot of stuff going on for college students and hard to stand out. what the lead sized for standing out? >> so many students have the numbers, the test scores and grades to get into the most selective schools, looking at these lists like u.s. news and forbes and business insider. important for students to know themselves well, start thinking about their approach to high school from ninth grade on, on your record, choose a few things you are good at and interested and make an impact. the key word is impact. >> good to have you on the
6:56 am
program. wonderful talking with you this morning, thanks for joining us. we will talk about the hillary e-mails with chief of staff under president obama bill daley joining us, we will discuss market with american investment ceo jonathan thomas. almost 200, you are watching "mornings with maria" on the fox business network.
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maria: good wednesday morning, it is september 9th and here i your top stories. promise of more stimulus from china driving king for stock prices around world futures pointing for a triple digit gains for stocks after major averages rose better than 2% in yesterday's trading session, up 170 on the dow, nasdaq forced to open 50 points. in asia the big stand out of the night japan co. average soaring better than 7%, that is the largest one day move since 2008.
7:00 am
the shanghai composite on the upside overnight rise in better the 2%. 73 points tai hernandez gain tripping into europe as well. major averages about europe higher by 2 to 3%, the isn't he in the u.k. better than none to be an, cac quarante in paris up 2.5% and the dax index in germany up 1-3/4%. hillary clinton apologizing for her private e-mail server in an interview last night. >> should have used two accounts, one for personal, one for work-related e-mail. that was a mistake, i take responsibility and i am trying to be as transparent as i can. maria: she got emotional when talking about her mother. on the republican side jeb bush unveiled the tax reform plan in today's wall street journal laying out the details in an op-ed saying he wants to cut
7:01 am
individual and corporate tax rate and close loopholes. a great line of to breakdown the stories of the day, bill daley is with me, white house chief of staff under president obama. rudy guiliani with us as well and mississippi governor eddie lee barber on set this morning. at a major focus on wall street and main street, technology giant announcing its newest phones and revamped tv product later today. all those details coming. check this can't miss clip. british airways jet catching fire on the runway. the plain suffering engine failure before taking off and las vegas. of the 172 passengers and crew, 14 people were injured. and there is this, serena williams's quest for a grand slam continues, she outlasted her sister last night at the u.s. open. she won after three sets and moved on to the semifinals. >> thank you for joining me for my first episode of the late
7:02 am
show with steven colbert. i and he. you are witnessing television history and like most history it is not on the history channel. i am so excited to be here right now. maria: steven colbert making his debut, getting positive reviews, more of its opening night with details of his interview with jeb bush and george clooney coming up. republican presidential candidate donald trump and ted cruz teaming up to hold a protest against the obama administration's controversial nuclear deal with iran. blake berman with the latest in washington. >> the front west lawn with the capitol building as the backdrop will be the setting for today's iran deal protest gathering, donald trump will fly into town and headline the event with senator ted cruz. from gave a preview last night on the o'reilly factor. >> that deal is a disgrace.
7:03 am
never have been allowed and how obama got away with it is beyond anybody's comprehension. >> hillary clinton will be in d.c. talking iran, defending the deal at a think tank later this morning. as the high-profile pitch continues congress takes up the debate with president obama having walked in enough votes to block a resolution disapproving that agreement. kerrimac we will catch back on the democratic side, clinton getting emotional showing her personal side when talking about her mother last night. >> i miss her a lot, i wish she were here with me and i remember that and don't want it to just before me. i have a fine like not being president. iranian leader who cares about them again. that is what i will try to do. maria: former white house chief
7:04 am
of staff under president obama bill bailey with me now to talk about markets and money, thank you for joining us. what is your take. is this a new strategy by hillary clinton? >> the end of summer, you're getting into serious time, no doubt about it, i know how close hillary was and is to her and how emotional she gets when talking about her mother. a come from middle-class families in illinois. she understands in spite of the fact is she moved beyond that. maria: hearing apologize you wonder if it hurts or helps her because this e-mail scandal is not going away and even though i think her entire group around her is saying play it down, feels like this is a new strategy, apologize, embrace it and it goes away. >> no question people misjudge
7:05 am
five months ago as to the degree, she felt and they felt we did the right thing, followed the rules and the law and as facts come out, the question that it is lingering long. and they fought and will stay around so trying to move on at some point the public will want to know if you want to the president what will you do for me, not so much what may have happened six years ago. maria: this issue is dominating and masking any other messages she is trying to get out. >> that seems to be the case in summers before the actual elections. a lot of craziness going on. you can go back four years ago, herman cain who was 999 on tax reform leading the republicans for three weeks and michele bachman who is gone. the summer is the period where
7:06 am
people latch -- vent themselves about politics but when they get closer to an election a few months from people going in and voting people take this more seriously. and looking at candidates and their positions, not just emotion around them or what may go on in the summer time. maria: what is your sense of joe biden? what impact might he have? >> it is and difficult decision. joy wanted to be president for many years, tried it twice, didn't work out, very good vice president has gone through the most traumatic thing a parent can go through, loss of a child and it is tough, he would like to do it, whether he will or won't i am not sure. is getting very late but he is well known and has a great position to do something. >> and really well like to. let's look at the upside. >> until the day after it they an ounce. >> politics is tough. donald trump, carly fiorina, ben
7:07 am
carson all d.c. outsiders at the top of the polls right now. >> that is because people don't think the system is responding. from very conservative to very liberal look at bernie sanders. democrat, socialist and he is leading. i believe when you get closer it will begin to change. >> what does it take to get people happy again a very angry at the establishment and want to see change how does that play out? >> a lot of anger, a lot of outsiders, people whose and anything to get attention and say the most outlandish without putting facts or real plan behind it to get attention. isil don't think people will vote for somebody who has no idea at the just a lot of noise. maria: you think is the president they are angry with oral of washington? >> there is that sense, a lot of
7:08 am
negativity in the economy globally, politics has become very vicious, nasty. i spent four years under bill clinton in the late 90s, i went through the board. under president obama. and president clinton and president obama, that is very nasty politics, social media, the media itself has become very much more aggressive. the more outlandish or ridiculous you are, the nastier things you say, ted cruz makes a joke about joe biden, really? what is that about? and apologizes but you could tell he wasn't apologizing. maria: no wonder you left. i want to ask about your life and markets because we had such
7:09 am
volatility. before i go there, the gossip circles are saying president obama is leaking everything about hillary. is there hatred between those two? >> no. he was pleased with the job she did as secretary of state and they became close and president clinton helped president obama immensely in 2012. there was a lot of anger, difficulty out of the 2008 election but he asked her to be secretary of state, most important job you could ask someone. they got along very well when i was there and everything i know through her entire tenure as secretary of state. maria: we expect another 200 point rallied the last couple mondays, market opens down 1,000 points and now that you are managing partner you got skin in the game. >> very much so. there is uncertainty with the fed raising rates, how much if
7:10 am
at all, what is going down in china, china's stimulating japan, and the ecb, mario draghi's conduct and at the same time the question of growth in the world economy. is china growing at 7 or 5 or 4 or 3 or 8. what is going to happen with the u.s.? that uncertainty which will continue for quite a while is going to continue to fuel the volatility of a band down markets. maria: would you be buying or selling? >> i would be cautious doing either side. maria: you are on sidelines? >> our fund is very aggressive. we will see this volatility for the next number of months if not longer. maria: good to have you on the show. up next shaping the to get a big day for apple with that technology giant unveiling new devices.
7:11 am
big headlines topping the wall street journal, stories we're covering, ali baba spin off facing irs that act, internet company with strong its request for ruling after it heard the irs will not spin off tax-free. and resistance, admiral michael rogers sang security officials were quick to contain a brief but this sophisticated design of the attack surprised even him. roger goodell considered this enroll change after a federal judge overturned his suspension ruling in the deflategate case. you are watching "mornings with maria," we will be right back. technology empowers us to achieve more.
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maria: joining us for the hour
7:15 am
is keith mccullough, at former chrysler and home depot's ceo bob are delhi and fox business network's dagen mcdowell. all that coming up. in the migrant crisis in europe, looks like things, and -- >> angela merkel reiterating all e.u. members agreed to fair rules on relocating refugees. the presence of the european commission with a plan to resettle 120,000 additional migrants. likely unveiling several new products including an updated iphone 6 and 6 plus. the new iphones packing for such technology with users do different things on the phone based on how hard they press on the screen. >> how big a day is it for apple today? you don't care?
7:16 am
dagen: we care about everything we are covering on the fox business network. is it enough to give the company major forward momentum? no. they need to not screw up at this point. >> these are incremental moves, not major growth expected. i just got this one. >> everyone coming after them. a lot of low yesterday, amazon announced this $50 product right in their face joy it is a different competitive environment. >> you have not lot of growth and we will talk about that, and the federal reserve. apple, you then need to find it. and there is a sweet spot for them, and because of the price point you get a margin.
7:17 am
this is a good long-term debt. they live off of the iphone. >> anthony is excited about the new apple tv. doing the wi-fi and all of the ipad. you really have the one device, those could be interesting opportunities they are announcing. maria: we will go live to the event in the next hour. we will find out what the buzz is around the new product unveiling. jeb bush is taking his father's famous read my lips declaration to new levelland hillary beginning her apology tour. rudy guiliani will join the conversation as we take a break, let's get jeb bush and steven colbert last night, finally won over his mother's support for a white house run. >> your mom said maybe we
7:18 am
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>> jeb bush unveiling his plan to revamp the tax code and wall street journal op-ed, the plan centers on the principle of three lower personal income tax rates and 20% corporate tax rate nationwide. joining me is rudy guiliani joining the conversation. great to see you, thanks for joining us. jeb bush getting more specific about what he would do. >> an improvement over the one we have. i propose the tax plan similar
7:22 am
except i had two rates and no corporate tax and also had the option of filing a one page form if you wanted to take a flat rate. what i wanted to do was transition are economy to a flat rate. i don't think you and do that in one year so the idea was we will start with two rates if you want to fill out the big form, if you can do that but take a flat rate you file 1-page form and pay that tax. ultimate goal being a flat tax which i think would be the best thing. maria: i don't know why this has been so difficult. this is the one subject everybody agrees on, we need to see tax reform. corporate taxes, why can't they just lower corporate taxes? >> you don't need a corporate tax. you are taxing the money anyway, taxing as income, taxing it in
7:23 am
other ways. and the corporate tax reduction if you can have it should be at least 15%, 10%, imagine what that would do in terms of competition. >> one of the highest corporate tax rates in for free world's. >> then you wonder if businesses fleet. maria: and acquire other companies. >> public companies are constructed for the purpose of making a profit for the stockholders. if you don't take advantage of tax laws you are violating fiduciary duties to the stockholders and left-wing liberal thinkers don't understand that. you have to make a profit. >> you and i see the same way many of us on the panel's see, a lot of people don't see it the way we see it so where do you think we can meet with them
7:24 am
somewhere in the middle to get something better than we currently have? >> something like corporate tax rate of 15%. at one point it was 15%. that is where it was. >> the obama administration agrees with that. >> i negotiate tax reduction by going to city council and i say i want $4 billion in tax reduction. new york times would write an editorial about how mean and vicious and horrible it will be for the pork, how unrealistic it was. the reality was it was unrealistic, then i settled for $2 billion. figured it out after six years and then had to negotiate hard. maria: does this resonate, jeb bush, we haven't seen a lot of specifics from candidates in terms of real taxes.
7:25 am
>> direction only we could talk on the fringe, 15 or 20, directionally get the taxes down. we pay as corporations we pay taxes, citizens pay tax on dividends, while we doing that place? i think we will see a tremendous repatriation of corporate taxes go down any we will get the gdp to get jobs back where they need to be. this is a great plan for jeb to come out with this tax plan with specifics. >> you get a pass, that is the question. >> that is the point you were talking about. there has to be common ground. they think the common ground is taxing you pass of aggressively for a minimum wage. every will run with a big national minimum wage mandate and that, does that part of the path scare you? >> my job was to get 1.1 million
7:26 am
people off of welfare, 500,000 with jobs, 100,000 somewhere else. so what i was looking for, entry-level jobs. if you want to change this dependency of economy that obama has created i think food stamps are 2.5 times, a number of people on dependency up dramatically. you need entry-level jobs. if you have a high minimum wage you lose the entry-level jobs. >> because business has got to get. >> under the table. maria: speaking of hillary deal like the softer side? >> i like the side of hillary in the grand jury. i would like to have hillary in the grand jury. maria: answering questions about the e-mail scandal. >> the foundation, the conflict
7:27 am
of interest with ubs, how destroying more e-mails then you turn over isn't destruction of government property or how about the statute that says you can be convicted of a crime if you're grossly negligent in handling sensitive government information. that is a crime. everybody else would go to jail for it. it is a scandals that took the justice department this long to investigate. they should have investigated her three months ago. if it were a republican politician he would be investigated two months ago. maria: we will be right back. can a business have a mind?
7:28 am
a subconscious. a knack for predicting the future. reflexes faster than the speed of thought. can a business have a spirit? can a business have a soul? can a business be...alive?
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maria: good morning, everyone. welcome back wednesday september 9, 7:30 a.m. on east coast, with me this hour hedgeye creal timo keith mccullough sky bridge capital founder antonio scaramucci former home depot chrysler ceo
7:31 am
bob nardelli, dagen mcdowell. >> 7:30 stocks poised for a major rally expecting gain 18 a points on dow jones industrial average more promises of stimulus out of china gop presidential candidate jeb bush unveiling tax plan in a "the wall street journal" op-ed this morning, the former governor, pending oped under my tax overhaul town leash 4% growth, proposing reducing individual taxes to 3 brackets lowering the corporate tax rate to 20%, democratic presidential hopeful hillary clinton apologized for e-mail server in interview last night former secretary of state emotional speaking to abc david mir saying i take responsibility trying to be as transparent is a can, sort of side on ellen, grabbing headlines dancing skills. apple set to take the stage in san francisco, later today unveil several products, among
7:32 am
them, new iphone ipad a revamped apple tv oil prices as it 45 dollars a barrel, gasoline prices falling another penny, 2.38 for gallon of regular, let's go to phil in chicago right now, the latest, on oil, good morning, everybody. . >> good morning, everybody. i don't know if oil prices are not believing the stock market rally because they have been moving in tandem with stocks stocks up, up oil is down so seeing weakness probably a little we may see build in inventory in american petroleum institute report iea is changing tuna on long term supplies saying this market could tighten dramatically in 2015 so much so, by end of the year demand could outstrip supply a change from iea we will keep eye see if market pays attention. >> thank you, markets for big gave of gains joining us ceo
7:33 am
president jonathan, good to have you thanks for joining us. >> good morning, everybody. great to be here. >> your 140 billion dollars under bhath do you do in market that is as volatile as articulate whats are you telling clients these days? >> well, definitely has people focused on the market what is going on, of course, on any given day, the marks moved as much by emotion as underlying fundamental factors, long-term fundamentals definitely drive it we are seeing clients looking for low volatility, products we are looking for stuff that absolutely turns products noncorrelated instruments they can invest? >> is that it we had 1,000 point o sell-off two month's ago hopness two days of gains are we done with the -- >> i really want to talk the key to that is because i think a lot of stuff is fed related i think that the date suggested the fed was probably
7:34 am
going to raise rates markets started correcting then debacle in china markets further corrected now china is not going to impact u.s. economy as much as the fear the original fear now a question question whether or not fed is going to raise rates my guess probably would be the i don't know what you -- >> saying for a year and one half. >> main problem here is you know, thomas's point what they should do versus what they could do is biggest risk you can't tell look at two year bond yields back, for the 6th time in six months two year yield short end of the curve, testing like the same breakout point the world bank is begging the fed not to do it. so again i still think that many people at home are sitting there worried that the fed raises rates into a slowdown they should not, but if they do at this point, futures yesterday he collapsed that means the market i gos saying we're boating you are not doing it fed typically doesn't go against that, so again a developing risk with a what she should versus what they could do. >> i think the market is
7:35 am
reacting the question whether should so are should not raise rates we can debate that if you want to the data to me suggests a quarter point raise, is not going to impact the markets mick said earlier probably you causes market at a rally we can debate the point is fed has to start normalizing some point, they probably would be the be right now, market reflecting the that markets trade higher in -- >> john to be perfectly honest where are you on this subject, do you hear -- sort of a questions from clients of federal reserve meeting next week? >> we do, i mean what the fed funds forwards imply only 28% chance they will be raised in september. 40% in toeshgs 59% december, in fact, that being said you take a longer view on thing, i don't think you know 3, 4 years from now going to matter all that much. whether we raise rates in september october, or november. i think a what matters is after that first move, how fast are they going up from there. in all this conversation, around raising rates there is
7:36 am
implication once they start going to keep moving i don't think that is necessarily in true. maria: right. >>. dagen: jonathan be specific what are your investors doing with their money talk about outflows out of equity funds if that is happening, inflows into fixed income within fixed in being where is money going does money look stable or does it look shaky? >> what -- for our firm we are in positive net inflows two types of products garth assets one, known in industry as target day funds the sort of funds that are for long-term investors you put money in professionally managed with glide path to manage risk longer periods of time risk profile of changes as you approach your target at a, and then the other sort of product we see is a lot of alternative american -- market rail value
7:37 am
product uses a paring strategy to reduce volatility are you going to get risk-free play it 34rus 00 to 4 hundreds about a base points, volatility -- looking for that -- >> volatility, in august? >> i'm sorry with an more time. dagen: did it reduce volatility in august? >> absolutely, in fact, year to date the funds up like 4 1/2% and through pairing strategy, it is a relative value arbitrage strategy, each and every day, it actually provides positive asset returns. >> he how do you get let's argue for argument's sake ever glabl macroindicator indicating ittail wagging the dog isn't rate hikes it is world growth curve is slowing how do you start to walk clients down that path instead of per poetual fear of a rate hike in slowdown are you talking to people how growth could be a lot slower, sub1% type gdp in u.s. sub2% globally that is the fear yet?
7:38 am
>> yeah i think people and i know global concern out there, obviously china weighs heavily on everybody's mind we kind of see a two to three percent growth rate if you are going to pick onetail to focus on i think the tail of a large break to the upside is probably more likely than a break to the downside at this point. china you know, i was just over there, china fascinating talk a lot about the economy markets, but the people in china, actually talking about the government, can the government keep it going, and the collapse that you saw in if chinese market recently, had more to do with people's confidence in the government ability to control markets than it did about market ices, in recently with all the talk about forceful stimulus that confidence is rebilled that is buoying markets around the world. >> good to have you on show thanks so much. >> thanks, maria. >> see you soon sthaun to be perfectly honest thomas
7:39 am
american century joining us i think we are focused on chinese government as well. >> to be clear, the tail risk is actually name right what do you say tail could break out 2 to 3% gdp every economist on planet thinks that 76 months into economic k expansion never happened average expansion 58 months tail risk to downside towards 1% not towards 3. >> i was with one of the marriage banks yesterday did a paper that china is not going to did he rail u.s. market, with what you guys are you saying, but they are talking about 15% adjournment to your point, and i asked same thing when do you tell clients the trees do have a top when you start walking them down but all the major banks are still saying very bullish saying stay in equities you are going to be okay. i think -- it is. >> in the business of marketing equities i am shocked they had that point of view. >> right. >> dean how slow things could get world bank as you say today, pushing the federal reserve not to raise next week, the imf as well, coming
7:40 am
up will they or won't they investors working on if fur will in fact raise interest rates this month next week warren buffett offers vice that is next back in a minute. we live in a world of mobile technology,
7:41 am
but it is not the device that is mobile, it is you.
7:42 am
7:43 am
7:44 am
a panic on runway british airways caught fire in las vegas yesterday. >> that is right take a look at this video. a boeing 777 operated by british airways major engine failure beginning to take off in las vegas yesterday, a massive fire and emergency evacuation, of the entire plane no one was killed in the accident, 14 people though are being treated today, for serious injuries. the ntsb is investigating. this incident. >> queen elizabeth ii reaching a milestone becoming the longest reigning monarch in britain history passed queen victoria great, great grandmother on throne 63 years seven months, warren buffett weighing in on a looming rate increase in interview with liz clayman yesterday. >> i probably wouldn't i probably wouldn't, but -- i
7:45 am
think the fed has done an extremely good job, and getting this to this point, and short announcing going to almost raise at some point can't keep saying that not do it in terms of credibility may have the raise i don't thi thinkneath raising rates a lot. >> we are talking about interest rates meeting next week -- keith mccullough. >> i have to say something i wrote thesis in college mr. buffett tended are you shocked he loves federal reserve, federal reserve is fantastic for asset he loved it absolutely as i said if you look forward what is going to happen i think that the narrative dialogue is going to change from rate hike rate hike to how bad is growth ab cycle again we have economic cycles you don't have to be a jeans to look at them they slow, unless you believe
7:46 am
central planners can bend in smooth gravity you will see a slowdown more material -- >> chinese traditional planni-- central planning you bought do not expect fur do not think fed should raise interest rates you are looking at a dire situation when you look pat broader backdrop you think things are healing this is scary sort of scenario you lay out the world bank saying federal reserve don't ray of rates things are not ready for a rate increase how bad do you think economic times will good real time. >> look as bad as markets turn on computer a commodore 64 understand at this point global markets are selling off, again, on the growth component, and my call this year growth will continue to slow very simple i am not bullish on s&p 500 not ones of those evaluation experts going to tell you buy on way down when growth starts slowing you will see bullish like '09, end of 2012 not personal it is
7:47 am
about being being right. >> is that why markets rallying they think economy slow fed not moving. >> same side, i should probably be on other side i don't see it that way i will make a prediction that the next president who ever he or she may be, is going off to a terrific investment about cycle to be part of because, you have so much pentup r and d spending maybe bob can address this trillions of dollars on s&p 500 balance sheet i think going tendon leash growth people never thought of before. >> think about that. >> so many companies -- >> 1700 on s&p i will be as bullish as your granddaddy on that front. >> you are investor in companies do you see the economy getting better or worse. >> i want to pick up on last comment if you guys know this if you look forward to 2016, 17, there is a ton of debt that is going to be coming due, right, because of you know warren's comment cheap money available big capital investments, right so that is one thing, to keep an eye on how are they -- i do think
7:48 am
growth is slowing, you know, i grew up in was trained look at world the way it is not the way you want it to be. i don't -- i agree yellen has done a are a great job i don't think they are going to raise they can't raise in december holiday period, you've got gdp coming up you mention, so i would be very cautious, i am very cautious, and listen very clearly to what the people are touth in equity markets. >> i don't think -- i don't think it is wrong to think that we have opponentup demand clearly bush and obama, like -- you know nixon carter same thing you can't tell the difference examine economically fiscal or monetary wise between a a republican and dmabt i think it will be pepetated you have to have failure in growth people not deliver on exception central planning is catalyst you have a huge opportunity -- >> means of crisis because
7:49 am
will scare be jesus out of investors. >> 4% growth jeb bush talking about. >> it could be after. >> after -- 4% growth. >> take a different administration. >> op-ed could jeb bush -- >> this comes from the same institute that george had again you get the thing, you say, say 4% on top of the debt problem, the demographic curve aging of the american society core spending cohort of the economy biggest spending cohort of the world history the baby boom generation is going to be older fastest rate between now and year 2018, almost mathematically impossible to get that to stand up o he -- >> millenials you cannot underestimate -- >> the millenials don't kick into life critical selling until 2020. >> government spending has been 20% of the gdp, it is 27% right now. the government is constraining growth at incontrovertiblies even president clinton will
7:50 am
tell that you. >> we have got to talk more about this important topic first you like speed? >> my car is -- >> you wondered what is fastest car show floor is, the win the immediate for speed coming up, back in a minute. ♪ ♪ baby, you can drive my car, to be a star, baby you can drive my car, cause baby i love you ♪ ♪ ♪
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7:53 am
. maria: welcome back it is that time of the year each year magazine pits hundreds of cars gains each other in search of the fastest car the chaef li corvette zo6, 650
7:54 am
horsepower version of the corvette, joining us he htell u what the car is. >> well lightning, the annual test running it for nine years so far we take the 20 or 25 hottest cars of the year, down virginia race of race kay fastest car wins. >> chevy corvette the real the chevy corvette by comparison to other cars, is pretty inexpensive. >> top five were the top four, leading up to corvette expensive, so, you know you have 140,000 dollar mercedes gpitchf new sports car posha 911 gp-3 a monster about 160,000 dollars, then you get into a supercar lamborghini,
7:55 am
600 horsepower the mcclaren 650, around 300,000 dollars, but the winner this year was relatively speaking affordable at 100,000 dollars, chevy corvette. >> get us just to make totally fair did you have the same driver in each car? >> ah good question. >> we -- very good question, we have a rotating crew, of for you driver editors check each other's time so no cheating. >> you didn't have favorite, as in car guys driving track. >> made it really interesting. >> no. >> let's get to know yea stuaste -- tony stuart out there what happened to 00 horsepower compared to chevy 600 how did do it. >> hell cat we did not have one wasn't available us to going to test that next year.
7:56 am
>> all right. >> i think we would have a new winner maria. >> thank you very much for joining us, appreciate it, eddy atman joining us, bob nardelli great having you on program car business very well. >> one bright spot in our country this year, about 17 million units back to 2008 level, we will see you soon. is almost as exciting as the thrill of the find. (announcer) at scottrade, we share your passion for trading. that's why we rebuilt scottrade elite from the ground up - including a proprietary momentum indicator that makes researching sectors and industries even easier. because at scottrade, our passion is to power yours.
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7:59 am
. maria: good wednesday morning welcome back i'm maria bartiromo weekend september 98:00 a.m. on east coast with me hedge. cheryl: risk management ceo keith mccullough fox news krrth michael crowley sky bridge cal founder anthony scaramucci promise of stimulus from china driving begins a across the board around the world a big open on the upside futures, indicating another triple digit gain for dow jones industrial average in an hour and half, asia japan major standout nikkei up better than 7%, almost 8%, that is the largest one day gain, stock in japan since
8:00 am
2008, in china, similar shanghai up more than 2% on section 2 and quarter percent higher gains also carrying on into europe this morning, all the major averages in europe ft 100 cac quarante in paris dax index in germany up between 1 1/2 and 2 1/2% to rave for when did you say he former the secretary hillary clinton apologizing for private e-mail server in interview last night getting emotional when talking about her mother on the republican side jeb bush on veils his tax reform plan today in op-ed in adjourn in "the wall street journal" bush laying out details, saying that he wants to cut individual and corporatrates, and close loopholes, apple big focus on street wall street and main street giant set to announce newest phones revamped tv product later today we will have live reports from california shortly, on the apple conference, serena williams quest forecalendar grand! continues what a matterch last night out lasted her sister
8:01 am
venus u.s. open serena williams three sets moves on to semi finals. . >> thank you for all joining me, for my first episode of "the late show" with starring steven cooling belbert, i am he most history it is not on the history channel, so excited to be here right now -- >> that about, of course, stephen colbert making debut as host of "the late show" getting mostly positive reviews more on his opening night, details of his interview with jeb bush, and george clooney coming up in the program, first though back from 201 campaign are numerous candidates making waves, discussing america's tax rates with many of them focused on hedge fund managers, billionaire investor responding yesterday, when he spoke to their saying hedge funded managers may be an easy target. >> where you come out on carried interest is it fair that hedge fund managers pay
8:02 am
less -- >> we don't get a lot of benefit from carrying interest if conclusion is that is not good for america it is not going to incentive not right incentives we should solve that problem it should not be leveled against maybe hedge fund managers are easy target case a relatively small number of people. >> spotlight after herbal life released an attack ad targeting the investor accusing him enriching himself through papers leagues to massive layoffs. >> one year 12, 40,000 jobs at jc penney destroyed ackman was able to walk away with billions, left in his pocket for the thousands of employees drowning at jc penny's layoffs kept coming. ch. >> fox news senior correspondent charlie gasparino broke the story here with us. >> video attack ads. >> charlie. >> i hate hedge funds except
8:03 am
for this guy here. >> you love me too. >> that is right. >> two friends here. >> you are a researcher. >> well, go on fox you can get the video the video is interesting piece of propaganda basically tying all these job losses at jc penney, and -- what was other one, southern pacific railroad, tying job losses at those companies to his corporate activism what i find interesting about this it is very political, herbal life fighting back ackman says they are a fraud should be shut down, coming back at him, first came out with a video that said hey, he is the -- and wrong about us, at the talked about jc penney a huge misstep on his part now saying, not only is he wrong, when he is wrong, he causes massive job losses, it is reminded me of some of the attack ads on mitt romney, by -- obama -- >> a fascinating document on
8:04 am, if you want to see, you want to see it on their they have a web site called real bill ackman. >> money. >> i just had is in a what an image are they right charlie that those jobs -- >> ebb technically right sometimes companies have to -- you know, there are times job losses happen because companies are bloated but no doubt that when he did not pull corporate activism at jc penney demanded higher margins led to job losses. >> what you really, bill ackman is wrong a lot, that it happened with boards group took it to -- are. >> this happened multiple times he doesn't like being wrong, i can assure you i walked in his office, at 42 dollars a share with a deck said short jc penney i got fired for it this guy has financial incentive never forget that we know that. >> right a lot gets wrong at the end of economic cycle this year down again, the markets rolling over he doesn't --
8:05 am
>> tends to not make money in a down -- >> he made a lot of money on -- down particulate, market amazing, amazing short. >> extraordinary story one company upset he is betting against them so out there, about herbal life views on stuff it creates market val destruction they hit back all implications -- extraordinary story. >> i think covering short selling a long time companies hate it when these activists say you know company is a fraud should be -- stock should be cut in half, bill ackman took it to another level he really. >> he did. >> his whole idea was not just herbalife should not trade 50 a share it should trade at zero put out of business company fighting back. >> you have to. >> a guy name alan hoffman runs corporate communications, was joe biden chief of staff. >> the guy runs herb lyle joe
8:06 am
biden chief of staff. >> behind some of this. >> ad makes this so important, i think you are seeing a seminal moment in the world of finance now maria to your point they are going to start hitting back and politicians hit back to slickly produce ads viral on social media, so a now, every advertisement, every ceo, every shareholder now has to be -- >> herbalife, current attack will be a hazard case study. >> this is you know what else a seminole moment jeb bush on brand x. >> his -- a seminole moment proof positive. >> went on cnbc. >> brand x. >> positive. >> that bush is going to lose here is why not just because issue associating himself with those guys going to lose because he is having problems raising money, and you don't go on cnbc. >> unless you want to talk to trading desk. >> he is having problems, jeb
8:07 am
bush campaign is dead in the water. >> maria who said on this program. >> you did monica months ago you said jeb bush is out. >> -- >> out now. >> because still has a lot of money. >> has a lot of money. >> not going forward. >> no hard -- if he didn't need money, he would not be on that whatever over there. >> leon cooperman didn't need a stock market to go up he would have been on yesterday. >> whatever, i mean -- you were talking about his performance, the whole show yesterday when you saw him, because he was -- like spewing out all advice, but you are saying. >> just thinking smack of like a lack of accountability, if you get your rare end landed to you in this game you better man up talk about it for real don't play -- i. >> have i don't want to cnbc probably only person -- >> his guys not doing so as much better either. >> what is the. >> walker going to turn into -- >> i have to see what happens. >> i interviewed scott walker
8:08 am
last night i mean he is out this campaigning on -- harley you are right. >> look at indications -- >> are you having an easy time raising money for him. >> who is having easey time raising money a reason. >> i am telling you we are raising money we are going to get to -- >> because of donald trump some other -- jeb is -- >> raising money betting gains me. >> no, i am saying i will bet against -- trump has a lot of ads about jeb is really there is no way he would be on cnbc right now. no way. >> i agree with charlie. >> i agree. >> monica, why did you believe that jeb bush was out when you said it on this program. >> no passion no energy no enthusiasm, that is for the not just race but job especially in this field he may have written this kind of thing out in previous fields where you are surrounded by sort of b list this field
8:09 am
dynamic talented when he said i am tortoise he may win the race but not this time around because he is surrounded by -- not going to -- you know what -- >>, by the way, mob wants a president -- >> he was going to lose when he came out announced his candidacy lousy effectsman folk singers horrible borrowing boring, you contrast to how trump came out. >> escalator. >>, by the way. >> the visage trump versus jeb. >> jeb bush with money jeb bush still running. >> has about establishment -- critical. >> point well taken. >> i bet he is having a hard time raising enough money. >> charlie good to see you thank you so much apple consumers investors gearing up
8:10 am
for inventory reports say company ready to unvia new products and services, jo ling kent in san fran with details early hour of what is it 5:00 a.m. for you right now good morning to you. >> good morning, maria it is indeed 5:00 a.m. just a few hours, apple will finally report, what will be a set of new products, and we are expecting there to be a lot of pressure on apple going into this new holiday shopping season, every year they reveal new products for the first time major challenges especially in economy iphone we expect a new iphone 6s, 6 splus potentially in a rose bowl color iphone will as if he new headwinds out of china with slowing economy there, we do expect a potentially bigger nicer new camera, of course, we are expecting new apple watch bands will it look ditch will they be able to up those sales for the season plus a refresh apple tv we haven't
8:11 am
seen will they change civil war perhaps new app store clig gaming other products throughout that we have to bring to you, this morning, at 10 a.m. pacific, also waiting for ipad that is not likely to be unveiled today but really you have to take a look at the stock, over the last few days, actually decreased instead of increase headed of one iphone events pressure is on. >> that is the a good point, usually stock is rallying ahead of these we will watch you all day thanks so much. >> lining kent san fran tune in for coverage of the apple inventory all day fox business network. >> jeb bush unveils tax plan what aspects of his plan are standouts we are going to talk about it next. back in a minute. ♪ one more time ♪ .
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8:15 am
maria: welcome back futures rallying again as asian markets post gains looking at money moving into stocks dow jones industrial average to open up almost 200 no opposition tos naz peck to open 50 points big gains in europe and asia particularly japan naming instantout up almost 8% being mcdonald's menu in hopes it will bring customers to the restaurateur. cheryl: good morning another stock to watch when markets open world biggest burger chain announcing transitioning to cage free easing for locations in north america next 10 years, mcdonald's u.s. division buys 2 billion eggs here year irs denying, yahoo!'s request for a letter to spin off 23 billion dollars worth of alibaba shares tax free yahoo! shares to open slightly lower when they open for trading, an hour, 45 minutes from now. >> governor jeb bush, by the way, unveiling his tax plan in
8:16 am
the "the wall street journal," this morning, with the headlined my tax overhaul to unleash 4% growth, also appearing on cbs late show with steven colbert last night talking about growth. >> major if we if i could how we tax regulate brought people together rather than constantly trying to divide continuous grow economy far faster could have people rising out of poverty great a little bit that defines this country a pay raise for the first time 15 years. >> yep, you talked about growth. >> i did. >> 4% growth, thank you so much coming up new report says your electricity bill could skyrocket thanks to president obama, murray energy chairman ceo bob murray weighing in back in a minute.
8:17 am
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. maria: welcome back crude oil under pressure customers feeling relief at the pump war on coal continues a new report says president obama clean power plant could boost electricity bills, and make you dig deeper into your pockets, joining us right now fox business exclusive is bob murray chairman ceo of murray energy good to have you on the program thanks so much for joining us. >> good morning, maria. >> so you know we know that we've had new rules out of epa this year, how significant has those new regulations been in terms of impacting the to a very i the coal industry? >> destroying the dry, but, more importantly destroying electricity in america maria that article, that you cite showed a 16% increase in electric bills for everyone, that number is low. because it is a government number. from the obama administration. the energy, and information agency the real number across
8:21 am
to our skis citizens a study 366 billion dollars, that is 41 billion dollars per year, for customers and for our businesses for absolutely no environmental benefit at all. maria: are is it really no environmental benefit at all? and you do you think people understand and connect the dots that these regulations mean your electricity bill are sky relocateing you are going to pay for it? >> i don't think they do. because of the propaganda the illogic pain when mr. obama was in the arctics announcing his cost or his additional regulations he didn't mention that the antarctic ice shield in antarctic is larger than it has ever been, since
8:22 am
measurements from the atmosphere started in 1979. it is a natural phenomena, you could close down every coal fired plant in the united states, it wouldn't affect global temperatures by 16/1000 of upon percent it is a propaganda campaign it is live it is to shore up what he thinks is going to be his legacy, and what he is really doing is destroying low cost reliable affordable electricity in america, ma'am. >> what would you do to counteract that sort of negative commentary. >> it is very difficult. because he has a bully pulpit. and people are buying these lies. it is sensationalism, all we can do is continue to do what i am doing right now, sir. and that is try to get the truth out to the american people.
8:23 am
this man is going to put 840,000 more people into the poverty level, in this country. >> bob dagen mcdowell he would be the be in office january a year from -- a year from january. then what? >> how does your industry change how does country change? >> i am not sure we can do anything. we have to just get the word out because this man does have the bully pulpit for another year and with destruction he caused lord knows what he is going to do in the next two years would so we try to do what we can, to get the facts out to the people. this is a very costly grab of the american power grid. a power grab political power grab of america's power grid has nothing do with environment, it is not only destroying the coal industry coal is 4 cents a kilowatt hour, the wind and solar that
8:24 am
he he is spouses 22 cents a kilowatt hour 5 1/2 a more times taxpayers by a 24 for wind and solar on top of it, it is a fraud it is crony capitalism all about money nothing do with environment. >> speaking of money look how stocks have been affected as well. look at tul the regulatory. >> crony capitalism ends at the table there is end ultimately countries are going bankrupt you have plenty companies made bad decisions bad policies bad crony politicians behind them market sound level of gravitate the riskiest part. >> that is the point what administration wants pushing towards different use of energy. >> when mr. obama ran for president maria in 2008, he said we're going to bankrupt you, he was talking about the electricity utilities, he was talking about the coal
8:25 am
industry, he is carrying out that plan, unfortunately. but it is to the devastation of our poorest people in this country, who are going to pay a disproportionate share accessed costs, 43 states are going to have 20% electricity bills, the. ginterconnection auctions where they trade power to them just doubled, the price, for 17 and 18. people do not realize what is coming down, i grew up poor. and our people on fixed incomes issue not able to pay electric bill plus manufacturers not able to compete in a global marketplace, because the electricity costs a staple of live are going to be so high. >> bob quick how are you dealing with this obviously, the picture you are painting is not a good one for murray energy what are you doing about it? >> well, i am doing what i am doing here with you this morning maria, and we are
8:26 am
buttoning in hatches very careful in spending, creating -- >> you going to -- are you going to cut jobs? >> won't -- cut that many jobs we have not we have a few laid off. we have about 8,000 employees, and that is about the highest level we've been at. >> thanks juror joining us we so appreciate your time. >> thank you maria. >> we will be watching thank you very much for laying it out bob mur ay. >> antiestablishment candidates rise to top of the polls both sides of it i'll former national committee chairman foerment mississippi governor haley barbour explaining why america is looking for new leadership outside of the beltway. back in a minute. can a business have a mind? a subconscious.
8:27 am
a knack for predicting the future. reflexes faster than the speed of thought. can a business have a spirit? can a business have a soul? can a business be...alive?
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8:31 am
>> thank you commemorative for having me. and you're why did you think of the softer side of hillary? do you think this'll resonate with the apology over her e-mail server? >> i worked in the regular white house. i was taught if there's bad news get it out fast. bad news doesn't get better with age of politics. why they waited this long for this to happen, it should have happened months ago. that will reduce any effect this
8:32 am
apology has and certainly will not stop the word because the story has become misconduct, maybe even criminal conduct with allowing or making possible the allowance of classified information to go to our enemies. maria: you don't think slow strategize. what do you think of donald trump, dr. ben carson, carly fiorina doing so well. what's your sentiment? >> people think the president is not working to present a bomb is the most polarizing of my lifetime. he's also very in effect there. jeb bush talks about 4% economic growth. if you look at the recovery, six years since the recession was
8:33 am
over a quarter by quarter basis, 2.2%. if you look at the rate of recovery six years at the end of the recession in, same period of time, growth averaged 4.8 shared 18.5 million jobs under reagan. 11.3 million under obama appears a tivo not about this are the people whose incomes have gone down, not up during the so-called recovery. people are not at washington and whether this will be where we are and we start to come back. so i say nominees in this ring or late winter is another question. there's no question the american people are fed up with the way washington is going unfortunately obama is not getting all the blame he deserves and people say the republicans out to make them quit doing that. obviously when the democrats have 46 vote, then they can do
8:34 am
things. she >> it's an interesting u.k., but the truth is so much optimism that the gop taking control of congress would mean things would get done. so now it's 46 seats in the senate. when are we going to see real progress from the politician? >> there has been something done. one thing that gets little news coverage. months ago harry reid, democratic leader of the senate said the democrats of the buster every appropriations bill, that no appropriations bill with go to the florida senate and final passage because democrats didn't think the republicans were willing to spend enough money. when one party takes an attitude of the we are going to stop the budget. they have said we're not going to let any spending bill be voted upon per appropriations.
8:35 am
do you blame republicans for that? maria: that's a fair point. i've got monica crowley here. you are writing a story tomorrow. >> good to see you. thursday actually talking interviewing tankers. they are all anti-politicians, antiestablishment. trump, carson, carly fiorina. santa cruz is ranked number four and not of the rest of the teams, ted cruz is the biggest outsider. what do you think his chances are going forward to his denomination? >> there is no front runner in the race despite the fact donald trump has jumped ahead in the polls. he started without a front runner. a big, big field with 10 people who used to be governor.
8:36 am
a lot of them have really good records. there's a lot to choose from. we will see this get shaken up more than once. cruise clearly is trying to make a strategy to plan weight behind donald trump, donald trump falls apart to go in and capture a lot of his support. whether that's a good strategy of not or donald trump will fall apart. anybody that tells you they know who will nominate the president last year will lie to you about other things. >> great to have you on the show today. the >> thank you. maria: governor haley barbour. we will talk with the ceo of flex. so many wearables today. back in a minute.
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maria: welcome back. panic on the runway after the british airways flight can't fire in las vegas yesterday. cheryl casone with the latest. >> good morning, maria. it always happens on the run and operated by british airways veteran engine director beginning to take off in las vegas yesterday triggering a massive fire in emerging the evacuation. thankfully no one was killed and 14 people treated this morning for injuries at local hospitals. the ntsb and the man. we will keep you posted. the company will launch its movie and tv streaming service in south korea, singapore, hong
8:42 am
kong and taiwan next year. netflix plans to raise 200 countries including china. we've got to show this again. serena williams continues. outlasting her sister venus at the u.s. open last night. serena winning three sad and moves on to the my finals. venus looked pretty good. maria: she really did. i watched the first two sets and i thought venus would take it. today's 10 billion connected devices that acted to grow fivefold by 2020 as one company is capitalizing about continued. the underlying type knowledge before wearables on the market is only part of the business. joining us now is mike mcnamara, ceo of flex. good to see you. before we get into wearables, last night you announced plans to expand solar offerings with an acquisition.
8:43 am
tell us why you are moving deeper into solar. >> we appreciate the opportunity. via the connect to part of devices. we participate in product categories connect to the family manufacturer and work with customers. one vertical is solar and the reason we are in solar and energy as it is a very strong growth category is the most recent acquisition allows us to further penetrate the high-growth area effectively. >> have you meet these demand trends and the external cycle in a fact your stacks obviously and many others. >> we participate in the intelligent growth. the vertical return to double down with mma are on the macro trends. we think about connected car,
8:44 am
digital health and solar double grow very rapidly. we tried to focus efforts in telstar portfolio into where those are. >> the revenue contribution to the subsegments versus legacy stuff? >> we have four different segments. our high reliability segment which is aerospace and defense in our industrial segment includes energy or places we want the portfolio. the great does not separately. dagen: the good in terms of the entire globe. the good, the bad and hold your nose in terms of economic strength or weakness. >> i think we see it every day, but china's is to be slowing but still has a great read. japan this week. there's some real weakness
8:45 am
areas. the united states appears to be pretty stable. europe seems to be reasonably able. there are pockets of weakness around the world and pockets of strength at the same time. i mention things like automotive in terms of the connected car, the wearables, solar energy. we started talking about that to grow 12% a year and that the next acquisition we just recently dead, it has the potential to not only grow 10% but trackers installed to a demise and literally double. >> what is the high schools and wearing in 10 years? >> great question. >> we are working on wearables and shares, shoes, goggles on the glasses, helmets, wrist
8:46 am
watches. maria: what we want to know? >> one of the most untapped markets is tracking of the body. we self regulate with our body, but now we have data we can monitor and control, the blood glucose levels. and what you can then go do it is tremendous. and the 12% of gdp and medical health care. think about it ability to diagnose and diagnostics and the opportunities for value is great. it's as a product category whether it's in the wearables and the shoes and glasses and goggles, those underlying process technologies is where we spend a lot of our time trying to develop.
8:47 am
maria: health care is the growth story over the next 10 years. >> we are in 12 different industries with the billion dollars. so my focus on harder like energy. i think about one of the most exciting categories they have, it is digital health because there's so much opportunity to capture the body's data. maria: which is why we are expected to live longer. we monitor everything in our bodies. >> some of us are doing better than others. maria: and the technology. >> only the good die young. maria: mike mcnamara, ceo of flex. the september rate increase on the table. what happened overnight in japan. chief economist issued a dire warning. more on japan and besides max. -- the fed, next.
8:48 am
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so don't wait another day. if you're new to medicare, or retiring, call now and talk to unitedhealthcare about our plans, like aarp medicarecomplete. let's get you on the right path. call unitedhealthcare today. maria: welcome back. a new warning from the federal ban. the federal reserve should not increase interest rates next week. blake burman with the details right now. reporter: that's right, maria. yet another warning from the federal reserve on interest rate hike next week. this time it comes from the world bank's chief economist. lift off risks setting panic and turmoil in emerging markets. he pointed to the recent questions surrounding china's economy as part of his hesitation.
8:52 am
in an interview with the "financial times," the world economy is looking so troubled if the u.s. goes in for a quick move in the middle of this, i feel it is going to affect countries quite badly. he said he doesn't think a rate increase by the fed would be a major global crisis, rather he feels that what caused the media turbulence. maria: thank you so much. three main points this morning. japan, copper in the u.s. treasury yield. let's talk japan is to hear what the world is saying. >> japan is a classic bear market bounds. 7.7% update. can you imagine if you had that in the dow, people would be celebrating. what typically happens is bounces and bear markets are bigger than bull market rallies. this is the sixth biggest rally ever.
8:53 am
1990 had three of them before the u.s. recession. 2008 not a bad signal is a huge update for the nikkei and my favorite, 1997 for those of you still live and kicking after that move. the reality is that those have been in perversely how the world they is painting. they are all looking at a growth curve that they never quite thought they would look at this way and it is what it is. you get what you get them you don't get upset. maria: i was struck by mike mcnamara, dickens great question of tell us about the world right now. china's following, canada recession, personal recession. you are not looking pretty. that's where the u.s. look so much better. >> yeah, allegedly. >> the smartest candidates for president are putting out growth proposals not just in the united states but around the world.
8:54 am
a lot of candidates running have put out proposals, lowering marginal tax rates, all critically important that they have to punch through. >> they don't know how to sell it. why donald trump is resonating and why jeb bush is not is because jeb bush does not have the same passion and rage as the american people about the establishment. he is not selling it in a way people will listen. >> if you have something antiestablishment, don't forget 1981 would have been ugly recession that reagan was the recipient not on the backend. but we had an automatic change in how people thought about the federal reserve. i don't see that changing. >> it's because of the bureaucracy, lack of fiscal policy, over regulation and unbelievably complicated tax system but the rest of the world is stopping. >> how about commodities.
8:55 am
does not tell you the story right here. >> operates a good story like japan. they are bear markets bouncing the most. if you look at mobile demand through dr. copper's eyes definitely picture. >> to anthony's point, radical welfare distribution and this gets to dickens point. america has always been an inspiration of society. we all aspire to be the rich. barack obama ruined that. that's a big reason why donald trump is resonating. >> connect the dots thereby as the market opening up? >> imus says that a person. looks like they are not going to them that is giving you some runway here. >> if you don't get array k. you get more cowbell.
8:56 am
again that is why we are bouncing. we are looking for the level anywhere close to 2000 on the s&p 500. maria: giddyup. market is at 200 right now. we want to thank dagen mcdowell, monica crowley and anthony scaramucci for being on the program this morning. we will be right back.
8:57 am
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maria: let's check these riproaring markets. the dow industrial to open up 200 points. take a look at the future is with a gain of 64 points on the nasdaq compartment. a huge day in china as well as japan. japan that they%. europe out by 2.5% on the major averages there. thank you for joining us today. i'm morning tomorrow, investor wilbur ross will be with us. fox sports nfl. and brad andersen. but look at a look at the retail environment that people expect the second half of the year will
9:00 am
include consumer spending as the data for firm lower gasoline prices. that is it for us today. charles payne is in for stuart varney today. you've got a big show within 30 minutes time you'll see a big opening for stocks. charles: i really appreciate it. stuart will be back tomorrow. here is the big story. another rally so far appeared features a 200 points but a whole bunch of skeptical barisal lined up for you. they are not buying this rally. they will tell you why. hillary clinton, those tears, line,


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